“It’s so insulting I have zero respect for him in this game”

Head of Household Winner – Cody
Have nots – Kevin and Enzo
Nominations – Kevin & David
Power of Veto Players are – Cody, Kevin, David, Tyler, Enzo, Nicole
POV Host: – Memphis
Power of Veto holder – Cody
Power of Veto Ceremony
Live feeds —-> Grab your Live feeds here. Try it free.
Rank the houseguests —-> Big Brother 22 Ranking

Spoilage = Cody doesn’t plan to use the veto and Kevin is still the target. David taking 10K was committing a war crime on the house.

12:30 am Dani and Nicole

Nicole says she’s going to get up and walk around Doesn’t want to wear makeup though. They complain about the show putting them when they were wearing makeup.
Nicole – I’m so annoyed at myself.. (Winning comps)
Dani – What are you known for Dani.. I’m kind of known as a comp beast
Nicole – I’m known for showmances and costumes
Dani – all you need is a showmance.. you got me

They laugh about the giant golden inflatable swan Dani has in the room from the competition. She’s putting it outside tomorrow.

12:50 am Enzo, Cody, Tyler and Cody
Talking about people being pissed at David.
Cody – I went off on him. What the F*** are you doing. I was like why would you do that. dude you are on the block it looks bad for you
Coins – what did he say
Cody – he says he’s donating any extra money to charity
Nicole – ohh .. he told me he’s not good with his arm strength and he knew he was going to lose
Cody points to enzo “He said to him he panicked.. he’s all over the f**INg place.. he’s clueless.. he’s so clueless”
Nicole – he’s clueless
tyler leaves..
Cody says if someone was going to come off the block this week he was going to put Enzo up he’s the most liked in the house nobody will vote him out.
Cody – you’ll get America’s favorite
Nicole – Enzo or Da’vnone
Enzo – I’m not getting America’s favorite
Cody – she’s the underdog.. she’s got you beat.
Cody says he found out he’s not winning the game not that he’s won OTEV (it’s never happened that the OTEV winner wins the season)
Cody – where’s Dani? she’s going to get so pissy with me
Cody – do what you want to do on your HOH Dani.. I’m not switching and if she’s the solo vote to save him what are you doing?
Enzo – she’s not
N – She told me she’s voting David out 100% but she won’t go against everyone.. but I will get everyone to flip.
Cody – good go for it
N – Don’t say I said this stuff (SSSSSSSsssss)
N – Honestly David going is better for my Game but I still .. I’ll send out Kevin it is what it is It’s not my HOH I’m just happy to be safe
Cody wonders what Dani will do to try and flip the house.
Ezo – I’m so tired of the mind games.. I go brush my teeth and Christmas is talking..
Cody says he already told Christmas and Memphis that Dani is saying that Memphis doesn’t want to keep David he goes ‘I never said that”
Cody – I was like that’s that she said
Nicole says she doesn’t want to break Dani’s trust but they area all core four so whatever.
N – She said to Memphis and Christmas she wanted David out and Memphis said he had to see what Cody wanted sand she said Cody doesn’t get a vote we get to vote
Cody – she said that to them
N – To Memphis
Cody – Ohh my god.. YO
N – She said she did I don’t know why she would make that up.
Enzo – between Dani and Christmas I’m F***ing … I’ve had it YO I’m done
Cody – Cody doesn’t have a vote we vote.. I do have a vote you need four votes. What four people are going to do what you want Dani. Three votes I still get a vote.
N – I don’t trust Kevin H heard Nicole Flipped (wall yeller) I don’t think he’ll ever get that out of his mind. so I don’t trust him .
Enzo – Kevin is done he’s been on the block 5 times what are we goin got do put him on the block 6 times.. that’s enough yo.. I don’t even want to see it anymore. I’m done I feel bad for him ..
N – I feel so bad seeing his face pop up
Cody – Tyler is not voting David over Kevin. Period end of story
N – David is coming after me and Dani
Cody – this is us three information David is going after Memphis
N – ohh good
They all want Kevin gone this week.

12:53 am Christmas and David
Christmas – when you are on the block and you have a chance to win the veto and you take a prize over the veto it causes pause
David – Yeah I can see that..
Christmas – I’m not saying that to be an $$hole I’m saying that because I think it’s good for you to have clarity
David – I get it.. as soon as I walked over and no one wanted to talk to me. I get it.

David – for me it’s frustrating because I feel like I’m going to keep getting targeted I’m going to keep either on the way out the door or my days in here feel sort because they are always .. (snaps his fingers) I’m always there what else can I do .. if not win something instead of trying the odds that are increasingly against me.. if that makes sense.
David – it wasn’t something that was planned it was something like BOOM look up.. I’m just like either I can keep trying to find the veto round by round take the luck based comp .. you know finding it at the right time all the things you can’t control in this game. OR I can take control of my game right now that this.
David – that’s why I went for it..
David runs to the kitchen to grab his pizza in the oven. Christmas shakes her head at David disapproving.
When he comes back Christmas going on about when you are on the block and in the veto “You fight for your life”
Christmas – people see you give up that is what they will perceive. You don’t care to be here that’s why you took cash because you think you are going home eventually
David – I get it it’s fine..
Christmas – it’s not just the perception David.. you are a crossfitter. you fight even when you know you are dead last (LOL get my barf bag)

David – what I want do to in terms of other things is bigger than that (exactly)
Christmas – well ok.. it just kills your time here what’s the point of being here .. this is like crossfit to me I love this game I respect this game and I just .. I see and understand why you did what you did but I’m still going to express my frustrations about it.
Christmas brings up some story from a 2010 crossfit games where some guy could climb a rope and came in second.

1:03 am Christmas and Tyler
Christmas going on about David taking the money.

1:10 – 1:30 am Enjoying pizza ..

1:31 am Cody, Dani and Enzo
Cody going on about David picking the money “He’s clueless in this game.. clueless” 9we all know if David had won the veto they would be gaslighting him to not use it and when he did use it they would all act shocked and betrayed about it)
Cody – after this week he’s got nobody..
Dani says that David also has 5K from the HOH.
Dani – it’s so insulting I have zero respect for him in this game.. (LOL)
Cody – I’m so mad at David.. what you doing you have no right being here. It’s so frustrating being the HOH with that..
Dani – I’m SOOOOO mad about it
Enzo – I’m livid.. I’m fighting for this POV for no f**Ing reason what are we doing here.. I told him I’m going for the money that’s what I told him
Dani – it’s like you’re insane to me like.. I’m sorry.. he’s literally downstairs with me crying about his mom and how she needs money and blah blah blah.. so you are telling me you’re here for reasons.. personal reason to help your mother and you are just going to throw it away for 10 grand like.. I don’t know.. my mind is blown.. we were flabbergasted..
Cody – I went off on him I couldn’t hold it back
Dani – I couldn’t even be in the same room as him
Enzo says Kevin and David are done. “I just can’t see Kevin on the block anymore”
Dani – I want David gone he’s coming after me.. He’ll put me up against Nicole
Enzo – he’ll do that.. ohh sh1t..

Enzo says David not going for Veto when on the block was “Ballsy”
Dani – it’s wasn’t even Ballsy it was stupid
Cody – it’s pure stupidity in this game..
Dani – I lost all respect for him in this game.. not as a person in this game.
Cody – I’m blown away it happened on an allstars season..

1:37 am David and Tyler
David says when he took the money people show their true colours. If they are with me they’re like good job you got it nice.. if you don’t ride with me you show it.
David talks about the veto says he was about to throw the money but had a second thought “10 thousands f*** it”
Tyler – I feel that.. I was thinking about it too bro
David – My fear was like if I don’t get the money now and I don’t get the veto.. and I’m back on the block like..
David – at least I got this i’m already in a better mood and being in a better mood is going to help me
Tyler – help you stick around.. I’m with it. Don’t explain yourselves to nobody.. gamewise YES.. if you actually feel like you need to f** that
David – I got 10 K that’s dope..
Tyler – yeah you can say you one 10K on OTEV forever
David – Cody was like why did you do that.. I’m like it’s the only control I got
David says he’s not sure what Cody will do “I can’t read it”
Tyler – you’re alright man just don’t do anything crazy

Tyler asks him if he also got the 5K on the HOH. “For real”
DAvid – no .. my last shot was a 7
Tyler – everything will think it was yo now because you did this
Daivd – they can think what they want to thin
Tyler – F** them
David says Cody and Enzo won some money and Probably Tyler too
Tyler – Who knows.. it’s a secret
David – my sh1ts out there
Tyler – you got to fight hard people use whatever reason they can bro

2:05 am HOH Dani, Enzo and Cody
Cody brings up Caleb always talking about getting a break for his singing career by being on Big Brother.
Dani – Enzo you get it because you are old school.. nothing ever happens like this back in the day reality TV was so different nowadays people go on reality TV to try and Become somebody or whatever like.. it was never

2:49 am Cody, Enzo and Nicole
Eating cheese chit chat.. Cody and Nicole talking about being Instagram friends.
Of course they mention putting David on slop because he took the 10K

3:20 am tons of inflatable toys for the pool party

3:30 am Nicole and Dani
Dani – I’m really nervous about Thursday though. Like I’m really nervous. I don’t feel confident..
Dani says they have to take David out next “we have to win .. win we have to”
They run some scenarios about the double.
Dani suggest they both push on Christmas “oh my god we’re almost the final 6 with the committee if we make it we will go down as the best Alliance in Big Brother history no alliance has ever done that before.. we have to push that have to.. that will trigger her if she’s thinking of something else.. that’s all she cares about is stuff like that”
They talk about David not going for the veto.
Dani – he’s not very safe.. very strange.. I hope there’s no nonsense this week.

6:41 am Kevin talking with the brain worms everyone else sleeping.

8:27 am Sleeping YO

10:08 am Sleeping YO

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Given all the crap Dani has been spewing if I was Cody I would pull David down and put her arse up. She is going to blow up his game anyway.

Game fan

she did nothing to cody’s game. memphis did agree to send david in front of her..
everyone was mad at david so is christmas. but they blame only danni for wanting him out
they just at the point where they will target her for saying good morning

Game fan

By the way , Cody didn’t care about danni wishes to get Tyler out on her hoh. And the guys didn’t caare about Memphis hoh plan to bd david last week. Nor the fact danni wanted day to stay . Now cody is pissed she might not honor his wish on *his hoh*
F* cody..

Golden Gate Granny

Her name is spelled with one N… Dani. And, once they all heard WHY David snagged the money? They were over it and coached him on the optics of playing BB. He’s such a Newb. Poor guy.


Just like Karen is spelled with one n….that was a total Karen response lol

Golden Gate Granny

Paying attention is free, but the benefits are immeasurable.

Golden Gate Granny

Even the successful “Brigade” cut “The Brains” Matt earlier than planned because of his perceived shenanigans, Dani is way more of a threat than Matt ever was. Tsk. Tsk.

I’m thinkin’ Cody’s oral diarrhea has resulted in chronic constipation of his brain.

Ian's Puppet

BOO HOO!!!! David won wwwaaahhh!!!! What a bunch of poor sport cry babies. This bunch of jerks complain about HIM not respecting the game while these cheaters had a pre-game alliance before going into the house. YOU GOT TO BE EFFING KIDDING ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


These contestants are so competition focused. There are other strategies to stay in the game without winning a comp. Why are they acting like David committed an ultimate atrocity?

Golden Gate Granny

He kinda did commit a POV atrocity. He’s on the block and goes for the $10k within seconds of GO time? To everyone else that alwayssss looks BAD… potential evictee is feelin’ too safe appearances, yannow?


Always is spelled with one ‘s’


Dani is bitching about him taking money????? UUmmm didn’t SHE take money at the HOH??!!! So he took money WHO CARES!!! Y’all want him out so why not take some cash with him!! Smart move to me.


They are pissed because they wanted to get the money. He (David) knows his days are numbered and he sucks at competitions so why not get something while he is there cause he surely won’t be winning. Although if he were to win one of the three HOH in the triple and take out Memphis that would be cool.


Man Cody and Dani have their heads up their ass.
David did right knowing his BB life will soon end.


David had every right to go for the cash instead of the POV. Likewise, everyone has the right to vote him out for it. But they won’t.

Joe Hiden

Dani this is your last week in the house.


“Cody – I’m blown away it happened on an allstars season..”

Lol. This is the most delusional house ever. Have some awareness bruh, this is about as close to an All-Stars cast as I am to eating a salad.


We’ll have to wait to see what Grodner tells Cody what Derrick wants him to do.


America’s Favorite…Nicole F? Dayvonne? Enzo I can possibly see. I really want one of the pre jury folks to win it. Janelle getting it would piss off the rest of those idiots. It would take a lot though as she’s been gone for so long.

David knows he’s going soon and there’s nothing he can do about it. That’s why he took the money. Cody’s pissed because he wanted the money.


I am voting Janelle

Dani is Toast

I’m torn between voting Janelle or Tyler.


Tyler doesn’t deserve it. He was going to give up EVERYTHING because he didn’t want to go to jury like a spoiled brat. He’s like that one quote from the office, “Andy Bernard (Tyler) doesn’t lose games. He wins games or he quits them because they are unfair.” Puke.

Dani is Toast

That convinced me. My vote goes to Tyler.

Cecilia Jang

me too 😉 Tyler for AFP


Love love her but why? She did nothing this time in the game like previous seasons. Not the same comp beast/weasel her way off the block janelle. I’m over her.


Janelle had class and tried to play the game, she didn’t sit around complaining about anyone or crying when she was on the block, she campaigned till the end.She rose above the “mean girls” speaking negative and lying about her. She left with class. Too late the other “floaters” saw that what she was saying was correct. This so called endless summer game play the HG are dong this year is old and boring, including Tyler with his wanting to leave the house before jury because he saw he was not going to win with the pre-gaming crew.
Janelle tried hard to play and no one wanted to play, even though they swear they are there to play.


I really can’t stand Tyler and his pre-puberty voice lol.


Exactly. Due to pregame interference, they should have NO AFP this year. They can thank Sgt. porkchop for that.


Me too. No one deserves it.

Team Janelle

Voting Janelle too 🙂

Paul’s Beard

America’s favorite Nicole f? Seriously?


Same. Nicole F. has barely had to get out of bed for this season. She has done N O T H I N G. To earn favorite houseguest.


That was my thought when Cody was talking about it. Rereading it, it seems he meant Dayvonne. I skim his conversations so I misunderstood who he was talking about.

BBAS2 baby

Don’t mention Nicole F nor A
Both are horrible this season


Double triple thumbs up!!


Davonne gets my vote! Enzo is annoying AF to listen to and hasn’t done anything in this game but ride everyone’s coattails & say YO. I’m tired of him.

Arya Stark Badass

Is anyone as annoying as DaVonne?


Yes, you!


DaVonne? Really? Why’s would anyone vote her as AFP? That’s ridiculous. She came on the show for all the wrong reasons…just to stand on her soapbox and give her opinions. We wanted to see actual gameplay, but she got everything wrong. No insight or awareness of what was really going on in the house. She has never been a good player any of her seasons. Forgot her for favorite player!


They act like David was going to go to the end or something with all their bitching. Like he’s gone next week so wtf is the big deal? He knows, he’s not stupid about it lol I would do the same thing.

The Beef

Actually, with 3 people being evicted Thursday night he’s likely going this week. Could be wrong depending on who wins HOH, and how they play things out (2 weeks and 3 nominees vs. 3 weeks and 2 nominees) but we shall see.


Please let Dani win, and David… Time to go.

Dani is Toast

Dani is winning……….the least favorite player ranking.

Starry night

Right before they started the challenge what stood out to me is Cody telling Tyler that Dani said Tyler was coming for Cody. Tyler was blown away by that. I guarantee that messed up Tyler in the OTEV challenge because it had to be weighing on his mind. More than ever Tyler will be focused only on getting Dani out. And another thing… Tyler had told Cody that he considers Dani one of the best players he’s ever seen and he’ll vote for her to win if she gets to the final two. Cody should back door Dani (golden chance) but Kevin hurt his feelings and David went for the money. I can’t.


David did not go for the money. They blame everything on David, because they don’t think he deserves to be there. I think anyone that has played BB regardless when they were voted out deserves to be there. Tyler and Dani won the money.


I think I spoke to soon, maybe David went for money in the veto, but regardless he is playing his game not he commitee’s ggame


Instead of voting for AFP this season, I’d like to vote for the most painful player to watch on the feeds. They could win a Never-Allowed-to-be-on-Reality-TV-Again award. It would be a close call between Kevin and Christmas.

BTW, Christmas declaring that “it’s not our choice” on who leaves this week, claiming “it’s Cody’s HOH” after Dani reminds her that they get to vote sums up everything that has gone wrong with BB in recent seasons.

Lucy in the Sky

what is with all these newish players? they all say its the HOH’s choice, not mine!
vote for whoever you feel is not going to help you, vote out your enemy, not the HOH


I think their all painful to watch. But I still dislike Tyler and Enzo the least. Everyone else just sucks.


I think NcA, remember her, should have a spot in the running for Never Allowed Award.

Guy From Canada

The the other houseguests are pissed at David for taking the money because they wanted it, pure and simple. David is 100% right to win a little something over nothing. When it’s the whole house against two, odds of winning are low. Take the guaranteed cash. Good thing, all the other houseguests view this as a bad game move and he can be carried to f2 now like Victoria.

Who am I kidding, I want David to win the triple and send some egos out the door! Given his Thrace record though, highly unlikely.

BBAS2 baby

Imagine though David winning during triple what a great moment that would be, honestly it could redeem this season for me


So they think David should have gone for the POV, and then if he had won it… then what not used it lol if he had and should use it then Cody is forced to put up some else. These entitled people really r the worst!

Lucy in the Sky

that pic of Xmess, she looks just like Betty Davis in Whatever Happened to Baby Jane!
She acts like that character too.


Christmas is a dime. Lucy you sound a little jelly.

Janet austin

Hey Simon, FYI Kevin’s name is missing from the “WALL” or gallery photos at the top of the home page. (Maybe you were anticipating?)


I’d just want my change back.

Jasmine R Carroll

I mean, how dare David, to whom it has been made VERY clear that he is going home soon if not this week, try and make the most of his time left and at least win SOME cash? Does he not know that the coveted opinions of puke worthy Dani and Cody ride on him being a COMPLETE loser as opposed to having gotten SOMETHING out of this experience? I swear, this is the absolute worst season of Big Brother in HISTORY. The only solace we have is knowing this week will be the end of the only two floaters (except for Nicole, who is vacationing her way to another BB win because everyone is too stupid to target her), and then they’ll have to start picking off each other. This time next week they’ll be wishing they had a David or a Kevin to diffuse. Amateurs, the bunch of them.


And didn’t Dani say herself she would go for the prizes if she was in the game. I guess that only applies when you absolutely believe you are safe. Good for David for taking the cash. And they say he doesn’t know the game. I would say he understands he is going soon and is cashing in.

Game fan

Danni is not on the block.

Arya Stark Badass



If I knew I was going in the next 2 weeks , I would take the money also.


It reminds me of Ika BB Can. shredding letters from home and collecting 5000. All the houseguests were outraged, even though they had already let her know she was about to go home.

Game fan

But how can he know ?
There are people targeting Christmas or danni before him. He can float to the end. He can win comps..


I’m now on team David. From what I’ve seen/read, he’s got terrible game, but he’s been on his own for the most part. Don’t come for me, don’t @ me— He’s been the underdog this entire game, IMO. #TeamDavidfortheWin


That’s a fair assessment. He has been on his own and has made it this far in the game. I could get behind David FTW just to stick it to the pre-game alliance. I’d love a close-up shot of Derrick and Dan at their respective homes watching it all go down.

Soul child

I would laugh my butt off if David wins the next hoh and has to pick fast without having a week of them hounding him. They’re just mad because they didn’t get the money. I’m not a fan of anyone this year but it would be great if it’s Tyler and David final 2. Everyone wants dani out so bad but wouldn’t she be one of the best people to be sitting next too? Especially how bitter all these players are.

Game fan

Not realy.. If danni manage to get away with her strong gaming and her big target and ends up on the final 2, she is probably winning .
*But* cody and enzo should keep her to f5/4.
So they can beat her at comps.. rather than memphis and tyler (which also can be hard to beat at final 2)


When will BB do something about this whole “house must vote for whoever the HOH wants” crap! It has been happening for far too many seasons and it ruins the season!

Of course David should have taken the money! There’s no way in hell he’s winning the game, why not get some money while he can? They are just mad because THEY didn’t get the money.

These people really suck.

Guy From Canada

a hundo agree with this

BBAS2 baby

This money taking drama just reminds me of Ika shredding letters from home and taking money in bbcan2
Both had the right to take it due to leaving soon after

dani and cody can go f themselves


Or each other. Where is that damned stool when you need it, Cody has probably been wondering, with the way he acts around Dani. All that flirty banter going on, huh?


I don’t blame David for taking the money, he may not know the game but senses his days in the house are numbered. He may as well get paid a little more I’m disliking all of these players more as each day passes, especially Cody, Dani, and Nic.

Danielle Murphree's Lies.......

OK – So David taken the money – Cody would have said “Dude, you are on the block and still took the money? So stupid!!!!! If he goes for VETO? Cody says “Dude, you were safe and still took the VETO? So selfish!!!!


And Cody dumps hot grease down the sink

Golden Gate Granny

I’m not convinced they’re not all just acting their “parts” now for whatever sized carrots Grodner/Meehan have dangled in front of them individually. Integrity of the game is Stevie Wonder could see this BLOWN. They all know a Triple is coming and playing dumb really well on the feeds. Enzo slipped out that nugget when the feeds came back on after that super long outage. Nic did too when she whispered about “the reset” to Da’vonne.

Now we have an Otev comp using friggen OIL instead of water (because of safety issues and the pandemic says Nic… huh?!!! Water is a concern, since when???) that even lil Nicole couldn’t hold her own weight vs. the oil to get up on the top landing? Of course David’s gonna go for the $10k… he knew he wasn’t gonna be able to hold up his big ol’ potato chip chowin’ body on his first run. Kinda surprised no bones were broken with scooters making a comeback. *raised granny-brow*

We all know how Otev has the rope pull incline, (they all agree was the steepest they’ve ever seen/played), gushy water and one gets left out landing step. OIL?! Oy. That wasn’t a Golden Muscle MAN comp set up at all. Nope. Heh. *smirkface*

I really dislike comps that are not designed for ANY/ALL body types in BB. And, I really don’t care about the handful of wall yellers either… I care about us millions that pay for All Access and deserve some feed PERKS… not feed kills!!!

Oh and could one of the hamsters be scripted to accidentally high five Dani today? In the whiney liarhole. With a chair. Like literally today? Mmmkaythx.

Granny’s just a lil grumpy/ranty today. *shakes rolling pin at CBS* Loves to all the OBB Family, though! xoxo


You mean to tell me that this whole conversation has to do with David taking the money? Please. You can’t be serious…. after all the crazy crap that’s been happening in the house, THIS is what they’re mad about? We all know if it wasn’t David who took it, it would’ve been someone else. Cry me a freaking river!!!! They’ve always found a reason not to like him no matter what or what ever lame excuse they continue use. Doesn’t give anybody the right to degrade his character. He’d need to win every veto or an HOH just to be safe. They’ll be sending him home anyway, so you can just continue to say he’s bad at this game, idiot, blah, blah, blah. Everybody else in this game has had their share of terrible gameplay. They better be lucky none of them have seen the block yet because their day is coming. If anything, keeping David is SAVING you all from being on the block, but it just also gives you another reason to always complain about him. Grow up. It’s getting annoying….

Kimberly VanBuren

I hate the house this time. All the underdogs are getting picked off by the bully’s. Tyler is the only one who actually waivers back and forth from good to evil. Poor David.


Oh my gosh . . . what did you expect David to do . . .fall in line and sit quietly knowing full well that he was on the block and probably going home ! Why shouldn’t he grab $$$$ when he can . . he knew he wasn’t making it to the end. Dani is really bugging me. I don’t think I like her at all.


Please help! I am confused. I have went back 3 times and watched the HOH comp and only see David using his three trys on the HOH, none on the prizes. Why is everyone upset and saying that he needs to go because he went for the prizes? What did I miss? Thanks!