Power of Veto Ceremony results “There’s no way anybody has a better f***g alliance”

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William did not use the Power of Veto. Jackie and Cassandra remain on the block. Eviction is Thursday. Right now it looks like Cassandra has no hope to stay but 3 days is a life time in the Big Brother House. Could be a interesting week.

Demetres and Kevin Pooltable
Kevin tells Demetres one of their 6 is going to win Big Brother they are too strong to klet someone else win
Demetres – F***G right
Kevin says Demetres isn’t on anyone’s radar. Kevin doesn’t question one person in their 6 person alliance.
(I remember another big alliance Kevin was in that was a for sure win)
Demetres – I look around, I was like ahhh f***.. I trust everybody..
Demeters – there’s no way anybody has a better f***g alliance
Kevin – no way.. not with the strong players Logical and relaxed..

Storage room Ika and Bruno
Ika says Dre is right now pissed at Gary
Bruno – Nice
Bruno – Gary is trying to get close to me
Ika – right now Dre doesn’t trust Gary and he’s now her target.
Bruno – good
Ika – you just have to try to win next week
Ika says she told Cassandra last night she’s voting to evict her
Bruno – me too

Bruno leaves.. William joins Ika. Ika says for William’s game it was best that he didn’t use the veto.
William – it’s only week three..
Ika points out that Cassandra will never put them on the block but on the flip side she’ll never win anything.
William – I’m scared what Kevin could do next week..
Ika – Kevin likes you
William thinks Kevin might take out Dre and use William as a pawn
Ika – Get close to Kevin.. He’ll never put you on the block but he’ll put Dre on the block

11:10am Dre and Jackie

11:27am Ika and William BAckyard
William says he feels sad for Casandra she was all alone yesterday.
Ika – the whole house is against her..
William – Dallas was a little bit like Cassandra all alone..
Ika – it’s sad
William mentions that Neda never really came to him.
Ika says she must have been confident that he wouldn’t use it but it was still strange she’s the HOH and didn’t talk to him.
Ika says next week they are not safe points out that; Neda, Bruno, Kevin, Emily, Sindy and Dillon are together.
Ika – I feel like all the people that wouldn’t put us on the block are going home.
Ika – Dallas wouldn’t have put us on the block, She wouldn’t.. all the people that would are staying.. that’s scary.
Ika – I don’t trust Dillon
William doesn’t either.
Ika – we have to win HOH or we’re screwed.
Ika says she told Dre that her, Demetre, William should work together.
Iak warns that Demetres is getting really close to Bruno and Kevin, “Or maybe he’s just making it seem that way.. I don’t think he’ll turn on me”
William doesn’t see Demetres turning on her.
William thinks if Kevin wants Dre out he’ll put them both on the block.
(Ika and William backyard)

Cassandra plotting or giving up and enjoying the outside?

12:00pm Dre alone in the hot tub room going over strategy..
“Is Jackie with Kevin and Bruno I don’t know.. Neda probably is with Kevin and Bruno”
“Emily and Dillon you’re cool but you gotta go”
“Karen you talk too much”
Dre says Karen is too close to Gary she can’t tell her anything it goes back to Gary, “Everyone believes what Gary says because it’s Gary”
Dre – do I get close to Gary… I can’t be fake 24/7 it’s too much.. too much fakeness.”

Cassandra warning them they need to go after Bruno and Kevin. Karen brings up loads of irrelevant stuff.

Jackie says there’s been a few people that have told her she’s voting to keep her.
Karen – I thought I could work with Cass..
Karen goes on about being a target last week. Says it was Jackie, CAss and Dallas that were trying to get her to go up as the replacement nomination.
Karen – I don’t trust you three .
Jackie – I don’t expect you do
Karen – you were all disloyal
Jackie says they were never working together so don’t use the word disloyal.
Karen agrees,m “Dallas was saying really mean hateful things.. you were telling everyone what a evil bitch I was and what a Psycho I was” (Psycho maybe evil no)
Karen goes one about things Jackie said then once Jackie starts telling her those were lies and defends herself Karen says “OK I don’t want to get into it let it go” (LOL karen brings this stuff up every 30 seconds)
Jackie reminds her to not believe what other people are saying.
Karen – I know that

12:40pm (Karen and CAssandra in the bathroom)
Cassandra saying that Ramsey is was the most annoying person in the BBCAN4 house, “He was so transparent he was such a bullshitter.. I really liked him after the show he’s the nicest person” THey head to the bedroom.

Karen starts speaking about week 1 shit where Jackie called her a “Evil b1tch” CAssandra warns her that Jackie is with Bruno and Kevin and if she stays it builds those 2 guys army even more. CAssandra suggests Karen just lay low and hide.

KAren says she told Jackie to her face that she doesn’t trust her. KAren again going on about being called a “evil bitch” says Jackie called her that “1 million times”

Cassandra warns Neda, Sindy and Demetres area getting very close.
CAss – I don’t think I’ll get Demetres’ vote
Karen – Cass I can’t trust anybody.

Production gave them a talking to for talking bad about past houseguests and maybe people that work in production.

2:00pm Neda talking about how shitty the twist on Season 3 was which saved Sarah and Britney and F***ed Ashleigh over.

Gary and Ika both say they are embarrassed and feel bad.
Gary – they work so hard and they have families.. I really am sorry.
Ika – I feel bad I feel like they hate me.
Gary – never talk about Production again never talk about a past houseguests again..

KAren crying…

5:53pm IKa, Demetres, Kevin and Gary Poolside
Gary saying again he’s sorry. They’re walking about Dillon being pissed that they got a group punishment for something he didn’t do. Kevin and Ika say that Dillon is to blame as well.

6:10pm Jackie is crying. Karen brings up week two when everyone wanted her to be the target. (I believe she’s crying about them getting in trouble from production dunno for sure. )

Sounds like they are all on slop.

Ika and Demetres showmance starting

Karen and Demetres chatting in the hot tub room. Karen says she’s been watching those 6 layers Cassandra says are together and has noticed they spend a lot of time together in the HOH.

Karen – do you feel good about CAss going home
Demetres – yeah
KAren – she totally thru me under the bus.
KAren says Cassandra was trying to get her and Jackie on the block and because of that she’s lost Karen’s trust.
Demetres – she’s good at manipulating people
KAren – she trusted Dallas and Jackie too much.. they got in her head and it blew up their game.
They both agree Cassandra played too hard too fast.

Cassandra says she’ll get voted in over Dallas if there’s a pre jury player coming back. Cassandra says that Bruno and Kevin have a three person alliance with Sindy. CAssandra asks her about Demetres’ vote.
Karen doesn’t think he’s voting to keep her says Demetres told her Cassandra is probably going home.
CAssandra says they’ll let Gary get to Ika and if Ika votes to keep her so will Demetres.
Karen mentions that Someone told Jackie that KAren is voting to evict Cassandra.
KAren says Demetres is working with the other girls.
CAssandra warns her about Sindy being a liar. Karen says Dre and Sindy don’t talk game to her.
CAssandra says Karen needs to work on Dre. Mentions that Dre doesn’t like the “Phonies” in the house AKA the other side.

8:58pm Hot Tub Sindy, NEda, Kevin and Bruno
They are going to put up Dre and William if they win HOH next week and renomnated Gary if POV is played.

9:03pm Dre and Cassandra Poolside
Casasndra – I want to screw with Neda’s head her true colours came out..
Cassandra says Neda is treating her like garbage.
Dre thinks she’ll be friends with her outside but doesn’t think she can play with Neda inside the house.
Cassandra mentions how Neda thinks she’s already won the game.
Dre agrees says Neda is probably going to target her.
Dre says the next targets are Dre, Ika and William.

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The most important video was not put up yesterday… The video where Ika tells Cassandra she does not have the votes to stay and also the video where Ika reports it back to Neda and Sindy.

Cdn oracle

May as well fast forward 5 weeks until the vet 6 or 5 of em are left. Newbies always seem to forget this is a numbers game. I wish william used the veto on Cass, called out the other side as having the strong players and strong alliance and rallied everyone else in the house including dillon and emily so even if dre goes up jackie goes out.
William, you may play it safe now but your path to finale just got alot slimmer. I get people like will and dre but they are horrible players. Dre hates gary? Who cares u need him to win. I dont get how all these players think they can win playing scared vs vets.
Also neda isnt some mastermind she woulda been out so early in her season and had no clue if it wasnt for production intervention putting up the other idiots on the block because fans hated them. I think bbcan has way too many twists where it ends up being the winner is mostly luck but without one, this script has already been written much like when neda was underdog clueless person.
Very very bad cast of newbies to compete vs vets. The safety was obviously horrible as well just giving a vet advantage like they even needed it vs these newbies.


Totally agree, the newbies are awful and am so tired of Neda and how she is so full of herself there are absolutely no fun characters this year, once Cassandra goes home that’s it for me, way too many boring cast members.

sunny dee

dallas gone, cass gone, yes, very dull indeed without either of them imo

not that i mind if she goes, but i can think of other options. at this point, over ready for karen to go home due to all the whining. she should know better


Ika needs to go next … She’s worse than Gary and Cas … Of course it’s just a matter of time till she explodes over some non-issue emotional BS and her loose lips game is exposed.


Listening to Jackie is annoyingly similar to breaking into a 12 year old girl’s locked diary. Her overuse of the word like is driving me absolutely insane. I really wish she was going home this week. She adds nothing to the feeds, the house or the show other than a vote or an easy pawn. I hate when the show casts these clearly identifiable fillers. Sigh.

Cdn Oracle

Well well it looks like this punishment is the production intervention I was talking about. For those of you not watching the feeds. Neda was bashing prior hgs and Cass for a full day yesterday, nonstop the feeders were going nuts hating her.
I think production showed some comments from Karen’s husband saying he wanted to give her a hug and other comments from their family members (probably telling them to stop being so mean). I think production told them some of the comments that had been made in the house but not who made them and warned them that feeders are watching and not happy and they are embarrassing themselves and their families (mostly Neda, Cindy, Ika). They were told to not bash the characters of the houseguests.

Now Kevin is hanging with Cass and Dre, he probably didn’t say anything but feels bad that hes now aligned with the bad mean side and how his edit will look. Kevin is probably playing through scenarios in his head where he and Bruno can save Cass and look like the heros and still win the game. I think he can too because hes that much smarter than everyone else.

Cass is very happy. Neda is off the live feeds for hrs (probably crying knowing shes made herself look very very bad).

This could be the kind of help Cass needed, it seems everyone knows who it was (Neda, CIndy, Ika)

RIP Sitting Ducks

Please BB Gods keep Cass!!!! I’m glad production put them in their place. The feeds were annoying!


So cassandras daddy and sugar daddy complaining to production to help the wretched girl stay longer?? She was awful last season but her ego and the fact that she thinks she’s some kinda star is embarrassing to watch !!

Twistos Twists

Funny how NEda says the cheapest twist was the season 3 one. I think the cheapest twist is hers….she is still allowed to play hoh? At least the us version actually subsidizes for this when someone gets a free pass. I really hope there is a last minute cheap twist to either save or bring back Cassandra.