“I have serious concerns about that one (liz), They are going to be the most loyal to Austin”

POV Holder: JohnnyMac Next POV July 11th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 13th
HOH Winner Team 1: Vanessa HOH Winner Team 2: Austin
Nominations 1 : James & Johnny Mac Nominations 2: Jason & Meg
Battle of the Block Winner Jason and Meg Next HOH/ Next BOB July 16th / July17th
Original Nominations: James & Johnny Mac
Current Nominations: ?
Have Nots No HAve nots this week

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Big-Brother-17 2015-07-12 17-03-32-811_jpg

5:00pm Jeff, Jason and Meg
Jeff down on his luck smoking cigarette butts

Jason tells him he’s not no advice he doesn’t know what they can do. Jeff – I gotta talk to James

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-12 17-23-44-811_jpg

5:18pm Austin, Clay and Jeff
Jeff – People are playing us dude.. and someone is playing me bad bro
Jeff – Dude like.. clay like.. the biggest thing dude that I want to mends over dude.. Regardless if I leave or not dude is last night dude my conversation with you and shelli was sincere I should have told you guys what I said it doesn’t make it any worse or any better than what james said

Jeff – why is vanessa so gung ho not putting Audrey up why is she against me .. I get it, I threw Vanessa under the bus I get it.. We all made mistakes I never made a mistake that jeopardizes Vanessa’s Game.

Jeff is wondering what is going on with James
Jeff – I’m about to blow up so many people’s spots.. I don’t want to go against James I have too much information not to

Clay tells him Shelli and him are not turning their backs on Jeff they are pulling back because of the drama.
Jeff tells him james puts no trust in Clay or Shelli, “Something is weird with JAmes now”

Jeff – Bro I could go home I don’t know if I have the votes or not
Clay – it’s going to be split .. I have a possibility of going up
Austin – I dunno her mind is set
Jeff says it’s mind blowing that VAnessa is saying the majority of the house doesn’t want Audrey up.

Jeff leaves..

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-12 17-29-58-986_jpg

5:28pm Jeff and Austin
They agree Jeff is really good.
Clay – he is a salesman
Clay says James told him Jeff throw up the idea to convince Vaneesa to put up CLay or Shelli
Austin – He threw up Shelli BIG
Clay – he told me in the room last night you cannot trust Austin..
They agree Jeff was pulling people aside and forming alliance with everyone. He so good with his words they feel like they can trust him again just from their conversation. Austin points out how he cannot compete against that level of persuasiveness.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-12 17-42-31-960_jpg

5:38pm Clay, Austin, Meg, Jason
Meg – I’m so uncomfortable living in this house with Audrey
Clay plays it up that his side wants Audrey gone to.
Meg says if Jeff goes up James is staying for sure. Her and JAson will vote to keep james.
Clay asks her who she trusts, Jason?
Meg says she trust Jason, Clay and she’s talking to Austin more
Austin says he promised James his vote last night admits he was angry at the time.
Meg cannot believe all of Audrey’s BS is being forgotten now
Meg mentions that James doesn’t deserve to go home that is why he’s staying.

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Big-Brother-17 2015-07-12 17-46-32-958_jpg

5:45pm Clay, Asutin and Audrey
Talking about Jackie being the only vote to keep Jeff. Audrey says it’s best if her or Shelli win the HOH.
Clay leaves
Austin says Jeff is spreading the rumor that they are forming a triangle, Austin, Audrey and Vanessa. He’s going to distance himself from them starting tonight.
Audrey says Jason is going to come after her, Becky is going to listen and talk behind closed doors, Meg is going to smile and do nothing.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-12 18-08-48-996_jpg

5:55pm Audrey and Jeff
Audrey tells him to lay low there’s a lot of attention on him right now. She adds that the same people that blew his game up are the ones that blew her game up.
Jeff – you staying in this game doesn’t affect me in a bad way
Audrey tells him “Someone” exaggerated the events around Jeff because they are scared they are at the bottom of things.
Audrey – this week and last week was a little poetic.. I had a conversation with James in the living room. if he was backdoored he would respect that move.. he was initiating what’s going to happen happens because i’m criminal and i’ve done theses things now I have to pay my debts..

Audrey – I don’t feel included you guys were part of that collaborative getting people fired up against me and now everything has come back full circle
Jeff says he never said a word when they were all in that room (The time Da called Audrey out which exploded her game)
Audrey – JohnnyMac told me about the conversation that happened and that is what got Vanessa upset.. you are the person that told John about about the meeting I had upstairs.. when I pulled everyone upstairs and freaked out about Vanessa .
Jeff – what
Audrey – at 5 in the morning I pulled you james,. jason, Clay, shelli out of bed
Jeff – how does johnnyMAc know that.. .me and Johnnymac that literally never talk.. that’s funny
Audrey – Johnnymac said he trust you, steve and becky the most
Jeff – that’s weird
Audrey – I’m on the outside I would love to know where the truth really is.. I want justice served against person that started all this mess against me

Audrey tells him she has to go with the house this week with her vote.
Jeff- how many votes do I need.
Audrey – 7

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-12 18-10-04-044_jpg

6:10pm Vanessa and Shelli
Vanessa saying she doesn’t fully trust LIz. Mentions the cigarette Julia had and the alcohol. Says Jason is all over her having that Cigarette. Vanessa thinks there are too many slips ups.
Vanessa would have never shared so much information with her but Austin was Co HOH and wanted her to stay in with them.
Shelli doesn’t think Liz will throw them under the bus. She understands how difficult the game must be for a person playign that game.
Vanessa stresses that Liz/Julia are on the bottom of their alliance, “I’ll trust her as far as I can and I’m loyal as far as I can go. At the end of the day I have serious concerns about that one. Serious.’A’ they are going to be the most loyal to austin and ‘B’ they have shown immaturity in the game play.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-12 18-19-26-387_jpg

5:19pm Austin, Julia and Vanessa
Vanessa tells her that Shelli knows that Steve knows about the twins. Julia apologizes for slipping up. Vanessa says they will say they told him in the morning.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-12 18-27-23-970_jpg

6:22pm HOH Vanessa and Clay
Vanessa says they should tell Steve Clay and Shelli know about the twin and they can bring him closer. THey can lock his vote.
Clay says Jason and Meg told him they are voting out Jeff 100%

Vanessa says Julia is terrible at “keeping her shit straight” so it easier that everyone knows within their group.
Vanessa – Julia told Steve because he point blank asked her
Adds that Julia then told Shelli that Steve knew. Now vanessa is wanting to make sure that Steve know Clay/Julia know about the twins.
Clay thinks Steve will assume they are working together. Clay doesn’t think they need to tell Steve this week. Clay says Steve is smart he will suspect something, “Leave him in the dark about who knows”
Clay says Jason needs to go next.
Vanessa agrees, “James and I are good”
Clay – Jason is the next one he’s going to shake shit up

They start to complain about Audrey spending too much time with them.
Clay tells her the numbers are going to vote out Jeff.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-12 18-48-28-941_jpg

6:45pm Audrey and Vanessa
Vanessa tells her she never wants more than two of them in the same room for more than a couple weeks. Vanessa warns her they think that her, Austin and Audrey are working together they have to deflect that.
People are figuring out they are all working together they have to pull apart this week.
Vanessa stresses Audrey has their loyalty 100% She working hard on improving Audrey’s image but she’s gotta back away a bit people will start trusting her.
VAnessa Tells her they want jeff to go James is not a threat to them at all.
Audrey says jeff came up to her and said ‘People are calling me the male you”
Vanessa says she’s HOH Audrey is allowed to talk to her once a day but everyone else she cannot talk to. Vanessa instructs her she talks to Meg, Becky, Jason, JohnnyMac, Steve.
Audrey says those people don’t want to be seen with her.
Vanessa – Fine.. hang out with Jason.. you should be out in the public areas doing that.. you have the ability to change minds and hearts.
Vanessa – If Jason wins HOH he’s not going for you he’s going to Shelli and Clay..
Audrey says she had a feeling that she was going to win POV this week but she didn’t. She’s getting the same feeling for next week she feels good they will win HOH. She wants to win HOH and call the people out that need to be called out.
Vanessa – that will be the bomb.
JohnnyMac comes in..

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-12 18-49-03-006_jpg

6:49pm James and Clay
Clay telling him it’s looking like it’s going to be James against Jeff and James is going to stay.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-12 19-00-49-664_jpg

6:58pm HOH Vanessa and JOHNNYMAC
Vanessa – dude you slept threw world war 3
Vanessa tells him what happened..(She rambles on a lot make little sense) She found out it was always the plan to backdoor Jace from day 2. James told her the plan to backdoor to jace happened the day of the eviction based on what Audrey told him. He threw Audrey under the bus blaming her lies on jace’s eviction.

(Vanessa has a convoluted reason to put Jeff up. The simple reason he’s a game risk to her and her alliance. Her and her Alliance want him out becuase he’s the strongest person on the other side of the house. Jason is the second strongest they are targeting him next. )

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-12 19-05-00-061_jpg

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-12 19-08-46-141_jpg

7:12pm Shelli and Clay
Talking about Jeff. Shelli says she’ll miss him. Clay will to says the whole dynamic of the house will be different.
Clay says they have been discussing getting rid of Audrey during the double eviction.
Shelli wonders if Audrey really is loyal to them.
Clay – She’s not.. She’s not.. She’s lied about WAY too many things.

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Im not really a fan of the James Meg Jason Jackie side of the house but I hope 2 of them win the next hoh to keep the game exciting I don’t want to see sleeper cell or 6th sense whatever they are now run the game

Jody H

It would be interesting to see Becky and Johnny Mac win HOH. Wonder who would go up? Becky would probably go for Audrey, but who knows.


Would rather see John, Steve, Becky or even Audrey get HOH if we don’t want the big alliances to swim smoothly.

I want Jackie and James in danger because once James is gone Meg/Jason and Jackie have to actually start playing the game in a new way.

Austin is for sure dumping Vanessa and Audrey for a while. His ultimate wish is for James/Clay/Shelli to be out and he has Becky, Liz, Julia, and Meg all to himself in multiple secret flirty alliances full of pillow talk.

is it just me

or does clay sometimes not seem like a complete dumbass
its weird he is starting to grow on me, most of the time im just indifferent to him bordering dislike however sometimes it seems he isn’t as dumb as everyone seems to think he is unless he is just regurgitating things he was coached to believe for example he seems to have a pretty good idea who he can trust and how much
im curious to see how things develop i would not be surprised if he takes some people by surprise with his gameplay later on but may be this is only because he set the bar so low so early


After tonight – Jonny Mac 2016!!!!

Big Jim

Looks like Jeff’s fate is sealed. Not much to dicuss now until Thursday unless I’m missing something

Captain Crunch

Vanessa let the HOH get to her by going on a power-trip by making to many alliances, and by the way she talked to people just because she was HOH. Its just a matter of time before Audrey tells the other side of the house or 1 of the twins slip up and her downfall comes and all the blood will be on her hands and not her group.


Enough with the twin talk paranoia…the jig is up! Who cares?! Theyre starting to look more different by the day…Julia is prettier-fake tooth and all. Vanessa. I love her but “on a human level” shes such a weirdo. She may be a genius and running this game like a boss-but dang shes difficult to listen to with her drugged out ramblings


I’m happy Vanessa is getting out Jeff now and someone from the James/Jason/Meg group should go next week (I’d say Jason before James because he’s clearly the better strategic player of the bunch), but Vanessa and Austin should really start planning on ousting Clay (as soon as jury starts, or even slightly before). Clay’s proven to have his hand in a lot of different cookie jars so to speak, and once Julia comes in, they won’t have to rely on Clay/Shelli as much for numbers. They gotta remember that while they’ve been running the house for a week, things can quickly turn back to how things were during Week 1 and Clay is much more likely to be able to turn on Vanessa/Austin than vice versa.

I am actually sorta hoping either James/Jason/Audrey wins one of the HOHs next week to make things interesting early on (even though I’d like to see James or Jason get evicted next week lol).

Also – keep Audrey around! No one trusts anything she says and she’s proven to always vote for the underdog (so if you’re ever down and out you’ll know you’ll at least have her vote lol!).


Im so over this shelli clay vanessa austin nonsense. New hohs please.


DudeBro I DudeBro Haven’t DudeBro Done DudeBro Anything DudeBro To DudeBro Make DudeBro You DudeBro Distrust DudeBro Me DudeBro Except DudeBro Lie DudeBro About DudeBro You DudeBro Constantly DudeBro And DudeBro Then DudeBro Run DudeBro Back DudeBro To DudeBro You DudeBro And DudeBro Say DudeBro DudeBro.


I really hope Jason, Meg, or someone from that side of the house wins HOH next week. This house needs a shake up, and I think that this sixth sense alliance will start to crack quickly under the pressure of nominations. *fingers crossed*


Why does Vanessa say everything she feels about her alliance? Why would she complain about the Twins outwardly during the same week they confide (first) in her and also listen to her? She needs to chill out…her plan with Jeff is now semi okay with some potential blowback.

She is still my fav, but my fav is starting to making me waver.
I am also curious how Johnny will handle power. I think Steve might also talk too much like Vanessa if he is HOH.

Dawg and Simon, thanks for doing this site and your awesome work. I will be travelling for a month and will be using your site to catch up!!!


Does Clay remind anyone else of Cody? Pretty to look at and sketchy af.

I hope people catch on to Clay sooner than they caught on to Cody. if I remember correctly, Nicole was more or less the only person to figure out how dirty he was playing. We don’t need to say Clay in the finals.


I would enjoy Gronk saying no eviction, he didn’t want a have-not so maybe he wouldn’t want an eviction, then the house would really implode. Watching the scramble and chaos would be best excitement so far and for once when Audrey says she didnt have anything to do with it she would finally be telling the truth.

B-bad owl

Did anyone else notice that on tonight’s CBS episode they only showed Steve twice and both times was to make fun of him? And that they didn’t show Becky at all?


Didn’t notice that they didn’t show Becky, but thought it was funny when Meg and Jason walk by Steve and he tells Jason he didn’t get to give him a hug and Jason says it’s ok, keeps walking, doesn’t even look at him.


It’s funny, Clay is scared of Jason now, guess he should be, but Jason’s more for getting Audrey out. But Clay tells Vanessa that Jason needs to go next week, and now Vanessa is saying it too. Did I miss something? Did he do something to her? Or is it just guilt by association? Anyway, it’d be funny now if Meg and Jason win HOH next week. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not rooting for anyone in particular but I think it would be funny to see the other side run!


Jason is working with Meg and James, of course they should go after them and Jason knows more about this game and more observant than the other two.


Vanessa needs to cool with the Liz is showing bad gameplay. She should try playing the game as one “person” but with 2 different people. I know most people would slip up for sure.


Austin really has this whole Weird Al Yankovich thing going on.


Why is Vanessa lying so damn much. She wanted Liz to stay up in the HOH as much as Austin, and now blaming him? She is annoyed that the twins are going to trust him more than her…….Boo Hoo Hoo. Does she have to be #1 with everyone? She says Austin pushed his agenda on her. Hello!!! She waited till she had the sole HOH and pushed her agenda on the rest of her alliance. What a bitch she is being. This has completely gone to her head. She better suck back and reload or she is going to be in a very bad place in very short order. She is also offering everyone deals without telling her alliance members. Who does she think she is? She yells at Austin for giving the Veto to JohnnyMac, and then admits she tried to pass it to Audrey? Get a grip girl! You are losing it big-time.


My next head of house hole prediction
Meg an Austin


OMG this is the most boring season ever. Who gives a rat’s behind about the twin twist. An entire 30 minutes was devoted to it on tonights show. They dragged it out and showed everyone’s reaction to the news. YAWN
And is it just me or does Shelli and Clay look like Barbie and Ken. The difference being that Ken and Barbie have more personality.

Biff Tannen

Me too. This cast has just the right balance of fun and crazy. They even threw in Jeff just so that, by contrast, nearly everyone in the cast would look more likable. I don’t hate Jeff because I tend to reserve hatred for truly horrible people like Bin Laden, Lord Voldemort or the French, but man, that guy is a cartoon character.


The French..hahahahahahahahaha..love it!


Liz/Julia and shellie are so annoying…that is all.


Now THIS would have been the perfect week for that ‘nullifying votes’ twist. It would have been exciting!!


Zack Morris I mean Clay is so cocky I cant wait until they send him or Shellie home. All she does is go around smelling his butt.


I can’t wait until they send both Clay and Shelli home. He has won nothing,yet he floats around the house giving instructions,targeting other HGs as if his place in the finale is all but guaranteed. Both him and Shelli needs some time on the block, knock them down a few pegs.



Nice Robe.