Dani “If we make her not use it, then we have to vote out Tyler.”

Head of Household Winner
– Dani
Have nots – Da’Vonne, David, Ian
Nominations David Tyler and Kevin
Power of Veto Players are – Ian, Kevin, Dani, Tyler, Enzo, Da’Vonne.
POV Host: – Nicole
Power of Veto holder – DaVonne
Power of Veto Ceremony
Powers – Christmas, Dani, David
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6:27pm Lounge room. Tyler and Day.
Tyler – what up champ!! Day – I am so excited. Tyler – that is crazy .. three seasons!! Congratulations. Day – thank you. Tyler – I have to do my pitch though. I know you’re in a tight spot. I don’t want to go. I am not dumb .. I know the game. If I’m on the block I know I am out. I’ve got the stink right now. Day – I though you had the numbers to stay. Tyler – I need five. Dani won’t break a tie in my favor. Cody, Enzo, like David? You? That is four.. Day – are you close to Christmas or Memphis. Tyler – I am okay with Christmas .. I guess .. she is trying to build off last week not putting me up but I don’t have any game relationship with her. She life talks me and Memphis no. I feel like they’re in tight with Dani. I am okay with it though ..at least I didn’t get back backdoored. I got sidedoored. With you my actions have spoken to you ..like when we were in an alliance I told you who was coming for you. Even last week with Bay .. I voted for you to stay. I didn’t want you to feel like you were less on my list. I feel like my actions have been there for you. My intentions have always been there but I do understand how tough of a position this is for you. Day – this is just hard across the board. Tyler – do you know what you’re going to do? Day – I don’t, I want to talk to Dani because this will be 4 people that she will have had to nominate. Tyler – and if you’re trying to repair that for your game .. I see that. Day – but according to you she was trying to get rid of me so should I really care how much blood on her hands. Tyler – but if you’re able to build that with her. I’m a realist I look at all situations .. not just mine. Day – I want to play this game with you. I want to have a deep deep conversation with her to see what she might have in her pocket. Kevin obviously wants me to use it on him. I don’t know what to do. I will talk to Dani and go from there. Tyler – I understand and I won’t hold anything against you or her. Day – can I be transparent? I thought you had a power? Tyler – no, I swear on everything that I don’t. And if I did I would tell you because my back is against the wall. Day – I think you have the votes though Tyler. Tyler – no, I don’t. I was outside for 45 minutes and no one talked to me. Day – I can promise you this .. before the ceremony I will tell you.

6:52pm Lounge room. Christmas and Memphis.
Christmas – I have already told Kevin he has my vote if he stays on the block. (lie) Memphis – but how do we convince Devon.. DeVonne to not use it. We can all tell her that the plan is to keep Kevin and then blame it on some bullsh*t. I think if its me, you, David, DaVonne and Enzo.. we convince Day that those five are locked to keep Kevin.. then we keep Tyler. Christmas – we need Nicole on board. Memphis – Nicole is on board to say that too.

HOH room. Dani and Nicole.
Dani – she(Day) feels stupid if she doesn’t (Use the veto). And I’m not going to tell her not to. Christmas is freaking out. Which is annoying the hell out of me. She came up here and said well if she uses it you only have two options. You have to do it. I was like go away! Nicole – I thought she just told you earlier she wasn’t going to use it. Dani – she did. Nicole – what if she uses it and someone else has a power. She shouldn’t want to put you in that spot. That’s why I am confused. Dani – she doesn’t want to look dumb. Nicole – if Kevin stays and wins he is putting up Cody and I ..100%! Dani – Nicole, what do you want me to do? I put him up. Nicole – I think we can make her not use it. Dani – if we make her not use it, then we have to vote out Tyler. That’s what it comes down to otherwise we lose Day’s trust completely. COMPLETELY! She knows that there is a big alliance in the house. Dani – This is my plan.. the best case scenario would be I convince her not to use it because I guarantee Tyler goes home. The only way I can do that is if I get Memphis .. which he is already almost here. I convince him that Tyler went against our group. Nicole – I don’t think its a good ideal I would rather lose Day than go against the comity. Dnai – the only person I can put up is Ian. Nicole – yeah he would be shocked. Dani – I am not doing it. I have to convince her not to use it. I am not here to make Day look stupid. That is not why I am here. I will not tell her to not use the veto and then screw her over and everyone vote out Kevin. I will not do it to her.. I cannot do it to her. Nicole – she has more number 1’s. She has you too because you won’t do this. Dani – I swore I wouldn’t tell .. she knows 100% that Christmas has a power. She was next to her when she got it. Nicole – this is so bad.

7:20pm – 7:45pm Dani – and I guarantee her power is better than mine. MY power was the trash power! I don’t even care whos stays because I’m frustrated now. Dani leaves. Nicole – I have one ally I trust and now she is going to get him. Cody has to cover for me .. she will forgive him .. she won’t forgive me. Dani comes back. Nicole – I don’t want you to ever not trust me. Dani – its not about that its like why would she say that. Nicole – I did say it to Cody. Dani – that is freaking me out. This is a strike two for Cody so this is a big problem. BIG PROBLEM! Nicole – I am just trying to think of what the motive would be because he knows that you would tell me. Dani – if we get rid of Tyler too that would cut that off too. Nicole – I would do that. I don’t like Tyler. They talk about how Christmas is freaking out. Nicole – what is the plan with Tyler .. is he going to blow everything up. Dani – I don’t know. I talked to Memphis about this.. Nicole – do you think he is a saboteur? Dani – no I think he is very messy. He is a terrible player. Nicole he is caught in everything and everything leads back to him. Dani – if we can find out the powers last for three weeks ..then guess what week four Christmas you’re going home. If we get out Tyler, you and me and no one else have to do mad damage control with Christmas. Girls to the end .. whatever we have to tell her. I kind of what to put it on Memphis. Nicole – at this point I would put Christmas up. Dani – she has a power. We can’t do it. We have to wait. Nicole – during a double I am not going for David or Kevin.

8:28pm – 8:37pm Lounge room. Day and Nicole.
Nicole – Congratulations. Day – thank you. Nicole – I feel like you’re in a weird spot because Dani obviously doesn’t want to put someone else up but Kevin is your good friend. But I wanted to let you know that whatever you do I support you. Also I .. if you don’t use it .. obviously that would be good for Dani’s sake to that I would do whatever you want me to to promise not to vote Kevin out. I was a little worried that Kevin would put me up because he picked me and Cody. Day – No! Nicole – but I feel like I would rather .. if noms stayed the same I am scared of Tyler. Day – I know that Kevin is not coming for you or Dani at all. Nicole – I am not going to vote him our because I am scared of Tyler. But it would be nice to know he is not coming after me. The only reason I think that is because of that one thing. Day – no he isn’t coming after you. Nicole – I think you, me and Dani should talk at one point. I am telling you straight up I will not vote out Kevin. I will pinky swear, give you my ring, Janelle style.. not vote him out. I just don’t want to compete against Tyler and the fact that he is at the center of all these things.. I don’t trust him. But I just wanted you to know that I respect whatever you do. Day – as a viewer what would I be screaming at the tv for me to do. Nicole – if Dani is fine with it .. Day – I don’t have a pact with him .. we’re close but I’m not in an alliance with him like am with you.

9:10pm – 9:25pm Bathroom. Day and Kevin both talk about how David told them he won the disruptor power and used it on himself. Day – He [plays weird. Why would he not tell you that he told me? he does unnecessary stupid sh*t. Kevin – you’re right. Day – there is no logic. He is dumb. Its dumb. He could have told you that he told me .. we’re good. Kevin – when did he tell you? Day – right after I won. Day – he asked me what I was doing with the veto. I looked him dead in his eyes and said I don’t know. Don’t ask me sh*t! I ain’t telling you nothing. I am not telling him anything that he can report back to Tyler.

10:10pm Bedroom. Christmas is telling Kevin all about Zeb and when they first started dating. Meanwhile up in the HOH room. Cody, Ian, Enzo and Dani are chatting about random things.

10:25pm HOH room. Ian and Dani.
Dani – I am over being HOH. Ian – at lease you’re safe during this crazy time. I don’t think it will be used and if it does.. Dani – then I’m screwed. Ian – there is the chance that you wouldn’t even make the noms even if it was used. Dani – I don’t think that will happen. But I would much rather someone else pics the noms instead of me.

11:16pm The live feeds switch to the kitty cam.. somethings happening..

12:53am The feeds are still blocked..

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Why don’t they hardly give them alcohol anymore? Back in the day they would give them alcohol like every other day?


I know it made it more interesting.


It’s a new world. Fans would laugh off a lot more back then. Now, one wrong word, and everyone gets cancelled.


Yea, kind of like the thumbs down reply from this site (the best site by the way).


Yeah for real. Bring back the thumbs down. Why would you get rid of that? It was the best thing about this site.

Golden Gate Granny

How disrespectful of all the time, back breaking, ear shredding, computer killing, hard work, these gentlemen provide us with for FREE, to state that the thumbs down “was the best thing about this site.”

Pardon my bluntness but… you and everyone else bitching about that down & dirty quick & easy lil click of hate being eliminated are ungrateful and rude. I don’t miss it a bit.

Fraggle Rock bottom

By far the best site, however it’s just more cancelling of people’s voices. Either you have both the upvote and downvote, or no vote, then no one gets a voice to judge. We are seeing peoples voices being scrubbed by all the media giants to the point that would make Goebbels blush.

Now saying that, there was definitely a glitch with the up/downvotes. I would downvote, then it would also upvote automatically and vice-versa, very strange.


Scrubbed opinions? Aren’t you being a bit dramatic?
If someone disagrees or doesn’t like a comment they can just say so. If you have a point to make then say so. Who tf cares if you can up or down it if you can still say what you want to say??
Let’s just disrespect the hard work of the people who keep the site going and how about you make YOUR OWN site where people can happily care about the up or down versus the purpose of being here ie. spoilers, Content, info, ideas and discussion.
I come for the updates and people’s thoughts on the game. Not for up or down votes


There’s no glitch.
When you click up and you see that it also clicks down too, all that means is that someone else was voting the opposite way that you were at the exact same time as you were voting.

What happens is… after you’ve clicked on a “headline” from the home page (to read that daily update) you’re then brought to that headlines landing page.
Once there, your screen will not refresh the entire time that you’re reading.

When you click your vote, that will be the first time your screen has refreshed since you were brought to that landing page.

By the time I go to vote, mine will usually jump both up and down 2 or 3 votes (sometimes it’s even more if I’m reading an update that was just posted, because I know a lot of other people are reading/voting on it at the same time too).

another name

Because Christmas can’t hold her liquor. Especially when they’ve upped her anti depressant dosage. she gets argumentative.
Because Memphis is on pain meds.
Because they aren’t rewarding Autism gate.
Because Derrick said Allison, Cody can’t have booze after 11. He gets too sloppy.

Did you see the movie gremlins?

And way back in the day they actually got alcohol because they won it in food comps.

The Corey's

I’ve been in and out all season because of the one sided voting and single alliance domaince.

Am I missing something? Is Tyler a legit pawn or it this just the way for the 6 to hide their alliance becsuse they have the numbers to do this here on out?

Game fan

Started as a pawn. (But not something the alliance agreed or even talked .. there was no time .. david removed himself from the block with his power and danni had to pick on the spot)
Now he seems to be the target for danni and nic, but we don’t know yet how will it play out.


Dani has two topics of conversation:
1) Her power is “trash.”
2) She wants Tyler out.
We could just put these two statements on loop and that summarizes the feeds.

Oh, and she thinks Tyler is a terrible player, which is hysterical coming from a girl whose Dad had to drag her to the F2 when Tyler got there on his own.

Like Literally... Yo Yo Yo

Yeah, she’s projecting her weakness onto Tyler. Dani is a messy player & she talks way too much.


Tyler never made it to F2 on his own. Two girls carried him there.

Starry night


Fraggle Rock bottom

Yea, which season are you referring to. Good grief.


he got safety from production for 8 weeks


Tyler controlled the first half of the season extremely well. Once things were set up, he stepped back to make out with Angela and Kaycee stepped up and finish things off and since he and Kaycee were together from the start she pulled enough credit from the early phase to take the lead.

The Beef

Dani is a bitch who is in the process of self-destructing her own game. She thinks she’s a mad genius and that nobody notices what she’s doing (in broad daylight), but in fact her whole alliance is taking notice, and only those who are afraid of her (Nicole) will still be with her once she’s done blowing up any chance she had at winning this season.

She thinks she’s performing micro-surgery in “cutting out” Tyler from the game, but in reality, she’s bludgeoning her entire alliance in the process, and they are not going to just forget that.

She has moved from “nowhere” to #1 on the hit list for many of her own alliance members. Maybe there has been a dumber move in Big Brother history, as far as HOH’s go, but I’m not sure I can name one. Her ego has certainly gotten the best of her with this move. They may have to take her straight from the BB house to the nut house, once she finds out how many of her alliance members have turned on her. We know weak ass Nicole will probably stick with her (where else would she go?) and possibly Cody due to the whole pre-game alliance thing, but even Cody may bail on her after this.


I hollered out loud for real. So true!


u guys are just jealous that Dani is in power and she`s doing what she wants. She has nobody telling her what to do…..unlikely to what happened in every HOH so far

another name

HOH Complaint of Karens Faux Alliance meeting:

Nickaren and Evelkaren are trying to figure out whether or not to try to stop Notakaren from using the veto on that daffy Linda.
but more importantly they talk about boys. a lot.
Nickaren, trying to trap Evelkaren in a logic puzzle falls in herself and scrambles around like ham in a really disgusting spaghetti salad. Because Nickaren has fumbled the lie…. she’s going to glue herself to Evelkaren for the rest of the night. Get ready for it.

The Becky of the Karens, Garbage Day joins. It becomes all too clear that the Becky is not a Karen very, very quickly. She tries to coach loyalty… it sounds a little threatish in her choice of words. Oh yeah, that’s not going to make Evelkaren wanna scream. nooooo.
How to tell Garbage Day is not a Karen? They’re sitting face up ass down, she’s sitting face down ass up. Rookie Becky mistake.

Golden Gate Granny

Hahahaha. =) GenX?

Open Your Silly Eyes

I love this so much!


I’m confused Was David put on the block originally and took himself off with his power?


Awesome Thanks Dawg

Jaysar for all stars 3

I truly don’t know why Dani is trying so hard to be on good terms with Day.

From a game point, it doesn’t seem worth making your 6 person alliance upset this early just to keep from losing Day’s trust. Especially if she could just play dumb if people vote out Kevin. It’s not like detective Day will suspect Dani of lying.

Say what you will about Tyler and Dani not trusting each other or getting along, but Kevin is straight up more likely to put up Nicole or Cody, Dani’s closest allies.

While I would love to finally see a change in this predictable and boring season, I’d at least want it to come from GOOD game play. Lying to Day about having the votes to keep Kevin and then finally having a shocker elimination would be exciting.


Dani and Nicole are worried about their image on the outside. Now that Nicole has been dropped by sponsors she is saying she won’t vote out Kevin or David and they both are buddy buddy with Dayvonne. They’re both horrible people.

Master Plan

Nicole got dropped by sponsors because of Ian.. not Kevin or David. You just made that up saying she won’t vote them out. She said she wouldn’t put them up.

How is shocking Day exciting but shocking Tyler isn’t? This is a good game move for Dani whether you like it or not. She is looking long term. As should you since you worried about the entertainment of the season. One way to ensure the rest of the season is dog shit? If the big alliance keeps getting what they want.

C. D.

I do thinks this is a part of it but I think she actually may like Day. She had always said that she wanted Bay gone but she would work with Day is Bay was gone. I don’t know, it may be complete crap she lies so easily but she really may like Day

The guy

So… Something predictable is shocking and entertaining?


I agree but I think she likes Day more on a personal level and is getting sick of her alliance members(Memphis, Xmas, and Tyler). I also think she really wants Tyler gone anyway and using the I don’t want to lie to Day as an excuse(partially). She knows that if they keep Tyler then Tyler would be coming after her and Day too since Kevin was evicted…. Sidenote: Dani’s idea to possibly nominate Ian is smart if she wants Tyler gone bc that guarantees her the votes since Nicole would vote to keep Ian. If she nominates anyway else I don’t think she would have the votes.


Dani doesnt care about a personal level unless her image outside of the house is damaged… how many personal convos has she had with day before this week?
She has also made it clear that she wanted to take day till almost the end cause she sees her as a non threat when it comes to comps

C. D.

I dont think anyone is voting Enzo out at this point. Cody will vote out Tyler over Enzo.


Dani already confirmed she can’t put up Ian (although she’s saying she will to Nicole to blackmail her into voting out Tyler & helping her convince Day not to use POV).

The reason Dani has said Ian can’t go up is “b/c he’ll be too upset” the REAL reason as per Another Name is b/c she was warned previously for saying Ian was using being on the spectrum of autism as a strategy. The Powers that Be gave her a warning for that.

Then she made fun of his rocking to sooth himself and that led to the articles outside the house slamming her/Memphis/Nicole for being so insensitive & making fun of Ian. Cut to DR calling in Dani to tell her about it & discuss it. Interesting b/c Nic wasn’t told why just that she had lost sponsors & it had something to do with Ian.

The entire situation is very suspect that Nic/Dani are now distancing themselves from Xmas after last week’s fight & putting up the only two black females on the block (even though it was Dani/Nicole who told Xmas THAT was who had to be separated). How convenient for them to now act like they had NOTHING to do with it.

Dani only wants to target people who she isn’t intrinsically tied to which means Nic, Day, Cody (all 3 have F2’s with her) and Memphis. She believes Day can control Kevin to target everyone in the Commity plus Ian/Enzo ahead of her so she’s fine keeping them in the house b/c she can both be safe & beat them in comps.

For now it’s Tyler she’s targeting b/c he TOLD THE TRUTH about what she was saying then b/c Xmas is closest to him & would target her that means she is next on the chopping block. Then it will be Ian (to cut Nicole’s other F2) and then Enzo (to cut Cody’s other F2). This doesn’t have anything to do with her being bored of that alliance it has EVERYTHING to do with making sure the board is aligned best for her to get to the end.

And as per Another Name – the smartest thing Ty & Xmas could do right now is say if you make sure Tyler leaves you lose BOTH our votes. Force her to make the choice based on game not on votes or “perception” of your “brand” outside the house. Even though I find that whole thing with Kevin & Day really petty – they (Ty/Xmas) may need to lower their games to that level since it seems to work.

I’d have a hard time not snapping at Kevin & Day for playing that petty & calling them out on it. I’d be saying so you’ll hold any lie against me with your vote but I’m supposed to ignore your lies?

Georgia Peach

Sooo, they tell the players while they are in the house about being dropped by sponsors?

So they don’t find these things out later when they are voted out of the game?

The Beef

Oh come on! Dani doesn’t give a shit about Day! This is all about Day being good to drag to the final 3, 4 or 5 because she’s a weak player. Some of it may be about “optics” after all of the crap last week about Bay and Day on the block, and then Dani noms Kevin and David, so she may be generally “truthful” that she doesn’t want to make Day look bad, but in reality she just wants Tyler to go, so all of that is just a big smoke screen to get people to vote the way she wants them to vote, which is to vote Tyler OUT.

Of course Tyler will be coming after her! She shook his hand only one hour before nominating him promising him she would not come after him until final 6! But if Day uses the veto (which she will if she’s not a moron), Dani will most likely put up either Enzo or Memphis (she’s NOT putting up Ian, again due to optics since she was one of the ones making fun of him on feeds this week), two of her alliance members, instead of putting up Day, who is NOT in her alliance, which will speak volumes to her other alliance members. She is forcing them to choose between two of their own, simply because she wants Tyler out!

Not a good move on her part. She has single handedly blown up her own game this week, and she will pay the price for that sooner if not later. Just depends on how fast Memphis, Enzo or Christmas win HOH, then she is likely gone.

Game fan

“two of her alliance members, instead of putting up Day”

She can’t ! Day is safe as the veto holder.

And come on.. she doesn’t owe tyler nothing . Tyler said “you can put me up, i deserve it ! ”
It doesn’t matter if it was the true that she wanted bay/day or not.. tyler exposed her !
As her alliance members , they had the same target as Danni. But tyler didn’t need to tell them that.
That’s his betrayal that Christmas, cody, nic, Memphis all knew of before danni put him up.

The Beef

Of course you are correct that she can’t put up Day, she being the veto holder. But Dani had said before Day even won the veto that there was no way she would put her up, so even though she is restrained from doing so NOW by rule, the point is still valid because she would choose NOT to do it, even if she could, and she has told some of her alliance members that, so they know that information. However I do stand corrected by your point.

another name

jury issue. kevin is a no vote if she is responsible for his eviction.
da’vonne named the people she’d be bitter juror for if they backstabbed her.
She knows many of the jurors are bro votes. She can’t lose two more.

another name

Dear Houseguests,
If you’ve been ignoring Eeyore since week 2 or 3, suddenly running up to him and offering to save him without hearing a pitch is probably not the smartest thing.
I mean… a self pity junkie knows to the second how long you’ve been shunning him.

another name

couple tries. couple of guys. and a pack of raay min.
coming soon to cbs.
wedding’s not gonna pay for itself.. especially with the disinvitations and the sponsorships.


What are these sudden changes in nicoles thoughts???? Now shes scared of tyler? Since when exactly cause a few hours ago she wanted noms to stay the same and kevin to go?
And she wants to go after christmas before kevin and david? Christmas who without tyler would have her as her no. 1? To leave in the house ppl who have NEVER worked with her and that would put her on the block 100%?
This is starting to feel like protecting their image has become the only importante aspect of the game… if so just give a poc the win already

another name

Nicf was trying to lay a trap for Dani to prove Dani was disloyal. Nicf fell into the trap because Dani’s been holding a receipt for a while.
the issue: Tyler informed Dani about something that Nicf told him: a private convo between Nicf and Dani that Nicf spilled to Tyler.
So Nicf is mad that Tyler ran to Dani with private game information (i used that on purpose for a joke) that Nicf shared with Tyler.


Nicole always cared about her image more than anything else, till this day and nothing had changed. She’s playing a rat villain game but wants to be seen as the hero.

C. D.

Well the game is short term and she probably wont win anyway. I think she think her image and sponsors might be more important to her livelihood. She did this to herself. They know a camera is on them at all times and they are laughing at Ian who is supposed to be her friend.


She changed her mind because

  1. Dani caught her in a lie & went to get Cody to verify the truth but couldn’t find him. When she came back to the room Nicole found a way to blame Tyler for her lie (he had NOTHING to do with it).
  2. Dani jumped on that (probably knows Nic is lying & blaming Ty) & used it as a reason to get Nic to swear to vote out Tyler (which was always Dani’s goal at week start).
  3. Nic is basically just telling Dani whatever she wants right now – I’ll vote out Tyler, Xmas is the next target b/c she’ll be mad, and sure I believe you & Day will protect me & that Kevin/David will never target me & my true F2 (Cody)

It doesn’t make any sense unless you consider how Nicole plays the game. When she lies she ALWAYS blames her lies on others. She couldn’t afford for Dani to get Cody to resolve this one silly thing she said b/c it was a lie but it could put a wedge between her & Cody unless Nic can get to him first.

The thing is – Tyler is basically being scapegoated by everyone in the house for their lies – it’s classic BB – like when someone is evicted suddenly they were the reason why everything bad happened (see Janelle).

For now Memphis & Enzo are even playing along that they don’t care who goes which means Dani is ramming down their throats that Tyler HAS to go. If we get past Monday and Day doesn’t use the POV then I imagine we’ll see an abrupt shift to keep Ty. And, let’s see who comes up with something that gets used against Kevin — it wouldn’t surprise me if Day or David are the ones who slip up to the wrong person saying Cody/Nic will be his target and that will be all they need to change their vote. OR – Tyler will leave with all of Dani/Nic’s lies tied around his neck.

It’s absolutely the worst possible game move for Cody, Enzo, Memphis, Ian & Xmas to vote him out so we’ll see b/c that’s the five who could save him. I kind of hope it’s a last minute swing & we get the close up on Dani’s face when her plan fails. Barring that I hope Tyler buries her, Nicole and everyone on his way out the door if they do evict him.

Golden Gate Granny

Dani and Nicole are playing VERY scared now because of the magnitude of the Ian mocking backlash. Christmas and Memphis are also included in this, but don’t seem to care. Wonder how many more hot buttons this season can push?

This is 2020… ignore that last question. *facepalm*

The Beef

She’s a piece of work.

Seems to me she’s more scared of Dani than she is of Tyler.

And yes, you’ve hit the nail on the head. She’s lost sponsorship deals due to the Ian mocking, and I’m sure they’re very aware of the whole POC uproar when Bay and Day were nominated, no matter how ridiculous it may have been. Now they seem to be walking on eggshells to keep from offending anyone (we can’t nominate Ian – we can’t nominate Day). I guess it was okay to nominate Kevin and David, although I know there were talks about that too being out of line (what?).

Now Nicole is promising Kevin her vote, even though she knows he will nominate her and Cody? Is that because she is more scared of Dani than she is of going on the block? lol Or is it she’s more concerned about her image than she is with doing well in the game?

Game fan

She is promising her vote cause they want Kevin to feel safe so the veto won’t get used. And if he does , she can be on good terms with kevin who is safe for next week.


at this point it seems like a decent strategy to drag kevin and david to the end?

Feeds Gold

days first comp win after 112 days in the house over 3 seasons

will kirby i think holds the record of most days never winning a comp over 147 days over 2 seasons

in canada i regard cass shahinfar to hold the record, 92 days without winning a comp over 2 seasons, as the hoh she had in season 4 was won by her dad


Production inadvertently may have shifted the game when they allegedly summoned Dani/Nicole in the DR about their behavior…

In the long run, this may cause the committee to implode which is good from an entertainment perspective however i want their actions & decisions to be solely based on strategy and not on image/perception of what they think the audience wants [very intense situation] and above all else genuine.

All Stars???

Production often shifts the game, and it is not done inadvertently.


Funny how money is the only thing that can force Dani and Nic to change their strategy and behavior.


The fact that they know how they are bring perceived and altering their game (turning on their alliance members) is so blatantly obvious they got that info from production it’s bullshit! I know it happens but it’s like now they don’t even try to hide it. How do you root for anyone when they aren’t really playing on their own merit? On top of that aren’t even being themselves, just pretending to be whoever they think the viewers want them to be. It’s basically becoming a scripted show, no longer “reality TV” at all! Super frustrating as I’ve watched every season and WAS a huge fan. Now I find I’m more irritated than not…sad to miss a show that’s still actually in production! LOL


Please bring back the old Dani, I actually liked her.. made big moves and good TV, also didn’t dig herself this many graves with all the lies. Stop being a ninny!!! Have DaVonne use the veto and put up Enzo.. make your side piece Cody choose. Do what is best for your game, not his. Ughhh I’m heated!!!
Nicole is also a very terrible lair! It was funny listening to her try and get herself out of that lie with Dani. Dani knows she is lying.
I’m hoping that Dani and DaVonne swap info about Enzo.. how much Enzo was pushing for DaVonne to go up and how Enzo really wanted to backdoor Dani and wants her out.
COME ON! Give us some FIREWORKS!!

PAblo BB Fan

Exactly it’s gets boring when they are afraid to make real moves at this point everyone should gun Cody after mayday expose why no one is target him it’s beyond comprehension

another name

They are inside tonight due to another Wall Yeller.
I have no clue what was said.
Just listened to Cody complain about it.
(Like i complain about pregame alliancing.)

Then pets. oh.
Remember everyone, the Wednesday show is on Tuesday this week.

Golden Gate Granny

Is that why we’ve been on puppies & kittens since 11:16 BBT? Lame.

another name

Lots of rumors on social media.
but remember last week there was the yeller / drone that caused a feed block.
I still think it’s part punishment for feed viewers, part separate and talk to house guests about who heard what.

I also think they’re going to be nipping this no jury for me talk in the bud.

another name

Tyler Christmas and Cody were talking about going home instead of jury and voting from home as an option that should be presented to them… if I understood what they were talking about after the wall yeller convo.

another name

Okay. just going to say it.
This whole i’m leaving, i’m not going to jury stuff? Fine. leave. and screw your money because you’re in breach of contract. Give the whiner’s vote to the viewers.
Over it.
And to be clear, I actually didn’t totally dislike him before all this crap. Didn’t totally dislike is high praise from me. I hate almost everybody.

PAblo BB Fan

Did Cody and Tyler compared David lying about his power To OJ Simpson denying he murdered his wifey? How did we miss it?

Cody more and more is showing his true colors and sounds he is worst than his brother Paulie

Why no one is talking about nominating Cody or Memphis. Hope day uses it and replace Kevin with Memphis or Cody seriously.

O.J.'s glove

He does kind of look like a young O.J.. Just saying.

Game fan

You do realise that’s not day choice who Will be replaced

another name

I choose to nominate the tan dog and the black and white clumsy kitten from a few days ago. odds on a veto winner? It’s a how bad do you want it comp.

feeds return after what…. about 3 hours.
everyone is asleep except:
Cody and Dani.
Discussing putting Ian on the block and sending him home if Da’vonne uses veto.
So the potential at the moment is the two people saying the loudest that they want to quit and they have no intention of staying in jury… may be on the block together.
My sensors aren’t tripping at all here.
Conspiracy time:
Tyler is bitching and moaning so that they will keep him. Ian is bitching and moaning so they will send him out.
well sending out Ian will certainly stop autism gate and problematic behavior from a large portion of the pregame alliance won’t it. eyeroll. I don’t like him having an immunity, but I don’t like him being sacrificed for the images of asshats either. And primadonna noodlehead? Over him. The petulant baby crap? Done.


Agreed — this season keeps getting worse.

Just 24 hours earlier Cody had caught Dani lying to him about a bunch of things & was playing along with her but had told Enzo they would make sure to keep Tyler & would target everyone Dani wanted to keep once this week was over (read: Day probably first & possibly even Dani) but b/c they told them how they’re being received externally the actual game got put on the back burner.

Proving the point that The Powers That Be have influenced the game:

  1. After her first DR, when Dani learned how the fans received her Ian insensitivity she attempted to keep moving her own agenda forward and shift the narrative trying to paint Tyler with as many dirty brushes as possible.
  2. She followed this by citing Ian & Day as “untouchable” this week
  3. After Day wins POV and yet another DR visit – suddenly Ian is a potential nominee
  4. Memphis is considered as sacrifice b/c of how “hated” he is (interesting on the same day he plummeted to bottom of polls)
  5. Christmas who underwent intensive Nicole/Dani sessions to ENSURE she put up Bay/Day and then stepped out of line is the most undesirable in the house and but for the knowledge of her power would be going up as the replacement & likely voted out.

While I don’t condone Memphis or Xmas for their sleights are we also suppose to accept them as sacrificial lambs and that is supposed to what? Wipe away the fact Nicole, Dani & Cody were equally insensitive, rude & started or encouraged many of those conversations?

They weren’t simply bystanders and NONE of them attempted to stop that talk or stand up for Ian. And worse that we’re too stupid to know they are allowing the direction of the game to be dictated by social media influence?

How about TPTB just stop this pregaming nonsense, pick REAL players of all ages, genders, races & just let them PLAY the darn game!


autism gate?
nice job mocking the autism community and excusing bully behavior


Another Name’s posts = microaggressions

another name

Excusing bully behavior? I thought they were complete assholes for how they were talking about Ian from the first instance where Dani was saying he was using autism as a strategy.
I’m excusing nothing.


If these idiots don’t evict Tyler when they have the chance, they all deserve to go straight to jury


while the best case scenario would be Day using the veto on Kevin and evicting Mrs Angela , lets be honest its all up production. We have seen in the past how they have changed the game to fit their ratings. My guess is production don’t want day to use the veto so she ca get blindsided by everyone evict Kevin keep Tyler and let day go ballistic lol That would bring good ratings for production. I always say expect the unexpected with production. The whole mrs Angela I wanna go home to my husband song was a total lie. If he wants to self evict there are many ways to do it but he didn’t do it cause he believes everyone is dumb.