“I am going to interrupt the veto meeting.. I’m getting every single person in this house to raise their hand”

Head of Household Winner – Dani
Have nots – Da’Vonne, David, Ian
Nominations David Tyler and Kevin
Power of Veto Players are – Ian, Kevin, Dani, Tyler, Enzo, Da’Vonne.
POV Host: – Nicole
Power of Veto holder – DaVonne
Power of Veto Ceremony
Powers – Christmas, Dani, David
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2:14 am Feeds were down for about 8 hours due to possibly a wall yeller. When the feeds get back there’s good indications Da’VOnne will use the veto on Kevin and that Ian will be the replacement nominations and the target. If the Veto isn’t used looks like Kevin is the target. Keeping in mind with a high value target like Tyler on the block anything can happen this week.

3:30 am Dani calls a Committee meeting
Dani – I just got done talking to Da’Vonne for every and she’s 100% using the veto. I don’t want to put anybody else up.
Dani – this is my plan if she uses it.. I am going to interrupt the veto meeting i’ll let the nominees have their speeches and i’m going to stand up and have my own speech I’m going to say
Dani – I really would appreciate if you don’t use the veto its going to break my heart to nominate somebody else it will put me in a bad spot please don’t use it.
Dani – everyone in this room if she leaves the nominations the same raise your hands if you will vote out Tyler. That’s her problem she wants Kevin to stay
Dani – I’m asking everyone to raise their hands either way because I don’t want her to use the veto. She’s place herself in a worst spot and this will place her into even a worst spot
Cody – I will raise me hand but I think we should tell Tyler before..
Memphis – I have a couple concerns..
Memphis doesn’t think them all agreeing with her and raising their hands is a good idea.
Dani says that would be foolish “I’m getting every single person in this house to raise their hand”

Christmas – why the f* is she using it.
Dani – she’s close to Kevin..
Christmas – well obviously she doesn’t want to go all the way
They talk about how crazy it is for her to use the veto, “Crazy .. crazy”
Dani – I’m so annoyed by this.. It’s giving me the middle finger.

Dani said she told Da’Vonne they have the votes for Tyler to go and she doesn’t care
Memphis – she still might f**ing use it
Cody says if day’s mind is set nothing is going to stop her.

They’re trying to decide if Da’Vonne can be convinced not to use it.
Memphis points out they are talking about someone who has never won a power and this is the furthest she’s gotten in the game. ..”She knows the game”
Christmas – I don’t think she knows the game
Memphis – she obviously doesn’t know what she’s doing.. Her, Kevin and David are the only three people in this house that are not part of an alliance.

Memphis says if nominations do stay the same and Kevin goes home they will have one pissed lady on their hands.
Christmas – right now we have great numbers in our favour and we’re probably one week away from being able to completely steam roll
Memphis – I can deal with a pissed off women.. I’m just saying how mad she’s actually going to get. It’s one thing to play this game it’s another thing to make a person look like a fool and that is what we are doing.. just FYI
Memphis – look f*** it I could care less.. I’m just saying lets just think about everything every angle.

Memphis now saying “it’s worth the risk.. if she decides to use it it’s going to be a weird situation.. it’s worth trying if we can pull it off it helps us. Kevin is a hardcore competitor.. ”
Dani – he’s coming after us for sure (Kevin)
Christmas suggests she tells Da’vonne that she’s talked to everyone in the house and if she uses it they will all be pissed. “that now opens up the lsot for us to go on the block.. it’s a unnecessary.. ”
Memphis – if she wins HOH she’ll put one of us up anyways.
Cody agrees says if Kevin, David or Da’vonne win HOH one of them is going up they might as well take a shot and limit the numbers.
Cody – if there’s 2 of them theirs less of a chance of one of them winning than if there was 3.

Christmas now suggesting telling her right before the veto to not use it.
Cody – I don’t think threatening her before the veto will work
Christmas – not threatening her
COdy – anything that makes her feel like her backs against he wall will force her to use it.
Memphis says doing the convincing outside of the veto meeting is best.
They suggest calling a house meeting before the veto meeting.

They talk about asking the nominees to leave during the ceremony so they can get everyone to raise their hands.
Cody points out that production wouldn’t allow for that to happen.
Dani – you want me to hand them blindfolds.
Dani – raise your hands if you are voting out Tyler.. one of you is going up there..

Christmas – then I’m going to raise my hand because I don’t want to go F***ing up there.
Cody agrees says it’ll make her think everyone is raising their hands to not be the nominees.

They go back and forth whether to have the meeting before during or not at all. They talk about if they should let David know before hand.
Memphis – I wouldn’t say sh1t to David that Idiot doesn’t know his F**Ing mouth from his a$$hole
Dani – ohh my god Memphis
Memphis says they tell David he’s going to beeline to tell Da’Vonne “I have nothing to say bad about David. I don’t know him I don’t give a sh1t I’ll tal kto him never again in my life. But I’m telling you in this game he doesn’t know what he’s doing.. he doesn’t know what to do in situations.. he has no methodical brain when it comes to this game”
they agree not to tell David.

Memphis and Cody mention that Da’Vonne already said to Tyler she would let him know in the morning if she will use it.
Dani – why is she telling Tyler
Christmas – That’s not in the rules she’s not allowed to do that (Shutup)
Memphis – are you sure about that

Memphis says at the end of the day if she uses the veto they will vote out whoever the renom is.
Christmas – not necessarily
Nicole – if there’s a bigger target
Memphis – no ones a bigger target than Tyler Unless you’re going to backdoor me.

4:14 am after a lot of back and forth..
Nicole – I’m thinking it’s a bad idea.
Dani – if I don’t do this sh’es 100% using it.. like 100%
Nicole – what if you just stood up and said Please don’t use it in front of everyone.. you think?
Memphis – I like the idea I just don’t like the repercussions for next week.
They start talking about getting Da’Vonne pissed at Enzo and them that way if DAivd/Kevin/Day win the HOH they would put up one committee with Enzo.
Dani goes on about how she can’t believe Da’Vonne isn’t seeing how bad it is for her game to use the veto.
Memphis – she’s never been in this position.

4:23 am Nicole and Cody
Nicole whining about the possibility of Ian going up and going home.
They talk about if Ian is up with Tyler they can make the vote 4-4
Cody says this might be a week where the line gets drawn.
Nicole – Dani won’t vote out Da’Vonne or Kevin in this house why is it Ok for me to vote out Ian?
Nicole – It’s hypocritical and pisses me off.
Cody – she’s at the point where she doesn’t give a f**
Nicole – you have to get David to flip.. if you guys are going to vote out my best ally
COdy – how many best allies to you need you have Dani you have me you have a ton
Nicole – Da’Vonne has a lot more than I do.. you have Tyler, Enzo..
Cody says he would vote Tyler out but not next to Ian.. “Because of the committee not because of a personal thing with Tyler”
Nicole goes on about losing Ian he’s someone close to her.

4:34 am Nicole and Christmas
Nicole says she’s mad she can’t give Ian a pity vote because of how the numbers work out.
Nicole – If I get voted out 9-0 and Ian didn’t vote I would be hurt.
Nicole – I hate this unanimous sh1t
Christmas – I hate it too sometimes I wish people wouldn’t discus their votes they just f**Ing vote.
Nicole – I don’t care I’ll stick my neck out for people I like..
Nicole says she has no choice than to vote Ian out. If she doesn’t it’ll being her more problems.
Nicole – he’s so close to me but he’s not part of my alliance. “I feel really bad already”

Nicole – I’m so mad she’s using the veto
Christmas – it will make a mess of everything
Nicole – I really want Kevin to go. You know Ian will never touch you. Kevin probably would
They talk about making is a tie this week with Ian and Tyler on the Block. Forcing Dani to break it.
Christmas – we all share the blood..

5:15 am All feeds on sleepers

9:13 am Houseguests waking up. (updates will be sparse today unfortunately)

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BBAS2 baby

Memphis about to get cancelled, take your micro aggressions and shove them up your a$$

Luci in the Sky

What micro aggression? I think he was pretty clear about his feelings. That’s overt aggression.


He’s right though. David is a simpleton.

Not Your Usual Bear

David is an intelligent man, but naive and emotional.And even if he was not the sharpest, why are you focusing on that and not taking issue with Memphis’ nastiness?


David is smart. Not emotional, and not naive. He’s on to everyone, and has been the entire game. If he were emotional, he would’ve smacked Memphis by now with the mean comments & putting his hands on David. Memphis has so much hatred for someone he doesn’t even know. I wonder why.
Trust me, David is playing nice and knows the dynamics of the house. You just have to win a HOH to make a move. If he gains power, he’ll make a move.
The non-intelligent part is taking all strong players to the end? Why not work smart and not hard. I would rather knock the tough ones out now& relax.

Not Your Usual Bear

I hear you on that. I noticed he was very aware of what was going on in his first season. But I’ve been disappointed with him this season. It was not smart to tell the other side what Tyler had told him. I can’t remember who that was now! Then he got emotional about it all. I totally can understand why he felt that way. But it’s not smart game play.


Where is the down vote?

Lady E

Ugh, Memphis keeps digging his own hole.


and how about Day calling Dani a B***? I guess it is ok since nobody likes Dani


Wow these people are just prime Evil


Dictator Dani

All Stars???

Dani says using the veto will ruin Day’s game, as though not using it will help Day any. They are coming after Day regardless of what she does. Day might as well keep Kevin. He will at least be a vote for her. Dani needs to grow up. nominating people is part of being HOH. I hope Xmas uses her power on whoever is nominated, just so Dani has to nominate a 5th person.


I do agree with Nicole. There is no need to be unanimous


NOW she says that.

All Stars???

Trying to ensure Ian’s vote if she ends up in F2.

Golden Gate Granny

You agree with one side of her face. The other side speaks in direct opposition almost simultaneously (then immediately said she’d vote out Ian).

Two faced and spineless.


Why do they keep pretending that this is about protecting DaVonne’s game? She’s a target next week no matter what. I understand telling her that but pretending with each other is senseless.

I hate to say it but I have no faith that Da’Vonne will use the veto.

BBAS2 baby

I hope she does just to piss them all off
They’re literally acting like a bunch of babies, one thing doesn’t go their way and suddenly they have to throw a tantrum

Not a Royal

I am not a Davonne fan, but I do no understand why is it not ok for her to use the veto to save a number for her. If it were any other person using the veto it would be the greatest thing ever. Those in the “committee” believe they are entitled to a final. Nicole with her whiny ass thinks she is set up to win and from the looks of it I believe it. David, Davonne, and Kevin are not suppose to advance in the game, they are just suppose to set by the wayside like peasants and hand the royals their crown. I would love to see a season when you cannot discuss who you are voting for and if you discuss the vote you lose your vote. Same with the veto. This style of Big Brother currently being played is FOS.

The guy

It’s the fact that they have no power… They want power


I feel the same way. To ask Day not to use it, makes them look even more idiotic. That’s like saying we can advance but you are not allowed. If that’s the case, why bother winning Veto if you can’t use it. Memphis was making sense saying they would make her look like a fool and she’d be pissed. I hope she uses it, that may put them in their place!


So true. I wanna see Xmas put Nicole on the block too because she just told Xmas that Ian was her untouchable; like Day and Bay. That’s if he stays. I assume Ian is going if Day uses the veto; which I think she will use it.
Here is the link to their night time chat about Ian being her untouchable, and he would never come after her.


Exactly I’m sick of the Doing what the house wants… voting with the house…it’s BS. This game is void of any independent thought or strategy. It’s just ridiculous. I cancelled feeds ..I couldn’t take it. I haven’t watched an episode since Janelle. On a positive note. I enjoy this site and love Simon and Dawg. I also love reading the comments and seeing diverse opinions. It’s refreshing with what’s going on in the outside world. We can actually agree to disagree.


Dont you just how they are making such a big deal about Day using the veto. How it is so stupid etc. Even in talks they mentioned threatening her with being on the block every week until she is gone. Or in this case call a house meeting and beg her not to use it? Just with thw sole purpose of saving THEIR games. Wtf. These people are sickening to watch. But when they had the veto it was such a no brainer to use it or not to. I hope Day uses it cause if she doesnt she needs to go home. Hopefully Tyler and Enzo become wise to the committee and line up with K,D&D. Otherwise Kevin,david,day need to win the next HOH Or they are F**&$#$.

Dogs, Wine and BB

I love that Davonne is causing a bunch of people to sweat! Hearing them be shocked that she might damage their game is perfect kismet.


Oh and Memphis is a trashy POS. (The nicest words i have to describe his boss hog looking dumb ass). What is his reasoning for the way he talks so badly about David? Yes David is a shitty player and annoying with his head in the clouds all the time. But he has NEVER done anything to Memphis to warrant his constant trash talking.
Just my two cents.


not to mention Enso’s comment”david should just stay QUIET and sit at the BACK!”very telling that all the popular kids want the the next three people gone to be all the black people left…this is getting a little old for CBS and Big Brother. Enso should have been taken to task for his RACIST comment on the spot!!!

Boring Ass Season

Karen. Meh. David is a whack job. Even Da and Ba didn’t trust him. He can’t hold a coherent conversation.


Enzo was not talking about his race. He was talking about David being the arrogant comments he makes. It makes his game even worse than it already is! He lost the boys trust because he repeated what they told him! He is just a bad bb player and plays the victim by saying he’s a newby. No one buys it! z I was hoping he would do good because he didn’t really get to go far in his season. Nothing to do with race.

Not Your Usual Bear

It has everything to do with race. When white players do this stuff, they do not get ostracized in this manner. Lots of arrogant comments made by the white players, but they are ‘allowed’ to get away with that. Right away as soon as David gets assertive he is labeled as dangerous. Hello, racism.


hes dangerous because he can’t be quiet about what is said to him.

Not Your Usual Bear

neither can a lot of them. They are hysterical about it bc he’s Black.

Michelle Hoskins

Come on.. Stop making everything about race. David walks around the house like he doesn’t realize he’s playing Big Brother, thats why Enzo is saying that. If you remember Enzo loved Bayleigh and didn’t want her out. So stop with racist bs.


It IS about race if you repeatedly engage in a certain behavior and it’s overlooked and tolerated but the minute a black person does it he’s OJ. It’s called UNconscious bias. What you’re doing is called gaslighting. You can see clearly trash talking about Ian reveals bias but you see Memphis trash talk David 10x worse for no reason whatsoever but you have every excuse in the book to not only dismiss it but actually try to justify it! Unreal.


Yeah, I don’t get it either.

Michelle Hoskins

I think Memphis is upset that David is being labeled an All Star when he’s obviously not. Also consider we don’t see everything that happens in the house and that’s what Memphis is basing his opinion on. I did read something about David’s actions in the house has annoyed alot of the players.


Because Memphis like most Big Brother Cast Members is racist!

Robyn Kass is racist and loves to push her agenda through this show’s casting, it’s the only reason that David is a target in the first place, it’s the only reason he was out first last year,
As many racial issues as this show has had throughout the years and nothing has been fixed with the issue? It’s because Kass is racist and looks for people to target the token black players that she places in the house.


So is Ian a replacement option now? Ugh… I hope not. Dani…you messed up…thinking that none of the 3 would ever win anything and trying to make yourself look good in the process. Ian would never put Dani up…but those guys (including X-Mess) will. Might as well finish what you started at this point.

Save the All Star Season

Ian should go up. He’s a former winner and has done/won nothing this season. He could have back Kaysar but instead but encouraged him to blow up the house. May be a not popular opinion but I was not a fan of his first season either. NOT A FAN!


I think they wanted Ian out until they got talked to by production for making fun of him. Now they are afraid to go after him.


Yea its almost comical that they just love ian now and are his best friend all of a sudden.


Their case of the “creeps” and potential “nightmares” they were claiming to have seemed to have just magically disappeared


These people whine too much if *one* thing doesn’t go their way. It’s so annoying. None of them are good players. They were set-up by pre-game alliances and got to where they are not out of strategy, but a group-think-mentality. Whoever wins this season will have a big asterisk besides their name, because none of them deserve to be called a BB winner (or second-time BB winner in the case of Ian and Nicole).

Just Sayin'

Wait…. was that Memphis having a convo at night later then 9pm??? Alert the presses

another name

Yeah, they all got a good laugh about Dani waking Memphis up and seeing his butt crack.


Go Cody! You are all we got left to make this a worthwhile season

Luci in the Sky

Wtf? Cody? He’s part of the problem.

Big Jim

I think Davonne is smart enough to use it even with everyone pressuring her not to. If she doesn’t use it then I want her out next for being dumb. It is unfair to Dani to haveto nominate 2 additional people but in this shit season I’m fine with it. Tyler needs to go not Ian

Starry night

I want Tyler to stay. Ian has already won the game. I actually like Ian but Tyler is my favorite. I wish she would put Nicole up.

Luci in the Sky

Why is it unfair to Dani? What’s unfair about it? This is how the game is played. They are toddlers throwing tantrums


Memphis – I wouldn’t say sh1t to David that Idiot doesn’t know his F**Ing mouth from his a$$hole 

Memphis has some anger issues. Why all those fools believe they are superior and better players than others? lol let me remind everyone the only ones who can feel a better player are Ian and Nicole they won the BB the rest they are just sore losers lol

Shiitmas – I don’t think she knows the game LOL and she wasted her HOH evicting the weak ones lOL

Golden Gate Granny

Considering David has no clue where he is or what he’s doing and keeps proving just how unfit for this game he is…

He really doesn’t know his mouth from his assh*le in this game.

Master Plan

How does he keep proving how unfit he is? He got a power, took himself off the block, and had had substantial game convos with Kevin and David all week. I feel like Golden Gate Granny is Aaron from BB15z


Game Convos with Kevin tells you how much he knows about this game, Kevin doesn’t even know whats going on.

Golden Gate Granny

Production has been coaching him. Simple. He’s clueless.

Wow! David has been having game convos with HIMSELF and Kevin?! What a GREAT player! Not.

Personally insulting me by my game observations is not cool.

Lady E

The second placers are desperate to win haha


I knew I didn’t like Memphis on day one. I don’t even remember seeing him in another season. I wish Day would use the veto, throw Mem up next to Tyler and let the votes fall where they may. I’d hate to see Ian go. Day is my number 1, then Ian. I’d love to see them standing next to each other at the end. I also am starting to like Dani, personally. Maybe not when it comes to game play, this was not her week to win HOH.

Guy From Canada

So, with Nicy whineheart going off here I think she is bettering her position moving forward without Ian. If Ian goes she loses her shield, but if she paints Dani who has her hand in so many cookie jars as a bigger target she is helping ensure Dani goes home before her….. or she is just being annoying. And Memphis, you are putting yourself in a great position to be a #2 in the finale, you will lose again to Ian for being a dick to said Ian just like Dan was a dick (bouncing cheque’s everywhere) in bbusa14 but in a smarter way intentional way….which this behaviour doesn’t seem intentional game play


Never ceases to amaze me . . .that the Big Alliances always think that everyone should say and do what they tell them too !!!! So they are mad at Dayvonne for using her own mind and doing what she wants to do because it is going to screw up THEIR game ! Why should she be worried about their game, because they sure aren’t worried about keeping her@


How I feel about their complaints

comment image


Memphis and Christmas could be the two most I likeable people I’ve ever watched on “Big Brother”. The stuff that comes out of their mouths is awful.

Soul child

Yeah and she can blame her pain meds this season. She is just a shitty person

another name

Considering Cody had to say out loud “NO, Christmas, you are not going to threaten Da’vonne into not using the veto” because she kept saying she / the group had to corner her and threaten her.

Luci in the Sky

I thought it was against the rules to do something like this?


How is Day using the veto a bad move for her game??? I dont understand their logic. I hope they dont bully her out of using it. I also kinda hope Tyler stays over who ever hes next to only because he is he has the ability to win multiple hoh’s and get some of these jerks out and im sure he will want to flip sides after this week. But aslong as the veto gets used i will look forward to watching Wednesdays episode.

Backseat Driver

Use your veto power, Davonne……please!


I cant get a read on Enzo……..is he really losing faith in Cody/Christmas or was he just saying that to Davonne? Him turning on that side of the house would be pretty pivotal, I think…….I just cant tell if he was blowing smoke up her ass or not?


wondering same thing here


OH NO, TRIGGER ALERT, SOMEONE CRITICIZED A BLACK PLAYER, CANCEL THEM, RACIST! Come on Dawg, Simon, I thought you guys were better than this. I’ve been coming here for like a decade, I always use the live feeds link to support the site, but I’ve never seen it like this until this season. I can understand being mad at them for making fun of Ian being on the spectrum, or for someone directly insulting someone for their race, like in seasons past, but there is none of that here. If you two want this place to become an extension of BB twitter, I guess that’s fine, but I won’t be part of it for much longer.


I don’t think you did anything. Think this is one of those Internet trolls


Well for one thing you got rid of the thumbs down.

Dakota Barb



So wrong for Memphis to talk down on David like that. Regardless of how he chooses to play HIS game it’s not okay to demean his character and talk so harshly about him especially knowing that you are live 24/7. Can’t wait for Memphis to get evicted, his opinions on others are trash.




LMBO We don’ t like change!! 😀

Dakota Barb

I don’t think you guys have done ANYTHING wrong! Please continue to do what you’re doing exactly the way you’re doing it!! All comments deserve to be posted, even tho not all may agree with what is being said!


Ya’ll haven’t done a thing! I’ve followed this site since I was a teen, most reliable BB spoilers thus far!! I will always have love for this site!!!


come again!!!

Not Your Usual Bear

You seem to be saying that you object to overt racism, but are fine with implicit and systemic racism. Also, you don’t want to see anti-racist talk in your personal ‘fun’ pursuits. So, you aren’t actually committed to helping the Black community.

So yeah. Time to face your white fragility, or go.See ya.


Eww, what the hell are you even talking about? Have people lost their minds?
I don’t know why anyone is blaming Simon or Dawg for other people’s comments but you know what? If someone wants to call David a stupid idiot for how he’s playing the game or otherwise it should be no different than calling a white person the same. If you think it’s different than you are being racist yourself buy calling out someone on the color of their skin. This has become some ridiculous shit. And leave Simon and Dawg alone, they aren’t dong anything but taking time out of their lives to give YOU updates. You should be more appreciative!


How would commenting “help” the black community? I am black myself and don’t see the point in your comment other than to rant.


Exactly. How totally condescending, it makes me sick. We are all just people. Stop it!

Not Your Usual Bear

Blah. I agree the phrasing was poor. I should have said ‘being anti-racist’.

In terms of the point of my comment. Do you not believe that racism needs to be called out? That as a white person, I would be complicit to not speak up and hold other white people accountable? Is it okay for these people here to be denying the effects of systemic and implicit racism? If it’s ok with you, does that means it’s okay with the Black community at large?Or do you not agree with the current messaging of BLM?

Are you conservative? How do you feel about someone with the name Donald.win?

I don’t have a right to argue with your experience and views on this. But I will explain my position on it, the reasons I speak up.

As for Donald.win. No, he won’t. Your comment is full of fallacy, no substance. What part of ‘there is no such thing as racism against whites’ do you not understand? Or is this the first time you’re hearing it?

March's Peach Sweater


Save the All Star Season

If Day uses the veto it will be the end of her game. Next week (and unless David, Day and Kevin can win HOH three weeks in a row) it will be Day/David noms with Kevin as replacement if the veto is used. She’s better off giving up Kevin and then let the big alliance go after each other. I am not a fan of Davids game but only Memphis will go after him. And the old man ain’t winnin nothin!


You do know that most of the people in that alliance will go after Kevin, Da, and David (in random order) no matter what, don’t you. She will be put on the block by almost all of them. I think she know no matter what, she will be on the block so no amount of threats will change that. They truly don’t have leverage because she know she can’t truust what they say. They are mad because she doesn’t believe them

Lady E

Such a tough choice. I want to see Da go far, but I also want her to keep her true ally. If she keeps Kevin and they don’t win HoH, then Anita Veto needs to come out & play!


she is targeted to go in the next 3 evictions anyways, what’s the difference if she goes 1st, 2nd or 3rd? she needs to use the veto to make all the babies cry a little harder!


This makes zero sense..why would she at least not take out one of their players? Then when they are all being assholes about it she will realize she was being duped (I’m pretty sure she knows that already) and who knows..she could win next week and throw 2 more of them on the block..how do you expect her to get ahead if she is constantly catering to a different side? They are getting picked off one by one..she might as well do what she can when she can.

Lady E

Well, if they vote out Ian, then Tyler is coming after Dani. I don’t know why she keeps backtracking lol.


Someone needs to wake up to Dani……she’s a horrible player and these people are so stupid not to see her with Cody and fact check all the lies she’s told everyone.


The arrogance and level of control freak in Dani Is amazing


Dani you just should just make it simple. Put Enzo on the block and tell everyone at this point u just gotta send Tyler out because he’s the only person to betray you so far.

Save the All Star Season

If she puts up Enzo, that sinks her with Enzo, Memphis, Christmas. She can’t rely on NicF to win a damn thing, and I don’t think Cody is winning anything soon. So she has to stay on the good side of at least one side of the house. Believe it or not, these people want to win $500,000 not be friends.

marina fox

How do I watch the feeds in canada

Grod Sucks

The HoH should be locked in the room for the week, but be given full access to the feeds, you know like the real Big Brother — ALWAYS WATCHING YOU!!! (((Maniacal Laughter)))

No meetings, no fixing votes; simple observation and boom.

Save the All Star Season

I think the isolation would be too hard. The mental part of being in the house is already hard enough.

Gary Coleman's Bowling Ball

Being away from the main cast would be my ultimate reward.

Watching and listening to the feeds would be very similar to watching TV, and a lot of people spend months and years doing that alone.


IM SO HAPPY FOR DAYVONNE!! Look at them scrambling like roaches! All of them are being exposed! Dani better cut Tyler before he cuts her.. Cause he will do it in a heartbeat… Y’all Dog DAYVONNE so much on this site! Yea she not the smartest player in the world but that’s because she has a big heart and she is to trusting! Nicole is not any better at this game… Enzo , Kevin, Christmas all suck at this game… They just have been carried or shielded for a vote.

Save the All Star Season

I love Day. Winning this veto may not have been the best game move. She can save Kevin but they’ll come back for her. One of her allies has to win HOH or they’ll be on the block. Unless Tyler wins HOH, then I think he puts up Dani.


They were coming for her anyway! She just got off the block last week!


Does anyone else see that since production clued Dani and Nicole in on the sponsors dropping Nicole that Dani is going around saying she won’t vote out Davonne or Kevin. Just last week she was saying that she wanted Bayleigh and Davonne gone. They must really think that everyone outside of the house is an idiot. I can’t wait for all of them to come out and see that their words and actions have consequences.


They are so annoying. Why WOULDN’T SHE USE IT TO SAVE SOMEONE WHO WILL BE FOR HER?! They are dumb.


I cant wait to see everyone mad when tyler nominates dani/nicole. Just think about it. Theyre all working to make him stay this week (except for dani who wants him gone, as she should cause hes coming for her) and wanting to get rid of david/day/kevin first. They will be PISSED. The problem is that if he wants dani out thats his only choice cause putting her against any of the non committe ppl would make her stay. But oh boi cody/memphis/nicole/even christmas will whine nonstop about how much they did to save him this week and to keep their alliance together and now hes doing this! Lol
And you know dani will play victim and will act all offended and like she did EVERYTHING to keep him safe and then he goes and does this! Haha
Especially if she breaks the tie in his favor
Tyler will be in a really tricky position. If he doesnt win and one of day/kevin wins hoh they will put him on the block, probably against cody, and he wouldnt have the votes to stay if that happens. They could also put him against christmas and im not sure who would get votes if that happens.
In any case in 2-3 weeks they will want to get rid of him
If he wins and puts dani/nicole up most of the commitee will be furious and will want him out


Anonymous voting on other BBs makes it better in my opinion. I wonder how it would be if votes were not allowed? The unanimous thing is just a clique cool kids game and it sucks. Not knowing where the votes lie would make it more interesting!
(Only time will ever agree with Nicole)
Day had no power and they complained she didn’t win and was a target. Now she wins and she’s a target. Part of BB is getting blood on your hands and playing BB not complaining when you happily are a part of the majority. Veto or not, Day, David and Kevin are the targets. They’ve said it dozens of times.
How dare someone win veto and use it?


I love how they are like If she uses it it terrible for her game like you weren’t gonna take her out next anyway she won she can do what she wants .