Power of Veto and America’s nomination results “we’re going through with our plan” -Jason

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10:05am Alex is America’s nomination

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Veto players are Shelby, Jason, Danielle, Whitney, Alex and Morgan

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10:07pm Jason and Kryssie
Jason – Alex’s chip always comes out like how lucky can you be.. how the f*** does her chip come out.. 1 in 6 chance.. always gets her chipped pulled.. It’s ridiculous her chip..
Justin comes in tells them to not fart on his pillow. (Kryssie farts on Shelby’s pillow)
Danielle joins them
Jason – her name always comes out.. how the f***.. .we have not pulled players once where we didn’t pull Alex’s name

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11:18am Kryssie, Whitney, Justin and Jason
Jason – this Veto will decide who the final people are… which side rides it to the end ..
Whitney – you’re making me nervous
Jason – this is doomsday .. cause whoever gains power this week is goign to start the trend.. the other side will be way too easy to pick off..
Jason says every year the side that America doesn’t want to win wins and makes it to final 5
Jason – I’m going to go and Tonya Harding those girls right now

Jason – if we don’t win this Veto comp all of us have lost the game
J – I didn’t come back into this house to let a b1tch with no personality run me out
K – Mmmhmmmm
J – She was nominated because she endorsed everything that Scott did that America didn’t like and she has no personality .. She’s not offering herself up to the experience at all she only wants to strategise.. we’re here to be human beings and show who we are.. she’s not showing anything
K – MMMMMMhhhhmmmmmm
Jason says “Positive, Humble and Grateful” it’s what his mother always says.

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-07 15-11-42-692

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-07 15-12-58-260

1:20pm POV competition starts

Jason wins

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-07 15-15-54-569

1:46pm in the storage room
Jason and Danielle twerking and chanting.. “Danielle is going off the block guess whose going up .. Morgan going up Danielle going off the block.. guess who’s going up Morgan going up”

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-07 15-17-36-124

Shelby cries says she was so close of winning but had a reset stepped off the beam..
Alex – it’s ok.. we really have just 1 option..
Alex – he had a major advantage being in the shade though.. I had sweat in my eyes..
Shelby – I screwed it up I would have won
Alex – it’s OK
Shelby – it’s not OK
Alex brings up Danielle celebrating..
Alex – She’s such a horrible human being.. she just sucks ..
Alex – we have to make jason a deal all of us.. a 2 week deal final 5.. maybe we could use Morgan’s care package.. there’s deals we can make it doesn’t hurt to try

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1:53pm The celebrating continues..

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2:04pm Whitney tells the LNJ the girls are probably going to try and throw her under the bus. Tells the LNJ they are good with her in the double.
Jason says it’s not going to work.
Whitney – there’s not a lot to say
Jason – Alex knows she’s in a ht most trouble she’ll be throwing everyone under the bus
Danielle – we got you
they say they wouldn’t have saved her last week to get rid of her now.
Justin – this is amazing the plan is about to work..

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-07 15-26-23-678

2:08pm HOH Shelby, Morgan and Alex
Morgan – I feel like Whitney is not even upset..
Shelby – I know I’m fine and i’m the one most upset..
Morgan – I don’t want any of my alliance going home
Shelby – she has 2 alliance..

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-07 15-28-50-444

2:21pm Morgan and Alex
“This Sucks”
“Not Giving up”
“I jsut hate all of them so much”
“I freaking cannot stand Justin or Danielle.. or Kryssie”
They agree Jason will not turn on Danielle it was a lie all along. Alex knows says she didn’t suspect he was telling the truth ever.
Morgan – they are trying to make us look like idiots
Alex – I want you to fight to stay here.. I’m goign to try and make deals with JAson.. I know it won’t work ..
They talk about offering up Morgan’s care package. They know it’s a long shot. .
Morgan – If one of us wins during the double he’s fine if one of us wins in the next HOH he’s fine and if I get a care package we share it even

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-07 16-01-13-969

3:12pm HOH Morgan, Shelby and Alex
(They talk about hearing Whitney say to Justin they have to have a celebratory dinner tonight. )
They thinks Whitney did the stupidest thing.
Morgan – I cannot believe she said that..
Morgan – she’s freaking out right now
Shelby – she should be
They agree Whitney thought they were in the HOH.
Alex – Imagine what she says at night.
Morgan – I still don’t think this will work I don’t think he’ll do it (Take Whitney out)
Alex says Whitney “Shattered the alliance.. at this point one of us is going home”
Morgan is going to say something to Whitney tomorrow.
They are going to “Blow up” Whitney’s game tomorrow.
Shelby comes in “F**** you Whitney.. I don’t know how I’m not goign to call her out”

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-07 15-55-24-109

3:23pm HOH Jason and the girls
trying to get Jason to target Whitney this week. They tell him they know Whitney has flipped on them. They heard her whisper to Justin that they need to celebrate tonight.

They offer him 2 weeks safety. He can Save Danielle and put up a pawn or save alex. They have the votes.

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-07 15-38-19-377

3:40pm Jason and Danielle HOH
Jason – Basically they want Whitney out they know Whitney has switched on them…
Jason tells them what the girls are selling.. Basically offering him safety during the double. They have realized that Kryssie, Whitney, Justin are a three, Shelby, Alex and Morgan are three and Jason, Danielle are 2.
Jason – are we missing too good of a shot we’ve been aiming for a long time..
Jason – they’re selling to me if Whitney wins she’s taking me out for sure
Danielle isn’t sure about that

Jason – what if I took Whitney down and replaced Whitney with Morgan .. it would be the same thing if I took you down..
Danielle doesn’t see Whitney turning on them, “She knows that there’s no where for her to go”
Danielle – I agree she’s more loyal to just and Kryssie than me and you
Jason – I think I’m going to follow through with my plan (Get Alex out)
Justin is now with them they are agreeing to get Alex out.
Jason – Morgan is going up ..

Jason – we’re going through with our plan
Jason tells Justin he can’t f*** him over for Whitney.
Justin says he’s 100% with them
Jason – I do commend them for trying
Danielle – oh of course
Justin says Whitney knows she’s f****d up
Danielle – she knows she was the one they are going to cut off

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-07 16-07-35-240
4:07pm Kryssie and Justin
Justin says the plan is to take Alex out. Adds that Shelby is really pissed at Whitney.
Kryssie – Shelby should go before MOrgan because Morgan hasn’t won sh1t

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-07 16-22-11-036

4:22pm Shelby alone studying dates..

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-07 16-29-03-943

4:29pm Whitney, Kryssie, Danielle and Jason
Jason filling Whitney in on what Alex, Morgan and Shelby are trying to pull.

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-07 19-08-49-147

5:38pm HOH Danielle, Alex, Morgan and Shelby
Trying to make a deal.. saying if they get rid of Whitney this week because she’s going to get a care package. Warns that Whitney made a deal with Kryssie they don’t know about and Whitney is plotting against them.
Alex says if they help them this week they are all good going into the double eviction, ‘There’s other people.. ”
Danielle – higher up on the loist.
Shelby says Whitney is going to make it to the end if she doesn’t go now.
Alex – she has a good standing with everyone in the house.. she’s America’s sweetheart
They point out Shelby and Alex are hated with America, “{We can all agree Whitney is someone that will win the game”
Shelby says Whitney has been playing both sides of the house for 3 weeks, “She had me fooled into thinking she was 100% with us… she’s good”

Danielle – I’m open to that..
Danielle says she’ll talk to JAson.

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-07 19-05-54-411

6:41pm Shelby, MOrgan and Alex
Going on about Whitney’s “Celebratory Dinner” comment trying to figure out what else Whitney could have meant.
Shelby – she wants you (Alex) out.. She doesn’t trust you she thinks you were making deals against her they sold her that idea, you were America’s nom and Jason won the veto so that is what they were celebrating.. you going home.
Shelby – Justin wants you out too

7:22pm Jason and Danielle are going to give the girls a tiny bit of hope that they are going to take Justin out. They laugh “ya we’re going to backdoor the person we’ve been close with since day 2.. literally”

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-07 21-35-55-929

8:49pm Jason and Danielle
Jason says if Justin f***cks them over for Whitney and they have this real chance right now he’ll kill himself.
They agree Justin won’t he wants Whitney to stay as long as possible.
Danielle says they should get Whitney out before Shelby
Jason – you need to win HOH Wednesday so one of those girls don’t..
Danielle – here comes another fart…
Jason – oh my god you just shit yourself
Danielle – no it’s all air
Jason – we’ve had a risky enough week.. roll with the plan but tell these girls whatever they want to hear cause we’re petty
Danielle – we took a really big risk already
Jason – they’ll be like what happened.. oh we changed our mind

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Well everyone who voted to nom Alex, hoping she would win veto… I hope you’re happy. I really don’t understand why the other side of the house is getting America’s favor when they are the most proud, vile people to play BB since season 15. If America votes out Alex, my interest level in this show, (along with my hope that America is capable of voting for anyone with integrity) is pretty much gone.


It’s just a game at the end of the day. Not even a tv show, just an online show. It’s not the end of the world.

Rick Grimes

Shut up!


That comp was rigged for Jason, he was the only one in the shade.

Not Really

Whitney was entirely in the shade. Jason was in the shade only part of the time, as was Shelby. It wasn’t rigged.


So it was rigged for Jason and Whitney since both were in the shade! So you’d rather be in the sun? That’s why Jason’s back belt wasn’t sweaty when he returned it to DR.


Jason even admitted that it helped being in the shade.

Buffoon Trump

It was rigged!!!


Hahahahahaha to all the petty folk on this site that wasted a vote on Kryssie for AN. Told you it would be a waste.


The first POV of the season, the 4 players from Monte’s side worked together and made no effort to be sneaky. They made it obvious they were in it together to try to get rid of Jason. They have celebrated every win and cheered on their own people from the sidelines and, Scott in particular was very obvious about that. Yet the LNC are showing poor sportsmanship. Every promise or deal BS made with LNC was admittedly a lie, a deal they never intended on keeping. But now BS are mad because LNC lied. When Alex was HOH she said, more than once, she didn’t care about America or what they wanted yet she has continued to plead for America’s help. This is why I have never believed the BS are any better than LNC. Their language may be nicer but they are just as mean spirited and hypocritical. The real proof is Whitney. They say she betrayed them. She broke their trust. Yet they are the ones who were never loyal to Whitney. She was always the sacrificial lamb. They would use her and make her feel obligated to them so they could keep her vote but she was always on the bottom. They would have gotten rid of her before Scott if they had controlled the votes. Now they want to ‘call her out’ and they are saying that America sees everything. Well, they’re right. We do see everything. What I see is that Whitney started out far more loyal to the other three girls than they ever were to her. I see that Whitney owes them nothing. So I hope they do call her out because we will see that too and it’s not going to make Whitney look like the bad guy. It just shows BS to be hypocrits or, in their own words, hypocridiots. I love the true colors that are showing. As far as I’m concerned this is a good week. Thumbs down away. I know the BS reign supreme around here.


I completely agree!! I’ve been LNJ from the beginning. Most people on here think the BS walk on water. It’s so annoying. To each their own, but at least LNJ crew has some personality and interesting conversations. I can’t vote for a group that doesn’t know lamb chop, and was upstairs talking about the Kardashians while LNJ was downstairs talking about Biggie. I will take LNJ everytime!


I just got off of work (Atlanta airport) and I was laughing so hard that people were looking at me crazy…. If they try to call out Whitney that would be to funny, cause they would be asking for the LNJ to snitch on them about wanting her out over Scott. Kmsl but with all seriousness why didn’t America nominate krissie cause I agree with BS fans, half this s@#$ she pulls if she was on my side I would have been told her about herself.


I will agree that both sides are hypocrites. They have both talked about each other, they have both cheered when their side won but who wouldn’t? However, they have both talked about America not just Alex. Look at all the things Jason has said. Alex said she will not bow down to American but Jason has said much worse about America. They have also both pleaded with America for things to their way. Again, who wouldn’t? As far as Whitney is concerned she has been playing both sides for quite some time. Props to her though for knowing that this is a social game too. Morgan has tried to do the same thing but it seemed as though things turned bitter when she didn’t allow Justin to sleep in her bed anymore. She probably shouldn’t have allowed it to begin with but she wanted to play the ditzy cheerleader and flirt. When he started getting touchy feely though she no longer wanted to share a bed with him. Look at they way Justin talks about Danielle – he is still bitter about her choosing Shane over him. They both continue to play each other though but to Morgan he crossed the line. The thing I do not like about the LNC is the farting on pillows, spitting in the tub, rubbing their armpits on pillows, spreading boogies on people’s clothing just to name a few. Kyrssie went bat shit crazy when the girls looked in her dirty laundry bag but laughs when her crew spreads boogies on other peoples cloths. That is just disgusting and gross. I do not think the LNC would have made it this far if it wasn’t for Jason’s fan base but that’s just my opinion. I also don’t think the house would have been as divided if it wasn’t for America having so much input. I think by having America nominate a third nominee screwed things up the most. Neither side can play the game of BB as they want to. Also with the care packages, it doesn’t pay to win HOH. Danielle won and got three votes taken away from her but fortunat for her it still worked out getting rid of the other side. Shelby, however, wins HOH and her whole alliance is on the block.

CBS if there is a BBOTT 2 don’t bring back a vet in fact don’t bring back vets in any season unless it’s an All Star season and eliminate some of the power Ameica has. There are other ways to hav America involved.


Plastic fans are as hypocritical as them. They like to call the LNJ as vile and yet they have also said some things about LNJ and Danielle. Reality is alex deserves to go home, she burned her bridges lying about her votes and then cry about Jason lying to them this week. Had she and Scott listened to Jason and Justin about getting rid of Danielle instead of Shane, the four of them could’ve control the game.

Bronte's Zen

Salty as fuck right now. This season was going SO WELL!!!


How do Alex and Morgan think Jason will make deals with them? They are proven LIARS. They both made deals with Kryssie and didn’t keep them. Can’t wait to see Morgan lost without her sister to help her.


Danielle planned this week perfectly….. she made a risky move in making jason nominate her, but it paid off and she is going to be coming off the block and the three plastics will be nominated together. she is honestly one of the smartest players to ever play the game imo


morgan whitney and alex on the block during shelby’s hoh???? truly iconic

Who's truth

The Plastics had a good laugh at voting out Neely on Krissie’s HOH. Alex or Morgan going out on Shelby’s HOH makes me happy.


I’m so done with Whitney, can’t believe she turned on the girls. I had a feeling but wasn’t positive it was official. Would love to get her nominated if the AN is still around next week.


How can you even be mad at her?! The other girls were going to vote her out last week and keep Scott until they realized there was no way in saving Scott. She pretty much had no choice but to flip and honestly it was very smart on her part. She’s in a way better position now than when she was with the BS. If she doesn’t go out in the DE I think she will be final 3.


To be completely honest Whitney turned first. The week Kryssie was hoh she was totally in on the plan of getting out Neeley, yet she turned it on the girls. She wanted to play both sides and got away with it, with the girls taking all the heat.


Whitney has been a floater the entire game!




To all LNC fans LMFAO if that’s the type of ppl you pull for then you might be as sick, vile and twisted as they are. Really really sad that Kryssie was not nominated. This is the first time since BB1 that I’ve actually said I’m out. As soon as I saw Alex was up I was out. Had BB withdrawals for a minute and had to come read a few comments and boy… Have fun laughing at Danielle wanting to drag ppl in the streets to beat the f**k out of them, them rubbing armpit sweat on pillows etc. If that’s what CBS wants they will be losing alot of viewers but even if not this chick is done.


So happy Alex got americas nom and jason won veto. LNJ for the win!! Maybe we can send her sister or Shelby out during the double!


Well apparently America has decided to take the LNJ to the finals. I dont know what show everyone is watching to take all these vile people to the end but its not for me. I’m checking out. Have no desire to see foul mouthed Danielle or Jason win this thing. I think Americas nom today of Alex just handed BB to one of them. Anyway see you at BB19.




Its funny how people say it was rigged in jason’s favor but Whitney was also in the shade and did horrible the sun had nothing to do with it. When Shelby pulled Alex’ name for her to choose another HG to play in the video why not believe it was rigged when Shelby ended up pulling her named? Stop it guys!! You can’t claim rigged when your favorite alliance doesn’t win.

Franks Ex-Girlfriend



Alex goes home cancelling cbs access. I have no desire to watch it anymore. I don’t want to see or hear Krissey fart or burp for the upcoming weeks. Let them turn on each other. Jason will be the first to go..Justin will pick Whitney over him. I guess it was okay to have Jason in the shaded area. Should have been fair for all.


He wasn’t the only one in the shade so I would say this comp was more fair than the HOH that Alex cheated on to win.


They all suck. The only one I feel a smidge for is Whitney.


Another viewer LOST ! CBS….how come all 3 polls had Kryssie leading to be
Americas nom???? Somehow yours didn’t?


I wish this were on television. Such shit on television. Why not televised?


I’m with you Simon Dani and Jason in final 3 would be a great show, Shelby and Morgan need to at least try to get Jason out and they might win the game… Really if Justin, Whitney, Dani, Morgan or Shelby can get him out and make it to final 3 has my vote (notice I didn’t put krissie name cause she will never get my vote… Why is she even on there?????)


It’s a game and it is what it is and it’s not the outcome I had hoped for, but I am ok with it. I just don’t know if I can watch much more to be honest though. Watching the LNJ run to the end I just don’t think I can do it. It has been a some what unfair Jason’s fan advantage realistically all season except 2 evictions when Neeley and Shane went home, although most of the care packages except 2 have gone to the BS’ers. It’s for sure been lopsided in the favor of the LNJ especially for America’s nomination and vote, which is far more important than the care packages. Just the way I see it anyways and I’m sure others see it a different way and that’s cool.


Do we still seriously have ppl who are saying they will stop watching just because things aren’t going their way. Get over it. You’ll watch.


I won’t spend much time on the feeds after Thursday, but I will enjoy hearing about the Misfits cutting each others throats. 🙂


Getting rid of Alex is actually better for everyone’s game. If she makes it to the end she will win.


Yeah let the trash take over the show
I’m so done America sucks
B.B. Trash to win to bad there isn’t a few more weeks of Donny trump and hilliary Clinton way better then watching these ass clowns till the end


Someone is making darn sure Jason and Danielle win this BB season. Calling them trash and shit so people will get pissed and want them to win. Bet those two will be the last ones standing.


What a bunch of Bitter bozos….see u next year!!!

Ariana Grande stinks!

FINALLY, the Trump girl — Alex — is getting the boot. WOOT!


Woo hoo!!! Loving how things worked out this week!!! Can’t wait to see the double eviction Wednesday night!


so, besides one side being more vulgar than the other when it comes to how they frame their disparaging comments, how much of a difference is there between the two? i don’t really see that much of a difference.
in terms of gratuitous game play: the lies that each side tells the other that really aren’t required to get ahead in the game; that each side goes to great lengths to construct thereby continuing the two sided conflict, both are exactly the same.
so, if i look just at how they play the game (which for many of them means crying for help from america in the cameras ad nauseam), i still don’t see much of a difference between the two sides.
i’m just not getting the loathing for one side over the other since the big thing that separates the two seems to be verbal decorum.


The difference?? One side has class…….one side does NOT even know what the word class means. Simple.


This season had a lot of promise but when I saw that bringing back a vet with a huge fan base and with the BB family behind him I knew it was not going to be good. It would have been interesting to see how things would have turned out if there was no vet brought back.

americas vote...

was a good thing. America’s nom was too much. And i also agree that Jason should have returned to regular BB and not a format where fan voting is so involved. It skewed it from the beginning. If the house guests don’t realize they have to get Jason out then they are as dumb as i think they are with game play.


Yes both sides can be petty and say lies. But the BS girls don’t threaten to do physical harm to the other, like Danielle saying she would drag Shelby by the hair into the streets and show what a beating is etc. plus so many crude remarks, farts, swearing and no models on LNJ side. I was never much of a girl player fan on all the big brothers (I watched them all & many seasons of feeds) but I am an Alex & Shelby fan, I’m also disgusted they are purposely playing with their emotions.