“I don’t want you to look at me and be like – Oh Reilly is a ticking time bomb.”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household:  Reilly
Nominees: Corey, Felicia, Kirsten, Jared
POV Players: Cirie is host, Reilly, Bowie, Kirsten, Felicia, Hisam
POV Winner: Hisam
Veto Ceremony: Veto wasn’t used
Havenots: Luke, Jared, Corey, Hisam,

Lock your ranks in before midnight

The situation Veto won’t be used.
The handful = Reilly, Cameron, Jag, Blue, Matt
Family Style = Reilly, Cameron, Jag, Blue, Matt, Corey, Jared
The Bye Bye Bitches = Felicia, Cirie, Izzy, Mecole, Bowie (Red+Jared+Hisam)
The Brown sugar babes = Jared, Felicia, Cirie, meme

8:20pm All the house guests are still playing “Zip, Zap Zop”. Felicia messes it up a couple times and then says I don’t want to play, I’m stupid. They play a few rounds and then start brainstorming what other games they can play. Jag – HUGE late mid night party happening tonight! I’m putting the sparkling in the fridge.

Comic Bedroom – Izzy and Bowie
Bowie – Seven, he is not in the seven. We’ve got the eight with him and then we bring someone.. He thinks there should be someone else as well. But then we’ll give it another name. So I said, Cameron is not in it right, and Hisam said that’s correct. Izzy – Okay, yeah great. I just don’t know if it needs to be all that serious. Bowie – no I know but just so that they think they’re in something. Izzy – oh okay, yeah. Bowie – because otherwise it seems fake. Izzy – okay, yeah lets chat about it. Also is Red going to continue sharing stuff that he talks about with the rest of us? Like I feel he has not been doing that and that is unnerving. Do you feel that way too? Bowie – I don’t know if he knows anything.. does he? Izzy – right, I don’t know. I just feel like when I have a conversation with people I am like .. you know.. I always fill you in and fill in Hisam. I feel like that is the same with us.. I don’t know. Bowie – that’s something to keep in mind. Izzy – I had a conversation with Cory and I think at least this week he is going to vote with us (lol you mean vote with the whole house?!) Luke is definitely going to vote with us. I think he wants revenge or something. We have way more people fighting for HOH than the other side currently. I do think we’re in good shape. Are you getting a sense of how Red feels about Reilly? I get the sense that Cameron is still going to bat for Reilly. Bowie – I think Reilly has been upset all day. Izzy – why now? Bowie – I think she is a sensitive person. Izzy – I am not trying to be insensitive but I heard her talking about me having a little moment and it being such a big deal. I find her to be a bit self centered.. and its hard. Izzy talks about how she thinks the next multiverse will be scary-verse. Its the one we haven’t had yet, they wouldn’t double up on one before first

8:50pm – 9:35pm HOH room – Reilly
Reilly – I just feel like …I basically just told her what I told you. Like I am this evil ring leader that is not inclusive and like I created this alliance to destroy the people downstairs. Like that is literally how I feel and like I just know .. Deep down in my heart I know I wasn’t raised to be like that and if that’s what people are getting from that ..like game a side, F**K IT send me home but like I hope they don’t think of me like that. And I just feel like I was put in a position where it looks like that and all we did was feel good about each other and started an alliance because like why wouldn’t we. And now I just look bad because I’m sitting pretty up here in this room. Like people are coming to see me and I am not able to bond with everyone else right now. I just feel like a big jerk! Like I don’t want them to feel like I don’t like them or that I don’t want to get to know them. And me being like we should get rid of them is just me trying to protect myself because I feel like I am in danger. Its not like yeah they suck lets go get them. What is going on with me right now. I never cry like this. I feel like I am acting out of character. Cameron – no you are acting within your character and that’s why I wanted you to talk with her to show her.

Reilly – I am very proud of who I am and how I was raised and how I treat people. Its hard to separate that here. I just feel like there’s this image of me right now and its just not true and I hate that. And its too late now because someone told Hisam that specific thing. Like where would he have gotten that from? I am not even an HOH. I can’t even compete next week.
I just went from feeling really good, to everything we’ve built here is going to fall a part. I feel like I am blaming myself for this divide in the house. Like I don’t want you to look at me and be like oh Reilly is a ticking time bomb. Cameron – nothing that you’re thinking is concrete. You have the ability to change the perception. Reilly – I thought I wanted it. I thought it would be simple. I will tell you, its really nice to have you here. I am lucky to have you. I don’t have my dad, he passed when I was really young. I just means a lot that you care so much for me and want me to figure it out. And I really really appreciate you. I know we’ve only know each other for a week .. you mean so much to me so thank you. Cameron – I will be here. You mean a lot to me too. I am not going anywhere. I am not going anywhere. You’re stronger than you think.

9:45pm Hammock – Hisam and Cirie.
Hisam – That was her choice, right?! Like rewind the tapes. And rewind the conversation I had with her. Every conversation I had with her was always very positive. Always very caring and supportive. Always encouraging. Like rewind the tape. And she is like I have my alliance of people.. great. Target is going to be Hisam and Izzy.. great. That’s how you’re playing the game.. great. That’s how it is. Okay I get it, I’m not stupid. But at the same time, then there are going to be consequences when that comes to light but I am not going to let her hurt. I am not going to let her suffer. I actually think she is a good person. I think she is a sweet person. Cirie – I do too. I think she got caught up and made a foolish decision. A fast foolish decision. Hisam – which I am sure was supported by the other people she is working with. Cirie – Including Cameron. Hisam – right. I don’t want her to hurt like this though. Cirie – me neither. Hisam – maybe we let her chill tonight. Also I need something in my stomach. Tomorrow I will come to her and start a conversation. We will make this better. We will fix this. I don’t want to win because someone broke down.

10pm Kitchen – Reilly and Jag.
Jag – I guess Izzy talked to America and told its chill with you and she said that you’re not our target however I am pretty sure I am Izzy’s target. Reilly – what? Jag – yeah. Reilly – what?! Jag – yeah.. I mean this is just me theorizing. Reilly – what do you mean? Why you? Jag – This is just me theorizing. Just because at first we were like we’re solid. And the second comvo we were susing it out. And then the third convo was I was like things are weird and she was like yeah. But I was like I want to know more about you.. and she was acting super weird about it when I was asking about her and she was like no you go first.

10:40pm – 11pm Bumper Pool room – Meme and Cory.
Cory – who do you feel best about downstairs? Meme – who do I feel best about? The people I have talked the most with are Miss Felicia and Cirie. Everybody else, I don’t know. Cory – so here is what I think .. if you’re able to talk to them and vouch for me because I feel good about both of them but I think Cirie is a little hesitant because she knows I’m a fan of hers. Its got to be nerve racking. I could help you out with a Blue, Luke or Cameron. Because I like don’t want it to be obvious that we’re a thing but like what is the point of this whole thing if we’re not backing each other up. MeMe – yeah for sure. For sure, for sure. Cory – And right now, my thought is if these guys up here win. I feel like it is going to be a Hisam thing. Because I think Reilly is terrified that Hisam is going after her. Which I think he might. I think its possible. I don’t feel great about Hisam. Meme – I don’t know about Hisam. He will give you an ear but.. Cory – Hisam doesn’t give you sh*t! I asked him what his favourite job was and he said I don’t know. I asked him what his favourite food is and he said you know the thing about food is its all so different. I think if Bowie or Red win, I should be okay. I think Cirie, Izzy, Felicia, and you obviously. Do you have any idea what you would do? Meme – I don’t know. Cory – I think for you its all about making connections that you didn’t make this week. Meme – In terms of who I would like to see go home.. Cory – they’re going to push for Reilly to go up. Obviously I don’t want that but its hard to make the argument against that. That is why I am going to try really hard to win it. But I don’t know if I want that smoke right now.

11:30pm Backyard – The house guests are in the backyard chatting and handing out.

11:45pm Comic Bedroom – Jag and Cirie.
Cirie – I like you and Reilly. You know what I mean? I’ve been like you and Reilly. Its going to be based on this HOH. No one has said your name or Reilly. Jag – No one has said your name either. Cirie – We good. We good means that I am aways willing to work with you.

12:05am Kitchen –
The havenots get to eat real food again.

1:20am Havenot Room – Jared and Luke.
Jared – if we could win, we could put up either .. out of the four Reilly, Blue, Jag or Matt. No, out of the three.. Jag, Matt and America and Blue. No excuse me the four. Put up either of the four. They all have a great chance of winning the veto. They take themselves down. You put Reilly up and get her out. Luke – oh that was the plan I was thinking too. Backdoor her a$$! Give her a send off. And that’s what I was told her was going to do to me. And I believe that. I know you didn’t hear about that. I tried ringing her doorbell so that I could ask her what’s going on. Then she tried to confront me downstairs. Jared – you need to stop being so irrational. You need to stop showing them your cards so easy. Luke – I know. I will be nice to the ones that .. I’ll be nice to them. Jared – in this game, be nice to your enemies.

1:47am Backyard Pool..

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Luke was removed from the game for using the N word.

I can now add cirie to the ranking.


Will BB really cancel Reillys HOH and eviction Thursday? One is bad enough, but two consecutive years no first eviction is insanity.


…or they could go through with the eviction and then immediately put the evictee back in the game. SCRAMBLEVERSE!~


What is the over/under on the feeds coming back before the feeds would normally go down for a live show?

The Beef

Seriously? How could he be so stupid in today’s world?

Does that mean there won’t be an eviction this week and the lovely Kirsten just got saved by his idiocy?


hmm weird because Xavier used the n word multiple times and won the game


sounds about white


Don’t do that JooJoo. You still mad Xavier won? Get over it. It’s 2023, you should know it’s slang in black culture. Its our word, we took it back. It’s still highly used within my community on a daily. Anyone that’s non-black knows better than to say it PUBLICLY! Sounds to me that Luke definitely says it a lot in his personal life. Shouldn’t slip out if it’s not in your vocabulary, right? I don’t understand why people are so obsessed on why they can’t and we can. It’s offensive AF! That’s why! Don’t do it!


Even if you are Black you should not use that word. It is totally racist and keeps perpetuating racism in this country.

Omega BB

YOUR WORD has been solid to people worldwide for decades now thanks to YOUR MUSIC, luckily the world is not America and doesn’t live by this deluded hypocrisy.


“THEIR WORD” is a function of subliminal identify confusion in perpetuity when “Blacks” can’t even agree on defining their “RACE”, which “they” often confuse with “ETHNIC ORIGIN” – – – TWO totally different categories of “IDENTITY”.

Take for example the evolution of how Blacks have tried to identify themselves over the course of the last 75 years or so.

In the 30’s through the 50’s, Blacks were content with being called NEGROES.

Then, in the beginning of the 60’s and up to about the late 70’s or early 80’s, the term NEGROES became passe, and the term “BLACK” became “HIP”; especially after the Summer Olympic Games when several Blacks raised their right fist as a symbol of “BLACK POWER”.

Then towards the early 80[s or so, Supreme Court Justice Marshall, sitting in his ivory tower in DC, stated that he “DID NOT LIKE” the term “BLACK”, and that the proper identifier for his RACE should be “AFRICAN AMERICAN”.
Marshal, with all of his perceived “wisdom” effectively married RACE AND ETHNIC ORIGIN into one term to identify the members of the Black race.

NOW the identifier has become “People of Color” to somehow lump together several RACES AND ETHNIC ORIGINS into one pot. The last time I checked, “WHITE” and “BLACK” are colors. “THEY” seem to be the cause of their own problems with “IDENTITY”, and now here, we see that it is “their word”.



“Its our word, we took it back. It’s still highly used within my community on a daily. Anyone that’s non-black knows better than to say it PUBLICLY!”


“our word” ?? REALLY???


Rene' M



Good. Now quadruple eviction next week of Izzy, hasim, Cameron and Jared then the game can restart.


Jared or cirie will win this season.


I have to agree. Makes me wonder why I want to watch it…maybe I won’t. I get more out of your site and other people’s opinions than I get from the show anyway! Sending some $$$$ your way. Thanks for all that you guys do!

Omega BB

I say one of the black females for sure will when and if by some miracle not them I think they’ll allow Izzy or Hisam to win.


I think Izzy will get cut early. Hisam I thought had a good chance but seeing how squirrelly he was getting before the veto ceremony he might crack.

If CBS drops fan voted powers .. yikes..


As soon as I saw she was in the game I said Thai was going to be set up for her to win. They can manipulate this game much easier than they can Survivor, and for some reason, she is a fan favorite. I think she is a snake and I don’t like her game play. I also watched her do it on Traitor. I don’t think I am even going to watch this season. It will have to take a big player returning for me to watch…and, for the record, Frankie is the opposite of that!


Cirie is the front-runner for sure but my dark horse is MiCole (Meme) she is playing an uber-smart early game currently gaining safety from almost everyone outside her alliance.


What “N word” did LUKE used in the
game that caused his removal? HUMMM..

There are literally thousands of “N words” in
the English language.

Uh Huh Yea Sure

Look on twitter for the answer. Search #bb25 Luke.


Not condoning, by any means, but they have allowed way worse to continue onward. Like Evel Dick, and Aaryn in their seasons. Not even a Luke fan, but it seems like they pick and choose who to make an example out of.

The Beef

With all due respect, things have changed in the 17 years since Evel Dick was last on (not counting his short appearance in another season), and even the 10 years since Aaryn showed her ass on national TV. Everybody knows you can’t use that word, or at least the ones with a brain know it, and I’m not at all surprised Luke was ejected pronto for using it

What does surprise me is he didn’t immediately apologize to Jared for using it, but instead just laughed it off (yeah he said sorry, but saying sorry while you’re laughing isn’t much of an apology to me) and tried to continue telling the story he was telling.


Yes I read that Paramount+ made the decision to remove Luke, not Allison Grodner

Rene' M

Really??! I haven’t gotten to watch the feeds today. Was he really removed??

un autre nom

As discount Manson is further indoctrinating Squeaky…
Cirie and Hasim are discussing and sympathizing with Reilly’s situation.
I’m glad they empathize… and this is not a condemnation this is an eyebrow raise….
Cirie didn’t exactly curb her son’s Reilly trash talk this afternoon right after she went thermonuclear meltdown…. and Hasim seemed to be insinuating Reilly was homophobic so needed to be sent packing during one of his little rants just last night.
So it’s great that they are having this moment…
And having this perfect for episode discussion on empathy…
While saying let’s evict her for her own good next week.

yeah…bbcan 11 wrecked my ability to see aaaaanything as authentic and not a production scam. i know. don’t mind me…. at least i’m venting it and not letting it fester.

un autre nom

my overactive cynic streak even had me consider Reilly’s tears were a production induced d/r set up act. Until the big meltdown.
What’s odd:
The straws.
Straw one: Cirie Izzy Hisam (sorry i’ve been transversing the vowels accidentally) got it in their heads that Cirie was the backdoor target and declared war. Cirie was NEVER a target Reilly ever considered for a second. Not once.
Straw two: Cameron feeding her HOHitis and stoking it up in his quest to start a cult In early discussions, look back, Cameron was behaving with HOH by proxy and declaring the mission of the wannabe cult. Any talk of enemy forces was dismissed out of hand as ridiculous.
Straw three: Again Cameron, dismissing all talk of another side forming and being condescending causing her to question her own senses until she clapped back.
Straw four: Cameron again. tells her sorry punkin, the family is dead but you’re still daddy’s special girl, and I’ll try to send a support cheque when I can if the mob of 10 that I’ve joined that’s all coming for you pays me.
(much of that discussion i still wonder if d/r didn’t tell her to disregard because she knows Jared switched sides… buuuuut…)
straw five: she was going to sleep about an hour or two before wake up calls. Remember Paloma?

snap crackle pop.

un autre nom


don’t want to lose to a girl Luke.
seductress because she didn’t have a bra on under her sweater in her bedroom Luke.
calls Hisam ‘He-Man’ to Izzy in a because he’s muscular or is it a gay slag gray area way Luke.
uses n-word while talking to Jared in front of Hisam and Cory, covers his mouth and tries to change it to ‘dude’ Luke.

here we go again.


Both Luke and Cameron are proving my initial vibes about them….


So Luke’s N-word drop in front of Hisam, Cory, and Jared in the Have-Not Room must have happened after 1:47AM?

Seems like it might deserve a headline for itself smh.

un autre nom

In have not room.
somewhere between 1:45 and 2:05 am bbtime if memory serves, but i’m only one sip into my morning coffee, so grain of salt it.
It was after Kirsten had a meltdown in the bathrooom, and before Kirsten, Matt, Reilly, Jag and America were all on the hammock.
I think it was before Hisam pretty much told the boys Reilly needs to suck it up and take the punishment she’s earned… because i noted to myself how 180 that was to what he said in his empathy psa with Cirie, and i questioned live with her choice in how she used her power as HOH? Was the house not unanimous about the target out of the 4?
Luke had the shit eating grin of someone that knew he’d screwed up… but it didn’t come out of his mouth like it was the first time he’d said it in his life.
Cory and Hisam looked mixture of shocked / horrified / disgusted.
Jared ‘seemed’ to take it in stride. Not sure what he felt, but he didn’t react strongly.

un autre nom

i might be an hour off. might have been between 12:30 and 1:05 am, before the Jared / Luke discussion shown above @ 1:20am still drinking first coffee, haven’t looked at feeds.


Why no discussion of the professors alliance?

un autre nom

Basic Production Theoretical Response I am Expecting due to history of Big Brother.

I expect they will determine that the use of recognized hate speech used in a casual non-threatening or non-malicious intent manner does not meet the standard of expulsion offense.
They will say they have spoken to him, and given him warning about choice of language.

This flies in the face of the zero tolerance policy they said they had in their press release statement in big brother 21.
That was the incident when it was a muffled by clattering dishes conversation between Aquadouche and Jackhole, and production determined hate speech wasn’t used by capturing and refining the audio without releasing the captured and refined audio or a transcript of what word WAS used.

I could be wrong. Just my gut feeling.

Felicia overflowed coffee all over. no mic packs were damaged.
Izzy doesn’t like discount Manson. Doesn’t trust Red either.
Hisam again says he thinks Reilly was after him and Izzy for ‘the gay thing’
doesn’t disclose Luke Luking. says Jared thinks Reilly got sympathy because she’s white… where’s Kirsten’s sympathy (remember…Jared is the one that got the ball rolling to torpedo Kirsten?).

un autre nom

glad i was wrong and they took it seriously.


I didn’t think that it would happen either


I’m kinda shocked they did this but I think they have enough twists planned that they don’t care if someone basically self evicts week one like last year..

It’s sad because before that idiotic statement he made I was starting to warm up to him. He seemed like someone who could have gone far.


Apparently they sign a code of conduct and he was well aware and basically cost himself a shot.

about time the start enforcement of their policies.

the question is will there be an eviction now.


Reilly has sympathy for black guys but not young black women like Kirsten. Kirsten is competition whereas Felicia and Cirie are old so she feels less threatened by their presence in the house. Ironically, it’s Jared and the old Auntie and Grandma that are gunning for her. Kirsten would’ve made a great alliance member for O’Reilly.

un autre nom

Reilly was informed that Kirsten was saying Reilly and Matt are a showmance she stole Matt from me. On day 2.
Further she was told Kirsten was sneaking around trying to start alliances all over the house so she can’t be trusted.
She was told this by Jared, Izzy, Cirie, Felicia. Because those 4 were telling others, she was hearing “i heard Kirsten (insert rumor)”
Fact is, Kirsten did do those things.


Although that quartet was more diligent in pushing that narrative I’m pretty sure members of her own alliance told her all or portions of that info as well.

un autre nom

the members of the Handful alliance that repeated the info all got that info from poison pilling from the quartet. Hisam’s knowledge of the showmance stuff Kirsten said went to Izzy to Blue as an example. telephone.

un autre nom

Why I think discount Manson isn’t being recognized as the threat he should be.
The professors know he basically pledged himself to a group, and intentionally screwed them up.
What’s being glossed over: what’s he going to do to your group now that he’s pledged to you?
He’s already got them thinking Red is sketch.

They seem to hindsight what he did 2 days ago without anticipating what he’s going to do in five days to torpedo the professors.
In many of their minds, he’s already got one of them more on the outs.

They say they don’t like / tolerate him, and yet they are going to give him time to do the exact same thing to them?


Cirie really sucks at this game. No wonder she never made it far in Survivor, most people can tell when someone is a genuine person.


Every year your comments are full of misogynoir. Uncessary hate for Taylor and now it’s Cirie.


You’re entitled to that opinion – – I personally sit on the complete opposite side because I’ve been marveling at what a master class she’s delivering.

Whether it’s how easily she draws hamsters in or her ability to stop two upset allies who are about to turn on each other.


“8:50pm – 9:35pm HOH room – Reilly ”

Pics prove that Reilly turns out to be a “cry baby”….
with BLACK ROOTS from that alleged blonde hair…LOL…

Anything else she fakes ???? LOL

un autre nom

Let’s remember while Jared is preaching where’s Kirsten’s sympathy that Jared went to mom saying ‘I don’t like Kirsten, she gotta go.’ four hours max into the season.
Let’s remember that Felicia, Izzy, Cirie and Jared earwormed the house against Kirsten.

Not a bad game move considering Felicia and Jared were on the block too, but save me the moralistic preaching for image routine.
That’s one of the things I note this season, the number of houseguests that are very good at image spin sound bites for the camera to cover that they are just as deep in the manure as everyone else in the house. Ten minutes post sound bite, swan dive back into the shit.
Spare me.

un autre nom

Feeds likely down until late tonight or tomorrow is my guess.
After all, they have to re-jigger storyline with one of the survivor attached gone to make sure Cirie is still protected, and to figure out who is going to be Jared’s broski now.
Decision on Eviction….completely depends if they can get Kirsten to stop dropping family resemblance one liners, and figure out a way to get her to be 100% team Cirie in a storyline development that makes sense.

blinkblink. Like I’m the only one thinking it. eyeroll.


I absolutely love your takes, so refreshing. It’s sickening really to watch the way they spin it.


I’m sure you caught the chat between Kirsten (and I think Meme or America) where she specifically said ‘THE POWERS THAT BE’ had opened her eyes to what was happening in the game. She commented how blind she was to the reality in the house.

Skippy must’ve been making a sandwich or in the loo b/c it took him a minute to switch off them.

You’re 100% accurate on the Jared part of the equation. I’ll play devil’s advocate for a second (not to be arbitrary – just b/c I’ve contemplated this factor). Kirsten was obvious b/c she was doing too much with Jared specifically affected b/c he was in the Phalanx group & then was told about the Sugar Babies. That put her in sort of an early equal position to him (being safe on both sides) so of course he wouldn’t like that.

Similarly, the Clown Room has questioned Red on and off – – bc of his ties to Cam, him not actively diving into play at 100 percent, etc. For the most part, they look at him sideways, then chat with him to clarify & are good again until they look at him sideways again.

My point is all of the hamsters are paranoid & other than confronting an issue head-on, it can lead to someone having a target painted on their back (often unfairly).

I think with Jared & Kirsten either he recognized his early take was a little too harsh, or a mixture of guilt/empathy, OR he started to like Kirsten (possibly even crushing a little).

un autre nom

I think it’s important that I say I’m not anti-professors and pro-handful or vice versa. I’m very much trying to view every house guest with the same microscope.
As I wrote above, I feel that some houseguests are being a little 2 faced to the cameras. This means playing the game hard, but then having little “we’re the good people’ talks. You know me and own your game. So play hard and own it without image control psa talks.
Other than Cameron, I’m not close to noping anyone.
In terms of Jared? He’s openly said to Cirie he’d be playing with the guys (the typical brolliance) if she weren’t there, and named his targets as every woman under 30 to her. His moves mirror this. He was trying to bond the have nots boys. He wants the younger women out so he can pull in the bros.


I think he is crushing on Blue. Although, he said to his Mom that he couldn’t stand her.

Omega BB

BB Twitter will only remind Jared he pushed for Kirsten since he is a man, the next thing worse than being white in BB.


Can you say…Double Standards?
It is totally unfair that ONE ethnic group can say things that all others can’t. I don’t like it and, personally, it’s not a rule I will ever follow. If I choose to use or not to use the N word, it is my choice and nobody can take that from me. I believe it all comes down to how tactful and kind a person is. Yes, if you are the persons that choose to use that word then I say that you are unkind and tactless…no class. But nor do I stand around and call people Crackers, Beaners, Micks, Limeys, or any of the other nicknames that ethnic groups have been referred to by unkind people.
The fact that a person of any ethnic group can be ejected from this show for name calling is ridiculous. There seems to be a double standard… If you are black you can say whatever you want. If you are not, tow the line and watch your language! Totally unfair…


Words like Wet Back, Beaner, Cracker, Mick or Limeys have never been by a “Black American” in the BB house. So save your “double standard” rhetoric.


“Comic Bedroom – Izzy and Bowie”

Izzy more so than Bowie……

Izzy must be watched like a hawk by others.
Historically, members of the community from
which Izzy comes from have proven time and
time again that they are untrustworthy and
back-stabbers, but are nonetheless a promoted
“group” by those who are pulling the strings
behind the cameras and microphones.

Izzy reminds me of a PETERbilt hauling an
18-wheeler trailer down I-69 without breaks.
YIKES !!!!

Bowie seems to be close to THAT too, but
time will unveil the otherwise present “secret”.


Well that was a quick season, no need to watch anymore. It was screwed from the beginning with the worst cast in history. I wonder if CBS hired Bud Lights advertising team to do the casting for this season. Anyway, peace out??


Season 24 was the “worst cast in history”. Oh no, season 23 was “the worst cast” in history. How repetitive you are.