Power Of Veto Winner Results! Day “BULLSH*T BULLSH*T! I am not kissing nobody’s a$$ Kevin!”

Head of Household Winner – Memphis
Have nots – Cody, Christmas
Nominations – Kevin & DaVonne
Power of Veto Players are – Kevin, Tyler, Dani, Da’Vonne, Memphis, Nicole
POV Host: – Cody
Power of Veto holder – Tyler
Power of Veto Ceremony
Powers – Christmas, Dani, David
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1:05pm – 4:27pm Big Brother blocked the feeds for the Power of Veto Competition. It was the ZINGBOT Veto.

Bedroom. Day, Kevin and Memphis.
Memphis – well they definitely didn’t throw it like they said they would. But I am still planning to do this thing. Day – are you sure? Memphis – Am I sure? Well I have to talk to Tyler to make sure but .. It has nothing to do with .. like I made a deal .. you guys are safe but David is who I want to see go.. so unless you want to see yourself up on the block you’ve got to do this for me. There is no reason for him to keep David.. not that I am aware of. Memphis leaves. Day – BULLSH*T BULLSH*T! I am not kissing nobody’s a$$ Kevin! I don’t have it in me .. I can’t do it. I know him.. as soon as his name got pulled up I was like something isn’t right. And then when they pulled me to the side I was like .. when I was reading my bible I was like ahhhhghgg.. come on!! Kevin – this was the comp that he (Tyler) played in too. It was stacked! Day – its alright..

Bedroom. Day and Dani.
Dani – if it stays the same by Thursday I will do everything I can to keep you here. You know I have been fighting for you. I swear to you. I can’t believe he won of all people.

Lounge room. Memphis and Tyler.
Memphis – I will tell you that Dani and Nicole told me to my face that they weren’t going to go for it .. and they definitely went for it. They didn’t throw it. Dani knows I know. Tyler – Dani knows you know she didn’t throw it? Do we want to talk to Christmas and them and see what they think? At least see what everyone thinks. Memphis – if we don’t get rid of David .. then I should have just f**King put David on the f**king block. It wasn’t the point. The point was to get rid of David. At this juncture if you guys don’t want to do that obviously .. then I look at that as why the f**k are you keeping David around!? Tyler – okay .. yeah then can we talk to them about it? And see if its a good move?! David is sitting on an island right now. Memphis – I know but at the same time .. you guys are going to do whatever you want. At this point Dani looked me in the face and said its fine do what you need to do .. and Dani is the one that .. something is going down between her, Day and Nicole. Tyler – she said that? Memphis – no I am not saying that .. I am SEEING that. Why would she not throw it?! Tyler – but are you going to take this as I have something going on with David?! Memphis – no. I am not but I am saying ..everything we have done in conjunction to right now .. and as soon as I say I want to get rid of David .. you f**king won and all of a sudden its a hiccup?! That is not cool! I don’t look at that as cool .. I look at that as a problem. That’s the way I look at it. Tyler – I am looking out for you. Memphis – its not even looking out for me .. I’m looking out for the six people that I made a pact with. I don’t mind that you won.. I wanted to win. Its fair. It is what it is… what concerns me is that Dani almost beat us too. At the end of the day I want David gone .. and if we don’t see eye to eye on that… I would have just put him up in the beginning. Tyler – you didn’t even tell them what you’re doing.. Memphis – yeah that’s the point because everyone talks too much. Tyler – we could have mapped this out better .. that’s all I am saying. Memphis – we can talk to everyone and get everyone together. Tyler – I am fine with whatever. Memphis – I am not telling anyone sh*t because these girls are full of sh*t. I didn’t want David to f**king chirp.

5pm HOH room. Cody, Christmas and David
Memphis – they’re acting like they would go the other way. Christmas – I believe that they would. Memphis – so lets just block them in the corner and box them out. We still need to tread lightly. Cody – we still have to hear the conversations. Memphis – if that is the play .. that we are still basically not blowing them up .. which we basically are. That rubbed me the wrong way. To see them talking… Christmas – I did hear that Nicole said that she wouldn’t be able to put up Day. Memphis – what kind of sh*t is that. Then maybe we talk to Tyler and say lets not use the veto. Cody – then you should cover yourself with David. Memphis – no .. if they say I was trying to backdoor him… I will say bullsh*t. Cody – I have to be honest I didn’t think anyone was beating your time. Memphis – that means that they want Kevin gone so bad.. Christmas – or they want Day to stay. Did you tell Tyler to throw it? Memphis – no. Cody – but Tyler is someone that you can tell someone I want to do this and he will do it. Tyler joins them. Memphis – I am trying to sort out if the girls .. If they wanted Day to stay .. wouldn’t they just do that (throw it) because that would guarantee her to stay. What the f**k are they??!?! Cody – because they want to be the hero. Tyler – I definitely don’t think they are trying to pull anything against us.

5:33pm HOH room. Day and Memphis.
Memphis – well that didn’t work.. they all flipped. Tyler, Nicole, Dani.. I called him out on it. I am just as annoyed at him as I am with Dani. Dani almost beat my time. I was running f**king fast .. you know what I mean!? What the f**k Dani! I get it.. I get upset for a moment.. I am not into throwing comps either.. but I try to look at it from the angle of why wouldn’t you just let it ride!? Did you talk to them? Day – no. Memphis – it was so bizarre. Day – I was just letting it happen as it happened. Memphis – I want to talk to all of them.. I had a plan .. but now they have the power .. well Tyler does … and they have the votes. They’re not cohesive. Day – everyone is just grasping at straws at this point. Memphis – you’re due. But Kevin with these POV wins is dangerous. I need to continue to talk to Tyler.. I am going to play the angle.. you have the pov .. I want to do this .. what is your disagreement with this? Day – I think he thinks we were the two votes against him. Before the vote David came up with the plan to slit the votes. I don’t trust David. I didn’t go through with that. I think David is trying to get David to think I was a vote against him. And that is why Tyler needs to know that I played no part in that. Memphis – well I am going to work on Tyler and see his angle. I am going to try and still do what I was going to do. I don’t need him to convince him to do it. I need him to convince me why not to do it. Day – I will talk to him too. He will look like a fool .. if he thinks he (David) has his back in any form. And that doesn’t help you because dude (David) is going to be coming for you. Memphis – oh I’m not worried about that. I don’t understand why Dani but Tyler too .. All Dani had to do was back off.

HOH room. Christmas and Memphis.
Christmas – its in their best interest to keep Day. Memphis – I get it .. it makes zero f**king sense (for Dani & Nicole not to throw it). Christmas – to leverage.. remember these girls are sophisticated players .. leverage not using the veto or and making sure Kevin is voted out or if you ask them to use the veto .. then they use the veto on Day to make sure David goes up. Either way they get major brownie points for keeping Day in the game and safe. Memphis – it just seems a little risk / reward.. Christmas – their argument would be that if Nicole wanted to prove that she could win something and Dani wanted to prove that she could win something else. Especially now that you have a second HOH .. they’re feeling the pressure to win. So that would kill two birds ..one stone .. show you that they’re capable of doing that and two give both of them major credit with Day .. so that if she is here next week and she does win .. they’re absolutely safe. Memphis – I wanted everyone to throw the veto. Christmas – you could ask them. Memphis – yeah .. I’m not mad about it. What annoys me is where is the angle. If Tyler doesn’t care which one goes home.. they why would you try and win it.

5:42pm Lounge room. Tyler and Day.
Day – one .. I approached you day one and said that I wanted to work with you and since then I have never faltered from that. Two .. last week when Kevin was on the block I took him down so that I could save two friends.. to save him and put up a bigger target so that you could possibly be saved. Tyler – and look where we are. Day – Three .. I voted to keep you in this house. Four .. I convinced Kevin to keep you in this house. Five .. I’m on the block. And you tried to sabotage my game. Tyler – I did.. I tried to sabotage my game. Day – but you used me to do it. And I haven’t stuck back at you. I get it.. I don’t but I do. I haven’t talked bad about you. Memphis told me his plan. I know how much you adore the guy he wants to take out but I do want to go on record that he tried to get you put out Thursday. Tyler – I have not forgotten that. Day – I did try to defuse that. I don’t have any issues with you. Anything with Bay has nothing to do with me. Memphis wants to use the veto on somebody. If you used it on me I would be grateful. If you did use it on me .. we could count ourselves even. I don’t want to have that with you. I never did. Tyler – my reason for gunning for it was to save myself.

5:50pm Bedroom. Dani and Memphis.
Memphis – I am telling you from my first initial conversation .. it doesn’t look like he is going to use it which is obviously not good. Dani – no. I will try to feel out Tyler and you try to feel out Christmas .. because she has sway with him. I think she is pouting over zingbot right now. Memphis – I don’t think she has anything over on Tyler. Dani – they’re really close .. trust me on this one. Memphis – if he doesn’t use it .. we need the votes. Dani – we have the votes. Memphis – but who do we send home? Dani – Kevin. But we’ll get him (Tyler) to use it. Memphis – I don’t know .. he just didn’t seem like he was going to use it. Dani – well if he doesn’t ..there is a double coming up. Memphis – yeah. I don’t know we will see.

6:05pm HOH room. Tyler and Memphis.
Memphis tells Tyler about his conversation with Dani. Memphis – she (Day) was sitting here and I was like I just don’t understand why Dani didn’t throw it. I was like why didn’t Dani just throw it and let me do what I wanted to do?! So now she (Day) is going to be like what the F**K Dani!? Tyler – so if Day goes to Dani.. Memphis – I know .. so if Day gets sent home .. I was making it seem like it was on Dani. Dani didn’t throw the event. Why wouldn’t she just throw it. It is going to cause this big rift. It is so crazy dude! I just want to see if Day says anything to her. Tyler – she will. Tyler – Day told me that she voted to keep me. Memphis – no she didn’t. Whatever we decide to do I want Dani to be caught in it… its like an easy target for even us. Tyler – they’re obviously trying to use Dani as a warrior against us. And we have David as a warrior against them. Memphis – I just don’t trust David. Plans only work in this house if you win. Tyler – for the record I was not trying to win to f**k your sh*t up.. I was trying to win to win every veto.

7:10pm Cody, David, Dani random chit chat in the bedroom.

7:05pm – 7:30pm Lounge room. Christmas and Nicole.
Nicole – if I put up Kevin .. I want Kevin gone .. just so you know if its a double elimination. I will tell everybody but hopefully everybody listens. Christmas – yeah I think we’ve been pretty good at taking the direction from the HOH. Even Memphis is asking what is best for the committee now. Nicole – that is good. I will tell you what this morning I did not want Day to leave .. that is how much things change. This could happen next week .. she could drop the ball and I’m dead to her. Christmas – It will happen .. she already tested you. Nicole – I am 90% sure she told her the plan. I am going to ask to see what she says .. if she told Day the plan. I could ask Day too. Christmas – yeah but you have to fact check it fast.

8:08pm – 8:40pm The house guests are showering / lazing around the house. Christmas and Tyler play backgammon. Memphis talk about if he plays 18 holes of golf he will drink a beer a hole. Then have some hard alcohol before he heads home. Cody – If I drank a beer a whole I would be hammered by hole 8.

8:43pm Kitchen. Cody, Enzo and Dani.
Cody is talking about when Christine was evicted from his season she got crushed from the boos. Ezno – oh you could hear it?! Cody – you could hear it from the backyard! Cody – she got crushed!! Enzo – is she still maried? Cody – no! That didn’t end it. Dani laughs. Cody – I tell myself that everyday! Dani – oh god.

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Lol I hope Tyler doesn’t use it just to see Memphis “waste” his HoH. He is going to implode


Surprise, surprise…

Sets up a dramatic move towards a Tyler/DaVonne super final. Tyler will forfeit his votes.

You heard it here first.

Emerald Parkway

I’m sure Allison Grodner gets tingles just thinking about that.

Here Comes Production

I bet Grodner is pissed that she is getting called in on the weekend to figure out how to save her chosen one Da’Vonne.


I know you know you are calling a long shot but there is no way Tyler would give his votes to her. Would you give up $500K? For sure not to her she is always the victim and has no problem looking for the pity vote.

Tyler on Top

I hope he doesn’t use the veto and they all vote Day out.

Bb 22

This is so deserving for Davonne to go this week! Her and Bayleigh did the dirty work for 4 straight weeks by voting with the house majority when they were on the outside.

Davonne never deserved a second chance after a finish of 16th place in big brother 17, let alone a chance to come back for a third time.


Memphis, the all star, needs to go!!! Tyler will be saving Memphis from wasting his HOH. I wonder if Dan G is watching this week and going crazy at how stupid his friend is playing.

Michelle Hoskins

If Memphis does get to final two he won’t win. He comes off as obnoxious.


Memphis: whaaaaaaaaaaa. That is all.

Dropping a Deuce in Frisco

Da’Vonne needs to be evicted to prevent Dani & Nicole flipping over to side with Da’Vonne. The girls alliance never works in BB.

Golden Gate Granny

100% agree.

Your name is fuckin stupid though. On so many levels.


I agree, its gross and unnecessary.

Cleveland Steamer

Level up Granny.

Golden Gate Granny

I am always on the level. Shit or shine-ola.

Your name is fuckin stupid too.


I have spoken.


Memphis is an idiot…he doesnt tell anyone in his alliance his plan until right before veto and then expects them to do whatever he wants?? He should have put David strsight up, he cant win crap..you backdoor good players, not David!

Dropping a Deuce in Frisco

Even Kevin is a bigger target than David.


The stool was a bigger target…that thing was in every alliance…it also needs a lot of Kraken.


Hey Deuce, do us a favor and drop a deuce outside Nancy Pelosi’s house.

Golden Gate Granny

We’re ALL here for Big Brother. Not politics.

How about putting some “Unity” in our OBB “Community” and keep it to the game?

PAblo BB Fan

It’s cause Memphis doesn’t like blacks. Period.


Give it a break. Period.

Backseat Driver

I still don’t get it……why does Memphis want to evict David?


Because he’s black, silly.

(Honestly, I have no idea, but Memphis seems to be the only person on the planet who sees David as a threat. He keeps saying “David will win this and that).”

Down Vote

*Down Vote*


I would love to see David survive this eviction and win the next HOH so he could put up Memphis.


I’m assuming because David is the only one being vocal about putting memphis on the block if he wins HOH.


Do I really need to say it. He is the King of Idiots. He really thinks he has a chance of winning. I may think David could turn out to be the “Inspector Clouseau” of the group but Memphis is just ridiculous

another name

If David lucks into an HOH Memphis knows he’s on the block.
Memphis doesn’t want anyone to get the idea of pulling David along to the end as a final 2 easy win.
Additionally: Memphis is sore that David was invited back, and Memphis was an alternate. The idea that David got All Star consideration before Memphis galls him.

Emerald Parkway

Nothing to worry about for Memphis. If David won the HOH he would target himself. As bad of a player that David is he does seem like a pretty good guy. I’m still would like to know how he can be considered an all star.


He got a bad break his first season and a lot of people thought he had potential. Those people were wrong about his potential

Backseat Driver

Ummm….sounds personal.


Because Memphis loses to David (Memphis fails you realize he loses to everyone though)


Pfft no way in hell do any of them lose to David..he is a layup


David would literally get zero votes in the final. No one respects his game at all, but that’s because he has no game.


I believe Memphis has this huge ego that he is an all-time great in BB history and David is undeserving to be playing in an All-Star season and wants this rookie out. I hope this burns Memphis.


The same reason he put him on the block the first time.

He can’t stand the sight of him!

Go David!

Starry night

Memphis wanted to back door Tyler. I am 100% convinced and have been convinced since yesterday. Sweat Memphis sweat!!! Go Ty!!!

Dropping a Deuce in Frisco

If he wanted to backdoor Tyler he would of put Cody, Enzo or Christmas up as the other nom. Why have Kevin and Day who are two votes against Tyler on the block?


If he wanted Tyler gone, he would have voted him out 2 days ago.. duhhh

Starry night

No Memphis would not of voted Tyler out two days ago because he knew he didn’t have the votes. He was freaking out when Tyler won the veto. I’m pretty sure that Tyler gunned for that because he did not feel safe. Memphis is definitely afraid of Tyler.


?? Day, Kevin, David, Nicole and Memphis. That`s 5 votes.

Nicole begged Memphis to keep Ian and he said NO….


ITV he had proposed hat to Nicole he would have had the votes. Memphis said in the DR he didn’t want Tyler out.


I really dont get what day is all about saying she wont kiss asses bla bla
She and kevin both had a chance to win, they also had memphis/nicole/dani willing to do what they wanted (save one of day/kevin). It just happens that none of them won
Now, why should tyler save one of them? What does tyler owe them when both of them voted to evict him just a few days ago?
I expect them blaming tyler for everything that is wrong and for them leaving just cause he doesnt use the veto on one of them, even tho they would NEVER use it on him


Day was practicing her pucker before the veto comp even ended.


Day had the veto last week and she was walking around thinking shes the Queen of England. Now she goes from the throne to kissing peoples a@#@@@


Day tells Tyler what happened between Bay and him had nothing to do with her. When she voted Thursday she said “For Bay, I vote to evict Tyler”.


And Tyler says their cool but is pushing for her to go before Kevin n David! What’s your point? They all lie


Not sure who whines – cries more, Nicf or Kevin. It’s a toss up.

The Block.

David – doesn’t have a clue how to play this game.

Kevin – tired of his whining, woe is me attitude. I know he’s gay, but he needs to grow a pair.

Dacron – This is the one I’d mostly like to see kicked off the island. Won’t vote off a POC. Hates Ty because he threw her and Bae a life line. As much as I want to see her gone, I’m not sure I want to saddle Ian with all that time alone with her. Ian doesn’t deserve cruel and unusual punishment.




Go Cody. Angela loves you and can’t wait to see you!

Just bring home the bacon



The Beef

Pablo got drunk and forgot how to spell Pablo.


Angela loves Cody?
That’s a new one…


Memphis to Tyler, regarding everyone throwing it so that he can win the veto himself: “That will be the DIRECTIVE.” What an A-hole! That being said, I don’t think Tyler takes directives very well, especially not from Memphis.

Backseat Driver

No comment here except I love your name……Fustercluck.


Simon who do you think is going to win America’s Favorite Houseguest from this mess?


really depends on who is in the final and who the cat people support. Might be a pre jury member.


Janelle will get 99.99% of the votes.


I’m expecting Janelle to win but I’m still voting for Tyler. Maybe he will get top three in AFP, or is it AFH?

Tamberlyn M. Richardson

I think Day had a shot at AFP until she went in hard on David – that was so uncomfortable to watch btw. Her believing Sssssscole certainly didn’t help her cause.

Janelle has been great outside, auctioning off her necklace ($18k to a children’s charity), & throwing excellent twitter bombs at the hamsters.

Tyler, Kaysar, Ian will likely be in the running & believe it or not David might get some votes b/c of how mean Day was to him (twitter blew up on Friday after Day roasted him).

Johnny Depth

Memphis unhealthy OBSESSION with David has become unsettling. Can we move tf on?!

Emerald Parkway

Time to get to steppin Day.


I love those words, “Time to get steppin Day..! Please let it happen this week.

Emerald Parkway

I’m very glad looking at the rankings here that everyone is on to the real snake in the house…..Dani.

All puff and no stuff

I’m thinking the viewers got played on this one. What a joke. David is an island!? We will see him with the idiot that drags him to f2. How long has it been since there was a redeeming personality in the winner? It is hard to root for any of these people right now. David is a crappy player. Crappy players at this point will go far (Cody meet your new Victoria). Maybe too far. I can’t even feel sorry for David. Ugh. Horrible. This angry rant doesn’t even help me feel better. I invest time in the show inundated with medical commercials with death as a side effect. The show should Invest in me. No fun. Bleh


Without these Big alliances and pregame friendships the rest of them are crappy players too! It’s easy to look good when it’s 6 people on your side! NICOLE n Christmas is crappy too… They gave Xmas her HOH! Enzo is being used/played by Cody! If you not in a big clique then you look like a crappy player! That’s what happened to Janelle n Kaysar


Since the beginning of the game, Memphis has been overly confident thinking that HE’S in charge of not only “The Committee”, but the entire game…
and he’s about to be in for a huge shock when he finds out just how NOT in charge he really is.

Golden Gate Granny

Hooray! Today was their Zingbot assault. Which is hilarious because I’ve been Zinging these dummies in my head for about a week now in mah head.

Today’s Me-Zinging them was this is The Battle of the Deuces (cause there are so many 2nd placers) which quickly turned in to Big Brother Shit Edition.

Yeah. Grod would never approve. Ha.


Wait… You mean they showed them being zinged on the feeds and I missed it ??!!!!

Golden Gate Granny

No… it wasn’t shown on the feeds. Nozzcole and Shitmess were talking about theirs a lil bit ago.


Sad thing is they may not even understand the zings…

Golden Gate Granny

Ohhh they do. Shitmess could care less. Nozz is gonna have a nervous breakdown soon. She’s trying hard to hide what a hawt mess she is, but she’s melting down internally.

Meanwhile… Memphis has been coughing and sneezing for over an hour now. Allergies from the POV set? I’d think it would all be all fake hedge greenery.



Not being the the grammar police , I promise (I hate grammar nazi’s!)…
The expression is “couldn’t” care less.
The ONLY reason I’m even mentioning it to you, is because when you use “could” in it’s place, it actually turns your sentence into the opposite of what you’re trying to convey.

Aaaaand if you wrote “could” by mistake but actually meant to write couldn’t, just tell me to shut the fuck up, lol. 😉


This is one I could see going both ways. Similar to when I’m asked if I want to eat and I reply, I could eat. I’m not really hungry and I’m indifferent to to it. It’s more stating that it’s possible for me to eat. It’s possible for her to care less but her level of concern is already very low. There could be a level of sarcasm to the phrase as well.


Day, Kevin, David…let`s be honest….it does not even matter who goes.


Let’s chose all the people of color why don’t you. The reason they are the outsiders not knowing what is going on is because the majority formed before the house and then brought everyone else they wanted in. They look in the know because production keeps their favorites in the know. I’m glad there isn’t a thumbs down so I can say whatever I feel. I am sick of Golden boy Tyler who has all the help from Allison. And based on most of the house knowing when their are crossing the line with the viewers, it tells me they only look like they know what they are doing becasue they are being told everything when the feeds go down. They aren’t better players. They are being given everything to look like they are smart. None of them are smart. It just a matter of the have and the have nots based on production. This show suck and the people are unlikeable.


I don’t want David to go this week. He’s not a smart player but he seems like a decent man (David looks a lot like my grandson so I may be biased).

Day really bugs me with her constant reference to being a Christian woman who reads the Bible often. Then she uses filthy language and says such vile things about people, even those not in the game. Her Uncle Tom comment was disgusting and hurtful to David. I want her out so bad. I was hoping she would go when her and Bayleigh were on the block.

As always, Tyler for the win..!


memphis needs to chill. david needs to go but davonne needs to go 1st.


Too bad we have an HOH who is fixated on David. Otherwise, Tyler could use the VETO and the HOH could nominate Dani. They could pull-off the votes (any 4 of Tyler, Enzo, Cody, Christmas, David) and it would be the most exciting thing to happen all season.

But, the HOH is Memphis.

Roisin Dubh

If he had a brain in his head he would backdoor Dani like you say. She’s almost at peak chaos and we all know the damage she can do when she has two people on her side.

Golden Gate Granny

Dani would be the wise move. We know Memphis has the nads to put her up… the votes just gotta be there.

***Dani & Cody’s voices are starting to shred my ears worse than anyone else now. Cody never shuts up and Dani’s is made of pure flowing whine. They gots to go. They’re nails on a chalkboard at this point.


Memphis is playing for 500k. Memphis is not playing to make you happy.

Roisin Dubh

These guys better sweat an Enzo HOH. It looks like Die Hard is focusing in on Cody.


Byyyeee Dayyy ! Take your fake ass emotional game to the jury house cause we’re tired of it. Also tired of Memphis’ obsession with David lol the kid is harmless, clueless, and faaarr from threatening. Gotta use my deck of cards on this cause it’s quite obvious, Memphis is just plain old Racist lol. You can tell Davids presence alone irritates the hell out of him and for no reason.. In life you gotta call a Spade a Spade.


I can’t stand fake ass Tyler pretending to like people and playing the same” stab you in the back” game he did in his season. I would choose Cody’s coaching by Derrick over Allison loving Tyler.


“Calling a spade a spade”?

Oh, the irony.


I don’t understand why Christmas hates Day so much. I wish someone would put her behind on the block. I’m so over that sneaky freak. She wants to be the last girl standing. I hope right after the rest of the girls, that’s where it’s heading. Memphis wasted that HOH and he looks like an idiot! Nobody lets him finish a sentence or he’s too burnt to finish. Terrible season. I hope Day blows up Christmas, she was part of the girls alliance too.

All puff and no stuff

I thought Memphis was going rip the band aid off!!

The Beef

This may be the biggest number of lies I’ve ever seen from one house guest in a short conversation in the history of Big Brother!

“Day – one .. I approached you day one and said that I wanted to work with you and (lie #1) since then I have never faltered from that. Two .. last week when Kevin was on the block I took him down so that I could save two friends.. to save him and (lie #2) put up a bigger target so that you could possibly be saved. Tyler – and look where we are. Day – Three .. (lie #3) I voted to keep you in this house. Four .. (lie #4) I convinced Kevin to keep you in this house. Five .. I’m on the block. And you tried to sabotage my game. Tyler – I did.. I tried to sabotage my game. Day – but you used me to do it. (lie #5) And I haven’t struck back at you. I get it.. I don’t but I do. (lie #6) I haven’t talked bad about you. Memphis told me his plan. I know how much you adore the guy he wants to take out but I do want to go on record that (lie #7) he tried to get you put out Thursday. Tyler – I have not forgotten that. Day – (lie#8) I did try to defuse that. (lie #9) I don’t have any issues with you. (lie #10) Anything with Bay has nothing to do with me. Memphis wants to use the veto on somebody. If you used it on me I would be grateful. (lie #11) If you did use it on me .. we could count ourselves even. I don’t want to have that with you. I never did. Tyler – my reason for gunning for it was to save myself.”

That’s a lot of lies in a very short conversation. And before anybody @’s me with Big Brother is a game of lying, I’m fully aware of that, I’m almost ready to submit this to the Big Brother Hall of Fame for the biggest bullshit conversation of all time! I’m almost in awe of her audacity to be able to sit there with a straight face and repeat these bold face lies to this man and expect him to believe them. There were just so many, it just seemed like they needed to be acknowledged somehow so I did it. At least 11 lies, and a couple more that are debatable in there. That’s pretty impressive!


I don’t think he bought any of it!


Memphis: “I didn’t want David to fkg chirp”
David: “Hey Memphis, guess what? Chirp Chirp Chirpp! Chirp Chirpp Chirppppp!! N’ya N’ya Ya cant catch me”


You mean after shaking with David and trying to dupe him by a fugasey back door, David lives to see another day??? OHHH the IRONY! Go David lol

Please Tyler stick to your guns!!! They were mad at Day for using her veto so Tyler should just say he wanted to respect the noms and keep them the same lol. A further slap to Memphis by not even acknowledging he had a plan!

Memphis – I know but at the same time .. you guys are going to do whatever you want….

DUH Memphis!!! You ain’t running shit! Even silly ass Kevin knew Memphis had some sort of dumb plan.

Memphis didn’t want to tell anyone what he was doing before noms and thought they would just “fall in line” cause it’s HIS HOH.

Should have just been straight up and put the man on the block to his face not behind his back….that handshake speaks even louder considering he didnt have his own balls to do it and tried to use the committees balls…..They are not buying it Memphis!
You are NOT the godfather!
Byeeee Day!


Was it true the deck was stacked in Tyler’s favor? Not like Grod didn’t do that before to protect her pets.


Meaning what? How was the deck stacked in this favor? In the veto or what?


Day has always been Grod’s favorite. Why else have such a bad player back. Out 2nd in first try, out 5th in 2nd try. She will try hard to keep Day in the game but hopefully the HGs get her out.


Anyone catch the convo with Kevin and Day where Kevin basically tells Day that she has nothing to offer alliances and can’t win comps?

Too bad she was busy talking too much to the wrong one’s (the irony being she was trying to scold Kevin for not talking straight up and being a “fan” then Kevin broke it down to Day

Referring to black mirror show he says they are all doing things to get points and be nice even as “low” as Nicole using her wedding as an offer.

Kevin- what can you offer them Day??? You have to offer something like meeting your kid??

Day – I’m done with these people after I leave here!

Day then “realizes” Kevin will probably stay and she will leave followed by 2 other girls before Kevin goes. The girls are a “hot commodity” Day says.

Kevin – So link up with the girls??

Day- NO!! They are next…Me, Chritsmas Dani etc

About time you saw the light Day. Always a day late and a dollar short!!!

Look where all that straight up talk got you. Straight to the jury house