Big Brother Canada Week 8 Power Of Veto Competition Results!

POV Holder: Ramsey Next POV April 16th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 18th
HOH Winner: The Brothers Next HOH: April 21st
Original Nominations: Ramsey and Maddy
Current Nominations: ? and ?
Last Evicted Houseguest Paige, Sharry, Christine, Kelsey, Loveita, Dallas, Mitch, Raul
Have Nots Tim, Cassandra, Kelsey

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There will likely be a lot of alliances during the season – keep track, read our alliance help guide.

4pm – Big Brother blocks the live feeds for the power of veto competition to take place.

Power Of Veto Players:

Nick, Maddy, Ramsey, Kelsey, Tim, Nikki

Power Of Veto WINNER: Ramsey

The feeds have been blocked all morning

6:50am The feeds were blocked… likely for the Ramsey departure for the day. Its still unknown the exact reason – some form of a family emergency.

11:05am Still blocked

3:55pm Still blocked…

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Maddy and Ramsey is the worst showmance of BBCAN


This sight sucks this year..sorry not sorry


Good. Now can we backdoor Jared or Kelsey??


Brothers should put Jared on the block


they don’t have guts to make the move; it takes a lot a moxie and they are just two weaklings.
Congrats to Ramsey though for winning when he needed to. Had he not been allied with Maddy, he wouldn’t have run the block.

sunny dee

the brothers have been waiting desperately for Jared to like them. It’s like a dream come true that he finally seems to actually like them (maybe they should have won HOH earlier?), well maybe just Phil, i don’t think Nick is that delusional that he thinks working with someone who could win the game over them in order to get them to the point where they could win the game over them is the greatest idea. I saw in AD (footage before POV) of Phil shutting down the idea of Joel going to the final 4, or final 2 with them, as ‘unworthy’ to be there. I dont’ think Nick agreed with that (which makes him the smarter of the pair, sit on the F2 with Jared or with Joel, kind of a stupid idea that Phil actually thinks the Jared F2 is better?)

in any case, Phil will never permit Jared to be on the block or to be evicted, he has a fantasy that they are the Brigade (yes, cuz starting to work together (which i still don’t buy that jared is actually doing that) 70% into the game is like the Brigade?


I really need Maddy to leave the house, she is negative and mean! She is allowing her jealousy to prevail! Extremely childish…. Time for her to go……. It is utterly painful to watch her.


AGREE hundo percent! The house would be so much better off without her insecure idiotic energy around. Can’t stand her.


Can’t stand Nikki’s b.s. either, -she’s so whiney and such a complainer, with 0 entertainment value at all. Hope both Tim and Nikki follow Maddy out the door and leave the rest to the Canadians.

Team Cass

loved the pool convo with phil calling out tim

watch cass defending phil and smiling when tim was getting annoyed – her face was lighting up, she loved it


YAAAAS Ramsey! BYE Maddy!


Maddy is delusional beyond belief. How can she sit there and say she’s never belittled or demeaned any of the HGs with such a straight face and in earnest??? This Tsarina use the “C’ word among other deplorable words towards the HGs when she doesn’t get what she wants or put up on the block. She wants to be the prom queen and the center of all male attention. That’s her validation compass. Her complete lack of self awareness and social skills are astounding.

She has no loyalty or respect for anyone. It didn’t take long for her to forget her boyfriend when she cozied up to Nick and then to Ramsey. We’re talking about days and weeks here folks…..not months.

I pray Ramsey uses the veto on himself and not save her.

Maddy pack your bags! Don’t let the door hit you on your way out. The real world is waiting for you along with a rude awakening to your self delusions at the BB side show. you’re a mean, mean, mean and spiteful human being.


At first, I was annoyed with the brothers ineptitude to nominate the isolated Maddy and Ramsey, but she deserves it. She turned on her allies way too soon, and now she is in the position that there is no way she stays in the house.

Maddy Fan

Maddy will come out of this smelling like a rose (that she is). Jared will be put up and evicted.



I love Maddy, come home with the cash babe.


She has a nice butt that’s about the best I can say about her

Big Brother is life

Happy Ramsey isn’t going to be brought down by Maddy but this is the chance for the Brothers to show Tim wrong in that they both do have brains. Backdoor Jared. He will backdoor you so backdoor him. I swear I am done with both of them if Joel or Nikki touches that nomination chair next to Maddy.

Team brothers

This kid lol she has no idea how poorly she represents herself. I don’t care much for her either but they all lack a little something this season. My vote is for the brothers based solely on their efforts to be good kids on the house even if it makes them look indecisive. As a mom my heart goes out to Maddy parents. I’m sure you must be beside yourselves.


You can say anything but Ramsey is a great strategist and competitor. Have a big shield. Maddy and win comps when he need to


I hope Ramsey doesn’t leave due to personal reasons. The brothers (Phil) should back door Jared but that won’t happen. I don’t know how Phil believes he is an alpha male. He didn’t get the pretty girl, Jared wants nothing to do with him and they mean nothing to anyone in the house. They put up Tim to ensure maddy goes home.


Ramsey is playing Johnny Mac’s game only better


johnny mac was a moron…


Putting Jared on the block beside Maddy will not work. The votes aren’t there to evict him over her, so why would they attempt it. You only cause more trouble. How do you politely tell Maddy that everyone wants her gone regardless of what people are saying. Noone wants to hurt her feelings, and as they are saying it as nicely as possible………..kaboom she goes off like a roman candle! That girl is something else. She is as smart as anyone in that house and too bad that it is her way or no way at all.


Jared and Brothers have a big discussion that rolls around to Tim.
They end up spilling the beans that Tim has separately told them both he would be happy/wants them to win and would vote for them in the end.

Now the question is do either know he said the same thing to Maddy? And does anyone know if he’s said the same thing to Joel given the “Freak Show Alliance” of Cass, Tim & Joel.

Ramsay won POV and it appears there has been some sort of tragedy in his family (possibly an illness or worse). No matter what anyone thinks of the players it would be terrible to be isolated from your family at a time like that. Sending heartfelt prayers his way.

So, back to the Tim situation: Personally I think he lost control of his game in the past few days mostly b/c he took out his hurt ego (not being voted as one of two HOH’s by Canada) on Cass.

Given Phil doesn’t take well to any negative news about him will he somehow let it slip to Tim that Jared told him? Or will Jared say something b/c he can’t keep secrets either & you just know he’s incensed Tim would say the same thing to Nick.

Bottom line is could there be repercussions from this? Does Maddy remain the target? She is threatening to blow up everyone’s games which means TIM & NIKKI. So will Tim end up as the pawn? (he did volunteer)

Even if Tim doesn’t find out from the house that can’t keep secrets his name is atop the pile will he sense
something is up and try to shift the target back on to Maddy or a bigger fish? (Jared?) Could he try to talk the house in putting up Nikki b/c she beat him in HOH and then try to get her voted out?

For the first time in a while I’m interested in this game & it’s b/c Tim is under fire. Can he win the house & Cdns back?

Lots of questions …. Hmmm


Oh… one more thing……………Ramsay winning EVERY TIME HE NEEDS TO….. has to be on people’s radar … Right?


People really despise Maddy, that are not even caring right now. Maddy’s lack of social awareness killed her game.


They probably should keep her for that reason and vote out the pawn. Keep the Maddy / Kelsey war alive.


But according to maddy Kelsey is a mean girl and how she (maddy) has never been mean. The girl is huge hypocrite – she sure can dish but sure as hell can’t take it. I honestly can’t understand why some people on the livefeed page have been giving her a pass since the beginning, saying its okay (basically) because she is ‘only’ 21. BS, she is an adult not 14, she does not get a free pass. Maddy has been the worst of all the girls this season, as well as the most vulgar of them all. Every single one of the girls has been mean, including Nikki, who lately has been saying many ignorant things about the cass/kelsey. Nikki has been disgusting the past couple of weeks, you would think her being in recovery from such a terrible eating disorder that she would not make comments about Cass’ weight, calling her a fat. Sadly, there isn’t even 1 girl this year that is worth cheering for, not that the rest of the HGs are worth it either.


So, it shouldn’t be a surprise that Ramsey won the Veto. To anyone. He throws everything unless he is on the block. That’s his comp game. The chances of him using it on Maddy? Um. Yesterday I’d say 5%. Today I’m saying 15%.
Phil and Nick asking Maddy for advice on who to renom…. I just can’t. I think i actually restarted my computer to see if i’d gotten some hallucinogenic malware.
Maddy suggested Jared saying the two big players let the house decide. Phil said no.
Maddy said Tim is supportive of Maddy and Ramsey post nomination.
Add that to Jared and Phil’s comparing Tim notes. Not looking good for Tim.
If Maddy and Tim were on the block I’d have a very very hard time. My two least favorites in the house… which do I root for to leave. Then again, it could easily be Cass if she was big move worthy in Phil’s eyes.


Put Jared up next her. This is the shot to get him out. Kelsey will fall apart once he leaves and Maddy can be voted out next week or during a double eviction.


Does anyone know what happened with RAmsey


His father is sick, hes going to check on him. Extremely questionable because the night before he had sex with Maddy. Im thinking family is gonna pass along some information to him during this trip and he shouldnt be allowed back


How do we know for sure that Ramsey Had sex with Maddy?


production was a little slow on the mute button during one of the conversations when the brothers were discussing the possibility of Ramsey using the veto on Maddy. This was before Ramsey said he’d be using the veto on himself. The brothers said if bb would allow it he could use it and then go see his dad (ten second black screen mute kicks in). No idea what the context is. Beyond that there is just a comment with Maddy from before veto that he would be leaving at 7am and making the decision whether or not to return.


This just made my night!!!! Lol maddies on the block!! Yaya! This chick has some serious issues.. Power trippin last week, telling everyone they should be worried then shes telling tim ” they wont put me up, the whole house will go after the brothers???” Lmfao. Shes joking right? All she talks about is kelsey this, kelsey that. The girl is such a vindictive, jealous, insecure, delusional bitch! I cant stand her and cant wait to watch how this goes down. 😀 (im not checking to see who wins pov so hopefully its not her lol)


Man I really want to know what happened to Ramsey

Ariana Grande stinks!

The Imbecile Brothers are THE WORST! The only interesting thing to follow down the line is to see their fugly asses evicted from the house.


I’m still absolutely confounded that the ‘brothers’ with two brains supposedly between them didn’t see through the statement that Kelsey kept saying, “Maddy was always talking about putting ‘the brothers up’ all the time.
Uh bitch, Maddy and you were never in the same room at any time during any game talk so …..
Maddy did not talk game to Kelsey ONCE.
C’mon guys…rewind the tape.
Kelsey is a bitch who’s used to getting everything she wants and she did it again. She doesn’t know how to play this game but she knows how to manipulate men. That’s enough I guess. Her girlfriend Jared is pretty much the same.


For all of you saying the brothers should nom Jared, that’s a bad move now. First of all, they should’ve made the move against Jared before a deal was offered. If they go back on the deal, they will lose trust with Kelsey and she will put them up if she gets power. Plus, they will automatically become the next targets, even before the seat gets Cold when Jared walks out the door.

Another thing, you have to make sure you have the numbers to get someone out, and they wouldn’t have the numbers to get him out. That was a concept Loveita couldn’t understand—she would nom someone before she checked whether or not she had the numbers to get them out. That’s how this game goes…make you sure have the numbers before you make a move.

The brothers should just put a pawn up like Joel and nikki and be done with it.


I agree with you about Jared. However they should put tim up and try to get him out. I think that’s the only move they could make to give them a fighting chance to win at the end.


the brothers are a bloody comedy act now! They work themselves up in a state of frenzy, puffed up chests and inflated egos and think they are allstar-gaming, it’s mad. They are the popular kids Phil said. No Phil you have been teased behind your back (and sómetimes to your face) the entire season. They are not the popular kids! Nive boys but will never be seen as ‘cool’ in a Jared prom king kind of way. Everything Phil has said about the game, people in the house, the state of peoples game moves have been the opposite of the reality. Mitch pointed this out. They have been most in the dark out of anyone when it comes to Jared and Tim. Mitch told him straight up “you are infatuated with Jared” and he said to Joel if Tim asked Phil to go into a wall for him he would. The brothers won’t be this “gutsy” in the morning. Once Tim comes in and smoothes things over it will be back to getting Maddy out. They might possibly do a pawn with Tim but that will backfire and Maddy goes anyway.


The plan IS to get Maddy out. It never changed. They are just on to Tim and plan to get him out next. They never said that they would try to get Tim out before Maddy. I do think they are too much into Jared but they are on to Tim and I believe they are smart players. The quiet one is smarter, but he is more shy.


If Kelsey was so confident – as she said to Jared for his jealousy – why would she incessantly talk about Maddy? 24/7. Maddy does not give a shit about Kelsey, period. She sees right through her, period. Kelsey is a bitch and doesn’t think she is. Jared is a sackless bitch.

Anonymous 2

And you are an idiot.


Kelsey talks about Maddy all the time?? Maddy said (the very first day when she met Kelsey) “I can’t stand Kelsey, she looks like she is stuck up and a bitch”. How would Maddy know by looking at her? Ahh, because Kelsey is so beautiful. Maddy was instantly jealous of Kelsey and has been obsessed with her the entire time in the house. I do think Kelsey is being a bitch, but what would you have her do? Maddy has been gunning for Kelsey and trash talking her from day one. I think I understand why Kelsey doesn’t care for Maddy..!!


so funny. the bros will change their minds and try to put up Nikki. All hell will break loose and i kind of want to see it. “Nikki, this is your HOH as much as ours, is what Phil said from the start. Ha! She will flip!


Very unrelated but your post made me think how pissed Tim must be that he didn’t get nominated for HOH by the voting public. Sorry it’s all i have left for this season (to hate on these people).

Be smart

They aren’t going to nominate Jared. He would stay and it would just be suicide for them. What I would love is for Tim to be the replacement and then he can go home. Even though they hate Maddy, I’m hoping Jared and Kelsey would be smart enough to realise that he will beat all of them in a final 2. Add Ramsey and they have enough votes to send his butt to Jury (even if Joel, Cass and Nikki try to save him, the bros would be the split vote and be happy to send his butt out). They would avoid a lot of blood, Jared and Kelsey would be on their side, Maddy and Ramsey would be happy, Joel wouldn’t care… And they would get retaliation from Cassandra and Nikki? Easy choice.


I don’t think Kelsey would vote out Tim when he is against Maddie. They talk about Maddie being mean and vindictive but so is Kelsey, and she can’t seem to win any comps to date so she will want Maddie out whenever she can regardless of who she is against (except if it is |Jared)!


I don’t see them taking Tim out benefitting their game at this point. Maddy is hardcore gunning after them. One of the reasons they are off the block this week is Tim laying out the options to the brothers and saying how taking out Jared would not benefit their game. In the long run, obviously they would benefit from Tim being out. But right now, Tim has expressed interest to Cassandra to working with Jared and Kelsey whereas if Maddy wins HOH (and it is possible that she would) they would be right back up on the block.


It appears that instead of taking of Jared,(Because he wants them out) the brothers are trying to win him over by nominating Maddy and Ramsey. Kill them with kindness…


Tim pushed them through the hottub conversation to nominate Maddy/Ramsey through saying they were part of a cohesive unit, and if they didn’t, they would be alone. I watched the conversation as did most of you. Tim was the one doing all the talking. Even before the conversation at the pool Tim, Cass and Nikki were conspiring to get Ramsey to work with them. Once Ramsey spoke with Tim at the pool about getting together, Tim decided he would be the hero and get Phil to be the deciding vote if a 3-3 tie knowing he had his own vote for sure, Nikki and Ramsey to save Maddy. That way Phil would take the flak and he take the glory. He and Ramsey said that Phil could take the flak for the move. So when Phil out-and-out said NO, Tim lost it and even threatened Phil not to tell that Tim was the one at the hottub saying to put up Maddy/Ramsey. That is what got Phil so mad is the way Tim was speaking to him, and saying basically that Phil should never talk game with him again. Phil just got up and said he was going to bed. I applaud him for standing up to him. He is the first one who did. Tim now knows Phil had info. on him and won’t like it one bit. Last thing he did was go into the chapel and start bad-mouthing Phil, and said he was going to talk to Jared in the morning. In my opinion Phil should have woken Jared and Joel and told them right then what had transpired, and they could have talked it out before Tim woke up in the morning. Phil being Phil now wants to expose Tim in front of the house which never works out. Hopefully, once he talks to Joel and Jared they will talk him into getting rid of Maddy this week and worrying about Tim next week. Hopefully he will have calmed down a bit by this morning.


ramsey cassandra phil and tim video is the one to watch…
tim losses his shit! Finally the dirty aussie’s been caught


Wait, when does Tim lose his shit in the video? First of all big brother didn’t even say put on your microphone and I can’t make out a thing he’s saying. What does he say that deems him ‘losing his shit?’ Any help please for the hearing disabled.


Raul takes out Mitch
Maddy takes out Raul
The bros take out Maddy
(Fill in the blank) takes out the bros


Phil seems pretty close to taking out Nick


That is a good one. I had to re-read it before I got it. LOL

Dead Air

I honestly don’t understand why Big Brother Canada is blocking feeds over Ramsey’s family issue. Big Brother US makes no attempt to block feeds when there are family issues. Monica lost her cousin on 9/11 in 2001 and the house and feedsters were included. Frankie And Derrick both lost their grandfathers during the show. Both were called to the DR and told what happened. Live feeds were not blocked when either of them came out to talk to the rest of the house. As a long time fan of Big Brother I have to say I don’t understand why feeds are blocked most of the time. And I don’t get why houseguests are always being told that they can’t talk about production. If you are a Big Brother fan or have taken the time to watch live feeds, you know all about BB production – you know how houseguests are selected through auditions and recruitment. It’s no secret! For example, in Big Brother US last year, Clay was spotted by a women who casts for reality shows while he was at a LA Lakers basketball game. She tried to recruit him for The Bachelor but he wasn’t interested until she pitched him on the idea of Big Brother. Meg was discovered and recruited when she happened to be the waitress for a group of casting people who were in New York to conduct a BB casting event. But James was discovered through the regular casting process of submitting an audition tape. Both he and Caleb were actually auditioning for Survivor but were selected for BB instead. Why should any of that be a secret from the fans of the show? Who cares? Anyway, my little rant about production blocking feeds or censoring conversations in the house. It drives me a little bonkers at times.

Grab A Life Vest

I’m with you 100% on this one! Thank goodness feeds are free in Canada. I’d be even more pissed about blocked feeds if I was paying for them!! Plus, year after year fans complain and speculate about production interfering or influencing the game. Well, you’d eliminate a lot of that and gain respect with the viewers with transparency with the feeds. To be fair to production, I have seen several former houseguests interviewed or doing their own broadcasts on Periscope or YouNow say that production never tried to influence them in the game; however, when they have you in the DR they will question you thoroughly about your game moves and motives in the house. They make you give up all your information and thoughts and expect you explain what you are doing and why. Sometimes, during that intense discussion you come up with other thoughts and ideas and it certainly can look like you were convinced by production to do something other than what you planned before entering the DR. So, I keep that in mind when I start to think production is messing with the game.

Now, in this incident with Ramsey, I just don’t understand how he can leave the house to be with family for whatever reason and be allowed to return to the game. I understand he will have a handler with him; but there is certainly a lot of risk that he could gain information to take back into the house. No bueno! Either you’re in or you’re out. And this is why people are suspicious of the blocked feeds today. Just my 2 cents.

Poutine Queen of Saskatoon

I’m hearing Ramsey decided to leave the game and not return.


Heard Ramsey when he was talking to Tim on the feeds say he might not be coming back tomorrow to go see his dad? Is that why the feeds have been blocked today?

Also wanted to say a massive thankyou for putting all videos up so i can watch it in Australia 🙂 Im hooked on the Canadian version of big brother. it’s so different, but so so goood.


Oh, that’s so cool. I enjoyed Tim’s season a lot. Although, I feel sorry for you to have to go through the horror that was Tully. Ugh. When the wildcard twist for BBCAN was revealed I immediately thought Tim would be the percfect choice, but keep an eye on Tahan. She was quite strategic as well. And she’s friends with Neda. I would love to see her play BBCAN or US.

ramsey leaving and coming back is bs

unless, bb’s handler speaks ramsey’s native tongue he should not be allowed back!


So what happens if Ramsey doesn’t come back?

blocking the feeds is bs too

today, tim’s game will be blown-up and all we’ll see is the bs bb edit — u learn a lot watching the feeds – the ramsey cassandra phil vid on here isn’t even a complete representation (it was off cut too soon missing at least 10 mins) of what happened before phil left cass and tim to go talk to nick

Tim to win

I think the brothers are stupid. Tim asked the brothers who they want out and they said Maddy side or Jared side but leaning towards Maddy. Then of course Tim will say OK put them up. ..they r not blaming Tim of making them put up Maddy. They r honestly so stupid. I hope Tim stays and goes far in this game and I hope the brothers go home next week.


During Tim’s one on one with Phil in the blue bedroom pre-noms, Tim said if I was HOH I’d nominate Jared and Kelsey, but I’m not going to tell you what to do.
In front of Jared and Kelsey Cass and Joel, Tim told Phil he obviously knows who he should nominate and Maddy could win this game. During the have not competition the brothers say Tim commented in front of the group on Maddy and Ramsey’s performance as target worthy.
Tim’s been trying to expose Cassandra to the house quietly for doing exactly what Tim is doing. The problem is Tim played both sides in front of the same house guests. People he’s been playing off against each other are communicating.
Why does Tim want Phil to nominate Jared? It keeps the divide in the house so that there are two sides to pit against each other. That’s the only way Tim’s strategy works. He can’t have everyone communicating with each other.


Seeing Tim talking to Phil by the pool, first in front of Ramsey, then in front of Cassandra reminded me of Tim’s hoh. Back when Tim was targeting Dallas (oh, when the gummi bears were targeting Dallas because according to popular opinion Dallas had to go). Remember his talks about Cass to the boys? His confrontation with Cass in front of Jared? Same tone, Same condescension, same threats. Was it hohitis? Or is it Tim’s reaction to anyone that doesn’t elect to give up using their own brain, and allow Tim to ‘suggest’ how they play the game for them?
The hour long Phil rant to Nick afterward? humorous. Nick tossing in I told you so since day one every five minutes, Phil acting as if a season of kissing Tim’s ass more than anyone else for weeks was necessary to making the discovery.
Who knows what has happened in the last 7 hours or so of blackened feeds. Are we all going to get feeds back to be shocked that the house has turned on Phil after Tim uses sith mind control? Will the house be turned on Tim? Will the brothers be asking Maddy who to nominate again? Will the house be swarming with ants that have found Cassandra’s honey stash?


These Brothers are almost painful to watch now. The way they talk about Tim working everyone in the house when everyone is doing the same in the house except the brothers. The Brothers are so far out of the loop on so many of people’s games in so funny. Phil keeps saying ” Wake up Canada ” maybe he needs to Wake the eff up!
This is going to bite them big time in the ass because Tim knows they are on to him and he knows that means they are on to Cass and him so Tim can now reel in Cass as well. I can see Tim flipping the vote this week.. Sure Bro’s put Joel up as a pawn and see him walk out the door. I could see the vote being 4-2 with Joel going home. Next week first on the block the Brothers.

Willy from Halifax

If Tim can be in the pool over 20 minutes without his microphone, and never to be told by production to put on his mic, it is pretty clear that BB can make up any rule they want, and interpret any rule they want. Is it acceptable that any HG can leave the house and return for ANY reason? of course not. But that doesn’t mean that it’s not going to happen


Feeds down…instant eviction after POV ceremony so the crowd isn’t there to boo Maddy when she leaves?


Last night when Maddy said that’s it, I can’t wait to get on the side show.
Oh, you poor delusional girl. You DON’T want to go on the side show.
Until I get popcorn.


Ramsey will not be returning to the game as of 5pm.