“If I win POV then I send David home myself.. he’s gotta go.. he’s gotta”

Head of Household Winner – Memphis
Have nots – Cody, Christmas
Nominations – Kevin & DaVonne
Power of Veto Players are – Kevin, Tyler, Dani, Da’Vonne, Memphis, Nicole
POV Host: – Cody
Power of Veto holder
Power of Veto Ceremony
Powers – Christmas, Dani, David
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6:50 am Brain worms with Kevin
Kevin – I just hope that I stay but if I don’t it really isn’t life or death.
Kevin says one of the reasons he came on other than to win it is to make some “Genuine” relationships.
Kevin – I feel I’ve made a Genuine friendship with Da’Vonne.
Kevin – I have my feel of these people but I’ll absorb a little bit more. If you think about it.. I these people are very unique.
Kevin – I’m sure you are wondering what it’s like to be in here with these people. It’s so weird, like everyone acts like they’re nice like.. everything fine. You can see on their faces like there’s panic and desperation, questioning. It’s just like a…
Kevin – It’s like an episode of Black mirror remember that episode of Black mirror where a girl is trying to get points for a social media game .. watch that episode becuase that is what is is like in here..
feeds go to stars..

7:40 am Lights on.. Houseguests getting ready
David and Kevin talking about the earthquake last night.
David – I never felt the earthquake we had in sequester

8:43 am Feed return after being down for 45 minutes .. Power of Veto players have been picked. Kevin, Tyler, Dani, Da’Vonne, Memphis, Nicole
Kevin got houseguest choice and picked Dani the person that nominated him last week and was targeting him.
Da’Vonne also got houseguest and picked Nicole’s.

8:48 am Dani and Da’Vonne
Dani – I’m telling you right now Day either I’ll throw it or i’ll win it and take one of you down OK
Da’vonne – okay
Dani – don’t worry.. I got you

8:50 am Nicole and Christmas
Christmas says that Da’vonne was happy when she picked Nicole. “does she think you suck at comps?”
Christmas – how crazy was it that Kevin got houseguests choice.. I thought he was going to pick David..
Christmas – Did she talk to you about whether you should throw it or not
Nicole – no about that at all
Nicole brings up talking with Memphis/Dani and Kevin walked in twice.
Christmas – thats sketch
Nicole – she’s being weird now (day)
Christmas – she had no one to pick.. If you don’t have money in the bank you can’t make a withdrawal
Christmas – when I walked in on you Day and Dani in the corner of the picture room. What was that all about?
Nicole – she’s trying to figure out why David would throw her under the bus like that. I feel so guilty I couldn’t sleep last night I feel like the biggest piece of crap ever I can’t tell her the truth it will throw our whole alliance under the bus

8:50 am Memphis and Tyler
Memphis – People talk to much man. I was still contemplating weather I was going to ask you guys to throw it..
Memphis – I was thinking F*** if I put David up he’s going to fight so hard to stay.. he’s going to do everything he possibly can.
Tyler- why didn’t they pick him?
Memphis – I don’t know. They sealed his fate literally
Tyler – theirs a rift between those two and him right now. Do we want to get him out he’s sitting on an Island.
Memphis – he’s gotta go.. he’s gotta
Tyler- I’m just saying those two (Kevin and Day) are linked.. and the girls are linked to Da’Vonne..
Memphis doesn’t think so.
Tyler – they have something I catch them all the time.
Memphis – we’ll see next week when she goes (Day)
Memphis says David has been a threat to his game since he put him up the second week.
Tyler- so has Da’Vonne and Kevin though
Memphis – yup
Tyler – I’m just saying now that you’ve put them up.. that’s my read on it
Memphis – I’ll tell them my plan.. not now after.. If I win POV then I send David home myself..

Tyler agrees “they all have to go” but still questions why keep a duo in the house when there’s a rift between David and Day/Kevin.
Memphis – yeah..
They talk about Christmas talking too much “Sh1t”. Memphis brings up some examples.
Tyler says Kevin is a good option to stay because half the house had already put him up so if he wins HOH Kevin’s got plenty of targets.

Memphis wants Dani/Nicole/Tyler to throw the veto and he’ll use it and get all the blood. Tyler says he’ll throw it but still try.
Memphis – that will be the directive.. it’s just cleaner like that.
Tyler – if you sweep the week and you do what you do and boom boom.. it’s clean there’s no blood. It will be unanimous everyone will vote him out.
Memphis – just sit back and let whatever happen and everyone lives to see another day Nobody needs that power right now to take someone off the block.

9:30 am Kevin and Da’Vonne
Kevin says he walked in on Memphis talking to Dani and Nicole together.
Kevin – why would he tell us.. me and you that he has a plan he wants to meet with the people after the picking ceremony why would he tell us that?
Da’Vonne – he wants one of us to come down so he can put someone up.
Kevin – I know, but he’s (memphis) telling them don’t tell them (us) that.. because this will all fall to sh1t because Kevin and David are close and he’ll reveal it. He does not want Daivd to know that’s the plan.
Kevin says that Memphis must have told Dani and Nicole to gun for the veto.
Da’Vonne – Nicole said she’s going to win it and take me off
Kevin – she’s scared
Da’Vonne – she wants to win it to protect herself
Da’Vonne – what is Tyler going to do?
Kevin – he was in the meeting with them.. it was all four of them huddled up.. literally in a huddle

9:38 am they move to the comic room.
Kevin says Memphis saying that he is going to have a meeting with the people picked in the veto make him think that he wants them to gun for it.
Kevin – he goes, this time I’m going to play to make sure that I don’t burn the jury and he’s like last time I got 7 -0 because I didn’t think about the jury and he’s like this time I can’t do that meaning.. he’s really thinking about how to take David out without him being mad. If David finds out all this was part of the plan he’s not going to vote for him
Kevin adds that after David goes Memphis will tell them that the two of them going up was all part of the plan and Dani/Nicole will confirm it.
Da’Vonne about Memphis “You put me up f*** you”
Kevin – yeah.. but that is what he’s thinking

Kevin says this must be Memphis’ plan other wise it doesn’t make sense. “standard operation procedure is gun for the veto keep the noms the same why do you have to meet with them to tell them that.. that’s standard. ”
Da’Vonne- he’s not telling them that. THat’s what you’re saying?
Kevin – yeah ..
Da’Vonne says Memphis is going to probably throw it. “well lets go”

9:48 am Dani and Cody
They talk about production still building the competition outside. Tyler joins them.. Chit chat.

10:13 am Memphis, Da’Vonne and Kevin
Memphis – everything is going eaxctly as planned neither of you are going out
Memphis – there was a 50/50 chance he wouldn’t get picked to play
Da’Vonne – I got you
Memphis – I had to take that shot and not put him on the block he would fight for it and he would have won..
Memphis – I already made a deal with everyone either I’m going to win or you’re going ot win . They are going to throw it and let it happen. OK.. Sorry I really do apologize I had to take the chance and it worked somehow.
Memphis – just keep it between us for now.
They head back to the comic room to sleep.
Da’Vonne to Kevin “Win it.. ”
Da’Vonne – why would he tell us? Jury votes?

10:45 am Memphis and Nicole
Memphis – I think you should throw the veto

Memphis – I mean, try for it but not really. Unless you want the blood of David on your hands. Cause you’re going to be the one that’s blamed not me.
Nicole – I get that.
Memphis – I have no problem taking it
Nicole – I see what you are saying. yeah that’s fine.
Nicole says the only reason she would want to win is so she can “Actually win something.. but I’ll probably lose anyways”
Memphis doesn’t care if she wins it and uses. “I’m just looking out for you.. I’m OK for taking the fall for David”

11:30 am Feeds look fun …

Memphis looks thrilled
12:06 pm nothing going on everyone waiting around for the veto competition.

12:16 pm Tyler telling COdy he’s annoyed at Memphis.
Tyler points out what is the point of them causing that separation with David and Day/Kevin when they are sending David out. “He’s on a island”
Cody – Bro this is not the move this is not even close..
Tyler says the fact that Kevin/Day picked Dani/Nicole over David shows that David is on his own. Why are they getting rid of David.

Tyler starts pointing out that the girls have an alliances. They never bring up Taking Da’Vonne out they want to keep her.
Tyler – now if I win it and keep it the same he’ll be pissed.
Tyler – these girls are keeping Da’Vonne as a warrior..

Cody freaking out if Nicole, Dani and Da’Vonne are off the block they control the vote the guys lose control!! (my pearls)
Tyler- he must be in on it otherwise he’s hardheaded and dumb
Cody says there’s a whole element of the game he’ Memphis is clueless about.
Tyler – I want to win the veto and I want to keep it the same.. He’ll see that as my second strike against the alliance..
Cody – why is that your second strike
Tyler – because of my sh1t with Dani..
Cody – F** that i’m not leaving Da’Vonne and Kevin in the house. Ain’t happening.
Tyler – Da’Vonne needs to be our number 1 target. She won’t even look at me the second she went on the bloc.. Won’t even LOOK at me
Cody – for me it’s more of a risk keeping Kevin in the house

Cody brings up Enzo talking about the sly5 and he doesn’t want to do any sh1t with Da’Vonne.
They talk about Dani was trying to drive a wedge between them but telling Tyler about the sly5. Cody – I don’t like that sneaky a$$ sh1t that’s’ sneaky
Tyler – dude i’m telling ya Da’Vonne needs to go.. Nicole and Dani are 100% keeping her here to go after you and me.
Tyler says Dani had the option to put Da’Vonne on the block and she picked him.
Tyler says he’ll use the veto “He’s a f***ing Alpha.. He’s like NO.. just because of that I’m not f**Ing using it. I don’t care come after me Memphis”
Cody – what is he going to do come after you
Tyler – he can’t play next week
Cody says Dani has her hands everywhere. Says that there was never a sly5 conversation and for her to tell Tyler make him look like the a$$hole.
Tyler – I catch, Dani, Nicole and Da’Vonne talking in rooms all the time..
Feeds flip to Nicole talking about her cats.. when we’re back Cody and Tyler are going on about not wanting David out wanting Da’Vonne out.

12:35 pm Cody telling Telling “Whichever one is on the block is going home” (Da’Vonne/Kevin) feeds flip to Coins talking about her vintage popcorn machine.

1:05 pm Feeds cut to pound puppies.

3:17pm Still blocked..

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Game aside,
David reminds of an innocent lamb being lead to slaughter. I feel so bad for him.


I did at first but after seeing his play and how he’s naïve to everything I don’t feel sorry for him no more there’s a lot of chances people try to talk game with them and help them and he always gives half answers half sentences he doesn’t know what he’s doing so I don’t think that anyone should feel sorry for him I did at first I’m not gonna lie but not anymore


At least Memphis is playing Old School and not this crying/do you still like me stuff!~

Tyler on Top

Tyler won the veto.

Innocent or Horrible Game Player

Slaughter being a luxurious house with a pool/jacuzzi.


I think he told them that so they DONT try as hard. I don’t think he wants David out yet like he’s saying but who knows.


Tyler gave Memphis good advice be he was too stupid to listen. David is the least threat of the three. Kevin/Day are a team and like Tyler said Kevin has been put up so many times that he has multiple targets.he should of broken up the duo first. We will see if this comes back to haunt him.


I hope Memphis is just telling everyone David but blindsides Dani or Nicole or any of that side.


I hope Memphis is just telling everyone David but plans to backdoor Dani or Nicole.


Memphis isn’t a good enough player, he doesn’t have Dan in the game to coach him.

Michelle Hoskins

I agree, he thinks he knows how to play this game but he doesn’t. He’s very transparent .


DaVonne and Tyler in the final.

The world will be a happier place when Tyler gives up his votes for the ‘greater good.’


I agree with you I like both of them I like Tyler this season I didn’t like them his last season but I actually like them this season there’s bigger fish to fry in the season then Tyler I hope he makes it far and that would be nice if he took Devon with him


The world could care less about BB there is not only no way he would give up his votes but no way she makes it.



PAblo BB Fan

Do you realize Tyler is the wifey from mr Angela the most hated and racist player from her season right?

Neil Peart RIP

Dog whistle.

Starry night

I can’t believe you said that. What planet are you wan?


Racist – derogatory term used by liberals when a person shares a different viewpoint from their own.

The Beef

You are truly a moron.

Neil Peart RIP

I think Tyler is too big of a threat to make it to the end and Day is too stupid.


(puking emoji) lol

PAblo BB Fan

I feel Memphis doesn’t have black friends outside the house. His obsession about david the way he talks down about david, women and Kevin makes me feel he truly mean to say the n word.

Neil Peart RIP

Isn’t your deck out of race cards by now?


Stop being racist.


U would think production gave Memphis the heads up about what was happening outside the house with what he said… they told jack and Jackson last year When similar situation happened…Memphis doesn’t care how he’s bein portrayed he now wants to back door the only person in the house that has no one….make that make sense


CBS has more control over noms than you think. They are pushing for DaVonne to win. She is no good in comps so they need to use her escaping the block to add to her “resume”. In the end, their efforts to manipulate come across as racist because they are treating Day like she can’t win by her own merits. My son worked on the set of American Idol, he said all of the shows are manipulated. Anyone with the live feeds knows how much creative editing is done.


You know why they didn’t tell him? Because they investigated it and said there was nothing racial said at all…no slur…no nothing. Once again…someone is predisposed to feeling a certain way about someone and then hears what they want to hear and runs with it. It’s really sad how this is happening so often because it’s going to cheapen it when it really happens to someone.


I agree


Kevin got houseguest choice and picked Dani the person that nominated him last week and was targeting him.

Yet another great move from an “All-Star”


That line cracked me up. And the pic of him at the top, literally looks like his brain is being eaten by worms. 😮


i dunno. if he acts clueless, he puts the target on day instead of him. (though let’s be real, this isn’t an act).


I think Kevin had a conversation with Day and she told him to pick Dani because she would throw the competition, so that would be one fewer person they would compete against….


Memphis has out smarted himself by not breaking up Day and Kevin. Day is the most dangerous……she needs to go this round.


Day dangerous?? To whom? Shes pretty much useless other than using the veto.

Stop a Clock

She is dangerous to my retina and cornea.


She is dangerous because she is a liar. She’s so blatant with her lies that everyone knows she lies, but, they suspect there is a little truth in her lies. I hope she goes this week. I am rooting for Tyler. He’s got most of his alliance ready to take him out but, you never know..

Tamberlyn M. Richardson

She is dangerous if for no other reason than her vote especially if both her & Kevin stayed in the house b/c then Dani/Nic could vote with them as 4 votes to pick who stays OR one wins HOH & the threesome could force a tie so the HOH decides who leaves.

This assumes Nic would go against Cody but the bottom line is you don’t want to keep Kev/Day both in the house.


So Nashville, umm I mean Memphis thinks backdooring the guy who was eliminated week 1 of his original season makes sense and solidifies him a a power to be reckoned with?

God….. this Guy is a Moron


I wouldn’t call him a moron, total moron is more like it.

Neil Peart RIP


Why are there only 5 POV players?

Neil Peart RIP

Thank you!


This would be perfect so it’s harder to throw/see how others are doing aka the dark lord Memphis can’t control it as much.


yeah, the previous veto set up also seemed specifically designed to make it hard to see others and thus difficult to throw.




Also a nice shot of the nighbor’s house twist top right of the pict.


Yea, let`s do it Papa Memphis

Golden Gate Granny

Okay… I haven’t even read this yet and I’m already crackin’ up. EXCELLENT beginning!!!! Thanks Simon! Kevin even looks like that when he’s sleeping. Brain worms indeed. LMAO!!!

Ahhhhhh! LAUGHTER! Feels. So. Goooood!!!


What was the point for Memphis to shake David’s hand and tell him if he doesn’t try to win the veto he will not put him on the block? The only thing I can come up with is he is scared of David or he just wants to make him look stupid. Thoughts?


He wants to embarrass him and make him look like an ass. Just my opinion


Its called a “back door”

another name

the veto comp is apparently the maze comp from season 20.
didn’t tyler lose this one to kaycee?

individual time comp. so does it really matter who technically wins, or is it all about who production wants to win in this case?

another name

So what do we know?
After veto ceremony this week the houseguests plan to tell the old guy to go back to sleep and then do what they want. (cody, dani, nicf, tyler have already said this).
It doesn’t matter if veto is used because the end result is going to be the same: if it is used, the other original nom is going home (current vote to keep david are cody, tyler,enzo and nicf).
I still think there is an off chance of shenanigans this week with renom. Throw Xmas being convinced to use her power into the mix. Throw Dani and her power tempting Memphis into the mix. If I were a storyline writer, I’d be pushing for that on a huge scale as a catalyst for a war in the house. As I said, orig. nom left standing still goes… but the house gets it’s split for an end game run.


I think it would be awesome BB history if Dani was backdoored after she refused to use her power because she was “tired” of being H of H and all the stress!!! Hahahaha


I wish you were a story writer. Based on your responses and analysis I’d be down to watch a BB war with powers as the catalyst.


What?! How could you suggest that production…might…manipula…I couldn’t finish that thought…we’ll see if they bother to put their thumb on the scale this time.

another name

just watch for soundtrack moments of maze music, and sudden changes in running direction for the person running the maze. The music is covering for the ear piece direction verification or yelling from a handler.
Then watch for bizarre cuts and edits with times that makes no sense in the corner.


I’m sure they’ll use the fade to another maze/time segment to mask any clock manipulation and make it much harder to track real progress and at the same time allow them the leeway to make whoever they want as the winner. They’ll just need to tell the mouse to not be a complete moron when describing their “time in the maze” on the feeds.


When is the veto competition?

Starry night

I hope this isn’t a sneaky plan for Memphis to back door Tyler. I do not trust Memphis one bit and I know that he had said previously that Tyler is a threat he hast to go soon and a way to get rid of them is back door. I hope this is not what’s going to happen.


I don’t think it’s going to work if that is his plan. Most would vote to keep Tyler. Shits could use her power on Tyler if they get an idea that that is his plan. Memps has had a weird fixation on David from the get go and I think it’s some personal achievement he wants for being the one to take him out. He wants all the blood, he says. I think he’s stupid if he really thinks David is a threat. Maybe he’s got some kind of plan that he’s keeping to himself, but I doubt it.


I am thinking the same thing. I think Mem only told Ty because he wants TY to feel safe. But ty is too smart for that and will gun for the veto. Then next week Mem goes.


Memphis with the big move of the summer, taking out David, the worst player in BB history with no allies.


memphis is bad at the game. i don’t get his strategy at all. he’s not doing a whole lot for the alliance other than sitting around as a vote and has no jury management. how does he expect to get votes at the end?


he won’t!


He won’t get david out for a second time as HOH. What a waste and that is what you get when you don’t bring i your alies to your plans.

Just call me Fred

Okay, looks like it might be a maze challenge. Asscole will get lost and they’ll have to send in a search party to find her. Daygone will be talking to Sceven during her turn (She’s nothing but talk). And Scani will be in thoughts about how to screw over her next teammate. Skyler should be able to pull out a wit’h a win leaving Skinless aghast. Then Skinless will have to assign a new nominee…


If tyler wins memphis won’t get to put up a new nom. Tyler doesn’t want David on the block

another name

sits to pee guy is always giving people advice about how to wage an insurrection when he isn’t the one that will have to lead the charge. This is a by-product of his ‘going to go off’ and then doing nothing crap.
Sure. Derrick’s l’il man is all about turning against the HOH and alliance… when it is someone else doing it.
If I’m playing Big Brother and someone that makes all the safe moves tells me to make the risky ones? I’m not biting. Before anyone questions me on Cody playing a safe game: name a risk HE has taken. None. Every risk in Cody’s game is telling someone else to take a risk.
This women’s alliance Cody is now pumping Tyler about? Cody KNOWS nicf would NEVER be party to a girl’s alliance: who would protect her? Who would shield her? Third season for her… everyone knows Nicf’s game (which is why I call bullcrap on the house letting her get away with it without d/r advisement).
In terms of a girl’s alliance: Christmas? Really? Give one example of Christmas working well with a female. No. Christmas is more of a man’s man than Cody.
All of the guys know about the girls alliance, except David. Memphis knew about it from Enzo I think, and it made him laugh.

The most successful full season predominantly female alliance in BB history was the Nerd Herd. That’s 15 years ago, and their entire game was based on vindication for a dictator like guy that went out week three.

What happens in a maze comp… Kevin runs in a little circle until his head explodes. Da’vonne makes 4 left turns in a row and thinks she got somewhere. Insert multiple ah hell no gif faces in d/r. Nicf only finds veto if it is penis scented, and in d/r cries about some children of the corn moment of growing up in Ubly. Tyler gets 3 d/r about wishing the maze had an exit to home because of how much he misses Angela (eyeroll). Memphis overconfident d/r. Dani burns the maze to the ground because her power is shitty.


Sits to pee guy, is that his American Native name?


Sits to pee guy. Too funny!!!!!! I think he wants to backdoor Tyler!!!! That’s the big move??????

S. Painter

Cody and Tyler and sometimes Enzo convos r the best. If dani cant take tyler out..those three could be the BB22 finalists

My 2 cents

Were the feeds on at 11:40 last night when the earthquake happened? It wasa 4.6 and the studio is close to the epicenter.


Memphis truly enjoys being a dick

another name

Using a pre-existing image someone sent me years ago as a backdrop…
This is week 7.

bb dumpster (2).jpg

Unrelated, but I like how you didn’t even bother putting Nicole’s name on the top banner of the homepage.


Tyler won it will be interesting to see if he uses it.

Call me Freddy Frucker the cool Mother Trucker

Tyler is the veto holder! Yeah… Pempis is screwed as I don’t thin Tyler will use it. He is after DayYawn and I hope her ass goes.

Starry night

I’m telling you right now if Tyler would not have won that POV he would’ve been back doored. I want Memphis out! Tyler gun for that I’m sure! He’s not stupid I think he already knew that he was a back door plan. Turned out perfect! Sweat Memphis sweat.