Frenchie “I want you to do whatever is best for your game. I would like the veto used.” Derek “Kyland right?”

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HOH: Frenchie
SAFE: Derek F, Britini, Azah
HAVENOTS: Xavier, Christian, Sarah and Alyssa
WILDCARD Competition Winner: Christian
– Christian also saved Xavier
Nominations: Kyland and Alyssa
Power of Veto Players: Kyland, Frenchie, Alyssa, Travis, DerekX, Tiffany | HOST = DerekF
Power of Veto: Derek X
Power of Veto Ceremony:

WILDCARD Winner: the winner will also be safe for the week (just the winner, not the winners team). With this reward there is risk. If the winning HG chooses to accept safety for the week, it will result in a punishment that may affect them, their team, or the entire house.

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9pm Tiffany and Claire.
Tiffany – I already talked to Christian about how you and I want to work with him. Claire – okay. I like X so much. Tiffany – me and you and him and X. And Christian told X and X said yes. Claire – perfect, perfect, perfect! Tiffany – we f**king love you. You know when I found out you were a gemini! Claire – yes, yes, yes, yes! Tiffany – Brit is a gemini. You and Brit are gemini. I’m a leo. So we are down! We connect!

9pm – 9:40pm HOH room – Derek X and Frenchie
Derek – I do want to clear some air how things went down day two. I felt like I was getting nominated. Frenchie – I told you not to worry about it. Derek – no I was talking about before all that. Christian won and I was pretty sure you were going to put up one of the other guys. In my head it came down to three guys: me, Travis and Brent. If one of us three have to go up .. obviously I play for myself first and foremost. I don’t want to go up and am I going to try and put Tavis up.. who I told him I am here with you. Or I could put Brent up who I hadn’t talked to that entire day. So I felt like my back was against the wall and I had to put Brent up but that was me playing with my heart and not my head. So again, I recognize the f**k up. Right now all I want to do .. I am here for my team. My entire team wants to play with you. And we haven’t had a chance to build out a fantastic relationship together.. and it makes sense because all these things were happening to me. So I just want the opportunity to rebuild my trust with you. Frenchie – yeah absolutely. Derek – and you gave me a second chance before I even got a chance to talk to you. Frenchie – I see something in you. You know survivor more than Big Brother. At the end of the day we’re human and everyone of us are going to make a dumb move. But I do want to tell you this.. I do not want you to feel influenced in anyway to use the veto or not use the veto. I want you to do whatever is best for your game. I don’t want to be the guy that .. like oh well Frenchie told me I had to. Derek – exactly. Frenchie – I am in a catch 22 regardless bro. Derek – You’re in a tough spot, I get that. You have to minimize blood shed. You have already taken a lot of heat so I am willing to take that heat for this veto. So I get it Derek is making this decision on his own. I will fully embrace that but if you do want to I won’t tell anyone. I want to rebuild trust with you man. Frenchie – I would like the veto used. Derek – like okay. Kyland right? That’s exactly what I want. Frenchie – yeah. Derek – okay so we’re on the same page. Frenchie – if you want to use it on Kyland, that is fine. Derek – okay perfect! Frenchie – and then I have to figure out the names that are left after that. Derek – I think it comes down to two people. Frenchie – yeah. Derek – I talked to Alyssa and she thinks she would most likely beat out the other person. Frenchie – she most likely will depending on who that person is. Its a cluster f**k because what I want, isn’t happening. If you were in my spot who would you put up? Derek – is Alyssa a target? Frenchie – hell yeah she is a target. She is up there because I couldn’t get Christian. Derek – on my team I am the least close with you and right now I want to rebuild my trust with you.

9:50pm – 10:50pm HOH Frenchie and Derek X continued..
Frenchie – what I tell you this is you are protected by how many people. This stays between us. Derek – I will prove my loyalty by holding these secrets shut. Frenchie – The way I see it right now your true protection in this house is Ky and Travis. Derek – true. Frenchie – I can offer you a lot more than that. A lot more than that. I am very close with your team. Not only would you have your team but you would have a lot more than that. Kyland is in all that. I love Kyland to death. The numbers are there for you to not stress and for you to be here awhile. I am extending an olive branch to you and the only thing I would ask is that we all have a plan this week. I would never ask you to do something with the veto. You earned that. I can give you another option. Your name has come up a lot this week. Derek – I believe it. Frenchie – I could have nominated you and I didn’t. Derek – why did you do that? Frenchie – because you’re a good dude. I refuse to treat people like sh*t in this house. If someone I know gets HOH next week, you’re good. We haven’t formed an alliance (Slaughter House / Bitchers) or anything its just an unspoken friendship. Frenchie – if you take Kyland down.. The whole house wants Travis to go home. I have the numbers regardless. Derek – Travis is going home so lets just do that. Frenchie – my question is this.. you have to be quite about it. I will pull you into the group tonight so you can see like holy sh*t like they do have numbers. And you’ll be like boom, holy f**k.. you’ll be like in a whole new big brother world tonight. And you thought you had protection with two… wait till you’re in this room and looking around and like holy sh*t like I was about to go against all of these people in the house? Like that is f**ked. And its going to hit you and you’re going to be like DAMN! In the end I think you just had your loyalty in the wrong place. You’re going to be shocked! If you did run back and tell Travis about this .. you would be f**ked and have a whole lot of people coming at you. Frenchie – asks Derek if he can list off the people in the group. Derek lists off 9 people. Frenchie – There are 11 of us. And its not because the other 5 are not .. if they had made an effort to come up and talk to us would have been the whole house. Derek – last question.. Brent feels very betrayed by what I’ve done. Frenchie – don’t worry about Brent. He will be fine. Brent and I are very close. If you have me, you have Brent. Frenchie calls Brent in. Frenchie – we’ve been talking and he felt like.. Derek – I feel like you feel very betrayed by me? Brent – I kind of do. I am not coming after you. I vouched to keep you safe. Frenchie – we are building these relationships and friendships. Derek – I feel like you took it personally. Brent – I didn’t, if I did.. you would have been on the block. Frenchie – we have the numbers in the house. Brent – we’ve built repour with a lot of people. Derek – eventually the A word will come out. Frenchie – definitely. Derek – do you think I could be a part of that. Frenchie – yes. The thing about you is that you’re very loyal.

10:30pm Bedroom – Claire and Whitney.
Claire – we’ve seen the first HOH in past seasons have gone on to win in so many season. But I feel like he is such a different HOH from anyone else. He is playing so smart. I am just so impressed by him, I really am. Whitney – I was thinking in my head too that we all have a chance of making it to the finals. But in my head I was like if I were one of the final people and I had to give my case of why I deserve the money .. I would be like I don’t need it. You can just tell that he works so hard!

10:55pm Xavier and Big D.
Xavier – Frenchie doesn’t know it but his nominations put me in a really bad spot. Two people from my group are up. Big D – keep this in mind, there is definitely going to be a battle back. The first four people are going to have a chance to come back. Xavier – be nice to everybody. Big D – we have to keep this like a business decision. Xavier agrees and leaves.

11:15pm Bathroom. Xavier and Derek X.
Derek explains what went down over the last couple days again. Xavier – okay, so now you have the power of veto are you planning on using it? Derek – oh, I am using it. I told Ky before the comp I am using this sh*t on you bro. Xavier – okay, so here is where .. I want to make sure we don’t repeat history. Have you told anyone you’re using it on Ky? Have you promised anyone you are using it on Ky? Derek – just HOH and just Ky. Xavier – okay, so you plan on using it. I think that will get you back.. Whitney joins comes into the bathroom. Xavier – this will give you a chance to regain trust. Derek leaves. Alyssa joins Xavier. Xavier tells Alyssa that he (Derek) is going to use it and a bigger target than her will go up. He tells her she will be good.

11:50pm – 12am Storage room. Tiffany and Derek X
Tiffany – I like you and I still want to work with you even before that is why I came up and kissed you on the cheek last night when I said goodnight. What I told you before, never let this house know what it feels like to not have you in it. It makes it easy to evict you. That’s a f**king secret that I am only confiding in you. I hated to see you go through that moment. What doesn’t break you makes you stronger. So that you know I am with you I am giving you a bit of game play. Don’t you tell that to anyone else. And if it gets out, I am going to know you told. Derek – don’t be stupid, be quite. Tiffany tells Derek – you can trust me.

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A few thoughts…
I love that DerekX won the veto.
I love even more that Frenchie has suggested (just now on the feeds) bringing in members of his alliance one-by-one to introduce them to DerekX. Blowing your own alliance cover when you’re HOH is a top-tier “worst HOH ever” move.
This season has already been more interesting in the past 4 days than all of BB21 & BB22 combined.

Just Sayin'

Haha he already said 11 people are in the alliance…. so the entire house essentially. It will be interesting to see how frenchie acts next week when he has no power, I bet he’ll still act like he’s HOH


I bet he will be scared to death.


He should be. He is out of control, will be interesting…


By the veto meeting on Monday, everyone but the renom will be in Slaughterhouse, lol


You got that right beacherbum3


Isn’t Travis in the Butchers, the inner circle of the Slaughterhouse?
Unless the target changes back to Alysa?


Oh my word! Shut up…. Quit blowing smoke up the ass of all the HGs. Worst HOH ever. He must have been hurt really bad by a jock or jilted by a pretty girl in high school to have that much dislike for Alyssa and Christian and Travis etc…

MDW-Gilbert AZ

Why can’t Frenchie just shut up ? This HOH has really gone to his head, the other people who are working with him will be exposed to DerekX tonight ? Did Frenchie discuss this with them ? Frenchie says he is so smart, when have you ever seen someone expose all of the people he is working with, just to show 1 person he has power.

I love how Frenchie thinks he controls everyone, just now he told DerekX, don’t worry about Brent, if you have me, then you have Brent. Wow, Frenchie is dangerous, but not in a good way, being associated with him, Frenchie needs to stop dropping the names of people who he is working with. Frenchie is headed for a big fall, he is not as smart of a player as he thinks he is, he can’t stop talking, he tells everyone everything he is thinking.

Rosin Dubh

He’s gonna take Derek X with him. I can see this one coming 100 miles out.


I LOVE how you call him Glue Clown and rarely use him name because he doesn’t deserve it..

Glue Clown is literally one of the worst HOH’s of all time (and I’m counting BB Canada too)…

I can’t wait for him to be back on his farm watching the season play out and regretting his HORRID gameplay..

He better burn that binder.

Frenchie’s goat

I get “ Willie Hantz” vibes from Frenchie who I think is a ticking time bomb….. at this point, I fully expect him to invite his BD target into the alliance by tomorrow….. I mean like, what the actual fk, lol


So, WHO is his target, exactly? It changes so much. Is it Alysa? Or Travis? Isn’t Travis in the Butchers, the inner circle of Slaughterhouse? Didn’t they just invite Alysa to join the Slaughterhouse the night before?
I am so confused! I miss Granny to explain it all!