Power Of Veto Competition Results! “Whistle has to go!”

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6:10pm – 9:20pm Big Brother blocks the live feeds for the POV competition.
POV PLAYERS: Christmas, Jason, Matt, Raven, Mark, Paul


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All of the house guest Paul – that’s the comp that everyone wants to win but it f**King sucks a$$. Matt – I would rather do the wall comp. Kevin – everyone had their own way of doing it. It was a lot of fun. Very entertaining.

HOH room – Jason is showering. Paul comes up and says good work bud! I was chilling right behind you. Just in case you slipped. I am glad you went for the little one because last year I couldn’t get mine out. (The POV competition was filling up the container to get the ball out.) Paul – congrats dude!

9:30pm Bedroom. Matt and Raven.
Matt – I was trying but whistle nut (Jason) was never not going to win it. As soon as I saw what competition it was I knew we were golden. Paul joins them. Paul – I just gunned it for that big one to make sure homie (Mark) didn’t win. I say Jason before Alex because we could tie in Alex and she could take a shot. If Jason is still around Kevin is going to be tied to him. Matt – okay. Paul – if we remove Jason, Alex and Kevin will never work together. That’s the bridge between the two if you’ve been noticing. Matt – you’re 100% right. Raven – Mark weighed too much .. he was never going to make it up. Christmas joins them. They talk about getting Jason out next week. Christmas – I’ll tell you what he is stepping it up for these competitions. Paul – lets not talk about it anymore. Its done. Raven and Matt leave. Paul tells Christmas he really tried to win it. Christmas – we just needed one person (Mark) not to win and he didn’t. Paul – Kevin is getting on my nerves. Christmas – he is sucking up too much. Josh comes in and says whistle has to go! Paul – we know. Josh leaves. Paul – we can’t make this obvious though so no more talking about it. Christmas – he is going to be lit the f**k up for the next HOH. They leave the room.

9:40pm HOH room. Paul tells Jason that Kevin is getting on his nerves. He tells Jason to be careful around him.

10pm – 10:10pm Kitchen. Alex, Jason, Matt, Mark, Josh and Raven are talking about the competition. They comment on how the comp had a steep slope. Paul stretches. Matt – that was the most amount of calories I’ve burned in years.

10:45pm Bedroom – Josh, Alex, Paul and Kevin.
Josh – I am honestly so proud. Out of everyone he is handling it so well. Paul – what? Josh – I am so proud of how he (Mark) is handling leaving. Paul – it says a lot about his character. Paul – I can’t believe we played this comp today .. it was random. Josh – Zingbot today too.. I was like… Paul – I knew zingbot was coming. Josh – how did you know? Paul – the fact that everyone was napping and no one was getting called .. and they told me to turn down my music when it wasn’t even loud. I knew Zingbot was going to go ZIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGG!

10:50pm – 11:35pm Kitchen – Christmas and Mark.
Paul – is there anyway you could see me as an asset moving forward instead of backdooring me this week? Christmas – I like the direct questions. You have to understand my hesitation given our rocky history. Mark – I know its easy to go with the group. If you feel its best for you game then do it but I have never thrown you under the bed. The only person I turned my back on was Cody. Mark – you’re not competing next week. Christmas – I promise you I will think about it. Mark – for whatever reason if you keep me I am with you and Josh. If you think it will hurt you, then don’t do it. Whatever you decide, I will respect. Christmas – my heart feels for you. You’ve had a hard week. Mark – I knew my fate was sealed if I didn’t win this veto. Christmas – you got Zing’d. Christmas – I do have to say who thought Josh would have stayed after week 1. Mark – yeah I don’t know what happened. I got too caught up with Elena.

11:40pm – 11:52pm Jason that was an extreme week! Good Job! This week is over! Jason jumps up and screams as he run through the house. Jason completed his week long punishment.

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