PP Talk “We keep targets so they go after each other. We just fuel the fire!”

POV Holder: Paulie POV Competition Aug 6th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 8th
HOH Victor Next HOH Aug 11th
Original Nominations: Michelle AND Zakiyah
After POV Nominations: ? AND ?
Have Nots Bridgette, James, Corey

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Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-06 20-22-43-900

8:20pm Havenot room – Corey, James and Paulie. Paulie says I am not using the veto on Monday. I’m keeping them both up there. Ya’ll have to help me with Z being a f**king wack job. She will f**king want to kill me after that. Paul and VIc want Z gone. I don’t want to cause crazy tension between our group. But at the end of the day Z is better for our game. James says I told Vic we probably want to keep Z. Paul joins them. They talk about talking late at night. Paulie says Z is going to follow me around all day. We’ll talk about it and make a decision together and iron this out.

Nicole says that Natalie is acting so weird she thinks she is going up as a pawn. Corey says he’s not going to use it and Z is going to be PISSED! Nicole says I was going to find my own but I didn’t know if I was allowed to. Corey says I would pull you off. Nicole says if you didn’t I would be PISSED! Corey says I didn’t think it was legal to put it up there. Like I thought I was the only one that could get up there.
Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-06 21-02-09-678

8:50pm HOH room – PP! Paul asks PP talk? Paulie says yeah. Paul says everyone is pissed at James. Especially Natalie. Paulie asks for what? Paul says just for f**king sh*t up. She was like that was unnecessary bla bla bla. SH*TTING ON HIM! He is scared shitless. Even Vic was pissed at him. He is scared bro. Here’s the thing Z f**king goes. You keep noms the same. Paulie says oh I am keeping noms the same. Paul says if you do that it is in your best interest for her to go because she is going to be f**king PISSED! Here’s what we do we reel in Meech. Meech is so over James. Like so over it. Vic is so over James. James is over Vic. Then we have Bridgette in the mix who is over all three of those people. We keep those targets in the house so they go after each other. We just fuel the fire!! We just fuel the fire. Paulie says we just have to get Bridgette out next week. Paul says we will. Vic wants to keep the noms the same. Paulie says I just feel like I’m caught in the middle. You and Vic want Meech gone and James and Corey want Z gone. You know what I should do .. talk to Z tomorrow and see how she reacts. Paulie says I’m going to sleep up here so I don’t have to sleep next to Z and talk to her. Paul says she’s going to know something is up. Why did you hide it so good!? Paulie says I want everyone to put everything on the table so we make a decision together. I’m okay either way. Paul says but Z is going to be PISSED! Paulie says I don’t like how after Vic won she (Z) asked me why I dropped off and if I wanted her gone. Paul says at the end of the day Exec (Vic) will always be a ibigger target than you and I ..especially if we keep fueling that stuff with him and James. Paulie says we’re cruising! Paul says We’re f**king cruising!
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Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-06 20-59-27-721

9:15pm Natalie is still complaining about how during the veto someone took her underwear that was inside a ziplock bag and broke it open. I can’t wait to see who it was! (I bet it was James.)

9:30pm Hot Tub – Natalie and Meech chatting about random things. Natalie asks do you think he’s going to use it? Meech says I would be surprised if he didn’t. Natalie says when I get to jury, I’m going to run on the treadmill straight we have to look good for finale. (Why not set your goals a little higher like try to win the 500K?!) Meech says I think you’re going to go far. Meech asks doesn’t James tell you stuff? Natalie says no we don’t talk game.

10:15pm – 10:25pm In the HOH room, Paul goes to bed. Vic listens to his music. Corey and James playing pool with Bridgette watching. Natalie and Meech are in the hot tub chatting. James says Natalie is acting weird with him.. Corey says you think she would be acting nice just in case she did get put up to get two votes blocked. James says whatever I’m over it. They head inside.

11pm – 11:10pm Bathroom – Paulie, Michelle and Nicole are talking. Michelle asks Paulie when he was contacted to be on the show. Paulie says in June. Paulie says he was working and had to make the decision right then and there. Michelle says that people were saying Ian’s (Ian Terry) younger bother Kirby was going to be a potential too.

In the kitchen – Nicole tells Corey that if he hides Paulie’s veto card she could find it. Corey says okay. Nicole goes to the storage room to wait the 3 minutes for Corey to hide it. Paulie gets his veto card and Corey hides it inside the couch cushion. Nicole goes out and they give her the same rules and a 10 minute time limit. Nicole runs to the havenot room and starts looking. She checks a bumper car and is scared when she realizes James is sleeping in it. Nicole checks the london bedroom and then the living room. She says this is way harder because I can’t make a mess.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-06 23-28-21-684

Bridgette says tells Natalie with all his comp win he (Paulie) is putting a big target on his back.

11:40pm Nicole finds Paulie’s veto card that Corey hid with a minute 34 seconds left.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-06 23-39-55-802

11:50pm – 12am Paulie and Bridgette. Paulie tells Bridgette I dont know which would be best. They’re both the same in my eyes. Paul and Vic are pushing hard for Meech and everyone else is pushing hard for Z. Either one that stayed I don’t think either would come after you. Paulie tells Bridgette if she stays friendly with both girls on the block .. I think the one that stays will end up going after Vic and Nat. Paulie says I know for a fact that Z lied to me. I know she is going to lose her sh*t when I don’t pull her off. Bridgette asks are you definitely not going to use it? Paulie says definitely not. I really want all of the emotional players out. So that things just come down to logic and not emotion. Bridgette says I know if Michelle wins she would f**k some sh*t up. Honestly if she wins it might be you and me up on the block.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-06 23-55-24-276

The NEXT America’s Care Package
WEEK 3 – August 7th to August 12th

The good news is the holder of this care package will be safe for the week. The bad news is the house guest must also wear a “Super Safety” costume all week long.

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MEAN BLAND GIRLS on the block yezzzzz


A. Paul looks like Osama Bin Laden in the above pic.
B. Should take Z down and put up james not to evict him but to make him use his care package power so he won’t have it later. (Not saying evict james so calm down. Just saying strategically you’d wanna make him burn those votes b4 u actually try and evict)
C. Why keep meech if you keep her she’ll thing crying saved her and do it everytime she’s put up.
D. If you want vic and James to go at it have vic put up nat.
E. America is great. Support the troops. Terrorists suck. Cure cancer!


I think James is required to use his care package at the next live eviction. I’d love to see Bridgette get the next care package, to throw a wrench into PP’s plan to oust her next week. 🙂


Bdg, I don’t think the care package will come b4 the double eviction so it wouldn’t help bridge unless she stays till after double eviction

Franks fumes

From Dr. Smiths cough drops to bin laden Pauls got range!


Paul also looks like Aaron from Fast N’ Loud.

Min O'Pause

Since he looks like one of the Taliban and threatens to cut his own nuts off, he shall be known as Taliwhacker.

D.J. Trump

My first day in Office as President, the first thing I will do is get rid of Cancer! Obama and Hillary have been weak on Cancer, I will not believe me.

Mrs. Mac

Poor, clueless Zakiyah. This is going to make her stop humping Paulie for a whole 2 minutes.


I think we kind of see where the sides are aligning now with PP and the rest of the group. It’s obvious that Paulie is close with James and Corey and doing all he can to protect then while Paul is doing all he can to put doubt on James as he knows that James and Corey are votes for Paulie. So you have Vic and Paul doing all they can to cast doubt on James to try to sway the numbers to their side. However it’s been obvious thus far that Paulie is not buying it and wants to keep James and Corey together till the final 5. I hear him constantly defend James when talking with Paul and Paul is doing all he can to try to get James out before the final 5.

To sum it up, Paul knows if it’s a final 5 with all guys he is outnumbered 3-2 for votes.

I'm wealthy

Z would be so dumb to think Paulie loves her after this….he has no single respect for her.


OMG This is a game for MegaMoney and he has a great shot. He could easily respect her but AFTER the game. If love has anything to do with it, they can date after the game.. Geesh people.. Its a GAME!!!!

I'm wealthy

He still doesn’t have to be that mean even if it’s a game! All those talks behind her back and stuffs…nobody deserves to be treated that way- game or no game.


Z is already “so dumb” if she thinks there is love involved in this “travesty of a mockery of a sham” (Woody Allen). Why she wants someone who treats her so badly is just sad. Having no self-respect is hardly an attractive quality on her part. And he’s just a douche canoe of unattractive qualities, himself. On second thought, maybe they are kindred spirits.


Is it just me or does everyone just love the so called BB super Fan Miche throw James under the bus to everyone for todays POV while James can eliminate 2 votes. First this is a POV made to wreck the house for the BB episode and Miche should understand that, I mean how stupid can you be….

Uncle Teddy

She can’t handle being in that house. Too emotional. Easier to armchair quarterback it from home. She played a good game early on but being in there 60 days has ruined her


Paulie’s first major mistake. He was between a rock & a hard place…..if someone else won it, they could pull down Meech who he really wants gone. If he wins it, they expect him not to use it & Z goes bonkers. In the end, he has to fall back on the fact that these morons can be talked into anything. Paul is messing that up big time & I love it!
Z is gone!!!!!!!!!


Even when Paulie doesn’t use POV I don’t think Zak is gone since NiCorey, Paulie, Bridge and James (with 2 votes he can cancel) want to keep Zak. Only Victor/Paul want to keep Meech.

Sure Z won’t be happy, BUT Paulie already set up Meech has to go when he told her he didn’t like Michelle
freaking out and outing information. All Paulie has to do is say you are fine, I need to do this to make people think we aren’t as close as we are, kiss her and she’ll swoon and say okay.


She’s gonna go nuts

Really? Really??

Really, Nicole is 2nd in Super Safety?!


Something tells me she has the return ticket. A couple of nights ago on the feeds her and Corey were talking about production mentioning her card number 9 I think. They were going in and out of convo but it seemed like production might of tipped off Corey first who then told Nicole. Then she went to the DR and came back smiling and said now I know what you were trying to say. That’s why maybe she feels so safe right now with the boys. I could be wrong but I really think she has it.


I still don’t understand how people are still liking Ratcole! Like wake up! Get her out! Her voice! She needs the bachelor show not big brother.


I can’t wait to see Zakiyah’s face when Paulie tells her he isn’t using it. I cannot believe how dumb this girl is!


It must be hard for floaters. They put themselves at the mercy of the house all season. So when they are finally let go they can only blame other people rather than their non-existent gameplay.

She’s gonna flip out.


I don’t think I’d call Zakiah a floater. She doesn’t float with the power, she just coasts with Paulie who happens to be the power.


This would have been an easy comp for Paulie to throw. He could have hid his veto where someone would find it easily. But his ego wouldn’t allow for that. He hates that Vic keeps winning comps so he needed another win as well. Plus he says he won’t use the veto, but I call BS. He’ll use it to save Z. He’s too much of a pussy not to. Plus he wants her around as his “Victoria”.

Can’t stand him, but just like Derrick, he deserves to win as everyone else is too stupid to play the game and make a move against him. They are all his minions, including loud mouth Paul.


Wouldn’t it be funny if Paulie don’t use the veto, they vote out Z and she has the round trip ticket? And by funny I mean scary


It WOULD be funny lol but wasted on that girl. She has NO game, BB game or romantic game. She still is no threat.


Yes, it would be very funny if Z got voted out and came right back. I guarantee that dog would be humping that leg before she unpacked.

Misty Beethoven

Hell’s going to freeze over: I think Paul is thinking up a plan to get Paulie out. If Z goes, it’s one less information channel for him. Paul can guide Victor along, and James is so pathetic, he’ll go along with the cool kids, especially if Nat is pissed at him. He may or may not have had anything to do with her underwear bag, but it will be her excuse to put some some space between them. And lastly, I think the HGs should be told NOT to hide the veto in any food products. I hate waste and that trashed kitchen would send my OCD into overdrive.
I apologize if this is disjointed, but it means the Ambien is kicking in.


It’s fairly obvious that Paul does not like Paulie having Corey and James till the final 5 with the guys and is doing all he can to throw James under the bus so he can replace him with a girl so that Paul has a 3-2 advantage going into the last couple weeks. It’s also obvious that Paulie knows this and is defending James all the time when he chats wtih Paul pointing out how James is giving them valuable info about Nicole wanting a girl to win this season along with other information. If Paulie has his way the 5 guys make it to the end and he has a 3-2 adv, If Paul has his way its a 4 guy final 5 with a girl that supports him… Pretty obvious that’s how the house stands as of today.

Crazy Kat

I agree Misty B: Paul is trying to work it so Paulie will lose an ally/number in Z, and keep Meech who will not only someone in his (Paul’s) pocket, but Meech also wouldn’t be scared to put up Paulie and another threat (not Paul), especially now that she’s been put on the block. She’s pissed and wants revenge. Paulie wants to keep Z, really, but for game reasons he’s trying to play down their relationship and keep his distance. His d***head behavior towards her was for strategic reasons, I believe. Both Paul and Paulie know that each other is a threat, and they know that the other one knows that they know. Ha. They’re going to go after each other soon, but they’re trying to pretend and go along with the whole “We’re boys! Ride or die til final 2!” baloney. They will cut each other’s throats soon (figure of speech, people), but right now they’re trying to line up their chess pieces. For Paulie, that means keeping Z, and for Paul, keeping Meech. It’s not particularly fun for us to watch, but they’re both playing a great game.


So boring 10 peeps still in the house still boring, do they even discuss how to win the game na just girls pretending they like each other but tell their bfs everything

Nasty Natalie

She has worn the same pink shirt for days. SO GROSS!!


You don’t pay attention very well. Natalie loves the color pink so don’t you think she has multiple pink shirts? Especially since those pink shirts showcase the “girls”.


Natalie is pissed at possibly going on the block. Boo Hoo.
She is going to punish James (by not sleeping with him) for his mess and getting Victor mad.
She is blaming James for something that hasn’t even happened.
Will the real Natalie come out to play now?


Paulie- is not playing Derrick’s game.
He’s trying to but he’s sloppy. Why engage in a fake romance where you’re having sex with the girl? That’s baggage he has to carry. She’s clingy and needy. She’ll want attention from him. He’s juggling too many balls and he’s bound to drop them. He gets visibly upset and he does not lie very well. Zakiyah is the only one that really believes his talk and even she doesn’t. She is desperate for him and that’s why she is purposely blind. Derrick did not pull the shenanigans that paulie has. I hope zakiyah smothers the shit out of paulie should she stay. His ball and chain. Won’t let him think or breath. Ha ha ha

Frank's Farts Are Juicy

James is an a$$hole! The pranks were cute at first but why wreck the whole house to get a cheap laugh that he obviously never got? He’s a phucking idiot and I wish he would get put on the block. It makes no sense! What a child. Now most of the house is pissed and he could be floating like he’s done the whole game. Him and that dumb a$$ Nicole are so disappointing as vets.


When these idiots are talking, and there are only 2 of them in a room, do they really have to whisper so quietly that the microphone can’t pick up their voices? I have the volume way up and record AD so I can fast forward through the commercials without blasting my eardrums. Sure glad I don’t pay for this but only do AD. I’d be really pissed if I was paying CBS.

Max-Z looks good as a black girl with a white face, actually, really scary.


Paulie will not use POV. He’s already established ground work with Zakiyah that Meech can’t be trusted b/c she outed information, so he’ll have no problem reeling her in.

Paul however is pushing his agenda hard which it to get out Zakiyah, then James b/c he wants to push Victor into James slot. Paul/Vic need to be careful about pushing the oust James agenda with James having the 2 votes b/c it’s only going to push Paulie to want to take out Victor possibly before Bridgette and if Paul isn’t
careful he’ll move up Paulie’s hit list.

Meanwhile Meech freaking out about James who holds the 2 vote power is pretty dumb. NiCorey want to keep Zak as does Paulie, so……………… James will nullify either Nat/his own vote or Nat/Paul’s vote and Meech is gone. What happens after will be interesting as the divide becomes more obvious. And while Paulie tries to play I’m in the middle of you guys P/V vs J/C the reality is Paulie is aligned closer to Corey/James.

The question is will keeping Zakiyah to push his own agenda cause irreparable damage in the P&P alliance AND will it diminish the target on James as the target grows on Paulie?


Paulie wins the veto…shocker! So the march of the douche bags goes on and on ad nauseum. They should just give Paulie the money and be done with this crap. I don’t like him but you have to give him credit. He is strategically playing the house perfectly to this point. I’m really disappointed in James game play this season. I thought he would do much better. Oh well this week more PP doucheocity…not a word but sounds appropriate given the circumstances.


Dawg, Natalie’s underwear could also have been thrown around by Vic as Vic told Paul he was so pissed at James for messing the kitchen up that he went into the London room and just ripped open James bag and threw stuff all over the house. He without a doubt would know where Natalie stores her stuff and to spite her do the same…

Great job once again the summaries Dawg and Simon..


Nicole messed with the underwear

Min O'Pause

Corey was trying on Nat’s underwear. We’ll know for sure if her bras are all stretched out….

Froot Loop Dingus

To everyone saying Pailie should have thrown the POV comp. That would have left him open to be backdoored and I’m sure he figured with James’ care package power he knows only 3 votes are needed to keep someone out of 5 votes to cast.

Winning the veto keeps him safe. He was right to win. He’s not James.
Worst case Z is mad at him, but she’ll get over in 5 minutes of she stays. If she goes he’ll probably play it off with the “I don’t know how that happened” line.


Pp talk Should be called the only conversation u need to pay attention to. No one even thinking about flipping on them even w double evict coming up. Self preservation mode is key but all yall can’t float to a final geez


I would so rather have mich in the house than zak. She’s so pathetic. If Michelle can survive and team up with brig to take a guy out during double that would be great preferably pp but James will do


I think it would be hilarious if they vote out Z, she has the round trip ticket and comes back, then because it’s a double eviction day, someone wins HOH and they evict Z out again in the same episode. First player in BB history to be evicted twice in the same day!


Lmao awesome idea


Love it, that would be worth watching Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha.

Another Anonymous

This season has become a massive disappointment. There’s no drama, no intrigue, and no entertainment. If you went to the mall and grabbed ten people at random, you would probably do better than the ten people left in the house. I pity poor Zingbot, having to come up with amusing things to say about this sorry bunch.


I hope zingbot DESTROYS Paul.


This cast is making it easy for Zingbot


Zingbot is going to send Mchelle into a complete Crying Tantrum. Just watch….it’s coming.


Might be the first time Zingbot isn’t used as some of the house guests could be suicidal or homicidal…


Damn Paulie better watch his back after the veto ceremony, the bunny boiler could go into attack mode!!


People are thinking of giving paulie the boot. They just have to be sneaky and wait for the right time. If you go around telling people what you’re up to it might get back to the wrong person. The walls have ears. Everyone is just laying low for now ’til it’s time to strike. I guess someone told Michelle it’s better for her reputation if she started hanging out with Natalie. Or she realized it herself when Natalie received the care pk from America.
She’s working hard to prove shes NOT REALLY MEAN or PETTY. The way Michelle talks /speaks is annoying. It’s like she looks down her nose at people. Snooty and aloof.


BBAD: Corey talking to Bridgette in kitchen, Nicole comes out and goes full Zakiyah on him, draping herself all over him. God forbid he talks to another girl. Then the sleepy whine starts. I’m so tiiiiiirrrrreeeeeddd, I neeeeeedddd to sleeeeeeeeppp. Then why did you you just put a full face of makeup on, dumbass?
My personal version of Hell would be locked in a small room with Nicole and the Nolan twins for all eternity.



Franks fumes

I really am beginning to believe that Paul sees the big picture now. He understands he could have Paulies spot and contine on the same plan without him in the way. This is our only hope to get rid of Paulie. He then has a much greater chance at first place….Paul is a asshole but ain’t dumb.


If Bridgette was to receive the Super Safety care package would she get it before the double eviction Thursday evening? If not she’s clearly in danger if one of those ass hats (PP) get in power!


Nicole is going to be a handful for corey too. Another man crazy, whiny mess. Not only is Corey exhausted from the sleepng situation but also the game. Add Nicole’s constant whining in his ear. Always grasping at him. The guy is going to start looking crazy, feel crazy. He’s putting in full time work with Nicole. I think it’s hilarious!!
Nicole and zakiyah are going to drive those two guys stark raving mad.
LoL te he te he.


Corey already looks crazy. No offense to special needs people, but I am willing to bet large stacks of cash that Corey was a special education student. Am I the only one that has noticed how slow Corey is? Something is not clicking in his head. He is all oatmeal above the eyebrows. Corey would be the last person in the house that I would trust to do even the simples of task. I would however use him as a shield and make him my right hand man if I we’re playing, cause he would be the easiest person to manipulate. Paul and Paulie are gonna feel the heat if Nicole or Corey win Hoh on Thursday, cause Nicole already told Corey several times a couple weeks back that paulie is the perfect person to go after if they win on double eviction night. I predict if Nicole or Corey win on Thursday that either Paul or Paulie will be the second person evicted that night. James said the same thing to Natalie just a couple days ago, but going off of how james played last time, I do not see him going through with targeting Paulie if he wins Thursday. He did just tell Natalie that you go after the person in power on double eviction night, and Natalie said so who has the power and James said Paulie is who I would target. James always said he would target people then when he had the chance he never did, but hopefully he doesn’t puss out. Hate to say it, but Corey or Nicole is the best hope we have of getting Paulie on Thursday. If Corey Wins he is too dumb not to target Paulie, cause he will do exactly what Nicole tells him. Plus I am 100% sure Paulie goes up if Nicole wins.


I wish the care packages were to be kept secret. Eliminate the have not/never not. This would make it more interesting


I think there should be levels of food comps. First 3, disgusting.. sardines and onions, canned whitefish or gifilte fish. Second 3 better and so on… MAKE them compete, for goodness sakes… You structure “food” as a reward and watch what happens. So sick of them throwing comps for perceived safety. BB needs to change and make this game a huge fight until the end. Not some lack luster wanna be social media stars lying around for 100 days.


I hope James goes in DE. So tired of his gutless game and stupid pranks. Wasting food and making a big mess of the kitchen wasn’t necessary in finding POV cards. So it is obvious he wasn’t even trying since he spent his time being destructive. Maybe passive aggressive from pent up anger over how much he sucks at BB and frustration over Nat keeping him in the friend zone and in the dark over the future of their relationship. Regardless I’m glad his juvenile prank finally got everyone mad at him and I hope he goes soon.


From Z’s actual Big Brother bio (how is that working out?)

“Do you have a strategy for winning the game?
Go in, be real, and actually play the game.”


Actual strategy: Go in, never win anything, and desperately try to get a boyfriend even though he doesn’t like you.


Thank you for the updates Simon and Dwag. I was about to start reading this post until I saw the pic of Paulie and his sideburns…..BB18 is excruciating to watch and now read – it’s boring and the cast are terrible…I have a feeling Bridgette will just be a kiss ass like everyone else. We’re all hoping for some kind of shake up but it seems like it won’t happen. I actually want Production to do something to cause a turn in the house. I think I’ll start watching BB UK – it may be a bit more interesting at this point.