Power Of Veto Competition Results! “Fes is done! Fes is going home!”

POV: Kaycee Next POV: Aug 25th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 27th
HOH: ANGELA Next HOH: Aug 30th
Noms: Fes & Haleigh Have Not ?

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Power of Veto players: Haleigh, Fes, Angela, JC, Kaycee and Sam.
POV Host: Tyler

1pm – 10:35pm Big Brother blocks the feeds for the power of veto competition.


10:35pm Bedroom. Haleigh and Fes. Fes – I dropped so many man! How the f**k did she beat me?! I dropped so many! Haleigh – you did better than I did. Fes – I don’t want to be on the block with you. I just want to go home today. Haleigh – no you don’t. Fes – Yes I do. AHHHhh I’m so mad Haleigh. How the f**k did she beat me! This is so embarrassing. Haleigh – why? She’s an athlete too. Fes – man by 1 point! I dropped so many Haliegh. This week is going to suck! What are we going to do? Haleigh – we just hang out. One of us are leaving. Fes – Sorry. Haleigh – for what? Fes – just everything. Haleigh – its not your fault. Fes – is this week going to be weird now? Haleigh – no, we’re just going to hang out. I am going to go make dinner, I haven’t eaten today. Haleigh heads to the kitchen.

HOH room. Kaycee and Angela. Angela and Kaycee high five. Angela – this week is flawless.. as long as there’s a twist. You killed it! This one was made for you! Kaycee – I was laughing when I heard you had to catch it with your mouth. Angela – now I don’t have to put up Sam which is good. I was like how am I going to do this without her freaking the f**k out. Kaycee – she can see this as now you are even, which is good. Angela – Fes is done! Fes is going home! And I only have one person with a target on me which is the best way to get out of this week. Angela – this is perfect. JC throwing comps though. Come on!!? Kaycee – one point though .. come on. I am so stocked that I f**king beat him. Angela – that was so amazing.

10:40pm – 11pm Kitchen. The house guests are making dinner. The talk about having to catch balls and squid in their mouth. JC – The balls hit me so hard in my balls.

Bedroom. Brett, Kaycee and Haleigh are chatting about the veto. Brett – who went first? Kaycee – me. Haleigh – I went fifth. I literally read all the ingredients on all the vitamins. I didn’t want to nap before and try to wake up.

11:36pm Bedroom. Tyler to Sam – you did good. You did good enough to not win. Sam – thanks.

11:37pm Bathroom. JC to Haleigh – Are you guys in a showmance? Haleigh – no, why. JC – just wondering. Haleigh – why would you even ask that? JC – its okay to ask. But if you are just don’t open your mouth about it. Don’t tell any of these people, even if they ask.

11:40pm – 12am HOH room. Kaycee, Brett and Angela. Brett – the best thing is you beat him at his own sport. So what are you going to do? Kaycee – I going to use it on Fes. The both laugh. Tyler joins them. Brett – JC got really mad when I called him a floater. Angele gets out the wine to celebrate. Haleigh comes up and Angela hides the wine. Haleigh – this week is going to be hard. Angela – I know, just know we have your back. Its strictly game. Haleigh – I am literally not going to talk to anyone Tyler – man Miss America called me a child.

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K...bb fan

Please don’t send Fes him out…you will likely regret it badly! Plus we will miss the ultra stupid he gives us!


Are you joking? No, really. I want Haleigh to go first. She’s smarter than Fez, more of a danger. It will kill Fez to think about her being in the jury house with Scottie (and no cameras)! Not likely she will win battle back. Scottie probably will. Please get Haleigh out first!

K...bb fan

Not at all…anyone that comes into the house will have an ally in Hay. Who will really want to work with Fes’s dumb ass. And if they do, they deserve for him to ruin their game again.


Haileigh also enjoys super alcohol sniffing powers…….just as L4 uncorked their well deserved celebratory wine Hayliegh with hair wrapped and face masked charges in saying” I could smell it ” Tyler says what……Hayliegh “the ALCOHOL”……….uncanny super power.


And now let the Fester jealous paranoid parade begin……Brett has been waiting for this and so have I lol.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

I’m not sure being “smarter than Fessie” is much of a selling point. Who or what isn’t? The person who tied their game to Fessie?

Weighing the two, one is better at hashtag comps, the other is better at physical comps, I’d have to go with taking out the physical threat.

Sure, Haleigh is somewhat cognizant that the rest of the house is pretty much aligned, but she should have realized that weeks ago. Looking at her game play to date, I’m not sure how much of a real threat she is UNLESS it’s in being used by a breakaway L6 power play (Brett for instance, and she’d latch on to anything to stay safe). But, better chance of getting JC and/or Sam to go along with a breakaway play with Fessie more than Haleigh.

Send Fessie to jury, and while I was on board with the karma express of Scottie winning buy-back, I’m now leaning not. Let Fessie loose to a woman two in a row.


If you are Fes and a moron clap your hands, CLAP! CLAP!


I bet if Fes wins the battle back, first person he is putting on the block is Haleigh.

Angela's Shaved VaJayjay

Did she flip???


If Fes wins BB, he would have to then win HOH. You give him a lot of credit for being able to do both lol…however, if he wins BB & managed to win an HOH, he’d definitely put up Angela & Tyler. Fes is a MORON. The entire Hive alliance are collectively sharing a tiny brain.

Eh eh

He SHOULD. Should’ve dumped that parasite long ago. Might have saved himself if he did.



Who said that!

Poor Brett digging his own grave trying to make a final 2 with Tyler,that would put him 5th in line for Tyler’s final 2s.


I don’t know if Tyler took Brett to the end he would most likely win…..KC /Angela is much trickier……regardless I want a L4 duo as the final 2.


I think he would win against Angela and Brett. I f he’s against anyone else, he will most likely lose. I actually kind of agreed with Fes saying that they should get the floaters out and best man wins. The problem is, they have all done so much in L6. Tyler’s constant manipulation of EVERYONE, JC has manipulated Fes all season, Brett has been able to infiltrate the other side, not once but twice, and Angela is the one that has actually done the dirty work of getting blood on her hands. I’m not even sure who truly deserves to win anymore because they’ve all been vital parts of making it work to eliminate the other side of the house.

Nah, Imma Stay! (Namaste)

Brett completes Tyler’s “full house” of F2’s! Now he has one with EVERYONE!! Didn’t that backfire on Paul??

James Arendsen

The big difference was that Paul was an annouying, condesending, jackass, while everyone seems to really like Tyler.

Eh eh

Basically the opposite of Josh. Riiight.


No loss at all. Faysal the ignorant naive
B!+c# deserves to go. Good riddance.

Na na na na
Na na na na
Hey hey hey



Eh eh

Ignorant, check, naïve very. But that 3rd epithet applies to his naïvely chosen girl with the borderline personality. Unless you’re projecting.


C’mon guys! You can manipulate Fessie, but Hayleigh’s onto you. Get Hayleigh out!

Who said that!

Were Brett and Tyler talking about that?


That is what I say, that way when. Scotty wins the battle back he wont have Haleigh to googoo over.
If Fes stays it will be more entertaining to watch Scotty take home out

Nah, Imma Stay! (Namaste)

I agree!! While Fes is more of a physical threat, as a Hive-mate, he SUCKS! Whoever comes back in will be furious with him for being such a moron and turning on Scottie! Nobody could trust him He would be the true LONE WOLF!

Hayleigh on the other hand, is liked by ALL the Jury Hive and that little HUNNY would bring any of them back to her!

But since they don’t have as much info as I do, lol, they won’t figure this out before eviction.

Eh eh

Exactly. Plus he’s not a touchy, angry, self-righteous sourpuss. The two things he understands that she doesn’t is it’s just a game, and how to treat people.


Eating some fish while using your fingers to “catch” Yeah the competition was made for KC

Nah, Imma Stay! (Namaste)

Child. “Seriously!”


I hate the jury battle back nonsense. Level 6 has been killing it this season and they deserve to be where they are. I would laugh a whole lot if Baileigh or Rockstar came back, though.


i’m rooting for scottie come back and last a couple more weeks alongside brett and hayleigh. just a shame there won’t be a camera on fes’s jealousy boiling over in jury. hay needs to run as soon as this show is over.


Fes IS jealous af and I wouldn’t want a boyfriend like that, but Haleigh really did go beyond the boundaries of tastefulness with her flirting. It was to the point where it was nauseating watching her laying on and/or stroking the three guys. Once she started getting “serious” with Fes (i.e. making out with him), I found her flirtatious behavior downright disrespectful to him.


I agree, i would love to see rocky win, just to see the look on little fessieboys face. He is having a hard enough time with Kaycee beating him can only imagine what he will say if rocky did…LOL


Drew…I totally agree. Only good part about the BB this season will be watching the BB winner go right back on the block and back to the little house 🙂

Angela's Shaved VaJayjay

Haleigh – its not your fault.

Yes it is fezzys fault…..

Who said that!

In my fevered fantasies I’d love to see Scottie return and team with JC and Brett to take out the rest of Level 6,but in reality none of Tyler’s final 2s will turn against him.So Tyler wins.

No Longer Literally, But FIguratively

Was watching Brett & Tyler in the HOH room and assumed the Veto comp was still going. So happy for KC. It appears Haleigh is a better sport than Fez. Not a fan of her game, but for being the youngest in the house, she has stepped it up cooking and cleaning, and being a little more social with the others. I think she’s making the best out of a bad situation. I don’t understand why he’s embarrassed. It sounds like it was tailor made for him; but there are other athletes in the house and KC must have had her day. One person can’t win the game all alone. Besides, the Hive have been beaten mentally over all, not physically.


Yes…..to all..BUT…the part about Haleigh being the better sport. She KNEW even before the comp that Fes was the target. Not her. And..no matter who wins the battle back..she will have an ally as they are Hive members. For her..best bet is Scottie.

No Longer Literally, But FIguratively

I just think he was an a@@ when they did the “hide the veto” comp in doing his fair share of trashing the house, and he let her and Scottie do all the cleaning. He’s not lifted his finger to cook or clean all season; at least help your girl out. I think he’s lazy. I don’t think it’s relevant whether she’s the target or not. Even if you are dying inside, being decent on the outside is being a good sport. Give KC her due. He’s a bad sport and a big baby. I see ups and downs to either of them staying but even with the stupid battle back, they have numbers enough to send them back out. Who would go to the end with anyone in the jury and expect a vote from L6 or JC? The others have played such an awful game, taking one of them to the end would be suicide. And they just haven’t earned it.

Eh eh

Good Lord. Hay does nothing but project her control-freaking & mood swings on others, Fes has to walk on eggshells around her & he’s the only one of the two who ever really had the other’s back. Yet somehow he’s your problem.

Nah, Imma Stay! (Namaste)

Yay!! It’s about time this veto ended! And it’s about time Kaycee wins! But kinda sad to see Fes just realizing that you have to actually play Big Brother! This will light a FIRE under the 4 jurists to battle back! Once that happens, it’ll be like Angela’s HOH never happened! But battle lines are drawn now for sure and it’ll be ruthless from here on out!


God little fessieboy is a whiny idiot. I am actually looking forward to him talking to julie, can hear it now. Julie, WTH happened, I don’t understand, Haleigh was supposed to get voted out not me, she kept telling me they were voting her out, why? how? He is so full of himself, I am glad he lost to kaycee. I am happy his A$$ was handed to him and that arrogant look was wiped off his face. Way to go Kaycee. I think what would make this even funnier would be for rocky to beat him in the battle back. I think he would lose his mind if he lost to rocky, wait, you can’t lose what you never had. LOL. I wonder if hayleigh is going to tell him that he is actually the target not her. Going to be an interesting few days. LOL


Man i wanted Fes to win it’s actually the furniture who won i hope Jury is bitter bring the bitterness baby i love it


Bitter juries are nothing more than sore losers.


Oh Fes.
He didn’t want to waste his HOH on 2 girls. He wanted to target 2 guys.
Now..2 girls take him out.
He doesn’t care about leaving so much, as losing to KayCee.
Hay is pretty happy, because now she knows Fes was always the target.
I think there’s a chance Bay or Rocks get back in.
Production always looking for expect the unexpected.

Eh eh

“Hay is pretty happy, because now she knows Fes was always the target.” Of course. For his sake, I hope he at least watches the season & wakes up before he’s on the hook.

What now !!??

All aboard for Boringsville, pick a seat and get ready for ……… nothing interesting at al!!! Once Fes goes there won’t be much to watch for a few weeks. They will vote out whoever wins the battle back, then vote out Haliegh, then turn on each other, which may potentially offer something interesting, then again maybe not. Or maybe I’m just being. BB pessimist today.


Huh? After Foutte and the floaters are gone, we’ll see the best of L6 pick each other off. Gonna be interesting watching it unfold.

Dr. Bronson

Angela is the best dish washer ever!


gotta love how fes said putting up angela or kaycee during his hoh would be a “wasted week,” and now not only did he eliminate an ally instead but angela and kaycee with their comp wins will be most responsible for sending him home.


What a great point. Mr. Horndog Athlete loses to giiiiiirlllls. Live that down Fes.

Eh eh

?? He’s loyal to one girl (obviously a poor choice but hey, he’s oblivious) and she’s kind of a sl*t trying to work other guys (of course it only worked on the virgin).


L4 are about to drink Angela’s wine. Hay comes up and says she smells the wine.
But she didn’t share hers with them or Fess’s.

Just Wondering...

I keep reading comments talking about the Battle Back but I haven’t heard Julie mention that there’d be one. Doesn’t she normally talk it up for a couple of weeks beforehand? Or are some just assuming it’s going to happen because it usually does?


Julie mentioned it on the last episode.

What JC Said

I saw a screenshot of a tweet from @JulieChen announcing the BattleBack a few days ago.

Battle back hater

Julie told us about the jury battle back at the very end of Thursday’s show. It will be between those in the jury already, including Scottie, and whoever is voted out this coming Thursday.

I sucks big time as everyone of them sucks and do not deserve to come back.


If you watch the shows, she broke the news last week at the end of Show


She just announced it Thursday night.


Basically production realized that the Hive managed to screw themselves royally and actually evicted themselves so it’s more a pity buyback. They are probably hoping Bayleigh wins so she can use her power so that “twist” wasn’t a total crap fest.


Awe… is Fessy being Fussy?

James Arendsen

Maybe he missed his nap. LOL

Sam is either an evil genius or completely mad

I take it he no longer thinks it is “fun” being up on the block!


Looks like a slow rest of the week on the feeds.. will be plenty of L6 laying around talking about how awesome they are. Looking forward to the paranoia and backstabbing in the weeks to come.


I’m so waiting for someone to burst Angela and Kaycee’s bubbles because they’re too cocky and bitchy (bad enough Bayleigh and Rockstar). Now that Faysal is the target and he’ll go to jury, i really want Scottie to win the Battle Back, win HOH, team up with Hayleigh (and possibly Brett cuz it seem like he’s the low man on the totem pole of L6/L4), put up Angela and Kaycee (the way stupid assed Faysal should’ve done from jump street), one of them win veto, keep noms the same, and vote out Angela ( you know JC would love to get her out and away from Tyler). Hoping that’ll happen, but hey…a man can dream, right?

Swaggy's Missing Brow

Imagine having your arse kicked by evil, stupid, cocky furniture. Live that one down.

Sam is either an evil genius or completely mad

Kaycee and Angela are allowed to be a little cocky because their plan is working. But the difference between their cockiness from Hayleigh, Rockstar, and Bayleigh, is that Kaycee and Angela, don’t sit around and call the other girls, bitches, privileged princesses, trash, whores, etc. K and A have not made it personal. Any comments about the others being dumb, or idiots have been made regarding game play.

Eh eh

Spot on. Because unlike Foutte girls, they’re not deeply insecure.


By voting out Faysal and Scottie winning the Battle Back, Faysal will go absolutely batshit crazy in the jury house wondering if Scottie and Hayleigh kissed and/or hooked up; And driving Bayleigh and Rockstar up the @#$%ing wall…ROFLMAO!!!!

Eh eh

Whatever you’re smokin must be pretty strong. Fays isn’t a drama queen except in the fantasies on this board.

Nah, Imma Stay! (Namaste)

Whoever wins the Battle Back has GOT to realize they need a NEW strategy! They are no longer the Hive if there is only 1 Hive-mate left in the House! To think they can come in and rekindle their partnership with Hayleigh, is only accepting their on the LOSING side again!

Hopefully, they have enough information from the jury that they know who’s working together. Find the chinks in their armor; the weakest links and make some allies! Work those low level L6s -Brett, JC and Sam?

SOMETHING!! Just don’t come back with their SAME game!

That said, I’m still not routing for any of them, lol! I’m a L6 all the way!

Swaggy's Missing Brow

Haleigh’s best bet is to let whoever comes back be the next target; it gives her another week for someone to offer her a better deal.

who me?

Scottie needs to win it. He is the only one that deserves to come back (since numbnuts put him up and sent him out), and he needs to stay away from Hayleigh except to use her for a vote (goose meet gander). It’s getting to the point that both JC and Brett are tired of being the 3rd-4th wheel and would work with him to get the rest out.


It is completely unfair to have a jury buyback when they have seen goodbye messages. People have spilled their gameplay on those GBM,aka Brett. If they wanted a buyback they shouldn’t have shown them!


Or naybe they shouldn’t have spilled they’re gameplay in the GBM… that really isn’t smart.


Right! I would love to see Rockstar back just to see if she confronts Angela about her goodbye message.


I hope Fes goes…..and comes back. If not him coming back in, Rockstar. Both easy targets to send packing again.


He’s got to beat Victor though and he’s never lost a buyback.