“All four of them are working together You, Me and Sam are the odd man out”

POV: Kaycee Next POV: Aug 25th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 27th
HOH: ANGELA Next HOH: Aug 30th
Noms: Fes & Haleigh Have Not ?

Big Brother Spoilers Fes’ goose is cooked.. Now all we need is Scottie to win the battle back.

12:18am Fes alone reading his religious book.

12:24am The HIVE is kaput

12:35am Level 6 celebrates..
They joke that Kaitlyn is probably tweeting that she knows who is going to win because of her spirits.

Tyler and BRett say they were up in the HOH for 6 and a half hours. they were the only ones on POP TV.
BRett – we weren’t wearing shirts.. gave them a show.. gave the people what they wanted..

TYler and BRett leave to get food.. KAycee and Angela think they are good in all angles.
A – this week could not have work out better.
Angela points out that this couldn’t have workout out better.. you both play the same sport, you’re a female beating the male..
A – he’ll never be able to live that down.. he lost to a girl in his own sport.. I love us.. we’re the best
K – WE are.. since day f*ing one..
KAycee – oh my gosh with one point..

Kaycee points out that they must be the most successful Big Brother alliance in history.
Angela laughs that Fes goes home the week after his HOH after telling us all we’re safe, “I can’t wait until Fes walks into the jury house”
Kaycee points out that the entire jury is the other side
Angela – they hate me..
Kaycee we are going to be final; 4 I can feel it I am so confident it’ll be us in final 4

Angela – shows what loyalty does..
KAycee – we keep our mouth shut..
Angela – I don’t think other ever was an alliance where someone doesn’t flip or freak out or something
Kaycee – we were solid
(Psttt.. not all level 6 made it)

They agree it’s sad that HAleigh is all alone.
Angela – she knows she’s next..
Angela says haleigh put herself in this spot so you can’t be too sad.
Anela – did you ever think Tyler has the pwoer app.. whenever he talks about veto..
Kaycee – I feel he would have told us
Angela – sometimes it’s better not knowing..

Brett and Tyler are back.. they start chit chatting about weather or not their parents are watching the live feeds.
Brett says his mom probably isn’t but his dad might be.
Brett mentions how his aunt told his mom about the show because apparently she had watched it before.” it’s all lying cheating and f*ing.. they do everything on that show.. my mom was like please don’t do that on television”
They start talking about 40 year old virgin and the feeds flip

12:35am Fes tells JC he’s not going to even campaign, “They’re going to send me homw” . JC tells him he has Sam and his vote who else could he get? JC tells him that the two girsl Angela and KAycee have Tyler on their side.
JC says Tyler, Angela and Kaycee have a top 3 deal.  JC points out there might be a battle back.
Fes says if ROCKS hadn’t given Tyler the answer on OTEV POV Tyler would have gone home that week and during Fes HOH either Angela or Kaycee would have gone.
FEs – I wouldn’t’ have sent Scottie home because Scottie wouldn’t have flipped. I wouldn’t have been as sketch out with Scottie yet..
JC – it’s a game not the end of the world
JC says that he was recommending  to FEs at the time to put Brett and Kaycee up
Fes – woulda coulda shoulda
JC – Rockstar really fucked it up.. 1 think affects the whole game.
JC thinks he’s the target next week, “I made it top 7 or top 6”
FEs – I wish I would have won that veto.. I wanted to win a veto while on the block that would have been a good feeling.
JC thinks if the game keeps going this way it’ll be Tyler and Angela final 2.
Fes asks him who he would put up if he won HO next week, “I’m probably going home”
JC doesn’t know who he would put up but he would try and break up the alliance in the house
FEs – where do you think Brett fits in all that
JC – I think they just like him … that’s why they’ve been giving him their votes.

FEs – I’m not mad at the game I’m mad at the comp.. I should have won that comp .. I should have scored 40

Halegh joins them

Fes is blaming their predicament on Rockstar again saying if she hadn’t given Tyler the POV he would have never sent Scottie home.

Fes says he’s ready to go home now he doesn’t want to go to jury, “I don’t want to sit in jury for 20 days’
H – think of it as a vacation.. STOP we don’t know you are leaving
FEs – one of us is.. I would rather be the one that goes anyways
H – don’t say that ever again
JC – you never really know what will happen
FES brings up his veto performance – I don’t drop balls I DON’T Drop balls..
JC tells Haleigh if she makes top 2 he’ll campaign for her in the jury house.
Haleigh – all four of them are working together you me and Sam are the odd man out

Haleigh asks if Tyler is going to sleep in the HOH all week. JC thinks he will says he told him that after he’s done being a have not he’s moving in up there.

1:15am FEs and Haleigh 
FEs – I just want to continue the fun after this.
Fes says he hopes it’s him that goes this week so she’s stuck in here with all this Bullsh1t
H – Fes.. if you leave I’m coming right after you.. Just like Scottie said they’ll take you out because they want to isolate me
H – I won’t survive in this game long without you
Fes – I should not have gotten Scottie out.. I just thought he was getting so close to you he would pull you away from me and attack me
H – you being serious
Fes –  I thought he was going to put me up because he was getting close to you and further away from me
H – What..
Fes – I told you that
H – you told me you didn’t want him around because he was flippy votes and being sketchy
fes – yeah that too but also the closer he got to you the further from me .. that should be a red flag..
H – you thought he was going to take me away from you that’s what you just said
Fes – no take yo out.. Calm down haleigh we’re on the block
H – don’t remind me
Fes – I threw the veto so that you would stay
H – shut up.. don’t say that..
H – I can’t believe Kaycee did that good
Fes – I can’t believe I did that bad..
Haleigh says she’s never bitten her nails this bad before. The last time she would was in high school
Fes – I can’t believe she beat me..
H – once I saw the comp I was like Fes already won.. before I started playing.
Haleigh – lets go to bed
FEs – maybe we’ll wake up and not be on the block
H – if you go and I stay and Cody hosts the next veto I’m flirting with him

1:49 Level 6 + JC
Joking around..

2:02am Brett and Angela
They’re watching Sam in the kitchen on the HOH Spy camera.
Brett says Sam was telling him that she quit smoking she gave production all of her cigarettes. she was on the patch but if gave her nightmares.
Brett – she was pissing me off during the HOH comp..
Angela – fes is the one person that has pissed KAycee off from day one.. She’s like he’s f*ing in considerate..
Brett agrees that Fes is.
Angela says Fes is probably going home but she doesn’t want to be too confident.
Brett says unless there’s a twist they have 3 solid votes.
Angela mentions how Fes leaving over Haleigh is so much better for them because Fes and JC and Sam whereas halegih has nobody.
Brett – I still think Haleigh’s objective is Sam goes and Sam’s is Haleigh goes
Angela – bring sup her conversation this morning with Haleigh and how well it went.
Brett says he’s in the Sam boat as Kaycee he’s had it with FES’ arrogance.
Angela mentions that Fes took out his own teammate
Brett says If SCottie finds out she took out Fes that might be a jury vote for her.
Angela – I’m not sold on the battle back
Brett thinks they shouldn’t play the game anticipating twists.
Angela says she can’t wait to work out .”I feel disgusting with myself”
Brett also feels rotund saying he’s been eating a lot of cookies.
They’re curious if Fes will start campaigning tomorrow..
A – do you think he’ll throw Haleigh under the bus
Brett – he’ll pull Halegih in and over KAycee ad final 3.. just like him and baylegih did with JC.. And Scottie..
A – they tried to pitch something to me and Tyler.. we’re sitting there like OK..

Brett – We won’t target you if you don’t target us
Angela mentions that Fes told her “I’m in power right now and I’m coming to you ”
Angela – are you joking.. you are at the bottom of the power totem poll
Angela explains that Fes and Haleigh coming to her and Tyler to make a deal for the next week when only Haleigh can play in the HOH is a losing proposition.

Brett – I’m just going to keep the fans happy with me GBM (NICE)

Brett stresses how he’s the most hated person in the Jury house.

2:41am Tyler and Angela
Snuggling.. Tyler says he’s been talking to BRett today trying to reassure him that he’s not an outsider.
Tyler brings up that Brett said JC is trying to get close to him.
Tyler – he was asking me if we are in a showmace.
Tyler points out it’s not the worst thing that Sam votes Haleigh out because then if Haleigh stumbles into a HOH win she might put Sam up.
Tyler – did you tell JC that FEs through his name out..
Angela – no
Tyler doesn’t think it’s worth it anymore
Angela – all it’ll do is have FEs hate me more
Tyler wishes KAycee had spent a night up here before today because he thinks it’ll be weird if he’s up here.
Tyler – you and me are similar you just don’t see my savage side too much

Tyler – you want to go on a date when the show’s over..
Angela – mmmhmmm
Tyler – where do you want to go..
Angela – hilton head
Tyler – Hawaii
Angela – ok.. you can learn how to surf..
Tyler – can you surf
Angela – no
Tyler says he’s thinking about never learning how to surf and just having people always assume.

3:13am Brett, JC, Angela and Tyler
JC bring sup about a hour ago going up to Sam and saying she is “Low energy”. Sam kinda went off on him telling him about all the cleaning she’s done, Making all the beds, cleaning the floors, POV comps, etc etc..
JC – I was like Okay..
JC – after that I told her you still seem like low energy
Brett – she refuses to eat anything else people cook
Brett – ever time I make the group food. She gets bad and won’t eat it
JC – we’re mostly like city people and we do take care of the stuff we put in our bodies (ugh not all rural folks are like this)
JC – She cooks with 3 pounds of butter.. she’s self conscious about it
Brett – why would she not eat the food that I make if it is healthy.. I don’t even make healthy food all the time.
Brett – I literally thinks she gets mad when like any of us cook because that’s like her thing
Angela – she got mad at me once because I was cooking chicken.. she said somethings
They bring up Sam snapping on them when it comes to cooking. Brett mentions how he asked her something about the apples and she snapped. After he asked her why and her reply was “I thought you were trying to one up my apple pie”
BRett =- no.. what? you can take credit for it.
Tyler – it’s crazy how much she over thinks
Brett – if she can’t take credit in cooking she wants no part in it
BRett mentions how he never see Sam eat and will not touch it if he cooks it. Brings up his fish tacos
Angela – she makes a point to not eat it
Brett – she makes a point to let everyone know she is not having any
JC – do you think she’s bi polar .. I do question her behavior and I do have a good relationship with her
Angela – it’s erratic for sure
JC wants to make it clear she likes Sam but he does question what she’s doing
JC – either hes has a problem or she is extremely smart
Brett – she decided to quit smoking on national television
JC – even when she was smoking she was going through all this
Brett questions if quiting smoking while on the Big Brother show may not be a good idea.. “there’s chemical changes that occur when you quit”
JC says the only reason Sam is still in the game is because they’ve been targeting other people.

3:50am Level 6 + JC
Brett says during the first week in the house they were sitting in the geometry room with kaitlyn and Bayleigh. Kaitlyn was going on about having a prediction a HIT.
Brett – “I know who you are supposed to be with”
Brett – I know in the house who you are paired up with based on their.. I don’t know what the f* she was saying
Brett – she was like one person here is really fun and it would really awesome and good for you but then there is someone that is a little bit more work but your soulmate.
Brett – I was like ok who tells me about the fun one.. and she goes BRETT
Brett – she was like SO, would you be with me ..
Brett – I was like I don’t know.. like maybe.. I don’t know.. what the f* am I supposed to say right now.. I was thinking COOL I’ll listen to one of Kaitlyn’s crazy stories then she turns around.. BRETT.. I was like What the f*
Brett – the funny thing is she was trying to play matchmaker she was trying to put Bayleigh with Fes and Bayleigh was all about it at first
Angela – really
Brett – oph yeah that’s who she was first week.. that was like who he was really with
Angeal – fes..
BRett – she (Kailtyn) was like yeah that’s your (Bayleighs) Soulmate (Fes)
Talking about Swaggy and bayligh had sex in the HOH room. Brett says Bayleigh told him they were laughing about it. Kaitlyn gave them the room. Kaycee doesn’t think they did bang.
Brett mentions how Sam made up the name “BLOCKSTAR”
they laugh
Brett – BLOCKSTAR get on the block

Brett thought for sure Rockstar was going to take a swing at him after his speech when Winston was evicted.
They go over ROCKSTAR brain cracking after BRett’s speech
Brett – one thing that is good I can tell someone is going to take a swing at me

7:23am ZZzzzzz

9:22am Zzzzzzzz

10:40am Lights are on but everyone is sleeping for the most part.

10:45am Sam’s up feeding the fish

11:00am Tyler and Angela
Tyler brings her some ice water..
Tyler – you’re perfect..
Angela – no
Tyler- yes you are
Angela – my hair is crazy
Tyler – whats the plan today
Angela – nothing
T – it’s nice outside.
Angela looking at Sam threw the spy cam .. I wonder what she does in the kitchen for hours..
Angels says sometimes she see Sam moving thing around the kitchen 1 inch at a time.
T – she always has to have something to do
T – Sh’es doing something right she’s still here
A – I know

A – the jury house would be miserable right now.. that is literally my hell..
T – they are not happy..
A – I think Brett is hated more than you
T – they want to see Tyler, Angela and Brett for sure.. who would they guess it’s going to be
Angela – Sam .. with ROCKS gone I’m sure she’s saying she has no one..

T – what did rocks call you
A – entitled.. pretentious, Bitch.. I could go on
T – you sent out all her friends..
A – Blockstar
T – She said she said it when ROckstar was walking from the orange part of the couch to the green part of the couch .. BLOCKSTAR
T – Rocktsar, she doesn’t even know you .. I hate people like that
A – I had 2 conversations
T – you have a biog heart with all kinds of emotions.. I see it .. I see those emotions sometimes..

T – you can’t resist a good cuddle sesh only people with hearts do that.

11:45am Haleigh and Tyler

H- a week in here isn’t like a real life week
T – there’s not sense in time
H – fes feels like it’s his fault we’re in this situation (he was blaming Rockstar last night posted above)
H – in this game he’s never had someone come after him.. this week he was so confident.

Haleigh says she picked Sam to play in Veto because she thought she could beat her.
Tyler says he would have done the same thing
Tyler says he didn’t want to tell FEs or Haliegh who the target was “It wasn’t my place”
Haleigh says she understand.. says if she knew she wasn’t the target she would have picked Brett or Tyler (wounded bird)

T – If Fes goes this week I don’t want you to feel like you are alone..
H – I know we’re all friends but I am at the point where I don’t have anyone else..
T – we’re at the point where you have to keep people around you think you can beat.

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Swaggy's Missing Brow

Fes – I threw the veto so that you would stay…

…of course, and I’m the King of Norway.

Angela's Shaved VaJayjay

And meet my wife……………..Morgan Fairchild. Yeah thats the ticket!


RE: Fessy and JC Quotes

Just when you thought Fessy could not get any more stupid…

Faysal said he will tell everyone in his speech not to bother going after Angela since she already has four jury votes against her.
JC told him not to say that since Tyler would then for sure pick Angela over him or Haleigh

*People do not think END GAME when anticipating eventual winner. Angela has zero chance of winning this game. Guess who else has zero chance? JC. Why is that?

Haleigh- You owe Scottie an apology.
Faysal- If he didnt flip the votes. It’s either Scottie or Rockstar, so we will talk about it when I get there. If I walk in there and they said “we didnt do it”…
Haleigh- Then it’s JC

IN the end, an extremely bitter HIVE will know that JC ruined them while pretending to be a really good friend. It won’t go over well on that bunch. They will not be detached and credit JC for great game play. Hell, it’s not an exaggeration to say that JC has been mind raping Fessy all game long and with relentless zeal.

If Tyler is not smart enough to figure out something that Fessy already knows (that Angela is most hated by the jury) then Kaycee wins this game. If he does figure it out, then Tyler wins.


I think Angela would still beat Tyler if they are voting on likeability. Tyler screwed way too many people over along the way.


Almost everyone will screw almost everyone in the end, it all depends how cool you are when you do.


I agree wholeheartedly with your statement Eric… a) It depends on how much of a jerk you are to them when you break the deals – Paul was an a**hole to people last year, more so when he ended up screwing them over – Tyler is smooth and much more likable. b) to everyone saying “XX person will have these votes, and xx person will have those votes” – it 100% depends on the circumstances on how they leave the house – Tyler might have “final 2” deals with a few people, but if they don’t leave by his hands ultimately, then he’ll be in a good position. I would in no way shape or form, this far out, even begin to predict who will be on whose side come voting time….

Rigged Game

At this point KC and Brett have a great chance to win over Tyler and Angela.. Brett is in trouble with the snarky GBM. And he knows it. That’s why he brings it up all the time. All of l4 knows how dangerous KC is. This is gonna get interesting. All of l4 is looking at jury votes now. There I gonna be a big move soon. Jc will be in the middle of the battle.

No Longer Literally But Figuratively

Fez, you dropped the ball. All summer long.

Finally a good season

Please please please Scottie win the jury battle back.

Eh eh

I’d actually sooner Fes win the b.s.-back. Always enjoy watching the affable bear get outwitted so one more for the road wouldn’t hurt. Was getting a bit tired of Screech too. Still, Blockstar would be fun to see humiliated again and is no physical comp threat. If Queen sky-waitress somehow returns, I’ll be needing another air-sickness bag.

Double Ds

Way to go Tyler…win the lady…now win BB20


Tyler asked Angela out on a date. How sweet.


Don’t get too cocky level six. There’s still a long ways to go.


JC needs to make sure he or Sam wins HOH or he’s about to get shown the door!


He’s going WAY too hard….but Haleigh’s commitment to stupidity plus the returning player will spare him.

Haleigh just can’t help herself. She’s just addicted to having a losing strategy, “All four of them are working together and we’re the odd men out”….and JC and Sam have voted with those for every single time. That has to be obvious to her by now. So the best move is to so alienate JC and Sam and ideally sic them on each other, that the 4 decide to keep you…but instead Haleigh is doing her worst, most defeatist, “let’s rally the troops”.

So if Haleigh or the returnee win HOH, they’ll go right at Tyler/Angela, then the remaining 3 will go after Haleigh and him/her. At a minimum, JC is good for 2 more weeks.


“Haleigh’s commitment to stupidity” um? In case you haven’t been watching BB20, JC and Sam both have always(majorly) voted with whom ever Tyler wanted out. Why would that change now? The “Hive” is in its Final implosion. Haleigh has tried to persuade Sam and JC, but she’s stuck with the biggest crutch in her game, FESSY.

In nearly every move the “Hive” has managed to mess up their own alliance, mostly because of dumb Allies. Haleigh never stood a chance in this game. FESSY CONFESSED TO NOMINATING SCOTTIE BECAUSE HE WAS SCARED SCOTTIE WANTED HALEIGH FOR HIMSELF. It just can’t get any stupider than that!!

From the moment she aligned herself with swaggy’s and bey’s “full of stupid crew”, Haleigh’s been her own worst enemy, She’s sleeping with the person who led her to failure(herself); Fes. Her trying to “rally up” is not going to work on ANYONE at this point(INCLUDING FESSY).

Eh eh

“Haleigh’s been her own worst enemy”
True… and when Fes decided to target Scottie, he gave her ample time and opportunity to do something about it. Rather than bring Scottie to hash things out together with Fes and act like a team player, giving him one strong reason not to do it, she just went into sulk mode, complained that Fes shouldn’t target Scottie purely because he had HER back and that’s all that should matter, and pretty much acted like being a selfish brat would persuade him to change his mind. Which only made it worse. So Scottie’s eviction is on her, ultimately. I put it to you that one reason Scottie never talked much to Fes was Hay didn’t want him to. She found two lapdogs but didn’t trust them to play with each other b/c she’s insecure & always worried that people (guys especially) are out to get her.

get them out

lets just hope bayleigh gets back in. she will run level 6 to the ground

Morons For Faysal

Dream on.


LMAO, Swaggy is that you?

Swaggy's Missing Brow

Can’t be. The rest of the brow is far too busy arguing with Rachel over how much influence she had with L6 and over her threatening to take over the t-shirt concession with L6 t-shirts; why buy “also ran” when you can buy the best.


“get them out” wrote:

lets just hope bayleigh gets back in. she will run level 6 to the ground//

Let me fix that for you:

let’s just hope bayleigh gets back in. she will chew the rest of her face bloody.

Roll Tide

No one will be on her side. Hard to do when you are one person. Who ever comes in will likely go right back out unless they are HOH.

When does Tyler’s app expire.

Start Tua Nick

The App expires at the veto Monday.


A date in Hawaii 🙂

Roll Tide

Tyler also told Brett he is taking him to Hawaii. My goodness Tyler is going to forget something, too many promises.

Start Tua Nick

Well I can tell you what he is going to forget is Brett.

Dirty Harry Reid

I thik this result is really good news for Level 4 because it means that Fez and Scottie can’t team up. If those two physical threats joined up they could go on a run of HOH wins. Although it is possible that they would nominate each other.


haha Dirty Harry!

Al Sharpton Wants to Hold Your Wallet

This jury battle back really just cancels Angela’s head of household and that is bogus. She got blood on her hands for nothing. I bet she would of targeted Sam if she knew this was coming.


Just like Hayleigh’s was wasted. It’s how the game works.

Hi my name is Scott

No, not wasted. If Sam would have left instead of Fes, good chance Scottie comes back out of the 4 jury members. Then there would be 3 card carrying Hive members still in the house instead of only 2 and Sam still there and she has been voting how Tyler wants her to vote. Successful defeat of the battle back


But still only 1 neuron and it’s dying.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

The previous two HoH’s were wasted, and on their own merit. Angela’s HoH was exceptionally well played. That a programmed battle back will happen after it changes little. So, one of the Hive comes back briefly.

Busta Fooligan

Does anyone know what comp it was?

Fes IQ aka the number 12

Sounds like one tailored for Fes and in true hive fashion they screwed it up

Hi my name is Scott

I know Kaycee told them she plays football but wonder if the houseguests know she is a WR? With Fes complaining about dropping a ball, it sounds like it was tailored to Kaycee too.

Hayleigh's Huge Mole

I hope the evictions go in this order:

Battle Back winner

My prediction:

Battle Back Winner

Carolina girl

Totally agree on the first part, just not the second part. Tyler and Kaycee have been my picks since day 1 and I’d love to see them F2!! And I’m also hoping for the F4 to be L6. Best alliance in a very long time.

Botox Pelosi

This Level 4 alliance might be the best I have ever seen on the show. Their teamwork is very impressive. The Hive has just been outplayed on every level.


Brigade, Bombsquad, QuackPack, Friendhsip and so many others were all more successful alliances than L6


Maybe in a alternate universe……

Angela's Shaved VaJayjay

The Brigade!!!!


Lol anyone that thinks that Level 6 is a better alliance than the Brigade must have just started watching Big Brother this year.

Rigged Game

Yes. There are a lot of people who are phucking morons posting.


Yes you just proved your point.


I agree the 4 top things in L654 did to be greatest alliance ever loyalty, except for Rachel. the the focus, didn’t get hohitis, the inclusion of other houseguests, kept jc Sam and Scottie to some degree happy, and last abilities. Yup they are awesome evenly split both sexes into everyone else’s alliances fairly good acting especially from the greatest messages Brett.

Eh eh

Plus, no floaters in the alliance (at least not now). Each has made great, influential moves and/or won critical comps. (Brett won comps less than maybe expected, but his acting helped gain intel, camouflage L6, and sew damaging confusion over vote flipping in the Hive-mind that persists to this day in both its remaining members).

Michelle Green

It’s like Dave 64 KC has a one crap she wants one POV and she thinks she’s all that

Hi my name is Scott

Actually KC has played a great game. Did not have to push in comps early and since she was not a target, she did not have to win comps. She has bee competing lately and has done well. Won the Hacker and played it perfect. Only a couple of players, namely L4, knew she won it and the opposition had no clue because L4 kept quiet. Rockstar left because of it (thanks to RS being stupid twice in her veto loss). With this veto win another Hive member will be gone to keep it at only 2 Hive members left and not 3 if Sam left.


Kaycee wins when she needs to win otherwise others will see her as a threat.

She is a professional athlete who could win almost every physical comp if she wanted to but her best move was to have a great social game and choose the comps she needs to win.

She has most jury votes. Tyler loses to Kaycee if she takes him to the end or vise versa.

Team Kaycee and JC. Love it! 😉

Eh eh

“She is a professional athlete who could win almost every physical comp if she wanted to ”

whoah… let’s keep it real. She’s impressive but Tyler, Angela, Fes, Brett, & Scottie aren’t exactly lame ducks in physical comps either.

Michelle Green

I can’t wait to see little six’s face when the battle back happens they’re literally going to crap themselves


They all pretty much expect it.

Hi my name is Scott

Why? The still have the numbers…..smh…..


They won’t be worried, they’ve successfully evicted some of them without even being HoH. It’s like the Harlem Globetrotters playing horse with Steve. Just like in Big Brother Steve’s screwed.

Would You Let Fessi Do Your Taxes?

After the evicted house re-enters the house the Hive will still have two members but it will only be a matter of time before they are extinct. The Hive will be the standard of ineptness for years to come.

Hayleigh's Huge Mole

The Hivers brought a toothpick to a gun fight. The humane thing to do would be to just put the Hivers down now.

Elizabeth Pocohantas Warren

I think the only chance we have for this not ending the way we think is if jC and Brett decide to team up. if they do then they would be able to enlist Hayleigh and the battle back winner thus taking over majority in the house.


They wouldn’t need to include her for the first flip. They could turn on them all and increase their chance to win the game. It would depend on who’s on the block and who comes back. Scottie is Brett and JC’s best option to take over the game.


Unfortunately JC will be exposed before that ever happens. Scottie will fish for info when he gets back in the house.
Don’t think Brett will leave his team.
Doesn’t have the balls. He’s a great actor though.
Will only go against his team when it’s time to pick off their own unless he is the first from L4 to go. Which …looks that way if the stars align.

Team Kaycee Tyler JC 😉

Eh eh

Oh, of anyone, as clearly demonstrated already multiple times, Brett definitely doesn’t lack the “balls” to do anything to win. What he doesn’t have is the stupidity required to betray L6. They have no reason to cut him early, and they’re his best hope for votes in the end.

Eh eh

Including Hay for anything is a bad idea & Brett isn’t that stupid: it throws away loyalty votes from L6 if he makes final 2 and those could be his only votes. Plus if she somehow made final 2, she’d have all the hive-mind’s votes. He’ll be wise to remind his teammates how his good-bye messages and infiltration/betrayal & hilarious speeches must have many on the Jury mad at him.

Eligah Clueless Cummings

Can Production please hand out Swaggy C Ya shirts to all of Level 4?

LA in LA

None of them would wear anything with swaggy’s stupid made up name

Swaggy's Missing Brow

Because every winning team wants to wear a shirt with the name of someone who only lasted briefly?

Morons For Faysal

Because it says Swaggy C “YA”.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

Print that on two-ply and it would be a hit.


I think Brett is going for AFP, so he will never turn on his alliance. Brett is JC’s Achilles heel.

The Goddess Angela

Well at least we know we are going to see some jury footage this week when they tell them about the battle back competition.

is Scottie In the little house?

Not sure about that. I think they were sequestered and that being the reason we haven’t seen any jury footage. Might just be brought in for HOH comp where last jurist not eliminated stays.

Fasal Super Genius

“FES brings up his veto performance – I don’t drop balls I DON’T Drop balls..”

That would be Kaycee who doesn’t drop balls Fuzzy.

Angela's Shaved VaJayjay

Fezzy has no balls…………….

Eh eh

Hayleigh has Fessy’s balls.

The Hive is on Life Support

It seems like the poster who was talking about the Tyler/Angela connection was right on target.


Tyler is just playing Angela up. Think about it. He could have kissed her by now. He still playing game and it’s working. Angela likes to be in control and he’s just using his time with her to reinforce that he takes her to the final two. Plus, how is that date gonna work when he picks Kaycee for final two and has to explain to Angela in Hawaii that he didn’t pick the girl he’s on a date with? If Tyler doesn’t make the final two decision, then it won’t matter, but he’s just gining her up so that she stays loyal to him.


Hay is actually doing a pretty smart thing in trying to round up the strays. If Scottie returns she could give L6 a run for the money with JC and even Sam on her team. That would even up the numbers and be a very surprising twist for the end.


Sam would never be on her side.


Sure there are only four of the original L6 members left but after 60+ days, that’s pretty dang good.

Bayleigh's Baby Bump

Level 6 has run a clinic this season on how to play the game. Tyler may not win the game but he has shown that he is one of the best players ever.

who me?

Angela – did you ever think Tyler has the power app.. whenever he talks about veto..
Kaycee – I feel he would have told us
Angela – sometimes it’s better not knowing.
And you say the HIVE were all stupid? This “team” doesn’t even see…after all this time…not only does Tyler have that app but he’s playing all of them. Oh but Sam knows lmao


But, don’t forget Sam has stated she doesn’t believe he has it, she has said that many times.

Scottie the Bespeckled Rat

Guess who is licking his tail waiting to get back into the house without Fez?

Angela's Shaved VaJayjay

That cheese eating mother f@cker!

Blessed in

Tyler’s power app is done this week. Right?

I was under the impression that the jury members were all together and comparing notes. But now that there will by a jury member coming back, it would seem they have been kept separately. I don’t have a chance read all that is happening. Has anything been said about jury being together now or held separate?


I think it was good to final 8, not a specific date. If so, with stupid battle back, it should still be good next week.


Tyler’s was good for 8 weeks. It was Bayleigh’s that was good until the final 8.


I’m pretty sure they keep them separated. In the past that’s the way it’s done.


This buyback may have been cobbled together shortly after Kaitlyn screwed up a puzzle a sloth could have assembled.


No next


Tyler’s app is good for 8 weeks. This is the last week. Bay’s was good down to 8 people in game. If Bay comes back, her app to change noms would still be active b/c there would be 9 people. Bay could really turn things upside down if she came back.

I believe jury members have been kept separate with no chance to compare notes or even know who was evicted after them. Should be a fun Battle. Come on Thursday!

Bozo Bernie the Socialist

i think Brett will be the first Level 4 member to turn on the alliance. What do you guys think?


yes, he would easily have JC and Sam on his side and the BattleBack person, hopefully Scottie


That would be Brett’s best option to win the game.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

Does anyone actually believe Brett would team up with Sam (unpredictable at best and could just as easily tell everything to Tyler), JC who hasn’t won a comp and due to his physical stature/second language issue may very well never (and who is also unpredictable), and whoever the loser is coming back from the jury?

I just don’t see it. I believe he has better odds playing for AF.


I don’t think he could deal with Sam long enough to stabilize and maintain a strategy. However, Brett’s odds of winning with his current alliance is pretty thin. They’ll cut him first unless he’s able to go on a tear and drop a couple of them before final and then he’d have to win that final HoH because none of those three will take him.

Flippity Moolah

It is all about votes and money.

Eh eh

That would be throwing away his chance to win. Betray his only potential jury votes to sit beside someone not in L6? He maybe wins if he sits beside either Tyler or Angela. Anyway it’s way too early for betrayals with the jury packed full of Foutte and a risk of one of them sliding along to the end if L6 turns on each other too soon.

Fessi Has a Snoopy Lunchbox

i love that Production hands Fessi a Veto comp made for him and he still can’t win. Capital L loser.


You could see it as the handed Kaycee, who is an actual professional football player, a competition made for her and she won it. As big of a deal as Fes makes his football career seem he only played in college.


Yea I agree u can see it both ways…BUT there’s only one that production has a motive to try and save as of now…and that’s fuzzball

Fessi Has a Snoopy Lunchbox

The domination of Level Four continues. Time for euthanasia?

Morons For Faysal

Now that was funny!

Arya Stark Badass


Do you think everyone is on to Sam’s act that she doesn’t know the game?

Arya Stark Badass

I thought I heard Sam on the feeds the other night talking about several of the past seasons. I might be wrong but it made me think that she knew a lot more about the game than she is letting on.


Did you notice how Sam reacted to the oven fire? She instantly grabbed the fire extinguisher and put out the fire while everyone else froze. I don’t think that was consistent with how she’s been portraying herself in the house. I think Sam may have over-played several times but make no mistake, she is playing.


I was thinking the same thing, she jumped right in and put the fire out, not sure if anyone else would even know where to find an extinguisher.

Botox Pelosi

Brett was standing there looking at the fire holding an extinguisher but Sam came rushing over with another extinguisher and put the fire out. I’m not sure why Brett didn’t put it out.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

Brett was fumbling with the extinguisher. I think he was trying to figure out how to (pull the pin) activate it.

Sam is either an evil genius or completely mad

Brett claims that he didn’t use his extinguisher because they make such a mess and since Sam put it out he didn’t need to use it only to have a bigger mess. Good cover story since the video makes it look like he was just too slow.

Eh eh

Maybe Brett was weighing the entertainment value of letting it burn a bit more. It’s not like production isn’t ready to step in if there’s an actual emergency.

Eh eh

She spends hours in the kitchen, guarding it like a momma bear and craves a smoke if a spoon gets misplaced.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

Sorry folks but you’re forgetting that Sam is a welder by trade. She’s had plenty of experience putting out small blazes. It’s second nature for a welder.


I agree with crazylikeafox. I think Sam’s putting on a big act.

L6 till the end

I think production has been giving Sam game strategies/lessons every morning…ever since she was on the brink of self evicting. Think about it…she didn’t know the game at all, and then comes out of the DRs and laughs, and says “she can’t believe she’s going to do this”


Without a doubt its all an act. She constantly says she wants to leave but as soon as she gets wind that someone said she should go on the block she all of a sudden wants to stay and begs the HOH not to put her up. This last HOH she gave out tokens making them swear not to put her up if they won. I really really want to see Sam/JC on the block together. Just to see what their pitches will be. Lots of crying from both is my guess. JC telling things he knows and who knows what she will say. I just want to see the drama of those 2 OTB. But, I want to see JC being the one to get evicted. He needs to go, the sooner the better.

Eh eh

Knowing enough to put out a fire doesn’t equal knowing how to earn people’s trust and figure out strategy. Throwing away a sympathy vote for Bay killed her chance of being brought into the loop by the people actually looking to pull her (via Tyler).


So true. I don’t think she knows anything about the game and she thinks the way to make people like her is to do outlandish things that freak people out. Obviously she doesn’t think they’re outlandish lol

JC Is No Tyrion Lanister

I think JC made a huge mistake by being so obvious in throwing the veto comp. His days may be numbered.

Dirty Harry Reid

The best part of the end game will be listening to the Level 4 members that are on jury telling all six Hive members about how they got played.

The Hive Epic Fail

Turn out the lights, the party’s over.


Tyler looked like he was about to jump out of his skin in that awkward cuddle scene with Angela last night…..I think production is pushing it on them seems very strained like he’s just afraid of getting caught lol.


I think they do like each other, but they don’t wasn’t a showmance and they are also planning to cut each other.

On another note, Tyler has final 2 with most everybody, but who would really want to go finally 2 with him? He has a disincentive to wedding yoh because of them and I feel like he’ll throw something and one of his final 2s will take the opportunity to cut him.


I think Angela and Tyler are implementing self control. The attraction is real however they realize it can be used as ammunition. I’m sure it’s even harder for them with production pushing them. Awkward.


The only reason Angela is cuddling with him is to keep him from talking game or working on charming people for their jury votes.

Rigged Game

If you look at Tyler Instagram page you will see that he is gay.

Morons For Faysal

JC just got wood.

Angela's Shaved VaJayjay

So did Brett…………..


I just looked at his page and didn’t get that impression. I do think that he looks waaaayyyy better with shorter hair though. A little bit at the top and short sides and back looks good on him.

Poetic Justice

Rose are red
Violets are blue
Hayleigh is toast
And Fessi is too

Morons For Faysal

Fez for America’s least favorite Houseguest.


Bayleigh and Rockstar would give him a run for his money. He doesn’t understand the game but is more likeable than them.


Exactly…I don’t think there’s much not to like about fuzzball as a person

Eh eh

Heck, he’s more likeable than Hay too. Except to Scottie and Hay of course.


Fes might just be ranked in with Lawon and Victoria.


Victoria had better hair.


Nah I like him. I think he doesn’t know how to play bb to save his life, but he’s a decent dude. I’d have to give rocknado America’s least fave. Although, her hate and the way she tried to pit people against each other by looks and class probably played well to a certain group of Americans, as we’ve seen by some of their postings on this board

Morons For Faysal

Don’t forget about Team Arrogance Bayleigh and Swaggy.

Team Stark

Bayleigh is the worst.


Fezzy comes across as a likable guy, he might become a BB celebrity because of clueless gameplay. Kind of like Rachel and Mr Pectacular, they’ll bring him back next season Week 3 to give the new house guests strategic advice, causing confusion of course.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

Now that I would enjoy. Mr Pectacular meet Mr IQ; who hosts a competition that requires critical thinking.


HAHAHA exactly what I’m thinkin


Like Rachel hosting bbad the other night :p


We’re on the same page. When the show first started, I was legit pullin for him. But he aligned with the wrong peeps. If fuzzball had been interactive with “the other side,” the way he has been since he won hoh, I really think things could have turned out differently. You can tell that brett and others are liking him a lot more now that he is engaging, but it’s too late. Let’s goo Brett!!!!


Ah Fessie the gift that keeps on giving ……..loses a ball catching competition to KC after strutting around playing house with Hayliegh all last week……….sweet sweet irony…..by the way KC apparently caught 5 squid balls with her teeth during the comp whatever that means lol.#badass

Eh eh

That’s how they do it in the pros.


If they dont get JC out soon he’s going to win. He doesn’t need to win a HOH cause he’s going to get them to turn on each other. I personally am not a fan of his but he is playing a good game


L4 should not let their guard down, feel so confident and act so cocky because the path is NOT clear. Worst case, after the battle back, a hive member wins HOH, puts up 2 from L4 and 1 of them goes:( If the near-dead hive wins 2 HOHs, they can evict another L4. It is not done yet.


I think they’ll be competing together in the HOH comp with the best finisher out of the jury winning the battle back.

Roll Tide

My goodness Kasey and Angela are over confident! I hope JC figures he is at the very bottom of the totem pole. Tyler and Brett are aware of him trying to turn them against Angela and Kasey.
Battle back…..Scottie or Fez? If Fez comes back, it is like Angela’s HOH didn’t happen.
She will be very upset.
Hay and Rock tried it tell Fez that Tyler and the girls were working together and he wouldn’t believe them. He chose JC to believe. Haleigh should constantly remind him you chose to believe JC and didn’t believe me.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

Kasey and Angela are only on a celebratory high, which they earned and deserve. As for the battle back, it was a fixed feature and really doesn’t affect Angela’s HoH at all; it was awesome. I seriously doubt she will be any more upset than any of the other L6 members…who are already talking about the battle back and expect one of the Hive to comeback for a repeat performance.

If it’s Fessie I seriously doubt production performed a brain transplant that quickly. Scottie would be karma but he’d just throw it away again; he doesn’t deserve the second chance. RS, she’d just be an annoying anchor around Haleigh’s neck for a week. It could be fun to watch the queen spit blood again for a week.

As for JC, I loved his play up until now. Sadly, I think he played the sides too long and now doesn’t have a true end game.

abby hollyn

Thanks to Simon & Dawg for these updates. Watching the “Hive” get eliminated on sheer stupidity is painful so I’ve only been keeping up with the show via these posts. I’ll probably start watching again once Fes gets eliminated. As a fan of the actual gameplay aspect watching one side of the house get their way is boring and just sad, especially when there have been opportunities to shake things up.. Not to take credit away from the remaining members of L6 (mainly thinking of Tyler) but it’s hard to know how good they are without players who actually put up a fight. The only person I can see deserving a win is Tyler at this point. Would like to see him against some actual players in the future though if he were to ever come back. Waiting to see what the battleback and potential elimination of Hive brings.


L6/5/4 has dominated this season through manipulation. They’ve not dominated the comps unless they had to. It’s ice to see several folks clearly playing the game. It’s just too bad that their opposition is just so, so bad. The Hive is trying to play the game, bless their tiny, stupid, little hearts and it was comical. Now it’s a bit painful but still a better season than many of the last half dozen or so. Hopefully the game play ramps up as they start to take shots at each other.

Melissa D

They need to send out Hay, Fes is not a threat. Hay is the brains behind the them.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

Fessie has always been a partial extension of JC’s game. Haleigh has always been a distraction to JC’s control over him. With Heleigh gone JC would have a physically strong surrogate to play with, making Fessie the greater threat.

I really don’t see JC or Sam being willing to work with Haleigh; JC knows that is a losing proposition and Sam just doesn’t seem to like her all that well.

Butters Mom

On afterdark Brett and Tyler got a chance to talk alone. They talked about Angela for one.. Brett suggested that Tyler wait until after the show and take her on a date and put game first. He thinks he’s at the bottom of the 4 and Tyler said if Brett is number 4 then Tyler is number 3.
They agree that Angela and KC are very close and the 2 of them should team up (this was Bretts suggestion) Tyler said he didnt think Angela would even want to go on a date with him after the show he just cuddles with her because Angela is awesome but he doesnt think she likes him (that much).

Angela said on afterdark night before last when Tyler wasnt in the room and Brett and KC were in the room that she didnt want to come out of the house in a showmance because there was a limited amount of time after the show rapped up to seize the opportunities that will be presented and she is focused on that.
I dont know where the loyalties truly lie (if Angela and Tyler are both trying to throw the others off) but it will be interesting to see how it all pans out.

I couldnt hear most of the conversation between Tyler and Brett and I was hoping to read about it on here. They did mention that they were onto JC trying to cause them to be suspicious of each other with the things he brings up to each of them (comparing notes). Did anyone else watch after dark and hear more of the conversation?

Botox Pelosi

That was good information. Thanks!

Sam is either an evil genius or completely mad

Tyler was telling Angela about how people were suspecting they were in a showmance. I think he also told her Kaycee knew about it and said she was ok with it. It seemed like when she made the comment about not wanting to come out of the house in a showmance, she Looked over at Kaycee with a weird look so i get the impression the comment was to throw off Brett.

Roll Tide

Yes I did. What I couldn’t figure out is if Tyler and Angela are using each other to get to F2. It seems like they really like each other. Confused!


I watched some of it and I was exasperated that Brett was still whispering even though all of the other players were away doing veto. Even the captioning can’t pick up his Whispers so I gave up shortly. Usually I just ff until I find someone talking but they were the whole show.

Production should have realized they had no show and told Brett to speak up. The after dark whispering is the biggest problem and it doesn’t have to be, there’s better equipment they could use. Drives me nuts.

Angela's Shaved VaJayjay

Fes – I should not have gotten Scottie out.. I just thought he was getting so close to you he would pull you away from me and attack me
H – you being serious
Fes – I thought he was going to put me up because he was getting close to you and further away from me
H – What..
Fes – I told you that
H – you told me you didn’t want him around because he was flippy votes and being sketchy

Yes Hay. you are with a Stage 9 clinger and a Stage 9 stalker. congrats

Eh eh

Those are her type — the type that are too obsessed and/or naïve to notice her narcissism.