Nomination Results! “They got into it! It got a little heated.”

Head of Household Winner – Cody
Have nots – Kevin and Enzo
Nominations – Kevin & David
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4:20pm – 5:23pm Big Brother blocks the live feeds for the Nomination ceremony. Cody nominated Kevin and David.

Nicole – what happened with the convo.. Tyler – Me and Memphis heard .. it kind of got loud. Nicole – oh it must have got serious. Tyler – I want to know now but I don’t want to run up there right away. Nicole – because it didn’t need to go badly right. Tyler – no. Nicole – it was more just I told him to be straight up. He (Kevin) was mad about being a havenot so I was like maybe give him a warning he is going up. Tyler – he is going to be mad anyway. Nicole – yeah you’re dammed if you do and dammed if you don’t. Tyler – it is what it is.

Nicole and Dani.
Nicole – how did the convo go? Dani – they got into it. He was like everything is not about you Cody. I was like is there yelling going on. It got a little heated. Nicole – did Kevin tell you or Cody? Dani – Cody. He was like I know you’re in an alliance with Dani, I know you’re in an alliance with Enzo… and bla bla bla. He told Cody that DaVonne was actively coming after him and wanted to get him out and bla bla bla. And he was like so you’re telling me that you’re number one ally was coming after me .. and you’re not. He like literally just called him out. Nicole – why would Kevin do that?! He must just be sick of ..

David and Christmas.
David – from a viewer stand point its the same thing every week. Over and over and over .. Big Brother blocks the feeds. David – here we are .. the third time this season. Christmas – Its not your fifth. David – its not my fifth .. poor Kevin. Christmas – my heart hurts for him and he is still taking it like a champ. David – he’s used to it. What is happening isn’t a surprise .. but annoying. Christmas – and frustrating. David – part of me is like damn this sucks .. this is going to be a boring season to watch. I can just tell. Christmas – here we go again. David – yup. People don’t want what is expected to happen. I’ll try and stay now and win HOH and hopefully save this season from being a boring season. Christmas – he is going to piss off a lot of people with how he reacted to that. If my name is drawn .. I am going for all the prizes. If you pick me, if Kevin picks me or if the HOH picks me I am going for all the prizes. But as far as they’re concerned I’m a comp beast and I would never throw anything. Okay!? I want to see you here. David – I try. I try. Christmas – if you do pick house guest choice and you do pick me don’t get all excited because I never get picked. I don’t want them to know because then I get bumped to the top of their list. And if you stay we might have a fighting chance. It just takes one of us to get HOH. You get it next week and I get it the week after. I am putting the remaining team up. David – the best comp you can win is the one to save your life. That’s only happened once this season. Christmas – if the nominations stay the same .. I have to go with you and I will fight for that. If you win the veto he might put me up in place of. (Yup he will.)

5:50pm – 6:10pm Kevin and David.
Kevin – Block buddy. You know you’re staying .. there isn’t a scenario. If you win veto .. you’re staying. If I win veto ,, you’re staying. There is no scenario. If he (Cody) wins veto .. you’re staying. If someone else wins veto .. you’re staying. David – I don’t feel so confident. It would have been great if he took a shot and put up someone who hasn’t touched the block yet. Kevin talks about how Cody got mad. He got real mad. I was like its my prerogative to feel how I feel. I was like everyone doesn’t have to like you. I know you’re mad but I am going to enjoy my time here. And I am going to go to jury and act how I want to act. He was like can’t you see how it was a good move. Kevin – I see how you targeted me since day one. He only comes to me right before a competition. He doesn’t want to give anything .. he only wants to receive. I just think he lives in a bubble.. and normally people swallow what he serves. David – unlike Memphis .. he doesn’t beat around it. He says it like it is. Kevin – yes.

6:14pm Lounge room. Kevin and Enzo
Enzo – this part of the game gets ugly. You’ve already been on the block .. you know what its like. It get ugly fast! because everyone is intertwined .. no more because now you have to go after each other. That’s it! David – I don’t want no hugs! Enzo – Lets stop being fake. F**k you! Put me on the block! I’ll win veto and I’m coming at your face YO! This is when it gets fun! That’s it yo! Going on the block is nothing now. You’re on the block every week. You’re not a rookie no more! You’ve lived it! People that have been friends since day one are going to throw each other under the bus. It is going to get ugly yo! But its going to be so fun! Whoever he puts up .. I am backdooring.. because I am not getting rid of you and I’m not getting rid of him.

Cody and Christmas.
Cody talks about how it got heated with Kevin. Cody – he said that Christmas said .. or someone said he was made a havenot to weaken him. Christmas – 100% not true. Cody – then the conversation kept going .. he was giving me the f**king run around. I told him I was showing him that I had his back and I was like you were showing me that you weren’t. And then he was like the world doesn’t revolve around you. I was like umm that was personal. He was like pity Cody and I was like I am just done with this conversation. He said that Day wanted me out. It just escalated and I was like it is what it is. He was like I am going to leave because you’re the big man Cody. Christmas – did he tell you who he would have put up? Cody – he said Memphis but I think it was all bullsh*t.

6:35pm – 7:05pm HOH room. Nicole, Tyler, Christmas, Enzo and Cody.
Cody continues to talk about his heated conversation with Kevin. Nicole – basically he would have rather wanted Cody to make up a big fluffy story about him being a pawn. Cody – I could have said you’re going up but I have a bigger plan and sent him on his way.. Tyler – he would have rather been lied to. Cody – yeah. He was like jury management. Tyler – no that is lying. That is why I lost my season. Cody – I was like you would rather I shovel sh*t in your face. I was like Kev.. I could make up anything I want post anything happening… we’re all pretty decent at doing that. I was like you would rather I do that than be straight up. Tyler – I hate how these people are playing in here like Day where she was planning on how she was going to vote in jury and I am like why are you not fighting to be here rather than thinking about jury. The people that are not going to be deciding the winner are not those two (Kevin and Day). Nicole – don’t think about it, don’t worry about it. Cody – I want to talk to David again because I REALLY like David. Christmas – I talked to him.. he was not surprised .. just disappointed. I told him if he is still up there and the noms are locked .. he has my vote.

7:30pm – 7:45pm David and Cody.
Cody continues to reiterate the heated conversation that he had with Kevin. I asked him if he would have nominated me and he said no but I heard that apparently he would have. It is what it is now.. I tried to be straight up. David – I am just frustrated with being nominated. Cody – and that’s justified. What way would you want the game to go. If his (Memphis) previous play is what he can do .. I would not want Memphis to play in the veto every single week. But I have bias and feelings towards that. He put me up once before. We had conversations after .. It wasn’t a natural. Cody – it was forced.. David – yeah. Cody – what you just said to me .. don’t mention that to anyone else. I just don’t want you to say anything to raise eyebrows. Its tough. I can’t be more sincere.. you are someone I feel so tight with. Whatever happens in here .. it is a game. But you as a person I f**king love! And everything about you I love. Now with the game.. It was something I had to do. Cody leaves. David – I just dropped a seed and I don’t know what it is going to do .. I just told him that he might have made a mistake in his nominations .. you nominated someone for the fifth time .. they don’t care anymore. That was a poor game play decision. I wanted to show him some insight into another perspective on what that might do.

8:10pm Lounge room. Kevin and David.
David – I want to make a deal with you .. if either one of us pull each other down before eviction .. I will not vote you out no matter who is up next to you. Or whoever is up next to me. Kevin – deal! They shake hands. Kevin – that was easy. David – just so we don’t even have to question it. I don’t know who else he would put up. kevin – Enzo said he wants one of us to win to see who he would put up. David – it would show where the cracks are. Kevin – there aren’t a lot of choices. Either its someone he thinks people would vote out or someone they wouldn’t vote out. Kevin – I think we have a 33% chance to win the veto. David – I don’t see anyone willing to change the noms. Everyone will go for prizes. Kevin – after the veto pick .. I am going to heavily campaign for them to not try to win it.

8:30pm – 8:40pm HOH room. Dani and Cody.
Cody – are you ready to win another HOH? Its at the point where we have to because if we don’t its going to be uh oh! Dani – do you know what is annoying.. everything but also I really want David and Kevin gone! Obviously because they are clearly coming after us and not the other people in the committee. But I am also so ready to go after people in the committee so ready. It is so frustrating to me. I am just dying inside. Cody – I just want this week to go smoothly and for Kevin to go.. and then cut David at like a 5 or a 6. Dani – I know because I don’t feel like he is going to do anything either. Cody – no. Dani – you know he will put me up right? Cody – he will put me up too I think. I don’t think our conversation went as smoothly. Dani – I think he will put up me and Nicole. But can he win anything? Cody – I bet on us winning stuff. I just want this veto to be done …to either have no conversations or have conversations. If noms stay the same .. I would have no problem sitting next to him for the rest of his time here. Dani – you would not want to. Cody – I would have no problem.. he would. Does this douche bag smell?!

9:50pm The house guests are lazing around chatting about random things.

10:05pm Bedroom. Dani and Nicole.
Nicole – who do you want to go the most this week? Kevin or Christmas? Dani – I want Kevin gone but I also kind of want Christmas to go. I feel like everyone is getting ready for war. Nicole – yeah for sure. Dani – It sucks because I want them (Kevin & David) gone but I freaking want Christmas gone so bad. Nicole – what is more beneficial? Dani – best to guarantee us another week would be keeping her around but it is one week because if the veto is used there is only one person and we could go up and they could knock us out. Kevin and David are less likely to win competitions than Tyler and Christmas. And Enzo, you’re telling me they’re going to take Enzo out .. I don’t think so. And they’re already trying to recruit David. Do we sit around and wait or do we take a stab? Nicole – right. Dani – I do think we have Memphis on our side though. I just feel like things with Kevin and David are un-mendable. They’re coming after us. We have four with Enzo ..which next week is half the house. If she (Christmas) is up there on Thursday .. you, me and Enzo have to decide if we’re sending her home. Nicole – he (Cody) wouldn’t break a tie would he? Dani – he would. I want to play in this veto comp more than anyone .. I want all the prizes! OF the Committee Memphis wants Tyler gone first. Nicole – I really hope its not a final five of boys. Dani – I would die if that happened.

10:35pm Lights out in the bedrooms..

10:50pm All the house guests are in bed.. Cody is in the diary room.

11:08pm – 12:05am HOH room. Cody and Enzo.
Enzo – Day said that she loved them to both of them. They’re working on jury votes. Cody – I don’t like that. Enzo – she was like stab me in the front not the back. I’m like dude you’re getting played by everybody. Cody – I don’t like that .. And Nicole goes so you’re putting up Christmas as the replacement? Cody – and I’m like if it happens. She was like I feel like you’re doing the dirty work for Dani. And I was like Nicole .. NO! Why is .. I asked her .. what is Christmas good for my game being here? She’s like she will go after Dani. And I was like and who does she go after next Nicole?! Its going to be me or its going to be Enzo. Enzo – they’re all f**king full of doo doo! Everyone of them. What I am doing this season is what is America thinking too. Cody – America for the first 8 weeks got to see how power hungry we were and now we’re going to go at it. Enzo – there have been 18 f**king alliances this season. Now the action is going to start. Enzo – there are only two chairs in the end .. that’s me and you. And like Nicole you better win sh*t yo! Cody – she gets all butt hurt but she has to win something. The only thing about Christmas is my name has never come out of her mouth. Memphis and Ty are beasts. I think I will pick Memphis if I get house guest choice. They talk about how they think the veto will be the prize / punishment veto. Enzo – Dani is too much yo.. too much. Cody – I need to go to bed ..because I need to be locked in ready to go (for the veto tomorrow). Enzo heads down stairs to go to bed..

12:11am All the house guests are sleeping..

7:10 am Sleeping YO

10:00 am Enzo is up.. YO

10:40 am Memphis and Kevin
Kevin – I’m going to try really hard
Memphis – if they do what I think they are going to do the button and the prizes .. like the graveyard or the guerilla cage or whatever
Memphis – Tyler went for the money straight up.. I think Enzo will do the same sh1t. If it is at least those two Its up for grabs because these f***ers .. the money part.
Kevin asks if Memphis will go for the money
Memphis – I don’t know dude.. this is personal opinion about the whole money thing we’re playing a game that’s worth a lot more money than 10 grand For me it is not worth like ohh lest grab 10 grand. For me you gotta play the game
Memphis – if those two )Tyler/EnzO) get picked you have a better shot
Kevin – is there a way to throw the competition would you consider it? just consider it.
Memphis – I would consider it for sure
Memphis – Let’s see what it is. If there was a way to do it .
Kevin – after that I want to connect with you.

11:11 am Nicole showing off her nose

11:20 am Memphis, David and Tyler
Chatting about the power going out last night and now all the clocks need resetting.

11:50 am

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Frank’s Farts Are Juicy

Someone get rid of Coin Slots. Please!!!! She’s terrible. The only thing she’s good at is handies and storing change.



Slots is going to stick around

Sorry to say, slots is going to Final 2 (or 3) But that’s where the buck stops.

Joe Hiden

She is not going anywhere soon. There are too many targets bigger than her left in the house.


Sadly, you’re absolutely right, we’re stuck with her until the bitter end.


I’m stunned.

This season is so full of surprises and big moves.

Barney Rubble

Yeah and the biggest one for me is when did Dr. will begin to look like the Cryptkeeper?


Seeing how aged he looked reminded me that I was in high school when he won BB, and how freakin old I am/feel now.


lol its plastic surgery…doesn’t realize it makes him look older

Joe Hiden

Thursday is going to be the best episode ever.


I might watch this one, but still not sure.


Ugh…here we go again. Guess it’s not time to get out the popcorn yet. I’ll wait until something good happens. Where’s Dr. Will? I’m bored…lol!

Rabid Raccoon

Dr. Will is inside shooting up more Botox.


Every one of these outsiders deserve what they get, the writing was on the wall in giant letters after the 1st HOH. Just to throw them a bone, there was the 1st rigged HOH, and the usual TPTB interferences, but they know that going in. Janelle or Kayser for AF. They knew right away and warned everyone. The “nerds” just can never get it together, they so want to be with the cool kids. And the girls deserve to go. I can only blame production and pre game alliances so much. Complete fail on the crappy players playing a crappy game this year.


if da’vonne had voted out david instead of nicola, i do wonder if this season would have been better. nicola had way better game sense than david.

Worst season ever

Um what? Nicole A thought Janelle and Kaysar were playing her and she was planning to put them both on the block (even though they were fighting for her to stay).


IMO NicA kind of ruined the season with that move. It was all down hill from there. I would have loved to see Janelle gaslight NicF, even though she wouldn’t have tried.

Wish Paul was there to finish 2nd again

It was down hill since Kevin, David, Day, and Bay walked in the door. Kevin was wrong about everything for the first 5 or 6 weeks. He feed NicA’s paranoia and did more damage separating the nerds than bringing them together. David is not an all star. I don’t think Day or Bay were really there to play the game.

Just poor overall game play this season as a whole. I mean the only play has been the pre-game alliance. Ian played low but not low enough. Enzo has played well enough to set himself up for another 3rd place finish. Tyler tried to play and then quit.

Just a disappointing season that I predict is won by Cody, Memphis or Dani.


Totally agree.

Rabid Raccoon

Da’Vonne was a terrible player. They need to make a meme and change Halsey’s Bad at Love song to Da’Vonne Bad at Big Brother.


Davonne, Bayleigh, And David we’re bad choices to bring back this season!

Not only have they shown to be horrible at this game, but they proved that they are terrible when it comes to pulling and working with the minority group in the house in order to switch the numbers and balance of power in the house.

Instead they just do the dirty work for the major house Alliance and not recognize that they will eventually be picked off!

Let this be a lesson to never bring somebody back that finished 16th Place in their season! Day got 16th for a reason in her original season.

After this season Davonne might have proven herself to be one of the worst players in the history of this game!


Agree mostly. I think David had no business being brought back…it was simply a BB political statement, that I think has proven to do more harm, than good. I really like Day’s personality. She’s got a big persona and even though she was win-less prior to this season…I get why she was brought back. I even get her talking about having a platform to speak about racial injustice. I just wish she steered clear of the more inciteful rhetoric, ie. never voting out someone who looks like her. I also like Bay. I think Bay is more of a competitor than Day and have enjoyed her on the Challenge. Granted, I don’t think her previous game-play rose to all-star status, it may have just been a matter of better contestants not being able to compete this season.


So true. Their opportunity was to flip with Janelle and Kaysar at the very beginning. After that meeting in the love room, I knew it was over for them.
I couldn’t understand why they believed so much in their so called Alliance they would be on the bottom of?????

Squirrel Doggie

David just might be a valuable enough floater to actually survive for awhile in this game.


yeah, tyler knows that cody, enzo, and memphis won’t let him get past 4, so he’s been protecting david to potentially break that up.

Rabid Raccoon

I could see a Tyler, David, Nicole and Christmas alliance forming if Dani leaves.

another name

Oh god.
Is entitled Princess Sitstopee still retelling?
Oh ffs.
His retells are SOOOO far from the actual event.
Maybe he’ll call Kevin in to listen to the retell and approve it as fact based.
It’s just smacking with entitlement enough that you know it could happen.

Miss Impression

(speaking in valley girl voice)Ohhh Myyy Goood why are you being soooo mean to Codeeee.It’s like really hard being the winner of all-stars and trying to remember all Derricks plans.Like do what you told.Grod said so.You’re being mean for like no reason.

another name

(speaking in a Vicky Pollard chav accent) Yeahbutnobutyeahbutnobut I can’t believe you just said that, when I was like just sittin here doing somethin or nuffin or anythin, and it’s right unfair when we all know that slag Ally Grod be givin it up for nuffin pullin a train for derrick dan and cody behind the studio city cafeteria during feed blocks, and that’s just right gross cus we all know cody kisses his father with that mouth.


Huh? That’s hilarious.

another name

The tv show source for the speech pattern was called Little Britain.
Imagine the words coming out of this character:


Hahaha. Bahahaha. :p


I love Vicky, Ellie Grace and Bubbles. They are the best. Just call me Bubbles Darling, everybody does,

Like Literally ... Yoyoyo

I’ve read that Cody & Paulie’s dad is the same way. If anyone dares to contradict them they just wear it out. So dramatic & sensitive.

Sick of Kevin

Another week of Kevin Crying, crying and more fn crying. Please VOTE him out

Sick of Kevin?

I’m unclear about your stance on Kevin. Are you saying you don’t like him???? ?

C. D.

Hmm, If you were put on the block every week maybe you would cry too

Roisin Dubh

He was crying the first time he went up.

Rabid Raccoon

We probably will know Kevin’s fate once the veto is played.


Thursday cannot come soon enough. Let’s get this party started. I don’t think the big wigs have the balls to start firing until Kevin and David are out. Hopefully Nicole, Dani and Tyler are to follow.


they just want one of kevin/david out. then the gloves come off. especially with it being triple eviction. if kevin or david win veto the party could start earlier though.


I think Dani and/or Christmas may go, hopefully both. And no, I don’t care that they are both girls cause they’re annoying.

Rabid Raccoon

With prizes being offered it might be a lot easier for David or Kevin to win this veto. Several Committee members might not even be trying to win the veto.

BBAS2 baby

Hoping Anita Veto comes out and Shitmas goes up as a replacement


Annnnddd just as I said on the previous thread, a boring predictable week until the triple eviction news. Cody or Tyler wins the veto, doesn’t use it, Kevin is finally put out of his misery and sent to jury. Let’s hope we get some combination of Cody, Tyler, Memphis Nicole or Dani out of the other two evictions in the triple. Might make for some decent non $hitty Committee game play.


Wake me when its Thursday.


Wake me when season is over.


but that’d be after september ends. no love for green day?


UGGGHHH- Dani and Nicole whining about being “all guys” at the end. Well, whose fault is that? Your dang Janellousy…(and also Nicole A, Bayleigh). These two have always “played” better with guys. Don’t act like you are all about “female” power. Your game is crying and whining. Dani also had her own father helping her before- it has NEVER been about female alliances with these two.

Game fan

At least they are working together.
(Bad Danni did worked with kalia and porche)
For Christmas her game is to be the only female at final 4

Game fan

I wanted to say but Danni .. i guess bad dani works too LoL

another name

When they are discussing how the big names are still in the game… do they mean the people with the most letters in their name? Even then not totally accurate, but closer to fact.

What makes Enzo a big name? He was the member of the brigade that contributed nothing to… the brigade. Aw coat tail riding as a big name. mmhmm.
What makes Memphis a big name? He contributed nothing to most of his season, and he got zero votes in his finale. So absolute failure as a big name. sweet.
What makes Cody a big name? He’s known for flirtmancing a married woman, skating on repercussions, and being such a complete sidekick that he chose to take a vastly superior player to the finals. oh. an idiot as a big name. typical.
What makes Nicf a big name? Carpal tunnel repetitive stress injury due to being a human mattress for months while production reshot during feed blocks to make it look like she contributed anything to game play but happy endings to her showmance? Oh, a previous production backed cheat as a big name. woohoo.
What makes Tyler a big name? he wanted to quit, and has taken every opportunity to complain about the fans unless he’s profiting off of them selling trinkets and a book of mud pie. Next.
What makes Dani a big name? Oh, being related to her dad. sideye.
What makes Christmas a big name? a mugshot and a plea deal in lieu of a felony conviction. fact.

Yeah. All the big names.


I would be ok with Tyler and Dani winning. I really hope Cody doesn’t

another name

until he started bitching about the fans while simultaneously trying to push his cheap ass jewelry I wouldn’t have minded Tyler. That combined with his tantrums about quitting and walking out of jury… nope. screw him.

Michele Smith

I didn’t know or heard about him complaining about fans. Other than apparently he got a lot of hate are: Bayleigh on season 20. But I thought he played a great game that season. He’s been ‘off’ this season for some reason. He started out ok but by week 2-3 he started acting wonky. But I kinda thought he got back on track, or maybe I was just hoping. I really like Tyler & he’s the only person left I care about rooting for.


Same. At the beginning of the season, I wouldn’t have minded Tyler being the winner. But I really found out I don’t like him. It’s too bad.

Rabid Raccoon

I would really hate to see Dani win.


Curious to see how they are going to incorporate prizes into the Otev comp….

another name

as a player is eliminated they have to take a box, and open it getting punishment or reward. is one option.
first back in every round gets a prize is another option.


I was thinking that too — BUT —- Dr. Will did say you’ll have the chance to compete to win OR GO FOR PRIZES– and you know which choice I would make.

So the implication was you could win HOH/POV or take prizes.

I can already hear Cody complaining if the POV noms throw it to get prizes b/c he’ll need to win to ensure Kevin leaves. This goal raised exponentially after Kev called him out for being privileged — it might be my favorite thing Kev said all season.

I’m not sure there are punishments – but I’m wondering if there are powers. Dr. Will keeps alluding in his interviews how this week will shake everything up.

Nicole the Rat Queen

This season suuuuuucks! Seriously it’s another thing that makes 2020 the worst year in the history of ever. You got these washed up nobodies picking off bigger washed up nobodies. This should have been called Big Brother: Senior Citizen addition

Nicole the Rat Queen

My vision of hell would be having to sit through this season and watching it start to finish with no DVR. Oh wait, sorry Dawg you deserve a saint hood for doing this willingly


And then…as soon as the season ends…they make ya start watching the live feeds, non-stop.


Well, at least it’s mostly stars and puppies.


HA! :p

BB Juicy Blast

I hope Sh!tmas wins VETO and takes Kevin down just to f up Cody’s game and make him have to convince someone to be pawn and then hopefully that pawn goes home


Who would Cody put up then?


That would be funny.

another name

Yesterday, the HOH nominated the guy that’s been on the block 4 times previously (once by the same HOH) and the guy that was going on the block for the third time.
That HOH then spent the rest of the day whining that one nominee hurt his feelings.
Why are his feelings hurt? He was called privileged.
In regard to the other nominee he complained that the nom went off in a room by himself, when he’s already been on the block before, so he should be happy.

That moment when narcissistic privilege meets delusion. The HOH is whining because the nominees aren’t sympathetic enough to the plight of the HOH that put them on the block.

another name

i mean….

bb cody2.jpg

Until he is up on the block himself, he will never understand. I would love to see him on the block during an entire week while not knowing whether he had the votes to stay. I agree that I want each of them to know what it feels like to be on the block because they don’t even have tolerance for those trying to get votes.

another name

I’d like to see them void his nominations because he straight up told a nominee he was going up on the block. According to the rules, he’s allowed to suggest, he’s allowed to insinuate, but he is not allowed to straight up inform. This rule is seldom enforced anymore, but it is still in the rulebook.
You know, that’s not to save Kevin or David. That’s to force a cheater to follow the rules as karmic retribution.


no feeds today?

another name

They slept late. No veto picks yet.
Nicole is bonding with Xmas (apparently so that if the noms change she can whine and complain that she’s losing her third shield in a row to get more crying d/r). She’s trying to get Christmas to cleave unto her, and find out if anyone is targeting Nicole.
Everyone is getting ready for the day.
Dani and Cody are talking about how Dani/Cody/Nicf are going to be the house target as soon as this week is over. Dani says she’s the biggest target, Cody says he’s the biggest target. They say Christmas is being overt in her attempt to sway jurors.
Tyler is trying to tell David to make a deal with Cody. David’s facial expression is nonplus at that idea. Tyler is out of the loop and thinks Dani / Nicf want David out over Kevin.
Aaaaand Cody is still miffed that he was told he’s not the centre of the universe. 20 hours later.
I think they are doing veto picks now.
OTEV players will be kev/dav/cody with nicf/enzo/tyler


Damn it! Tyler again. How many chips of his name are in that bag.

another name



I really hope the Triple is a surprise to them on Thursday so they have no time to talk and conspire!! I want Cannabilism !
(i know spelled wrong lol)

another name

Okay. reading some of the press.

I pay no attention to the opinion of Dr. Will about a season that he is being paid to make a cameo on. Actually: I’ve paid little attention to Will since season 7. Will admonishing pregame alliances belies the fact that He was the creator of the season 7 pregame alliance designed to target season 6 players.

I sometimes read Julie statements to see just how little she actually knows about her own series.
Her response to Da’vonne’s speech is… a sideye in itself. In regard to Da’vonne saying she didn’t see any faces like hers (black faces) as winners of BB, Julie brings up Jun Kaycee and Josh. Not one of them is black but thanks for trying Julie.
In regard to previous winners Julie called Maggie (season 6) a floater, says Ian (season 14) played an honest game . Maggie NEVER ONCE deviated from being the leader of the Nerd Herd. Not. Once. She didn’t float. Ian backstabbed his own coach. His strategic game move of the season on every clip reel about his game is a backstab. Honest?
Her response regarding the Nicf lie / game move? Straight from the desk of Grod.
Way to phone it in and mimic company line there Chenbot.


I want to see Cody, Nicole, Dani , and Xmas on the block. I want Memphis, Tyler and Enzo the last three, with Enzo winning, Yo. I really don’t want any of them to win so this is my preference.


I really think the game would have been better had one of the first 3 evicted, won an HOH or 2. It’s been the same alliance winning the whole season. I say no more All Stars if that is what they are going to do every time. It would have been good getting one person from each season so it wasn’t so cliquey. It used to be so diversified but now it’s mostly people around the same age group. I guess they are hoping for showmances and to that I say this isn’t a dating show.