Kevin – “Jackies the worst .. I would rather have Jackie go over you.. She’s actually poison in this game”

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Kevin and Ika in the Kitchen
Kevin says he’s thinking about putting up Jackie.
Ika tells him theire deal from yesterday still stands. It’s always been her, Demetres and Kevin. (LOL) If she stays here she’s not going against Kevin.
Ika says Jackie told Demetres before the POV that you wanted Demetres out.
Kevin says he never had a target, “Jackie is the worst”
Ika says her best chance to stay is against Jackie and if Kevin wants her to stay.
Ika pleads with him to to see that the three of them are the target. She knows it’s hard they were in the same position last week.
Kevin asks who would vote for Ika if she’s against Jackie, Dre, Demetres and ? William ?
Ika says William will vote with whoever Kevin says.
Kevin – I would rather have JAckie go over you.. I never told Jackie a target at all
Kevin – She’s actually poison in this game
Kevin and Ika agree they would rather Ika, Demetres or him win this game.
Kevin says if Ika goes this week he’ll drag Demetres to the end.

Jackie and Kevin Blue Room
Kevin tells Jackie that Demetres is saying that she told him that he was Kevin’s target.
Jackie – Kevin.. when we talked the kid was sitting there and worried..
Jackie – i’m trying to give him words of motivation
Kevin – telling him he’s my target isn’t words of motivation
Jackie – it was never directly that you were Kevin’s target.. he might have taken it in like that
Kevin – gotcha
Kevin says it’s damaging to him when he never said Demetres was the target.
JAckie says she never told him directly..
Kevin – that’s fine.. I don’t have a vote.
Kevin says Demetres just told him Jackie said he was the target Directly
Kevin – maybe he’s just exaggerating the story a little bit
Kevin says Demetres is a massive threat to win the game at this point, “He’s a beauty” (

Ika and Karen in the bathroom
Ika telling Karen that Jackie told Demetres he’s the target.
Ika adds she told Kevin that so hopefully he keeps Karen off the block “She pretends to be your friends Karen then she’ll stab you in the back”
Karen – that’s why I told you guys I never trust her

Ika and Kevin Bathroom
Kevin says Jackie is claiming she never directly said he was the target.
Ika goes on about Demetres not being a liar

Kevin – you have a good chance to stay right now
Ika says she swore on her kids to Dillon taht she wouldn’t put him up and it didn’t happen. Adds she did the same thing with Jackie.
Ika – I’m telling you if I stay here I will not come after you
Kevin – I’m going to put Jackie up you just need three votes to stay
Kevin says him and Demetres have to work together.

Dre and Dillon outside couch
Dillon and Dre agreeing it’s the smart move to get Ika out.
Dillon says it sucks that it’s them two, “WE have the numbers to keep her”
Dre – if we keep her Dillon.. we keep the Demetres Ika duo in this freaking house and wants going to happen if it’s not 1 of us that that wins it….”
Dillon – if we keep her they kinda have to stay true to us.
Dre – we keep her and we win HOH .. who goes up.. who are you putting up you going after Kevin..
Dre points out if you’re just going to put Ika/Demetres up again you might as well take her out now.
Dre – if we keep them it’s because we’re going final 4 with them..
Dre – it makes no sense to keep them if we put them back on the block
Dre tells him that he’s in more danger than her if they decide to keep them.
Dillon – unless we make a final 4 deal with them
Dre says they’ve had a influence on the game since week 1 is it a logical decision to keep Ika/Demetres in the game.
Dillon – no
Dre asks are we keeping them as shields?
Dillon – I’m voting her out (Ika)
Dre – keeping Jackie around allows you to always have a replacement nominee

Ika Demetres and Karen poolside

Kevin and Karen HOH

Kevin – I need you and Dillon to trust me. Karen – I do. Kevin – I want to work with you guys. Karen – I haven’t not trusted you. I’m telling you everything that I know. Demika right now knows that they shouldn’t have betrayed me when they did. This morning she was trying to apologize to me again. I said well you put Jackie above me. So they know they’re on shaky ground with me. I don’t trust what Dre is saying. If I go up and they flip it on us… Dre will stay more loyal to Ika. I believe that. Will William come with you and really vote Ika out? Kevin – yeah. Because I don’t have a vote, its like 3/5. When Bruno left he said look after Karen and Dillon and that’s what I’m doing this week. Karen – so if Ika goes home. Kevin – yes. IF I put up Jackie, Ika will go home, yeah. Karen – but Jackie can’t know that she’s safe. Jackie has to stay a squirrel all this week so she stays on everyone’s radar for next week. She can’t ever know that Ika is the target.

Kevin and Dillon HOH

Dillon – I’m kind of worried about Jackie. Kevin – dude! Yes, after this morning. I am very worried about Jackie. Dillon – that’s why I wonder do we want to get Ika out? Kevin – I mean I am putting Jackie up. I can see reasons for keeping Ika. I can see reasons for keeping Jackie. Dillon – what’s best for us moving forward? Kevin – like if Jackie stays and she won next week .. would she put you and me up? Me and Demetres up? I don’t know, you never know with Jackie. You literally never know with Jackie. Ika – I don’t think would go after you.

Dre & Ika.

Dre – if I had won that comp I would have pulled you out. I wouldn’t even think about it. Ika – I know. I feel bad for him (Demetres) because in the game he does have both of our backs. Dre – he does. Ika – he does, he care about you a lot. He was like – does Dre not like us anymore? And he looked sad. He looked so sad. Dre – I’m going to talk to Dillon and William and then we have two. Ika – I know, hopefully I could stay. Dre – obviously I don’t want to influence Dillons game to the point where Karen doesn’t trust him or things like that but at the same time if we can trust him 100, then we can be a powerful 4 and go far. Ika – I think so. Dre – but the thing is I want to make sure that Dillon isn’t going to try something behind. Ika – but at the same time if Karen is saying I’m being mean … that’s why I stay clear from her because the things that she was saying and doing about you .. it was funny because we didn’t believe it.. but people might actually believe it because I’ve been a b***h, you know what I mean. Dre – I don’t like Kevin. Ika – I know. Dre – I’m trying to ruin his battery. Everyday I listen to music so much! I want it to be at 0% at the end of the night when he comes in. Ika – oh my god, he thinks he’s playing this amazing game and I’m sure he is, I just can’t see what he is doing. He’s just so hard to read. Dre – if we can make him believe we want to stay with him forever. Ika – I just don’t want him running back and telling Dillon. Dre – if we say we’re in with Dillon, we’re in with Dillon. And that’s it, no one needs to know what’s happening.. when the votes come out the votes come out. People get mad, people get mad. Turn up. Turn up next HOH. Ika – then the next HOH its me, you, Demetres and Dillon playing. Kevin can’t play, Karen can barely play and Jackie’s gone … Will is playing. Dre – the only thing is that Dillon really really likes Karen. Ika – I don’t care, I’ll put her up. KAREN HAS TO GO! Karen has to go because she will go to final 3. That’s a spot she’s taking up from one of us. She goes, Dillon is focused. I’m tired of her and her lies!

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It’d be amazing if Jackie got sent home on the week that she’s so sure Ika is going. Chances are things won’t flip, but it’d be amazing if they do and then Demetres wins the HOH and sends home two newbies.


I have heard Dillon is the favorite to win and i now have to agree. After being on Dragons Den the producers figure he is a soon to be celebrity and they see money.

Sadly I think Jackie has played the perfect game plus she is the hottest girl ever to play BB yet they give her bad edits.


hahahaha because nothing shoots you to celebrity stardom like being on dragon’s den!


oayofdf menchie and wek


Jackie is basic


Basic af lmao


emily was hotter


If Ika And Dem are being honest about working with Kevin then that is his best bet. Kevin seems to be trying to gain the trust of Karen and Dillon but that ship has already sailed. There is no incentive for anyone except Dem and Will To keep Kevin. With the upcoming triple eviction it will be too tempting to just get rid off the last vet. Even though he is not aware of the triple eviction he has to know his options are extremely slim.


You’re absolutely correct. This is one of the (many) reasons I want Ika to go, though. I really want to see Kevin booted next week. He can’t play for the HOH, and his only chance will be Demetres. I don’t think William will save him again. He’s screwed over William too much.

sunny dee

he should know there will be another double at least, meaning the last thing he should want is ika out, and him not playing for hoh.

Kevin sucks

Kevin is a terrible player. Is he just wanting the title of last vet standing? Piss poor judgement. And so annoying!


I honestly don’t get the hate for Jackie. It’s an enigma. She’s definitely not the best player, or even a good player. She’s just…there. So why does everyone in the house hate her?

I think I’m in the minority here, but I really don’t like Kevin. I don’t think he’s been smart. I think he’s been lucky. And I don’t like the way he treated William. Anyways, I hope he puts up Karen as the replacement nom, because, while I really want Ika OUT, I wouldn’t mind if Karen left, either. She’s awful.

My favourites to win are: Dillon and Demetres. I didn’t like Dre and William through most of the game, but they’ve navigated well, so I wouldn’t be mad if they won.


agree with every word you said


Demetres has been Ika’s puppet the whole game almost. He does everything she says. Dillon’s only moves are knee jerk reactions to who put him up….as much as Ika is a mean girl with attitude, she has been playing the better game than most of these turkey tits….


I’ll agree with you here. She has drastically improved since her season. However, do you think Ika would be where she is without Demetres? I don’t know. She IS one of the few who have been playing the game, but her awful and mean-spirited attitude makes me not want her to have the money. But…that’s Big Brother lol.

Things that make you go hmmm!?!?

you’ve got that backwards. Ika is Demetres puppet! He tells her when to chill and relax, and when to say sorry! He tells her who needs to go on his HoH’s.

She wanted Dillon and Gary to stay, and tried to tell Demetre that she wanted Bruno to stay, All three left on Demetres hoh
She even tried to get Demetre to keep Cass but he didnt want to.


Kevin is not smart at all. He does not know how to play this game. I think it’s pretty obvious.

But Dillon doesn’t necessarily deserve to win unless he does something more. He may be pretending to be dumber than he is so as to float by under the radar, but he needs a more respectable move or item on his resume.


Jackie has betrayed everyone she’s been aligned with. People don’t see her as very trust-worthy. In a house where trust is the most valuable commodity, she has very little value for people and find herself at the bottom. This in turn causes to play even more desparately, which perpetuates this vicious cycle of the train-wreck that is her game-play.

People and especially Kevin and Ika/Deme can’t respect her because she is now blatantly making up lies and incoherent excuses as to why or how she was “manipulated” and “bullied” into having sold him and Bruno out when one week before that she swore such “authentic” tear-filled fealty to them while swearing such personal hatred toward Ika/Deme, which then completely reversed one week later, and now, it seems has once again switched 180 this week. So she has very little credibility.

Guy From Canada

On the show ( which I know you don’t watch) there is a clip of Demetres trying to get into pantry prior to William finding the secret veto in the pantry but the door was locked. Did they show this on the live feeds and is this bad timeframe edits, or production shenanigans?


Simon , who should be voted out in your opinion

Guy From Canada

Who should be voted out fOr entertainment and for smart game play.

Robin J

If Kevin goes out to a triple again this would be such a fail. Plus a triple is so ridiculous. There’s a good chance the big players all go in one week with no chances to talk to anyone. Keeping only the boring ones.


Don’t understand why people like Dillon. What has he done ? Besides eat and sleep and gain weight . Demertres is the ONLY one that deserves to win !! He has been fighting hard since week 1 when he was on the block. William is the only other one that has done anything, the rest just lay around and do NOTHING !!! If Dillon or Jackie or Karen or Dre win it will be the WORST season of BBCan EVER !!!


Dillon is the only one actually enjoying his time the most he’s always joking laughing singing whistling something I think he has a really good spirit and is fun at heart !!! It’s funny how they always seem to pick at the wrong targets this is a very emotional group right now it’s almost like they are a small family everyone is saying sorry it’s like best friends fighting and getting back together and every week someone else is the bitch or asshole !!! They all need to put all of their emotions aside and start playing the game 100% making big moves and taking out the biggest targets like Dillon & Dre both strong mental and physical players they can get Jackie out anytime !!! Either way it’s a triple eviction this week so three people will go !!!! Dre is completely under the radar & Ika is sraight up to your face, Dimitrie’s a beast at comps & could just keep winning & continue to shield Ika, William has been lucky and although he has one some competitions, him and Karen are just a number & Kevin is poker-face unpredictable


put dre up there kevin


nopre going be jackie watchout


dre isw playn like a sarah she hasnt won anything no blood on here hands watch turning where she next hoh i bet


Dre is so annoying. Of course no one wants blood on their hands. You didn’t win any competition to avoid blood on your hands too. Why are you so hypocritical to accuse Kevin of throwing the POV? Someone please take her out. I hope Demetres win the triple eviction HOH and put up Dre, Karen and somebody. This ensures Dre to go home.

but hey we play dre thow her under bus

yet sdid sarah have alot blood on her hands look how she won?same gamerplay right now?


HoH winner has to put up 3 of them THEN they vote to SAVE one out of the 3. If Dem wins HoH he needs to put up Dillon, Dre, Karen then SAVE Karen get rid of her later.

but hey we play dre thow her under bus

funny how dre get thowing under but dont pick on ika


Is slop green?


I felt pretty awful when Kevin told will they were just friends… do you think it’s a game move or is the game winding down and Kevin realized he doesn’t want to be wills boyfriend outside of the house?

Also, Dre talking to Ika saying she’s so confused because she just wants to play by herself WTF!! She’s so shady, she’s been riding their coat tails all game and been partnered with Will too. But now she wants to “play alone”?! That should be a huge red flag to ika.

but hey

yet dre no blood her gand just like sarah


Dre is being an extremely jealous and insecure player. She won’t have anyone as loyal as Ika is being towards her. William excepted maybe.

But once Ika leaves, she has effectively isolated herself. She wants to pull in Jackie, such a bad move. Dillon and Karen are each other’s ride or die, not her. All this because she is jealous of Demetres. Jealous about Kevin taking away William. And still bitter about not having Ika completely when she was in the-six alliance. Geesh she’s throwing away a huge amount of trust.

I just see her actions as motivated by jealousy and insecurity.


like i said hoe did sarah win most people didnt like her right?


Even though Ika , Demetres, Dre, Kevin and yes even Jackie have lied and flip flopped all season, at least they did something. Karen as funny as she is hasn’t done squat. William even though he has won a couple of competitions has absolutely no end goal. Zero strategy. And Dillon is sometimes so chill it’s like he’s lost the hunger for the game. The people putting in the most work even if we don’t agree or like their game is Demetres, Ika, Kevin, Dre and Jackie. I don’t even care if some of them are just scrambling to stay in the game. They are at least putting in the work.


I’m very interested to see how this triple evict works given Dem’s jury ride isn’t til Tues. Sindy will be spilling all kinds of tea. (Will won secret POV, Dre has been playing them & wants DemIka/Kevin out next 3, maybe Kevin is working with Dillon/Karen?).

Demika will have a number of options on how they deliver the information. Do they hold a house meeting & spill all the tea or conduct individual sessions so they can choose which intel gets shared & with whom:
* tell Dre that Will won the secret POV. Given her control issues (she currently thinks she has Dillon, Will & Jackie taking her to F2) would this intel make her reassess keeping Ika b/c of the danger of Kevin/Will being too close?
*also tell Dre that Bruno told Sindy Kevin plans on taking Dillon/Karen/Jackie to F4
* tell Dillon/Karen about Will’s secret POV. How will that effect their current plans of working with Kevin knowing he’s lied to them about that & is obviously closer to Will (& then possibly Dre b/c of it)?

Obviously the news about Dre & her manipulation of the entire house (but specifically DemIka) has the greatest chance for drama. I’m not sure Ika will be able to forgive her after Dre has dragged her over the coals for weeks, only to be found out as the one playing them. And what could Kevin/Ika do or say to shift the vote back to keeping her? The problem with having Jackie on the block is she has spilled everyone’s tea & is so untrustworthy it’s hard to come up with much new to re-position the target on her unless its to tell Dillon/Karen that Dre must have known Will won the secret POV. Maybe that could get those 2 to vote to keep Ika instead.

The other big question is what the “big MOVE” mentioned in the POV win is. Hopefully it means Dem will be given a power providing some way to save Ika (though it seems more likely to be part of 2nd eviction Thurs). Lots of questions without answers at the moment. ALL I know for sure is I want Dre’s game blown up big time b/c all I’ve listened to for weeks is her talking behind Ika’s back while SHE is the shady one who rode coattails all season. Dre has spent the better portion of this week patting herself on her own back for her Oscar winning fake tear performance – please give her something to shed real tears over.


look how sarah won?