“no more Mr nice guy, If Meg goes home, I’m going after every one of you guys”

POV Holder: James POV Competition Aug 29th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 31st
HOH Vanessa Next HOH Sept 3rd
Original Nominations: Meg and James
After POV Nominations: ?and ?
Have Nots Johnny Mac, Julia, James, Meg

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-29 17-36-23-524_jpg

5:28pm Have Nots Meg and James
Meg – James if I go home this week I’m happy and you better win
James – we’re going to try and make that not appen…
James – get Active and not hide in the corner..
James – I swear to god on everything I’ll throw Vanessa asses up they’re..
Meg – He (Austin) might not want Vanessa to go..

James – “I’m going to be like Listen If Meg goes home, I’m going to tell you right now I’m going to go after every one of you guys One by One and Y’all better take me out.. I’m going to tell that to him to his face.

James – no more playing mister nice guy,… watch you’ll be in the room when I tell him that.. they can’t do shit to me cause I’m safe this week
Meg – AND you’re due for a HOH soon
Meg – I’m so glad one of us won

James- I knew I was going to win .. I had a good feeling..
James- this is my week to show Austin and them i’m not willing to play games anymore.. if he doesn’t like it he can gamble but i’m pretty sure he doesn’t want to gamble..

JAmes – Austin if she goes home there’s nothing to talk about
Meg wonders what will happen it a twin goes up
James- you let her sweat

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-29 17-35-00-517_jpg

5:33pm HOH Vanessa and Julia
Vanessa freaking out… SHe’s pissed..
Vanessa – Big BRother is rooting for James to win
Julia – JOhn or Steve?
Vanessa – honestly though..

They agree this is the ‘Worst Competition” because james is the “Hiding King”

Julia says She’s fine if Vanessa doesn’t want to sent Meg home and wants to send Johnny Mac out.
Vanessa says James won’t the POV fair and Square
Julia says Austin, Liz and Her are going after James, “We have the votes’
Julia – I wanted him gone so bad, you don’t understand
Vanessa thinks if she puts Johnny Mac up they will vote him out. “If you guys give your word I would love to believe it but in this game it’s all about incentives”

Vanessa – there’s no right answer right now.. it’s so frustrating.. .what a terrible f***G results.. I gave it everything I had.. I got so many bruises.. lifting mattresses.. and I find Austin’s .. perfect.. perfect..

Vanessa – we had no way of knowing it anything it shows we think alike.

Julia leaves on her way out she says she doesn’t want Meg to float her way to the end so she’s fine with Meg leaving this week.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-29 17-52-38-480_jpg

5:47pm James, Austin and Meg
James – the thing I’m telling you man to man If I win HOh her a$$ is going on the block (Vanessa)
James explains HOw Vanessa has nominated him 2 times now for Bullshit reasons
James’s- I’m tired of it and I’m pissed off
James going back to him and Austin’s Bro Agreement where they agree to help each other protect their girls.
Austin – I don’t want you to think like I played you
James – you’re a man you gotta protect your girl..
James says he’s not in a showmance with Meg he’s still protecting her.
Meg – I’m your queen
James says taking out Vanessa is the biggest move. He’ll tell her to her face if he wins HOH she’s going up.
Liz joins them..
They wonder who Vanessa is putting up, Austin doesn’t think she would put him up. James thinks it’ll be either John or Steve.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-29 18-03-22-505_jpg

Liz – This was such an invasion of privacy I hated this competition….. GOD

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-29 18-08-37-507_jpg

6:05pm Austin and the twins
Austin about Johnny Mac “I Still think he’s f***g crazy”
Austin says the goblins are going to be begging them for votes “It’s better we didn’t win”
About the replacement nomination
Austin – it’s johnny mac or Meg and Meg might not be the best decision

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-29 18-15-43-791_jpg

6:11pm Twins
Complaining about the competition..
“I’m so tired”
“This is the worst Competition”
“Oh My God”
Liz – I wish I had done betterrrrrrr… mine was the first to be foundddddddddd

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-29 18-19-56-976_jpg

6:18pm HOH Vanessa and Austin
Vanessa freaking out about the POV competitions says she thinks too much like Austin and found his veto
Vanessa – I knew it was down to you too.. I could tell you were sweating you were trying
Austin – I tried my hardest
Vanessa – I saw I saw
Austin – they’ve already pulled me aside.. they still are not admitting they would put both of us up
Vanessa – I’m f*** here’s why.. I have to get rid of Meg.. I have to …
Vanessa – if I get rid of John and Keep Meg it’s the stupidest thing
Austin – He’s gunning for you no matter what
Vanessa – it’s very hard to trust Steve in this game..
Austin – you’re not worried about James, Johnny Mac and Steve
Vanesa – it’s bad
Austin – it’s bad all the way around

Austin thinking there might be a way to get James to use the veto on Meg
Vanessa – the odds of that succeeding are 2% it would mean he’s doing something immoral; and insane.
Vanessa – if I pout Steve up will that ensure Meg goes
Austin says Johnnymac will ensure Meg goes, “We’re not going against you”
Vanessa says Steve is going up will Austin vote out Meg
Austin – We’re with you
Vanessa – I know you were trying hard dude.. I wish the girls were trying harder.

Vanessa is spissed htat Steve enver told them about this competition they could have prepared hiding spots.. “He’s supposed to be a BB historian”

Austin tells her Jaems isn’t going to win the Next HOH unless it’s endurance but they’ve had three endurance in a row.
Vanessa – it’s better he stays over Meg.. I 100% want Meg to go
Austin – OK, Are you sure James won’t pull in Johnnymac though..
Vanessa – I have to talk to Johnymac
Austin arguers that Meg is useless in competitions
Austin – Meg in the double eviction would be perfect because she’s not going to win in the ball pen..
Austin – maybe i’m thinking too far ahead

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-29 18-39-31-797_jpg
Austin reminds her the HOH could be worse his target came back into the game.
Vanessa – Oh my god all I want to do is drink some wine
Asuint says they will find a decision that is best for all of them
Vanessa – what do you think of Julia as a pawn
Austin – Liz and Julia will not be happy about that..
Austin – I will not flip on you I’m telling you that
Vanessa – what if SOmething happens.. if I put Johnny up he’s so capable of saying something retarded.
Austin says Meg leaving might not be the best target she’s useless in competitions, “Anything Physical she’s out automatically..”

Vanessa – I’m so sad how did this happen
Vanessa says the HOh was met for James to win and the POV was met for James to win (WTF)

Austin thinks they need to keep Steve in the game he’ll win HOH’s for them.
Vanessa says Steve will throw competitions.

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  • “Goblins/Gremlins” = James and Meg
  • “The Generals” = anyone allied with Becky
  • “SOS” (Students of Sound) = Steve and Vanessa
  • Rockstars = Steve and Jmac
  • AUS-Twins = Austin, Julia and Liz
  • “Austin’s Angels” = Austin, Liz, Julia, Vanessa
  • “Brass Tacks” = Gobins and Austwins
  • The new “Brass Tacks” = Aus-Twins, Meg, James + Vanessa
  • “Freaks and Geeks” “The Scamper Squad” = Aus-Twins, Vanessa, Steve
  • “The new Freaks and Geeks minus Vanessa” = Austin, Liz, Julia, Steve, Johnny Mac
  • “The Authority” = Austin, Liz, Julia, Steve

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112 thoughts on ““no more Mr nice guy, If Meg goes home, I’m going after every one of you guys”

    1. have always said ‘Nessa knew James is a good ally. They will team up now and take out the Austwins. Relax peeps, my daughter won’t let you down,

      Go baby Go!

      1. Please keep mixing your meds and alcohol Vanasty, you’re blind alliance Asstinks Aholes is breathing its last. What a masterful drunk, Steve and Julia quit and threw it, they aren’t protecting you. Your fake alliance F&G could care less and tell you to stop drinking, stop getting crazy, chill out. You’re not winning votes or using all your book smarts. DR made her recant and say James won fair and square. Now I have to manufacture a rat, let’s make a REASON.

        What is with this self destructive psycho drama? Why not make a logical game move, have fun and be classy? BECAUSE THAT’S NOT WHO VANESSA IS she’s her own worst enemy, unstable, rage-aholic, whose ego undermines her every time. Of course Austin will go down in flames with her, she is his only game. He’s protecting 2 Twits who do nothing but alienate everyone. Her empire is crumbling, and she deserves it. If Steve doesn’t recognize his blood is in the water, and he’s the next to go, he’s no genius either. She’s listing all her reasons to hate evict. Steve should have known, Steve didn’t win it for me, Steve won’t commit, Steve protects JMac.

        Vanessa’s game is over. I don’t care who wins, as long as it’s not her. Get to steppin and go finish law school, rehab and charm school, so you don’t have to lie about your credentials your integrity or your people skills anymore.

      2. JMAC is hanging around James & Meg & Julia BECAUSE HE VOLUNTEERED FOR HAVE NOT FOR YOU B*TCHES! Jeez they’re so high on meds drunk on wine and steeped in their own sh*t that they forget who they’re targeting, who is actively plotting against them, what their deals are. If everyone throws the comp to Vanessa and she still can’t win, why is that a Production design? Steve dances on camera throughout, Julia states openly, she quit and doesn’t care, but she’s going to take out her paid assassin because he didn’t look at her? Apocalypse Now with Vanasty as Kurtz hiding out in HOH covered in her own sh*tstirring lies and slanderous spew, the horror, the horror….she rasps sobbing in her wine, spinning from her meds. Oh I’ve been raped by BB, Production has anointed James the favorite…I’m doomed…f*cked from all sides…She’s too egotistical to flip on AusTwits, and admit mistakes to the winners…she knows she’s outnumbered and she’s gonna cry…Steve JMac James Meg are united thanks to Vanessa’s own diatribes against them. Austin Julia don’t win & Waaahhnessa can’t play in DE. She’s getting frontdoored. No more deals.

      3. We will see ! So far all she thinks of is Austin and twins shows she may be good at poker but not BB she can’t even figure out Austin was going to put her up Shelli saved him she still can’t figure noes time to get rid of Austin and Liz

    2. This is such an invasion of privacy!
      Ummm…hello there Liz…you are on national TV having sex and this offends you? We all should be the ones offended!!!

      1. Not only that she stopped looking for the veto and made sure she threw megs stuff everywhere.
        I guess it only matters if it her.

    3. If Vanessa is masterful, what does that make Austin, Einstein–He’s got Vanessa waxing his weasel while he works out all summer. Vanessa wins the comps, for him, protects the Twins for him, pays them all bribes to be her friend, vote for her when they put her on the block. Austin gets her to campaign for him & Twins, she does all the talking, negotiating, deals. He brings in James & Meg, negotiates on the side, she forgives all cleans up all his messes.

      Austin has sex all day while she prays to god preaches from the Bible and lines up all the meat shield for execution. He plays pot ball while she overmedicates. She makes herself a target while he diddles Liz. He refuses to wash, she can’t get the blood off her hands. He sleeps at night, her eyes sunken, acne rages and sobs incessantly.

      He’s got her wrapped around his finger to nominate, evict who he and his little hater Twins want. He owns the votes, she has to do his bidding. He is the masterful player, she’s getting played and will lose.

  1. James is a freaking warrior! This is amazing! Haha Look at those scumbags have to sweat. All they’ve done is talk about him and Meg making up lie after lie. Hope John teams up with him. That would be goooood.

    1. GO JAMES. PREACH, BROTHER, PREACH. You have the balls to tell Austin and will tell Vanessa your gunning for her. But don’t trust Austin…GO ALL THE WAY JAMES. YOU’RE A WARRIOR!

    1. Yeah, and Scaressa and Austin have the nerve to be pissed that Steve didn’t fill them in on this game since he’s a BB historian. Are you kidding me. Halfway thru this game, you finally lose some power and you curse and throw Meg’s things around Liz/Julia. Then blame Production for James’ win. Your vile.

  2. Come on Vanessa… Go with Steve or even better, Julia! I hope she’s noticing the red flag that is Nasty Austin trying so hard to convince her this is not the best week to get out Meg. She really just needs to cut him loose! Please either him or one of the twins!!

    1. James needs to calm down and realize that aaaaaaustwins have to go first. If Meg or an Austwin goes he is more likely to win with Jmac and Steve. Van can manipulate the twins and intimidate Austin. Take one of them out (Liz) preferably and then Vanessa. Jmac is playing nice with her so that she will target others with her paranoia. I really think if Meg stays over Jmac or Steve then Meg would in my opinion team up with a twin possibly Julia over James. You need to think of whats best for you and Bayleigh and not Meg.


  3. Please Vanessa put up Liz or Julia! These meany bitchy annoying brats need to go ugh! and if Vanessa thinks she will win against a showmance and twins, then she ain’t no mastermind or playing a good game.

    1. 1. Convince the Austwins that it’s best for their alliance if one of them is the pawn. Assure them that Meg is their target, and they have the three votes needed.
      2. Put up Liz or Austin as the pawn with their (reluctant) agreement.
      3. Keep Steve and JMac off the block so they don’t spill the beans about my alliance with them.
      4. Tell Steve and JMac that Meg is no threat, and Liz (or Austin) are now the real target.
      5. Vote with Steve and JMac (and James) to evict Liz (or Austin).
      6. Try to keep both alliances floating (S&JM and whatever remains of the Austwins). Use them to target James.

      Of course I hope she fails at #6, because I want James to take Meg or Julia to the end, and win the $500,000!

      1. Vanessa would never tell JMac and Steve to vote out Liz or Austin, knowing they could use it against her later. She would finagle it so one of them said it first then act like she hadn’t thought of that. Also, she can’t vote this week but they would have the numbers to vote out Austin anyway.

    1. At least meg was put on the block several times and won some BOB competitions… julia… … … well shes just there! julia is the ultimate floater… worst than victoria from last season (at least victoria won 1 POV) lol

  4. I hope she puts up Steve as the pawn and Austin and the doublemint twins vote him out – why would anyone vote out Meg – sitting next to Meg is guarantee you will win $500,000. Meg hasn’t done anything. The Big brother gods please have anyone but Meg leave that house!!!!!

  5. What a relief. So glad James won it. That bitch Vanessa thinks if she wins it’s all her great skill but if James wins it’s Big Brother. I don’t know how she could be more hateful. Watch for the waterworks when James confronts her. Hope Meg tells her to dry up…..it won’t work this time. Watch Austin float to James’ side after veto meeting. Austin and twins are the floaters.

  6. I absolutely love it when Vanessa starts squirming around, freaking out, holding her head (with that nasty, ugly green beanie), crying, and feeling really sorry for herself.
    Now who’s all emotional?

  7. My hit list 1. vanessa 2. twins 3. austin 4. steve. i fucking hate austin angels. I love when vanessa plan get broken up. She needs to home.She should took the deal of not nominating oh well. Everytime when james is in the block her plans go up in smoke like the first time she nominated and when he is to throw it for her.

    1. The houseguest don’t know it’s DE
      Do they?
      Lord how come she don’t tell that 3 headed monster she needs a pawn one of u 3 will have to volunteer just like dirty Austin did Vanessa and Steve

  8. If Vanessa doesn’t get either Liz or Austin out this week, she deserves to lose.

    This is the time. If she doesn’t realize that a faction of 3 is greater than a faction of 2 she’s not the gambler she claims to be

  9. Just because you guys suck at endurance comps doesn’t mean James was MEANT to win, it just means you guys suck!

    Production can be blamed for a lot, but not for your shitty gameplay!

  10. Julia please cop an attitude with Vanessa. Please tell Vanessa how you gave up in that comp because you didn’t care anymore. I dare you.

  11. I know we want Austwins as a replacement. But to keep James and meg together doesn’t make sense. Vanessa should lock and load a F4 with Steve, James, & jmac. Sit him down and rationalize with him. Meg goes, then you got physical James, smart/physical jmac, brilliant Steve going against meathead Austin and juliaaaaaaaaahhh and liiiiiizzzzzzuuhhhh. To knock out a twin now puts van in really bad position. Remember van has played a great game and those who do usually go sent to jury, b/c its obvious she’s good. Derrick was good. He read people, and wasn’t emotional. Van reads well, but my god take a Vicodin and xanax and just chill the fuck out. Van will change her mind 4500 times in the next 36 hours. Go BB18!!

  12. Vanessa is all over the place, not surprisingly. She is livid James won saying the competition was made for him. But she’s also saying the HoH was made for James, which she won?! Oh but she thinks he won it fair and square and it’s better James stays over Meg….cause she wants her gone 100% now. In other words, oh yeah I meant to do that even though it totally sucks. I’m gonna go cry now…..please leave me alone….why won’t anyone talk to me and check in on me and see if I’m ok? You’re all against me….I KNEW IT!!!

  13. Vanessa is all over the place, not surprisingly. She is livid James won saying the competition was made for him. But she’s also saying the HoH was made for James, which she won?! Oh but she thinks he won it fair and square and it’s better James stays over Meg….cause she wants her gone 100% now. In other words, oh yeah I meant to do that even though it totally sucks. I’m gonna go cry now…..please leave me alone….why won’t anyone talk to me and check in on me and see if I’m ok? You’re all against me….I KNEW IT!!!

  14. So I guess we are gonna hear till Thursday how the world is against Poor Vanessa. Why are they trying to screw my HOH? why me? Im so loyal, I never lie, my integrity, my word. Pleeeease …. Finally James pulled one off, Hope they see Meg is not a threat -well she’s not- but she staying makes it two person fighting -James and Meg- instead of only James against the world and some way they could revert Vanessa’s empire. They still underdogs but it looked like over and now theres hope for James. Long term they should keep Meg, everybody should try to take her to final 3 or final 2 and that person would easily win. I wonder what happens if Johny Mac goes up against Meg, one of the twins really dislike J-Mac -to be honest don’t know who of the 2, for me both are typical brainless bimbos, no offense to bimbos.

    1. LMFAO!!! “No offense to bimbos!” At least most bimbos aren’t mean, nasty, spoiled little brats! As if their voices weren’t annoying enough, the WAY they talk, UGH, just makes me cringeaaaaaaahhhh!

  15. i have to laugh every time JULIA talks about someone else being a floater. She is the only one in the house that has won NOTHING…even Meg won a BOB comp.

    1. It has been a fun day indeed! Starting with Meg’s hilarious comment about the others doing nothing all season, Austin calling JMac crazy, Julia not wanting Meg to float to the end, & last – but certainly not least – The poster who berated “Anonymous” for commenting on here too much & told them to get a life! LOL!! I hope he or she realizes that there are numerous people who don’t put their names and therefore it shows as “Anonymous!” Oh yeah – & best yet – my man James pulled out the POV!! Perfect ending for a perfect Saturday! Peace Out Everyone!!

  16. Nothing changed. Meg going home first Thursday just set in stone now.

    All is good. Meg goes out first and James doesnt win the second eviction HOH he gone.

    Meg and James wil walkl out door Thursday night.

    Meg and James have no numbers. They are fucked. Done.

    1. It has changed James has a chance to win HOH now he would’ve been going home this week if he didn’t win veto.
      It all comes down to next HOH.

    2. Best case scenarios for Thursday:
      James wins HOH, tosses up Vanessa and Liz. If one of them wins veto, toss up Austin.
      Steve wins HOH and tosses up Liz and Austin as he was theorizing earlier. One of them wins veto, toss up Julia.
      If anyone other than these two win HOH, James may be headed to jury.

  17. Vanessa wonders how this happen? lol…. does she not ever watch Big Brother…. expect the unexpected lol

    I’m glad she has to get blood on her hands this week, even if Meg goes, the replacement will be pissed (putting even a bigger target on her back) love it!!!!

  18. Anon: your a troll . You tell people they need a life but you post on here all day . And your posts are contradictory trash . Everyone on here had good insight and posts maybe once twice per day . Give it a rest

    1. I am not the Anonymous from above that you are chiding for some reason. I just wanted to show you how easy it is to use the same name. It’s been obvious throughout the season that more than one person had been using the same screen name. Obvious to most people anyway. Lighten up – it’s just a message board about a tv show that’s being filmed in a parking lot.

  19. Julia threw Meg’s things around and gave her the finger. Oh that’s right, we liked her LAST week. This week we hate her, she’s a floater.

  20. Now watch that crazy witch go to James and try to make a deal with him to keep Meg.
    I hope he does a Becky on her and says “no more deals, no more deals with you.” and gets up and slowly walks away.

  21. Vanessa needs to put up one of the Austwins. They are gaining more power with every week that goes by. It’s now or never. Liz needs to go this week, she has the most chance of winning comps. The twin’s voice is unbearable to listen to. Besides, getting rid of Meg this week would be a waste. She’s not a threat, there’s no way she’s winning the game.

  22. James has saved me from a really boring week! Now I have a week of watching Van bounce off the walls
    Gooooooooooooo James!

    Van has to choose now….the Austwins are in for a surprise. She knows that evicting Meg is a waste of her HOH.
    She was planning on f3 with Jmac & Steve……….she can’t take a chance & put either one up. Doesn’t really trust the Austwins.

    “What do you think of Julia as a pawn?” Love it!

    This is gonna be a good week! Thanks James………….win HOH!

  23. I agree. There have been floaters in other seasons that have been entertaining. Julia is most entitled, useless and the most tacky houseguest in history, in my opinion.

  24. Dirty Boy and the Smelly Twat Skank Sisters mad because James wants to win too. The level of arrogance and entitlement is unbelievable. Vanessa needs to take a shot at the three, Julia or Liz and James wins HOH and throw Vanessa and Liz up, and whoever comes down throw Julia or Austin up. Its time to put an end to their reign. If Vanessa hasn’t wisen up that she cannot win against the three headed Skank squad then she deserves to lose.

  25. Lemme see if I got all this rambling right: the comp was made for James, Big Brother is rooting for James, he won the POV fair and square, they tailor made this comp for him, I’m so pissed, JMac hasn’t talked to me, there are incentives, I’m pissed…does that pretty much cover it? And the back and forth with Meg and JMac, what about Steve, he’s pissing me off.

    The woman is unhinged. And pissed.

  26. Wow she is all over the place.
    -She’s pissed James won.
    -This completion was made for James just like the HoH was, which she won.
    -Well, James did win it fair and square.
    -She blames Steve for not being psychic.
    -No wait, the Liz and Julia didn’t try hard enough.
    -But, she’s glad James is staying over Meg cause she now wants her gone 100%?!

    I’m pretty sure in the next couple days the following will come out of her mouth:
    -I’m so alone.
    -Everyone is against me.
    -My word and integrity is everything.
    -I need to be alone….why aren’t you guys talking to me?

    1. I don’t think James trusts Austin. He has to have someone to play with and sees Austin as easier to beat than Vanessa in the end. He knows Austin and Liz had two chances to dump Vanessa and weenied out. He can use Austin’s fear against him in f2.

    2. James trust Austin because he thinks they have a “Bro” code to protect their women! LOL!! And actually, I think Austin does like James – Vanessa knows this too – that’s why she was wanting so bad to get rid of James. Vanessa knows that she was a back door target a couple of times – since she loves to be able to rationalize her decisions – she should just put Austin up & say better get you out before you get me. Everyone needs to stop playing so emotionally & start playing smart. Getting Austin out helps everyones game. The twins are not nearly so powerful without him. James doesn’t have to really worry about Van if he teams up with Steve & Jmac. Van would have the twins all to herself. So see – getting out Austin now is better for everyone!

  27. The most annoying BB ever! The twins are floaters and very cocky and Austin is their puppet. Vanessa’s a bully and a cry baby. Also, how dare she use the word Retarted? She should be evicted for using that word. She has no class! Love Johnny Mac and James!

    1. retarded is not actually a bad word its just people seem to think if you call something a different name it makes a difference. retarded is a word meaning slowed its a medical term and it can be used in everyday situations when describing something as being retarded in function. if someone is diagnosed as retarded its not offensive and you can be offended all you want but it won’t change their situation.

      as for class i agree james all the way. by the way are you a squirter james would like to know.

      1. Vanessa’s use of the word retarded is classless. While there is a clinical definition for retarded that isn’t her intent when using the word.
        People who use the word as slang show how small minded and out of touch they are with sensitivity to others. The only people I know that use the R word are a small group of middle schoolers that I teach. And they only do it once in my presence. It only takes me hearing someone use that word once to tell me everything I need to know about them.

      2. Fuck off already. BTW I believe you have a book report due on Monday. Better get moving on that or no TV for you for a week.
        I knew I’d regret using those cheap condoms. God I can’t wait until you leave home.

  28. I am so happy James won the POV. Now what he needs to do is tell Vanessa everything the twins said about Vanessa, tell her how they were so willing to vote her out.

    Vanessa is such a bitch, she is pissed at Steve for not telling her about this competition. I thought she is suppose to be so damn good, I love it how now she has to pick a side and expose her hand. Everyone will know that she has deals all over the house.

    James does not have to listen to any of Vanessa’s BS, he can tell her to shut the hell up, every time Vanessa tries to rant about her word, her integrity, her being loyal, I’d remind her how she is on the bottom with the Austwins, and how bad the twins talked about her for to last 2 weeks.

    Even if it might not be true, I’d make her nervous and talk with her along with Meg, tell her if he or Meg are evicted, and sent to Jury, James, Meg, Jackie, Becky will not vote for her to win, and she saw how Shellie treated her, mostly likely Shellie may not vote for her either.

    Make sure it is just Vaneesa, Meg and James when they talk, this way other people will not want to take Vanessa to the final 2, because they know others won’t vote for Vanessa. If Vanessa tells the Austwins about their conversation, deny it, and say she is trying to convince you to take her to final 2. They never said anything like that to Vanessa.

  29. Vanessa now a chance to make a great move. Put up Liz as a pawn (but not really). Let Jame, Jmac and Steve vote her out. No blood on her hands because Liz was just a pawn. That weakens Austin and Julia and Vanessa still has her alliance with Steve and Jmac. It would be an even playing field: (2) Meg/James (2) Austin/Julia (3) Vanessa/Steve/Jmac. If she puts up Steve or Jmac as the replacement, she will probably lose that person because Autwins will keep Meg. Smart or dumb?

  30. Vanessa needs to pull the trigger and put Liz up. If she thinks Austwins will keep her if she ever ends up on the block she is an idiot, they will take the opportunity as soon as it arises.

  31. Oh Julia your the floater worse than Meg. Is that why you are bitter to Meg? I am so sick of watching Austwin and Vanessa. If James didn’t win this Veto I was going to cancel DVR and stop watching this season.Thank you God!!! Vanessa should put up Liz but I don’t know she have a ball to do that. I really hope James will win the next HOH.

  32. Julia says that she doesn’t want Meg floating all the way to the end so she’s fine with Meg leaving this week.

    I guess Julia wants to be the only one to float to the end, she hasn’t won any competitions, she hasn’t thought up of any strategies herself, the only thing that she can manipulate is her uvula when she’s hookin’ and she’s doing nothing but riding coattails to the end.

    Yet, I have to agree with her, I’m fine also if Meg leaves this week!

  33. I think Vanessa knows exactly what she is doing. She can see Austin pushing for Johnny Mac to go up, she isn’t that stupid. She knows one of them need to go. I think she wanted this because next week she will not have the numbers. She is already planting the seed for Julia to go up. I don’t like Vanessa, buy I think she will keep Johnny and Steve safe. I think one of the Austwins will be on the block…and James, Steve and Johnny will vote them out. Fingers crossed!!

  34. Austin, Liz and Julia are not just Floaters, they are a Raft.

    Could be the first group of Floaters to get to F3 unless James puts the Fear into Vanessa.

  35. Apparently the Twins had no idea that Big Brother was a show where the viewers watch their every move and listen to every word spoken. If they’d known I’m sure they never would have allowed such an invasion of their privacy.


      1. Now, You have a whole bunch of points for writing that, the world sees YOU spread eagle with your partner or someone else partner and you idiots worry about being put up on the block. Priorities People Priorities!!!!!!

  36. Licks donuts thinks Anonymous is one guy posting a lot. LMFAO!

    No Donuts you are the only one who posts fifty two times a day. No worries.:)

    1. Hey (Bye Meg), go back to Simon & Dawg’s last post and read my reply.

      The jokes on you :)

  37. Vanessa’s favorite phrase seems to always be “no blood on my hands”. She’s so afraid to make a big move, no way is she putting Austwins up. She has moments of good game play, but doesn’t deserve to win over someone like James who owns up to his actions.

  38. Who and the heck do those twins think they are. Mean, spoiled, and entitled. They should have sent their maid to play for them.

  39. OMFG…. Vanessa drives me crazy…..

    she pretty much told austin/liz/julia that julia might go up or john…..told john/steve that either of them or julia might go up…. she sure likes to keep the target on her back….

  40. Please bb do something to get Vanessa out. She is so mentally unstable and has serious delusions of grandeur. She needs psychological help. She is not right in the head. Stop giving her med and just take this basket case out of the game.

  41. The problem with Vanessa and Austwins they have no courage to take out their real targets. At least James has the courage to go after what he wants and he has less numbers to back him up, but he still goes for it. Vanessa and Austwins are so cowardly and they always need a scapegoat to pin their actions on. Austin never stands up to Vanessa but uses other people to confront her and walks on eggshells around her.

  42. Vanessa will not in a million years nominate Austin or the twins!.. She will go with the easy target: Johnny Mac…What a waste of HOH!!!

  43. Van: What do you think about Julia as a pawn?

    Austin: Julia and Liz won’t like that.

    Me: WHO GIVES A SHIT?!!!

    You’re kidding me? Someone in the house wouldn’t like being on the block as a pawn? GET OUT I WOULDNT HAVE GUESSED!
    I’ve been trying so hard not to be a complete asshole but Jesus Christ, Austin and the twins make it so hard because they are so incredibly terrible. Someone, anyone, put them up and rip them to shreds because they’ve had to too good for too long already!

  44. I thought Vanessa is so good at * Doing the Math*???
    Put up Liz. Have Liz voted out. Now..Vanessa has JMac, Steve, and James. Meg as well.
    Even if she doesn’t have James and Meg…Julia and Meg are pretty useless.
    But..Paranoia rules with Vanessa. The problem is..she thinks she’s more brilliant than anyone..and she’s thinking she’s in final 2..no matter what.
    SO..she’s thinking that’s 3 votes against her. ( Austin..Liz and Julia.
    rrmmm..she has to get to final 2. And..Steve will get there. With who? Could be James..Jmac….or who ever is left of the awful 3some.
    Meg could be carried to the end as well.
    Vanessa will NOT make it to final 4…..but it’s no good telling her that.

  45. I do NOT understand how JULIA thinks she’s so special and protected. FFS. Austin, Liz and Julia REALLY REALLY think they are entitled to be final 3!!!!
    That alone makes me grind my teeth.
    I always knew that allowing the twins in would create drama. Which is OK..that’s BB
    But..OMFG…..( and I hate the OMG thing)..but…:)
    I have tried to give benefit to the doubt…I am so sure that being in the house..cannot be easy. They don’t know what we see and know.
    But..even so..given the info they DO have….COME ON!!!
    Put one of the posters here in the game. ( There’s quite a few to choose from)….Very good insights here.
    James is a stand up guy. So is Jmac..and in a way..Steve. Yes..getting Jackie out was really stupid..at that point.
    But I think he was so evercome with winning an HOH..he just fell apart.
    He’s clearer now.
    Steve, Jmac and James must hook up. Vanessa is just too out there.
    Meg. Aah..Meg. A lovely person….very loyal….and just a darling. But…and it’s a big BUT.
    Sweetie….you have NO idea about game play. And…ummmm…you haven’t exactly shone at comps. Or decisions.
    Furthermore……LEARN DAYS and events. Meg thinks she can just float on by with her sweet personality and laughing.
    MEG. Help James. Help yourself.
    I’m sorry..but I think Meg should go. She adds nothing to the game. I have to say..I’m really bored with her constant..* Good Cheer*.
    This should be cut throat at this point of the game. It should be clever.
    Meg, Julia…Nope.
    GET TO STEPPIN. Get on the block. He’s a big version of * My little pony*……With balls the size of frozen peas!

  46. Julia calling me a floater and saying she didn’t do anything, is the pot calling the tea kettle black, Julia is in the same boat as Meg riding everyone’s coatails. Everyone in that house has been carrying the twins, but at least Liz is pulling her weight. JULIA needs to be the pawn, even if she doesn’t go, although I hope she does.

  47. I’m so happy James won the veto! He is the only entertainment in the house right now. I hate Julia! Who is she to make demands on who she wants gone? She is calling Meg a floater and she’s the #1 floater in the house! At least Meg has some type of social game. Julia has been nothing but nasty to everyone in the house. What exactly has she done to get where she is today? The twins have the most disgusting attitudes. I wish they knew how much people hate them. Then again, they would probably just blame Austin cause they are never wrong in their eyes. These people are so stupid. I can’t wait for this season to be over. Vanessa and the twins make me want to punch them in the face.

    1. My sentiments exactly! Meg is NOT Victoria despite what some fans here think. Victoria had no social game, she had Derrick. That’s it! I keep bringing it up, but if anyone saw the After Dark where James and Meg are debating their options after they were put on the block, you would know! Meg has the social skills to know what to say, and what not to say. She is not the dead weight that Vic was. And, Julia is the BIGGEST floater. She hasn’t won anything, she has no game play or social skills! In fact, she’s just as terrible as Victoria! At least Meg has physical limitations that we are aware of so she has an excuse. But I don’t think Meg is dumb, and I’d like to see her win something, but I doubt she’ll last that long. Oh Julia, maybe your maid dropped you on your head when you were young.

  48. Hey moron! Yeah you with the duck face and crazy eyes. Yeah the beanie wearing lunatic. First few weeks you were apologizing using the word “retarded” every time you got the chance. Now you’re just flinging it around like nobody’s business. What the hell is wrong with you? And Liz, I mean, PRIVACY? You’re on friggin Big Brother half wit!

  49. big brother if you put house guests in there like the ones you have in there now I will boycott they are so annoying you got the Twins that when they open there mouths you just want to kill them the way they eat is just disgusting like they have never eaten and cry baby vennessa who can her girlfriend deal with her such a bitch and I can’t believe Austin is a wrestler but I see why he isn’t wrestling and him being on here isn’t helping and Steve and iMac have no balls there all two faced if James doesn’t win everyone has to vote for him to get viewers choice for only one with balls. Austin put on a shirt enough already I’ve had enough of your tatoos

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