Nomination results ” can you please stop scampering “

POV Holder: ? POV Competition Sept 12th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Sept 14th
HOH Vanessa Next HOH ?
Original Nominations: Steve and Johnnymac
After POV Nominations: ? and ?

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-12 01-35-46-989

nominations are Steve and Johnnymac

1:27am HOH Steve and Vanessa
Vanessa tells him he’s not going home this week.
Steve mentions that Johnymac knows he’s the target.
Vanessa says she’s drunk from liz’ field trip.
Vanessa – can you please stop scampering
Vaenssa tells him to get some sleep for teh HOH.
(They haven’t played the POV yet…. )

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-12 01-36-28-987

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-12 01-42-01-139

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-12 01-41-48-135

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-12 01-54-22-944

1:52am Liz got to hang out with Frankie from last season. Looks like she also got some tattoos.

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-12 02-00-58-122

1:55am Bathroom Austin, Liz and Johnnymac
Jmac offers them a deal, he’ll throw the veto to them if they keep him in the game.
You probably were told a lot of things.. It’s probably all true.. I threw you under the bus these last couple weeks to keep me safe.. YA I did..I really did, I did it good.
Austin – ohh shit
Jmac – If it’s down to us three, you guys are safe
Jmac – it’s the only way to beat the system
Austin – it’s good..
Big-Brother-17 2015-09-12 02-10-13-942

2:05am Austin tells her they didn’t talk game when she was gone.
Liz says she missed her all day
liz – why are you being so cute today
Austin – I missed you

Austin says he slept all day
Liz mentions she had to wear a disguise when she left the house today. She wore a “Sally Jesse Raphael” wig.
It was the Araina Grande concert she went to where she hung out with Frankie from last season.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-12 03-33-24-465
2:20am Bathroom – Austin says of course Steve finally goes to bed as soon as he knows he has to play in the veto.He stopped scampering. Liz says I know, he’s such a joke! Austin says I know. I love it though he’s on the block though the week after he made his big move. Liz back down here with the peasants. I’m just so over talking about it, it just want to go to sleep. Like every 10 minutes they would interview us. Vanessa comes by. Liz says Johnny Mac is taxi driver. Austin says he (Johnny Mac) came up to us and said just so you guys know I’ve been throwing you guys under the bus pretty hard. Some of its probably not true but yeah. I had to do it to save myself. Things are kind of weird around here so I’m probably the odd man out again. So I’m thinking I’ll throw the veto to you guys. If you guys can keep me safe with your votes. Let me think about that tonight. Liz says he said I’ll let you know tomorrow. You’ve been throwing us under the bus.. WHAT?! I’ve never talked to you!

Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-12 03-35-42-923
2:30am – 3:25am Vanessa asks did you just tell me Johnny Mac said he would throw the veto!? Liz and Austin nod yes. Vanessa says please and thank you. He thinks you’re going to keep your promise to him over me to vote my way? Or maybe he doesn’t know about that? Austin says no he assumed. He said I assume you guys probably gave your word. Vanessa asks he said that?! He just wants to make sure he’s not the target but he thinks he can flip it .. oh my god! Austin says but if he throws the veto .. perfect! I don’t care I’ll say whatever he asks! Give me the veto! Vanessa says what the f**k!? But he said he was throwing you under the bus? Liz says he said part of it wasn’t even true. Austin says he said I had to do it. Vanessa says he told me .. I told you .. he said you were going to nominate me. Liz says that’s not a way to go to people that are going to vote for you at the end of the week motherf**ker! Vanessa says that’s the way he’s tried to come to work with me .. like I’ve thrown you under the bus the whole game. Please and thank you that’s all I can say. Austin says I’ll tell him tomorrow to throw me the veto and I’ll take care of things. Vanessa laughs. Big Brother starts blocking the feeds.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-12 03-43-38-865
When the feeds return they’re going to bed. Steve talks to Liz about her trip. He is surprised at how fast they were recognized. Austin joins them. Liz goes to the diary room. Austin and Steve talk about how the veto could be a days comp. They talk about how fast the last bit speeds up. Liz returns and they get ready for bed. Liz says I’m glad I brought her but would have rather had you there. They say goodnight, I love you.

9:30am – 9:50amBig Brother wakes up the house guests. All of the house guests go back to sleep.

10:40am They’re all still sleeping..

11:30am All the house guests are still sleeping..
Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-12 11-27-30-663

11:55am Big Brother switches the feeds to the live feed highlights.. The Power Of Veto Competition could be happening now…

1pm Still blocked

2:15pm Nothing yet..

2:30pm Still nothing..

3:26pm Feeds you? NO

4:16pm You want Feeds? NO NO NO Feeds

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229 thoughts on “Nomination results ” can you please stop scampering “

        1. Liz and Austin should not get too comfortable the way the house changes. Depending on who wins the veto one of them could be right back up on the block.

          1. Production must have told Jmac that they had plans to keep him safe this week. Why else would he be doing everything possible to blow up his own game, smh

          2. Sure as hell won’t be JMac winning the POV…this idiot is going to throw it, like he’s thrown this game…GADS, WHAT AN IDIOT!!! You people are just as stupid for idolizing the guy (I guess this is the stupid season…first the players & now BB Fans)…I knew he wasn’t gonna win, because he’s throwing his chances like he did this entire game. Stupid! Stupid!! Stupid!!!
            Dumb BB Fans of JMac!!!

            1. Why did JMac even come on this show? Throwing 90% of comps does not get you the WIN. These people have to be the stupidest people of all time cast on this show. Can’t stand Van but she’s the only one playing the game.

          3. So true and they’re too dumb to even realize that instead of blabbing on J Mac if they end up in the block they’re going to need his vote because if Steve comes down One of them is going home. At this point in the game as much as well all don’t want Vanessa to win Austin and Liz deserve to go home for still running their mouths. Both already thy can’t trust her yet they run and tell her everything. Even if J Mac stays on the block I think Austin and Liz won’t keep their word to Vanessa and really what can she do about it? She can’t play in the next HOH and all three of them left would nominate her. She already knows her only chance is Veto. If Production is helping them I don’t see why they would give money to someone that already has it even if gossip tabloids are saying its to promote her show. She already on a reality show she doesn’t need anymore promotion then that and with her breaking the rules of bribing to help teammates out she should have been gone.

      1. I’ll never understand why JMAC is liked? He’s a freaking dud. He does nothing, and can’t speak in proper sentences. He’s a Dumbo.

        1. A few reasons why I like Johnny….he slept most of the season and didn’t have a new alliance every 5 minutes. He won comps early to stay in the game. He has been onto Vanessa unlike everyone else most of the season but the #1 reason I like Johnny is that his diary rooms are hilarious. Yeah, no he doesn’t deserve to win this game but a least I can look at listen to the feeds when he’s on. I can’t stand the sight of Austin, Steve picks his nose all the time, I can’t stand to listen to Liz’s voice and I cannot stand to listen or look at that nasty ass bitch. Has she ever been in the shower? Like does anyone remember all season seeing her with wet hair?

    1. I love those last two Vanessa pictures Simon. She has those Gollum eyes and the Hillary I didn’t do anything wrong face.

  1. Ugh go home Steve (and take J-Mac aka bad game player with you). I know people dislike Vanessa, Austin, and Liz but they’re at least playing the game. Steve even said in his own words last week that it was “time to start playing the game”. Blech!

    1. Jmacs best shot is to get Austwins on his side. I hope he is only saying he will throw the Pov. This maybe his thinking.. If he wins Pov than Austin or Liz will be on the block so they have no “incentive” and Van still has 2 other players She will say she saved and had no hand in who ever got evicted because Jmac was her target but he won the Pov. So Jmac saying to them hey if you win and keep me its 3 against van which is very smart of him. He tried the same thing with the Goblins and James was down until he listened to Meg if they would have sent Steve home they would have gained a goblin and the game would be different now. Jmac has had strategy but everyone has been to scared of Van to listen to him. Had Meg went home earlier I think James would still be in the game I wish he would have listened to Jmac and not Meg. Had the goblins listened to Becky and Jmac Van would be gone. Shelli did not have the manipulation crazy B skills that Van had so even if she would have been with the twins it would not have been for long. I think Van realized early on that she could easily manipulate the twins and Austin plus bully Steve they have been her shields. The twins are young and foolish, Austin clearly has self esteem issues and so does Steve we can all see that and so could Van. Jmac has had very few options and the fact that production clearly wants that “angel” Van as they called her yesterday to win boo !

    2. Vanessa is palyinga really bad game these last weeks, i didn t like her at start, but admired her gameplay. Going in to f4 with 4HOHs is alone a bad thing..going into f4 with a showmance and a person who is very mad at you(and we all know Steve can holde a grudge-t.e Becky) is just suicide. Unless she wins POV next week she s gone =bad gamplay . I hate to say it but based on gameplay Ausitn/Liz should win this, jsut on a sole reason everyone protects their whomance for who knows why….

      1. I agree! I think she only thought the senerio through 399,000 times but 400,000 would have shown this was a bad play. Austin and Liz want Steve out because of Julia. JMac would be the best to keep because he won’t win in F2.

        1. Vanessa knows that and even said she wanted Steve out but can’t show her hand. She is making it seem like she want JMac out but she really want Steve gone because she said she can’t beat him in the final HOH and is afraid he won’t take her. She has a final 2 with everyone else. Next she’s going to gun for JMac because she feels Austin will throw HOH to her because he can’t vote to take Liz because with Julia in jury he is afarid Julia will pursue votes for Liz. Vanessa wants to take Austin to final two because she feels he’s th only ine she can beat at this point. She wants Steve gone

  2. Noticed a tattoo on Liz’s arm…butterfly or a bird and a cage under it. Then heard her say, “I’m so disgusted with myself. I hate this tattoo!.” Austin was the only other one in the room and he didn’t say a word. What kind of “luxury trip” was this!???

    1. I’d be disgusted with myself too if I had to hang out with Frankie. But, she probably meant deciding to take Vanessa over Austin. Seeing Austin interact with Frankie would’ve been priceless.

    2. Maybe in Vannasty’s paranoid mind she’ll believe it’s a subliminal message to free Gizzard from the cage/house. Or maybe it’s saying Gizzard feels like a caged bird the way Asstin always has and on her neck holding on to her.

    3. If that’s a real tattoo then she just threw her chances to model out the window. I bet she’s disgusted with herself because Vanessa’s probably the one that talked her into it and picked it out. If its real I could see Vanessa talking her into it just to ruin her chances at modeling out of jealousy and vindictiveness. Then laughing about it later. One big ugly tat.

    4. Those can’t be real tattoos, are they? I don’t have any but I know that they tend to look pretty raw & red & are sore for quite awhile right after getting them. She’d be stupid to get a tattoo if her arm was going to be sore for competitions. Wait, Liz IS stupid! Actually, the birdcage looks just like a rubber stamp I have. Don’t know if someone could have put it on her skin without smudging. Maybe it,s a fake tat.

      As far as going to see Ariana Grande & hanging with Frankie, I can see that as something Liz would love to do. She is such a lame, shallow person that she’d fit right in with the 12 year olds (not to insult 12 year olds, sorry).

      I also don’t understand CBS’s love for the Grandes. I wonder if they didn’t make some concessions to Frankie after his loss (since we all suspected that he was the “chosen one” last year). Remember, they had him on The Talk, actually more than once.

      1. All my tattoos get wrapped up for the first few hours to keep them protected from scratching and the sun. Once you get home you can remove the wrap and the skin is typically a little swollen, the ink would be very black, there might be a tiny bit of blood, and you would need to apply a very thin layer of A&D ointment so the tattoo would be shiny, not matte. She would have to limit sun exposure for weeks.

        So no, I don’t think they’re real.

        1. Thank you, Tia, for the information about new tattoos. I really appreciated it because I have never had one, nor want one, so really wasn’t sure what it would look like.

      2. Ariana Grande is signed with a CBS operated company. If you remember last year, her record/album was being released at the same time Stankie let BB HG’s know he was her brother. Synchronicity from CBS. Chen’s, “The Talk” had him on when he launched that horrible show he’s doing now. CBS…please hire some new producers, Grodner has had her day..

    5. Really Big Brother. First you subject us to Jessie and now Frankie. I’m guessing the surprise guest this week is Jared Fogle?

    1. Wouldn’t that be sort of like the Pandora box penalty a few years ago when they got locked in a room with jessie. Spending time with Frank would be more of a penalty than a luxury. And it sounds like he is still living in his sisters shadow.

    2. Sorry I’m just now disgusting this. The luxury is another plug for Frankie? OMG!!!! They have no shame anymore. If Vanessa does not win I will be surprised. I have nothing against the gay community but A G is on a political mission which compromises the game itself and its authenticity.

    3. Knew they couldn’t go a whole season without bringing the revolting Grande’s into it. Probably made a contractual agreement for multi season appearances when they hired “it”. Bleugh!

    4. Not to mention an Ariana Grande concert? (shudder). I hope there were BB staff present, because I wouldn’t put it past Vanessa to bribe Frankie for info.

      1. BB staff are in collusion to help Vanessa get recognized, feel like she’s getting good edit, test the market for her new CBS show and save face for Casting who find these lame celebrities to attract the 12 year old and gay demographic. It’s all a big CBS sell job but they are so disconnected if they think the Twits or Vanessa ate gonna fill the void Bing Bang Theory leaves. More NCIS-Big Brother House anyone? Who’s been cheating bribing today? They don’t give a crap about content anymore. They need to let Dexter run production, and “lay off” a few criminals running this shitshow.

    5. Hanging out with Frankie is a punishment not a reward. Going to have my finger on the fast forward button during the parts of the show that involve Frankie.

  3. Ok thats lame as f*ck that feeds were down all that time till 4:30am eastern time and they only had nominations no pov n went to luxury with frankie grande… LAME… big brother is getting pretty bad with what they are putting fans thru and how pissed off they are already with the show. Sounds like another scandel already this season with a cameraman saying its fixed for vanessa so im sure if its true or not she will be gone soon just like bb15 with amanda n how she was picked to win it all n then they got rid of her. Alot of ppl are pissed james is gone and are saying if vanessa wins they will never watch again which is kinda silly cuz its a tv show.

    1. Of course it’s rigged for Vanessa! She’s already Multi-millionaire (4 mil for just one tournament ) and her celebrate is publicity for them so $ transaction will be smooth and may even go to charity, you know like a charity for past contestants who were screwed and got diddly-squat to keep them quiet (hush money)
      Well it’s a theory ;-}

      1. You have got to check your facts. She not as rich as everyone thinks she is. She hasn’t won big money in years and was dropped by her sponsers. She did not ever win 4,000,000 for one tournament.

        1. Known among the online poker community as ‘Lady Maverick’, Vanessa Rousso is a professional French American poker player with a fierce reputation on the live and virtual felt. However, her repute has diminished somewhat in recent years. Having recorded $3.5 million in winnings since 2005, Rousso’s records indicate a much slower rate of production in the last few years, amounting to just $44,282 from 2012 to present.
          In releasing Ms. Rousso from the PokerStars Team Pro roster, the online poker operator will be losing one of their longest-running sponsorship deals. Vanessa first signed on with PokerStars seven long years ago in 2006, following an impressive 7th place finish in the $25k WPT Championship worth $263,625 in April of that year. Three months later, she final-tabled the $5k Short-Handed NLHE event at the WSOP for an 8th place, $61k payday.

          1. Every article ever written about her was penned by Vanasty herself because no one could do a better job, pushed by her agent as PR for online poker rags meant to stimulate gambling by suckers who want to pay to get beaten by fake celebrities, a brush with greatness even if it’s to pick your pocket. The articles are void of any real critique that marks true journalism. We are suckers if we think this is a game show, or reality tv. BB’s more scripted, micromanaged and cross bred promotional than their scripted commercial content.

            Can’t sucker us into believing Grandes have any talent or luxury. LOVED that Liz Van couldn’t stop talking about how much they hated it. We looked ugly, stupid tattoos, no alcohol, taping fake BB commercials every 5 minutes for Radar, TMZ, People magazine. It’s gotten so bad for Ariana whose career is over SHE’S GETTING PUBLICITY FROM FRANKIE BB CBS CONNECTIONS! Hahaha. This was no luxury trip, this was a bad PR junket! Hahahaha, and Liz wants to be a model/actress. She can’t pretend to like CBS! Moonves are you watching? Production can’t even save their own ass. Casting should jump in and try to win the money, they won’t be working in this town again.

        2. I really wish you would stop saying that, you sound stupid. She’s OBVIOUSLY not “broke”. No one has a house and car like her that is so called broke. If so, I wish I were that broke.

          Also like her or not, she’s not stupid. I’m sure she made investments from all that money. My mom and dad never made the amount of money she did in their lives and yet from a few smart investments they were able to retire pretty nicely, with a nice house and money in the bank. Just because she’s not been playing in tournaments does not mean she’s broke.

          1. With your logic…because she is intelligent she knows how to manage money.
            In reality…just because people are intelligent doesn’t mean they know how to manage money.

            1. Vanessa rents and lived 7 homes this year alone. The sports car was fake rental too. She self promotes in fake media to get suckers to play poker online with her because she lacks people skills for face to face or playing whales with big big money. Now she suckers CBS who’s paying big time for her online poker and DJ ads with horrible season ratings which he says doesn’t matter anymore he gets his payday from reruns of Big Bang Theory. She thinks we’re suckers for believing its a reality game show with normal people.

              Now book her to DJ that bar mitzvah! Tell CBS you want her on Amazing Race! Watch her new show Van & AusTwits take Vegas. In episode 1, Vanessa hooks Ariana Grande up with her own permanent show at the Horsehoe Casino opening act Frankie and his Dancing Weiners! Put on your hotpants-It’s all here on CBS! the Complete Bullshit Station!

              1. Anonymous isn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer to be polite. The appearance of wealth and net worth do not always correlate. Take the 4 mil in poker winnings for starters. That money was mostly earned while she was a “Full tilt pro”. Each contract with tilt is structured to pay so many buyins to tourneys a year. Tilt would keep a percentage of the winnings. Add to it the Cap Gains taxes her net no where near 4 mil. Add to it stake horsing, splits ect
                Truth is often big winners have big loses. Mike Matasow won 1 mil in a tournament a year later he was broke. Bobbies Room you could drop a mill in a night it’s reported the great Daniel Negrano did just that. The poker world is full of these of stories.
                Since Tilt filed after the feds went after them the days of tourney dollars every where are gone thus her not playing tourney. Did anyone even think about WSOP being on and she enters the BB house. Free buyins dry up the real money still plays.

    2. Yes it is a bit silly. But fans want to watch and let the season unfold on their own. They need to go back to the first couple seasons and keep production out of the game. No picking someone from the beginning and setting up the comps to favor that person. Do away with the irrelevant Have Not’s and stop guiding them in the diary room.

      1. So how “real” are reality shows? Don’t know if anyone watched “Unreal” this summer but even though it was way over the top it made you think about how scripted reality tv actually is. Producers spilling information, creating conflict that doesn’t exist, and picking the winner from the start all for the ratings. After watching that show and this season of BB I nominate BB as the most “unreal” reality show on television with the Bachelor franchise coming in a very close second. It is quite obvious that the DR sessions and not the conversations that go on in the house are the reasons why people are all over the place. Guessing that production thinks the show would not be entertaining without Vanessa, Austin, and the twins in the game and that production encouraged them to keep JMac and Steve so manic Vanessa, the whiny twins and baby Austin have players to torture that are not good at fighting back like James or Becky. So to all those watching this season, don’t get crazy about how this is going to play out…. just like last year with Derrick it’s already been decided, as much as it can be, since the start. Reality tv, I think not…

    3. There was an announcement online in June that CBS signed Vannasty to host ” Poker Face.” So not only is BB ruined for purists fans the game for the game itself, it’s become a self serving platform for CBS’ agenda.

      1. Frankie was a guest on Julie’s daytime TV chat show. I have never watched that in my life but just happened to flip past it the other week and there his nastiness was. He was promoting his own show on one of the lower cable channels. But I thought to myself “how the hell did he get his own tv show? He was hated by the fans?” So I’m sure Vannasty will profit just as well. I thought BB was supposed to be a reality competition not the launching pad for nasty people’s TV careers.

      2. I’m not saying it’s rigged or it isn’t but people were saying the same thing about Frankie last year, yet he didn’t win.

        I think they manipulate it to a certain degree. Just like Evel says they ask certain questions that can tip people off. Or the obvious by giving a power. But it’s a “reality” TV show. Just like all other reality tv shows, they’re not so “reality”

      3. I can’t stand her current face let alone her “poker face” . She looks like the typical skank who has done several to many lines of cocaine. And YES it’s rigged ! There is no way in hell normal people would have put up with her act this long. She talked GAME the whole season, if I was in that house it would take every ounce of strength for me not to sock her in that ugly mug of hers if she tried to talk game to me… Train to the face was 100% right when she told Vanessa to piss off when VanessaSkank tried to talk game to her when she was HOH. This season sucks. And Frankie , a luxury comp? Are you kidding, him and his donut licking sister need to step off the planet.

      4. Vanessa would be an awesome host for that show but CBS spelled “Pocked” wrong.

        There, I think it’s out of my system now.

      5. Frankie has a show now too. It’s on Oxygen, I think. It’s a retread look at an internet video and I’ll make a joke format. AFV has been around for decades, Ridiculousness, Joking Off, World’s Dumbest, World’s Funniest, Fox had a couple as well, I think Disney or Nick had one too. I’d really hate for Big Brother to become a test vehicle for other shows. I already fear that’s the direction it’s heading.

        They have ruined an interesting concept.

      6. Wish someone would post a link to this where CBS makes this statement. All I have been able to find is rumors mill sites talking about it, no actual CBS releases.

      7. After watching this season it is quite possible CBS picked Vanessa to host a show called “Poker Face” because of her complexion.

    4. Is anyone besides his Mom rooting for Steve? I bet he can’t wait to get out of the house and visit Chuck E Cheese’s.

  4. you know….such a big part of me wants to think “hey, MAC is just telling them he will throw it as a contingency incase he doesn’t win”…then I realize its MAC, and he is about to ATTACK the jury house.

    honestly, there are moments where he seems like half a Dr Will(specifically when 1 on 1 with Vanessa when Vanessa is feeling uncomfortable about something) but then kills it by making decisions best described as “pulling a Marcellus”

    seriously, production, I rarely want you to interfere, can you just SUGGEST to MAC that he needs to try and win a freaking competition? does he not see that this house has never followed a typical pattern (shelli and clay go early, Meg and Julia go 6 and 7…)

    frustrated with MAC, but at this point its MONTHS of frustration over the same freaking thing. throwing comps he really shouldn’t throw.

    1. And yet the majority of supposed BB Fans love the guy; makes no sense. At this point, I don’t care who wins, I just want to see the dentist go home.

      1. well…I still love the guy. I am totally annoyed with his gameplay but in a season where I would have no comedy relief to speak of if MAC didn’t return to the house and once James left…I am a big JMAC fan.

        I hope he wins AFP, I just think at this point one has to be realistic about how much “game” he is playing. I think he has a good time with it, especially the live show stuff, the DR etc.

        for me there are different ways I view the HG’s. 1. their gameplay(including using tactics Vanessa uses totally within the rules 2. DR(are they funny? do they own their gameplay)
        -JMAC has a real DR likability to him, and his convos 1 on 1 with Vanessa that made her uneasy were incredibly entertaining. This season I really don’t like anyone’s gameplay. Vanessa would be TOTALLY AWESOME in my book if she was in the DR like Will or Boogie owning every single thing she did. the crying, using the gay card, all that PC garbage….she would be one of the best ever.

        instead she is a manic mess in a season of big targets placed on mediocre players who happened to be in pairs. It may win her 500k, and she may write books claiming she was doing this and doing that…but I won’t believe a word of it.

        1. what gameplay did jmac do? get mama day out by throwing comps for shelli/clay? jmac has been a puppet from the get-go, he has ZERO gameplay from begining to now, the end. i dont see how he has played anything when he hasnt done a single thing. even audrey played a better game than jmac.

          jmac is equivalent to meg, useless. this season is all about throwing comps, listening to vanessa’s lies and eating them all up. i agree with what shelli said, if vanessa is final 2 she deserves the win because of the stupid house guests who kept her around.

          1. READ….COMPREHEND!!!!!

            I kid, but not really. where did I say anything about liking MAC’s gameplay? I said I rate it in two ways, and MAC is far and away the best in the DR this season. this means I like the guy, which is a heck of a lot more than I can say for the rest of the house

            I don’t like most of them OR their gameplay. at least with MAC I get 1 of the 2.

            1. “well…I still love the guy. I am totally annoyed with his gameplay but in a season where I would have no comedy relief to speak of if MAC didn’t return to the house and once James left…I am a big JMAC fan.”
              where did i say anything about you liking his “gameplay”. if you’re going to try to insult my intelligence, the least u could do is try harder and not insult yourself while trying to do so… but for the fact that you believe jmac has “gameplay” denotes your ignorance and comprehension levels.

      2. At this point I’m not rooting for anyone to win…I’m more rooting for people to lose. I’m at the point I think I’ll vote for Jace as AFP just because he’s annoyed me the least.

    1. This is why I believe Liztin will have no problem taking Vanessa to final three because they have a deal to split it between them all.

      1. There is no way to enforce Vanessa’s offers/bribes. If Liztin are counting on splits/payoffs they are complete fools. No way Nessa ever gives them a cent.

  5. Frankie……that’s a punishment….not a luxury. I’m going to wonder for a really long time why production puts the most disliked hg from other seasons on again and again. Mr. Pectacular wasn’t well liked either. Why don’t they ever insert previous AF in the game?

    1. Agree. They always pick the worst houseguest to return. Maybe that’s what Liz was talking about when she said she was soo disgusted. And Jessie? He keeps on coming back and for what? He played 2 seasons and got booted early both times. But if you add all the time he’s been there hes probably got just as much weeks in the house as Vanessa now. …ugh just realized they will probably bring her back for “luxury poker night w/vanessa”….fold early future players.

    1. ROFL = rolling on the floor laughing.

      Welcome to the internet! You’ll love it here. We sit around and get fat eating chips, drinking beer, and slandering people on reality TV. It’s TGTBT

  6. Seems that Steve could make things interesting. If he can win veto and split the vote. Vanessa would have to cast the deciding vote and the person she keeps can take her out.
    At this point she is probably the most deserving based on comp wins and her social game but those people rarely win.

    1. You can’t use Steve and interesting in a same sentence. Steve needs to go because his game moves went against his instincts and he talked JMac out of other game moves. Granted, I won’t be too disappointed if JMac goes because he’s a superfan and he had some good game moves only to be talked out of it by Steve. JMac could’ve easily persuaded Steve but at the end of the day, they were both all talk.

      Steve’s 2 HOH’s have been a bust: he evicted Jackie and Julia.

  7. Johns plan makes no sense if he uses the Vedo or they use it one of them goes up and I don’t see why he would think they would save him after they made a deal with Vanessa

    1. My feeling is that JMac was just going through the motions, maybe thinking because of his past record with throwing, they might not try as hard (?) What pisses me off the most with this post is the derision towards JMac from Liz and Vanessa. Liz: who do you think JMac is supposed to ‘throw under the bus’ when there’s only 5 of you left? If JMac does go to Jury this week, he’ll campaign HARD against her. Don’t tell her you’ll do that though because she will use it as strategy to be brought to F2. Oh and to Liztin re Steve being on the block when he was HOH last week: Would that not be the EXACT situation you were in last week? And how were you treated then? These people are absolute narcissists of the worst kind. If JMac goes, I’ll pull for Liz simply because she is the least cringe-worthy…which isn’t saying much. WIN THAT VETO JMAC!

      1. Jmac is doing the same thing James HAD to do. The fix is in, he can’t win, and he’s just sick of it all and wants out of the asylum.. Pay is the same and better accommodations. period. Fuck CBS, they had a good thing goin and fucked it all up

  8. I totally agree with Frankie not being such a good Luxury anything. You would almost not want to go, but you do to get out of the house and its still a good story but jeez, hell no. Jessie was a waste of my vision when he was on. Hes lame and always seems to look uncomfortable and then flexes to make everyone barf. Which the twins enjoyed… : o. I don’t get why they bring the disliked HG back either. Might as well bring Maggie and Cappy or Jenn (Dicks first season) or Shelly back to host something. Maybe the more popular ones wont do it when asked? So they bring back the fame whores “Frankie & Jessie” who you know love any attention and any chance to talk about themselves, esp Frankie….blahhhh.
    I liked it better when they brought people in who enjoyed watching the game or someone one of the HG likes. ie: Tori Spelling (I know lols) and NPHarris. It was cool when one time some of the Survivors came into the house and they got to talk about the differences in the games. I mean this stuff was good. But all this non interesting shit they try to fill up the time with , OUR time with is just crap, and I love this show but come on.IDK

    I didn’t want Van to win HOH but when she did I thought okay well at least she will keep her boys safe and break that showmance up…..MAN I hope she has a good plan. I hope Mac wins the veto. Its not like he cant win anything its that he throws it if it will help his game…its still a strategy that has got him this far. He just doesn’t know when its a “have to” for him to win it. At this point no one should be throwing anything. Who the hell wants Liz and Austin in those 2 chairs? Not I…

    Frankie – You are looking at the person who will single handedly pick the winner of this game”……*shudders*
    Caleb -Oh STFU Frankie.

  9. Johnny is such a douche bag. If you really want to stay in the game it’s fine to tell people you have been throwing them under the bus but don’t add your annoying forced fake laugh in there because it only pisses people off.

    And offering to throw the veto for Austin and Liz’s vote is a pansy ass non move. You know you can’t win the veto so your lazy ass is looking for the do nothing easy way…which by the way you have been doing the whole game Johnny Nap. No one is taking your lame deal douche bag. They are just going to vote your ass out when you lose the Veto comp which we all know you will because you suck balls.

    Or Vanessa will tell them to take your dumb deal so you throw it like the pussy you have been all season and she tells them to vote you out anyway.

    Bye Johnny Nap. Your fake boring do nothing ass won’t be missed.

      1. I know I’m a bit “blind” to JMac’s game flaws, but it may be that he’s feels more restricted with what he can do in the game vis a vis his professional code of ethics. I’m not sure how it works in the US, but for a Canadian reference, any publicly paid professional (doctors, teachers, et al) are required to conduct themselves “appropriately in public”. For instance, if someone is detained by police for any reason, they need to report that to their employer and union right away and it’s taken quite seriously – they could face suspension or even termination. This likely informed Dan G’s game play (teacher) somewhat, although I think he taught in a private school so the policies are somewhat different (at least in Canada).

  10. I would first like to start off by saying that I wasn’t planning on winning HOH this week. It wasn’t what I wanted at all, yet I decided to do so. You understand how hard this is for me, right? I’m in such a difficult spot now, and on top of that I’m all alone in this house. Everybody else in the house has someone with which they are working with except for me. I have absolutely no one. You know how hard it is to play this entire game and not have anyone? It’s really hard and I just wanted to let you know where I am coming from. In terms of what I am going to be doing in terms of the nominations, I need to have a few conversations with certain people in the house about things that have happened 6 months prior to the game starting. If what I have gathered is true, then I have enough empirical evidence to proceed with what I want to do this week. It would make me incentivized. Now I’m not a bad person. I’m a good person, I’m a really good person. So what I need from you is to agree to do three things. See, I’m all about deals, and I would love to make a deal with you because like I said before, I have no one. I’m all alone. Ok, so what I need for you is 1) I’m going to need your entire life’s savings. All of it. 2) If you ever have a child, I want you to name them after me, and if you happen to have more than one child, then they should all have my name, because I’m a good person, and who shouldn’t be named after a good person? 3) If I’m in the final two, not only will you vote for me to win the game, but you’ll also sign a contract which states you will give me all of your future earnings for the rest of your life. It’s only 3 things that I ask, and they aren’t even that big of a deal. So that’s where we are at, but just remember that if I remember something from the past, like a word out of place or a glance from you that I do not like, I can renege on the deal we just made without any blowback from you. And also, if you even think for one second about anything negative about me, I can also renege on the deal because of that. That’s really not so bad if you think about the percentages. It’s only a little more than 99% chance of happening. So that’s where we are at. I still don’t really know what I’m doing, because I’m in such a difficult spot right now, but if there is time before the nomination ceremony I will definitely let you know beforehand.

    1. LOLOLOLOLOL!!!!! That was awesome!!! You forgot:
      – “I have So much information, trust me.”
      – “I will ask you a question later. But not now. later. Remind me”
      – “After running the numbers.” and
      – “theoretically and strategically it doesn’t make sense, trust me.”

      1. If the player isn’t already nosing off or planning their suicide to avoid one more self serving self agrandizing scenario paragraphs:
        If you throw me the comp and get yourself evicted I will
        -get you a job
        -buy you a new car
        -spilt winnings
        -stake bets
        -take you to Vegas
        -make you DJS
        -teach you to count cards
        -teach you to cheat on dice
        -give you $10,000 out of my pocket
        -give you my stipend
        -invest in your new business
        -give you my house to live in
        -write it all in contracts
        -be happy with $50k, you take $500k
        -will get you a recording contract or crew job with Ariana Grande who’s brother Frankie taught me how to bribe on BB

    2. Well done, just needed a few more ummmm pauses.

      She’s kind of like the female Donald Trump, all unsubstantiated ego and money and buzzwords. But with a beenie instead of a comb-over.

        1. She would look great with a tRUMP for President sign and suspenders stuffed with bribe money at his next rally, she’s got that much credibility. You asked for it- He’s in your tent now that you wouldn’t let him run for the InDependsPants party!

  11. she has a final 2 with steve but puts him on the block and rather go with liz and austin who she is the third wheel. is she fucking stupid. she’s playing for third. dumb bitch

  12. Austwin would be smart to take the Jmac deal. Vote out Steve, he put them on the block once and he would do it again if he wins HOH. Vanessa can’t play next HOH so if she doesn’t win the veto she is gone and
    the Austwins are guaranteed at least 50k.

    1. Freakin’ nailed it! Plus that hippie chick muppet that others have mentioned…Janice (?) Like “Snuff” and Janice had a baby…that they didn’t parent appropriately :)

  13. Spending time with Frankie grande is a WIN?!?! And more than likely we are looking at a final 3 with Vanessa and the showmance ????????. I might need to pack it up, call it a day, and check this shit out again next year. This season is just not for me at all

  14. Jmac has been the biggest disappointment this season, he presented himself as just a “regular guy” in the game, which gives viewers that “this could be me” feeling. Then, he played pawn, slept, and entertained production in the DR all season, and missed every opportunity to actually play the game. His truth, which he’s said more than once, is he did hate everyone in the house, but hated Vanessa and Steve less than the rest, especially after clellybeck left, and it cost him key alliances with oddball characters that would have put him up as the winner. Austin, for all his tats, hair and bravado, surprises with his loyalty to Vanessa; he’s not going to honor the deal with Jmac. I don’t like how production steered the game, but it’s done, and Vanessa has earned a win. I still wish James was in the game though.

    1. He “hated” Vanessa and Steve less only after Shelli, Becky and Clay left. And it’s really only Steve he doesn’t “hate”. I agree though, JMac should have made more effort earlier in the game with the Goblins, and then later, he was pissed with how things went with Becky’s HOH and eviction. I dunno…maybe he didn’t like how they were all treating Steve in the early days, and wrote them off as “unworkable withable”. There were a LOT of off-putting, and “mean” HGs this year.

  15. You gotta be kidding that Jhony was saying that he’s throwing the pov . when this guy is gonna stop throwing comps?? Completely clueless. He deserved to be evicted long time ago. How in hell your gonna throw the only thing that gives you security? Never got how this guy is liked:. Bc his personality? Ok but at least play a decent -just a decent “- game.
    I think I’m gonna skip this tv, it’s already annoying seeing Liz been the center of the attention bc won the luxury and then you add seeing Frankie ? No thank you… That’s one former guest should never be back .. Ever … in Big Brother.
    I don’t see Vanessa leaving so I guess she’s winning the whole thing .. I dislike every one left and she’s playing since say 1 so I guess it’s kinda -emphasis in kinda- fair. Still would like see her been evicted .

  16. Speaking of Skankie Grande…and if I may digress….can’t you just picture him and his sister in 50 years living like Baby Jane (the movie.) Skankie would be like Joan Crawford and his twit sister would be like Bette Davis. Only life would imitate art.

  17. Really, vile Frankie? Fan favorite BOB twist, Jessie, rumored Van TV show, f3 Vanliztin?
    I’ve been so played. Show is as fake as wrestling. Now I get why Clay wanted out. FU CBS

  18. Maybe JMac wants Austin to think he’s throwing the veto to him so they won’t try as hard to win it?? Come on, JMac, gotta win this veto!!!

  19. Austwins make the deal with Jmac. Vote out Steve, he put you up once he will do it again if he wins next HOH. Vanessa can’t play in the next HOH, so unless she wins the veto you guarantee yourself final 3 and at least 50k. But being dumb asses you probably won’t.

  20. On September 11, Patriots Day, the luxury is a concert by a scum bag who has publicly declared she hates America. Disgusting move , CBS.

  21. If Jmac somehow survives this week and wins HOH he will get rid of Vanessa in a blink. improbable but not impossible. One more thing about Vanessa’s deal propposal “blood on my hands”

    1. If Johnny Mac survives this week, and wins next HOH, he will probably do something stupid like, nominate Steve if Steve survives this week as well. Or he may think it’s ok to throw another HOH comp. he is a disappointing player and frustrating to watch.

  22. Hey Vanessa…..if you have to keep telling people you are a nice person…..that means you are not and you are trying to convince yourself that you are. Nice people don’t go around telling everyone they are nice!

  23. Just out of curiosity… How many of you are gonna tune in to watch a show hosted by Vanessa? Thumbs up, you are— thumbs down, no way in hell!!!

    1. I never want to see her ever again in anything. If she got a part in my favourite show I would stop watching it.
      She will always be a ugly cheating junkie egomaniac.

  24. The other hg must have been promised alot of money to lay down and not play bb. Vanessa is playing for everyone and even reaching into the jury. I’m invested in this right now so I’m going to see it through. Vanessa will win we all know it can’t wait till it’s over.

  25. That would be a nightmare. Being a BB contestant and your big “life changing” luxury comp is and Arianna Grande concert and meeting Frankie? Or meeting jillian from BBCAN1, the won who didn’t really win but got the money because of the mistake of another contestant. I don’t know if I could hold back my disdain meeting twats like these. It would just be such an awkward “luxury”.

    “Heeeeey byatch, lick my donuts!”

  26. YIKES!!!!!!! Frankie…..bleeeech!!! BARF!

    Sunday night’s program will be 10 minutes of nomination and 50 minutes of Frankie Grande & his “I hate America” sister. YUK!

    Do I really have to say………… way in hel* am I going to watch!

    James for AFP!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Vanessa was sitting in the middle of two couples and made her choice. Now we get to see if it was the right choice, in other words if she gets to final two with the side she chose. Austin and Liz will never vote against each other, obviously she knows that which means she’s going for a blindside of one of them and she has actually chosen the boys.

  28. First, it is a show that is classified as entertainment … it is not considered a game show. One can be “scripted”, the other not. So, SURPRISE! we already know the ending. We have for awhile. Second, what is “once in a lifetime” about a struggling pop star’s concert and meeting Frankie? Ugh. Between this and Liz & Austin’s cuddly wuddly behavior, the show is getting quite disgusting.With Johnny out, I shall tune back in for the finale, and call it a Summer.

    1. Nobody with a real agent would let them near this disaster, Julie Chen is forced to hock this shlock and she hates it you can see it on her face every episode and cross marketing bit she has to swallow on The Talk. The Grandes are hated as much, so hanging with these BB losers for airtime is so telling, and hysterical. Anything to increase ratings, and Ariana hasn’t gotten any decent press since she announced she hates Americans. Keep trying to ressurect the reputation of your BB 16/17 shitshow, casting mistakes and career- AG, you know Moonves is putting your head on a stick once this season is over. Delusional CBS get your head out of your ass banking on 60 & over crowd with The Good Wife, NCIS and Big Bang Theory reruns & now Code Black ugh…then jam dead Grandes in to “nab” the young audience-seriously CBS isn’t the diamond network anymore, not even close.

  29. I think the feeds were down so long because production had to restock the kitchen with ants.

    America votes!
    Pick 1 for regular ants, pick 2 for ultra-aggressive Africanized ants

  30. I am hoping Jmac is blowing smoke up their skirts. Maybe he wants them to think he’ll throw the veto and they will let their guard down a bit. We can always dream! I can’t imagine he would really throw the veto.
    Shutting the live feeds for such a long time for nothing other than the POV nominations is not only ridiculous, but also a big rip off.

  31. Anyone else creeped out by what all Austin was saying to Liz? Sounds like he could be a really controlling SOB maybe even with physco tendencies . Hope Liz has enough brains to run like heck from him once she is out of the house.

  32. I hate that dumb spacey look Van get’s when she thinks she’s been exposed. It’s like you can see the wheels turning

  33. It was funny I thought last night that they went to a Ariana grande concert that’s why thought they were gone so long .I’m so sick of all the Vanessa heaters you set here and spew so much hatred towards someone that’s just part trying to win a game .she’s no different than evil dick or Derek or any of the other liers that have been on the game she doesn’t use her body like Jenelle .she does what she has to do to win like Everybody in the season should’ve doing instead of just sitting back and let others play the game I hate floaters and that’s what the season was .Meg a floater James a floater they weren’t willing to do what needed to be done .and how is Vanessa any different than the other liers that are trying to win Steve is a huge liar he lies about who he really is he’s not this awkward boy he’s a very good speaker he’s very intelligent he’s not this weirdo mama crying boy but he claims to be but that’s how he’s going to win the game . are the twins a bit spoiled yes at least they play the game where Becky never did like she finally won HOH and then she started to play we can’t do the halfway through the season .just because Vanessa is a good liar doesn’t mean she’s evil and that she should be booed and it doesn’t mean people just sit around talking about how ugly she is and how she has big eyes or whatever it is that you don’t like about her other people have played this game and done just as bad of stuff as she has done she just wants to win quit being such a woman hater and get over it . At this point I don’t care if Vanessa Steve Austin always wins they all played the game more than the others did you quit blaming CBS for not getting good casting like I don’t know what you want them to do quit being a bunch of babies been crying all the time about every little thing that’s being done on the show .

      1. There must be something wrong with your keyboard. Don’t get heated at Vanessa haters and production haters-no one wants to watch character actors portray real people getting bribed to be shot like fish in a barrel by fake celebrities in a rigged comps sold as a reality game show- unless it ends like House in the Woods where all the Producers & handlers die nasty deaths, heads torn off by giant monsters lying uneaten in rivers of blood because they are that poison. Then I would watch the bloody Finale.

        1. Sorry I missed spell the word so hilarious all I was saying is don’t be mad at Vanessa for being who she is no more than I can be mad at evil dick for sleeping with a bunch of women and getting AIDS that is just who he is I can’t be mad at Dr. will for having so much plastic surgery I can’t even stand to look at his face .if you’re going to be mad at someone I guess be mad at Cbs for not finding the perfect person that you want to watch on television

  34. When everyone else was saying this was the worst BB I didnt get it. I thought they were wrong. There was at least some drama this season. But it just occurred to me that Austin is Vanessa’s Danielle. Dan had a Danielle and now Vanessa does. Perhaps that is the true key to winning. Ugh. It can hardly be called a game when you have someone like that in the mix. When I read Frankie had made an appearance as part of the luxury trip that finished it for me. I am not sure how much more I can stand of this!!

    1. I’m not watching the show Sunday, I had my fill of Mango last year. I’ll watch a rerun of paint drying first. Especially knowing that the producers will be pushing Vanessa and Liz to act so overwhelmed and excited to see him.

  35. Johnny Mac is a real idiot if he wins the veto and doesn’t use it. I don’t know why people like him so much. His laugh is irritating and if it’s an act it’s very boring right now. He’s annoying. Like a stand up comedian show that you’ve seen hundreds of times. He’s stale. Austin Liz or Vanessa are going to win this thing.

  36. Why did the luxury reward have to be scheduled to take place on 9 11. CBS has no sense. To make matters worse the so called reward was an A Grande concert and spending time with Frankie ? Very tasteless and ridiculous. If CBS wants Big Brother to survive they need to hire a new team with good fresh ideas but also a knowledge of Big Brother and what the fans enjoy watching.. They also need to get off their lazy asses and do some real casting. Where are the interesting contestants who played the game and actually had brains? Right now Big Brother is doing one good thing for CBS and that’s making people look forward to Survivor. Grodner needs to go and she needs to take Vanessa with her.

  37. Jmac…dude…don’t even think about throwing the veto. Also, You don’t piss off the person in power.
    Can’t even be mad if he goes now because it went from Vanessa targeting him because of his family and air guitar, to a really dumb move.

    I still prefer watching him over the others, he’s entertaining, but can only blame him when he plays like this.

    Win the veto Jmac!

  38. I read in the comments that production slipped and said it was rigged for Van? I missed that in feeds so what exactly happened? Thanks for all the work Simon and Dawg!!

  39. Sounds more like a punishment having to go to a Grande concert, but the biggest punishment of all is hanging out with that “thing” Frankie…ugh.

    1. I don’t get it……WHY does BB and CBS continue to stuff Frankie down our throats?? The last couple seasons of BB have shown (my opinion) this show needs to be revamped, new fresh production staff hired and a cast of “regular” people from all walks of life……..

      1. We’ve been saying that FOR YEARS…and every year it’s the same sh*t with the same sh*tty people, Allison Grodner included. I read an article where they said the show most likely won’t change, because theirs us (the die hard fans) and the casual viewers and the casual viewers out number the ‘die hards’ and CBS/BB will cater to the casual viewers…hence the same format year after year. The artilce mentioned that 95% of the casual broadcast viewers don’t watch the live feeds, so they don’t see what we see. Is that a good thing or bad? And what does that say about us? “At the end of the day” though, I’m just glad this season is just about over…and now, I’ll just wait patiently for CBS/BB to ‘cast’ Austin on the Bold and the Beautiful with this ugly side kicks, Vanessa, Liz & Julia…because they are oh so popular with the casual viewers…you know, like that F*ckin Grande…I mean Frankie…

  40. Johnny Mac will not throw it but he’s trying to make a deal before veto in case he doesn’t win. Vanessa doesn’t have anyone’s back but her own I think if Johnny Mac wins veto she will have no problem putting Liz up. I think she wants to go to the end with Austin because she knows she will beat him or Steve. She’s just trying to cover her bases so she doesn’t get voted out in 2nd HoH this week. Problem is even if she evicts Johnny Mac I think Steve Austin and Liz will be gunning for her well if they have any brains at all but maybe not since they aren’t the smartest tools in the shed.

  41. What I don’t understand is how everyone can be so freaking stupid. They don’t really listen to Vanessa. If they did all they would hear her saying is how “she” won’t get to final 2/3/4 if certain moves aren’t made. Why can’t anyone see this and think with their own brain for a change?!?!?!?!?! Sure, everyone should do what’s best for them and that’s exactly what Vanessa is doing but they can’t comprehend that they’re also playing for the 500K and are following her like lambs to the slaughter.

    1. They’re sleeping. I added in the last post that they were woken up at 9:30am but all went back to sleep. Don’t worry I’ll update if something happens. At this point in the season there’s not as much to report.

  42. Its not important to me who wins at this point but I would love to watch Vanessa get to final 3 and not get taken to final 2. Thanks Simon and Dawg for the updates. I just left atip in the jar for you guys.

  43. Jmac with all the “I hate al of you just hate you the least”. Sorry. You are not Dr Will. When did production decide to coach him into that ? Dr Will did not lay around sleeping / moping when his friends were evicted. He threw most every comp, but he scampered and manipulated and positioned himself with others for protection. i like jmac. Not in the game but no. He is no Dr Will.

  44. Well of course Either JMAC or Steve will win veto. So freaking lame. Liz the whore! Wish the Liz would have left with her stupid sister.

  45. I one good thing that comes out of the next episode if Frankie Grande happens to make an appearence is that if i have to endure him for a full hour, i’ll be able endure anything that comes in my life in the future so in a way this might help me out cause i might be losing my job cause my store i work at is closing and i’ll be out of work for a few months, but at least i dealt with worse in my life by listening to Frankie Grande am i right?

  46. If they have Frankie Grande on, i hope Julie Chen and Grodner get so much hate from the fans after it, or better yet burn their studio down and see those selfish cunts suffer and in a perfect world get fired for making us deal with that cunt Frankie.

    1. A little too strong on your post……how about do what I will be doing: NOT WATCHING SUNDAY’s SHOW.
      Tune right here for Simon and Dawg’s information and you’ll be fine.

      1. If you check here sometime Sunday the only show you need to watch is the eviction show. Other than who leaves there’s little new information. You can hardly count DR sessions as they are as contrived as the narrative by the producers.

      2. The sad part is that i wasn’t trying to be cruel, that is legitimately how i feel about this whole situation. This is the internet and i’m allowed to voice my opinion how i want and you know many people are feeling that same way about the BB production and Frankie and they are scum! TOTAL SCUM!

  47. Vanessa needs to demand that Production bring someone in to remove her tattoo. This would legally be considered as bodily damage. It was their booze that brought about a drunk state of mind. Vanessa would never have agreed to a tattoo if she had been sober.

    In fact, the process of obtaining a tattoo is always agreed upon between both partners, of which Vale had been absent. If this is some stunt that Production used to boost ratings on the episode at the expense of Vanessa, than shame on them.

    I urge the family of Vanessa, and Vale, to pursue legal action against Production and CBS for this bodily harm. I doubt their long contract with her did NOT give them permission to tattoo the guests!

  48. I hope Johnny Mac is joking when he says he will throw the Veto to Austin and Liz…. What!???.. What’s the point??… He’s the only one that keep himself safe!!!

  49. Good Lord, I sincerely hope that jmac doesnt throw the veto. If he doesnt win it, it will make for an EXTREMELY boring, anticlimactic final 11 days. Dude, seriously. Getta clue about how this game works. For all your medical smarts, you are coming off looking like a complete and total dumba**…..Sorry, but casting failed again this season.
    *SIGH* smh

  50. I think it’s sad that CBS is promoting the Grandes. At least pick someone that stands for America and isn’t a discrase. And on 9/11 of all days. Shame on CBS.

  51. I 100% agree with Puppet master no way in hell would Production blow up Jmac’s game like that in front of the whole house, if he went gonna be safe this week. He’s either setup to win POV or the votes will flip and Steve will go. I wish production would stay outta the fucking game, every season they do something to change the course, 11,13,14,15,16, now 17, the fuck? let a season play out naturally for once, it would be much less predictable and more unexpected.

  52. “Jmac offers them a deal, he’ll throw the veto to them if they keep him in the game.” lol jmac is back to doing what he knows best… jmac is truely dumber than a box of rocks. wouldnt it be better for jmac to win the veto instead to assure 100% that he stays?

  53. Can you please stop scampering? ??? In other words, can you please stop playing this game? What if another houseguest asked V to stop plotting and planning and “incentivizing”. Any guesses as to what would become of the houseguest who dared to request that of her???

  54. Van is on BB to promote the book she wants to write and to get exposure for her new game show… She can’t write a book about game play or host a game show “Poker Face” if she looses. She will cheat, bribe and sell her soul to win!!!!

  55. Production probably wants Johnny Mac to win veto so there’s drama but thing is if he does win Steves out Vanessa had final say since she’s the tie breaker and she’s already picked Liz and Austwits side…she could take the chance of voting out Liz but doubtful because she thinks there’s a chance Steve might evict her next HoH. She is miscalculating about Austin though I don’t think he has the bal*s to cut Liz even if he does stand a better chance to win.

  56. You don’t get this far without some kind of gameplay.. Maybe it’s aggressive or maybe it’s chill out. It’s still a game play. Based on alliances, who’s in power and other personalities sometimes you have to play along with where the power is. You may need to act week, be a pawn, do what your told, hide, let others hang themselves. You do what you need to stay in the house. So far they have all done that. They have to strategize for where they lay in the house. They are playing and strategizing differently, but they are all playing nontheless. Even if that involves getting out of someone’s way. Keeping yourself from being a target however you can.

  57. Steve wins PoV, takes himself off the block.
    Liz is replacement nominee.
    Vote will be tie
    Vanessa will vote Liz out
    Boom, Austin by himself, will probably cling to Vanessa

    Wishful thinking

  58. Wow, I researched the “camera man says it’s rigged for Vanessa” thing and there’s like three versions of one article. One says it was reported by a friend of a cameraman (sounds reliable). Another version says fans were outraged that somehow James went home over her (she wasn’t on the block that week). A third version has weird grammar and looks like it’s been badly translated. No search provides any evidence that a show called Poker Face is in production. Are you so desperate to find fault with Vanessa you fall for such obvious bullsh*t?

    1. Thank god you checked too. Her army of zombie sycophants can’t stop posting “she’s got her own show so stop rooting for anyone else bwaahaahaa”. It’s prolly her agent igniting buzz to swing some offers. Unless Celebrity Dirty Laundry is the new Wall Street Journal. Pranksters can’t fly banners anymore so they are the new Radar Online tipsters.

      1. There are no mounted cameras in the Jury house. They have camera people who film them for the spots. The house is rented so they’d have to take the cameras down at the end of the show. That’s a lot of work for maybe a couple hours of film.

  59. to me Austin is playing a better game then vanessa
    think about it vaness protect her self Austin protected himself in liz an juiia
    venssa had a change to take him out at week 5 change her mind
    this week change her mind that tell you wright there who in control
    like him or don’t he playing the best game in my book everybody trying to save themself
    he try to safe two people in him self that’s is a great speech if he get to the final 2
    I will vote for him to win

  60. “Poker Face ” is a game show in U.K. , It was supposed to be called “The Con Test” U.K changed the name to “Poker Face” , Aus. went with “The Con Test” , LOL That’s a better name for Van”s show… Players play for $50 K with a chance to play for $1 Mil. If Van doesn’t win BB, it’s not going to be good for her as a TV host or her book. She better start upping her INCENTIVES / (ANTI”S) !!!!

  61. I just wanted to say thanks to Simon and Dawg for creating, supporting and monitoring this site. It really is an enjoyable way to experience the show. I’ve monitoired the show happenigs here for a couple seasons and just left you guys a tip via PayPal to help in your efforts. Be well.

  62. WHY IS JOHNY MAC AMERICAS FAVORITE??!?!?!!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!???!
    Here is what johnymac did:
    1. Threw comps.
    2. Won easy povs.
    3. Planned to target MEG over a threesome that JUST EVICTED HIM.
    4. Never won an HOH.
    5. Never made any big moves.

    James deserves americas favorite player, He has a child to support, and actually made big moves this season. You guys are a joke (like this season and johnymac) if you vote for Johnymac to be handed 25,000 for being “goofy” and “funny” in the diary room.

    1. I’m voting JMac all the way for AFHG. There is nothing big about James. He made one move all season and he was the goofy one. Johnny Mac rules.

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