Power of Veto Results.. “Put up Jackie you guys vote out Ika”

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Power of Veto Players were: Demetres, Ika, Kevin, Jackie, Dillon and Dre
Power of Veto winner: Demetres

William and Kevin in the storage room
Kevin – “Put up Jackie you guys vote out Ika”

Kevin tells him he’s putting up Jackie they vote out Ika
Dillon – me, Karen, William.. perfect..
Dillon says Karen is already paranoid.

Demetres gets to take a jury member for a drive. Iak says he should take Bruno.

Demetres says he just started studying yesterday he shouldn’t have won that comp the people in the house are a lot dumber than he thought.

Kevin says that was the best result for the veto

Kevin and William in the HOH
William says the only thing Ika can do is put on makeup
Dre joins them. Says the house will not be keeping Ika against Jackie especially knowing that Demetres is now staying.

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queen dre going exposed dem game right now


Bb gods please make dem use the pov on ika lmao…..

Pretty sure im done with this season after the triple eviction….its gonna be mad boring lol


i cant stand ” fans ” like you. Always b!tching and moaning about the current season being so boring when we’ve had plently of house drama this season. If you hate the show so much then stop watching.
the world will go on.


Youre a fucking moron i said it’ll be borig after the triple eviction… i said nothing about it being currently boring


love how you just automatically know how the season will turn out based on one episode after
the triple eviction. if you wanna watch a real boring season of BB, go back to 16. Otherwise, shut the fuck up and let fans appreciate the entertainment value that we’ve had for this season.


And now you’re just being a petty crybaby lol w/e enjoy your shitty season

Guy From Canada

If demetres wins the triple, Kevin survives, that is my best case for the season. Worse case Karen wins…..

second best if Jackie wins the triple that could be epic as well because I have no idea what she would do….. Kevin and will maybe with Dre as a third? Would she finish off Demetres? All the guys on the block ? Who knows at this point


I hope Kevin, will and Dillon can make it through the triple, I’d really like to see ika Dre and Jackie go to jury.


Listening to Demika conversation ..sounds like Dem must have won the car b/c he gets to take someone in jury for a ride ….MOST interesting part is IKA said “what was the other thing it said … you get to make a big MOVE? ” (and move was capitalized). Since it’s triple eviction, I think Dem might actually be getting something and given it’s a triple eviction could he :
1) remove/replace more one/both from block?
2) nominate two additional people?
3) something else?

Dillon/Karen & especially Dre effed up by how quickly they pulled away from Demika. With comp beast Dem staying they should be nervous, but so far only Dillon has tried to smooth things over. Dre is probably reeling knowing Dem will learn of her Bruno goodbye message & Demika will know of her major deception so her oscar acting will have gone for naught. Plus how will Kevin react when Dre’s goodbye message to Bruno gets relayed back to him.

It’s interesting no details have been forthcoming yet about the triple eviction, so could it end up saving Ika? Might not be a popular decision, but I like her for the entertainment (and she really did have Dre’s back).

Other notes:
Dillon is interesting as he seems to tell everyone what they want to hear whether it’s Kevin, Dre, Karen or Demika. I see bits of John’s game in Dillon (except the ability to win).

Finally, Dem is boiling mad over Dre who Demika protected from the beginning. If he gets to do the replacement nom(s) expect Dre/Jackie or Dre/Will to be sitting on the block.

Currently, Kevin is telling Will/Dre/Dillon he is putting up Jackie & Ika is getting voted out – let’s see if that changes.


Well played Dem. Now you must win everything like the true underdog you are.


Catching up …

William’s plan is to try to talk Dem into taking Ika off block by promising he/Dre will keep him. If they are dumb enough to suggest that to Demika they’ll see right through it & make themselves an even bigger target. To say they’ll vote to keep him makes no sense (b/c if they’ll do that why won’t they just do it for Ika?) All it shows is they are scheming to get him out.

Meanwhile, Kevin apparently threw the comp so Dem would stay & be the bigger target. And Dem is saying he’ll tell Kevin keep Ika and we move forward together, vote her out & I”m coming after you.

This ride with a jury member & whatever this big “MOVE” is will be super interesting to find out. Not sure if I want Kevin to have to be the one to put up 2 more nominees (b/c it will prove to Will/Dre or Dillon/Karen who he is really with). OR if Dem will get to do it (and/or take down both he/Ika…my personal preference so Demika learn everything that was said this week. Tired of the newbies (especially the French Connection) not being called out for their comments while they hypocritically do the same (or worse).

Could we get a house meeting this week … that would be fun! lol


I swear these newbies are some of the worst strategists ever.

Kevin/Will/Dre: Let’s tell Dem to use veto on IKA & we’ll keep him. (idiots… clearly that’s so you can blindside him).

Listening to Dillon & Dre say we lie & tell DemIka she is staying & then vote her out & then Dem will be shattered not win HOH and work with us. HUH? It’s precisely the opposite of that… Dem has shown he plays best when his back is against the wall or when he is angry. AND if Dre/Dillon are the reason Ika leaves they’ll move to the top of his target list. Not to mention once he learns during his jury ride Dre was already planning on taking her out. …BOOM

This is what happens when people start to feel too comfortable. (or when they’ve played the entire game in the shadows of the true players which are currently leaving the house one after the other).


woohoo so glad Demetres won veto !! They will all crap if he wins HoH on triple eviction. Please God let Demetres win HoH !! Demetres is the ONLY one that deserves to win this game !! 3 HoH’s and now 3 vetos !! The rest of them have been at summer camp doing NOTHING !!!


I’d rather have Demetres stay over Ika. I hope he doesn’t use it on her!!! Please don’t be stupid Demetres! She will not last long if you do!!


Dre just told Kevin she won’t vote out Ika. That there should tell him who replacement should be.


From 8 to 5……………..

Dem is starting to grow on me as a player. If Ika goes I think a lot more fans will be rooting for the guy. Win F7 and lose 2 HG’s he has no HOH F5 but to get to F4 you have to not be HOH at F5 or F6(F7). He’d be a target F5 and will need POV win. Win next HOH he’d be an Veto from F4 and 2 out of 4 chance at safety.
His issues are HG fear of him winning and personal relationships thanks to the whole Ika thing. BB is a social game………….. it’s his one flaw this season. Dre(hate the Dre) likely best positioned socially. She seems to be in most convo’s with the “middle”. Kevin will be the last vet out but won’t be around after the triple. Dillion or Dem depending on HOH gone with Kev. That leaves William, Dre, Karen and Jackie plus Dem or Dillon F5. That really sucks IMHO.
They’ll all want to sit beside Karen F2. Best shot at F3 ATM as a result. I like William but Dre will backstab him. Maybe Karen, Dre and Dem/Dillion F3. Just shows you how bad this triple is production. How poorly the Vets played this season and frankly how god Dem is while dragging around boat anchor Ika all season.

Jury vote results if your F2…………………….

Dre beats everyone(social game)
Dem beats all but Dre on performance in HOH/POV comps
William beats the rest but won’t get to top 3 IMHO.
Jackie cannot get votes to even beat Karen though I think she has tried to play and has scrambled decently.
Dillon I don’t see winning vote with his Canadian title in hand.

Personally I’d like to see Dem, Jackie or William win. If it’s about who earned BB it’s Dre or Dem in that order.

Bb follower

Dem yes, but not Dre. What has she done? Nothing, she is annoying, thinks she knows it all. Can’t stand her.


Come to think of it if I am a newbie the most logical thing to do is to take out a vet. Which assuming if Ika goes, Kevin. It’s so easy to take him off the game. Since he can’t play for that hoh.


Dre please go home in double eviction!