Reilly – “I feel like a outsider right now… I’m scared” **Updated**

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household:  Reilly
Nominees: Corey, Felicia, Kirsten, Jared
POV Players: Cirie is host, Reilly, Bowie, Kirsten, Felicia, Hisam
POV Winner: Hisam
Veto Ceremony: Veto wasn’t used
Havenots: Luke, Jared, Corey, Hisam,

Lock your ranks in before midnight

The situation
The handful = Reilly, Cameron, Jag, Blue, Matt
Family Style = Reilly, Cameron, Jag, Blue, Matt, Corey, Jared
The Bye Bye Bitches = Felicia, Cirie, Izzy, Mecole, Bowie (Red+Jared+Hisam)
The Brown sugar babes = Jared, Felicia, Cirie, meme

2:55 pm Jag and MEME
Jag goes on about how easy it is for him to talk to MEME.
Jag – other folks it’s not that easy
MEME – like pulling teeth trying to have a conversation.
They talk about how some people with common experiences or upbringings are easier to talk to.
Jag – yesterday I pulled a side LUKE just to talk to me.. Dude got MAD aggressive with me. Don’t tell anyone and I trust you. The day before I realized I hadn’t kicked it in the have not room.
Jag – Luke was in there and we sit down. I pull him a side.. I don’t know much about the motha f***er at all. I know nothing.
MEME – he’s in his own little world.
JAG – I sit down and dude was like are you part of a big Alliance are you trying to do recon.. Your game is sloppy I’m not that dumb. I’m not that dense. I was genuinely so confused.
Jag – I asked him what happened.. he said you haven’t been kicking it in the have not room..
Jag – I said bro I went in there because I haven’t been in there it’s part of the experience I was just like.. ok cool..
Jag – I said it straight up Correct me.. have I done something. he was like na na .. by the end of the convo he was like MAN I’m sorry for bullying you You’re welcome in the have not room..
MEME – that’s crazy..
Jag – that is the first convo I’ve had with someone that was… out the gate..
Jag – he thought he was goign to get backdoored or something.

3:02 pm Jag and Matt
Jag is going on about counting the various items in the rooms because it will be used in competitions.
Jag – it it’s not this HOH it’s at the Veto or next HOH they are going to use it.. they are going to ask us maybe not this week maybe not next week but it’s going to happen (LOL)
Jag goes on to say they can’t let the comic room people come into this room to count the “shit”.
Jag – this rooms got MAD Shit the comic room only has a little.. We have Hella .. Hella.. (LOL)

3:18 pm Reilly and Jag
Reilly – I want Hisam out of the house
jag – heres’ the thing who all did you tell that you want Izzy and Hisam out Because apparently Hisam chatted with blue and was like Ohh I think Reilly wants izzy and him out.
Jag – Dude I think the squad of 8 is good.. did you tell anyone outside the 8?
Reilly – no, only the 8
Jag – Izzy and HIsam are very confrontational.. so think of something so you don’t have to fly..
Reilly – I need Blue up here to tell me this..
Jag – I’m going to chat with Hisam at some point today. At this point I am over the whole divide thing I get that but we’re all adult. It’s been so cliquing.. I hate it.
Jag – I want to be inclusive I want to be welcoming.. I know how it feels to be not welcome I don’t ever want to create that environment.
Jag – you told me, you told Blue we’re solid. Matt’s there’s no chance. Cameron is smarter than that.. I’m not dumb I know Cameron is with the other side of the house he’s got alliances with red and whoever else 100% but I trust him. I think he’s smart and he’ll be playing both sides but he’s loyal to our side.. We’re going to know real quick if there is any flip votes.
Jag – I think Jared is solid
Reilly – Jared is solid I just had a 2 hour convo with him today.
Jag – America I trust her and there’s no way f**Ing Corey said that. (LOL)
Reilly – we have 8 people and they have 8 people.. we jumped the gun and I’m fully aware of that and they are angry because they felt like we didn’t include them. (LOL what do people expect a 16 person alliance?)
Reilly – I won the HOH and these are my buddies you ally with people you hangout with the most and you’re buddies. I’m upset now because I feel like my whole life I’ve been stereotype being a girl and being outgoing. People think I’m this mean .. like that’s not who I am.
Reilly – they are stereotyping me right now.
Jag – Hisam is so f**Ing paranoid it doesn’t matter who is up here he’ll feel left out PERIOD
Reilly – I do want Izzy and Hisam out because I don’t feel comfortable around them.
Jag – I don’t feel comfortable around Luke after our conversation. he was hella aggressive. I don’t feel comfortable around Izzy no more because she can’t look me in the eye
Reilly – SAME .. she doesn’t look at me.
Jag – at this point I think we’re good.. we have our 8.
Reilly – I’m scared, do we have our 8? really..
Jag – if we start doubting if we do or don’t that’s when we get f***ed
Reilly – I’m really scared that Blue is going to throw the HOH. She doesn’t want to get out Hisam and Izzy.

Reilly – you realize if we don’t win next week I’m going home.
Jag – I don’t think you are going home. I am doing what I can to stop that. All 8 of us.. there’s no way in hell you are going home. Even if they tr.. if Hisam tries they don’t have the number no more and we’re going to do whatever we can to figure it out. You are not going home.
Reilly says she feels like everyone is scared to take a shit at Hisam and Izzy. “They have to go”

3:46 pm Kirsten and Matt. (Wish Kirsten was staying)

4:16 pm Cirie and Reilly
Reilly is crying. “I feel like a outsider right now”
Cirie – I don’t want anyone to feel like that. Nobody wants to get you out.
Cirie – nobody said I gotta get Reilly.. Reilly did this, Reilly did that. You are feeling the pressure of being the HOH. You have friends on that side.
Reilly – I don’t want it to be a side thing. I feel like I am taking the heat of the whole house.. Everyone is paranoid. It all falls on me because I was the first HOH and everyone thinks I’m this ring leader that made it this side thing. It’s not what I wanted. I didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings or make them feel like they can’t feel safe with me.
Cirie – if there was a side thing it would be this group that group and that group. You watch these games it’s how it happens.

Cirie comforts her as she cries.
Reilly – I feel stuck
Reilly power cries.
Reilly – I feel like people are watching me just watching my door.
Reilly says everyone thinks she just wants to hang out with the younger people “That’s not who I am”
Reilly – I just felt safe with the people I slept with the first night. I just wanted to make friends then we all decided.. Lets do it.. I just did it now I feel horrible.
Reilly – it’s so hard and now I am in the worst position.. I don’t know what to even say to them. I think Hisam told Blue that he thinks I am coming after him and Izzy. I just don’t know what will happen if they win HOH next week. I’m scared.
Cirie – they have not said your name and I know what names they said if they won HOH. It was not Reilly do you understand that. I told you I would look out for you. I’m telling you I’m not gaming you. Yyou are not the priority I’m telling you.. I’m telling you I know it feels like that.
Reilly between whimpers “People feel uncomfortable around me… WHY”
Cirie – you’re in your head Reilly..
Crying intensifies.
Cirie – you maintain those friendship you have. They are are not coming for you the paranoia in this house.. Let me tell you something I was just as paranoid.. you were smart to have friends in different places. Don’t feel like this it’s part of the paranoia, nobody is coming for you they are telling me. Nobody is telling me Miss Reilly.
Reilly – this is hard. I don’t want people to think I’m not being inclusive that I’m just hanging out here.
Cirie goes on defending why her and her Ilk spend all their time in the Comic room “I’m just in a room I don’t know where else to go.. I’m going into that room now and I’ll be there for two hours taking these nails off. I hate them and I don’t know why the f*** I put them on”

They laugh together as they look at her nails.
Cirie says nobody is coming after her and if they are they’re lying to her. “I told you I will help you in anyway I can FOREVER in this game. Me and Miss Felicia will never let that happen. They never said Reilly I promise you. Hisam or Izzy”
Reilly – Hisam scares the shit out of me.
Cirie- he’s s strong personality and he’s a grown ass man.. I was a little afraid of Hisam. IF Hisam smells even a inkling of a lie ort dishonesty. That’s it I’m done. The key to him is complete honesty.
Cirie – Hisam is not coming for you unless he’s lying to me.
Cirie says the names “they” are saying is Hisam and Izzy. (are the next targets of Reilly side)
Reilly – I think that’s because my paranoia
Cirie – You got to stop and take a breath.
Reilly says she trust Cirie and Felicia.

Cirie recommends she talks to Hisam and Izzy and deflate all this “you are not the target.. Reilly Reilly.. look at me, you are not the target”

4:41 pm Cirie and Jared
Jared about Reilly “this is the product of what you did”
Jared – why didn’t you have this same every a couple days ago.. your a$$ wasn’t on the line.
Jared – I’m ok with keeping her around but I don’t trust her. If it was me I would put her up
Cirie – You can’t put her up.. wait for the veto
Jared – I know
Jared – she’s going to get right back into power and do whatever it is she was doing.
Jared says Cameron has a ego problem he thinks he’s the “Coach of Big Brother”
Cirie – Hisam said they want to put up Jag and Blue he thinks there’s a good strong percentage one of them will win the veto and if they win the veto they will want to put up Reilly.
Jared – it won’t be smart to put her up because she’ll win the veto.
Jared – that girl shouldn’t stay she’s got too much power. Jag and matt.. You see how they are
Cirie – He was ridding her back like a horse. We knew jag but I didn’t know Matt was like that.
Jared warns her about being on slop “You don’t want to do this”
Cirie – I can do it. I like oatmeal.. it would be good for me.
Jared – every day
Cirie – trust me I didn’t eat anything on survivor. don’t worry about me and the slop.
Jared – Corey was like Bro I am trying with Hisam.
They laugh
The feeds flip to another conversation. When we’re back to this one. They are talking about nobody trusting Blue anymore not even Reilly. They both go on about not liking Blue.

4:50 pm Hisam, Izzy and Felicia
Hisam – part of this game is keeping it together. I’m going to keep my shit together and gather information
F – I talked to Corey this morning I said I’m amazed you just seem so calm. The first day for about an hour I felt myself go there that solemness.

5:05 pm Jared and Jag
Jared says he doesn’t know where people are going to vote. Jag is happy that the rooms are going to get changed around next week.
Jag – I want to be around other folks so it’s not weird anymore.
Jared says he told Reilly if she goes back to the “scary room” that’s five of their Eight in the scary room.
Jared – that is what I was saying to our 8.. BRO I don’t even want to talk anymore I just want to CHILL and keep cool.
Jag – Same with me I just went to sleep.. early. I didn’t give a f***.

Matt and America join them.
Jared – what’s up Dog..

5:17 pm Blue and Jared
Jared – at some point we’re going to realize we have 90 more days in this CRIB.. I can’t talk no more. F*** I can’t.. I have to start carrying myself like at home cause I don’t talk this much.
Jared – the best thing is comfortable silence.
Jared’s nickname is “Poo”
Jared – maybe outside of this you will hate me..
Blue jokes “I barely like you now”
Jared – you’ll like some Poo and Blue you know it.. You’ll love some POO (Lovely name)
Blue – it rhymes..
Jared – it has a ring to it
Blue – I can’t call you POO I have to call you POO Bear.
Jared – that’s fire I’ll take it.
They talk about how funny Luke is.
(These two chit chat for another hour. It’s borderline flirting)
6:18 pm Jared – I don’t like a crazy girl.. I’m not fond of throwing shit getting stuff cut up..
They go on talking about the type of people they are into and the relationships they are looking for.

6:00 pm Chit chat
Luke and Red do the
Red – we do the Da vinci
Luke – vesuvian man I believe that’s called or it’s Vitruvian man
Red – Vitruvian man

6:34 pm Matt and America
They talk about matt having trouble hearing people in large groups.
America tells him he should talk to Izzy tomorrow and explain why he hasn’t approached her yet (The large group hearing difficulty). “She’s very sweat she’ll understand.. she’s very nice”
America – I don’t think Reilly has anything to be paranoid about.. In regards to Izzy. She didn’t say she was working with Hisam but it’s pretty obvious.
America – I told her it looks like there’s two side forming.
Matt – that was the first time I was able to talk to Red because always with people.
Matt is thinking maybe he should just grab people and talk to them one on one but he doesn’t want to look sneaky.
Matt – that’s why I want to win HOH next week.

6:55 pm Just general chit chat about Olympics, Swimming living in baton rouge and partying.
Matt says a lot of high level swimmers retire after college or a couple years after.
Matt – You don’t get a lot of money from it. You have to find a job while doing it. It’s imposable to do working all day then finding time to train is really hard to do. I’m in a lucky situation. I’m on my parents payroll.
Matt – they are paying me to do all this and live my life. I owe them a lot. They pay my rent. Kinda nice because my rent is only 600 because I live in Louisiana.
America – 600 are you kidding me?

7:14 pm Luke and Kirsten
Luke- I’ll be honest with you when I started talking to people It made be feel better. When I started pulling people aside and saying HEY what do you feel about it.. was fun to engage in the game like that and not come at it from a pessimistic level but from a introspective level.

8:00pm chits

8:19pm The Feeds come back to all the house guests in the living room. Hisam is telling them how to play “Zip, Zap Zop”.

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Cirie and Jared just demonstrated they are fake and not good people.

jody is back

They are just playing the game.


You can play the game and not be fake and have empathy.


She was alone with her son when they both showed how nasty they are.


It’s Big Brother


Does anyone find it odd that they are all at odds with each other and yet have unanimously agreed to evict Kirsten?

un autre nom

Or that Felicia will apparently not campaign this week?
My theory has always been no campaign? not getting my vote.

un autre nom

The only thing I think might be a critical error on Cirie’s part?
How many final four deals she has.
Minimum of 5 off the top of my head. Likely more.
Think Tyler.
It’s not final 2’s, though she has 2 of those, but the possible bitter effect is something to consider. Say she gets her way and the jury is stacked with people she promised final four and voted to evict. it’s only a jury of 7 this season meaning highly possible.
When they find out she quintuple dipped on final 4? That she actively sought out final 4 deals with her entire alliance?
Has she considered?
She never hit finals in Survivor, and didn’t have to explain herself before getting the cheque on Traitors. Is this a strategy hole?

un autre nom

Wannabe discount Charles Manson….
is back to mindfuqing Reilly.
when he said this is family about the alliance someone should have noticed: he’s divorced.
Veto ceremony is done. her power is gone. She SHOULD be out trying to build social ties.
Instead she’s in the HOH being told the cult groomer’s equivalent of ‘it puts the lotion on it’s skin, or else it gets the hose again…. and call me daddy.’

Not Jason’s Holly

I want to know where Matt lives in Baton Rouge because I live nearby and unless he shares a place with other people, you’re not going to find a place for $600.

I’m feeling as always, production has a winner picked. Also, there are so many playing both sides so they can’t win HOH because then they have to pick a side.

So far, I don’t have a favorite. Every time I try to watch the feeds it’s goes to the “We’ll be right back screen!” then it doesn’t.


Maybe because he’s disabled he gets some sort of deal.


I know that there are some decent quadruplex apartments between the Mall of Louisiana and Our Lady of the Lake (between Bluebonnet and Essen) for under $600, it’s not a far commute to LSU either.


I am glad they removed Luke for his racist remark but why didn’t they remove Hisam for his? Hisam calling Reilly a white bitch is just as racist as Luke using the N word. If Hisam had simply said Reilly was a bitch then yea it’s rude but ok but the minute he brought her race into the equation it becomes racist. CBS can’t remove one person for racism and not the other.