Power Of Veto Ceremony Results! “I told them I was going to do that, so its no big surprise”


POV Holder: Christine Next POV March 5th
POV Used No POV Ceremony March 7th
HOH Winner: Jared Next HOH: March 10th
Original Nominations: Loveita and Sharry
Current Nominations: Loveita and Sharry
Last Evicted Houseguest Paige
Have Nots Loveita, Sharry, Joel, Cassandra

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There will likely be a lot of alliances during the season – keep track with our alliance help guide.

Big-Brother-Canada-4 2016-03-07 11-29-52-531
12pm – 2:30pm Big Brother blocks the live feeds for the Power of Veto Ceremony to take place. Loveita and Sharry are on the block and Christine has the power of veto. This morning Tim told Christine that she should flip to decide if she should use the veto or not. Christine loved the idea of leaving it up to fate. However, when the live feeds return – we learn that Christine did not use the veto and therefore either Loveita or Sharry will be going home this Thursday.

Power Of Veto Used: No

Backyard – Christine is playing pool with Mitch. Mitch asks her if she feels good? Christine says yeah, I mean I told them I was going to do that so its no big surprise.

Backyard couches – Dallas tells Maddy that he is already getting some funny looks. It doesn’t phase me. This next HOH colossal. Maddy says do or die. Dallas and Maddy are continuing to make others believe they’re mad at/not talking to each other.
Big-Brother-Canada-4- 2016-03-07 11-31-23-165

Hot Tub room – Phil says he doesn’t care who leaves. Nick says me neither. Next week which other one is left should go back up on the block. Phil agrees. Last week what I needed to happen, happened. I needed Kelsey to stay. My chats with Dallas I made it seem like he was coming up with the ideas. He even admitted it. Nick says I know. Phil says he f**ked himself. He’s screwed. I don’t want to associate myself with him. I just don’t want him to put us up. I want to cultivate that relationship. Nick says and he would put us on the block for sure if it happened tomorrow. He is being weird. Phil says he is a weird guy. He’s sketchy. Nick says I just don’t want to end up on the block with Jared because we would go home. Phil says no way, not the way I can talk to people. He can’t talk to people like us. Mitch came to me last night and he wants to work with us. Jared joins them. Phil and Nick talk about who to vote out. Phil says the only thing is that he thinks Sharry is tighter with more people. They suggest flipping for it. Jared says he can careless.

Big-Brother-Canada-4- 2016-03-07 12-13-12-510
3pm The live feeds return from being blocked and all the house guests and bringing all their clothing to the living room. (Sounds like they’re being punished for being so messy.) Nikki starts bringing her clothing to the stairs and says “I f**king hate this house already!” She says that she doesn’t want to do it. Nikki brings her stuff down. Nikki starts complaining. Nikki says I don’t want to moan all the time but they (Big Brother) give me no other option! Ramsey tells her that whatever they have to do, he’ll help her through it. She says its so hard not to swear. I will be so excited to leave next week. I really am! I just want my freedom back.

3:15pm – 3:45pm Big Brother blocks the feeds again. When the feeds return – the house guests are getting all their clothes ready to be washed. Cassandra says after this we get a pizza party!! Christine says not you, you’re a havenot. Cassandra says not after this! Cassandra is in charge of washing all the clothes with Joel helping. (Its obviously a shameless plug for oxiclean hd) The others comment on how its probably because she’s said she’s never done laundry before.

Big-Brother-Canada-4- 2016-03-07 12-37-56-760

4:15pm In the backyard – Raul tries to throw Kelsey in the pool.
Big-Brother-Canada-4 2016-03-07 13-19-33-809

Big-Brother-canada-4- 2016-03-07 13-33-56-966
4:30pm Backyard – Loveita talks to Dallas. He tells her that he’s voting for her. Nikki and Tim are cancelling themselves out. Loveita says she’s talked to everyone. Dallas says and they’re not giving you straight answers? Loveita says no. Dallas says that he talked to Sharry and told her that if Loveita wants to stay I’ll vote for her and if she doesn’t I’ll vote for you. He tells Loveita that you had my back and I’ve got yours. My consensus is that you’re going to stay. I think Maddy is going to vote Sharr out.

Big-Brother-canada-4- 2016-03-07 13-39-33-816
4:40pm HOH room – Sharry is talking to Kelsey and Jared about the votes. Kelsey says that she thinks Loveita not wanted to be here is working in your favour. Sharry disagrees and says it might be working against me. People are also trying to convince Loveita to campaign. Kelsey asks who? She says she thinks the vote is going to be super close and its basically going to come down to one vote. Sharry says she’s going to go talk to people to see where they’re at.

4:50pm – 5:10pm Jared says I don’t really trust the brothers. Kelsey asks why? Jared says this morning he walked out into the hot tub room and they were talking about not being sure which one to get rid of and then they said we’ll talk later and left. I want to get rid of them sooner rather than later. I just don’t trust them. They’re too young and dumb. I would rather have Dallas on my side to take them out. Kelsey says Dallas is such a wildcard. I know Dallas lied to us but he came clean. It might be our only option to backdoor the brothers. Kelsey doesn’t know what backdoor means. Jared explains it to her how they would put up two people we don’t want to go and then put them up after the veto so the don’t have a chance to save themselves. Kelsey says why not just talk to them (brothers) more to get to know them better. Jared says I would rather put my gun to their heads rather than their two guns to my head. Jared says it wouldn’t be something for next week it would be for the week after that or the week after that. Kelsey wonders if she should make an alliance with Cassandra. Jared says I don’t think its a good idea. Look at everything that’s happened so far she’s been a part of it all. You can do what you what but its a bad idea. Kelsey says I think I might do it. Jared asks what do you gain. She is so stupid. All she needs to know is that we’re all good together. Kelsey says she wants it to be official. Jared says then bring her in here and we’ll make it official and she can make a stupid name for it. Just to make her happy and shut her up. Kelsey keeps saying she still wants to make an alliance with just Cassandra. Kelsey tells Jared to be cautious of Dallas. Jared thinks the brothers are just buying time until they become 2 people .. like until week 4 or 5. Jared says if someone is going to make an alliance I think we should do it together so that you get caught up in sh*t. I just want to use Dallas to get the brothers out and then I’m done with Dallas. Kelsey thinks its better to get Dallas out first. Dallas did a 180 and is now kissing your a$$.

Big-Brother-canada-4- 2016-03-07 13-43-17-975

Kelsey asks Jared if he knows Cassandra from outside the house and big brother cuts the feeds.

5:10pm Big Brother blocks the feeds.

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I don’t get the hype for Nikki. She is annoying and all she does is complain. Now Tim I actually like 🙂


Most of Nikki’s complaints have serious reasons behind them. You should probably read up on her background. Her dietary requirements are related to her LONG history of anorexia and her germophobia has to do with her OCD that she developed from overcoming her eating disorder. Her story is unbelievably heartbreaking and she’s really a strong human being.


Is all clothing and bedding cuz of bed bugs

Pinocchio Obama

That sounds like something the USA Big Brother production staff would do.


I’d say that BBCan is definitely the king of shameless sponsor plugs. Especially after last year.


I’m glad to hear that Tim is getting more invested in actually staying in the house and playing the game. I don’t know what Nikki’s deal is, or why she’d want to come into the BB house again if she doesn’t feel up for it.

I’m really excited and nervous about the next HOH. The HG are going to be going back and forth these next few days over evicting Sharry or Loveita, but I get the feeling things will be more intense next week as people struggle to gain control over the power.


I hate everyone except Tim and Mitch.


Mitch is a phony baloney and it reads on him loud and clear. The people in the house are too vapid too see it and all of Mitch’s “fans” are drinking his kool-aid because he has a youtube channel about science with his boyfriend. Give me a fucking break.


Who shat in your sandwich?



sunny dee

i thought nikki complaining and talking about how she wants to get out all the time is the reason she is there. didn’t anyone voting actually check out who the options were?


It is a fact that Jarred and Cassandra know each other personally because Bruno from last season was on Dick at Night and told Evel Dick that he was at the premiere taping of the first episode and he said that when Cassandra walked into the house Jarred ran up to her on the stairs and whispered to her “We don’t know each other from the outside” and Cassandra agreed. Of course production didn’t show this on the episode, but why would Bruno lie about this and why would production cut the live feeds when Kelsey asks Jarred if he know Cassandra from outside the house? Super wrong to come into the house knowing each other like that and then production tries to cover it up because casting (kassting) was too stupid to do their homework before casting these two.

Good grief eh

Well, if Bruno said so . . . Rolling eyes. . . Actually, if this is true, then good on them for fooling the house. Now which season(s) was it the BBUSA sent in people that knew each other? Was that unfair too?

I don’t know if this is your first time watching this show, but big brother has never been about being fair. It’s about manipulation, strategy and game play. And just when the people think they have big brother figured out, production ups the anti, to keep us, and the players, on our toes. I love Big Brother!


I’m wondering how come Kelsey found out that Jared and Cassandra know each other


a few minutes before Kelsey ‘said do you know her’, when asking why he didn’t want her to get close to Cassandra, Jared said ‘well we’re both from Winnipeg so… d’uh.’
He’s letting the cat out the bag without letting it out of the bag.


I’d be afraid to have someone who has never done laundry, do my laundry. I wonder how much shrinkage and new pink T-shirts will happen? (thanks, but where are all my WHITE Tshirts?) . I wonder if Global is prepared to replace some of those “accidents”?

sunny dee

cassandra was playing a princess role to get on the show, and to make it fun tv. the chances that she has never done laundry herself at least for herself, or when younger and sent to do chores, is astronomically low.

i did notice the machines are in the bathroom, a big improvement over having it outdoors, like on US, and the backyard constantly locked down due to setting up comps.

i don’t look at the BB CAN global site very often, but are they doing voting and stuff at all? seems like canada had a lot of input into shows prior to the international visitors coming in like a big surprise, not to mention i think it is really stupid to run the brothers as a team all the way thru the show. why can’t they be separated at a certain point, makes it more interesting, i mean, huge targets on their backs if they are supposedly going to get to the end or always going in as a pair. who cares really, it isn’t a twist, it is just annoying.

Kren Bowes

So do those three (Jarod. Kelsey, and Rual) ever come out of their HOH cave? I know they do to smoke but other than that it is almost like they are hiding from something lol (possible pending doom!) Jarod really got the power bug bad huh! lol


When Jared told Tim he wasn’t the kind of guy to tell other people what to do, my mind instantly went back two days to Jared telling everyone in the hoh room the eviction order they should follow for the next four weeks.
This from the guy that said he’d only be in the hoh to sleep, and never use the room at all the rest of the time so people didn’t think he was getting too cocky like Loveita. Nice soundbites, but that’s all they are: distracting words.
I haven’t decided who i really like yet, it still feels to early, but I know it’s not Jared.


Jared doesn’t come across as unduly overbearing either


I’m actually liking this season, of course it’s fairly early n production could mess it up…scratch that,they will definitely mess it up..I have watched Tim on bbaus, n these guys should not underestimate.


someone should tip off the net on the Jared and Cassanda connection.Totally not fair and explains why Cass is siding with Jared on voting. Also why he is baking at pulling her in to an alliance.


cass is voting for loveita to stay, jared wants loveita gone


jared having the audacity to call anyone dumb is just to good. that guy is delusional. i really hope him trusting dallas bites him in the ass. you dont team up with someone who has shown that he doesnt even know what the word loyalty means. at least kelsey is wary of him ..never thought id say this but it honestly seems like kelsey is the smarter of the 2 and thats scary


kelsey ..for someone who doesnt know the game seems to have a better grasp on strategy than jared. that should tell you how dumb that guy is


I was watching the feeds when the “you have just been kidnapped, the cast of the last show you watched are mounting a rescue… who’s coming to save you” meme came across my social media. Wonderful. Tim will sympathize and join the kidnappers… the rest of these yahoos will join along out of solidarity. And i’m left with Nikki to be my hostage negotiator. I’m dead.


Just go home Nikki!
Every time I watch … the girl is bitching about being there.
She should of gave someone else a chance who wants to play.
Whoever did their casting for this season really screwed up.
To bad BBAU is canceled … I found it very entertaining
At this point … Tim for the win


Dallas is gross.


If anyone is waiting for Nikki to become some strategic game master… it’s not going to happen. Her entire claim to fame is that she behaves poorly and throws tantrums. It’s not that she plays the game in an amazing way. It’s that the only thing predictable is that she will misbehave, have a rotten attitude, cry constantly, whine that she wants to leave, and throw a few zingers in the d/r. I mean this is the girl that was evicted and voted back in (precursor to the Gary style re-entry back into the game). The only difference is the voting public was led to believe they were placing their vote to ban the person from ever being on big brother again, and the network was ordered to pay heavy fines for misleading the public in order to showcase a scandalous personality having public breakdowns for ratings.


Cassandra = Sabrina but a little bit better
Jared = Emmett, if he sucked at this game
In all honesty, Tim and Nikki for FINAL 2


why does cassandra deserve that type of insult from you?

i wouldnt compare even my worst enemy to sabrina, who is one of the most insane, annoying and nasty people ive seen in north american bb, right up there with amanda from bb usa…and was sh!t at the game

stay off the weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed


Cassandra = Sabrina but a little bit better
Jared = Emmett, if he sucked at this game
In all honesty, Tim and Nikki for FINAL 2

Cassandra is not by any means Sabrina of BBCAN2. Sabrina has been the worst of the worst in Big Brother history…to say the least. Jared is not Emmet either. Emmet has been a very smart player whereas Jared … is just a “cowboy”. I’d wouldn’t mind to see Tim winning all, but Nikki … even Victoria of bbus 16 deserved to win 20k more then Nikki even though she didn’t make it to F2. At least Victoria didn’t grate on my nerves.

Never Have I Ever Shit Myself

Anonymous, I agree with you on some points, however, as an avid BBUK watcher I can’t help but love Nikki. I’m a big Nikki fan. At the end of the day she is genuine and has a huge heart. Yes she is dramatic and famous for throwing tantrums but this is not fake –that’s just Nikki. She’s actually THAT frail and spun. I can’t help but find her endearing. She eventually won over the British public and she is the most beloved BBUK star of all time. A BB legend. So excited that I get to watch her on the show but I still think a Canadian should win!


Maybe britons have low standards


I’m not saying Nikki is putting on the tantrums and behavior as an act, or that she is an inherently bad person. I’m saying when you bring Nikki into Big Brother you aren’t bringing in a strategic svengali, you’re loosing a bull in a china shop.
I’m sure she has endeared herself to the viewers of bbuk. I’ve been oddly transfixed watching her shenanigans in early seasons myself. A complete why can’t I look away this is horrible but I can’t stop watching situation.
But the fact remains that there was an outcry in her first season that perhaps the network was taking advantage of someone with diminished capacity for the sake of ratings.
As well, there is the public record (and articles in the bbc news archives online) that the network was forced to pay a fine for misleading the voting public in her first season. multiple complaints were filed. the governing body did determine that the show broke their own rules and guidelines intentionally misleading the people paying to call or text vote because her unpredictability was good for ratings.


I wasn’t excited about the international house guests coming in but now I feel like Tim is the only one I really like so far lol


Tim’s strategy is usually if he can’t manipulate that player then he doesn’t have any use for them. So I’m wondering if the ones he is connecting with are the ones he can manipulate. That was some of his strategy on Big Brother Australia. He is also a big pot stirrer and brings chaos to a house but in a loving way!


looks like tim will align with people he has a genuine connection with and can joke around with

you can tell from his banter he particularly likes cassandra, phil and nikki in that way

he will try to have a word in the ear of anyone he is aligned with, but im more looking forward to seeing if he will clash with anyone that he dislikes

if he gets hoh he will nominate dallas and raul…could get some good speeches and antics if he wins some comps


looks to me like jared does not want kelsey to have a female connection in the house, a girl she could take final 2 for a better chance of winning rather than against a guy in final 2, and kelsey has realized the only decent female connection she has is with cassandra, and kelsey likes phil alot and jared is jealous of that, its why he all of a sudden wants the brothers out

with kelsey seeing how rattled jared was in that conversation re cassandra and the brothers its looking like jared really wants total control of kelsey, basically saying do whatever you want then the next second its a really bad idea dont do it and getting angry, and it will be interesting to see what she does possibly making side alliances away from jared that could help her individual game


BBCAN sucks as usual: every time the HGs have a party, Big Brother shuts the live feeds down.