“I will have her rethinking her whole entire existence.. I went to school and got a degree in dragging b1tches”

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Ika and Karen Jackie also in the room.
Karen tells her she’s been b1tchy for 10 days. Karen says she’s been the wrath of Ika’s nasty and she doesn’t like it.
Karen starts to cry. “you can laugh an think it’s funny but I would rather not be around you when you are like that”

Ika says she hasn’t been mean to her for the past 10 days. Karen doesn’t accept that.
Karen – you go around saying I’m tired of her mopping.. now you’re on the block an you know how it feels
Ika is hung up on Karen saying for the past 10 days she’s been vicious and mean.
Ika says she’s not being vicious and mean accuses Karen of saying the horrible things about people.
Karen says it’s like a biting dog.
Karen adds it like when you go near a fence and a dog is yaking at you.

Ika wants Big Brother to roll the tapes of the past 10 days showing her vicious and mean.
Karen – well thats how I feel
Karen says Ika has been Cold and b1tchy
Karen says if it bothers Ika so much she won’t say she’s been vicious and mean.
Ika says she has been vicious and mean to other people in the house.
Jackie jumps in “it’s Ok for you to be vicious and mean to other people in this house”
Ika – I’m not talking to you stay your a$$ out of this conversation”
Jackie – ok i’ll go out and say it you’ve been vicious and mean to me
Ika – I know I am so F*** off Jackie
Jackie – that’s fine
Ika – F**ck off.. turn around and have your hair fall out some more b1tch
Ika looks at Karen and says that her being vicious and mean.

Ika Dre and Demetres red room
Ikas pissed at Jackie for starting to stick up for herself.
Ika asks Dre if she gave Jackie some brave juice this morning.
Ika says Jackie told her that she was mean and viscous to her “B1tch ”
Demetres – why the f*** would you say that you’ll get lite up every time”
Dre thinks it was disrespectful of Jackie because Ika was talking to Karen at the time.
Ika says Jackie gets brave when people are on the block and she acts like a b1tch for no reason.
Ika calls Jackie fake because last week she was nice to Ika and this week she’s a b1tch. Accuses Jackie of throwing her under the bus to Kevin.

Ika saying the way she’s is with Jackie yesterday was funny. Dre agrees but adds that not everyone will understand.
Ika goes on about her conversation with Karen and how Jackie interrupted “if this girl thinks for one minute i’m going to let her punk me I will drag her ass up and down this f***G house every single time she does not know the mouth I mother F***g have on me”
Ika – I will have her rethinking her whole entire existence and genetics and birth and mother and father
Dre – Don’t do that, we’re not outside please
Ika – I’m telling you talk to your little friend I don’t want her in therapy for 5 years after I will drag a b1tch

Ika – I will drag her a$$
Ika – I went to school and got a degree in dragging b1tches
Dre – we are not outside Ika don’t do that
Ika – I will drag her

After Dre leaves.. Ika and Demetres continue bashing jackie.
Demetres – everyone is so sensitive in here it’s so retarded
Demetres goes on about how everyone in the house is so sensitive.

Dre and Ika bathroom
They’re talking about how Jackie is avoiding Ika. Dre tells Ika she’s wasting energy and saliva on Jackie “someone not on your level”
Dre tells her that Jackie came to her yesterday and said she would prefer Ika stays.
Dre – you’re acting like the only one that can get mad
Dre tells her the house wants Demetres out, “I’m not lying to you”

Dillon and Kevin HOH
Kevin tells Dillon that Dre and William are closer than him and William.

Demetres and Ika red room
Ika says Dre told her they want Demetres gone not Ika.
Demetres – Dre will want to keep you Dre will want to keep you
Demetres says he’s been upset all morning he hates all these people.
They agree Dre can F*** off. Demetres calls Dre a piece of sh1t.

Ika – you still feel good about getting rid of Bruno
Demetres – yeah I don’t trust Bruno
Ika – I do want Jackie to act up so I can..
Demetres – Ika don’t

Ika says they have to wait until they win the POV then talk to people. Right now nobody wants to talk to them.
Demetres – I don’t want to talk to any of them.. f*** these people they can f*** themselves every single one of them.
Ika going on about being called mean and vicious by Karen.
Demetres calls them all baby’s

HOH Kevin, Karen and Jackie
Going over the Ika confrontations. Sounds like Ika stomped on Jackie’s chip when her name was drawn for POV.

Kevin builds a fort out of cushions..

Ika and demetres laying in bed
Ika says Jackie is “Such a awful f***g person”
Ika – I would put her and Dre on the block .. Guess what b1tches I don’t really care
Ika says Demetres would do better at integrating himself into the house if Ika stayed she would be “a devil”
Demetres says if he stays and wins HOH he’s not talking to anyone in the house.
Ika – they’re all liars
Demetres says last week he never hung out with them.
Ika says they hate him because of her.

Demetres – I’m ok with that.. I don’t want them to like me cause I don’t f***g like them at all..
Demetres – every single one of them have gotten a free ride
Demetres – Dillon didn’t get a free ride because I didn’t give him one
Ika says Kevin found the secret veto and just started putting in work.
Demetres says Dre, William, Jackie, Karen all had free rides, “4 freeloaders in the final 8 is upsetting”

Karen and Dillon Bathroom
Dillon says Ika has been mean and vicious to everyone in the house at one time or another.

Jackie joins them. They all agree Ika or Demetres are going home this week.
Dillon – Ika doesn’t want to come at me cause I’ll come twice as hard back at her.. she’s not from the hood she just acts like it

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Bla Bla Bla…

is it not clear the producers want Dillon to win this year.

He gets every favorable edit. Meanwhile Jackie looks like a biotch when she is perhaps the sweetest player in BBC history.

Please people email Global and let them know that we are aware of their plan and will not support it.


WTH ?? Why would they want Dillon to Win? Are you crazy ?? He hasn’t done ANYTHING since day 1 hes so borrrring !! Dillon is a waste of space and a bed. If producers want anyone to win its either Kevin or Ika ! Don’t say Dillon won HoH no he didn’t it was Handed to him that’s not winning !


dillion was dragon dend to got hufe fat payout wek and meshie


If I were to look up “Extra” in the dictionary… “Ika.” That’s all it would say. 😛


So my fantasy is that either member of demika wins POV and then in true BB fashion BB isolates Dre for something and gets her to “talk through” her snake ass thoughts and shows it all to the house. REVEAL HER.

Kevin Martin

Karen is slowly becoming cancer….


Slowly? LOL


These houseguests are wimps. Ika could be so much worse. I don’t know how they became adults if they can’t handle Ika’s silly torment.


Ika is an ignoramus Pig!!! I’ve never met a Bully like her!!! AND don’t get me started on Dre!


where the marsha the moose at!i bet that going get a downvote to!


sorry i down voted because i saw FRODO before reading! But ya, Where is Marsha the Moose?


Ika’s a try hard villian/bully. She’s not as tough as she thinks she is.
Remember S2 when she cried because Sarah yelled at her over taking a potato. They should’ve bought back


LOL. you’re crazy if you think Ika cried because ” Sarah yelled at her”.
Ika cried because there was a power alliance and sarah said ” she is going home” (referring to Ika)
plus Ika WAS supposed to go home that week… but she won HOH and ended staying one more week.


Clearly Ika was intimidated by Sarah’s anger. Notice how she went after weaker people ( heather, rachelle etc.) and she’s doing the same thing by bullying Jackie.


I was just wondering the same thing with my friend! Bring back Marsha and have the moose out Dre!


ika the cancer been sayn it all season but that will get downvoted!


Frodo the cancer of these threads. You get down-voted because you repeatedly post-bomb with crazy illegible gibberish. Maybe realize it’s not all about you. Have some respect for everyone else and maybe you’ll earn the respect back.


If ika wouldn’t have had sindy cut Neda she wouldn’t be going through this. I think Neda and Ika could have made it far had they stuck together. Neda is a super smart player Ika has her smart moments too, I was so sad when Neda left. Ika has no one to blame but herself.


neda played to cocky she shouldnt have played when she safety know look where she is know!ika should been out way longtme ago to but keep her around she might win it to!


Neda was a stuck up B!tch rolling her eyes at everything anyone said ! Neda is the kind of girl that thinks shes better than anyone ! Neda is the girl that puts down other girls she thinks so so HOT but shes NOT !! Was never a Neda fan in S2 either her personality sucks and that makes anyone pretty NOT pretty when your personality sucks !


she got outplayed jon p


“I got a degree in dragging bitches.” Telling someone to turn around and have their hair fall out some more is not “dragging a bitch.” In fact, Jackie’s reply of “at least my hair is real” is a lot more witty than what you came up with.

Ika, you’re 32 years old with children. I think it’s time to grow up a bit, and stop trying to come across as so badass. She wouldn’t intimidate me in the slightest, she just sounds silly. I’m 30 and I’m mortified listening to that. She sounds like she’s trying to be in high school again. Ugh!


Spot on. Ika’s giving me some Amanda (s15) vibes.


Neda wanted to take out first Ika just beat Neda to the Punch!!

Just sayin'

Ok is it just me or does anyone else not understand why everyone hates Jackie?! Like yes she’s not a great bb player, but everyone in the house seems to attack her on a personal level for no reason. I’m just wondering if I missed something early in the season or what?


if you karen watchout


She is a power shifter. Whoever has the power, that Is her target to befriend for the week. It is known in the house but still, they keep her and is still in there. Nobody in their right mind besides family respects a flip flopper. She possesses no loyalty, another huge no-no amongst the players/watchers. She rats out those who have tried to reel her in, not trustworthy. Do I seriously need to go on? She is shady straight out. Also, when she aligns with someone, bad things happen to that person. People avoid her for that reason, because she is bad luck!
Sweet!??!?!? Bahahahahahhahaa. A sweet person would be honest and trustworthy at least, I think.


Does any one know about the triple eviction?


Anyone but Dem or Ika win the veto and vote out Dem , he is the strongest player.


you forgewt that kevin can win it to!


dillion propped up by dragon den cbc


How is this week going to play out with the triple? It’s gonna be 3 players nominated?

Guy From Canada

Three people nominated. Two drawn for veto. Veto played as normal. Then everyone votes who they want to keep from the three as a save vote not eviction….if they do bbcan3 rules.


Who won veto


I love it when Ika goes off in the house. It makes it fun to watch and she was also telling the truth to Karen and Jackie. Jackie was nice as pie to Ika all last Week and Ika has been nice to her as well, so it wasn’t Jackie’s place to chime in while Karen was talking with Ika. Jackie’s game is to switch to whoever has the HoH each week and bash the previous houseguests from the following Week by spilling their secrets or bad mouthing them. – And Ika is on to Jackie. So what if Ika is 30 and has children – Who are you to judge what another person does, what colourful language they use on a Reality show?! We have all seen it before on many shows this is no different. Don’t like it – Don’t watch !!!!


A) Of course she was nice to Ika all last week, Dem was HOH. Treating someone like crap when their showmance is HOH probably isn’t the best game move.

B) During their conversation Ika turned and looked right at Jackie and said “I have been vicious and mean to other people in this house,” therefore bringing her into the conversation. Rewatch the video. That’s the only reason Jackie said anything. You think Jackie should have just stayed quiet when someone is being so outwardly rude to her, just because she wasn’t originally apart of the conversation?

3). Who am I to judge? Well, a fan. One of those people that the show is created for to judge, have favorites, discuss, etc. I am not going to get anywhere arguing with someone who refers to what Ika does as “colourful language,” so we’ll stop there.


Exactly! ^^^
The same judgmental POS talking about Zika’s personal life are always the first ones to cry about people being judgmental of others and how we ought to live and let live


I’m glad Ika and Dre were able to make up. At the end of the day this is just a game and no friendship , at least a true friendship which I believe they will have outside this game is worth any amount of money.

Club H.O.H

And again the BBGods answered and the Greek God won!!!! Comp Beast hands down!


This challenge was his to win. It was about a car.


Karen is so annoying. Her rationality is shot.

I don’t know how much I’ll enjoy a final five / four / three with her and these other boring players. They got rid of so many entertaining / interesting players, if Ika leaves, I will just give up on watching this season.

Kevin is a dumb ass set to leave. His best bet was to work with Ika/Deme, expose Dre (he already has the info/ammunition), with William in his back pocket. Maybe get rid of Dre this week.

His attempts to try to forget these relationships during his week in power with these newbies, but this late in game….. nobody really trusts him, not sure if he’ll regret his choice once his power is up.

And I can’t believe he thinks the live-feeders wanted him to put up Ika/Dem.


jackie need go up send ika packm