Izzy “I am just excited that we broke the seal.”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household:  Reilly
Nominees: Corey, Felicia, Kirsten, Jared
POV Players: Cirie is host, Reilly, Bowie, Kirsten, Felicia, Hisam
POV Winner: Hisam
Veto Ceremony: Veto wasn’t used
Havenots: Luke, Jared, Corey, Hisam,

Lock your ranks in before midnight

The situation Veto won’t be used.
The handful = Reilly, Cameron, Jag, Blue, Matt
Family Style = Reilly, Cameron, Jag, Blue, Matt, Corey, Jared
The Bye Bye Bitches = Felicia, Cirie, Izzy, Mecole, Bowie (Red+Jared+Hisam)
The Brown sugar babes = Jared, Felicia, Cirie, meme

10:03pm Storage Room – Izzy, Cameron and Red.
Izzy – I am just excited that we broke the seal. I was feeling safe so I was getting excited but we don’t know each other that well so I didn’t want it to come across as being scary. Cameron – just over the course of this evening I have felt the mood shift across this house. Izzy – I just want you to know that I am very excited about this.

Comic Bedroom – Izzy and Red.
Izzy – you’re a professor. He (Cameron) is not a professor. He is your outside (plus 1). Like he is your our number while we do our work. F**k yeah Red! Red – while we get our numbers up. Izzy – exactly! Red – he knows he’s in that position. Izzy – F**K yeah! I mean that is a power position, he should like it.

10:15pm – 10:40pm Comic Bedroom – Hisam, Izzy, Cirie and Red.
Hisam – I couldn’t believe that they’re all like imploding. All of them are just .. crazy! Like crazy sh*t. Like this is crazy! Like I didn’t expect this to happen so soon. I thought basically we would get to Thursday, we would win and throw them up and then all this would happen. Izzy – right, but its happening now. Hisam – We want to work with you. Do you need numbers? We got numbers. How many numbers do you need? We got numbers! Okay, its me and I’ll bring these two people which is like 10. ..We GET the number game. Izzy – like I can count. Hisam – we’re playing the numbers game too, like we’re not stupid. The best part of this is that they want to be close. They’re so disorganized.. like we’ll get several weeks in eliminating them, making ourselves stronger to the point that we will be too strong to go after. Izzy – we’re almost there. Red – because we took the time to pick the right people. Hisam – we just need to keep talking. And I think as a rule, no more alliances.. fake alliances… just pure. Like we don’t need that. We don’t need any real alliances. We don’t need fake alliances. We just need to roll as the seven and let them come to us looking for support and safety. And we just keep giving them valuable life lessons. That is what we do. We basically give them the education they needed from the BB Universe. Cirie – BBU .. here is your diploma. Red – they stopped coming to me because I only give them surface. Hisam – after I won the veto .. the one thing that I said to the camera is that they are underestimating older people.. and my side of the house is not going down without a fight. I think they consistently thought because we are old we are not competitors. Because we are old we cannot win this game. Because we are old we are not deserving. And that it would be very easy to basically get us out one by one because we cannot compete with them. MeME joins them. Hisam – I think that we know the next three people what that would be appropriate… But also if someone else was to go home that was not one of those three… that wouldn’t be terrible. Cirie – wait .. I don’t know the three. Hisam – its Jag, Blue, Reilly.. and Reilly is number one.. and Reilly is the next one (Next to be evicted).

11:40pm Upper Level Backyard. Hisam, Izzy and Kirsten.
Hisam – what I would says to you is that I feel terrible about what happened. Kirsten – you don’t have to. Hisam – because like there are to ways of being. You could either be like f**k all these people, I don’t give a f**k about their sh*t. I am going to eliminate them. I’m going to cut their throats, I don’t care. And there is the other side that is over empathetic, cares. And I am an empathetic person and I am responding to the fact that I care about you as a person. That is real. To me its like just how I feel and I don’t bullsh*t people. Kirsten – that is my favourite thing about you. Hisam – I truly respect you. And I truly think you’re a phenomenal person regardless of the fact that we had the veto ceremony.

12:20am Backyard Pool

12:55am Hammock – Matt, Reilly and America.
America – I just feel like it is so hard because we never get together.. But they’re doing it. Lets f**king do it and get all our information straight because.. Reilly – that is what I am saying. I don’t give a f**k if we all get together. Its not a secret. Like sorry, they just did it last night at 2am. They talk about Luke. America – he is always f**king around. Reilly – I don’t care, we are being stupid denying it at this point. Izzy was like lets stop being dumb. It was like war leaders meeting together. I didn’t know what to say.

1:20am Storage room – Cirie and MeMe.
Meme – I was sitting outside where Reilly and Blue were sitting and she looked heart broken. Cirie – Red insisted on Cameron. Now they’re going to insist on Reilly. Meme – if there are ten of us.. this is bad. This is bad. This was Cameron’s idea. He saw what was happening. So who should be the target for next week. Cirie – they haven’t said. He literally telling us who we bring in next. Meme – so who are the targets Jag and Blue? Cirie – this is where the sh*t is going to get bla bla. Hisam says we should put up Jag and Blue and then one of them come down, we put Reilly. I want him to tell Cameron that. Be thinking because this isn’t going to work. Meme – this isn’t going to work. This is the dumbest thing I heard in my life. Cirie leaves. Meme – the whole entire house is an alliance so who do we get out?! Oh god Jesus. You were was to stingy with the common sense.. you needed to disperse it. He didn’t even infiltrate our alliance .. you let him in.

1:45am Backyard – Matt and Jared.
Matt – survival of the fittest. Our team wins we’re going to make it to the end, we’re going to knock em off. Their team wins, they’re going to knock us off .. easy pickings. We have to be so motivated on Thursday. Think motivation, let we got to f**king win this. We have to play it like its our last game. Jared – yeah, yeah it could be ugly. I feel like if they do win, our 8 might get so scared that some people might turn on each other.. and that would be the worst. Then we’re f**ked. Matt – I think Bowie and Red could be someone we could convince. I don’t think red knows where he wants to be. Jared – Bowie, Red and Luke. Matt – you and me have to do Luke .. we have to get in his head and let him know they’re playing him. He was the last person they added. Jared – Luke doesn’t trust us. He’s been following me. Matt – he used to do that to me but he doesn’t do it any more. I don’t think he trusts me. We have to start meeting up as a group.

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un autre nom

Today day 7

Cirie and Felicia are talking about the 2 of them being final 2 on finale night.Cirie resents Izzy pulling in Cameron, but phrases it as Cameron just walking into her house and moving furniture.Hisam still wants Cory gone. before Cameron. Now Cirie trusts Hisam less. but he doesn’t trust CameronRed is being called a snake by Izzy, Cirie and i think Jared.Jared talks to Reilly (who was told last night Jared has flipped). He’s trying to get Izzy off the target site, and putting it on Hisam? Reilly says the…8 need to meet….what? confusing. Jared says other side seems to be targeting the floaters like Bowie, Red and Luke…um. this convo.. who buys this as… did Reilly get a d/r call saying ‘do you believe Cameron? you should talk to Jared, he’s your friend.’ you know.. like they did the Paul season.Cirie, using Izzy as a shield, has told Izzy to keep playing as she’s been playing.Cirie tried to educate Kirsten. Kirsten clapped back at some of it.

un autre nom

I forgot the bullet points don’t work for me and leave my comments a run on mess.

un autre nom

day 7 part 2

kirsten / cirie continued talking with Izzy present. felt very ‘mind your manners’ vs. ‘you’re not my mom’ why Izzy was even present? Who knows.reilly told jared about her cameron talk last night. he had a heart to heart with cirie/felicia. said the 8 need to meet and openly discuss their side relationships and bond as a group. still think this feels off. salvage mission meets d/rgremlining level.jared downloads to mom and creepy stalkersister: you good izzy, i put them on Hisam’s ass. don’t trust Cam, tell Hisam to drop his Cory shit, everyone sees it and thinks it’s creepy.
sorry if my skeptic tinfoil eye is on events right now… but as I said yester, after bbcan11, my prodomanipulation tolerance is real low and i’m having a hard time buying anything.

What I’m really getting out of this week:
Jared without mom would only want to target women and jock-bro down. mom told him don’t take the heat off Izzy, what if they turn it on me, your mama. but he’s… trying to save Izzy.
Luke and Felicia are slutshamers… without cause. Nobody has been hooching as far as I can see.
There is a chance Cameron jumps to house target. this, of course, would piss red off.
I think Reilly’s strategy may be determined by the last person she talks to? and Jared thinks she’s leader?


Question: Who is not working or trying to work for Cirie?I get why they think it’s a smart move to go with Production but who does that leave?Jag Reilly Blue Matt?Is this going to be a season where there is no 2 sides,no no sides,just one side?

un autre nom

Essentially, as of day 6,yes.
Cam is only wanted by Red and Bowie, maybe Felicia but likely not.
Cory knows he’s bottom and unwanted (pecking order was explained to him)
Meme doesn’t even want Bowie and Red in the alliance, let alone Cameron or Luke, and I’m thinking she’s getting iffy on Izzy.
Luke isn’t being recruited as much as just being weaponized… they don’t want him either.
no tinfoil, just reciting possible land mines.

To me the cockiness of the Handful isn’t any more attractive when it’s the other alliance doing the exact same thing, and they also mirror the class structure hierarchy crap.


Hey, un autre nom!

First HEY — it’s nice to hook up & exchange thoughts again. I hope you are well.

Per above: Just in case you missed it there was a Cirie/Izzy convo yesterday where the latter was squirreling & bragging about ‘we got this’ & Cirie stopped her flat saying – DON’T DO THAT — they (upstairs) were thinking/doing the same thing. This is a game that lasts 100 days & you can’t ever take any day for granted. We could just as easily be where they are today if we disrespect the game.

It was sage advice & Izzy backed down immediately.

Also of note – Cirie & Meme in particular do NOT want to add Cameron. Likewise, Hisam & Cirie have both made a point of saying it’s JUST the seven of us (Professors). Anyone else we’ll interact with but Hisam was adamant they don’t make any real or fake alliances with anyone outside the seven. (Jared/Cory are the exceptions since they were the first bubble additions).

To that end, Hisam finally softened a bit on Cory but it’s Jared who has really gained ground with him so much so that he’s suggesting they keep using him to spy & gather intel from the Handful/Family Style (for Hisam to ask that means J gained his trust).

I know in your rankings you noted Hisam’s strengths but pointed to his ego. I like him more than you I think. He’s the best listener, ties Cirie on hamster/situational takes & for me personally, I love his retells of convos typically to Izzy, FeFe & Cirie. I see the entertainer in him come out as he holds court and I enjoy it.

In fact, I LOVE how the Comic Room is always laughing whether it’s game-related or b/c FeFe is having problems with gas. It’s so rare to see the hamsters laughing like the OG days so it’s great to see that dynamic back. And yeah, I get FeFe’s laugh may end up wearing thin on us but I LOVE her. (Maybe it’s bc she reminds me of my friend’s hilarious aunt).

While production/TPTB are doing their thing I’m still a Cirie stan & marvel at how she navigates so effortlessly in the game. Prime example: last night when Jared/Izzy almost got into it. Cirie pointed out how everyone plays differently telling Izzy she needs to take J’s warnings bc he’s doing it to help her & Jared that he needs to let her vent esp in the Comic Room bc it’s safe in there for her & she’s more hyper than him. A situation that could’ve continued to brew & eventually explode was dealt with quickly, efficiently & effectively with no hard feelings.

Granted – I’m pretty sure Cirie would rather not be working with Izzy & is going out of her way to appear glued to her hip so if/when she gets nominated it’ll be beside Izzy. GOAL: kill two birds with one stone … be safe & get rid of Izzy & not by her own hand.

un autre nom

Hey! I’ve mentioned missing your thoughts on here.
I caught the don’t jinx it Cirie / Izzy talk.
My thought was it doesn’t negate the attitude in group discussion. I’m seeing the same stuff from both groups in terms of cockiness when they are meeting in numbers over 3.
My growing disrespect for Hasim? It’s not his game, it’s a personality conflict for me. I find any niceess or humor he expresses to be fake. the snaky asshole things slip out of his mouth too cleanly and easily… to me THAT’S the real guy.


Also – WHO explained the pecking order to Cory? And even if that’s true what about the F4/5 he made with Cirie/Izzy/Jared & FeFe?

I did notice today when he listed safe people it was the 3 others in the Have Not room, Cirie, Reilly (bc she saved them) & I think Meme. He didn’t say FeFe or Izzy. At least in the one chat that I saw.

un autre nom

When they added Cory, Jared was present. Izzy was there. Cirie was there. they said we have 7, you and Jared make 9 so we control the votes.
That explanation, right there says Cory, you are last included. pecking order dictates that means just a number.


Okay — I thought they made a point of saying there was no hierarchy and everyone has a voice (it’s bullshit — but saying it is better than not, lol).

The Beef

Let’s step it back to BB19 and remember what can occur when a strong willed, strong competitor comes up against a large group that’s against them. Good ol’ Cody was able to stick around until day 23, even though the mob hated him, and then re-entered on day 30 and lasted until day 58 before they were able to get him out for good!

Cirie and Izzy may have the numbers for now, but if they or their group don’t win HOH, there’s not much they can do with them other than decide which of their own 2 group members OTB goes home. If the Handful finds out Jared and/or Cameron are playing double agent, they may be the first ones chosen for sacrifice.

There may yet be some fun times ahead – just depends on how the competitions go, and how stupid these house guests get with “sharing” information, as several of them can’t seem to keep their mouths shut (I-Z-Z-Y).


Fyi.. Tuesday and Wednesday our daily updates will be sparse. There may be the odd exception but for the most part these will not be covered. We will have evening and night updates for these days though.


Thanks for all the updates Simon & Dawg. I appreciate them each year. I finally caught up on your recaps for this season so far.

I like that a lot of people are coming out of the gates trying to play (probably too hard too soon), but at least they are all mostly thinking and mostly trying to play.

I also liked how it felt like we were going to get two warring groups, which seemed great, but now with the latest developments I’m not sure. It seems like the “cool kids” were going to have the numbers, but now “Team Cirie/Izzy” is starting to gather the numbers up. I’m hopeful this doesn’t turn into a one sided dominance thing.

My hope is that there is too much movement going on right now, and that it causes something or someone to blow up, get everyone talking and then next thing you know the majority (who are actually in the middle) realize that both the Cool Kids and TCI (Team Cirie/Izzy) have their little cores and are both fighting for the middle players. Then maybe they can emerge as a third team and for the first time in a long time (or maybe ever) on BB we actually get three or more groups all battling trying to do what’s best for their cores. Make shift alliances week to week, whatever to survive. I want chaos! haha.

For me it’s still a little to early to pick who I’m rooting for. I like some people more than others, am starting to dislike some more than others, so we’ll see how it all pans out over the next week or so.


These people are too chaotic for one side to dominate, imagine what will happen the moment Izzy is in real danger? She’ll throw jared and cirie under the bus in a heartbeat. Then what happens when the rest of the house doesn’t trust the two of them so much anymore? The alliance is built around them. Izzy is the main target of the other side too. She’s spiraling out and she’s not even in danger right now.


Simon or Dawg:

If you get a chance can you drop the convo between Hisam & Jared (alone in the Have Not room late Monday night).

Thanks, 🙂


Heya ttotambz! I’ll see what we can do.

un autre nom

Late last night:
Cameron met with Reilly and named all ten people in the big alliance to Reilly and apologized for abandoning her. So Reilly knows Cory and Jared are against them, and have been for a bit. Mind you, Cam saying she’s like a daughter to him is smokescreen for wanted to jump her bones, got denied. Told her if the five left in the family don’t win HOH, all 10 in the house is nominating them.Luke blamed Reilly for his loss of Matt as a bro. He and Jared discussed how Reilly is a slutty ‘seductress’ because she was in her bedroom, and talked to people with no bra on under her sweater. Sideye. Felicia might agree with slut shaming a woman for not wearing a bra in her bedroom… pretty sure I can’t endorse it. Think we just got confirmation for why the women think Luke is a sexist asshole.Cam talking to Reilly cemented to Hisam and Izzy that Cameron is a target because Cameron isn’t shunning the cool kids. I don’t like Cam, but i also think Hisam and Izzy conversations are like 2 assholes fighting to see who can flood the toilet first in terms of vileness. I’ve decided any moments we’ve seen of kindness from Hisam are fake bedside manner crap for the show edit, while worst common denominator shit is his true colors. sorry, but the guy is a jerk, and Izzy? blinkblink,,,uh, watch her for five minutes, if she doesn’t insult or interrupt someone…she’s asleep.

Julie Chen

“like 2 assholes fighting to see who can flood the toilet first in terms of vileness. ”

Lol. You, sir, are a poet!


I don’t watch the feeds so can anyone tell me if Hisam is as self righteous as he sounds?I hate when houseguests talk about how good they are with their morals and integrity,in real life when people do that it makes me think the opposite.

un autre nom

Side note:
mentioned 2 days ago that Blue / Cory game talk ended when Jared entered as one of the examples of a few people altering talk when Jared is near. It was part of my ‘feel like prodo is telling them to disregard resemblance’ but will anyone try to play around it thought.
Today Blue / Jag want to know why Jared knows who they are targeting.
When did she go sus on Jared?

Jag now knows that Reilly told him (i am 90 on that, could be suspects)
To be fair, Cory already told him.
To be fair, Cameron, nuff said.

Cory told Reilly that Cam wants him to target Blue and America if he wins HOH

He was always trying to screw up the younger alliance.
He thought Red would do the same with the older group… but they never explicitly had that plan. THAT is why he never tried to bring Red into the alliance he helped form.