Jason to Josh- you ever have a hurts do-nut .. you want a hurts do-nut ..

11:57pm Paul and Kevin
Kevin – Paul, look at the shape you got me in.
Paul doesn’t look ..
Kevin looks at the camera.. Then lowers his arms..

12:05am Paul and Xmas
Paul – I talked to Alex and she wants to take a shot at Matt next week .
Xmas says Mark came to her and asked her to keep him. She told him she’ll consider it.
Paul – no .

12:09am Mark thanks Alex for cheering for him.

12:10am Alex’s done as the camp guide. No more weiners.

12:17am Alex and Asks Jason How come you didn’t fall (during POV)
Jason – I snowboard..

12:49am Chit chat about the rat
Josh – I say we name it theodore the BB rat

1:08am Stop that… stop that… stop that..
Jason – you ever have a hurts donut … hurts don’t it
Jason jumps on JOsh gives him a Hurts Donut

Josh complains that there’s a dent in his head now.
Josh – I have a migraine..
Jason – you want a hurts donut .. it’ll make him feel better.
JOsh – my head hurts I won’t be able to sleep

Go to bed Josh.. Jason tosses him in the room..

1:17am all house guests sleeping on feeds.

7:13am Zzzzzzzz

9:46am Sleeping…

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Judge Janie

Always a good laugh when Whistle and Josh wrestle. Josh buddy, when are you gonna figure out that Jason wrestles a 2 ton bull for a living so he can definitely kick your a$$? LOL


wrestles? more like runs from them in order not to get killed.


Say whatever you want against Cody….he was the only HG that did not suck that ugly, hairy, insecure, short, egotistical, far below D-list Paul’s stupid ass. Did you catch how Paul almost cried and pooped his pants when Derrick entered the house with a bag. Paul’s little minions would have run as fast as they could to the detective and BB first place winner and left the little garden gnome all alone.

Judge Janie

Kevin: Paul! Hey Paul! Look at me Paul! Pay attention to me!
Paul: *totally even not looking at Kevin
Me: LMAO!!!


Normally, I would feel sorry for anyone being ignored. It’s a horrible feeling but Kevin is so mean to the wrong people. He is very immature for an old man. Karma is a bitch.

Smitten Kitten

Because icing someone out is so cool & funny…

You’re right up there with the other hyenas in the house…. something to be proud of.


But you’re really nice, right?

My friend

Who said it was “cool and funny?” You get what you give.

Cool & Funny

Aww Kitten, did you get triggered?

sunny dee

actually Paul said ‘you look good’.

i watched it on After Dark, they had an actual conversation

it’s funnier tho, the way it is recapped


I hate the way Paul is treating Kevin, and all the crap he’s told his minions to also turn them against him.


What I hate is no one thinks for themselves. Letting one person run the whole show is pathetic. (besides boring, and in this case makes for nasty people) Having people know the vet, makes you wonder, about prior agreements….. like last year.
The difference between last year with the vets and this year………………..there were people willing to play the game and go for the money. Also, there were people trying to take out the vets. There was Victor, who was actually very entertaining, anyone else notice that Paul is not very funny without Victor…..just mean and nasty.


paul’s also almost totally dropped his catch phrase, which is telling.


Exactly. I grew to like Paul last year. Found him smart and entertaining. But after watching his mean spirited ways this season I realize I was probably just dazzled by his sidekicks Pablo and shirtless Victor.


Things that’ll put you at the top of Paul’s Hit List:
Don’t immediately divulge to him every conversation you have with other players.
Don’t kiss his ass daily.
Think for yourself.
Be seen talking to someone he’s told you NOT to talk to.
Don’t question his decisions.


That’s called “having control over the game”, something Cody would have had he got Paul out. Paul & Cody are alphas dealing with a bunch of betas, that’s why neither liked each other in the house. I just wish Cody hadn’t shot himself in the head 1st week 1 & handle the fallout of the vote situation better a “Cody vs Paul” would’ve been EPIC. All it took was a “blindsided, & an attack of a crybaby to do it”. *sigh*


I call it “being an asshole”. Derrick managed to “have control over the game” without rallying everyone to verbally attack and humiliate whoever his latest target was, while he just stood back and smirked. I hope the jury is so bitter that they vote for whoever is sitting beside Paul in the final two. Better yet, I hope that a few of the minions pull their heads out of Paul’s ass long enough to come to their senses and send him out the door!


Derek sucks


Paul sucks!


Derek and Paul could get together and have a “suck off”. They’re both egotistical and over-rated.


How boring if all the HG’s sat around, holding hands and singing kumbaya, saying yes please, no thank you. There was plenty of drama last season, Derrick was not in control of the game, just happened to fly under the radar and went unnoticed , that was his strategy and it worked that season for him. Doesn’t mean that works every season, different personalities, different conflicts, etc.


I respectfully disagree… Derrick Levasseur was very much in control of season 16, from beginning to end. He had a hand in nearly every single eviction, although I don’t think most of the other HG realized it until they were sitting in the jury house, comparing notes. He detailed his moves to us though (via diary room sessions) while they were happening. And yeah, there was the usual drama and fights, but I can’t remember Derrick ever inciting a riot or an attack like we’re seeing now.


Would have liked to see both Paul and Cody out at the beginning of bb19 to see how the rest would have played the game without Paul’s influence.


What puts people on Paul’s hit list is his desire to Win BB. How dare he play to win!


* Derek managed by production *


based on pauls attitude and actions is more like how dare you go against me!! He gets livid and attacks whenever someone ELSE wants to play to win. Little man PAB


@ Marie…You go girl !!! Couldn’t agree more!


Ita. Paul’s winning by being a controlling little dictator. What a huge miscalculation on BBs part in bringing him back, especially as the lone vet. I guess they did it because he was pretty popular with viewers last year and brought some entertainment value with his antics and underdog status, but this season he’s been such a narcissistic and paranoid mess steamrolling his way through. No fun or friendship this time around.


For us no it isn’t the bottom line is you have to play to win! I wish Mark would ask them all “how many of you have a final 2-4 deal with Paul? Do the math and wake the fuck up!” I also think Xmas as much as I dislike her would have backdoored Paul this wk had Marks dumbass not saved him! Would of been smarter to save Alex or Jason and work on a deal with them


Xmas putting Paul up would be suicide who do you really think would of voted him off.


Yes, Mark needs to make stuff up like Cody did. Cause paranoia and disloyalty.


No he does not! He simply has to say to them all 50k/500K and F2. Paul cannot take all of you sheeple. 7 of you hoping Paul has you number 2 and 50K. The other 6 enjoy the jury. Just look at the person beside you. 1 of you 2 is not getting 50K. In fact 6 aren’t.


Yes he is a dictator, but the other problem is the minions telling him everything. Why don’t they keep anything to themselves aka Christmas’ conversation with Mark. She’s a rat and snake at the same time.


He’s playing the game. This is Big Brother and there is a lot of money at stake. Paul is just playing the game. If the others follow, that is really on them.

Home Skillett

Christmas posted on her Instagram account the following:
“No matter how educated, talented, rich or cool you believe you are, how you treat people ultimately tells all. Integrity is everything.” — Unknown Author
When you label yourself “badass” I guess you can treat people however you want

Home Skillett

Hey Jessica, at this moment Elena is riding “dirty” in the jury house!


If Elena is attracted to Cody, she gone get him, he not used to this much attention from beautiful women. He quickly fell for Jessica soon as she gave him any attention. Stay strong Cody, resist them DSL’s. LOL


I bet Elena is not riding anyone in the jury house and that she IS wearing a bra. Nipple showing is not needed if there is no television coverage.

Home Skillett

Christmas wrote on her Instagram account:

“You don’t have to be a bitch to be a “badass.”

1. Her Instagram and BB pictures are full of her giving the middle finger
2. She wants everyone to know she’ll cut throats
3. The only word she knows is “fuc*ing”

Suitcase sally

Uh oh…….Jason is winning too many comps. Now he has to go…..I wish they would make up their minds. Yesterday Kevin and Matt (they don’t do anything, they have to go). Now if ur a good player u have to go. Oh sorry, I 4got we were playing Paul’s game of bb.


How dare Paul try the win the game


I think it’s the flawed logic that bothers most fans rn…People who think for themselves, comp beasts, etc. go UNLESS THEY’RE PAUL. Nobody cares that Paul does all those things. When Paul talks to Cody no one bats an eye. When Paul wins comps nobody cares.
They’re idiots…


I think you mean *How dare production try to win the game for Paul*


like the 2 hoh’s paul won that production made useless? How is that production trying to win the game for paul?


Yep. Other people in this game have had their fair share of “help” too

Suitcase sally

On another note, I thought Paul was a clothing designer . He runs around house in his underwear half the time when one would think he would be displaying his collection. The toddler pants he wears at times with the elastic waist and legs must be part of his collection.


They’re not allowed to wear anything with any type of logos, or writing. The only thing they can wear like that is college gear.

That’s why Matt has two shirts lol. They took all his because he didn’t read the rules before coming.


Who owns the black shirt with the gold letters “Richie’s” on it? I’ve noticed Kevin, Christmas, and Paul rotating wearing it. That’s not a college, so why did production allow that? I’m just curious if anyone knows why.

Bolt Uprite.

That’s Kevin’s dead brother’s team shirt.

Bridget Crawford

Paul could wear is own stuff. Jason does. He has Whistle-Nut on all of his shirts. They just can’t wear anyone else’s designs.


The difference is the trade mark. “Whistlenut” is a nickname he said he had put on the back of his shirts, the nickname has not been trademarked. The same reason they don’t allow the houseguest to sing, and block feeds if they do…..trademarks. I’m sure the name of Paul’s company and logo has been trademarked.


He’s displaying his tattoo with one leg hiked up.


paul is as much a clothing designer as we’re internet commentators, but i do believe he sells t-shirts with designs he prints on them. for the most part job descriptions on reality shows boil down to “what can we say that isn’t unemployed or aspiring hollywood personality?”

Home Skillett

Christmas was interviewed for INK and said:

“You also say “bitch” a lot, what does that word mean to you?
I guess I do say “bitch” a lot. I think that it is an empowered woman. I don’t think that it has a negative tone anymore. When someone says, “You are such a bitch.” I say, “Thank you so much.” I am unapologetically who I am, and I own it. It does not appeal to everybody and I am okay with that because I love who I am.”

I never thought about being vulgar as empowering (bit*h; fu*k; mother fuc*er) – man did I just get a rush!

We all have to look at ourselves and assess. At some point, who you really “are” may not be something that you want to let everyone know about. I would keep it to myself if who I really was “I’ll cut your throat” she says


B I T C H = Babe In Total Control Of Herself. Apparently.


She ain’t gonna use that word in my Bible study and get away with it. Just saying.

BB19 ends....

…One month from tonight, patience people.


You can stop watching and commenting today if you are having such a miserable time.


Yes you Can…..so maybe you should.


Simon, I really don’t care if Blake Shelton got fired! What happened to my Filipino Cupid ads? C’mon now.

Canadian Kevin

This season sucks.

I liked Paul; but no one else is playing. I enjoy seasons when the power moves back and forth, but since Cody took the shot at Paul, and missed, it has been Paul and his minions all season.

This cast is full of sheep.

sunny dee

in derricks season everything ended up going exactly how derrick wanted it to go. i don’t see paul’s efforts as being any different when it comes to end results, other than he has definitely gone overboard a few times. but check this out, even tho he has gone overboard, he still is not anyone’s target at all. in fact, when it comes to elimination HOHs what did they ALL except mark do? not call him up

now whatever the last temptation is ‘save a friend’ sounds like they also picked one option and saved paul? just like in derricks season, if there had been such a thing, no doubt derrick would have been the first name out of people’s mouths to ‘earn’ that one. also doesn’t it sound like people are tired of the punishments of the temptations, if they chose one that would be a benefit rather than a curse option. i know i am tired of the temptations and the 3 nominees BS


Actually not, Derek wouldn’t have needed it. NO ONE brought his name up because there was always someone else to go first. Derek was quick to agree with who ever brought up a name even if Derek eventually turned them onto someone else.

Paul’s huge advantages this year, that Derek didn’t get, are that Paul got to pick half the house to keep safe, which has a chilling effect on game play regarding Paul. The house guests had to feel like production wanted a group to work with Paul or why else make Paul the chooser of the safe? Then a hidden safety for 3 weeks allowing him an entire month or a third of the game where he’s untouchable but still able to participate in the comps and decide the course of the game.

Derek played with idiots but could still be considered a great player but he hasn’t really been tested. Paul is a good player, as proven last season, but this year they’ve piled so many advantages for Paul, he’d have to really try in order to lose. I could win this game with the advantages Paul was given and I’d be terrible at Big Brother.


yeah, derrick played a bit more of an anyone but me game. he sat back, let other people become targets, and then stayed good with the house to nod along when these targets were proposed. paul is much more into picking a specific target and then pointing out behavior he can claim is “shady” even when it usually isn’t all that shady.


Derek wasn’t a vet when he played, Paul is a vet with the experience of going to final 2. Big difference just in that alone. Paul knows what comps are coming when and how to play them as well.


The difference is Paul is playing with idiots. I would not say it’s a great game, the idiots he is playing with have made it easy.

Slow and steady Alex :)

You have to remember that Alex’s strategy is to falsely align with Paul and his minions…. then she’s “going to annihilate them.” Her strategy seems to be working. Has Paul met his match? …hahaha


That was in the beginning, but her most recent DR she said she is working with Paul,

Leigh Almond

The campaign to end bullying is useless if CBS is going to promote it to increase ratings. This group of people is making it harder to watch each week. Bullying is real and hurts, as they all keep saying “its a game”. If so, why intentional hurt you opponents. There isn’t anyone left that I want to see win. Kevin included as he should know better and have enough guts to set those younger players straight. This group is gutless, Paul puppets. Josh and Alex are on top for the biggest bullies.


I learned when my kid was in grade school that “a bully doesn’t know he’s a bully” in most cases. Lots of education needed.

This cast sure won’t be joining “Bullies Realities.” Better not!!


Looks like Paul and Christmas are ramping up their game now that Mark is certain to be evicted on Thursday. In many ways, Mark’s fate is his own fault, being so docile and emotional in game playing (he gave Paul the “Save A Friend” temptation win – why the heck does he think he owes Paul a favour??) Paul and Christmas are now sowing the seeds to get others to support their plan of kicking out Jason and Kevin. No wonder viewers dislike Paul. He is 24/7 thinking and strategizing on how to win the big prize. He wants to take out Jason knowing that Alex and Kevin cannot get along. Christmas is now in full throttle working with Paul, I guess because this is her only option (because of her bad foot) to at least win the second prize if not the first prize ( figuring she could charm jury members to reject awarding Paul the first prize). No one is thinking of taking Josh out because they figure that no jury member will vote for Josh. Unfortunately, Matt, Raven, and even Alex are limp as cooked spaghetti in strategizing the moves, so they are simply following the pipe piper leading them to their game demise. Possible saving grace for Kevin, Matt, Raven, Jason, and Alex are the available temptations which could throw a wrench in Paul and Christmas’s plans. Minions ! Time to wake up, shake off Paul’s cool aid, win some comps, and make bold moves to get rid of the pipe piper and his mistress.


“No wonder viewers dislike Paul. He is 24/7 thinking and strategizing on how to win the big prize.”

Isn’t that the point of Big Brother to do whatever of necessary to win? We may not like how Paul is playing but it’s proven effective. As I’ve said before there’s no “set-in-stone” way of playing Big Brother.


If bullying and mental cruelty toward others on a daily basis is doing “whatever is necessary to win,” may CBS rethink its Big Brother intentions. Those who do the bullying and those who are bullied might be forever affected by what has gone on in BB19. Look how Mark was affected by being bullied at a young age. How is he going to be affected after being bullied on an international social media stage? And, Mark is only one example from this show. Bullying is hard to forget…whether you are the bully or the one being bullied. Social media backlash is hard to overcome.


Bully bully bully……you crying snowflakes are too much! IT’S A GAME! If you don’t like what you see, quit watching!!


Bullying is not a game. Bullying is hatred combined with humiliation in order to intimidate and to make the bully feel superior because of his own inferiority.

BB Juicy Blast

Isn’t calling someone a bully, by your definition, being a bully?

People use bullying so much now it has no real meaning. Everyone is a bully. Whatever happened to “Sticks and stones may break my bones but names can never hurt me,”?

Deanna Reichert


By that logic, why doesnt Paul just poison the other houseguests? Hed be assured of winning that way.
But seriously, there have to be some sort of rules on the show. You can scream and inch from someones face, bang pots and pans inches away but shoving or decking someone will get you throw off? Please, reality doesnt work that way. Its a game that doesnt need to follow the laws of the USA. Right.


Thinking and strategizing 24/7…uh, isn’t that what you should be doing if you want to win BB?


Sure Paul should get credit for ‘thinking and strategizing 24/7.’ A lot of what he’s done is very smart, thinking ahead 2 steps and hedging his bets with multiple mini-alliances with every sub group. They aren’t really trying to stop his steamroll or even compare notes, so they deserve to lose. I think what a lot of people take issue with is Paul’s methods. He’s basically bulldozing through by targeting each of his next two victims with bullying and nonsense, and that’s a lot harder to respect than a player who figures out how to run the game by manipulation without strong-arm tactics, or by powering through comps. What Paul’s doing doesn’t take any nuance and isn’t too difficult with this group of starstruck ninnies, especially when the game was set up for him from the beginning. So now we have the combination of seeing what’s coming a mile away, which is boring, combined with a bunch of players mostly acting like clueless jerks.


Haven’t seen Paul bully Jason or Kevin, the next 2 he is targeting. He is planting seeds, raising suspicion, but that’s not bullying.


Give him time…. It’s his usual MO.


You had me with you your first half of comment, lost me on last……..the term Bully is thrown around way too much and easily. Not a bully, everyone there is an adult and can stick up for themselves, they however walk a tightrope, trying to also stay a viable possibility and not get evicted…react back too much? Might become bigger target….don’t react? May favor some fellow HG’s. So much game play involved. He totally manipulates the other players, so what??? It’s working for him for now. Again, great game play! I’m not criticizing the other HG’s for “laying down” and taking it, it’s part of their strategy for now, they will strike when they feel it is right. They are by no means clueless, they know it’s a game. Again, they all do not know convo’s going on between each other, we do, so it’s easy for us to criticize.


Well, Derek never had to think or strategize 24/7….production did it for him.


“He is 24/7 thinking and strategizing on how to win the big prize.” !!!! No, really!! The nerve!! why would he do something like that?? Moronic statement insinuating playing the game is not smart.


Has production thought about what will happen if Christmas makes it to final 3? Um she can’t do hard comps. One of the comps is always physical. So…….what? She can’t compete and by default is guaranteed at least 2nd place? She sould have been DQ’d when SHE broke her foot. And let’s get real. It was 100% her fault for horsing around. This is such an immature cast of ADULTS.


No, She loses the first as it’s usually some form of endurance thing. The she has to compete against the other loser in round 2, if there’s a physical component she forfeits that one too. She’s out and the winner of 1 plays the winner of 2, rematch and it’s usually the which house guest said this crap. That winner decides the final 2.


oh yay, sounds like a great finial 3. Production better figure out how to get her out or they won’t need that last week for final comps. No one will watch if it has to be forfitted.


I don’t understand why people think Xmas should be DQ. Why should she? She wasn’t able to participate in many of the competitions (otev, temptation comps, Most recent veto) so I personally don’t see how she was given any special treatment. Many other players have been injured or had a previous injury in other seasons that limited them. People kept them around for that reason and they used this to their advantage. I am not a Xmas fan, i want her out too, I just don’t see why she should be disqualified from BB. So do you think a disabled person should not be allowed to partake in BB? If CBS kicked her out solely because she has a disability, that would be the message they would be sending out.


A disabled person goes into the game with their handicap. She horsed around. It should be against the rules. Jason should have as well for doing it with her. It could have ended much worse than it did. Most people that are injured in BB is usually due to comps. She’s a 35 year old woman. Time to grow up.


Aren’t u a little bowl of fun!! 35 doesn’t mean you curl up and die. Who doesn’t carry on? My grandfather is 79 and he still “carries on”. It’s my favourite thing about him. You would be awful lame if you didn’t “carry on” every now and again.

Bridget Crawford

Christmas should’ve been disqualified because she had to leave the house & go to an outside hospital & have surgery. No way that should’ve been allowed!


In other seasons, house guests left the house and went to outside events. Caleb, Christine and Frankie went to a football game on their season…Xmas prob went to a hospital with doctors under contract with BB to not say anything to her. Also, players have left and returned. They have the advantage of getting info from evicted house guests. So unless you are going to DQ them all, then I still don’t agree that Xmas should be DQ.


I think DR will tell them to take out Xmas before then, I mean she’s won an HOH wit a broken foot, what else can she do?

Jimmy 64

Hey why don’t we start a discussion the most over rated big brother players .
Give me your top 5 .
1 Mike boogie bb 2 , 7 , 14 way overrated
2 PAUL bb 18 19. He lost last year you idiots
3 Derek bb 16 you got an alliance that big
4 evil Dick. bb 8
5 Andy bb15

Anonymous socal

Everyone mentioned is a good player except for Andy he was a RAT urgh did not play a good game!


Rat Andy’s season was dreadful and his game play too.


don’t forget Frankie Grande.. the biggest asshole of all of them


Hopefully they will begin to see Paul for what he before its get to late Paul has played his game well as he did everyone in the house he Paul should not made it this far in the game Kevin might make it to the end because he really try to win anything so he might start now he rested the hole show lol


Paul’s house guests you might say Kevin rested the hole time in the house so he might start playing the game now hope its not to late. Paul should not gotten this far in the game hopefully they realize that Paul is playing them all good luck Mark


Raven told Christmas her mother was hit by lightening! That needs to be added to the list of 49 other outrageous things compiled on tamaras tattles (Raven shoots and scores to be a bigger liar than Danielle Murphree). And that list doesn’t include that she was abused and all the horrendous sicknesses of her extended family. Pretty funny stuff.

Not Raven's Mom

Xmas and Raven talking about Raven’s dance team and competition this summer. Raven says yeah my momma supposed to be going with them, Xmas is that before her operation? The look on Raven’s face priceless as she mumbled out some explanation totally forgetting some of her bullshit stories.


Just read article on Tamara tattles hilarious. Good read for anyone who’s curious about all the lies that have come out of Raven’s mouth.

Death the Kid

I hope Cody, Jess, and Mark are top 3 for AFP on finale night so all these shitheads can get their first realization that they are hated my majority. I’m disgusted. This cast showed what’s wrong with America right now and I’m neutral in politics and shit but very ashamed to be a millennial.


I hope it’s Cameron, Andrew, and Theodore…


And if you vote for Cody and Jessica you are also what is wrong with America right now. You wouldn’t be sending any message to Paul. He doesn’t give af. What you would be doing is sending a message that America thinks it’s ok to stoop to another “bullies” level and fight back by calling someone stupid and fat. I sure as heck won’t be voting for Paul’s crew, but I also would certainly not get behind Jess and Cody. That’s equally as bad if you ask me!


The need for every houseguest to tell every information they kid just shows how much they worship this idiot. Keep some info to yourself. Do these people reallly believe they all have a F2 with Paul. Wake up Morons.


Agreed. Paul even said himself that he couldn’t get over why no one has tried to target him yet. Paul has even given them clues, that indicates how he is playing the game, and they still don’t get it! Mind-blowing.

Suitcase sally

Paul gave a big clue when he said he didn’t know if they allowed knives in the jury house because he never went meaning hello!!!!!, I go to the end, F2, not jury!!


Paul also said even if his mother was in the BB house he would take her out. But that’s “Friendship” Alex…. riiiiiiight. These people are clueless!!


Aw come ooooooonnnnn. Can’t one of these temptations save Mark this week? I’m so sick of the predictable evictions every week. 🙁
Just give Paul the $$ and call it a day. :/


Yes, put us viewers out of our misery. Pre-empt the show with something more interesting.


Poor complaining Paul. BB is tweaking the rules to muck up an experienced player’s comp strategy. How much more of an advantage does this a-hole want? And if it makes it harder for him to win, then isn’t it harder for everyone else’s as well?


The only hope for this week is that Paul continues to tell Xmas what to do and she takes her own advice, to “not always listen to Paul, this is my HOH). However, I think Xmas dislikes Mark enough that he will be sent out the door anyway.


OK…………that’s it.

Mark for AFP! Give the NON-bully in the house some $$. Yea, Kevin hasn’t been a bully (he’d be my second choice)…but…Mark has endured more crap from these people than anyone else. He deserves some $$ just for that.

Good Grief…..this is what AFP has become! A protest!


Didn’t mark throw the pickle juice in Josh’s face

Bolt Uprite.

Yes, we all saw how Josh was writhing and screaming in pain because he was permanently blinded. Oh wait, he didn’t do any of that, he realized he’d just been pantsed , went inside and went postal with condiments.


He sure did. That was like a little kid fight. He did that out of frustration and Josh, once again, overreacted as well. They apologized to each other and that was that. Mark acted Childish, yes, but a bully? Not a chance. From what I have seen, That kid hasn’t got a mean bone in his body.

Hairy Little Bastard

Even Gandhi would’ve throat punched Paul by now.


I thought the HG rankings were supposed to indicate who was the fan fave of the moment, but lately it seems more like a prediction of which HG will be evicted next. For instance the top 3 at this moment: Mark, Kevin, Jason.


Just like afp has become like a protest vote as mentioned above, the hg rankings are same. I find myself rooting for whoever Paul is targeting next because I just don’t like Paul and wish something truly unpredictable would happen.

Can't stand Paul

Paul is making his list of who he wants to send home, and who he will “allow” to be HOH…It depends on who he wants to sleep in the BB HOH bed. Seriously, has he slept downstairs?




Where I live we actually have a Hurts Donut Company, and they are glorious. Lol


Theodore the rat for AFP!

Dave Seville

Theodore is a chipmunk.


I find myself rooting for … no one.

Mark needs some testosterone injections, or maybe ball implants. Go out with a bang buddy, not a crying whimper.

Anyone BUT Raven for AFP

The hardest part of watching this show is seeing Raven – who is on her deathbed – eating like a pig, having sex nonstop and bouncing around like a little kid. Why isn’t the house catching on that she is really a fake, an evil scammer? Where is that banner?


Yep, when Paul feels he can’t beat Raven in the end or feels she is going against him he will
plant the hate Raven seed. Then that’s when you’ll hear the houseguest bashing her
again. Plus Raven is so star (Paul) struck he knows she will be a jury vote for him.


Without meds, my friend cannot digest food due to battle with cancer 5 yrs ago. She takes prescription drug which allows her to eat pretty much anything she wants. So unless you are a Dr., Stop judging because you don’t know what you are talking about.


What meds does she take for her “other” terminal disease. That’s right the doctors don’t have a name for it..do you really believe she is as sick as she says claims to be


Whoever cast her on this show should be fired. They definitely didn’t do their homework


Production probably did do its homework. Remember, it was Raven who told us about her multiple “diseases” not production. Production may be as surprised as we were.

online player

Anonymous, is it possible to win both BB and AFP in the same season? is AFP for only jury members?


Good luck Mark! He seems the only one in this season with an actual heart.

Jessica's Birth Control

Look, I like getting a piece of strange as much as the next guy but this is getting ridiculous!
Last year it was that dirty ho Nicole, who slept her way to the top. She used corey as a shield, gave him daily handjobs, and got a check for $500,000. And the love of her life lasted about 15 minutes after they got out of the house. This year Paul is gonna drag that trailer park trash Raven to the finale and its gonna bite him in his hairy cornhole.

Dr. Dude

So I looked up information about true social experiments done in a controlled environment and not for personal amusement and it was quite informative. The group mentality that we have seen is what happens when a side has all the power and they know it. A professor did an experiment with college students called the “Stanford PrisonExperiment” where that knew each other where a portion were guards and another portion were prisoners and the guards quickly started mistreating the prisoners within six of days because they could get away with it and they held power over them. The original experiment was to last two weeks but do to the sadistic things the guards started doing to the prisoners they had to suspend the experiment just under half way. Not to mention the stress they put the prisoners through. For everyone who says that production should stay out and not get involved to do something more to stop Paul and his followers I say go read about that experiment. The way Paul had aligned the house with not being able to be voted out for three evictions and how everyone liked him from last year allowed him an unfair advantage.
Look up the term “serial bully” and see if some of the traits associated with it do not resemble most if not more predominantly one person in particular in the house.
If you have a moment and you are fans of these shows it can give you a better insight as to why they cast certain personalities.


Why does anyone think Cody deserves AFP? He was antisocial an not entertaining at all. Why, because he dislikes Paul? He doesn’t seem to like anyone. Jason is super entertaining, has won competitions and had an excellent social game. At first I liked Kevin, but as the game goes on he hasn’t really done much. He got his 25K. Right now I am pulling for Jason.


Raven just now forgot about her hurt knee…..started to do karate kicks with it in the kitchen, then limped back to the stove……gahhhhhh


So many getting mad at Paul for being a “dictator”. If there were actually people in that house that could think he would have no one to “dictate” to. The couple that have thought for themselves are out. Production stacked the cast with a bunch of no-brains, so, Paul’s “strategy” works.

Blech on all of them. I’ve stopped watching the show and I just read the feeds and comments. BB blew it so badly this season. How about cast people who apply and no more returning players? Just a thought…


Dear Paul and bb19 players.

This game used to be about strategizing not following a captain or being domineering and verbally condescending. It used to be about making deals and keeping them secret. It used to be about assessing threats and going after them, not holding a popularity contest. It used to be about negotiating, not creating a group of lackeys who will call people out rudely for nothing.

It used to be about identifying possible alliances and making your own to fight them while keeping a bigger target in the game than yourself, keeping someone who can win for your team and play with you.

It used to be about keeping a strategy private, letting others play out their own strategy. Campaigning used to be allowed without it being called disloyalty and resulting in bulling. It has never been about kowtowing in my opinion. And that is all this season is about.

The definition of “kowtowing” is: being a lackey who excessively bows to someone they think is important, to fawn over/on, obediently bow to out of fear of crossing your “boss”, to suck up to, butter up, humble oneself to, kiss up to, brown-nose, lick someone’s boots (or other body part) because you think they will help you win.

It’s about looking at what’s happening and questioning even those who seem loyal to you and having a backup plan.

Stupid arguments and fights are just that–stupid.

Paul's mom

Thank you for your thoughts and concerns.

As long as I win the 500g that all that really matters. Who gives a fk about what you and everybody else think.


This is the first season in BB history that I have stopped watching. I will come on this feed and check results but I find myself fast forwarding through most of the episodes because I can’t stomach Paul and Christmas. I absolutely love BB and even tried out for season 2 and 3 nearly making it on #3. Hopefully, CBS can resurrect this show next summer and bring back the BB we all fell in love with. Thanks Simon and Dawg for all you have done to bring us feeds. I have really enjoyed them over the years.


Please stop bringing back veterans whom you believe should have won. CBS did it before with Rachel, and now it is so obvious they thought Paul should have won last season, and so here fans are watching the set up for an easy win for Cousin IT aka Paul. Change the game and stop the pu&&y move of back dooring. Make it if POV is used the replacement has a chance to save themselves….by a series of challenges and if they complete the challenges the POV is voided.
BTW those of you who don’t know who cousin IT is Google the Adams Family


Damn….Kevin looks really good in that pic. Working out this summer has totally paid off! That’s not easy to accomplish in our 50’s.