“Literally out loud say Pick Sam. makes him look like a complete a$$hole.. He’s selfish”

POV: ? Next POV: Aug 25th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 27th
HOH: ANGELA Next HOH: Aug 30th
Noms: Fes & Haleigh Have Not ?

Power of Veto players picked: Haleigh, Fes, Angela, JC, Kaycee. Tyler Host

Big Brother Spoilers Fes is the target. Haleigh picked Sam for Veto under instructions from FEs.

8:43am Early wake up today… Sam is up first.
Sam talking to herself.. “No scary dreams.. that’s good”
Kaycee now up..
Sam – good morning peanut.. I love you ..
Sam – we might have a host.. I did our floor just in case. WE’re ready for company


10:05am Fes, Haleigh and Brett
Brett wishes them good luck
Speculation on what type of Veto competition will it be..
FEs says it’s fun being on the block this late in teh game. adds it’s stressfule though.
Brett – me I’m the only spectator..

10:16am Angela and Kaycee
They talk about Haleigh picking Sam to play in the Veto. They bring up Fes telling Haleigh not to pick Brett
Angela – what a selfish mother f*er … damn
Angela doesn’t think JC is going to try
KAycee – I don’t think Sam is going to try either
Angela says SAm might try because she knows she’s the replacement nomination.
Angels says if Haleigh or Fes win HOH next week they’ll put her up. Angela doesn’t really care which one goes.
They suspect Fes thinks he’s got Sam and JC.
Angela – but he doesn’t have you and me ..
JC comes in,…. “she’s so stupid”
JC – one of my pet peeves is someone stupid.. he is such a bully..
Angela – that’s what we said he’s such a bully.. PICK SAM.. why because you have a relationship with Sam
Kaycee points out Fes didn’t want to compete with FES so he told her to pick Sam
JC – he walked into the kitchen laughing..
Angela – just like I have this in the bag.. he’s so arrogant
KAycee – so in considerate
A – he’s a bully (alright Angela cool you jets.. _)
K – I can’t believe Haleigh picked Sam they hate each other.. he knew he could say something and she would be like Sam
A – Sam doesn’t even want to play.. that pisses her off even more
K – Haleigh thought if she picked Brett he would be mad..
A – does she realize the mistake she made..
JC says he’s going to fire her up during work outs saying “I can’t believe you picked Sam”
A – say that was F* up that he did that..
Kaycee says Fes is super confident right now
JC complains about being on Slop. Angela says she’ll make him slop cookies, “Real sugar”
They scoff and Fes walking by on the HOH spy screen. Pointing out how he’s walking around so confident.
Angela – I have so much anger towards him.. he’s such a bully. bully your girlfriend that’s f*ed up
JC leaves..
K – I can’t wait when he loses that veto..
A – Karma is a b1tch

10:16am Tyler and JC
TYler says if Fes wins the veto Sam goes up and they send HAleigh home.
They talk about FEs telling HAleigh to pick Sam as POv player. \
JC – he’s being such a brat.. walking into the bathroom laughing .. a big brat/.
T – he thinks he’s going to win easily.. you better go hard for it..
JC says people taht are really “f*ing stupid” throw him off
T – who else would she pick
JC – Brett.. he wins it leaves it the same .. (Fes goes home)
T – she’s stupid
JC – Stupid as F* ..

10:42am JC and Fes
FEs – I probably won’t win it’ll be some stupid a$$ veto..
FEs – what does Angela want to happen.. noms stay the same..
JC thinks all HOH’s want the noms to stay the same because it’s less blood on their hands.
FES thought the plan was to get Sam out.
JC – haleigh’s so stupid..
Fes – what do you mean.. that’s good for her game too BRett’s not taking you down
JC – if she stays up with you she has more chances to campaign

FEs asks if He wins veto who goes up
JC – probably me

Brett making McGriddles for people..

10:58am Angela and Haleigh
H – I wanted to talk to you I don’t want things to be weird
Angela – I just felt that this was the move I have to make in order to get myself the furthest and I think Fes can beat me in a competition hands down.. and I’m scared of him as a competitor he was the one I wanted to not be competing with
H – were you every really considering..
A – Sam, Yeah I totally was
H – I’m not upset it’s a game I don’t want us to be weird at all
Brett has made mcgriddles for everyone delivers one to the HOH
H – best cause scenario is Sam doesn’t win and Fes doesn’t win..
A – I will leave noms the same
H – I respect that.. HAve you talked to Sam
A – Fes is a very good competitor he can win some F*ing comps.. scares me if he stays
H – Yeah.. yeah .. I can understand that completely
H – You’re playing an amazing game.. your move is justified.. I put you on the block so you put me back.. I remember how we were fine I want to go back to that
A – yeah
H – I was in the mindset that I can beat Sam over Brett..
A – everyone sees FEs as a freak athlete
H – because he is
A – I can’t beat FES in anything athletic..
H – me neither.. I wish I would have come to you before that and Picked Brett..
A – alright hails love ya

11:11am Angela, Kaycee, BRett and Tyler
A – I just told HAleigh she made a really bad move she was like F* you are right
A – she just realized it
Angela adds that Sam has a better relationship with Fes Haleigh didn’t think of that.
A – just told her if you are sitting next too fes on eviction night you’re staying
Angela adds that Halegih thought she was the target after Angela’s Nominations speech
Kaycee goes on about how Fes isn’t going to look good on TV telling Haleigh to pick Sam .

Tyler mentions his conversation with Sam last night where he told there there was no backdoor plan.
T – she thinks Haleigh is coming after her..
Tyler says Sam definitely likes Brett. She told him this morning that her boyfriends back home will be getting jealous because she was chatting with Brett last night for an hour.
Brett – still got it
They laugh

Kaycee – He didn’t want to compete against you (Brett). Sam is not really that big of a competitor and he knows she will probably save him. For him to Literally out loud say Pick Sam. That makes him look like a complete a$$hole.. He’s selfish
Brett – makes her look like a idiot for listening
Kaycee – laughing like he’s got it in teh bag walking around like he’s just got it in the bag
T – he thinks it’s going to be easy now.. he was like OH OH it’s going to be fun

Tyler brings up that Sam ask him if Kaycee thinks Sam and Tyler are in a showmance.

11:38am FEs and Haleigh in the kitchen. Not doing much talking right now.. .

11:41am Haleigh and BRett
Haleigh asks him if Sam wins the veto will she use it on fes
B – 100%
H – I just picked her because I thought I could beat her
B – that’s also a valid point..
B – you’re going to go out there you are going to kick a$$

Brett – I hoep this is the shaving head comp..
H – that’s not funny.. I will shave my f*ing head to get off the block..
B – prove it

12:24pm Halegih and Kaycee
Haleigh says she feels stupid she wishes she had talked to Angela last night. Haleigh thought she was the target so she picked Sam thinking she can easily beat Sam. Haleigh says she would have picked Tyler. Kaycee wonders that maybe Sam won’t use the veto.
Haleigh says she was convinced if she stays on the block she’s going home.
Haleigh says she can’t f*ing stand Sam but she thinks she can beat her.
Haleigh – everyone coming up to me saying I’m not the target why the f* wouldn’t you tell me yesterday
Haleigh points out that Angela’s entire speech was at her and saying Fes was guilty by association.
Haleigh called into the Diary room

1:00am just a lot of chit chat and horse play.

1:02pm Feeds cut to reruns.. it’s time for the POV

3:40pm Still blocked..

4:42pm Still nothing..

5:10pm No feeds for you..

6pm Still BB re-runs

6:40pm Still not back yet

7:10pm You thought the feeds would be back .. .NOPE!
8:05pm Nothing yet.. 7 hours its been blocked now..

8:50pm Still Brenchel on the BB re-runs 🙁
9:27pm The live feeds are still blocked, however After Dark is showing the HOH room with the two house guests not playing in the veto. Brett and Tyler agree and shake on a final two deal. (Whether or not they both will actually take each other remains to be seen.) They agree that no one would suspect it. Tyler thinks everyone would assume they would go after one another. They both agree that JC is a “sneaky motherf**ker”. Tyler says that JC is making sure Tyler knows that Angela and Kaycee have a final 2 deal.

9:46pm Still blocked..
10:26pm More BB re-runs..

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Swaggy's Missing Brow

FEs – I probably won’t win it’ll be some stupid a$$ veto..

Yes, a math quiz pitting you against a petunia…and they spot you two points. The potted plant will probably win.



Love your humor 🙂

Bayleigh's Baby Bump

If I’m Angela I keep that HOH door locked and don’t answer the door every time Fessi & Hayleigh knock.

Mary Ann Bonczyk

Kaycee won!!


nah, it was the comp solely designed for tall big guys putting a ball in a cylinder just like Josh won—so fes lost the battle back that was rigged for him to win…i hate that dune coon


nah, it was the comp solely designed for tall big guys putting a ball in a cylinder just like Josh won—so fes lost the battle back that was rigged for him to win…i hate that scumbag

Maxine Waters - Space Alien

I’m really hoping that Fes doesn’t win the veto. He needs to go.


I’m hoping he does, Scotty win the battle back and let Scotty take him out. Scotty deserves some satisfaction in this game lol

Kid Donny 07

C’mon Sam win the Veto!

What is the comp?

Elizabeth Pocohantas Warren

Knowing Production it will be questions that they had Fes write the answers to on his hand. Chances are that he will still miss them all.

Charles Bronson

Good luck Angela.
Keep your nominations the same.


the comp will be who can guess the amount of medication sam is on added to the cost of a double wide trailer

Dirty Harry Reid

I think next season they need to bypass the hacker twist and the Jury battle back comp. Let the game be decided by the competitors.

oh boy

im so glad all the power apps failed, and 1 hacker week failed…i really wish there was no battle back…especially a “jury” battle back… there should never be a jury battle back…Production only started doing it because Canada did it with their first season…All these game changing twists started flooding BBUS because of BBCan…im surprised tho last BBCan pulled way back on the game changing twists, they had one stupid twist that screwed over the best competitor in the house, which totally sucked but other than that it was pretty straight forward…BBUS needs to dial back the game changing twists…i have a sick feeling that production will make the winner of the jury battle back the new HoH which will screw over level 6…NONE of the jurors deserve a second chance, they are exactly where they should be.


Especially since production gave away info to Bayleigh when she left. Not fair!

Charles Bronson

And next year all hot chicks….there will be grenades 24/7


Especially since Julie told bayleigh who voted for her to stay after allowing her to guess three times and told her goings on outside house w swagee c . She gave her and rock info totally not fair or normally done . Then your going to let them in after that? Julie must be freind of baylieghs family or something. Not cool


I am sure Julie did not know at that time they were going to do a battle back. I am guessing last week it was decided to do the battle back. I wonder how much it had to do with Baleigh possibly being pregnant. I am guessing they confirmed she is not and now they need the drama so production will find a way to get that hot mess back into the game.


I know everyone thought Tyler was playing the best game and he was in the beginning. But I actually think everyone is playing the game (except Fes) that they planned coming into the house. Some may not like the way certain people are playing, but all are playing the game that suits them the most. So in the end, I think most have a valid reason for winning. They just have to plead their cases and hope their isn’t a bitter jury. It really depend on how things play out for the rest of the season.

I don’t like Angela, but JC, and Kaycee have made it clear that they were not wanting to win the HOH. (I don’t think Sam wanted it either) So it was Brett, Tyler and Angela against Hayleigh. Each had to play to try to beat her.

Last night Fes and Hayleigh made me laugh so much by their comments. They understood how terrible they have been playing. I know this won’t be popular but I would like to see Fes and Hayleigh on the Amazing Race. I would laugh so much at their lack of play as they stumble through the course fighting all the way. I want entertainment and they would provide it.




Swaggy's Missing Brow

I know, I hate it when I spill something on my keyboard and it gets stuck on all caps also. Look at the bright side, soon you’ll only have half a reason to watch and with any luck, shortly after that none. The free time will give you a chance to clean that keyboard.

Level 4 Rules


Reality bites

Funny because most people find Fes, Haleigh, Rockstar and Bayleigh the most annoying people this season. I wouldn’t really call them underdogs either they are just stupid. They had more numbers and they won more hoh’s yet they kept losing people. Thats not being an underdog, thats just being stupid.

If you like rooting for stupid people, go right ahead. And that Failey showmance is the worst throw up in your mouth one in BB history. Seeing them finally leave will be fun to watch!


No. People on the BOARDS call them annoying. But they aren’t. They normal human beings lmfao. People are watching this show still because Fes and Haleigh are entertaining. Angela is boring. She has no personality. People are getting bored of Tyler because he’s one person in the game and another person in the diary room. Kaycee is the most boring player since Jen City. Brett is the only reason people root for Level 6. Wake up. JC is helping L6 every week and he’s not even in the damn alliance.

Dead Brain Cells

Let me guess your a huge Frankie Grande fan too?


Being one person in the game and another person in the diary room is exactly why there IS a diary room, genius.


That’s what makes Tyler fun..! He is showing his poker face when he is around the house guests. When he is in the DR, he explains to us what his plans are. I’m sure I’ll get thumbs down for this but Tyler is much better player than Derrick. Derrick was in a powerful eight person alliance and BB made it look like he was the mastermind. Remember Derrick planned on voting out Zach right before jury? Nicole talked him into it and it was a go. Shortly before the vote, Caleb told Derrick that was a bad idea so they flipped last minute but Derrick took the credit for that instead of acknowledging Caleb’s role. In addition to that, they had a reset that changed Frankie’s HOH plans. My point is that Derrick didn’t do much but he got the credit. Tyler is winning these comps, keeping his alliance alive and planning and executing each eviction. Tyler is one of the best players. He should be viewed as a PLAYER like Dr. Will or Dan, Derrick should not.


Tyler won the first HOH and a couple physical vetos that were clearly geared toward his strengths. Other then that he lays around the house like a greasy slug. Angela is running his game for him. Production is probably scripting his DR’s to make it look like he actually knows what is going on because they know he is fan favorite.

Charlie B.

It’s so true…..Derek sucks!


Yes hated Derricks season………..Cody was one of the smarter ones lol…….that tells you all you have to know about Derricks uphill battle with that cast.


Maybe your just jealous of broken baby birds flowing golden locks and superior strategies……..

Reality bites

Oh ya its a real joy to watch Fes and Haleigh argue all the time. Tune in next time to see them question eachothers loyalty yet again. You are obviously biased in your opinion. Which is fine to have, but don’t think its what the majority think. Loook at any pole done of the houseguests anywhere.


Kind of hard to have a different opinion when if anyone dares say something positive about Fes, Hayleigh, Bayleigh, RS, or Scottie everyone floods it with down votes and goes nuts attacking them in responses telling them how dumb and wrong they are for having a different perspective then you.

Rigged Game

Phuk off!


I don’t understand your comment. You’re only watching because of Fessy and Hayleigh? Why? Do you enjoy watching the worst, clued out players in the game?? I don’t understand how people get mad at the show and the players who are being smart game wise. L6 has been playing a very smart, strategic game, so good they’ve managed to get HIVE to eliminate their own alliance members. Are they suppose to stop playing the game cause it’s to boring for the audience??


They don’t understand their comment much less you and I lol.


There is no need to yell!

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

In this season, to me, the underdogs have also been the bigger jerks. Bay, Swagg & RS. Kaitlyn was just delusional. Fez, complete moron, & I think he’s lazy.


The Best is yet to Come.
It will be Hilarious.
Sam for the win.
Of all the women this season, she is the one i would sensually caress and poke.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

I’m all for Brett and JC on The Amazing Race. (As long as they keep ice cream scoops and Angela’s bra away from JC.)

The problem I see with Fessie and Haleigh is that game relies so much on attention to detail; I seriously doubt they’d make it very far…or even off the starting mark. Besides, they’re going to be on vacation with Swaggy and Bayleigh and starring on his new MeTube channel.


Not to mention…they’ll book tickets to the wrong place and end up on the wrong continent. That’s how brilliant these 2 are

Swaggy's Missing Brow

“No Haleigh, I’m telling you North Korea is a rockin place. Dennis Rodman vacations there. Trust me!”




Fes was not made for BB – — he came here wanting camera time via a showmance. That was made clear this past week when he told the story about the girl he met during BB pre show process & they planned on being in a showmance in the house but she didn’t make the cut. Let’s not forget the first week he hit on Angela for a showmance & she said no. (and of course this annoyed Hal — rightfully so, b/c Fes now looks like THAT was his only strategy).

Anyway, if Faysal gets on TAR I’d rather see him play it with JC as their interaction is humorous at least vs. the “GNAWmance” who only kiss or fight.


It’s difficult to watch someone as dumb as fesal


Fessie……”I chose to use the power of veto on Hayleigh.”

Winner of BB20 is……………..

After party——.Hayleigh………”Get the hell away from me you moron!!!”


I love Angela’s signal for L6 to come up to HOH and get the latest intel (after her talk with Haleigh). She hits the intercom button and releases really fast…then Tyler, Kaycee, and Brett scurry upstairs.

This is all just so entertaining.


She does have her little soldiers well trained. Got to love the girl. She isn’t afraid to let herself be a leader. It’s really refreshing in a woman on this show.


I think if fes goes and wins the buy back then it’s been a waste of a week. If haileigh goes and Scottie wins it will be way more entertaining. Who knows where Scottie’s head would be at especially comparing notes with the others.


He will follow his lonely little heart right back to Hayleigh.

Double Ds

The battle back is going to be an endurance comp with the remaining houseguests. Fes drops early in endurance comps. Scottie will win the battle back.


If production wants fes in it’ll be a ball catching comp while enduring a sloppy mess thrown at them If Haleigh goes and has comp it’ll be Scottie vs Haleigh in race Scottie wins if he realizes Haleigh and he could be in jury together he may throw it to rock or bay production will make it a question comp who said what for bayleigh and i think all of em should be staying where they are, eating take out and blaming tor Angela Bret and fes and hails for their loss

oh boy

production wakes up every day wondering ,”How can we screw over level 6?”

Botox Pelosi

CBS should let the people who subscribe to the feeds have one vote for the finale.



Another day in paradise...

Stop YELLING at us…. it’s completely unnecessary!,,


DAKA is just a dumb troll…prolly related to fuzzball

Swaggy's Missing Brow

“Haleigh says she feels stupid she wishes she had talked to Angela last night. Haleigh thought she was the target so she picked Sam thinking she can easily beat Sam. Haleigh says she would have picked Tyler.”


Eh eh

Hay has never been playing for Fes, just riding him.

Capital Letters

Classy people don’t scream and use caps lock! Maybe Angela should get lessons from Rockstar in how to be classy?? Major eye roll


Yep because nasty-a*s rocknado was the epitome of a classy lady lol. I’ve missed bashing rocknado for all the gross things she used to say. My only regret is that she was locked in a house out in Cali and unable to see all the important responses I had to her hate. 🙁


Talk about classless nose picking fes booger is gross how can hails stand it


Who worries about caps? That’s such a stupid thing to let bother you. What if they have a vision impairment? Get over it already.

You Care

The only one worried and bothered seems to be yourself. I guess some people just can’t joke around, you shouldn’t take life so seriously, it is bad for your health


Sure do. My son is legally blind and types in caps. Then people like you comment and have no idea why it has to be in caps. Maybe consider other people is my point.

You Care

It is a paradox to say consider other people, when you yourself are not being considerate of other people….see how that works?

Hive on Fire

I wondered what had happened to Bayleigh’s Mom.


*Granny turns off hearing aid*






Omarossa is pretty & smart

@Genius it’s ok if the majority aren’t in favor of hay and fess… ppl are allowed to have an opinion about level 6 or angela just as u have them about hay fes without being jealous. Angela IS classless and nasty and you’re more than welcome to thumbs down


You’re literally rooting for practically the dumbest 2 people to ever play bb and you’re wondering what show we’re watching??!! I think you’re the one who needs a clue

Swaggy's Missing Brow

Come on folks, go easy…after all Fessie is the very epitome of class.

JC Meltdown

Is that with or without his finger up his nose?

Paul Treffinger

You don’t know what you’re talking about. If haley choose a better competitor then it gives fes less of a chance to win and if noms stay the same then fes gets voted out. If fes wins then takes himself off then Haley goes. So fes is being selfish and Haley not playing her own game and trying to stay. Fes was looking out for himself with tell Haley to pick Sam. Fes is the target not Haley. Haley didn’t know that. Understand?


Exactly…she realizes now that he was just thinkin of himself and she was playing his game


This is why the Hive lost. L6 would have already strategized and known exactly who and why someone was being chosen. Hayley got up there with no idea what she was doing as usual and Fes didn’t want Brett messing with his girl as usual.

He’s also embarrassed by how few wins he’s had considering he’s this big athlete and all so he’ll go against Sam, not Brett.

What a tool.

Eh eh

Bull. Fes isn’t smart enough to calculate picking Sam benefits him more than it does Hayleigh. He’s (the only one of Hay/Fes who’s) been playing for both of them the whole game. He simply saw Sam as more beatable. If either one of them wins veto he (correctly) sees that as better for both b/c obviously then there’s a chance a 3rd person goes instead. Hay had the same thought; she said as much, regrets it only upon hearing she wasn’t the target. She, not Fes, is looking out purely for herself. Fes was her shield. She’ll be anxious to lose that but elated that it’s not her.


Let’s not give them that much credit…….Their just dumb as rocks…..or Rockstar.


He didn’t want her to pick Brett because he figured if Brett uses the veto on her it’s Brett’s turn with Haleigh in Fez’s mind.

Roll Tide

So is Tyler being selfish having final two with everyone to ensure he goes to the finals? Why can’t Fessie try to ensure he goes as far as he can? He is not a good game player at all, but what is good for one side is good for the other side also.
Angela, JC and Kasey seemed like spoiled brats because ask Hay to choose Sam and not Tyler or Brett. They choose what is going to happen all the time.

I Stole Angela's Thong from The Hamper


Wow did u really just say f u? Is it that serious…. Does DT insight you to be nasty? Lol

Rigged Game

Nah. Dumb phuks like you make me nasty.

Rock Lobster



What is your problem??? No one types in all caps unless they are screaming their comment. Clearly you have not been paying attention to what’s going on for last last 2 months like the rest of us.


Is that you Swaggy? Let it go. You were evicted week two. You are not a famous reality star. But you may very well be a daddy soon.


You are clueless


Does anyone else think that production is pressing for the Tyler-Angela showmance? Obviously, the Hayleigh-Fessie one is entertaining, if it even exists, but I’m wondering if there’s really that much attraction between Tyler & Angela? I don’t get the live feeds – just rely on this superfantastic website to give me the inside information. Thanks!

Swaggy's Missing Brow

On the feeds they share a lot of quiet tender moments; something they will sort out between them after the show I’m sure.


This site chose to ignore tangela…I don’t known why since it will play a big role gamewise but the guys just don’t like to mention the cute moments between then for that you need to go on twitter and search tangela

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

They don’t ignore it. They just don’t make more out of it than exists. Moments have been mentioned, but they haven’t really done anything. Both seem intent on maintaining self control and playing the game.


Tyler is always talking about how beautiful she is I just don’t think Angela is that into it.

oh boy

Angela wants an alpha male, not a beta boy

Rigged Game

Tyler is a beta cuckhold in real life. Angela knows this.

Paul Treffinger

I’ve watched the live feeds and Angela has told Tyler that she is into him and Tyler has told Angela but it’s in code talk and they spoon at night when Tyler is not a “havenot” and Tyler kissed Angela on the back of the neck while they were they were either falling asleep or waking up and she liked it. I’m intereted to see what happens Saturday night when Tyler isn’t a have not and can sleep up in the HOH room with her

Swaggy's Missing Brow

Very good description…and their shared, quiet intimacy seems to infuriate some people. Poor jury management again (yes, that is sarcasm).


Wounded Bird Lamb: “Sam was saying her boyfriends back home are gonna be jealous cause she was talkin to brett for 1 1/2 hrs last night.”

Brett: “I still got it”


Bret's Butt

Gosh, I love Brett’s sense of humor. Thanks Dawg & Simon for all your hard work and updates. I’ve been shopping almost everyday at Amazon through your site. I’m gonna go broke but I gotta help my Canadian bros out. Love this site.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

I do too. He’s grown on me alot since the “Bro Days”. He’s a smart guy. I love the different smart players in the game this year. It probably makes the dumb ones look even worst. Bearded Disaster’s season had alot of lazy players. There have been alot of moving parts to game play this season.


Totally agree…this season, even the players and team I didn’t like were integral and everyone really seemed to play. Also, yes, there were blindsides, broken promises, and back-stabbing…but it was how it was supposed to be, not dirty and mean.


I so hope the veto is purely athletic and Kaycee just beats Fez’ *ss….the dunce..


When will Hay learn not to listen to Fes? He has been bad news for her at every turn plus he got rid of her best friend Scottie. I hope when she gets out her parents will give her a good talking to and bring her back to reality, being isolated with him so much has destroyed her independence and spunk.

Eh eh

When will Fes learn not to listen to Hay? She has been bad news for him at every turn plus she made him distrust her best friend Scottie by never trying to sell the idea of them working together and just complaining that he was hurting her by targeting someone who had her back (not Fes’s). I hope when he gets out someone will clue him into the fact that she’s been just using him. Being isolated with her so much has, surprisingly, not yet dented his optimism and cheerful playfulness, as he’s too thick to notice how moribund & narcissistic she is.

Elijah Clueless Cummings

JC is becoming my favorite player. If he was better at comps I think he would have a chance to win but that dude is funny.


I really want the punishment veto now that Haleigh said she’d shave her head to get off the block. If she does, I’d not be horrified if she won. She better check her head first, not everyone can pull off the shaved head look.

Is It just Me

Hopefully they can remove that mole while they’re at it.

Dead Brain Cells

Maybe Uncle Buck can give a quarter to the rat to chew it off of her.

Is It just Me

I didn’t intend that to be mean. As someone who has had pre-cancerous moles, i think it needs to come off and be biopsied.

Haleigh's Melanoma

What mole??


If Fes is voted out, he and Scottie have the best chance of coming back to the game, I feel like Bailey and Rockstar have probably given up hope. Although if Battle back is this week, Double Eviction has to be next week so I don’t really see it making a huge difference in the endgame. If Scottie comes back, things will be shaken up I am just not sure who he will target considering the unanimous vote, if Fes comes back it’ll just be more of the same terrible game play, if Bailey comes back I don’t even know what to expect and if Rockstar somehow makes it back over the the other 3 she deserves final 4 for that accomplishment alone. Wondering if Battle back will be separate from the HOH or if it will be built into it, with the best of the 4 staying in the house.


If Block Star comes back you can expect the expected.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

If the Battle Back is throwing acidic barbs at someone she deems morally inferior to her, Blockstar is a shoe in.

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A lot depends on the actual competition. There’s a very good chance RS or Bayleigh could come back…briefly.


If it is the comic book one only Scottie and maybe Fes would have a shot.


Has anyone talked about it bailey comes back. Is her power still good ? I believe it said until final 8. Would it be good even tho she was voted out ? Then at least one power app might have the chance of working since sams didn’t work so well and Tyler isn’t even having to use his.


Didn’t they say that the power had expired when she was voted out? Great point though.


Bayleigh said something about her power being expired. It was good until the final 8 so depending on how production wants to roll if Bayleigh returns, she may or may not have her power. I’m guessing they’ll let her use it so the power apps aren’t a total waste of time and hype.


lol I imagine the down votes are because of what I said regarding Blockstar, which I was totally being sarcastic about. The rest of my assessment


I think Scottie would throw in with Tyler who was his buddy before (or pretended to be). He doesn’t know about L6 and always thought Tyler and Brett were sort of independent players so in his mind he may try for some sort of deal with them. If Hay is still there he would no doubt go back to play with her since he feels guilty for his exit behavior.


Yup, Angel is quite athletic, beautiful face and figure.



Thanks for the link. Very impressive. I’ve often thought that Angela’s so-called “ice cold” demeanor is actually because of her competitive athletic background. Top-level athletes are trained to be emotion-less, so that their nerves don’t get the best of them.


Join the discussion…yup that’s it , and your degree in clinical psychology is from where again???

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And VERY disciplined. I don’t think most people appreciate the amount of disciple and upper body strength that pole vaulting takes. An interesting young woman.


Impressive, thanks!

Gimmie a Break!!!

Thanks for the link that is very impressive!!! What a great all around athlete… I have to say Angela was highly under estimated with that background…

Unfortunately she has been stuck with most the big moves on her Hoh’s n it has defently messed her end game for winning as well as her nom speeches n good bye messages… She wld be who u take to final 2 since she’s pissed off most the jury… I give it to her though for having the guts to step up n take out bayleigh, and either fez or haleigh thats how u get to the end by taking out strong competitors… She deserves more credit than shes getting…

I Stole Angela's Thong from The Hamper

Julie Chen now making comments about Fezzys dumb game play. If Julie actually notices how bad you are, you are bad son….


I know! It is bad. But, I still root for him and Hails every week. They are naive, which is kind of endearing.


It might be endearing if they were on Sesame Street. Being endearing will NOT secure a win on BB. Anyway, they don’t seem endearing to me. All they do is argue and act dumb .

Angela's Shaved VaJayjay

Fezzy is Fredo Corleone

Busta Fooligan

HA I’m watching that now

Gimmie a Break!!!



How quick you forgot about the person that did nothing in this game but sit and call people names out of jealousy ………Rockstar.

Bayleigh's Baby Bump

Time to change your diaper.


Perhaps it’s time for you to go ask your Mommy to change yours…. After all, only a baby would make that comment.


“Expect the Unexpected”…what could be more unexpected than a season where they just play the game straight up–no BS twist, BS powers, returning players, veterans, etc.


I’m with you 100% Dale. No production interference, and let the best competitor win!


I really hope Fessy doesn’t win. Actually it would be fitting if Sam were to win and keep the noms the same. I’m just ready for all members of the worst alliance in BB history to be out of the house. I’m ready to see the 6 (Tyler Kaycee Brett Angela JC & Sam) battle it out. Ready to see certain people (Angela & Sam) get voted out.

Eh eh

Sheesh, Angela. One suggestion from a male to a female and she’s like “he’s a bully” all day long. Grow some self-esteem.

Cray Cray

Fes isn’t being back doored…he is on the block playing the Veto.


I think Kaycee need to stop being a bit cocky because you never know what L6 will do (even though she’s part of the alliance). JC is already working on Brett to work on Angela, Tyler has so many final two deals that’ll come to light, Sam is still being weird, and Hayleigh and Faysal are still dumb…LOL! I wonder who will win the Battle Back? If Faysal is evicted, I’m kind of hoping Scottie win and redeem himself and get Angela out (and burst her bubble). The HGs I’d like to see win it all is JC, Tyler, or Scottie (if he win Battle Back).

Rigged Game

Can we discuss back dooring Angela???

Busta Fooligan

I can’t stop thinking about it lol

Rigged Game

That’s what I’m talking about Willis!

Rigged Game

It’s obvious that fezzy has never been a fan of the show. He must have filled out the application to a dozen different reality show’s and was called back for big brother. What a rip-off. This clown did not deserve a call back.

Rigged Game

Hi Julie, you look vivacious. And I got crabs from fezzy.

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If the waiting gets too boring for folks drop on by their places and enjoy the pi$$ing match going on between the second evictee and the fifth evictee over…t-shirts no less. Which probably explains why they never even made it to jury.

Someone is obviously worried that L6 t-shirts will cut into his 2nd person evicted t-shirts.


SEC, Bayleigh’s Baby Bump and Cray Cray’s replies to you were all on point. I’ve got one more for you. How is Brett managing jury votes? He told Rockstar that he was playing her and she is an idiot for believing him. Are you possibly related to someone in the Hive’s alliance?

Hi my name is Scott

The way things have gone for Hive lately, Sam is prolly winning the veto as we speak and she do course will not use it and that loud noise emanating from LA will be Fes’s most recent big plan backfiring with the Sam Veto win.

Tyler for the win!

Who is a worse player at bb this year? Will from bb Canada or fessy? Will was in a veto comp was going to win and he was told drop and you will be safe. So he dropped, had he won he would have had veto and protected himself. Now you have fessy who kicks out his own alliance because they like haleigh. Way to win! Lol stupid don’t need to win money. They will just buy magic beans lol


Too painful to watch. Even mothers can’t be proud of these goofs. Just stupid.


Somebody been sniffing glue……


No need to insult people for not liking the same people as you. People like you make this board look like no one but immature 12 year olds are on it.


Any word on what veto comp it is?


Comics maybe?


That’s what I was thinking too!

Darrell G Irick

I really hope Haleigh wins the VETO …. and Scottie wins the jury buy back


Haleigh goes, Rockstar back. rock & fes new powerhouse duo. You’ll be on the edge of your seat reading as dawg and simon blog the strategy sessions, and of course try to figure out once and for all…’who flipped?’


Thank you so much for keeping us updated. Without this blog BB is no fun?


You’re welcome! Glad our updates make the season better 🙂


That question mark was suppose to be !!!?


The suspense is killing me!


check the feeds, I just heard fes won the spelling contest veto, he got ‘ignoramus’ for 9 letters win.

Teri in Oregon

Any ideas what this comp could be, lasting 7+ hours???????

Buh Bye

The comic wall takes forever…

Butters Mom

the comp i can think of that lasts a really long time would be the comic book but i havent heard anything yet.

Kid Donny 07

why is there nothing all day?


Because the feeds have been blocked for the veto competition. Its now been blocked for over 7 hours.

Kid Donny 07

maybe they will wait for BBAD? seems unusual thanks for the reply

Chick in Louisiana

These re-runs suck! I swear I saw this episode 4 times in the last 2 days!!

L6 till the end

They probably watched a movie that is being promoted right now, and then played the comics comp after that


when are they gonna do the stay and fold veto comp


anyone know why the live feeds are still off but after dark is on


After Dark is apparently showing the HOH room with the house guests that were not in the veto. Tyler and Brett bored in the HOH room.


That makes sense thanks didn’t think of that


I wish this would have been on the feeds it’s a lot more interesting than the same reruns over and over again


Maybe Outback dinner after comp?


Gotta be Sam left or something


Kc won veto


Did she really win?

Mary Ann Bonczyk



Nvm they were running thru the days and they said kc won guess it was them hoping that’s how it goes

Cat Nip

Kaycee or JC? Please and thank you

Mary Ann Bonczyk

Kaycee won!

Cat Nip

Thanks Mary Ann! YAY!!!