Power Of Veto Competition Results! “For you Baleigh”

POV Holder: James POV Competition Aug 29th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 31st
HOH Vanessa Next HOH Sept 3rd
Original Nominations: Meg and James
After POV Nominations: ?and ?
Have Nots Johnny Mac, Julia, James, Meg

james wins Veto

12:10pm Big Brother blocked the live feeds for the Power Of Veto competition to take place. As head of household Vanessa nominated James & Meg for eviction. This week the target is James however if he wins the veto then Johnny Mac would likely be the replacement and the new target. Vanessa views evicting Meg as a wasted HOH opportunity. This would be Vanessa’s worst case scenario as James and Meg would then remain in the game.

VETO PLAYERS: Vanessa, James, Meg, Julia, Austin, Liz
Veto Host: Johnny Mac


Big-Brother-17 2015-08-29 17-02-20-352_jpg

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-29 17-02-05-351_jpg

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-29 17-02-07-351_jpg

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-29 17-04-11-253_jpg

“For you Baleigh tried to take your daddy out daddy ain’t built for that”

Vanessa Sad :(

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-29 17-17-34-548_jpg

Steve – pretty much everything on the floor is going in the garbage

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-29 17-18-08-555_jpg

5:17pm Twins in the comic room
LIz says “hers” was the first one to be found “I’m so mad”
Liz – I’m so pissed he won

5:26pm Steve joins the twins.. they comment on how James “Hide his” in a really good spot.

Everyone more or less cleaning up the mess throughout the house.
Vanessa is in the HOH.

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  • “Goblins/Gremlins” = James and Meg
  • “The Generals” = anyone allied with Becky
  • “SOS” (Students of Sound) = Steve and Vanessa
  • Rockstars = Steve and Jmac
  • AUS-Twins = Austin, Julia and Liz
  • “Austin’s Angels” = Austin, Liz, Julia, Vanessa
  • “Brass Tacks” = Gobins and Austwins
  • The new “Brass Tacks” = Aus-Twins, Meg, James + Vanessa
  • “Freaks and Geeks” “The Scamper Squad” = Aus-Twins, Vanessa, Steve
  • “The new Freaks and Geeks minus Vanessa” = Austin, Liz, Julia, Steve, Johnny Mac
  • “The Authority” = Austin, Liz, Julia, Steve

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183 thoughts on “Power Of Veto Competition Results! “For you Baleigh”

    1. YESSSSSS JAMES BABY!!! Thank you…some retribution. Now save yourself and BB PLEASE PUT IN PANDORA’S BOX, GOLDEN POV, ETC. Somehow get that cheater Vanessa and her twin minions OUT!

    2. Vanessa unleashes loads of expletives G*d damn motherf*ckers ranting that Production designed this POV comp for James, like they did his last HOH. She would know, they’ve done more for her. Twits stream vile insults towards James & Meg. Liz throws Megs belongings everywhere and waves 2 middle fingers to Meg in cameras. They refuse to clean up and Van says she doesn’t know how to work the vacuum. They couldn’t behave worse. Van is called to DR for meds and to shut up about Production cheating. Either that or her contracts to pay off Austwits are ready. Keep your feeds on, James is on fire promising to take Vanessa out personally and tell her what he thinks of her to her face. Yee-Ha, ride her cowboy!

      1. Wow. Liz/Scaressa are acting like that after James won Veto! Shows their true colors. They can dish it out but they can’t take it. Maybe now PRODUCTION will do something about these illicit deals V’s making. Liz/V have some nerve.

      2. Sounds a helluva lot like season 11 when Chima, Natalie and Lydia all threw a kicking and screaming bitch fit when Jessie was evicted after the coup d’etat that Jeff got and used to overthrow and replace Chima’s noms LOL. They seriously need to do that again. This season would be nice. I’d love to see either Jmac or James get it and run Liz out of the house followed by Vanessa.

    3. James & Meg please SHHHHHHH!!!!!! Go hide somewhere, hush, and pretend to be invisible. Try to blend in with the wallpaper if possible. Johnny Mac & Steve, go do the same thing. I want one of the Austwins on the block. Vanessa is considering Julia. I would actually prefer it be Liz, but whatever, I’ll take what I can get. I want Julia to find out she is being considered as a pawn. She will explode and so will Liz, and that is exactly what needs to happen. If the twins get in Vanessa’s face that would be a very big mistake. Julia would go on the block, and if she ticks off Johnny Mac and Steve, she would go home. Julia admitted she gave up in the POV, because she didn’t care anymore. Go say that to Vanessa. I dare you Julia. Make sure to be snotty about it when you say it.

    4. My James, you thanked your little girl! I’m so proud of you and happy you won. Now, somehow keep harping to Vanessa how Austwins wanted her OUT…SO SHE’LL PUT UP AUSTIN OR LIZ and save Meg for you. You can do it baby, I have faith!

    5. Steve won’t drink with her though she begs, he can’t mix alcohol with his meds and she shouldn’t either. She’s got Port from her HOH basket and wants to wine. Production allows mixing meds alcohol? He says you’re too emotional, you shouldn’t talk game, you’re not thinking logically. She rants she wants JMAC out, first she he passed the trust trial by not hanging in HOH to influence her plan, now she’s drunk, it’s a sign he’s getting close with her arch enemies. Steve says no, he’s 100%. She just got through telling Austin Steve needed to go, he is incentives against her.

      Steve says she’s talking in circles to fast crazytown and tells her to ask that question she was holding til after POV. I can’t remember, I’m too drunk she says. Why were you waving around your arms dancing in the cameras during POV did you throw it Steve?? I don’t know what I’m doing 80% of the time, as he backs out of crazy lady’s presence. Oh Boy, she’s playing Russian Roulette waving the gun around to Meg, to Steve to JMAC and back. Not even Austin can talk her down. All the while Julia telling everyone she quit the comp, said f*ck it don’t care anymore.

      Why do the final scenes of Apocalypse Now with Kurtz going kookoo come to mind?

      1. HALLELUJAH!!!!! Now when is Production gonna shut down Vanessa trying to bribe the contestants? James save yourself. There is some hope.

    1. I feel bad for you if “your house goes crazy” over someone winning POV on Big Brother.

      Get a life. Now I have to get back to mine. You made me realize what total losers there are on this site.

      1. Ooops! were you rooting for the dark side? Isn’t Vanasty hugging James congratulations? She wouldn’t cry after a comp would she? I thought she wished them both luck with all her integrity? Cry for Waaahhhnessa in private, please, we don’t want to hear it anyway. She’s going to rant non-stop until she’s out. Which is going to be sooner than later! Ding, dong the wicked b*tch is dead! In the water of course. Julia brags she gave up on the comp, said F*ck it, I don’t care anymore, If hidea & seek isn’t her game what is? She should be the renom! She said if she had to take another cold shower she’d kill herself. We won’t say it…we’re not as vile as Vanasty & the Twits who are swearing and flipping off Meg, the cameras & Production for cheating. DR is calling VaMessa time to take your pills.

    1. I thought they had a deal when he dropped in the comp. Besides going back on her word and destroying her INTEGRITY, that would be a terrible move on Vanessa’s part. Julia would be the smart move.

  1. So much for your plan Vanessa. You’re gonna end up losing this game. Vote meg out. She is too painful to watch.

    1. Yesterday she said she didn’t care which goblin went, so Meg probably will end up going. Don’t really think it will be jmack.

    1. Vanessa doesn’t have the backbone to take out her slave, Austin. If she had a real brain, he or Liz would be out the door ASAP. I was shocked to realize in JMAC’s exit interview that he doesn’t have a clue that Vanessa is with Austwins. He said he’d work with her cuz they’d be the only two without a pair in the house. The house doesn’t realize she’s with the three idiots?


    1. James? Are you listening??? Take YOURSELF Off The Block!!! I know you’re loyal to your friend, Meg. That’s very admirable, but for the love of God, man – take yourself off.

    1. What a crook of BS. He win’s HOH it’s more interesting your an idiot. J Mac goes 1st then Steve and Vanessa go up. Austwins are fing safe idiot!!! That gets to F6 genius. Who cannot play HOH F5 moron? Take a big old smelly rat fart guess. Who has the votes? That would be Austwins. All the POV does is save him it does not change the dynamic of the house EXCEPT twits control everything again barring one as renom.
      Well Johnnie you moron look what that stupid HOH drop deal brought you? One of the dumbest sack of rocks ever.

      1. Seriously? If you’re going to be calling an idiot maybe you need to check your spelling before you post things…pal…

  2. Good for you James !

    Hey Vanessa if you put JMAC on the block the Austwins could flip and he could go home and then you would be pretty much fucked!!!

    Put up Liz vote her ass out !!!!! Vanessa won’t do it but she should!!!!!!!!!!

    1. She only said jmac to austwins. To Steve she has been going over putting up Julia. So there’s a chance he won’t go up.

      1. Yeah, but putting up Julia is just like putting up Meg – neither have won anything. So it would be an empty nomination. It just targets a weak player who happens to be one of her minions. And she’d have to do some fast talking to convince Liz and Julia that Juju is just a pawn. If Julia got evicted, Van risks the wrath of Liz, who at least has the meat shield for now. Vanessa better start dancing, because things are slip slidin’ away. And I couldn’t be happier.

        1. Um that’s the point of putting up Julia. So Meg would go….

          She said she wants a goblin out regardless. Of course James would be the better of the two to get out. But if not, then she said Meg has to go.

          1. Sorry, wasn’t clear with my thought. As much as I’d like Liz to go, the next best thing would be Austin. If Van met with the twins and got serious pushback about putting Julia up, she might have to consider putting Austin up. Julia would pretend to be upset, and Liz might act like she’s mas, but I have a feeling she’d get over it pretty quickly. Austin isn’t that great of an asset in the house. She needs to keep Steve for his insights in the game, and if she puts up JMac this week, she leaves herself open to a lot of questions.

      2. Both Vaneesa n Austin are so worried about having a meat shield they won’t put each other up….these 2 are the worst

      3. Both Vaneesa n Austin are so worried about having a meat shield they won’t put each other up….these 2 are the worst. And the twins are worthless. If any of those 4 win I’ll be …not happy.

  3. I’m just glad James won the veto! Hopefully, he will also win HOH. I’m so sick of seeing Vanessa and the Austwits in control. Please kick them off the show!

  4. YES JAMESSS!!!!!!!!!!! IM SO FRIGGIN HAPPY :D :D :D :D :D

    I’m sorry Meg but if it’s your time to go then its your time to go, hopefully now Jmac won’t be an ass and him and James can team up and tear this house up!

  5. I hope that Meg the sloth goes home this week. If James is stupid enough to use the veto on Meg (and he is stupid enough, he thinks with his little head {very, very little head}) I hope that James goes home.

      1. Are you crazy? Meg has led him down the opposite path of logic every step of the way. She almost got him ejected from the house with her lack of strategy, lack of logic, and lack of a filter on her mouth. She’s gotta go, then James will have a chance to realign with others who are just as interested as him in getting Vanessa out. There is now a slim chance – which is better than none – that the game could get interesting again.

    1. what kind of person are you? you must be same as the twins if ur judging what kind of man james is by the size of his dick..why is that an issue…ur fucked in the head

      from what i see…yes he jokes alot…like we all do.?sometimes not so proper…but

      he is evidently a good man!
      dispicable comments like that.his family and friend will read this…jeez idiots

  6. HELL YES!!! I was not ready to see James go. He’s the only person left who is not annoying, stupid or both.

    Annoying: Vanessa, Steve
    Stupid: AusTwins, Meg
    Both: John

    1. She should put up Austin, not Liz. The twins are useless without Austin – they haven’t got a brain cell between them and aren’t that good at physical comps. Vanessa can use JMac and Steve to boot him out, and James will vote that way, too. And the twins will probably thank her for the move, happy to get rid of Sasquatch, but not realizing how weak that makes them. Then she can use SJJ to get rid of Liz, and drag Julia to the end.

    1. Dude seriously! How many times a day on average do you post a comment about Vanessa? 10? 15?

      She’s going to have to get a restraining order on you when she comes out. Jeesh.

    1. I was truely ready to stop watching because I couldn’t stand Vanessa and her lies. Best scenario, JAMES WINS! I don’t know who is worse in my eyes, Vanessa or Trump?

  7. I tell myself every season not to watch this show because it is so mean spirited, but then there is always a glimmer of hope! I want James to win, with Meg along side him… It looks like I threw my hammer down in the house…..

    1. I really don’t think jmac will go anywhere. She’ll come up with something, she just has to change up her original thoughts. She may have to do something she didn’t want to do but that’s how the game is.

  8. Please Van be smart and put anyone up but john pulleeeezzzzuh! Steve or a twin! (Although your loyalty to Austin is your blind side)

  9. I feel sorry for Anonymous that posts on here. He needs to get a life, no one writes more posts than he. Hey Anonymous, there’s more to life than Big Brother! Go out and take a chick out on the town for dinner and then maybe a flick. Or go bowling with the fellas. Step outside and smell the roses, go for a walk in the wilderness. For goodness sakes, do something besides sit in front of your computer all day. It’s not healthy for your body or your mind.

    1. It is more than one person. Maybe you should get a life instead of counting how many times Anonymous is on here. It would be good for your brain to see something other than the computer!!!

    2. You aren’t exactly holding back the comments ON EVERY SINGLE BLOG ENTRY, yourself, “Ari”

      Besides, you can tell different people are different Anonymous posters. How much time did you think that guy had to get to his girl while gathering the house to go crazy in celebration for James?

      ….although…the dynamics of that house would be interesting lol

      1. Chil out guys, I was just funnin’, it was a joke, humor, jocularity, buffoonery, a wisecrack, I was jesting, LOL, Hahaha, LMAO, ROTFL, heehee, get it?!?!?!
        Knock, knock
        Who’s there?
        Anonymous who?
        Anonymous fooled YOU!

  10. Way to go James you are the man
    Win the HOH on double eviction day and ship Austin or a twin
    out the door. Or Vanessa your choice.

    1. I hope it’s Steve, I want Meg the laughing hyena to go home but it’s Steve that get evicted, I’ll be happy with that. These players are so pathetic that I might go to the dark side and start rooting for the Autism trio.

  11. Oh darn, Julia was just starting to like JMac. Wonder how long it will be before she starts trashing him again if he goes on the block.

    1. These twins are just horrible!! Last week they loovvvved James and hated JohnnyMac!!! They talk about fakes. Then they complained about someone throwing their stuff all over but braggedabout throwing Meg’s. I want Meg to stay even though she hasn’t done much. At least James will have someone he can truly trust.

      1. This game is so haaaarrrrrdddduuuuuhhhhh. They won’t let our maid come in and clean uuuuuuuuuppppppp. This suuuuuuucksuuuuuuuhhhhhh. I’m going to have Mumsy and daddy write a nasty letter to Grodneeerrrrr.

  12. Steve needs to go up, if only because if John does its inevitable the focus shifts back to him

    I’m doing anything to avoid a repeat of the entirety of last week

  13. Yay James! I really hope he wins this season. He might not be the smartest but he’s played pretty consistently all season and without having to play the victim and owns his shit. Go Asian hick buddy go!!

    1. Unfortunately the final comps for hoh he would not be able to win unless it’s against Meg. He’s just not going to beat any of the hg in mental comps.

      Except for Meg.

  14. You know what wouldn’t be a wasted HOH? Evicting Austin or a twin. Of course, that will likely not happen. One can dream though.

  15. Vanessa what was that about people crying in the game???? Oh yeah.
    I guess she has to make a decision put up an Austwin or JMac/ Steve

    Just tell Austin it’s his turn to be the pawn he has a guarantee with the twins and Steve

  16. ya know I am glad James won POV, at first I did not like him, but I dislike Vanessa more, so glad her plan is not working!! LOL

  17. Makevuour move now Vanessa…Put up an Austwit, have James, Steve, and jmac vote them out. Then male the deals you want and take out the other two Twits…final 5 w/out any twins or Austin…..

    1. Exactly. James needs to impress on Vanessa that if Meg goes he’s going after her with guns blazing. Ask her why she would waste an eviction on Meg when there are bigger fish to fry and it is time to address some of those glaring threats now. Remind her that Austin has never even been on the block and the only time it looked like he would he squealed like a stuck pig and pleaded like a bitch and pledged to eat any amount of shit and humiliation Vanessa was willing to dish out.

  18. Now Van has to choose. Get out an Austwit or Rockstar or Meg. No matter who all who are left have good reason to target her in DE even if Meg goes. James for obvious reasons and whichever “alliance” she pulls the pawn from. James is now a free agent who could take her place with the Austwits.

  19. Vanessa PUT UP AUSTIN, if you hadn’t won POV last week, YOU were gonna get backdoored. You know this! If you don’t take this shot, you can kiss your money goodbye. Austwins have turned on you, now it’s time to turn on them!

    1. The twins will likely be happy if Vanessa gets rid of Austin, as long as they think Vanessa is taking his place as their meat shield/protector. Of course the twins are morons, but that’s why this scenario could work. Hopefully Vanessa figures that out.

  20. Soooo glad James won! And Liz is just a nasty hoe. Don’t know what the comp was but whole house is trashed, heard Liz say bc her stuff was thrown everywhere that she purposely threw her(Meg’s?) all over way worse. Julia even said how did u know it was her?
    Nasty girl
    Thank you Simon and Dawg for all u do! I have the feeds, and don’t know how you guys do it all!

  21. Vanessa has too many deals and now she has to break some. If she puts up John or Steve the other will have to realize they are not in the mix with Vanessa. If she puts up a twin she could take out Meg, even though that’s a weak target. Vanessa will have a hard time keeping both twins and Steve/John sides happy with her now even if they take out Meg.

    1. This is exactly why she had the big speech last week about everyone having to be a pawn now since the numbers are dwindling.

      She even had the twins throwing a fit about Steve not being “happy” about being the pawn last week. Not much they can say now if she has to use one of them as one lol

  22. Van, Austin and twines are nothing but sh*t….that talk so bad about people….I hope James, Steve n Jmac go to finals.

  23. I don’t get it. Why do people like James so much? As a woman, I think he’s a pig. I don’t think I could last 3 months in that house with him.

    1. I did not like Jame either when the game first started but that was because I thought he was going to be dumb, annoying and entitled (in other words, Austin and the Twins) but he is now my favorite player and if he doesn’t win F2 would love to see him win America’s Favorite.
      I do not find him perverted…I think his stories (while having a grain of truth in them) are embellished for entertainment purposes; his “guy talk” is just that…trash talking with the fellas.
      Socially, he is the prankster doing what he can to alleviate the boredom and bring the house together to have fun.
      Gamewise, he plays consistently, straightforwardly (is that a word?) and with respect. He has never told people how to vote or threatened anyone.
      He is quite loyal to Meg as he was to the rest of the Goblins and seems to treat the women respectfully.
      He’s my guy this season and it has been a looong time since I have had a person I can truly root for.
      #Jamesforthewin #TeamGoblin

    2. You’re uptight and that’s ok. Not everybody gets his humor. I am a woman and know he is joking most of the time. He’s funny…hilarious even…

    3. James has his problems, but they’re no where near as offensive as Vanessa & Austwits. It’s like the presidential election, we’re not voting for someone who will keep their promises, just the lesser of two evils. The fact he’s got his courage back and plans to get in Vans face is something we’ve always dreamed we could do ourselves. She wouldn’t last a minute with real players that came with an ounce of self esteem. Watching her spiral like she causes & enjoys others pain is karma.

  24. Vanessa always wants to leave the dirty work for someone else. But now she’s screwed. If she doesn’t want to settle for sending going-nowhere Meg out of the game, she’s gotta show her cards to Steve/JMac or AusTwins. No can make everybody happy. And the only way she can impress BB fans is by going for the big move now: putting Liz’s ass on the block.

  25. Yes! Okay, half way there, James. Now win the next HOH and put up Liz and Vanessa, and make sure and let everyone know about how Vanessa belongs to BOTH alliances left in the house. One of these groups will get trimmed, and hopefully it’s by eliminating Vanessa. If Liz goes and Vanessa stays she’ll be on everyone’s shit list, which is just as good in the end.

  26. Sounds like the comp where they hide their own name and the last name found wins. James is good at hiding things but could very well have been told the best hiding spot by production. (That’s just for all you production rigging theoryists out there)

  27. As much as I’m OK with Meg leaving, it’s not a good timing. One of the Austwins must be put up. It’s now or never. They are gaining power with each week that goes by. I hope Liz is put up this week (out of the 3, she’s the best in comps).

  28. Give me a break, do you really believe that Vanessa will not still try to get Meg out of the game instead of Johnny Mac or Steve. I just call BS on her saying that she would do that and in the end she will still target Meg to leave the game.

  29. OMG–COUP D’ ETAT??? Please Production give James the Coup d’Etat to take himself and Meg off the block and he can put up Liz & Austin!!!! loll

  30. so let me get this straight.. even though he’s one of the all time worst bb players jmac is always top of the poll and if anyone posts negatively about him its guaranteed thumbs down by all.. now people are so happy their acting like they just won the lottery and jmacs ass is going back on the block and he’s outta there.. sorry i just don’t get it.. still standing by final 3 james meg austin..

  31. My goodness!!
    James may have singlehandedly saved the goblins.
    He truly is the man.
    This is the first time all summer that I haven’t been severely disappointed by an outcome.
    So sad Vanessa, too bad Vanessa.

    I’m just casually supporting all the J’s in the house and honestly I HATE Liz and Austin so much but I think Julia is a great person :/


  33. Vanessa should put LIZ up as the pawn…
    James Jmac and Steve then vote LIZ out…

    and it has to be LIZ,
    if it is Austin then you have the power of twins
    if it is Julia then you have the power of whatever it is the LIZ and Austin have

    so LIZ has to go and leave Austin and Julia to cry to each other

  34. All Vanessa has to do now is tell Austin that since he hasn’t been on the block yet, he needs to be the pawn. Let Meg and James know that this was her plan all along. Julia will be happy to get her sister away from that nasty man and have her sister back all to herself and they will continue to work with Vanessa. She will still have Johnny Mac and Steve in her back pocket and a better chance to make amends with James and Meg. It’s a win-win for Vanessa. Hope she figures this out.

  35. Awsum job brother man ! Stay on the low, keep firing, and ride this mutha fucking lighting bolt to the end dude ! Fight contenders not pretenders . Boom

  36. I just want to enjoy this moment of happiness before I strain my brain thinking of all the scenarios that could play out. In a perfect world, James wins HOH and that’s as far as I’m going to go for right now. Yaaaaaaaaaaayyyyýyy!!!!!!!

  37. Very Happy for James. But going forward, who does he have to work with? Reminds me of Brendan (The Neanderthal ) in BB12 when Rachel left, he won comps but didn’t have a real alliance

  38. Yay,Good for James. I thought I heard the sound of Vanessa’s head exploding from 2000 miles away.Her hamster wheel just can’t get a break this week.

  39. I hope Austin goes up. I think Vanessa may have caught the tail end of him talking some Cr@p about her with James. We all know how volatile she gets if people talk smack about her behind her back. She will flip out then flip, flip, flippitty flop til veto ceremony on Monday. Tomorrow should be h=ll for all but James and Meg as she tries to decide who the replacement nom should be.

  40. 1. Win POV – check
    2. Take myself off the block
    3. Win HOH
    4. Nominate Vanessa and Liz for eviction
    5. Tell the Austwins that Vanessa has another alliance with Steve and JMac
    6. Tell Steve and JMac that Vanessa has another alliance with the Austwins
    7. Convince Steve and JMac to vote Vanessa out and form a new alliance with him to take out the Austwins
    8. Sit back and enjoy the meltdown

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