Power Of Veto Winner Results! Tyler “Its alright.. I’m not staying in jury”

Head of Household Winner
– Dani
Have nots – Da’Vonne, David, Ian
Nominations David Tyler and Kevin
Power of Veto Players are – Ian, Kevin, Dani, Tyler, Enzo, Da’Vonne.
POV Host: – Nicole
Power of Veto holder – DaVonne
Power of Veto Ceremony
Powers – Christmas, Dani, David
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2:25pm The live feeds return – DAVONNE won the veto!
Davonne is in the kitchen holding the tiniest veto in BB history. Dani – it was really hard. Nicole – could you see how each other were doing at all? Dani – No I couldn’t see at all. Nicole – that’s what I thought. Dani – If I stepped back I could see Ian’s but that is the only one that I could see. That was the weirdest comp I’ve ever seen on BB before. They talk about Enzo was cheating my going past a barrel. Dani – they said if you do it one more time we will give you a time penalty. Enzo – we got yelled at .. we got cursed at!

Backyard. David and Tyler.
David – DaVonne won her first comp! Tyler – MMmhhnmmm. Christmas joins Tyler. David leaves. Christmas – you’re not going home this week. Tyler – I think I am. Christmas – no, its not happening. Tyler – no I think I am .. Dani and Day have some sort of alliance. A girls thing with Nicole .. and now that Day won they’re going to hype it all up. Christmas – no way. She will have to put up Ian. Tyler – No she will put up Enzo. Christmas – they need to tell Day not to use it.. Tyler – Day is not going to let Kevin just go out. You know?! And Dani is going to be forced to flip to Day’s side. Christmas – what did did Dani say to you? Tyler – she didn’t say nothing. Christmas – are you kidding me? Tyler – she said lets make chicken nuggets. Its alright .. I’m not staying in jury though..

2:45pm Bedroom. Tyler and Cody.
Tyler – if Day uses it on Kevin .. Dani will put up Enzo. Cody – who said that? Tyler – Dani. Cody – no shot. Tyler – if she doesn’t then she loses Kevin.. and she has no one. She needs to keep Kevin. Cody – say if you were Dani .. I would be pissed. Tyler – there is a girls thing. Cody – it would be so stupid of her to do that and have to put someone else up. Tyler – Dani is going to be forced to. Cody – you think Day is going to do whatever the f**k she wants? Tyler – because if she doesn’t then Kevin is gone. Everyone has to tell Day that they’re voting me out (So that Day won’t think that she needs to use it to save Kevin.) Cody – I don’t really want to do that. Tyler – just up until the veto ceremony. Tyler – there is a girls alliance .. Dani, Nicole, Day .. and Christmas is on the outs. Cody – how do you know that? Tyler – Christmas told me. Cody – no f**king way. Christmas is on the outs because of what went on. Tyler – if Day thinks everyone is going to vote me out .. she won’t use it. Cody – why would she force Dani to do that .. that would be so bad. We just have to make it seem like 100% you’re going home. I don’t think she is going to use it.. that would be a bolda$$ play.

3pm – 3:20pm HOH room. Dani and Cody.
Cody – he was 1 million % convinced .. Day has no one in the house .. she is going to force her to put up Enzo. I was like why would Dani do that it would be obvious that she is trying to play both sides .. he was like Day is going to make her do it so she is going to have to say yes because she is going to use it no matter what. I was like BRO I do not think Day is going to use it. I was like I can just not see that happening. Dani – I think there is more to him and Day that we think. Yesterday he was like I need to throw Day up there and tell her she is a pawn. He kept saying it over and over and over again. Cody – yesterday he was positive you would put up Enzo. Dani – he told Day that I was coming after her .. and then he continued to tell her that I was coming after her. So if he could get me to put her up he would be like I was right the whole time bla bla bla. To make me look bad and him look good. Like I am not putting up Day .. I would never! Like that would be just dumb for me to do. Kevin is going to campaign hard to her to use it. Cody – he was like maybe I need to stage a fake fight .. and I was like what?! Tyler walks in and the conversation ends. Dani – are you okay? You look a little nervous. Tyler – I am nervous.. that was the only thing we could not have happen. If she uses it you know?! Dani – I don’t think she will .. it would put her in such a bad spot. Tyler – she might be forced to use it because she knows if Kevin goes .. it is her numbers you know!? Dani – as far as I know and I haven’t said anything to her .. she thinks you’re going home. Tyler – we just need her to keep thinking that. Dani – don’t freak out .. I’ll pick her brain and find out. Dani – what if there is another power? Like I will just die!! I am done! Like for real! Tyler – she is going to use it on him I am telling you .. unless she is super secure and she thinks you would be pissed. Cody tells Tyler to stage a fight with Memphis because he is a hot head. Dani – you should stage it with Cody ..he’s the actor. Cody – no one would believe him and I are fighting over nothing. Dani – that is true. Nicole joins them. Tyler – I could start a fight with Christmas .. everyone fights with Christmas. Dani – lets remember its not like its Bay sitting up there. Tyler – at the end of the day he is a number for her. Nicole – a fake fight would be cool. I think you’re going to be fine. Dani – I need to talk to her before anyone does anything.

3:20pm Backyard. David and Kevin.
David tells Kevin that he won the Disruptor power. David – What power did you get? Kevin – I didn’t get anything. David – would you tell me? Kevin – now that you told me.. I would take myself off right now. David – I just don’t know what the other power would be. Low key .. I think Tyler has one that’s why he is so chill. That’s why I need to convince Day to take me off because he is going to use his power and come off. Kevin – there might be the opportunity for you to tell her that you won the power so that she will want to flush the others out.

3:45pm Storage room. Day and David.
David – YO.. they are shook! They are so shook! Day – I probably was the backup. David – yes. Day – probably was the back up.. so now what… David – do you think you will save Kevin? Day – I don’t know. I want to talk to Dani and see where her head is. David – if you did take him down it would show more of her cards and get more blood on her hands. David – Can I tell you something.. I had the power (Disruptor power).. I won my first comp too. Day – I knew you did!! She hugs him. I’m so proud of you. David – don’t tell anyone. I don’t want us to become bigger targets. David leaves. Day talks to the cameras. I ain’t telling you sh*t! I don’t care! I don’t care! I don’t care! I don’t care!

3:55pm – 4:15pm HOH room. Day and Dani.
Dani – oh my god I am so proud of you!! That was so hard! Day – Tyler was doing so good. So as you know Kevin immediately snapped me up.. to use this thing on him so bad. Like on the line of our friendship. Dani – he pulled that with me too! That is too much! That’s not nice! Day – he said this is going to say a lot about our friendship. So this just stays between me and you.. there is you and Nicole. You and Nicole both have Cody. To some degree you and Nicole both have Tyler. Dani – I don’t feel like I do at all. I promise that is being for real for me. Day – okay .. Cody has Tyler, Enzo and Ian. Somewhere Memphis is trying to get in ya’lls cracks. Christmas is attached to Memphis. Christmas is attached to Tyler. Cody and Enzo have each other with David trying to get in there. Kevin is frantic and then there is me you and Nicole. IN the you Cody and Nicole I know I am a plus one. Dani – I love Nicole. I love Cody. There is no final 3 with them. Where do you want to be in your map in your mind. Day – I need Kevin to stay in this house. What are .. because you don’t have options. What about a Memphis. Dani – Memphis .. I don’t see as a threat. Day – but if he is on the block next to Tyler .. Tyler would go. Dani – so you want to use it? Day – I don’t know .. if you were a viewer what would you be telling me what to do? Dani – WHat I do worry about is if you do pull him off … the whole house would see a spot light on you. Day – why? Dani – because it makes you two a pair. Day – thats what I do not want. Dani – if you took Kevin off .. the only option I would have is to put up the ultimate pawn so that Tyler does go home. Day – I feel like youre only two options are Ian and Enzo. Dani – I can’t put up Ian .. he would have a heart attack! Day – how close are you to Christmas? Dani – not at all. Day – Christmas has a power. Dani – she told you? Day – no I was standing next to her. Dani – oh man. We need David to confess to you so that we know how long she has to use it. I don’t think I can put Enzo up. We’re tight with him. Day – I know. I want to be loyal to you but in this game I also don’t want to throw away one of my numbers. Dani – maybe I’ve have a deep convo with Christmas. We have to plan this .. if this happens .. then Kevin needs to do the things that I want too. Day – he knows.. he basically becomes a puppet.

HOH room. Christmas and Dani.
Christmas – did she say she is going to use it? Dani – no she is just really worried about the powers and doesn’t know what she is going to do. What if she uses it? Christmas – you will have to put up one of the others. Dani – who? Christmas – there’s is literally only two. Dani – this will put me in the worst position in the house. Christmas – you know you have the protection of the comity and Day. I don’t know what your standing position is with Ian or Enzo. Dani – I am cool with them. Christmas – but it just doesn’t make sense to cannibalize our own. They agree that it had to have been David who won and used the disruptor power. Christmas – why would you even f*king say that if you’re not going to say sh*t.. I get frustrated. Christmas heads down stairs.

Kitchen. Kevin and Day.
Kevin – did she (Dani) offer her second born child? Day – no. She was more so please don’t put me in this position. Kevin – I was talking to David and I was like man there was a moment last week where the two of you were on the block and I was like there is no chance the three of us will get further ahead. There might be a chance this week where all three of us are safe. Day – Yup! 100!

4:50pm – 5:15pm Bedroom. Kevin and Christmas.
Kevin – are you and Dani close? Christmas – not really ..when I went up there she gave me nothing. I don’t know if Day is going to use it or not. Its her first win so she can use it if she wants. She is freaked out by these powers. You would have me, Enzo, Day, and most likely David. Kevin – he told me the same thing last time which was the same as what Enzo said .. yes but I have to talk to people .. so it gave him an exit plan. Which it is early, the veto hasn’t even been used. Christmas – if she did use it, it would be on you. Kevin – and Tyler might have a power. I don’t know his personality well but he seems calm for being on the block. Christmas – he is freaked out.

5:55pm Backyard Hammock. Nicole, Ian and Cody
Ian – If someone that we’re not in with has a power that gets to pick a replacement. There is not a lot we can do about that. Nicole – but we don’t want the veto to be used. Ian – we don’t it to be used at all so here is what we do we need to focus on the veto not getting used. Then if it does get used… Dani picks the replacement.. if that falls through because of a power then we can think about what to do after that. One thing we can control .. the other stuff we can’t. Nicole – Kevin is going around seeing whos votes he has. I feel like everyone is scrambling secretly. Ian – it is just power paranoia. No one panic .. just stay calm. Focus on what we can control. We can control whether the veto gets used or not.

6:10pm Kitchen. Kevin and Day.
Kevin – Who would have thought we would be in this position. You went from being on the block to having the most power in the house. Day – I’ve got to win HOH. Kevin – remember when we talked .. we have to make it count. When we get power we have to make it count. Day – you’re right, you’re absolutely right. Kevin – she is going to have to draw a line and you don’t have to get your hands bloody. Kevin – After talking to Dani.. how do you feel? Day – she is terrified which lets me know there is a web. Kevin – This will help clarify it.. we can use this to expose it.

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Lady E

I would like to see Da take Kevin off the block, and Xmas go up as a pawn.


me too then they can vote Christmas out.


Cody told Dani if Xmas goes up she will be the target.

Soul child

But then Xmas can use her power and take her self off can’t she? Unless she believes everyone that Tyler is the target.


Don’t think so, as I’ve seen it written out it’s “Christmas – blocks someone from being a renom. During Veto ceremony after Veto is played”

Game fan

Same but replace xmas in enzo.
That would be amazing ?
Day would be stupid not to use the veto


Xmas still has that power than can block somebody from being a renom. Let’s see if she will use it tomorrow


Me too, then Xmas uses HER power to block the nom and Dani is forced to choose yet another. And all Hell breaks loose as people see where they are in the boot order and new alliances are formed. Please BB gods, give us SOMETHING to care about this season.

Carolyn Hausey

Me 2. Christmas Deserves to Go on the Block with Her “UNTOUCHABLE”. ???

another name

Given probable restraining order, do you mean her ex’s new gf?


Day isn’t a good player so she won’t use it

Boring Ass Season

Oh geez……Da one “a’ comp. We’ll never hear the end of it. Ugh!


At least we don’t have to listen to Enzo continue to complain that she never wins anything.


Exactly! And while Day is not good at comps Enzo who made it to final 3 and won ZERO comps has complained about Day all season. And now he has won, only one more comp than her. He is really gunning for the runner-up position!

Lady E

Enzo won a veto on BB12. I was just saying that Da had taken Kathy’s crown. I stand corrected LOL.


He came right out and said he wouldn’t use the veto had he won. How is he a big game player if he wanted Ian out? He would do what the group wanted even though he had a power? At least Day is considering using it. Looks like he’s all in for 3rd runner up!!


Exactly! All while he is saying he is saying he would help an alliance that has him at the bottom. Same as his season.


Think they threw it?


I believe Nicole and Ian are the only houseguests who haven’t won anything, and probably deliberately since they’re the two previous winners.

Big Baby

Davonne is still the worst Big Brother competitor ever – one POV in three seasons still proves she sucks and is worst contestant we’ve ever seen in competitions….. I mean it only took Victoria one season to win a single VETO!


I agree Day is not good in comps in fact it is possible she sucks but in fairness she did not last that long in her first two seasons. In terms of total days she might have the same as Enzo and Memphis who both made it to the finals in their seasons and won no comps(I believe) so in essence Memphis and Enzo has won one more comp than her. If she sucks, which is probably does, I don’t think we can’t say yet that they don’t suck too. She has one win they have two and spent about the same amount of days in the house. She was like third in her first season and the first juror in second that is probably less days than a person who made it to the finals which might be worse because as the game goes on there are less than 6 people playing so the odds are even higher to win a comp. Day is bad but so far there might be a few more not far behind.


I agree. That is a much better comparison than the fact that this is her 3rd time in the house and their 2nd. It is much harder to win a competition at the beginning of the season than it is later on, and she only barely made it to jury before. There are tons of players over the years who went out in the first 5 or 6 weeks who never won anything.

At the end of the Mama Da

Well to be fair, she went out second week her first season. And was first in Jury on her second.

Big Baby

People we really can’t be joking Davonne is the worst competitor we’ve ever seen at this game!
And her track record is complete proof. It took a third season to get a VETO.
It took Victoria only four weeks to win a veto in the big brother 16 house. Davonne is a horrendous Competitor and you know it she even threw her ally Bayleigh under the bus when she told Christmas that she wanted Tyler’s head on a platter
When Christmas put them both on the block, Talk about an awful social game and yet she can’t even recognize when you tell someone this is my final 2 is strictly game and not personal Davonne.

Davonne NEVER even deserved a second chance in the first place!

Master Plan

The hate Day is gettin on this site is distasteful. She got a second chance cause of her entertainment value. Boogie went out the first 3 weeks his first season and got invited back for all stars. So stfu. Is she the only one on the cast that doesn’t “doesn’t deserve” (according to a nobody on a BB site) another chance? Absolutely not


Finally! We are about to have interesting feeds!


Maybe, fingers crossed!

Boring Ass Season

Oh, I know….won……


“I’m not staying in jury, though”… Meaning he’s going to jump ship or he plans to win a Battle Back? I was a Tyler fan in BB20, so I’m sad to see him struggling this season.

What’s even harder is the lack of likable people to root for this season. I know it’s bad when I’m actually starting to root for Enzo.

Boring Ass Season

There is NO battle back……

Golden Gate Granny

They don’t know that like we do.


Yes they do. Julie told them the 1st 5 people have been sent home and now peeps are going to jury.

Golden Gate Granny

Just as she has during the seasons there has been a battle back. Julie doesn’t prepare them for the unexpected.

Just Sayin...

They’ve had jury members battle back in the past.

Golden Gate Granny

I feel the same. I’m in camp Tyler or Enzo too, weirdly. But, I just re-watched that lil interaction between Crazymess & Tyler and realized his superpower is his body language.

I think, well… I hope, his “defeatism” is now an act. I’m kinda ashamed it’s taken me this long to figure out what makes him such a good player (and a super dangerous liar). He says sooo much with few words. Now Xmess, thinking Enzo would be the one NO ONE would vote out renom, may get stupid(er) on her own and save her “ride or die” being the loyal pitbull she is.

Meanwhile, he’s planting seeds with Cody & Enzo to stage a fight/hatred of Tyler (himself) so Day doesn’t use the veto on Kevin. Which they know won’t work already. This goes to show Tyler’s not that down. Like he was just moments before with Xmess. He’s still running scenarios.

Or not. Haha. I wonder which seeds will grow. At least it’s finally gotten a lil more suspenseful.

The Beef

Christmas CANNOT save Tyler! Not when he’s already sitting on the block. All she can do is prevent a single person from being the player re-nominated if someone is taken down, either herself or someone else not already on the block. But she has to make that choice BEFORE the nomination ceremony takes place, so she has to be a soothsayer or prophet of sorts (or maybe just have insider information provided by Dani, which Dani is not likely going to tell her she is going up if Day uses the veto and Kevin comes down) in order to make it work for her.

But she absolutely cannot save Tyler. He’s already up there, and the only way he comes off is if DaVonne has a massive stroke just as she is about to say Kevin’s name, and says Tyler instead, which is about as likely to happen as DaVonne winning a competition (crazy town – I know, right?).

Game fan

Meaning he is going home and won’t participate in the jury !! That’s so lame!

Golden Gate Granny

He has more integrity than to ACTUALLY do that. C’mon. Sheesh.


And just like that poor sport Tyler is going to leave jury. I never understood the love for Tyler. His first season I found him to be bullyish and this season he’s like a super douchey bro. I hope he gets evicted for sure


I totally agree. It’s time for Tyler to go.


typical looser….gives up before the defeat.


Amen. so far he shows Angela is waring the pants and Tyler is the wife LOL
so pathetic he’s threatening to quit to go to his husband Angela. They should have given Paul or any other player his spot at the game. what a waste!

The Beef

You know, your “Mrs. Angela” shtick is really tired and so stupid. It only makes you look envious of the man for having such a beautiful wife, so why don’t you come up with something new to attack him about? It wasn’t funny the first time, and it’s damn sure not funny now that you’ve used it 10 or 15 times.

PAblo BB Fan

Mr. Angela is that you? Can you pls let your wife Tyler finish to play the bb game.


I really dont get the hate over 1 petty line. Was he being petty? Yes for sure. But arent we all petty some times when put in bad situations?
He didnt attack anyone, he hasnt taken it personal at all.
Hes the only one stating that for day her best move is to save kevin from the block since hes her closer ally, which is absolutely true, and hes stating the most likely person to be the replacement nom, knowing hes screwed against enzo. His points are all absolutely valid and he threw in there some pettiness just like most ppl do from time to time

Golden Gate Granny

I concur. Apparently there are a lot of people only reading the title and not the full content Simon & Dawg painstakingly transcribe or paying attention to Tyler’s innate character.

  • Tyler has proven time and time again his integrity matters to him more than this game. He did an unprecedented Kaepernick level PERSONAL move just a few days ago… true to his core value morality, character and integrity.
  • Tyler LOUDLY pronounced “I am an ally in the Black Lives Matter Movement!” and backed that up by his actions so he would not have ANY questions on where he stands regarding the racism accusations he doesn’t want to be tormented by anymore. He was willing to give up his 2nd chance at 500k to prove he’s an ally… after a true racist bragged (in great detail) about tampering with his last season’s jury, costing him the win.
  • He was dejected fresh off losing a comp he needed to win and muttered that in frustration. Think of how disgusted we’ve been with this season. He’s living in it. Cut him some slack and read beyond the titles.
another name

The conversation last night between Cody and Tyler comparing David using a power and lying about it to the OJ murder trial, with Tyler saying David murdered him?
not funny. not even close to accurate.


As if this season couldn’t get any worse now Day & Kevin are going to think they’re some sort of comp beast this season!


Like Xmas does?


and they are


From our keyboards to the BBGods ears! Let them become WINNERS!


but they are now, hoo haw…yippee.


tyler – “it’s alright..i’m not staying in jury though.” let the poutfest begin! as soon as things don’t go his way….entitled much?


I didn’t think Tyler pregamed with Paulie…


once janelle got the boot i really don’t care who wins this season.. it’s tough to root for any of these people they’re all unlikable.. i wish they would have cast a new crew this season rather than these so called “all stars”


Janelle didn’t even try to play the game. Queen my a…. lol

Lenora Sampson

She is and will always be the QUEEN

Houka Inumuta

I invited my friends on here on Thursday to celebrate Tyler’s eviction. Everyone will finally trust me when it comes to winning predictions.

Deez Nutz

I actually enjoy your posts! You are horrible at predictions however this one “might” go the way you think…


who do you predict will win the game?

Houka Inumuta



I hope truly he wins


Well things will finally start getting interesting.


what the hell! Da’Vonne is veto holder.. what is happening

another name

Grod had a hard time making it back to the studio, all hell broke loose, and now she’s going to have to offer Da’vonne her own bbaftershow to get her to not use the veto.


Grod’s calling the crew right now to ready pandora’s box.

another name

Christmas’ power is now to save 5 people and herself.


Lmao…lit-er-ally. Wouldn’t be a shocker. 😮


I kept reading about how tyler would win the veto thanks to production like all his comp wins have been given to him… and now when he doesnt win theres still this going
How many of the comps that tyler won on his season were timed comps that couldve been manipulated? I only remember one and it was in the first few weeks and wasnt pivotal at all for him… yet everyone makes it look like production would 100% throw the veto to him even after he didnt win any secret power which is so far the comp that couldve been staged the most
Its pretty curious especially when at the same time there are a number of ppl who are staying safe thanks to nongame reasons or being loud about it whenever they find themselves in danger

another name

i’m not very happy that house behavior seems to have given Ian an immunity idol.
Individual time comps will always be a joke to me, because if you don’t see the full comp (they could easily show it on feeds we learned that in bbott), then the comp results are dubious. I don’t care who the individual time comp benefits. If it’s not shown I don’t buy the results.

Holly, but not Jason’s Holly

It IS 2020!


Kardashians cancelled and Day wins a comp….what a week


for the kartrashians and trump in nov I would say good riddance lol

Pablo Loses Again

Trump will win and Janelle is still Queen of BB.


Janelle is queen but dump Trump.


You had better save some tears.


you cannot call queen to janelle since she didn’t win anything

Jordan is the queen even sssscole can call herself a queenlol

The Beef

Why am I not at all surprised by this post?


Like Bidan is going to make things better.

Golden Gate Granny

With 5 seconds of research, it’s clear they are not “cancelled.” They’re just moving on. Of their own choice.


Hey Simon, a real game begins muhhaaa!


Simon can you explain shiiitmas power?


Sh!tmaz – blocks someone from being a renom. During Veto ceremony after Veto is played

All Stars???

So Dani could end up nominating 5 people during 1 HOH.


what you mean renom. sorry im a little slow lol


If the veto is used, Dani will have to renominate (renom) another player. If Christmas uses her power it could be a Cody/Paul situation where yet another person becomes aware of the fact they are fodder.

PAblo BB Fan

So if day uses her veto on levin and dani nominated let’s say shiiitmas so shoiitmas can use the power to save herself or another ren right?


Yes, I’m not sure if it’s like Tyler’s cloud power where she has to use it before the ceremony or if she can wait until someone attempts to renominate someone.

Golden Gate Granny

This comment, right here, is such a tell all. If you don’t know the term “renom” YOU have no say in who is who status wise in this game. Janelle IS the Queen and the good, evil, Doctor is King. Neither have been de-throned. Still.

You’re commenting like David is playing, young grasshopper.


Cody finally freaking out cause Dani is not doing what he’s telling her too awe poor Cody


so nicole-f, dani, cody, enzo, christmas, memphis, ian and maybe tyler are playing oh so cautious cause they are afraid of kevin, david and da’vonne.
this season sux, the worst ever.
my thoughts.
fate is the hunter, dad

Johnny Depth



Is veto ceremony tomorrow?




The idea they think Day won’t use the power. Not enough convincing in that pregame alliance to make her feel safe, when they’re the reason she doesn’t feel safe.. I hope Krampus goes for the LULZ, but Tyler still wants to go, so let him self evict. Kinda cray to forfeit his stipend, but maybe Angela is worth it?

another name

Calm down for a second everyone.
Veto ceremony is Monday.
That’s a day and a half for production to work on Da’vonne.
That’s a day and a half for Da’vonne to have a dream that Tyler is a sweet wounded baby bird.
Prepare for the worst.



Dani won’t want to nominate anyone else so the real power lies there – If Dani can’t get Day not to use the POV then how much control does she have over Day & how can she truly trust her?

I hope they don’t do this dumb fake fight.

Also – how likely do you think Day is to keep the David’s secret that he won the power? I think she’ll tell Dani immediately who’ll of course tell Nicole & Cody. And then they’ll out it to David which will prove to David he can’t trust Day.

David plays this game with a different set of rules so there will be the potential for Tyler to still count on David at least as a vote. I can’t see anyway that Cody/Nicole/Ian/Christmas or Enzo vote to keep Kevin over Ty.

If Day ignores Dani and uses the POV – then what? Who does she put on the block? Christmas? In that scenario I think Cody/Enzo/Ian/Nic & probably David all vote to keep Ty. In fact, I could see a clean sweep b/c Kevin/David don’t owe Xmas anything and if they think Ty will work with them for their votes they boot Xmas. Day is still mad at both of them – so who knows which way she’ll lean.

If she puts up Memphis or Enzo then Ty is a goner and I just don’t see her putting up Ian with everything that went on this week. The fact Dani was ‘spoken to’ about Ian but no one else was seems like Production ensuring Ian was safe.

Also- your thoughts on Ty now potentially leaving? Grodner came in to make sure he didn’t leave pre-jury & now he leaves the next week? That can’t be why they forced him to stay right?


Are you seriously claiming that day needs production to make dumb moves in this game? Really?
Day the same person who thinks she has enzo completely on her side
Day the person who is fully trusting everything dani is telling her
Day who was thinking last night that maybe someome used the power on david

Yeah sure… just remember shes bff with dani now and may (if shes really bad) listen to anything dani tells her and may not want to put dani in that bad position to nom a 4th person when shes so sure tyler will go home anyways
Remember how shes been saying that the whole house wanted tyler out? Remember how she told kevin that against tyler the votes were there…
Yeah i honestly think she can get played without productions interference pretty easily

another name

I’m seriously saying that yes, she can get played easily.
But I’m seriously saying that production will also be in her ear with leading questions in order to get her to do what they want. We know this. They’ve already thought about what they WANT to happen.
They won’t go as far as forcing her to do something (come on, Tyler and the veto last week has coercion alllll over it).

The Beef

So you think Christmas had to be coerced NOT to use the veto last week? You’re going to have to explain that one to me because I think there would have to be a Hell of a lot of coercion to get her to USE the veto and put Tyler up! Knowing that Tyler was her final 2 – knowing that SHE was the HOH and didn’t want to nominate a 3rd person – knowing that Tyler is IN her alliance – How does it indicate they coerced her, when she chose NOT to use it, when that was clearly what was in her best interest from the get go?

Just because her best interests happened to line up with production not wanting Tyler to leave does not equal coercion by production for her not to use the veto. It wasn’t necessary. She had her own reasons for not using it.

another name

There was a lot of oddity happening on the feeds the in the day and a half before Tyler went to Christmas and the day after. Tyler was in one d/r for hours. Christmas was called into the other. twice. That doesn’t happen much as far as I’ve noticed.
1)Christmas comes out, does the “wtf is going on” 1/2 hour of watching the HOH tv suddenly thinking Tyler is plotting with the nominees (something that had no feed backstory to it). She stops watching before Tyler goes to the nominees. Comes back with Dani sketching about Tyler with the nominees. This entire thing made NO sense in feed continuity. It was way odd.
2) the odd urge to suddenly have a women’s alliance coming from a house guest that said over a dozen times that she was committee to the end, and wouldn’t play the game based on gender lines. another no set up odd occurence that would cover why Tyler became a target to his F2 i he couldn’t be convinced to stay.
3)Christmas meets with both nominees with the weird and totally spastic ‘i want you to stay’ conversations. With both nominees. We’ve all said who does that??? Nobody. It’s preparatory storyline course recalculation if Tyler stuck to his guns and walked.
4) The 3 conversations where the possibility of using the veto is in play. That was out of character. That was off. Right up to a few hours before veto. Just… felt off.

Here is what my tinfoil hat deduced:

Christmas was made aware Tyler wanted to walk. The house knew. EVERYONE knew. Production was making the mad dash to have a double storyline going at the same time in case they couldn’t talk Tyler into staying so that if he walked they’d have something to air to the episode only’s that don’t know about anything because they don’t bother with feeds. Once they had mostly cajoled or coerced Tyler, the made Christmas aware to drop the concurrent storyline stuff and insist Tyler stay. The coercion for Christmas is doing all of the double storyline crap to begin with.

Game fan

But.. oh no.. now that da’vonn won a comp.. how can enzo keep trashing her ? And the guy here in the comments who is obsessed with saying she haven’t won a comp in 3 seasons and didn’t deserve her second chance

Couple of guys

Every squirrel finds a nut eventually.

The Beef

Blind hog – ACORN!


I actually like (liked?) Tyler… but this crap about “I’m not staying in Jury…” – look. Just let him self evict. Just go. It’s so annoying, think of how many people would have loved to return to the show. Think of the people already evicted who would have been happy to still be there?

So just let him go, AND he shouldn’t be paid. Self eviction = breach of contract.

Yo.That’s it, yo!

Make Dani put up ANOTHER replacement (ala Cody‘s f-ed up HOH BB19) since Tyler is gone.

Day uses the Veto on Kevin.

Christmas uses her power so she can’t go up as replacement.

And we really see them all start to turn on each other.


I Hope Day takes Kevin down


“I’m not staying in jury” I’m honestly not liking the way these “all-stars” react to being caught up or on the block with the exception of Keesha, Janelle and Kaysar who respect the game

Game fan

Danni should of put enzo and tyler from the start ! They are the two who betrayed her . Threw her under the bus .. destroyed her name over and over in this game. Danni .. don’t freak out you nominated so many people cause at the end of the day it will be perfect if the last two on the block are the one who was really talking smack at you. David and Kevin would remain a sheild for you (david really made himself a big target ) and hopefully if they got power will go against the big guys.. not you.

Good Riddence

Dani will be gone soon. Everybody knows that she is playing both sides.

another name

If i just turned on feeds and saw Triple Thr3atened sitting at the table all cross armed and tense…. I’d be saying whoever has veto use it.
Just sayin.
They look like they are an alliance full of sweat stains and bitterness.
Kevin probably thinks they look adorable. eyeroll.
Da’vonne is probably trying to figure out why d/r wants to talk to her so much.


Thank you day and David for shaking the house and make it everything more interesting lol
this wanna be all Starrs sounds more like rookie lol
they focused so much energy on David if he had the power or not dude he already used it and there is nothing they can do about it. so dumb!
Just send mrs Angela back to his hubby Angela. maybe he misses his cucumber so bad…roll eyes

Day should use it and Dani should replace Kevin with Enzo so she forces Cody and gang to evict mrs Angela

Cody is also dumb Mrs Angela is not on your side but shiiitmas side
I think the one sitting pretty nice is sssscole….sssssssss

Kevin's Tears

Don’t count your pesos yet Pablo. Remember Tyler has the power of Grodner at his back.

Game fan

I’m wondering also if all this events on danni hoh made her wanting to play hoh next week or she doesn’t want to make her target even better .
She can actually offer her power to the next hoh .. asking for safety in return
(Imagine offering enzo to play again.. he would die for it . )


it’s doubtful she uses it b/c she already said it’s going to be questions this coming week which she sucks at. But to your point she could offer it to another person — I just don’t see her doing something to help another person do you?

The Beef

Personally, I don’t think Dani would ever do anything to help someone else in the game. It just goes against her nature and is not how she “tics”. Now she might help someone if she thought helping them would somehow help HER, but that’s about the only way I could see her doing it.

Otherwise, she eats the power and it dies when the time runs out. Seems like a waste to me, as I would just use it, take my shot this week and hope for the best, but these guys don’t seem to like winning anyway, in fact so many of them go waaaaay far out of their way to NOT win, so maybe she’s in that camp after this tough week of having to nominate most likely four people.


Is David still on the block I see Tylers name up there next to Kevin or is this wishful thinking?

another name

david used the disruptor power. he is immune for the week.
dani was forced to make another nom. chose tyler.
veto was won by da’vonne.
da’vonne is pushing to dani she wants to use veto.
dani is pushing to da’vonne she needs a volunteer to go on the block.


But will Da fall for the plan and leave Kevin up? I can’t see from her past decision that she won’t fall for the plan.

The Beef

She will……if she’s an idiot. This would put her in the Marcellus and Lawon camp of morons of Big Brother, but of course it’s not her ass on the line, but Kevin’s, so there’s that. He is an important number for her though, so unless she’s a complete imbecile, she should use the veto.

Day Makes Rockstar Look Smart

When has Day ever done something stupid??? if your a Day fan you need to hope she doesn’t use it on Tyler.


So much for Dani making sure Kevin leaves— this convo between Dani and Day is a joke.

Dani says it would be sh!tty to have to nominate someone else & as they go through people Dani gives reasons why she doesn’t want to put up Memphis or Enzo (and CAN’T? put up Ian).

Day has told her she knows for a fact that Xmas has a power which will give Dani pause on nominating Xmas.

Day is pleading to keep “MY NUMBERS” in the house including Kevin (so she’s letting Dani know that her alliance includes Kevin/David & the other alliance includes her/Nic. Likewise, Dani lies to Day saying she doesn’t have anything formal with Nic/Cody or others.

The thing is Dani doesn’t do much to dissuade Day from using the POV – other than letting her know it would be awkward having to renom & she would need someone to volunteer as a pawn (yeah – that’s happening).

As for Tyler’s comments about not staying in jury – I’m putting myself in his shoes. He tried to get put on the block and voted out b/c he saw the ‘story arc” didn’t include him. I do think he wanted to leave so Bayleigh would have a shot at a deeper run. Then Grodner comes to the house tells him – you can’t leave – we won’t pay you but don’t worry you are part of the ‘story arc’. So he stays to what? Then get booted the very next week bc Dani/Day decided to go rouge on the story arc?

As a BB fan – I want no Grodner/production interference but that’s not reality & why should he do what Grodner wants when she can’t meet her promises one week after making them. It’s no different than Dani shaking his hand that she won’t nominate or backdoor him until F6 and an hour later putting him on the block.

Ultimately fans are finally getting some drama and I’m mixed on how I feel. I’ve never liked Kevin’s game play and don’t find he adds much to the show. His wild takes are humorous but only b/c of how far off they are.

I do like Tyler and can emphasize with him that he outed people he wanted to keep (Janelle/Kaysar) for his alliance but Dani was running rouge through the house the entire season. He tried to take a different path & work with “the others” and they just sold him out to the person (Dani) who thinks she can have alliances with everyone and go off book when it suits her fancy. If I put myself in his shoes – I’m supposed to target players like Janie b/c it doesn’t suit Dani/Nic but they won’t work with me to take out players that might target me so basically I’m just a tool to get them to the end. No thanks.

At this point there isn’t one person’s game in the house I feel a great deal of respect for – so I guess Dani is at least giving me some drama to enjoy. Day’s current momentum is interesting & she should enjoy it b/c if she takes down Kevin she’s guaranteeing she’ll be on the block every week with David/Kevin until they are gone if any of the other guys or Xmas win HOH.

Memphis is lying in wait to kick it in gear later when it matters – his wall performance tells me this “back injury” is more strategy than reality. Cody is spinning a bit b/c Dani has lied to his face multiple times which has to concern him. AND if she’ll take out Ty now then why should he believe he’s her true F2? He has Nic, Enzo & Memphis all prepped to take him so I’m anxious to see if the target shifts to Dani the minute she’s not HOH.

Enzo has strong ties everywhere — but that’s about to catch up to him.

Ian I think is lying in wait, readying to take over (I hope) b/c he’s the only one I’d like to see win at this point.


I always love your posts 🙂
I agree with most of it. Idt enzo will be in danger anytime soon tho, unless he makes the mistake to win hoh. At this point hes sitting pretty with everyone and an hoh would be the worst move from him.
I dont think, as of how things are rn, that anyone would take him to the f2 so if he wants to be there he will have to win the last hoh.
Ian… idk yet. Im not a fan of the clear nongame reasons rn keeping him safe. Im HOPING he will do some moves against the core ppl to show his value as a player. As weeks pass his possible “team” to go against them keeps reducing and i havent seen him building strong bonds to other ppl, so he will be for everyone the 3rd-4th ally.
Lets see how much longer he can wait laying low, knowing that next week if cody/memphis/maybe enzo win he will find himself on the block most likely… unless the nongame reasons take over, which would be really disappointing
I hope this win by day pumps her up and gives her a lot of confidence so she keeps winning more comps
As of she being on the block with kevin or david next weeks if she uses it… that is gonna happen anyway. Everyone knows they are together so at this point not saving her closest ally and risk to lose him would be a huge mistake
I like tyler but i want drama too. It would be really fun if she uses it, dani tries to nom christmas, she uses her power and then dani has to nom memphis. I say memphis cause we KNOW she will try to talk enzo into volunteering but theres no way in hell enzo will be okey with that, especially since he wants to keep tyler
Dani will have to choose who to get mad at her memphis or enzo… and really any of them will be fun to watch
If its enzo, tyler goes home, but we know enzo will be gunning to get dani out!


Yeah – I’m not sure Day would be targeted though – unless her winning this POV makes the others consider her more dangerous. Prior to this point she’s been viewed as the “Victoria” you drag to the end BUT she often gets herself in trouble with what she says.

Ian and Tyler have the pact of not nominating or voting for each other & surely Ian has to see keeping Ty is better for his end game.

As for Enzo – you wait Dani is going to start turning on him – she just has her laser focus on Ty/Xmas at the moment & briefly off Ian b/c of TPTB.

The other aspect of this we’re missing — is NICOLE— if Dani goes to her & hints to her at all that she’s working Day to use the POV & who she should put up that will end up in Cody’s ears & then operation get Dani to convince Day not to use the POV kicks in.

Atm, I’m a little confused by Cody’s game play b/c he’s sure playing along with Dani that Ty needs to go in a manner that feels genuine b/c there was no need for him to share some of the things he did with her. If he was just playing along I’d write it off as him keeping her calm – but to share intel he didn’t need to feels like he wants Ty gone. Maybe I’m wrong but that sure seems to be his focus.

How Cody/Memphis/Enzo can’t see this is the worst thing for their games is beyond me. The minute Ty is voted out who becomes the biggest male target? CODY – and he wants to take out Ian well that will only increase the target on you buddy and they’ll gun for Enzo before they gun for Nicole.

I’m sitting here thinking – can you imagine the next 4 weeks being Ty, Cody, Ian, Enzo evicted? and a closing season of Dani, Nic F, Day, Kevin, David, Xmas & Memphis?

I mean this was already a lost season for me the minute Janie & Kaysar left but if this plays out how Dani/Day want I’ll have to find something else to do with my BB time lol. I guess I’ll dive into the NBA draft and free agency b/c these events would make for an even more ridiculous season than we’ve had to date. It’s funny – at one point I thought okay Ty, Ian, Enzo, Day, Bay can group up & they’ll use David/Kevin votes to flip the house. Funny how quickly things can change & someone you were pulling for becomes someone you want ousted immediately.


Yeah winning this comp prob wasnt in days best interest in the sense that she may now be seen as more of a comp threat. On the other hand, even if she is dragged to the end she womt win if shes seen as victoria and no one respects her game. Tho with these bitter juries lately who knows tbh, plus the whole blm and ppl trying to protect their public image.
However she already won, her comp status has changed already whether she uses it or not. She will be used as pawn in the future and they will also target her (the guys). They know shes with kevin already anyway, so risking losing him imo is terrible

And cody… hes sooo sloppy. I think he wants the noms to stay the same and to keep tyler. He told nicole he didnt want tyler out for 2 weeks and told enzo too. The problem with him is that while wanting this, he keeps making comments against tyler cause he apparently took day’s pill of saying every piece of thought that crosses his mind. And theres also the fact that he doesnt wanna piss dani off. He basically doesnt commit to anything and that keeps him from working to get what he wants to happen. He keeps bouncing back and forth about going with dani or against her. Hes made sooo many comments about it to enzo, but then when hes with dani idk if hes misted by her or if he just cant resist the flirting ways, but he ends up spilling a lot to her


I think Ian is the only one that will try to take Cody out..I think he will succeed too..just putting that out into the universe
I also think Ian & Da will be final 2


Actually it might be Ian & Memphis

another name

Note to Christmas:
Remember how Paul lost because he was being snaky about jury management?
Don’t offer a juror a vote you have no intention of giving. AND shake their hand.
You’ll never get that jury vote.

Wesley Sims

And where were all these naysyaers that Day could not win anything , lol.
It mixes up the game and keeps it interesting

Thank Production

And some people don’t think Big Brother is fixed.

Wesley Sims

Great job by the way Dawg!

another name

It just occurred to me
Christmas’ blocker power is renom block, not a veto.
Christmas can’t use her power to remove Tyler. He’s already a nom.
It can only prevent Dani from using a particular houseguest as a renom.
She has to stand up after the veto has been used, but before the replacement is named, and say that she is using her blocker power.
So Da’vonne has to use the veto in order for Christmas to name a block.




Reviewing this conversation – tell me Dani isn’t trying to PUSH DayVonne to use the POV (especially near the end of this convo)

Dani: I love Nicole, you love Nicole. I love Cody. There is no Final 3 between Nicole, Cody and I. I want to go all of the way.

Day: Me, you and Nicole made our agreement. I stand firm on that but I know you are in a position where you are very limited. I need Kevin to stay in this house.

Day: That’s what I’m say. Tyler would still go 

Dani: You are saying you want to use the veto?

Day: But who is the ultimate pawn? Ian or Enzo I feel like are your only two options.

Dani: I can’t put up Ian

Day: I want to be loyal to you but I also don’t want to throw away ONE of MY NUMBERS, so what do I do?

Dani: I don’t know. I don’t think I could put Enzo up. I would feel so guilty. I’d literally have to have somebody offer themselves as a pawn. Tyler is freaking out.

Day: Why?

Dani: He is like “I know she is going to use it”. I think he is really scared of you.

Day: He should be. He knows the mental shit he put Bay through. He knows I’m the only one that knows he’s telling you false info (???). I don’t have a pact with Kevin (LIE). I have a pact with you. If you really think it’s going to put you in a compromising position, I won’t do it.

(So this next section has Dani all but begging Day to use the POV but she’s cautious in her wording b/c she wants to blame it on Day not herself for the reason Ty is leaving).

Dani: I don’t want you sitting there and feeling stupid. I’m HoH, I can’t vote. I’m not going
to tell you not to use it, cause I’m not going to put you in a compromising position ever.

Day: If I did use it, would that put me and you in a compromising position?

Dani: No. I wouldn’t hold it against you. We need to make sure Kevin is going to do the things we want.

Day: He knows if this veto is used he basically becomes puppet. He is aware of it


This is exactly why i cant stand day as a player. WHY is she willing to do what dani wants endangering her ally???? See this has me wanting her to not save kevin and to watch him being evicted just to see if she learns the lesson!
And the whole “he knows the mental shit he put bay through” WHAT mental bs???? He didnt do anything personal to her on season 20 nor in this one. She actually believed her own narrative in season 20 acting like he did the worst thing ever when all he did was a game move. Period. And the ppl online who gave him shit for it are just … no words. The fact that he ended up apologizing even for playing the game they signed up for is so stupid.
And now day continues the whole portraying bay as a huge victim and tyler as the worst person ever. Worst thing is that theres a ton of ppl who avtually buy this nonsense narrative
Tyler said bay is an emotional jury and poisons juries… and you have bay admitting to it, so whats so bad?! What exactly did he do that was ohhh so awful?! He actually was so right about what he said that you already have day buying bays narrative and its obvious that she will NEVER vote for him and will poison the jury against him too
So annoying

As of dani, she wanted tyler out this week, its no secret she wanted to backdoor him. And shes right about it since tyler also wants her out. Now THATS game play and no silly personal bs


Yup — and the thing that drives me crazy is Tyler only tried to help them – he was looking for another avenue to take out the love triangle but instead of working with him they’ve turned him into some sort of villain. It’s bullsh*t.

But that’s what Day does best – mix up reality from fantasy.

Perhaps the funniest part of this equation is Dani b/c she wants to Victoria her — but Day is set on bringing Kevin & David with her, Dani, Nic to F5 — how well do you think that move is going to go over with Dani once she stops long enough to figure out that is really the direction this is headed? Dani can’t believe Nic/Cody are going to not stop at some point and go wait – so Dani is now in tight with a voting trio and we are their main targets — how does that benefit us?

Dani has already started poisoning that trio against Xmas,Enzo, Ian and Memphis and occasionally against Cody. She’s even worked to turn Nic – Cody against each other.

On one hand at least someone is trying to play the game — even if it’s really sloppy.

I feel exactly the same as you do though – but hypocrisy should be the name of this game not Big Brother b/c the hamsters always find a way to rationalize their own lies & slights and depending on how well they manipulate or position things make others look terrible.

They ALL make mistakes. Bayleigh had to address comments she made about Canadians when she left the house and her explanation made total sense. The difference is Tyler isn’t afforded that opportunity to explain. If he was he could say – look I told you (Bay/Day) the truth but you went to the snake and turned the truth against me – of course she’s going to lie it’s a f*cking game. Go ask Xmas if she was pushing for you 2 to be nominated and split – she NEVER wanted to keep both of you in this game and was the driving force to split you.

But again- – it’s a game so instead Ty ends up being the scapegoat while the liar Dani slides by without any dirt on her. Imagine if the HOH had gone the other way with Ty winning – then Dani would be the one getting exposed.

Unfortunately, Day has always demonstrated her preference has NOTHING to do with loyalty – she’s made no bones about wanting a black winner so even though she doesn’t like/trust David she’ll keep him as long as possible. Her other preference is a female winner. So even if Tyler had kept her safe & went to bat for her she’d still turn on him b/c she’d rather go to the end with Nicole who shafted her in her last season than take Tyler who sincerely wanted to work with her.

Hey it’s who can lie best, manipulate best and put their sins on someone else. Welcome to Big Hypocrisy – it’s the name of the game and at least for this week Dani & Day are winning the battle. Tune in next week b/c it won’t be surprising if the tables turn 180 degrees.

Master Plan

If you think there’s a chance in hell that Day won’t take Kevin off the block, you’re crazy. That conversation was Day covering her bases with Dani for when she does use it and take Kevin off the block. Making sure they are on the same page. ( I hope the DR doesn’t prove me wrong).

I’m really impressed with Dani gameplay. She targeted Day and Bay with the purpose of scooping up the other. I was mad at her for it but she has seamlessly integrated with Day. Dani knows she isn’t high on anybody “untouchable” list except for Nicole. Cody doesn’t even trust her fr, and she was definitely a target for Triple Threat. Not trying to play day will help her gain trust with the other side of the house. Tyler (her actual target goes) and to her alliance it looks like it just couldn’t be helped if day pulls Kevin off.

Next week comes, and Dani won’t be a primary target for either side.

David, Kevin, Davonne vs The rest of the house (with Dani on the backend)

The Beef

If you’re still impressed with Dani’s gameplay after this week is ended, let me know. I have a feeling she is going to be #1 on the hit list for a lot of players, including several within her own alliance, whereas before, she was just kind of an afterthought.

Yes, she still has Nicole and shes closer to Day now than she was before. Depending on what happens though (if she has to nominate Enzo, which appears to be likely), it’s going to look like she forced this showdown vote between two members of her own alliance, simply because she wanted Tyler out a LOT sooner than her other alliance members wanted to take him out!

What this tells them is she is clearly only in it for herself and doesn’t give a sh@t what they want or think. I believe Enzo, Christmas and even Memphis will be ready to make the move to take her out of the game, given the opportunity. Throw her up against Day and who do you think Kevin and David will vote out? Not sure what Ian would do, but there’s not much Cody and Nicole could do about it on their own, and even with Ian they are out voted 4 – 3.

It’s too early for this dumb move on her part, especially after shaking his hand and agreeing not to go after him until final 6 only an hour earlier. She’s a good liar for sure, and maybe she can lie her way out of this, but the others also know that about her, and I’m not sure they want to listen to her lies while sitting around waiting on her to stick a knife in their backs, like she just did to Tyler.

The Beef

Yeap, that bitch is selling her own alliance down the river just to get what she wants, which is Tyler out of the house! She KNOWS if Kevin stays on the block, the boys in her alliance will likely vote to keep Tyler, despite all of her comments to the contrary. All of the “worry” and “teeth gnashing” about putting up Enzo or Memphis is secondary to her to getting out Tyler, and she knows putting one of them up against him is probably the only way she can accomplish that goal this week.

What she doesn’t appear to be thinking about is how much damage she may be doing to herself with the guys in her alliance. Yes, Tyler may be gone at the end of the week, but Enzo, Memphis, Cody and Christmas won’t be, and while she will blame it on DaVonne, DaVonne’s mouth has often been known to explode and words said to her do get around. Given Enzo and Christmas aren’t real high on Dani now anyway, this could be the straw that breaks the camel’s back for them with her.

She may find herself on the block as early as next week.


“If this happens then kevin has to do what i tell him to do”
Excuse you?! The guy you JUST nominated HAS to do what you tell him to do?!?!
Dani is funny lmao. Imagine expecting the person you nominate and who would be taken off the block not by you but by his ally, has to do what you tell him hahaha
Worst thing is that it being kevin i really cant rule this out.
Everytime i hear him thank the hoh, the same person who just put him up, and agree to afterwards never put them up and work together, i wanna throw up
And day saying that he will be a puppet… i really hope shes just playing it up to dani.
Worst thing is that if kevin wins hoh i can totally see her backing dani up and acting like all dani did was help kevin

The Beef

That’s the thing about Kevin. He’s so weak, if he is taken down, he’ll crawl into the HOH bedroom and literally lick Dani’s shoes, telling her how grateful he is that she “allowed” this to happen. He truly IS a puppet, has no original thoughts, and no idea what is going on in the game, unless he just happens to stumble onto something (like the inadvertent Julie “lip reading” thing, but even then, he is likely to misinterpret the info he gets and spin it up into something it isn’t).

He needs to grow a backbone and at least stand up for himself.

Roisin Dubh

Wow, Memphis is sitting pretty. He’s just watching them all take each other out. He’s final 4 for sure.

Luci in the Sky

I’m shocked! Shocked I say. Never in a trillion years did I think Day would win a veto.
However there is no way Grod is gonna let her sweet baby bird ruin anything. And if that means she’s gonna twitch the twits around she’ll do it!


David: “Nobody expected me on this season. I think I was a pleasant surprise for America.”

Hahahahaha. Bahahahahaha. I. Am. Ded.


It’s a LONG time until Monday but for now— Dani seems to be doing more to push Day to use the power than stop her from using it. Sure, sure Kevin the most bitter juror in the house will let you puppet him the rest of the game ZOMG.

Christmas letting Dani know if she uses it then Dani only has 2 options (Ian/Enzo) tells you she won’t take lightly to being nominated and has ZERO intention on offering to be the pawn.

You have to believe that eventually Dani will have an AHA moment realizing if she puts up ANY of Enzo, Ian, Xmas or Memphis regardless of who stays they’ll be GUNNING for her b/c she’ll have shown her hand.

Think of the fallout:

Enzo: would turn him against her & then he’ll be badmouthing her to EVERYONE & letting out secrets. Cue Enzo telling Day that Dani DID want her/Bay on the block & Xmas/Nic confirming it.

Memphis: will just think everything Ty said was 100% true & Dani can’t be trusted so she has to go next & will work push for that to happen with Xmas, Cody, Enzo

Ian – would piss off Nicole and we know she simply won’t put him up b/c he might leave over Ty – Dani has made so many enemies already this week that she can’t afford to piss off Nic (unbeknownst to her Nic is already ticked at her).

Christmas – if she goes up (or blocks herself from going up) either way she’ll be gunning for Dani b/c she was disloyal to both the Commity & the girl’s alliance and she’ll get in each of Memphis, Enzo and whoever will listen ears about what a shady, untrustworthy player Dani is.

Maybe I’m wrong & Dani doesn’t care but she’s already soiled her relationships with Kev/David who wouldn’t have put her up ahead of the bigger players but will now. And if Ty stays YOU KNOW she’s his target unless she actively works to make sure he stays in the house.

I’m not sure how Dani lost sight of reality – by telling too much to too many people. Either via fact checking or directly from her mouth she’s let it be known – Ian is only safe b/c of TPTB, that she STARTED the girl’s alliance, that she has Commity, Slick 6, has two different F4 with Cody/Nic (one with Ian /one with Enzo), has a bond with Memphis where they intend to go to end (F3?), girl’s alliance and expects Day to control Kev/David to keep her safe.

If she doesn’t do some damage control to get Day to not use that POV she’s increasing her target exponentially by the minute.

The Beef

If the veto is used and Tyler goes, Dani is screwed. She may be happy for a New York minute, but when she finds out how many people she has pissed off in this unnecessary vendetta to “get” Tyler, even after they shook hands and agreed not to go after each other, I think we are going to see a lot of tears and maybe some “What have I done?”.

I think she got caught up in the fact she thinks she’s so much smarter than everybody in there game/scheming wise, and forgot that everybody can “see” what she’s doing when she’s HOH. Talk is good – talk can help – but talk is also cheap when you are putting your alliance members games on the line, and that is what she has done this week, all for her own personal gain. That won’t sit well with them, and they will make her pay.


Having said it’s a long time until Monday….

Dani is all over Nic for a lie she told & wants to settle the situation with Cody (Nic freaks out when Dani leaves HOH to find Cody & settle the matter).

When she returns she pushes Nicole to say she’ll vote out Tyler if Dani convinces Day to keep noms the same. AND so that Nicole can cover her ass she blames Tyler for her lie.

This is precisely what Dani wanted at week start to take out Tyler – she NEVER had any intention on not targeting him she just thought she’d be back dooring him.

The question is has she freaked out Nicole enough to believe she HAS to vote out Tyler? Will Nicole ever believe that Kevin won’t target her/Cody? If she does she’s an idiot.

At some point you have to think people will reassess – probably AFTER the POV ceremony. At this point I think Dani is focused on getting Cody/Nic to COMMIT to voting out Tyler so she can make Day feel good about not using the POV.

Ummm okay Dani- yeah let’s make sure you keep all your alliances set while we vote out people who will come after us.

The big question other than Day not using POV will be how much things change after the ceremony. At that point will Cody/Enzo and others click into wait – we can’t keep Kevin & we don’t owe Day sh&t.

YES – Day and David will vote him out BUT I simply can’t believe Enzo, Memphis, Christmas and Ian would vote out Tyler. Nic & Cody will need to make a choice as to whether they want to help Dani’s game or their own and if they’re smart they vote out Kevin and just say look – we can’t trust that trio staying together – we trust Tyler more. Or if they’re savvy they get confirmation that Enzo/Ian/Xmas/Memphis are keeping Ty & only one of them votes for Ty & they play dumb & blame David for the vote – no one trusts him anyway.

Should be a very interesting 24 – 36 hours and that’s BEFORE Grodner shows up to put in her two cents!

Game fan

Ian is very close to kevin.
And very aware to the big alliance..
He would want to keep kevin.


Okay Dani- you’ve trapped Nicole into a corner to blame her own lie on Tyler as a way to get out Tyler — kudos.

Next you want to target Xmas b/c she’ll be mad you turned on the Commity & Ty. Good luck with Xmas not blowing up all your alliances to the house (ROFLOL).

I’ll gleefully laugh my ass off when Nicole loses Cody next b/c of this stupid little lie that Dani nailed her on & pushed her into a corner knowing fully well Nic would never just own it and instead do the extreme by using Tyler as the scapegoat.

If this is the way things are going I’m all in for that trio of David/Kevin/Day winning the next 5 or 6 HOH’s. Keeping that voting trio in the house is playing with fire so put up Cody and Nicole & watch the meltdown. two of the trio who aren’t HOH plus Dani and Ian will keep Nic (BYE CODY). Repeat next week with Enzo/Ian up, next week whoever stays up with Memphis or Xmas, etc, etc.

Let’s get out Cody, Ian, Enzo, Xmas and Memphis. Why not? And then Kevin, David & Day can cut your throats as they sail to F3 & you have to live with them as the All-Star representatives for your season.

All the over playing – lies – hypocrisy deserve this ending for the worst BB season (forget All-Star season) in the history of BB.

Sarcastic clap from the corner.

Apologies but I’ve just about had it with his sh*tty season & the hypocrites are extra annoying today.


Tyler is a spoiled brat sore loser! My how the tables have turned! KARMA….. it’s all fine n dandy when you in a big group ganging up on girls!