Brendon and Rachel Wedding

Rachel And Brendon’s Dream Wedding Needs your Help.. “It’s a Modern fairytale”

Brendon and Rachel Wedding

Back in February Brendon and Rachel became engaged and shortly after ring pics emerged. Now they are trying to get their dream wedding paid for by Crate and Barrel. These 2 are perfect for each other withBrendon’s webcam love affair and Rachel’s Death Grip on a wad of 100s

In the contest each couple had to explain their love, this is what they have to say “Ours is a modern fairytale, having met on a TVshow & being locked away with each other. It was a fate fostered by TV & our love for science.”
…. We fought together against all odds They describe the day ND proposed “hot air balloon ride, and a proposal on the beach under the star he bought for me,his little star”

They also describe their Dream Wedding “.. The moment the sun sets and the sky turns pink-orange over Lake Las Vegas, we will be floating on a barge and exchanging our own vows. Then guests will be taken to a remote beach, …”

The winner of the contest wins $100 000 to create their ultimate wedding with the help of celebrity wedding planner Yifat Oren. You have until April 30th to vote for them. They are registered at crate&Barel

Brendon and Rachel Wedding 2

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these two never cease to amaze me!! just voted for them and I hope they win.


thats one ugly bitch


inside and out


The only way I’d ever vote for them is if it were being held under a circus tent with a guest list of clowns or in a crack house! Why the hell would anyone vote for them? Their marriage would never stand a chance.


I wont ever vote for them I think there are more deserving couples than them who deserve it more. Maybe she can get CBS to fund the wedding for her. Or put their skanky hobbies to good use to raise some money for the wedding. so No.. wont ever vote for her to win anything.


I voted for them me think they’re great. Kind of annoying on the live feeds but their ativities after the show have been hilarious.

Fed up

Will these two EVER go away??? Rachel won $500,000 on Big Brother. Let jthem pay for their own damn wedding.