Power Of Veto Players Picked! “Its just me and you kid!”

Head of Household Winner – Cody
Have nots – Kevin and Enzo
Nominations – Kevin & David
Power of Veto Players are – Cody, Kevin, David, Tyler, Enzo, Nicole
POV Host: – Memphis
Power of Veto holder
Power of Veto Ceremony
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1pm HOH room. Cody and Dani.
Cody – I am more focused on the veto and keeping it the same than anything because it is going to be a tough conversation. Granted we can do whatever we want .. I don’t want to do what we want ..lets split it 3/3 and then I have to .. Like I don’t know how Nicole is going to be about it. I don’t know how Tyler is going to take it. Dani – no Nicole doesn’t care. I’ve already talked to her. Cody – I know she doesn’t care. I’ve had that conversation with her. She will do whatever she has to do. Dani – she wants Christmas gone. Cody – she doesn’t want Christmas gone. Dani rolls her eyes – okay! I literally talked to her about it for an hour yesterday. Cody – when I talked to her it was not like oh we need to send Christmas home. Dani – alright?! Cody – maybe she is just telling you what you want to hear. Dani – Maybe she is telling you what you want to hear. Cody – I didn’t say I want Christmas gone. Christmas is going to be the replacement.. like there is no one else for me to put up. She was like are you really going to want her to go home. And I was like Nicole .. I don’t know. I think she would do it because she is willing to but I also think she is tried of sending people home that she is close to. Like she was pretty pissed about Ian and that is something she doesn’t just get over. Dani – it just sucks because I feel like everyone is going to be coming after Nicole and I.

1:33pm – 1:50pm The feeds are blocked to pick players for the Power of Veto competition. Dani to Christmas – Its just me and you kid! Christmas – I know.. maybe if I’m here in another two weeks I’ll get to play. Christmas goes into the diary room. Dani – comments on how pissed Christmas was that she doesn’t get to play. (Christmas is pissed that she never get picked to play. She heads into the diary room to vent and cool off.) Cody – I feel like Kevin plays in them a lot. (LOL yeah because he’s always on the block!) Dani – as much as Tyler.

Power of Veto Players: Cody, Kevin, David, Tyler, Enzo, Nicole
POV Host: Memphis

2:40pm Havenot room. Memphis and Enzo.
Memphis – I have a sneaky suspicion that he (Cody) might put Christmas up as the replacement. So this is the issue .. say worst case scenario Kevin wins. Or David wins… If Kevin takes himself off the block.. and he puts Christmas up … because he doesn’t know anything. Then that would mean… me, you and Tyler are voting to keep Christmas. That leaves Dani, Nicole and Kevin or David to tie it. And if its David .. I don’t want f**king Cody .. he would slit a tie. And would be keep David or would he Keep Christmas. Enzo – I don’t know. Memphis – if David wins I would be less concerned .. I think everyone would vote for Kevin to leave. I think its fine but my concern is Dani and Nicole. Enzo – I’ll just go for the f**king veto. Yo! Memphis – if its 10G .. and you have to split it .. what the f**k is that especially compared to 100 or 500G.

3:10pm HOH room. Cody and Enzo.
Enzo – Memphis is worried. He was like go for the veto because he might be putting up Christmas if Kevin wins veto or some sh*t. Cody – but why is he saying I might put up Christmas? Enzo – how does he know you might put up Christmas? Who told him.. f**king Dani!? He f**king dragged me into the havenot room. He said if there are rewards… you have to go for the veto. Maybe he knows that there are only two options. I don’t trust Dani. Cody – I don’t trust Dani either. The only people that know that I might put up Christmas .. are you, Dani and Nicole. Enzo – it was f**king Dani then. Someone must have f**king .. Dani is playing all of us.. she’s been doing it since the beginning. Cody – I am not telling Tyler about Christmas being the replacement because he will tell her. YO if Dani did slip up and said something .. I will put her on the block! Enzo – YO she has been putting us in bad spots since the beginning. Cody – the only reason why I wouldn’t want to put her up is because everyone is targeting her .. so why would I pull that fish out of the pond.

3:30pm – 3:50pm HOH room. Enzo, Memphis and Cody.
Memphis – for us to get the wise guys to the final three we need the noms to stay the same. We need to get Kevin out and then we move on. Cody – I don’t want to have to f**k around with putting up a replacement nominee. I don’t want to have to do that .. That would make me f**ked YO! I would be screwed. Memohis – everyone .. I talked to Tyler too.. Like f**k the money. Cody is your boy .. make the noms stay the same. Cody – if its prizes and punishments .. once you take a prize you are not in the running .. like you’re playing catch up for the people that are only taking punishments. There are only some four weeks and some change left so if there are punishments ..like f**k it. They continue to speculate on what might happen next week. Christmas joins them. They talk about what veto it might be.

4pm Bedroom. Dani and Kevin.
Dani – I freaking want you here. I don’t want you to leave .. and I mean that too. Kevin – It’s going to get super interesting after this week. There is no one that is obvious anymore. People are going to have to show their cards. It could happen if one of us wins veto. Dani – do it!

4:35pm – 5:10pm HOH room. Tyler and Cody.
Cody – I just want these f**king noms to stay the same because I don’t want to be in the position to put a f**king replacement up. Tyler – I know. I was just joking with you yesterday. Cody – I know, I trust you like crazy. Dani is trying to point and do sh*t. She is always trying to say that don’t you think Tyler is going to come after you? Tyler – what?!!?! Cody – I just want the noms to stay the same and for her (Dani) to be targeted. But it would be stupid for me to target her. Dani will step on anyone she is close with. Tyler – well she is at the bottom if you think about it. Cody – I just want the noms to set.. then I’ll have a conversation with David.

5:34pm The live feeds switch to the kitty cam.. The Power of Veto competition is starting now…

8:20pm Still blocked..

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Please let Dani win. She is the strongest woman left in the game.


Okay … so now I’m missing the thumbs down button. I don’t care for any of the women left in the game. ( Especially Dani!!) Well, to be honest, I don’t care for any of the guys, either. Who can I cheer for? Ugh!!

Dixie Rekt

Dani is the best player this season, hands down. She has everyone in the palm of her hands and no one is taking a shot at her. Yeah she’s kinda mean and plays dirty. But she’s a great player and didn’t get to final two on her season all because of Dick. Dick wouldn’t have gotten as far as he did of it weren’t for Dani.


I agree. As much as I personally do not like her game play this season, she’s the one playing the hardest imho. What I disagree about is Evel was the best player that season, Dani may have saved his a$$, but he did win by his game play and total game.


LIKE Dani is the worst LIKE I mean all the women left are like terrible but like Dani needs to go like followed like by Nicole like then Xmas. Like ya know! Ive never gotten the appeal of Dani, her dad drug her to second, season 14 she got a special pass or she would have been gone before jury. I don’t find her likeable but I don’t like Nicole or xmas either. I wouldn’t consider any of them All Stars.


At least Dani is trying to play the game, yes she is obvious but she’s trying. Nicole as usual does nothing but what others tell her to do and ickmas is just ickmas. At this point I’m rooting for David to win

Rabid Raccoon

Dani and Kevin are both so annoying. Hopefully they are the next two to go.


I want David and Tyler in the end

Guy From Canada

Season 13. 14 was the coaches with Janelle Boogie Dan Britney as the returnees

Ma Ma Yo!

Don’t care about male or female, just best player


She`s the strongest player this season. And one of the greatest ever to play this game.

Barney Rubble

By any chance does you prescription bottle say do not mix alcohol with this medication?


feminist alert.


Cody can’t be that dumb… “I feel like Kevin plays in them a lot.” Oh my god…. kill me.

David and Kevin are not real threats. The biggest threat in the house is Christmas… she has betrayed or backstabbed almost everyone who she was friends or allies with… except Memphis. wait a minute… she has kicked Memphis under the bus once or twice. … Unlike Kevin and David she can win comps. She is utterly cold blooded sociopath… after her pitty party when she lost the HoH they are all at risk.


Yep, Cody is that dumb. The dude had difficulty spelling out messages with fruit loops cereal. If Derrick hadn’t set-up the pre-game alliance, Cody would not have coasted this far this easily.


if cody was smart, derrick wouldn’t have carried him to the end the first season either.

Sheila Schepp



Kevin is coming after Cody…Cody would be dumb not to get Kevin out


So is Christmas… BTW Cody should be all of their targets. If someone is everybody’s untouchable & if that person is the person everyone is afraid to nominate… get that person out if you want to win $500,000.00. Cody should be a target… the biggest target.

Cody is handsome and athletic. Two weeks in the Big Brother House everybody reverts to their roles in High School. Do not ask me how or why.

Dani: was that cool edgy girl with the cool dad that had booze and weed.

Cody: Pretty Boy jock… popular and charming everyone wanted to know him… a bit douche and obnoxious.

Kevin: Gay Geek and outsider… totally out of the loop. He was probably a goth and depressed all the time.

David: David was a nerd… socially awkward and not great social skills. Always wanted to sit with the cool kids.

Tyler: Was that chill cool kid that didn’t get into fights, didn’t bully… but he always had a side hustle. He probably sold beer and weed… and had a few other things lined up.

Enzo: Class Clown who aspired to be a gangster or cooler… more than likely all talk and no sausage. He is the guy who had 100 stories about how he lost his virginity and they were all hilarious.

Nicole: She was the Corn Queen… nah she was one of the Corn Queens evil minions. She is the girl who did stuff, played innocent and framed someone else,,, playing innocent, weak, and vulnerable has always been her M.O. especially when stabbing someone in the back.

Memphis and Christmas: Generic Bullies… nothing new or original. Look at them now that is exactly who they were back then.


Yeah Cody isn’t the the sharpest knife in the drawer but he is sure nice to look at.


Dani or Tyler for the win. At least Dani has had to get blood on her hands with her HOH reign. And has tried to strategize, however poorly it may have been. The rest of them have done NOTHING.

Rabid Raccoon

Dani needs to go sit in the jury house with Day.


Some other people need to be in there more… at least she isn’t handing anyone the win… Enzo and the other clueless disposables like Nicole and David will go before her.

Starry night

I think it’s going to be OTEV. Go Tyler!!

Julie Chen

I’m pretty sure I said it was OTEV


pretty sure they said veto was otev during thursday’s episode, likely favors tyler.

Math is Hard

The photo of Memphis doing math with his fingers and Enzo looking on with astonishment is hilarious.

Dakota Barb

I thought I read above that Dani was NOT playing in the VETO!


On Jokers it said Christmas was pissed she wasn’t picked in PoV and went into the DR room to cool off.


Interview With Dr. Will. His Thoughts About The Pre Game Alliance, His Reason For Not Playing This Season, Day’s Speech, Big Brother Fans, etc…


i consider dan gheesling THE best player of all time, not dr. will, but i understand why dr. will thinks he’s number one and i would accept arguments that he’s second all time, but it’s pretty close between him and derrick for me. i would love a dan vs. derrick season.

another name

Considering you’re watching a dan and derrick devise a season without actually endangering their own in game reputations right now through organizing pre-game cheating… the both of them can jump in a lake.


I consider Dr.Will the best player followed by Dan. I don’t consider Derrick at all because he had a bunch of stupid Houseguests that wouldn’t even consider putting him up for nomination. This is just my opinion only

Lady E

“Correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t think either of them made it to the jury in the past 15 years.” – Dr. Will

Haha he was in jury with Janelle during All-Stars. Janelle got 3rd place, twice.

Guy From Canada

22-7 is 15 years…..he forgot she was a coach in season 14….

Game fan

Danni didn’t say anything. Stop blaming her. Memphis has a brain that’s all. It’s possible for someone to guess yoir plans whn there anre not so many options for cody anyways.

Team New School

That’s the problem with the way Dani plays. Everyone knows she likes to plant seeds and stir things up and that she lies. Even Nicole has figured her out. So, she’s going to get blamed for things she didn’t do. She’s cried wolf too many times already.

Game fan

Yeah that’s true. It sucks coming from cody and enzo cause she is loyal to them actually.

The Beef

I don’t think Dani is loyal to anybody but herself. I truly believe she’ll backstab anybody and everybody in the game, if she thinks it will further her along in any way. Maybe that’s the way it’s supposed to be, but it’s just such a ruthless style of playing, it hurts her popularity with some.

I do agree she has been loyal to them so far. Just wait though. When the time comes, she’ll have no problem doing what she feels she needs to do.


I’m confused. I don’t remember OTEV including punishment.


Or reward..

Game fan

They would probably put like a box in the mud and stuff to distract them from going up there and win


Tyler at this point is our only hope.


Our only hope for what?


Tyler fans LOLOL.

another name

as of otev, tyler will have competed in all but 5 (i think) vetoes in his big brother career.
They should just change the script.
This is the veto meeting, would the two nominees and tyler please come up, while we choose 2 more predetermined but for sake of argument call them random draws to play in veto?

Facts: Tyler has won otev. The brigade threw otev veto to Enzo, so he’s technically won otev. Janelle was the winner of the very first otev.

expecting nothing

Tyler won otev because Rockstar is one of the worst players of all time. She gave him the answer when he had it wrong, and she left because of it! i nearly peed my pants watching that one. ah Good times…

BBfan too

Everyone of the houseguests are better than the final 2 last year. Jackson and his old lady.


I couldn’t even watch the last couple years.


Considering the selection of players that are left, I suddenly find myself an Enzo fan. Who expected that, yo?!

An Enzo/Tyler F2 is best-case scenario. I don’t think I could stomach Nicole, Cody, Dani, or Christmas trying to recount their “strategic” gameplay to the jury.

another name

Hmm. Kevin whispering to the cam that nicf and cody are cheaters gets stars.
Kevin telling nicf that during the first hoh comp, when cody left to compete, Ian told Kevin they’d have to be sure to get in to talk to Cody tonight. stars.
Keep slipping out that tea Kevin, we’re parched.

My 2 cents

Kevin telling Cody it wasn’t all about him, scored MAJOR points with me. He didn’t kiss ass like everyone else who enters Cody’s throne room pretends to do. Of course, as you have mentioned, we’ve had to listen to Cody piss (whilst sitting) and moan (with tongue out) for the past 24 hours, but oh so worth it!


I kind of want Kevin to win the veto… I know…. I know…. Kevin annoys me too…. but I want to see all of their faces if he wins… I also want to see them sweat until the veto…. and I also want to see what happens when Christmas looses her Sh!tm@s when she realizes she is on Davids level of the totem pole… that is going to be fun to watch… she is going to go full on crying SheHulk.

6-0 Kevin You Are Evicted

The only thing I want Kevin to win is a seat in the jury house.

BBfan too

Every one of the houseguests is better than last years final two! Jackson and his old painted lady.

One Opinion

I’m not a Nicole fan, but she has set herself up pretty good this season to go far. She joined the large alliance at the very beginning and has laid low for the most part. Not winning any comps (not sure if this is intentional or not), and just kind letting everyone else go after each other. Now as they all start turning on each other they will start going after the comp beasts first. I see her getting to top 4 at least. Because she is kind of in the middle between the memphis, cody. Enzo side and the tyler, christmas, David side. But if she doesn’t step up and start playing, she will be second place at best. Because someone may take her to the final for the easy win.


I agree about Nicole but I see her going on the block with Dani and then others. One to take a vote from Dani and also so the guys don’t have to go after each other if it isn’t to be evicted. They will start backdooring each other.


She actually joined that alliance before the season started.


I agree. She’s not going win against anybody except maybe Memphis or Christmas.


Another comp (for prizes/powers) this week?

Dr. Will made the comment the hamsters could play for prizes or power which might just be the HOH & POV but I’m wondering if there will be another comp. Because POV is OTEV it doesn’t seem to afford the same opportunity for the hamsters to claim powers/prizes bc for one everyone is watching & secondly it limits three players from participating (Memphis, Xmas, Dani — not that we should be upset about that lol).

I’m wondering (less likely now b/c Cody is HOH) if there could be a Pandora’s Box where the HOH would be locked in HOH while the rest of the house participated. It seems less likely with Cody being HOH so perhaps a house-wide “luxury” comp.

Triple Eviction – one HOH with 3 noms two separate DE?

The other thing I’m wondering is how the triple eviction will play out. I know Another Name thought it would likely be the three noms in one HOH but the more I think about it the more likely it could be two separate back-to-back HOHs. I’ve moved to that thinking because of the two hour time frame.

The trickiest part of the equation is the need for four comp setups but it’s not impossible. Two of the four comps could utilize the Q & A stand that they likely roll into the yard & doesn’t require much setup. Those two comps could be questions based — such as “how many” things in the house while the other could be where they play portions of speeches and they pick the correct next portion of the speech (I think it’s called “what the bleep”) or it could be another one where pictures are involved or the always popular before or after.

The other two comps could be a puzzle like the shark puzzle from Ian’s season as those were set up on individual pedestals that can be carried into the yard, and the final comp could be a short track of running back & forth hide & seek (like clown shoe). Again, that could be a comp where those bins could be rolled in and set up on one end of the yard.

To me the two hour time frame doesn’t make sense for a typical DE … UNLESS (they pre-film) to use portions of what happens during the show & aren’t actually live for the eviction. I mean there’s no audience so it’s not like they couldn’t do that or that it wouldn’t be in keeping with how the season has been predetermined.

The only other option is if they plan on having an hour’s worth of Dr. Will content b/c they sure aren’t going to want to air an hour of Kev/David back on the block & pretend anyone in the house cares nor can they afford to do an hour live of the hamsters commenting b/c that would just be asking for trouble without the ability to edit or cut to fishes.

Thoughts anyone?

another name

The reason I don’t think it’s 2 separate hoh’s in one night: logistics. for every comp set up they have to have a certain number of preset cameras. They have to have space for multiple comps (in this case 4). They have to have the on the ground manpower and the in the control room manpower to pull off so much. They are operating on skeletons with many at home workers.
Even with two booths, they also require space for two veto comps. and two booths would be snore for the viewers. they’re trying to excite them… 2 qa in a row would hardly do so.
The logistics don’t add up for such an undertaking.


In Canada a triple eviction is one normal HOH and then the next HOH 3 are nominated and 2 leave but I don’t know if they will do it the same.

Fed up

Once again the athletic people put up the “others” who are different from them. Shocker….Not. This show has turned into a cliquey snooze fest that is predictable from week to week. Instead of playing smart and getting out big threats, they are getting out people who are different than the “norm”. Bunch of homophobic, racists in this house. Time to quit watching until CBS changes their bullyfest.


Lighten up Francis. I agree it hasn’t been exciting but I don’t think it has anything to do with homophobic or race. The 2 that go up a lot never worked on alliances. This game is all about who you are working with.

another name

Both David and Kevin worked on alliances.
Not only did they form a semi fake final 2 with each other in the end of week one, they also both were in an alliance with NicA and Ian. Further:
David believed he was in the Freeze alliance until they froze him out and isolated him. He didn’t isolate himself. They actively pushed him aside.
Kevin believed he was in a final 2 with Da starting end of week one. He believed he was in an alliance with Nica and Da. Then he believed he was in an alliance with Da/Bay/David.
Both were under the impression they were in a pair alliance with Ian in week three (wall yeller production meeting cut every Ian side alliance out as fruit of the poisonous tree).
Losing your alliance to eviction doesn’t mean you didn’t work on alliances.

As far as It being all about who you are working with? Yeah… apparently this season neither pregamed with the right people.
Have either played well? No. That’s on them.
If they did play well… would it matter to the pregamed alliance? Would they have gained full equal entry into the pregamed alliance ranks? Nope. They’d have been moved further up the predetermined boot order.

I don’t think it looks good that the first three weeks had houseguests saying we can’t evict a poc because we don’t want to look like season 21… but having noms that were poc every week with original noms ONLY being poc for five weeks out of 8.
That was the error of the set up this season. They didn’t want the optic of racial bias from the get go, so they refused to evict poc until the only original noms on the table were poc every nomination ceremony for five weeks. Not a good look if you take the nom wall pictures every week, put them all next to each other and show the finished product to a non-viewer there’s going to be a raised eyebrow. Because of optics even if not explicit intent.


That all might be true but alliances only matter if they ever win anything . I don’t remember seeing a year like this where one alliance always won HOH but they will need to start going after each other.

another name

I don’t remember an hoh that was individual timed… guess we’re both seeing the unexpected.


Hey, I agree that it might not be the best thing to watch right now but at least it’s better than all of the reruns that have been airing because of the ‘Rona’. Yeah, I said it…I’d rather watch a crappy Big Brother than stuff I’ve already seen a million times.


I’m wondering if Dani is that naive to how much the house is fully onto her ‘Bad Gardner’ routine’ or is there a possibility she’s doing this to present a case as being disliked enough to keep around longer. The latter isn’t likely since there’s been no slips in convos alleging that strategy (to Cody or Nic).

Since the HOH she has been doing her best to bury all her enemies:

  • “We know for sure Tyler took ALL the money”
  • “how do you just go for all the money & screw your alliance” (re: Ty) — good question coming from someone who has repeatedly marched to her own personal agenda
  • “Xmas was mad you won HOH (to Cody) b/c she wanted to win & target you”
  • Memphis tells Enzo I’m worried Xmas could be the target if we don’t keep noms the same. In the download to Cody he tells Enzo the ONLY people he told were him, Nic & Dani so clearly it came from Dani.
  • “Nic is fine sending home Xmas this week” (to Cody) — fwiw – she’s NOT
  • “Ty is too comfortable” (to several hamsters)
  • To Kevin – I voted for you to stay
  • To others: Who were the two votes? Christmas & Nic or Christmas & David
  • Xmas is upset she didn’t get picked for POV & of course Dani plays that content for all it’s worth

And a myriad of other comments to various people in the house. I mean you have to give her credit for at least playing even if it’s messy.

Meanwhile Xmas is having a meltdown week either suspecting she might be the renom but based on her live feed chats it seems to have to do with how Dani completely fooled Day over the David pinned vote.

Her issue is primarily with Dani b/c during the down time Day learned of Nic’s lie but Dani came off completely clean never owning her involvement or that she was the creator of the vote pin plan. That’s specifically what Xmas is referring to about being quadruple faced. And she’s right b/c in post game interviews Day is saying she hopes Dani or David can win which is in keeping with Day’s typical preference a female or a POC.

Also of note, is it was Xmas who was HOH the week Ty wanted to quit. B/c of that (and her part of the “all girl’s alliance” she got to hear Dani bury Ty both to Day/Bay and to her but she was well away that Dani was lying. Since then she’s witnessed Dani continued to throw Ty UTB & all the guys to the ladies including Cody (and about each of them to each other). Again Dani is messy but she’s playing & owning it (at least in the DR). If Xmas doesn’t like it she should call her out, tell the people she buried or play Dani’s game better than her.

Memphis might be in a tad bit of trouble with Cody since Enzo finally told him about the second Wise Guy alliance – but it will hurt Xmas more than it will him. Will Cody question why it took Enzo so long to tell him? Will Memphis realize he needs to keep Tyler in the game longer than Dani/Nic if he wants to keep Xmas around? And will Cody ever share with Memphis he knows about Wise Guys 2.0?

If it weren’t for Kevin calling Cody privileged and not kissing his ring that fact alone would’ve been enough to target Xmas but if Kev loses OTEV he’s gone, barring some power being found.

Enzo has stepped up his game play this week trying to pull in both Kev & David to 1) ascertain information and 2) to have another ally who’ll vote the way he wants 3) not target him and 4) vote for him at the end.

Team New School

So Seattle now has a hockey team — called Kraken!

another name

first glance, it looks like Cody is the veto holder.

Enzo sounds upset he didn’t win veto.
Nicf sounds upset.
David went for prizes (cash) instead of the veto, Cody and Christmas are pissed he went for the 10k instead of the veto.
Tyler tells Enzo about the otev curse. no otev winner has ever won the season.

Apparently they changed OTEV this season. 2 people have mentioned it was more of a strength comp this time. Ropes to pull up themselves up the ramp were higher up the ramp or something.