Jon tells Neda I would never give my vote to Heather, unless you screwed me over then I would.

POV Holder: HEATHER Next POV April 26th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 28th
HOH Winner: Jon Next HOH: May 1st
Original Nominations: Heather and Sabrina
Current Nominations: ?
Have Nots None

BBCAN2-2014-04-28 05-36-15-861

8:15am – 8:55am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. Jon says so Heather is called in an hour 15 and then we get locked in here? Neda says usually its a bit longer, we get ready, have breakfast and then she gets called in there. Neda heads to the bathroom. Jon and Neda go into the HOH room. Jon asks so what were you and Heather saying last night. Heather joins them and says that she thought she heard her name. Jon and Neda say no. Neda says I can’t believe he (Adel) made up a complete lie. Heather leaves. Jon and Neda talk about who is better to keep Adel or Sabrina. Jon tells Neda about how Adel thinks Neda has the votes hands down. Jon says Adel thinks you’re manipulating me and that you’ll win against anyone. They start talking on the pros of keeping Sabrina over Adel. Neda says I will only give Sabrina credit for manipulating RO and getting her to put up IKa. Jon says I am honestly leaning towards keeping Sabrina. If I didn’t trust you I wouldn’t. Neda asks what does that matter. Jon explains that no matter who wins I go. I have to win the veto no matter what. Neda agree. Jon comments on the noises Heather makes when she wakes up. He says if I had a girlfriend that wakes up and makes those noises I would lose it. What does she wake up with a lot of flem or what?! Neda says she doesn’t know. Jon says I would never give my vote to Heather, unless you screwed me over then I would probably give my vote to her. Adel joins them and Jon leaves to go to the bedroom with Adel. Jon says that he and Neda were just talking about the benefits of Keeping you over Sabs. Adel asks what Neda was saying. Jon says she said it would be stupid to get rid of you (lie). Adel tells Jon that it is 1 billion percent they have something going on. I am going to need to do something sooner than later.

In the bathroom – Sabrina tells Heather that later she will tell her something. Sabrina asks Heather what they were talking about for so long last night, were you talking about me? Heather says no and then says yes. Sabrina asks if they were talking about keeping me? Heather says possibly.

BBCAN2-2014-04-28 05-38-48-627

In the bathroom – Jon, Neda and Heather discuss who is better to keep Adel or Sabrina.

9:10am – 9:30am Out in the hot tub room – Adel says that he is going to cause trouble all day today and that he’ll stay up all night. If I don’t get put up on the block I will still cause trouble. He then stops himself and says no I can’t cause trouble because I need their votes. Meanwhile in the bathroom – Neda talks to Sabrina and tells her not to tell Heather that Adel doesn’t have the votes in jury.. Sabrina doesn’t understand why not. Neda says because Heather might want to keep him over you. Sabrina says oh right, I am so stupid!

9:35am Jon goes into the bedroom and asks what to tell Adel when I put him up? Neda says tell him that you’ve already made a promise with me that you won’t put me up and that I will set sh*t on fire. Jon says okay and leaves. Jon heads into the HOH bathroom and takes off his diaper. He says look diaper burn.

BBCAN2-2014-04-28 06-49-12-595
In the HOH room – Jon tells Adel that he is going up but that if I thought you would go home I wouldn’t put you up. Adel says okay if that’s what you think. Adel says this is already preplanned .. they are going to get rid of you next. I think they are going to be all caddy and then try and be all nice before eviction to try and get my jury vote. No matter what they’re going to get rid of me. Jon says Neda won’t vote to evict you this week.. I don’t know what Heather will do but it doesn’t matter. I won’t vote to evict you. Adel says okay bro.

Out in the backyard – Adel walks around the backyard talking about Sabrina, JOn and Neda’s house guest photos. Adel then heads out to the hot tub room and says that he is going to start promising Heather final 2 so that she doesn’t vote to evict him. Adel goes inside and asks Jon if its a good idea to start promising Heather final 2. Jon says oh hundo! Adel goes up to tell Neda. Adel tells her he’s going to promise Heather final 2 but no matter what it doesn’t mean anything because I would never go against our deal. Adel then changes his mind about doing it. He leaves and then comes back and says that he will tell her and and see if Heather tells Neda about it.

10:10am Big Brother blocks the live feeds for the Veto ceremony to take place…

11:30am Still blocked..

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I know it wasn’t intentional, but that first screen cap above, of Neda, sums up what a manipulative person she is.


*shivers* Ugh, she reminds me of a black widow spider. I hate spiders. I was team neda/jon in the beginning but lately, she’s become a real B%($#!! Thank God, she’s not planning on having any kids because I feel so sorry for them if she does.
“Money over you kiddies!!” * in a evil witch’s voice* is her parenting method.
I am Team Adel/Heather now.


Jon has his balls tightly wrapped by Neda, it is great to see a powerful women run the house, this is usually a show run by men.


No it’s not, in the history of BBcan, only women have won.


There has only been one season; Jillian only won because of fluke anywho.


Think they were both women final 2 last year 😉


wow your nice -_-


Jillian was a deserving winner but IMO Emmett got robbed because of the twist




Honestly, this is a toughy for Jon. Everyone is going for him next week, no matter what. So, it would be smarter to keep Sab because she’s easier to beat in the final Veto comp. BUT, it could be smart to keep Adel also because he MAY actually keep Jon if he wins the veto, seeing as he has proven to be loyal in the past. Neda will evict him without blinking an eye next week, and so will Sabrina. So I GUESS getting rid of Neda would be his best move? But then again, she may be serious bout her final 2 with him, and if so she’s his biggest ally and a strong competitor, so would be smart to keep her too? Lawl I would die of paranoia in that house.


Adel has already said in the DR that he plans on getting rid of Jon. I would hate to see Adel, Heather and Sabrina final three. Heather knows she has no chance against Neda/Jon, so her best bet is taking Adel and Sabs.

Hoping Jon makes it to the end and wins.


I think they are referring to BBUS in general, considering there is only 1 season of BBCan so the stats are not viable. But we can’t really go off BBCan considering it was supposed to be Gary who won, but Topaz, isnt that bright and clearly has never seen an episode, ever of BB!

To the point

Both are flawed as Topaz made the mistake. Gary did not deserve to be put back into the game after being on
jury as this was production forcing Gary down our necks. Just like the side show with useless Peter. That show is unwatchable


Jon is done done done. While he may have gone into the game with the intention of winning the big money, friendship or….got in the way. He cant seperate the game from real life loyalties. He has moments of clarity but that doesnt last long. While his loyalty to Neda even at the cost of losing the big money is admireable, I wonder if he will kick himself once he gets out, for being such a puppy dog. I guess only someone like Sarah would truly know.

Fat fanny

Sarah’s game play near the end sucked soooo bad….i wonder how she feels picking “love” over money!!!
Lmao what a dumb cow!
At least jon made it to the end and can just blame it on strat.


one billion hundos!!


Heather is awesome & endearing 🙂
Hope she wins the game 🙂


I like Heather but I think she is a little naive and a little too trusting. Alarm bells should have been blaring loudly the moment she was put on the block without anyone telling her beforehand. Maybe they still are but it does not appear that she is looking for a backup plan alliance. She seems to be comfortable with Jon and Neda making a plan and then deciding whether she agrees or not. She needs to scramble. It doesnt matter if Jon or Neda finds out. They have already made it clear where she stands.

just an opinion

Actually I think Heather has her radar going full on. She is probably simply relying on herself and on trying to win everything in sight so she can stay. She probably gets that she can’t scheme as the others can, but she has other strenghts. Wouldn’t it be a kick in the pants if the NON lying, NON sneaky, self reliant person actually made it in the end while overcomming all the obstacles other’s put in her way? I am talking about the hate campaign and shunning. I think she is the “good guy” in this years BBCAN and I am more on her side now than ever before.


I wouldn’t say that Heather isn’t sneaky considering how many times she’s tried to eavesdrop on Jon/Neda and other HG’s conversations from behind doors… I honestly really like Heather as a person, and I would still be happy if she won, but at this point I think that Neda is the most deserving of a win.

just an opinion

Lockly, I am not saying Neda doesn’t deserve to win. Not at all. She played the best game so far and is very deserving. I was “just sayin”! And you are right about the eavesdropping – that is sneaky. I missed that. LOL – Wonder what that says about me? 🙂


They were going off, and she whined, pouted, and sulked because of it. Adel is going up as replacement, and all he did was say, Ok bud

heather’s reaction when there was a totally reasonable excuse for putting her up solidified everyone’s decision that she should be the one to go. I think she was at 50/50 had she not stomped off like she did right after noms. It was childish and did not help her future game. imo.

another name

I would agree with you if the situations were exactly the same. I think heather’s emotional reaction was due to not being informed ahead of time that she was the pawn, whereas Adel’s ok bud reaction was because he was being informed ahead of time.
what I’m surprised by is heather and adel not picking up the cue that they are number 3 an 4 in a 4 person alliance. the fact that they were nominated and then replacement nominated, added to the fact that jon pulled neda’s key out first in the original nomination ceremony should have clued them in. they should both know by now that they can’t keep jon and neda in the final three.
if adel and heather were both to stay, they would have to move hell or high water to win hoh , ensure that both jon and neda are nominated. then they would have to pray to win the veto themselves. otherwise, one of their games is over. since they all want the money, no matter what anyone says about exposure and fame…. its all about the cash then the exposure and fame, they should all be thinking break up the pair.


Normally I’d agree with you, but I think Heather’s gripe was justified. She thought she had a solid F3 deal with Jon and Neda, and being put up made her realize it wasn’t so solid. I think she suspected she might not just be a pawn. Which explains her tears. Thankfully, she bounced back and fought for the veto.


Ok, sorry to comment about looks, but that first picture of Neda is awful. I also have to say that Jon is really not very smart if he believes Neda.


neda, heather and jon are still my faves and best game players in my opinion, so I really couldn’t care less who goes this week, sabrina or adel!


I said yesterday if Jon doesn’t put Neda up on the block, he doesn’t deserve to win anything. When he looks back at his game, he’ll realize that this POV ceremony is when he blew his BB game up and lost. Neda will stab him in the back first chance she gets whether she does it or probably gets Sabrina or Heather to do it. Jon you’re out the door next


as much as i love Jon and Neda and hope to see them in the final 2, i’m a sucker for the underdog. Sabrina has a chance to completely blow up Jon and Neda’s game by telling Heather that it was their main objective to evict Heather over Sabrina if she hadn’t won the POV. Someone needs to tell her that is what will make good tv….


Heather fired up is a fierce comp threat. It is to bad she didn’t realize Neda F2 could be tough to beat. 50/50 odds is not that good.


Heather should realise that if Jon and Neda are so ready to betray their final four with Adel, they’d be just as ready to betray their final three with her.

Botox Pelosi

Great point XMAN.


Agree. Adel realized this and it is why he is so pissed he lost POV. He knows he is gone.

The Truth

What bothers me about Jon and Neda’s end game is their egotism and lack of loyalty. While Sabrina has never won a competition that does not mean that she never will. She only needs to win one competition and one of them will be sent packing. The way I see it I would rather lose to 3 people I like than risk getting further in the game with someone I dislike.

Neda will betray Jon and it will be well deserved due to his lack of foresight.
Adel will be bitter and poison the jury.
Sabrina may very well make it to F2 thanks to Jon and and Neda’s greed and repeated lies; if not she will be working overtime at crushing their dreams in the jury house.
Jon will be astonished when he realizes he doesn’t walk on water and he is fallible.
And Heather will continue to look for the best in everyone and just maybe if she can pull it off make it to F2.


Sending Adel to jury is the better move for Heather and Neda. Adel may be bitter, but he won’t have much influence in jury. Plus, who would he be bitter towards? Jon? Neda? Sabs? He’ll probably vote for Jon, other than that, he will be an irrelevant juror. No offense to Adel fans, he has played a decent game, but not the best.

Also, it’s an individual game, so loyalty does not apply. Your strategy may be to go with 3 people you like, whether or not they can beat you, but that’s not a winning strategy.

The Truth

Adel will be bitter at his alliance. History has taught us that jury members don’t always vote based on game play. Sometimes people are just looking for a reason to not award a player with a vote. Though loyalty may not be a factor for you, simply stating this doesn’t make it gospel. This is an individual game and every jury member will choose the winner based on their own criteria. There is no road map on how to win this game or else everyone would adopt the same strategy.

Nana Jo

Excellent summary!

My own personal preference is for Heather to win, but I respect that Neda is playing a masterful game. If she makes final 2 with anyone other than Heather, she will most likely get my vote. (Although, there is this contrary part of me that wants to give Sabs the vote if she ends up in the final 2.) This past week it has become obvious to me that Adel really does view men as superior. He has little respect for any of the women in the game. To him they are all pawns on the way to a man winning the money. He will never vote Jon out, and he will never vote for a woman unless forced to in a girsl only final 2. I really, truly hope that Sabrina isn’t dragged along any further because she truly doesn’t deserve it.


Canada’s final vote will likely be handled the same as Canada’s HOH….a sliding scale.

Nana Jo

Jon is hardly in any position to criticize Heather for making little noises when she wakes up. Well, Jon …. if my boyfriend fiddled with his junk constantly like a two year old, “I would lose it!”


At F5 the only loyalties now is your F2 alliance, and that’s it. The reason JoNeda deserve to get to F3 is because they are loyal. Neither of them think they are hundo safe, they are always discussing, plotting and running thru scenarios. Heather spent her time following the plans, Sabrina spent her time picking stuff out of her nose, and Adel is basically cooking and also following their plans.

The reason I would like to see JoNeda at the end is because no one carried them there, no one just left them in the game to get to F5 like Sabrina is basically just leftovers, and someone to put on the block. That is not the kind of person i want to see at F2 winning $$.


I hope when Adel gets evicted he tells Heather, they were all planning on evicting her before she won POV and hope Sabrina confirms it in confidence. Maybe they will team up and try to get Jon and Neda out.


Heather’s pretty tied into the friends thing and, unfortunately for Adel, he gave Jon and Neda ammunition to diffuse that revelation. They have already pre-empted this with Heather. (Heather will run to Joneda before trying to get affirm with Sabrina).

If Heather was smart she should get Sabrina to tell her what she knows. She could use her vote as a bargaining tool to get the info.


Like last year, I find it incredibly frustrating that no one is really going after Jon and Neda. It’s common sense to go after the power couple. Smarten up people!