Power Of Veto Players Picked! Tim “If we were to save Jared he would be indebted to us”

POV Holder: ? Next POV April 9th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 11th
HOH Winner: Maddy Next HOH: April 14th
Original Nominations: Jared and Kelsey
Current Nominations: ? and ?
Last Evicted Houseguest Paige, Sharry, Christine, Kelsey, Loveita, Dallas, Mitch
Have Nots Raul, Nikki, Kelsey

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There will likely be a lot of alliances during the season – keep track, read our alliance help guide.

8:50am In the kitchen – Tim tells Joel that he thinks Jared might end up going over her (Kelsey). Joel says I think he would if its the two on the block at the end. Tim says we need to think about .. I know Cassandra said that she doesn’t know what’s the best thing for us and the three. Tim says when she (Kelsey) left he gained the groups trust in that he became quite exclusive .. people respected him as a leader .. and when she came back he went straight back into the three (Jared/Kelsey/Raul). I think if he hadn’t had done that he wouldn’t be up. If he hadn’t gone and slept in the HOH room .. that sense of exclusiveness and then when there was that big argument he didn’t step in. He picked his side. We know what happens when Kelsey leaves.. Jared becomes stronger and Rual becomes stronger. I think perhaps its time to do something different. Joel says whoever stays will be mad at Maddy the following week if its a Double or Triple (Eviction). Tim says he thinks if Jared is still in the game, Maddy will want to work with him and go against other people before Jared. Same with the brothers. Tim says I don’t even know if I want to win today because it’s a tough decision. Tim says if we were to save Jared he would be indebted to us and I think he is loyal like that. I think we would have him them and perhaps include him in the three. And say if we do this, Rual is next. Because we do not want .. if Jared stays for him to work with Rual. Raul’s got to go, he’s gunning for you, for me, he’s gunning for Cassandra. Joel asks if we say that to Jared though.. would he just tells us what we want to hear? Tim says that’s what we would have to assess. I just don’t think that Jared would think us 3 are a threat. I think his biggest threat is Raul and the brothers.

9:15am n the kitchen – Nikki asks Phil if he wins the veto would he use it? Phil tells her no, not again.

9:45am In the bathroom – Kelsey tells Rual & Jared.. We need to make a plan in case I go. I want you to get Maddy out but she loves you (Jared) so much I think you would be okay.

10am In the kitchen – Tim is asking questions about the provinces and capitals of Canada. A lot of the house guests get the information wrong. Maddy keeps saying the capital of British Columbia is Vancouver Island. (Its not, its Victoria) (The most horrifying fact is that Maddy used to lived in Victoria) Tim thinks its crazy they don’t even know their own country. Tim says when he goes back to Australia he wants to say he learned something about Canada.

Power Of Veto Players:

Maddy, Kelsey, Jared, Cassandra, Nikki, Raul

POV Host:


Big-Brother-canada-4- 2016-04-09 07-44-06-984
10:40am Havenot room – Kelsey says its just has to be something that Maddy isn’t good at. Jared says exactly I think anyone else would use it. Kelsey tells Jared if she wins the veto she will use it to take him off the block because she feels like she’s put him in this position. Jared says if I had gotten player pick I would have picked Nikki… f**king write off. Kelsey says I would have picked Raul. Jared says he thinks Raul it closer to Maddy than we think. Kelsey says she doesn’t want Jared to be alone if she leaves. Jared says I’m not. Kelsey says you’ve got Tim, Cass and Raul. Jared says I don’t want to work with Raul. I’ll keep him in my back pocket. Its not even a bad idea for me to do everything I can to screw Maddy up in this competition. She’s the only one we don’t want to win. Kelsey says Cassandra would use it. Kelsey says even if Maddy won and became a movie star … I would still rather be me than her. Jared says stop. Kelsey says I just hate her. Jared says stop that. Enough! Raul says I just hope they don’t give me another gay a$$ outfit! They’re so bad.

10:50am – 11am In the HOH room – Nikki tells Maddy that she needs to win this. Maddy says I don’t care who wins it. Either way one of them is going home. I’ll just put up someone up to ensure the other one goes home. We have 4 votes no matter who it is.
Big-Brother-canada-4- 2016-04-09 07-51-08-195

In the havenot room – Ramsey finds the brownies Rual hid in his bag in the havenot room. Ramsey screams and tells him he hates him. (Raul is saving them till he’s off slop and didn’t want to share them with the other house guests.)

11:35am – 11:55am HOH room – Ramsey, Tim, Nikki, Joel and Phil. Ramsey says how you do one thing is how you do everything just like hiding brownies from everyone. Nikki says it has to be addressed. Tim says it can only be addressed in a vote. Tim says if you say something maybe he’ll correct the behaviour. But its almost too late. Let them dig their own grave. Nikki says hopefully the underdogs fight back. Tim says oh they will fall. Nikki says that Raul cooks all the salmon and then grazes on it all day long with his trolls. That’s why I put him on slop which worked .. unfortunately I’m there too.

In the bathroom – Kelsey says if Raul wins and takes Jared off … you need to talk to Tim and get him to convince Maddy to put the brothers up. Cassandra says she’ll try. Kelsey says if I win I will take Jared off.

Maddy tells Phil if you (Kelsey) really want to stay campaign.. and don’t cuddle with your boyfriend.

In the havenot – Raul tells Kelsey if he wins the veto he isn’t using it on Jared. I have to start thinking about myself instead of others.

1:30pm – 1:55pm Bedroom – Cassandra says I have a good relationship with everyone in the house and at least Kelsey and Jared will always have a target on their back. Cass says she wants Kelsey to stay because she feels like Maddy will always go after Kelsey over her. Phil says like we need to keep this so undercover. I never talk about you in conversations. They agree they feel like they’re in an alliance with Tim/Joel. They agree its better to not make it official. Cassandra says once you put a name on it it ruins it. Phil says he thinks its better for Kelsey to stay. She is indebted to us. Cass says I feel like its safer for use to keep Kelsey. Cass says I think your brother wants me out. Phil says no. Cass says I know you run the show. Cass says she wants to win the double to get Maddy out and say your a$$ is grass.

2:30pm Havenot room – Jared says if you leave this house .. there will be no more Mister Nice Guy any more. Raul joins them and gets a brownie out for Phil. Kelsey asks why he hid them, just to give them out to people. Raul says so that he can give them to the people he likes. Kelsey talks about how she’s okay to go. She wishes she was going home though. Kelsey says I don’t really like this game, I didn’t know what I was getting into. Jared syas I just wish everyone played the way I play. Kelsey tells Raul and Jared that they need to stick together and trust each other. Can you guys promise me that? Jared and Raul says yes.

2:55pm – 3:15pm HOH room – Maddy tells Cass If Jared, Kelsey or Raul use it then I’ll need to decide that when it come to it. I know that if me, you or Nikki win it.. none of us would use it. If you do win it, make them think that you will use it. I have the votes no matter what. Cass says I am trying to build our bridge this week so whatever you want I will do. Phil joins them. Maddy asks Phil if one of them comes of and I put up a pawn will you vote out the other? Phil says he will. I would not vote for your pawn.
3:16pm Joel is called to the diary room. (The veto might be happening soon as he’s the host.)

3:20pm Big Brother blocks the feeds for the power of veto competition to take place…
5pm Still blocked ..

6:25pm Still nothing..

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Does everyone just want to play for second place? Saving Jared shouldnt be in anybodies conversations especially Kelseys. Like shes on the block but would use Veto on Jared instead of herself? What is it with this guy that everyone would jump off a cliff for him? I just don’t see it??? Can anyone tell me…so i can understand better?


If jared has this much mist over people in the house…if he gets to the f2 he wins the game hands down. He has got to go.


OMG…did any of these idiots go to school at all? They should at least know basic geography!


No I think it’s just Maddy who is the complete idiot. The others keep correcting her but she seems to be the loudest and oblivious that she is wrong.


ya you are right …i rewatched it lol…wow!


Has this show gotten better? I’ve stopped watching this show and the feeds ever since they kept Maddy over Dallas.


Wow nice veto picks for the trio. Should be an interesting ceremony.


I think it’s solid that either jared or Kelsey is leaving unless veto


So the most likely evicted will be the brothers. That POV is set up for Raul to win. Any pawn will go versus 3W and I think Maddy will pull BD chit just for show again. Worst season ever and frankly at this point Canada BB is a dead franchise. I like Simon and others could stomach the constant cheat by production last season and this season is a puke fest at minimum.


It is a good thing that they don’t live in a glass house because no one is any better than the other person . Why is Nikki always getting away with things…. Big deal Raul hiding brownies Cassandra hid honey in her drawer did Maddy not hide eggs? Sad they don’t know the capital of each Province …. Only making themselves look more foolish by the second.


Hope Raul wins the POV…gets Jared off, Maddy puts Nikki up…or Niki just goes up regardless —so Maddy can have the worst hoh ever (if Nikki leaves)….Nikki leaving is the best case scenario for me because she is just a place- holder in that house —utterly useless—let her go she brings nothing but random tantrum to that house—lord let her go 🙂

BBCan Production

*Gives Jared the hidden Veto.


I haven’t seen Kelsey (Jared/Raul too maybe), clean anything once. Does she wash her own dishes or do the ‘commoners’ clean up after her?


Jared’s ego thinks everyone would use the veto on him besides Maddy he even would let Kelsey sacrifice herself for him. He has such a sense of entitlement. I love to see his face if Cassandra and Raul wins and doesn’t use on him.


Jared does need to go…if gets to the end he wins the game. However, there is that one advantage…he is a big target and will keep the heat off of you for at least another week. If jared goes, the brothers are now public enemy no#1. The only reasons the brothers even stuck around this long…because they were always bigger fish to fry.


Here’s where I’m standing right now:
Jared says “I wish everyone played the way I play” and “In order to be good at Big brother you have to be a bad person”. The moral high horse left when Jared made final two deals with Cassandra, Mitch, Ramsey, Kelsey, Raul.
Why is Tim thinking save Jared? He doesn’t know what other information Kelsey has from Loveita or the secret room.
Did Kelsey waste her opportunity? She’s let out too much information to too many people. She pulled a Loveita and didn’t tighten her social ties to people last week, instead only spending time with Jared and Raul. Her moral high ground speeches are almost as repulsive as Jared’s. The “if i win i’ll use it on Jared speech” thank you for channelling Marcellas. fool.
Maddy talking loyalty points and looking at this week as a big move not for the week, but for moving forward. Surprised the girl even knows the word loyalty. She expects it. She doesn’t give it. Expected spoiler: Maddy in jury next week.
I still get the overwhelming suspicion that the person going home this week might not be Jared or Kelsey. I don’t know why, but i’m seeing a huge upset to the plan.


I was watching the video when Kelsey was nominated to go on the block and she was saying how mean it was that she was nominated and put on slop. Raul was saying that it was so shady, didn’t he nominate Joel and made him a have not.


Why does the theme seem to be that they should keep the bigger targets in the game in order to keep themselves safe (for another week)? Aren’t they running out of weeks? Jury creation has already started, it’s getting down to the wire…when will they get out these big targets that they have been hiding behind for so long?

And because of all this hiding, does that make them all a bunch of floaters?


It is so frustrating to watch some of the cast on this show. Kelsey isn’t appreciating this experience and doesn’t even want to be there anymore, but thousands of people (who actually stood in a line to audition) would kill to be there! Even with all the twists last year, at least they had a good cast. This year only has a handful of good cast members, but unfortunately most of them are gone.

sunny dee

If raul wins he won’t use it, he says, which i think is cool. good for him. people forget because he is so bouncy that he is very athletic, he mentioned that during some kind of ball throwing Havenot game, he has played sports and is quite good at them. they just underestimate him, for many comps he has a good chance of winning, over most of those other guys probably.

i think it is cute how jared actually thinks anyone but maddy would use the veto on them. that is so #delusional like many things they have thought. chances are good cassandra and raul will throw the comp so they aren’t in the position of having to say they aren’t going to use it.


Its amazing how everyone in the house trusts Tim and looks to him for advice. No one in there sees him as a threat to win just because Tim told them he is not there to win. LOL idiots.


Forgive me if I seem naïve but why would Jared not object to Kelsey saying she would use the veto on him. What kind of person lets their closest friend fall on a sword for them.


The same type that made deals excluding Raul with multiple people before Kelsey returned. Then got mad that Raul made a separate deal with Mitch (Jared did too). The same one that trashed Kelsey and threw her under the bus to 1/2 the house before nominations to supposedly solidify his relationships with the rest of the house.
Jared is an enititled falsely self-righteous do what I say not what I do hypocritical arse.


Jared won POV

Moe Green

I don’t really care what this crowd thinks at all. I don’t want to see Jared go and would like to see him and Ramsey take over with Joel and Tim in tow. Kelsey I like but she doesn’t want to play this game and she is so right that she has ruined Jareds game. This is what I like about her. This is not important to her but she sees its important to others and she doesn’t really know how to play and wants to back off. I like that.

TBH I hope Cass wins HOH and puts up Nikki and Maddy. If Veto is used then get the brothers out if they survive this eviction. I hope they don’t and Jared wins Veto. Then it would be on.

I am enjoying the show plus live feeds and descriptions. (better then the show actually)


Of course Tim is in it to win it just like everyone else. He is definitely a smooth talker and nobody is really paying attention to that. Mandy is showing her true colours such a nasty additude and the swearing please anyone got a spare bar of soap. A definite lack of maturity in the house for sure. I think they forget cameras are always on them.


Cannot believe Maddy talks about the other three being in an alliance when she clearly states that she ,Ramsey and now Tim are in one ….. So how does that make them any different from the other group. They also talk nasty behind their backs as well.