Power Of Veto Winner Results! “I’m livid that he took that money! He f**ked up!”

Head of Household Winner – Cody
Have nots – Kevin and Enzo
Nominations – Kevin & David
Power of Veto Players are – Cody, Kevin, David, Tyler, Enzo, Nicole
POV Host: – Memphis
Power of Veto holder – Cody
Power of Veto Ceremony
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5:34pm – 10:58pm Big Brother blocked the live feeds for the Power Of Veto Competition. Cody won the Veto! David won 10k. (People are pissed that David felt safe enough that he didn’t need to go for the veto)

The house guests are coming into the house with loads of pool toys. Tyler – that was the best comp ever!

Bathroom. Nicole – I am pissed. I am pissed because if it had been regular OTEV I would have been able to get up that .. and I knew the answer. This is bullsh*t!

Bedroom. Memphis and Christmas. Memphis – that worked out perfect.

HOH room. Cody has the veto around his neck.

Storage room. Cody and Christmas.
Cody – now Dani is going to use that (David winning 10k) because she’s been wanting him out. Yo now she is going to try and run around and make it seem like. She is so f**king dumb! Christmas – you told him he was a pawn. Cody – so now he makes himself look bad. Its so stupid. Christmas – it makes people think you (David) should be out. I’m still good getting Kevin out. Cody – Dani is going to push hard now. I just feel some type a way about it. Christmas – I do too .. I just don’t express it. I am just so pissed at David. I am livid that he took that money! He f**ked up! He f**ked up! Christmas – leverage it.. let him know that you’re sending him home and then get something out of it. Christmas – FOUR times I have heard my name come up with other people from her. FOUR times! And none of it is true.

Bedroom. Tyler and Enzo.
Tyler – Don’t tell Cody but there is a curse… No one that has won OTEV has won the game. Don’t tell Cody though! Enzo – that makes me feel better. I won’t tell him. I feel better.

Bedroom. Memphis, Dani and Christmas.
They talking about how David went for the 10k and not the veto and why he felt safe enough to do that. Dani – on the first round I said do you think Cody told him he is a pawn? Why would he ever do that? Memphis – no Cody might have told him that. Dani – that is the only thing that I can think. Memphis – if everyone was leaning towards Kevin which I don’t know if everyone was .. because we haven’t even discussed it. Dani – Why the hell would he do that. Either you feel safe or you don’t care if you go. Dani – I was shocked! Memphis – that is the craziest thing I have ever seen .. you’re not even going to play for it .. you’re going to cash in the first 5 seconds ..I’m talking .. in FIVE seconds you’re like boom! Christmas – even when I was on the block with Kaysar .. I packed my bags, got a speech ready.. I respected the game! Memphis – we need to have a serious talk. Dani – I don’t want to vote for him (David) to stay. Memphis – I don’t either. I am not voting for him to stay. Are you kidding me!? Are you!? Christmas – I want to talk to Cody .. its not my decision. Dani – Ah.. we vote! Christmas – he’s HOH. Memphis – yeah we should talk to Cody because that is f**king crazy! The only way that it is not pure disrespect to the game .. unless Cody told him to go for the 10 grand. I am baffled and dumbfounded. Dani – or he is so confident that Kevin is going. Memphis – I don’t .. there is no way David gave up. Maybe he just thinks that he is not going to make it (to the end) so why not take it. Even if Cody said go for the money.. that looks so bad! Christmas – you can take chump change over power. Memphis – that was the most bizarre thing I have ever seen. Way to make things interesting.. Christmas – good tv! Dani – I have ZERO respect for him ..in this game.. after that! Memphis – what the f**k are you doing .. you’re not going to fight!? Memphis – I think he thinks he is safe.

11:35pm Bedroom. Cody and David.
Cody – WHY DID YOU GO FOR THE 10G’S RIGHT AWAY!?! David – because I am donating any money I get to the… Cody – oh okay.. f**King say that. EVERYBODY NEEDS TO KNOW THAT!! ALright! He is going home! I am tired of it. I am tried of this sh*t with him and Day. TELL everyone that’s why you did it! Dani is threatened by it. David – why?! Cody – just sit and chill. You have to let me tell you stuff and not let it get to you. I am not going to let people flip and want to send you home.

11:40pm – 12:50am HOH room. Cody, Memphis and Christmas.
Memphis – I feel like I am in the twilight zone! What is so weird is obviously Cody wants Kevin to go. You think that Cody didn’t tell him to just fight for it. Christmas – I think he thinks that he is going to be evicted in the next one or two .. so why not just take it. Memphis – that is the dumbest thing.. like why are you even here?! Christmas – is he like America’s Player or something?! Memphis – f**k that .. America would be throwing stuff at their tv’s. Sorry America ..I tried not to call him an idiot for a week and then he goes and does something like this. He is not an idiot in real life .. just in this house. America probably hates me. Cody joins them. Cody – I just went up to David and asked why did he do that?! And he said that any extra money he wins he is donating to this cause. I told him do you not understand that is a BAD look. That is such a beginners thing to do. Now Kevin is brutally talking sh*t about me to Nicole, Dani, Enzo.. like brutally. Memphis – Obviously its a bad look. YOU’RE ON THE BLOCK! Cody – its a really bad look. I know that Dani thinks that he is coming after her so she is going to be using this hard! Memphis – obviously the goal is to send Kevin home but.. Christmas – he is making it impossible! Cody – I was like LOOK DUDE WHAT ARE YOU DOING!? Memphis – what if Kevin had won the veto.. then this dumb dumb would have been sent home! Cody – right!! I didn’t tell him that Kevin is the target and he is the pawn. Memphis – what in your brain is not working!? Its not like Kevin got kicked out and then you went for it. So we’re going to have to .. I think Dani is a lost cause. We have Christmas, me .. we will have to talk to Enzo.. If Kevin is the one we want to go home.. then we need to make sure we get the votes. Memphis – it just makes him the easiest target next week. Memphis – I don’t like how Kevin is playing the game. Cody – he (David) is just going to be an easy person to nominate. Tyler joins them. They continue talking about David taking the 10G’s.

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What up Kaysar!

Heaven forbid David get the $10k. Im sure he has a good idea that he won’t last long enough to get 50 or 500k. Good for him.


Yeah. They make me laugh how they try to make up excuses for sending him home, knowing their sending him home anyways. Memphis says “This dude feels too comfortable to go for the money”. Their a riot; not. But no flack for their Alliance members who took the money during the HOH comp. Lol

Just Sayin'

Seriously though?? You’re on the block and you don’t take the veto? Thats just straight dumb, David has no clue about this game.


What a bunch of fffing suxs!!!


Did Enzo just make that up? That sounds made up to me. About a curse? Is it true that no one that won OTEV has ever won the game?

another name

it’s true.
nobody that has won otev has won the season.
7 janelle 8 eric 9 ryan no otev in season 10 11 jeff 12 enzo 13 adam p 14 dan 15 elissa 16 zach 17 liz 18 meech 19 mark 20 tyler 21 tommy.


Yep – several have gotten to F2 chairs but not won. They’ve had OTEV POV’s since season 7 with Janie winning the first one – remember when James Rhine was crying (sarcasm) over Janie tossing him to the side LOL.

Since BB7 they have had OTEV every season except 10

List OTEV Winners:

BB21: Tommy – OTEV the Paranoid Pigeon
BB20: Tyler – OTEV the Sneezy Skunk
BB19: Mark OTEV the Possessed Piglet
BB18: Michelle OTEV the Dope DJ
BB17: Liz OTEV the Rockin’ Roll
BB16: Zach OTEV the Pissed-Off Penguin
BB15: Elissa OTEV the Broken Hearted Beaver
BB14: Dan OTEV the Absent Minded Alien (not the season Dan won)
BB13: Adam OTEV the Sweet Toothed Shark
BB12: Enzo OTEV the Broadway Clam
BB11: Jeff OTEV the Ape
BB9: Ryan OTEV the Great and Powerful Rhyming Rain God
BB8: Erik OTEV the Catscrath Veto
FIRST OTEV BB7: Janelle OTEV (Voo doo Dolls)

Note first two years of OTEV they didn’t name OTEV a thing/person/animal


I believe tyler is the one that told enzo about it and it’s true.


Tyler just told that to Enzo, then Enzo told Cody.

Janet austin

That was delightful. Tyler told Enzo in “confidence” exactly because he could count on Enzo telling Cody. Tyler wanted to get in Cody’s head.

Funny that posters forget that sometimes players say things because of who they are with, not because it is how they actually feel. I.e. posters’ reactions to players’ reactions to David taking the money.

another name

Okay. Going to be a lot of mental gymnastics here.
If i put myself in the brain of Kevin:

So Da’vonne said David isn’t trustworthy. We made a deal and shook that we gun for veto and we’d never vote each other out. He goes for the cash first round. why? Because he knows he’s not the target, so he can sell me down the river and thinks he’s getting my vote that’s why. he’s been talking to cody and christmas and tyler an awful lot… damn. Da’vonne was right, David thinks he has a side deal going on with that entire big alliance, and he played me. He sold me out, and made me look stupid, and he thinks he’s getting my vote in jury? bye gurl.

Anyone think this isn’t spinning around in Kevin’s head?

Meanwhile, did anyone else remember that Cody promised David is next last week when Dani agreed, fine we get rid of Da’vonne.
I remember the conversation now. Bet Cody is going to have big time amnesia.


Dani “TOLD HIM” fine we’ll do what you want this week but next time we GET WHAT WE WANT. It’s why she was trying to sell him on Nicole being fine for Xmas to go this week when Nic never said that.

It’s an easy situation to maneuver b/c all Cody has to say is “people want to vote out Kevin b/c he’s more dangerous”.

David hasn’t proven he can win anything yet & only came close on comps the others threw except the dark room which still feels like a plot line b/c of how David got booted his first season as you astutely pointed out previously.

another name

Every week seems to have an odd d/r call, followed within a half hour by a conversation with Cody where another houseguest says fine we’ll do what you want this time.
I’m not making that up. Next time another houseguest gives up what is better for themselves in order to give Cody what is best for him, rewind.
(yeah, I’m still sporadically monitoring d/r calls to note if they are followed by out of character conversations. they are).


Just to clarify – they did have more than one conversation (so those specific words could’ve been spoken) — but— they’re banter is always half flirtation, half sarcasm.

Let’s just say I’m SURE Dani believes that’s what he told her & I’m sure Cody believes they were playing HIS game where he decides everything as the lead actor.

Can we please get a big time triple eviction mix up where Cody gets voted out just so the hamsters have to run in corners trying to figure out who to obey. I mean — I know it won’t happen but I bet MANY would love to see what would happen if Cody/Nic were bounced for example or Cody & Dani.

My bet is Enzo & Nic (if still there) would push each other out of the way to tie themselves to Tyler (maybe even Memphis would change his mind). Even Dani I wouldn’t bet against wanting a comp beast to attach herself to.

BUT… we can’t have nice things so the way this season has gone watch it be David & Tyler following Kevin out the door that’s my worst case tbh since the only players I’m still invested in seeing make a deep run are Ty, Enzo and yes even David just b/c they are the only people I don’t mind watching still.

I can respect the strategic/social game of Ty and the solid social game of Enzo & David while difficult to follow most of the time he is a nice guy … typically not a reason I want to keep people in the house – but this season it’s hard to find anyone not to despise.




Agreed…but way too logical to possibly be spinning around in Kevin’s head. No way the brain worms would allow for this thought to marinate.

Lady E

LOL I’m sure Enzo knows all about the OTEV curse.


I believe it was tyler that told enzo about the otev curse not the other way around

Lady E

I was joking. That’s why I was saying that he’s probably knows, because Enzo won OTEV and got third place.


I’m not a David fan, but this house really uses that mob mentality with him. Damned if he does damned if he doesn’t. I kind of want him to win just out of spite. I do like Tyler though and I don’t think he feeds into it like the rest of the house, but I may have missed something.


I agree. He’s a little dense, and completely undeserving of being on an “All Stars” season. BUT…if I knew everybody was plotting to get me out, and there was a multi-eviction coming up where I’m likely to be taken out of the house…you bet I’d take money. $10,000 would be great.


Hasn’t anyone noticed the fact that every POC is being deliberately eliminated one after the other?
One more week, mission accomplished.


It is like that EVERY season. I don’t recall the power alliances ever including a black person since Season 16… and Devon went crazy so he went home 2n or 3rd, Big Brother is always a segregated… with white players saying “I really wanted to work with you.”… every year like clock work. It isn’t new.

New Kid

I 100% agree with you!

In BB US the power alliances are always white and never include POC. The only exceptions were Josh in BB 19 and Kaycee in BB 20. But in regards to black players there’s never been a black player in a power alliance which is the main reason why there’s never been any black players making it to the finals.

However, that’s not the case in BB Canada. In BB Can 5 we had Ika running the house in a power alliance and making it to final 4, and in BB Can 7 we had Anthony running the house in the Pretty Boys power alliance and he made it to final 2. Also before BB Canada 8 was cancelled Sheldon was in a power alliance KVBS and based on his strength in competitions and knowledge of the game if the season hadn’t been cancelled there was a good chance he would have gone far as well.

Just goes to show how ridiculously different the impact of diversity in gameplay is between Canada and US big brother.


I agree with all of you. Historically, yes, POC are excluded from the big alliances. I also agree that Day and Baleigh blew it by not teaming up with Janelle and Kaysar. That whole effing side of the house blew it by not recognizing that all of the people constantly chilling in the HOH room were up to something.

It is not lost on anyone that Memphis, who is known as a bigoted, pompous fuck, deliberately created an alliance of white people. We all know what he almost called David, and we all know why he’s been targeting David from the start. Rookie Schmookie. It’s an excuse. Kevin has been making equally terrible game decisions, but Memphis doesn’t hold the same amount of animosity towards him.

For my own personal satisfaction, I am rooting for whomever wins any of the HOHs on the triple to target Memphis, Cody, and Nicole.

Cody’s hissy fits are so disgusting. If he doesn’t get his way, he has a hissy fit. He expects everyone to do what he wants, when he wants, like the privileged little fuckbag he is. His havenot reaction was the same of a spoiled toddler. Don’t be fooled by Cody’s mostly cool exterior – he’s very similar to Paulie. Paulie just had a harder time hiding it.


Such BS. The POC in this house had every opportunity to team up with the legendary Janelle and Kayser and be the counter alliance to the Committee. It should not be anyone else’s fault that they CHOSE to kiss the Committee’s butt and get cut, week by week.


I absolutely have to agree. The POC this year blew their own game. I had hope with Day until her and bay started with their ridiculous and aggressive fact checking! They lost Enzo, xmas, and ty because of it. They really demonstrated how they felt ‘entitled’ to go far because of their color! A bit racist to me.

Janelle, Kasar, bay, day, Kevin, David and kind of dani could have teamed up. Memphis would have gone with the side of the house that won and got numbers. They could have been a team. But NOOOOOO they wanted to wait and see, hang out, and have POC convos while the other side made an alliance.

Day thought she could have side deals with the girls but David better tell her everything because he’s black. When he gave her info, she went directly to Ty and enzo and blew it with them and with David. She really laid a lot of black guilt trips on him and he didn’t receive it well. She was out of line by calling him an Uncle Tom, I don’t think America will take that well. He was trying to play his game. Bat was insulting to Kevin a lot. And he just took it. Bad look. THEY made their game relationships about color not the other housemates.

Day was more willing to use the veto for her ’cause’ and how her community would look at it rather than try to leverage favor. How did that turn out? BB is a game. It is an individual game. Ok to represent but to blow your personal game on it? That was day and bays personal CHOICE! Rather than try and integrate with the rest of the house, they choice to hang out together and talk about the oppression of blacks. Cool, do your thing. But then don’t blame the rest of the house for playing BB!

Here is another very important point. They didn’t win crap. If you are never in a position of power and your social game is more about the social injustice of the world, blame yourselves. Their social game with other houseguests was crap. They hung out more with POC and secluded themselves from other HG’s Their comps were crap too. If you don’t win comps, then you lose, period. They had more pity parties blaming HG’s, BB, and the world for discrimination than they did playing BB!

By the way, I am a POC and I found myself cringing at their belief or behavior of oppression. Them playing victims was embarrassing. Day yelling at BB accursing them of being bias against her was not a good look. Her speech, Uncle Tom, her statement of ‘people who look like me’ was way over the top! We have many POC’s who have come from the worse and best places that have been very successful. Geeze, we had a black president! And sure, always room for improvement.

Take the opportunities and run with it. And they just plain blew this opportunity!


Thanks for this viewpoint. I enjoyed it. I am not a POC…but have several good friends who are and express the same view as you, me, etc.

Rabid Raccoon

With Cody winning we know the noms will stay the same. If it was my vote I would vote out kevin. They can talk David into doing whatever they want him to do.


Won’t matter; they plan to make the house White Again next anyway.


Mr. President?

Salem Heights Ridge

I think after Kevin goes on Thursday that Dani will be next unless she or Nicole win HOH.

Game fan

hope she can win veto at least

Joe Hiden

My guess of the next three to go are:



Very plausible. I think it’s gonna be Kevin, Tyler, David. I can’t stand her game-play this season, but Dani will figure out how to survive short-term. But, w/ the triple this week…all bets are off.


Cody is winning everything


Cody is the kind of player that walks around and justifies his game move with something petty and says things like ” He/She should feel lucky we let them get this far.” or “He/she is dangerous.” (While that person can only win fluke comps.)… Nah, Kevin is going home because he hurt Cody’s feelings and talked back to Cody. Honestly, David knows he won’t survive the Double… but he knows Kevin made himself the one going to jury… so why not take the 10k… why wouldn’t he? Cody shouldn’t be mad David gave him one less person to worry about.

It is a pathetic Season and Cody is going to win it. I would have preferred 16 NEW players I really didn’t want an All Stars or Vet Season… they are not that much fun.


I did want an all-star season but not w/ these “all-stars” lol. I don’t think Cody is gonna win it though. I think if he somehow makes it to the finale, too many will feel personally burned by him.


what a bunch of hypocrites. LOL The same people were talking about how they were going after the prizes yet give david hell for it. They are just pissed they did not get it.

Desi Ball

Prediction: David starts a charity; David donates the money to his new charity.

Almost nothing gets done in the world without a good dose of hypocrisy.

Soul child

Must be nice to live in Xmas’s world where 10 grand is chump change.