Justin “I think this is one of the greatest stunts pulled!” Jason “Shelby will be mortified!”

Big-Brother-Over-The-Top- 2016-11-06 23-30-21-797

8:15pm Backyard – Jason and Justin. Jason – I can’t be acting like its cool being in the kitchen with her. But yeah, no I’m fine. Justin – can I tell you something? It really worked!! Jason – do you think that everyone is buying it? Justin – yes! Jason – I’m no Oscar award winner but as long as they’re buying it. Justin – they’re definitely buying it. Jason – Danielle reacting or is she just saying she’s okay? Justin – she’s just saying she’s okay. I think this is one of the greatest stunts pulled! Jason – if it works… it is going to be a good stunt. Justin – well dawg.. it already worked because they put up Whitney! It all worked out. They don’t realize how close we are. Justin – we just got to win veto. Jason – they kind of do but not to the full extent. Justin – this sh*t perfect! I hope Morgan is America’s nom. Jason – we get Danielle off the block and backdoor Alex. So that Whitney, Morgan and Alex are sitting up there together. Shelby will be mortified! Justin – Mortified! Oh my god! Jason – her face will drop! Justin – she asked me if I would vote Danielle out of here and I said f**king right! BUT f**k no! It’s too early! Jason – its too early for that. Justin – its still this side versus that side. Jason – Shelby really laid it all out there .. like I’m putting you up so I can take you off. Okay you want to be that obvious. They’ve got the same strategy as us but they’re trying to smoke screen it. Justin – this evil plan is going to work. We’re going to get everything we wanted this week. Jason – the more people that bought that, the better. They’re thinking it was a gift from heaven I got that co-HOH.

Big-Brother-Over-The-Top- 2016-11-06 23-55-20-364

8:35pm Shelby talks to Whitney. Shelby – Morgan and Alex will definitely not vote you out especially over Danielle. Whitney – I think we’re going to be fine. Shelby – I just knew that if we put up one of our own then we would loose a number. Whitney – it’s completely up in the air. I guess it could be Kryssie (America’s nom) but I think its going to be Morgan or Alex. Shelby – yeah it will probably be one of them. Shelby if I do win I would probably take you off and Danielle would go home. And I’m the tie breaker. If Jason wins he might not change them. I can see you not even having a vote against you. Whitney if I were to win the veto what would you do? Shelby – I would put up someone from the other side. Whitney – when Justin talks to me .. I know he doesn’t want you out. He might not like you or agree with stuff. Shelby – I don’t think it even really matters with you on the block

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Big-Brother-18- 2016-11-06 23-40-43-298

9pm In the kitchen – The house guests are playing melon bowling. Morgan tosses it and busts the watermelon open.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-11-06 23-43-26-363

Big-Brother-18- 2016-11-07 04-53-36-169
9:30pm Lounge room – Jason, Shelby Morgan, and Alex. They talk about random things. Shelby and Alex tell him they have someone they would set him up with. Jason leaves. Shelby tells Alex about how Whitney was crying earlier. I got emotional too. I just told her that there is no way she’s going home and that if you guys (Morgan, Alex) go up, you guys go home. Alex – yeah. Shelby – she gets it. Alex – She is literally probably the safest this week. Shelby – Danielle and Kryssie will go over her. What do you think of Jason coming in here. Alex – he is either doing damage control because he realizes the sides are shattering. Shelby – the thing is our side didn’t shatter.. our side is still good. Alex – I think he is strategically sitting in here .. he wants to hand out with us in case of a double eviction. Shelby – why the f**k for one hour.. 40 days in. Alex – he’s never done this before. Morgan – I did enjoy talking to him. Shelby – he is the only one from that side that I can stand … and he did say f**k it I will go for Danielle. Alex – so he says.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-11-07 04-56-50-287

11:05pm Bedroom – Alex and Whitney. Alex – It just hasn’t felt the same between us. You were my first first friend in this house. I know the whole house thinks Scott and I had this alliance.. I haven’t had any alliance but with y’all. I know that people like Jason might be saying things that are opposite. Me and Scott just talked about pokemon. One thing that you probably don’t know about last week is that Jason approached me and said I will tell Danielle to not put you on the block if you promise to keep me safe if America puts me up as a nominee. He asked me who I wanted out Whitney or Morgan and I said Jason I’m not throwing names out, I’m not throwing people under the bus. I don’t know what he has said but I have a feeling he has twisted my words. But I just wanted to clear the air.. y’all two are the only two that I am loyal to the alliance. Whatever happens I am 100% voting to keep you. I would never vote out you over Daneielle .. ever. If I am not America’s nom.. I expect me or Morgan will be but if I’m not and I get picked to play (in the veto) and I win, I will pull you down. Whitney – yeah, no that’s fine.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-11-07 05-12-01-849

12am Shelby and Alex laying in the HOH bed watching the fish and talking about random things.
Big-Brother-Over-The-Top- 2016-11-07 05-17-33-039

1am Jason – I’m blocking the rays of Stacy! Justin – who’s Stacy!? Jason – the imaginary girl that Shane is sleeping with right now.

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Big-Brother-18- 2016-11-07 05-21-09-448

1:45am All the house guests are sleeping.

America’s Nomination is Alex

Veto players are Danielle, Whitney, Alex, Morgan, Jason and Shelby. Veto starts at 1pm

Jason wins the Veto

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I think I missed something. Why did Shelby put up Whitney and Jason put up Dani? This is so screwed up to me. Just seems like bad game play on both sides. I could see Jason putting up Whitney and Shelby putting up Dani but this way is weird. I really think I missed something.


Because the way the Co HOH works, each HOH had to claim a nominee. If that nominee gets saved by the Veto the HOH who claimed them as their nominee gets to replace that nomination. Obviously you want one of your people to win the Veto and you want to be able to replace one of your people on the block with a member of the opposite alliance. It appears weird but that is the way this CP made the nominations go the way they did.


Thanks for the insight. That makes a little more sense then the two of them being off their rockers.

So if Whitney comes down the Shelby should put up Justin (assuming Kryssie is AN) so then there would be 3 LNJ on the block and only BS who would be voting since Jason is Co-HOH and can not vote. To me this is the best case. 🙂 Either Kryssie or Dani go home.


Its because of the safety ceremony, not the CP. Each hoh saves 2 people thats it, the last 2 that remain are nominated!


The CP gave Jason the 2nd HOH. The rules to the HOH per the Care Pakage make it as I said.. If the veto is used and a person is taken down, the HOH who claimed the nominee at the 2nd safety ceremony gets to replace the nomination. Therefore, each picked their own player as their original nominee so if they, as HOH, or their nominee wins they can take them down and have the choice to put up the replacement. In addition, the Care package rules say that who ever finishes better in the Veto between Shelby or Jason get the tiebreak vote if there is one needed.


it wasn’t the co-hoh CP that caused this, it was the safety ceremony. Did you not watch bb18?

lol of course they have to claim a nom, in case their nom wins veto they can name a replacement, But that has nothing to do with claiming a person from their own alliance!

Claiming their own alliance member was strategy, especially for Jason, because it’s more likely Dani will win veto over Whit!


We are saying the same thing but different words. CP gave Jason the co HOH because they have to claim a nomination as their own for veto to be able to determine who chooses a replacement nom, Since Both HOH’s are from different alliances, they used the strategy that they did. If Morgan, especially, or Whitney would have received the CP, the strategy would have been different as since both HOH’s would be on the same page and would therefore put 2 up from the other alliance initially as both HOH’s would both put up a replacement eligible from the other side. Since they are opposing alliance members, they want control on replacing the nom from their own alliance for stategy.

exactly but

i’m not arguing any of those points. i’m arguing the point you made that you now keep ignoring which is…..

“It appears weird but that is the way this CP made the nominations go the way they did.” (this is wrong)

“It appears weird but that is the way this safety ceremony made the nominations go the way they did.” (this is right)

i dont understand...

…how is the world people are wanting to nominate Alex over Kryssie. People have some seriously warper minds if they enjoy listening to dani/jason/kryssie every day.


Something weird had to have happened. Other sites have Kryssie leading by 12-14% and late last night they were close. Here it went from like 15% difference between Kryssie and Alex with Kryssie leading for AM to Alex leading by 5% in about 45mins…..Weird stuff.


I think its because this poll was only posted this morning, so the initial results were showing very few votes in, the percentages are swaying closer to other sites now….


POll went live last night after the nominations.


I think there’s just a faction of people that just want to nominate anyone against Jason no matter what…Seriously who wants to get out a person seriously playing over someone who complains for a WEEK for an invisible cut on her hands, goes to rulebook to try and get someone out over a speech, and is so narcissistic.


The fact that Alex was America’s Nom over Krissie shows that this show is rigged.

Even More Hillary Lies

I’m surprised by all the Alex votes in our poll. I hope she survives.


i get the feeling that the more someone in the house cries out for america to save them, the more likely america is to say no, save yourself.


I hope the poll on this site is wrong, jokers has Kryssie leading. I don’t get on any other sites or twitter. Does anyone know what other sites are saying????


As of right now Kryssie is leading the poll by 11 votes..


Thanks Simon, I’m hoping Kryssie is AN. I hope Whitney sees LNC are using here, she might not go home over Danielle. But if she were up against Justin,Kryssie,or Jason the LNC will definitely drop her.


Because of the safety ceremony their actual targets were made safe by the other HoH. By claiming their own person as the nominee they each have a better chance at controlling the final noms, because if their nom comes down they get to put up their actual target


Unfortunately different sites have different poll results. This site is more in favor of BS than LNC so tend to vote for Kryssie, where other sites are pro LNC. When it is a close call we just have to wait and hold our breath. I know from reading comments on different sites, a lot of people are getting tired of the Sister twist and are finding it unfair at this point due to the fact no one has caught on to them.


I’m a little worried about the veto. If Kyrssie is AN and Justin gets picked to play, it will be 5 against 1 in the veto assuming Whitney is witht the LNC. I know she says she is with the BS but she has been hanging out with the LNC more. I’m just hoping that Jason’s plan backfires and one of his people goes home.


4-2 BC Whitney will pull herself down if she wins and Shelby will control who goes up instead, makes no difference if Whitney with LNJ or not…


Every BB site Fan poll but I see shows Kryssie in the lead by a tiny amount. The Twitter poll I see of course has Alex getting the nom..


It was just weird on the poll here this morning from about 7am to about 745am eastern there was bout a 20 point swing from Kryssie leading to Alex leading. Just was odd that big of a swing in such a short period of time. I dumo. All of the polls, including twitter are unscientific and therefore can be manipulated.


Jason is thinking way too much of himself again. He is really assuming the AN will be Alex or Morgan. He is really assuming that the BS girls all bought his story that Danielle is really his target. Alex and Morgan do not believe it and if they do not believe it Shelby would be convinced by them not to believe it. Way over confident and cocky and that usually spells for disaster in the BB house. Those who think they have it all figured out and have everyone believing what they are shoveling almost always go packing. Here is to hoping for Kryssie to be AN, Alex or Morgan picked for the veto player, BS wins Veto, and Morgan gets CP for tomarrows 2nd eviction veto. LNC will be standing around with jaws on the ground wondering what went wrong.


Honestly if Alex is nominated I am done. I really really hope America does not continue to help LNC. That is just gross. But I guess you also have to take into account how many would vote a BS member out of pure jealousy. Haters gonna hate. Especially young beautiful intelligent women. Sad but true.


If Alex is nominated today i actually wont be to upset. Then she would have a chance to play in veto guaranteed. Alex’s boyfriend actually started campaigning for her to be the nom. I dont like the idea but it wouldn’t be the end of her. I voted all for Krisie. We need to remain calm till after veto chip pulling ceremony and veto comp.


Totally agree, to hear everybody is tired of the sister twist is sad. Jason had such an unfair advantage from the beginning of this game with his pre- existing fan base. I personally just love the fact of the girl alliance lasting as long as it has, just hope Whitney isn’t completely out. Maybe if Kryssie is nominated Whitney will realize she does need to stay with the ball smashers.


A little bit nervous with it being so close Alex will get America’s nomination, hopefully not… but my “James gut haha” says she will. Never know I guess maybe Kryssie will get it. Still a lot of variables to play out yet…..


The sisters is no more of a threat then Jason/Krissie Or Justin/Whitney. Just because they are blood related they still are playing their own game. some people can get so mean when their favorite player is doing nothing to win & someone that is playing wins.


Best news today would be Krissy gets AM and Alex’s chip gets pulled for veto. Then it will be Dani/jason/krissie vs. shelby/alex/whitney. The only reason whit is a vote for us is because Shelby gets to pick her renom. Krissie has no chance in a endurance veto (which is what i heard it is) so she is not really a player for the other side. So its 2-3. We would have the advantage. We need a good chip pull. it will be either Justin or Alex or Morgan.


What does young beautiful intelligent women have to do with the GAME? This isn’t a beauty pageant unfortunately. BB has always had young, beautiful women competitors on it, some not so intelligent but usually very pretty.


Twitter has been pushing hard for a a Alex vote. I voted Kryssie. The LNC are just to crude for me. I hope its Kryssie. If not the Ballsmashers are probably done.

Vote for Decency

Vote Kryssie for America’s Nom!!


Do confused how anyone can like krysie over alex alex is probaly 1 of the best female players in history if the game


One of the best female players in the history of the game!? LOLOL. You’re trolling us, right?


Kryssie has burped into the microphone more than anyone in BB history.


Have you ever heard of Danielle Reyes? Janelle Pierzina? Rachel Reilly? Vanessa Rousso?

Alex is not even in their league. Sorry.


America’s Nomination is Alex

Veto players are Danielle, Whitney, Alex, Morgan, Jason, and Shelby. Veto starts at 1pm


Upon further review, with Alex and Morgan both now playing in the Veto, if Shelby or one of the Sisters wins the Veto, they will probably take Alex down. That would leave it Dani vs Wheatknee. Who does Justin vote out? Who does America Vote out?? This could get very, very interesting starting this afternoon!


Wait doesn’t Shelby play too because she’s co hoh?


Opps forgot Shelby.. Thanks!

Bronte's Zen

It was only a matter of time before production interfered. They just can’t have nice things…


Maybe Alex being AN isn’t bad after all, the veto picks are definitely in their favor. Just need Alex or Morgan to win veto, and then Danielle will go home for sure. I bet Danielle is regretting volunteering going on the block now, not that it would of made a difference. Cause she was gonna be Jason’s nomination anyways, with Kryssie and Justin still would’ve remained safe.


Ray to say Alex is one of the best females ever to play BB is a joke. Whatever you,re smoking …….please share.

I hope this isn't a prediction of Tuesday's Election

Alex has been nominated for eviction and not Kryssie. At least Morgan is playing in the veto.


Yesterday someone was on this site defending Danielle about Justin holding her hand and she was upset about it. Well how do you explain her laying all over Justin rubbing on him right now. That’s exactly why people call her out for way she comes across. I hope she’s the one to go home on Wednesday.

Uncle Teddy

Danielle going home this week would be the boneheaded move of the season. She should have been lobbying HARD to stay off the block. When you’re coming off an HOH-Veto winner week, you should lay the F low. Dumb


Please send a miracle……so disappointed ???? I can’t stand Danielle or Krusti.


Lets GO Danielle, lets Rachel Reilly this out!!!!


Jason wins the Veto


And this is why there should be no care packages, America vote or interactive element to the game. We’re now going to lose the best player in what was already a wonderful season.


Please. Don’t cry.


America…you can go f*ck yourself!!


The LNJ still might vote out Morgan or Whitney because they are eligible for care packages!


Well, this SUCKS!


Well that sucks, worst case scenario and Alex will more than likely go home. It’s just amazing to me Kryssie didn’t get nominated by America and it doesn’t seem right to me for some reason. Oh well just a game…


now If morgan or alex do whitney wrong like that I don’t know who to give the next care packages to
I might give it to Justin


im not giving America carepackage too morgan next look how she talking about whitney
I didn’t not think Shelby or alex or morgan whould do that yes from Jason team but not theirs
im give the next care packages to Justin


Couldn’t be better. The Snots are gonna lose a member on Shelbey’s HOH. And all the hateful people on this board are gonna moan and groan. Good stuff.


How dare Whitney play her own game and not play FOR those other three girls. They knew she was playing both sides, and now are bent out of shape about it? They are now going to show their claws? How many ways do you show her she is #4 out of 4 on your side before she tries to make other alliances? I think they should have come out of their rooms and tried a little earlier in the game to mingle with the other side, whether you hate them or not.
You have proven your word isn’t good, and at this point trying to make deals with anyone is a joke. Noone believes you. And to top it off, the other side lied to you? How dare they. Entitled little brats!!!


Exactly Alex and Morgan made deals they knew they wouldn’t keep and now they want to complain someone lied to them? I can’t stand Alex. She only plays when things are in her favor otherwise she just hides and crystal and complains with Shelby.