Day “I want to spill a lot of tea to you! Brace yourself! You’re going to be on fire!”

Head of Household Winner – Memphis
Have nots – Cody, Christmas
Nominations – Kevin & DaVonne
Power of Veto Players are – Kevin, Tyler, Dani, Da’Vonne, Memphis, Nicole
POV Host: – Cody
Power of Veto holder – Tyler
Power of Veto Ceremony
Powers – Christmas, Dani, David
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8:50pm Bathroom. Kevin and Day.
Day – if they give us the hammock tonight .. I want to spill a lot of tea to you! Brace yourself! I am going to burn your tongue, your throat, your nose, your esophagus.. you’re going to be on fire! Kevin – I desperately need the outside. Big Brother switches the feeds.

Bedroom. Dani and Nicole.
Dani – I think Memphis is mad at all of us. Nicole – Why? Dani – because he wanted all of us to super throw it I guess. Nicole – he told me I could go for it because I suck at comps anyway. Dani – I said Tyler didn’t throw it .. and he goes NONE OF YOU DID! I said Memphis I swear to you I did not try my hardest .. I did not. I just didn’t want them to think I threw it. I went decently quickly. Nicole – you did it really fast for not… like I tried my hardest and that was my time.

HOH room. Christmas and Memphis.
Christmas – she believes that Dani told Day and Kevin that you asked them to throw the comp. Memphis – I did ask them. Christmas – she thinks that Dani told Day and Kevin. Memphis – oh I don’t give a ..why would I give a f**k. Christmas – that’s why they weren’t worried about it because they believed you still had a plan to backdoor David. Memphis – whether that is true or not .. that doesn’t really matter to me. Dani is either just getting messy. Christmas – that is hard for me to believe. Memphis – me too because I feel like she is a really really smart player. But it got messy today.. I got real messy! And I had a plan .. and I didn’t tell anyone my plan. And I didn’t tell anyone because I wasn’t sure David wasn’t going to get picked and even at the end of the day I made a deal with David that if he played he couldn’t use it. Christmas – good. Memphis – we all suspected this Dani thing.. but watching this go down shines a light on it. Dani screwed herself. She was going to use it but it blew up in her face. I asked her who are we going to vote for .. and she said Kevin. This girl is sloppy as F**k.. how do you just come out and say that. Obviously this backfired for her big time. If it is a double on Thursday .. and it is a double we have to make sure everyone is on the same page to put David and Kevin on the block. Christmas – Dani won’t put anyone in the alliance up. She is too terrified to. She wants to keep Day .. because Day will.

8:56pm Storage room. Enzo and Tyler.
Tyler – Dani and Nicole are still trying to keep DaVonne. Enzo – F**K THAT! I want DaVonne out! Tyler – you, me, Cody and Christmas. Enzo – that’s it! Its Done!

Dani tells Nicole that Christmas’s zing was about how she is just like Christmas.. Cold, Annoying and Stress Inducing. They talk about how Tyler’s was calling him a liar to the whole house.

9:45pm Nicole and Cody are playing backgammon.

10:35pm Bedroom. Nicole and Dani.
Dani – You know he is saying that the vote was you. Just be aware about it. I think that I am going to work hard on Tyler to get him to use it (Veto) so that we can backdoor David because realistically you and I are safe with Day and Kevin. Then we are good for a week or two. Get Kevin out Next. He would put up Cody and Tyler. Then we vote Tyler out. David doesn’t trust you, me or Memphis so why are we keeping him here. Nicole – right. Cody is going to try and get him not to use it. He (Memphis) is mad because he thinks Tyler isn’t going to use it.

11:40pm Havenot room. Cody and Christmas chatting in bed about random things.

12:10pm – 1:05am David, Enzo and Tyler play pool. David heads inside. Tyler – Memphis was about to backdoor his a$$. Enzo – after this you and I have to go after Nicole and Dani Yo! Tyler – I know. The only reason they want to keep around Day is so she’ll come after us. Enzo – yeah, I’ll who the f**k you with. I don’t give a f**k! Christmas – is a f**king lose cannon too. She is out of her bird! Tyler- poke that sh*t! Enzo – we’ll have her go after Dani. Tyler – she will .. I’ve already started planting seeds. Enzo – David better f**king win HOH next week. Tyler – Yeah, I told him you know what happens if I use the veto right!? Enzo – he wants to win so bad YO! Because he will go after the other side of the house Yo! Lets go Yo! I’ve been hoping you (David) would win something to go after the other side! Tyler – She (Day) has been lying straight to me face too… that she didn’t vote me out this week too. She does it to my face every time. David comes back and the conversation ends.

1:37am – 2:05am Kevin and Day.
Kevin – it seems as if people are in multiple alliances. Day – of the same people that is what I am trying to tell you. We had the connect with me, Cody, Enzo and Bay. And we had the slick six with me, Cody, Enzo, Bay, F**king Tyler, and Dani. And then when Bay left they tried to do the sly five with me, Enzo, Cody, Dani, and NICOLE! And I’m like .. they just keep trying to mix in the same people. The core is the core. Kevin – so I think David is getting lulled into an alliance but what he doesn’t realize is that there are 20 billion alliances. Day – yeah there are and everybody being recycled and sh*t. Kevin – and I am realizing I don’t know how to play this type of Big Brother. Day – its a new version. I think your downfall was that you wanted someone to approach you. You didn’t go on the hunt. Kevin – I did I literally asked Janelle. Then I went to Dani and Nicole. Day – A or F? Kevin – F. Day – really!? When I go to someone I say lets lock something in and work for the duration of this game so that there is no room for the bullsh*t! Which is why I am telling you .. no one in this house can take a shot at me. except Christmas and Memphis. So Memphis is taking the shot .. I am on the block… now they can vote me out because I had to go but none of them could take the shot because I was linked to them all. Kevin – girl this is exhausting! Day – I walked in here and was like f**k you ..we’re on an equal level lets talk. You put a lot of these people on pedestals.. and it infuriated me. That is why I was calling you a fan because I don’t think you realized how iconic and legendary you are to US. But in your era for the true fans you’re my Tyler, you’re my Cody, you’re my Janelle, you’re my Kaysar… you know what I mean!? I was like Kevin do you know who the f**k you are?!! Kevin talks about how the one person he didn’t want to see in the house was Tyler. He is on another level.. but in 10 years there will be people better than Tyler. Dan would not survive in here. He got beat by Ian.. IAN! Kevin – this game has progressed out of control for me.

8:01 am Sleeping yo.

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Golden Gate Granny

Enzo – (Talking about his Zing) No more Meow Meow for me yo! From now on it’s Vincenzo Giancarlo(?) Palumbo, yo! In the thickest Jersey/Italian. He’s a flippin’ riot.

The Golden State is Fools Gold

The Zingbot episode is always great.

Golden Gate Granny

I REALLY think operation blindside Dani is brewing. Sooo many seed plantings and she’s sooo getting slid under the microscope. Do it. Do it. Do it.

Like Literally ... Yoyoyo

Her and Nicole on the block would warm my jaded heart.


That’s the one episode II would watch.

The Golden State is Fools Gold

I would like to see Dani and Kevin on the block assuming Day goes this week.

Game fan

Enzo and tyler wants her out for weeks .. so that’s not new
Memphis would prefer to take out Tyler or Nicole first


not happening…..not happening.

Barney Rubble

I agree GGG.Dani is not going to take the blindside well. That should make for some good television especially if it is Tyler who gets her out.

Like Literally ... Yoyoyo

What am I missing here with Memphis? He’s mad at the house for going against his master plan … that he did not share with ANY one?

Game fan

He did share after the players got picked for veto..but.. let’s say danni wins and use it.. you wanted the veto to get used so what’s your problem?
And the girls told him .. especially Nicole they will try but not hard..
His ego is to big


why would he have to share? That`s boring. People should be able to do whatever they want without telling anyone. Memphis has been playing his own game and not playing for what the house wants.


Well. apparently his master plan was for everyone to throw the veto so he could win. The other people kind of need to know that if you want it to work. Not that it was going to as Memphis is a bit unpredictable so some folks were going to try for some protection.

Barney Rubble

I think Memphis just wanted to win the veto so he could add it to his resume for his final speech to the jury.

another name

I was wondering, “what have I missed” since they blocked for veto…
I’m pretty sure that currently my Thursday late night assumption that Da is on schedule to leave after the post d/r chat between Dani and Nicf where they expressed regret and justification and more regret is still on track?

Whether I’m right or wrong, whoever tells Da that Nicf was the vote culprit during Da’s eviciton goodbye messages is making the jury management move of the season. No seriously. It actually fits a redemption arc if you think of the season 18 vote shenanigans.

Going to be gone for a bit (enjoy the respite from my opinionated ass) until the season change headaches and buzzing noise subsides.


“Kevin talks about how the one person he didn’t want to see in the house was Tyler. He is on another level.. but in 10 years there will be people better than Tyler. Dan would not survive in here. He got beat by Ian.. IAN! Kevin – this game has progressed out of control for me.”
lol… They’re talking about Ian like he’s some kind of bad player like them. Ian played well enough in 14, but Dan ran circles around him and the rest of that house, and they voted against him because 1: he had already won. 2: they were bitter. 3: He’s well off with many financial assets, while Ian was a poor college kid.

The Golden State is Fools Gold

You wouldn’t think that you would get a bitter jury in an all star season but with Day, Dani, Kevin and Nicole we might get one.


Let’s be honest, these folks are all-stars like I’m an olympian.

Starry night

Will any of them target Cody? I want Memphis and Cody gone. I don’t see anybody going for Cody though. He’s good with everyone.

Game fan

Kevin might . But.. even if he did, cody would stay


Especially production.


Now is where we’re REALLY going to start seeing the chinks in the armor of this alliance.
As soon as Memphis orders Tyler to use the veto and Tyler refuses, all hell is going to break loose… for he denied a royal order from King Memphis.

Call me Freddy Frucker the friendly Trucker...

Let’s be honest here, Memphis is no better at playing this game than Dayawn. He thinks he’s smarter than any other player, but he’s not. I’m hoping Tyler gets HOH and goes after Scani, Dickole or Memphis. If Tyler can solidify the bond with David he could easily pull in Kevin too. They could run the house along with Cody and Enzo making it easy to win the game. I’d love to see it.
I am shocked by Cody’s ignorance. Stunned actually. I thought he was working with Derrick quite well, but now realize it was all Derrick, with Cody being drug along. Sit to pee boy needs to stay on the toilet the rest of the game
DayYawn is a hateful, vicious player/person. She’s all about revenge and hating others. It’s too bad she can’t just play the game but she is not chill. I pray she never get on another TV show because she has nothing to offer but venom and hate. I don’t like her or anyone else hating like that and I don’t care what color your skin is. Xmas forgave Dayawm but Day did not reciprocate back to Xmas. Just hates her…

The Golden State is Fools Gold

DayYawn…..LOL that was strong!


Maybe Cody has to sit. Just maybe it is small digit which requires sitting from not only wetting the seat, but also himself????? Maybe!


Christmas has had it out for Dayvonne from day 1, I’d be bitter too if I was Day. Christmas was part of trying to form an all girls alliance but is jealous cause she’s not the #1 with them. They go after her every chance they get using the excuse she’s a threat. Christmas put her her next to her friend with the lousy excuse she was her untouchable all the whole Christmas has at least 4 untouchables. Christmas is just a mean girl.


Did someone lose their binky? Day has been playing all sides and her gig is up.


Totally agree about Day, why does she bother to read the Bible, she’s not taking in any of its lessons. Surprised Bible doesn’t burn her fingers when she holds it.

Call me Freddy Frucker the friendly Trucker...

By the way, Memphis is no better than Daygone either. He is also hateful, vicious and an idiot. He shouldn’t be there either along with a few others. I wish they had brought in real all stars instead of this crew. Sigh…

Starry night

I consider Tyler an all star. This cast he’s working with I’m sure has blown his mind. None of them can keep a secret and none of them are completely willing to be loyal to form a true alliance.


memphis is the new Shrek. so grumpy hateful……feel sorry whoever is around him outside the BB house lol (he was married once and didn’t last too long and now we know why)

meow meow if you only knew you would be the next David lol get ready to be fed to the sharks by Cody memphis Tyler

what really bothers me about Kevin David and day they know there is a six alliance and they don’t do a damn thing


Day thinks Jesus will save her, Kevin is your classic victim, David is clueless


David is so weak, he does not even deserve a backdoor.


Tyler comes through when it matters. They had better have a plan to deal with him because he is the kind of guy who can get on a run if his head is in the game.


So does anyone know if Tyler committed to using the veto? And I think Memphis is wearing out his welcome and suspect he will be the first to go when the girls are gone (Christmas doesn’t count).


Christmas has a bigger dingus than all of the guys this season.


Damn. Are they STILL sleeping? Lol