Power Of Veto Ceremony Results! “America hates me now, not you!”

POV Holder: Austin POV Competition Sept 5th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony Sept 7th
HOH STEVE Next HOH Sept 10th
Original Nominations: Austin and Liz
After POV Nominations: Liz and Julia

Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-07 12-03-59-268
11:10am – 12pmBig Brother blocks the live feeds for the Veto Ceremony to take place. When the feeds return – Austin used the veto to remove himself from the block. As Head of Household Steve then nominated JUJU as the replacement nominee. One of the twins will be leaving this Thursday.

12pm – 12:20pm In the bathroom Julia is crying. Vanessa comments on how strong Liz and Julia are. Steve comments on how he feels like he is going to throw up. Vanessa talks about being a cry baby. Steve comments that he cried during Toy Story 3. Steve says I can’t fathom playing this game with a sibling. Steve asks did it come across that I was complementing them? Vanessa says yes it was really good (His speech). Johnny jokes and says don’t lie to him .. I was like this guy is being a real d!ck right now. Vanessa says I’ll be friends with those girls outside of here. Steve says I will if they want to be friends with me. Vanessa tells Steve his job is done. You can relax now. Steve says the Nolan’s were definitely the more successful twins.
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Liz heads to her bed. Austin joins her and they start making out. Liz tells Austin he looked very handsome up there. Vanessa joins them. She tells Liz that she looks up to her and Julia even though they’re younger. You guys handled it with such poise and class. You will have America in tears. I would be shocked if America wasn’t in love with you. Steve joins them. America hates me now not you. Vanessa says I highly suggest everyone move their stuff out of the havenot room. Austin says they’ll move it. Vanessa asks wouldn’t you rather move it, than them box it up. Never mind you wouldn’t care. Austin and Vanessa leave. Vanessa tells Austin he did a really good speech.

12:40pm – 12:50pm Backyard – Steve is working out on the elliptical. Julia is suntanning. Meanwhile Johnny Mac and Vanessa are back in bed. Vanessa talks to Johnny and says they’re (production) just trying to create drama. It would be the dumbest thing ever (nominating Vanessa) and Steve is to smart for that. Johnny says yeah. Vanessa says I wasn’t even worried. The questions were like are you worried about being the replacement nominee. NO! I’m not, that would make no sense. So that’s over with. Johnny says we made it to 5. Vanessa says what I realized if one of them win HOH and puts one of us up next to Steve. The other one of us could win the veto and pull the other one of us down and force them to put up one of their own. The difference is we’re three strong competitors. I’m ready to compete against these motherf**kers. You should keep studying all your facts. Johnny says okay, sounds good. I’ll start tonight. Vanessa says that’s the one thing in our control. Johnny and Vanessa take a nap.

1pm Liz tells Austin that he never caught the kiss she blew at him during the veto ceremony. Julia tells him to go pick it up. Austin goes to look for it and finds it on the floor.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-07 13-02-49-318

1:15pm – 1:30pm HOH room – Steve is talking to himself. Steve says I never thought I would be the one to do this. Unbe-f**king-lievable! You better appreciate this jury. Vanessa I don’t trust you. I don’t trust you Vanessa, I really don’t. Johnny Mac I do trust you. Steve listens at the door and then says I’m going down there I don’t trust you Vanessa. Steve heads down to where Julia, Liz and Vanessa are in the kitchen talking about music.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-07 13-18-51-466

In the kitchen – Steve says we made it to final 5. Vanessa tells Steve that he’ll be good next week.

1:35pm – 1:45pm Julia and Liz are by the pool. Liz told Julia she wants her to stay. Liz says it’s you’re time to shine. Julia starts crying. Vanessa joins them. Julia says if we were in the real world I would be drunk. Vanessa says its labour day, they might give us alcohol tonight. Julia says I really wasn’t going to cry today until I heard what Austin and Steve said (In their speeches).

Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-07 13-33-14-825

1:50pm – 2:40pm Vanessa, Liz, Julia, Austin and Steve are hanging out by the pool. They talk about past big brother superfans and whether they were loved or hated. The conversation moves to Liz and Austin’s relationship. Steve comments on how its weird they will go from living together to not living together. Vanessa says she hates long distance relationships. Steve says there’s no enough camping in long distance relationships. (camping is code for $ex in the house)
Liz asks Steve if Johnny Mac liked Becky. Steve doesn’t answer. Liz says by not answering, you’re answering. Liz says if you ever heard Becky’s type of guy you would know he doesn’t have a chance. Julia asks do you think anyone camped this season? Shelli? Austin says no she would barely kiss him! Julia asks why was she so afraid to kiss she is 33! Steve says the four F’s …French, Feel, Finger, and ….. (F**k). Steve starts talking about a joke friends played on him convincing him there was a football team called the “Cleveland Steamer”. Austin tells Steve to stop. The twins want to know what it means. Steve says its a $exual fet!sh with fec@l matter. Austin says one of his friends tried that. Julia and Liz says gross! Liz asks Austin do you like a Cleveland steamer? Austin says I’ve never tried it. Steve says he doesn’t understand the function of just the tip? Liz asks Austin and he says he doesn’t know. Vanessa says its what people say to lower the resistance knowing it goes somewhere else from there.. They say just the tip and then once they’re in you’re f**ked .. literally. Julia says Vanessa doesn’t have to worry about that. Steve says she might. Vanessa says stop. They head inside.

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181 thoughts on “Power Of Veto Ceremony Results! “America hates me now, not you!”

    1. Vanessa is great, see is such a clear threat and yet manoeuvres through them all like a hot knife through butter.

      Now that she will be on General Hospital we are watching a theatrical performance worthy of a daytime emmy.

      Thank you Vanessa for getting us through a tough season.

      You will not be soon forgotten!!


      1. Personally, ummmmmmm I don’t like ummmmmm Van ummmmm…..at all. I hope she ends up on the block sooner rather than later. I want F2 to be Steve and Jmac.

      2. You know you’re in bad shape when Vanessa’s sobbing screaming tirades and Bible thumping excuses will improve your ratings at General Hospital. Talk about complaints, you should see the viewer and critic blogs for that show. The producers writers must have come from CBS. Her agent and PR rep have made a bundle in DR writing new rules for Van’s cheating and bribe contracts. What’s she gonna play on GH a drug addict, rehab counselor or mob attorney? Hopefully she’ll get to ditch those ridiculous rapper suspenders, beanie and Trucker cap. She’ll make enough money for new clothes!

    2. I’m beginning to think the only way that we ever get Vanessa on the block is if one of the surviving twins or Austin win the next HOH and Vanessa has to go up as a replacement nominee if JMac or Steve win the veto.

      1. So it all comes down to this weeks HOH. Vanessa and JMac vs Austin and the surviving twin since Steve can’t compete.

    3. Production,

      As Big Brother fans we need just one thing from you. Please just stay out of this and let it play out like it does. We don’t need any special powers or vetos for the rest of the season. We also would be fine with this being the final appearance of Jessie Godderz ever.

      Thank you.

    4. Shouldn’t they have a pandora’s box or something by now? Or are they just trying to end this season as quickly as possible?

      1. My favorite lol moment ladt night was when Steve said that he loves his mommy, but not in a Sigmund Freud type of way!! Bahaha!!!
        First off that is exactly the way thst Steve loves his mommy.
        Second lol moment was twit one or twit two (who cares at this point) asked who Freud is? ” Aren’t those the guys that do the lion training act in Vegas?”
        Then there was Austin realizing what idiots the twits actually are. The look on his face, the eye roll and sigh. Bahahaha!

  1. I hate that Steve now thinks America hates him. It’s terrible that he will obsess over this all week. Wish we could tell him thats what we have all be waiting for. Where’s Megaphone Man when you need him?

    1. It’s call sucking up to the twins. Steve thinks he’s winning the AFP. He thinks he’s a master player who made a huge move. Steve is talking about fecal matter. Steve is CreepyAF. Where’s his teddy bear I ponder

      1. Steve’s pu$$y thrasher frat name, his mommy chants, Freud references, aversion to women, breasts, nipples in favor of teddy bears and spankings wreak of one thing, cover for his real sexual identity. He keeps trying to assure viewers he’s hetero like Van screams she’s not evil. We don’t believe either of you, no matter what lie you tell on the Bible. Now mommy Van is yelling at Steve for not cleaning up his own dishes. He is sulking and refuses to eat his sandwich. Shake it off in a bubble bath Steve. Just don’t call it entertaining. Or AFP worthy. You’ve got us all gagging now. And we know mommy Van will help you take your eviction next week maturely too, unless you’ll keep talking to feeders and mommy in the cameras like usual.

      1. It’s not always a prize. It screwed up Frankie’s game last year by rewinding the week (and probably saving Victoria).

  2. Like it or not…Vanessa appears to be master manipulator. Can’t wait to see what happens when Steve or Johnny have to put her up.

    1. Like Vanessa really looks up to two spoiled rotten girls…give me break. All she’s doing is kissing her ass to try and secure that jury vote. I HOPE that all these damn people get their minds straight once they are out of her mist.

      1. Exactly…all she is doing is stroking egos!! Like it or not…she knows how to pull on ones heart strings!! Like it or not…she is a gamer!!

      1. of course she knows exactly what just the tip is, she has just the tip in everyone in the house
        austin and liz may have been making out in the hoh room but vanessa’s been screwing the whole house one after the other, i’m not a fan of the needless drama but i kind of like the sociopath logic its fun to see the entire house get played and know it to a large extent

    1. Maybe I’m comparing it to my dislike of Frankie, but I don’t particularly “hate” any of the houseguest. I watch the feeds and find things I like and each of them, and things I don’t.

      Probably the only thing semi-close to the Frankie dislike is the liztin showmance. I really do change screens when that’s in full force.

      1. I had a nightmare where Austin was lying on Liz and in the background Julia was screaming “Jaaaaaaammmmmmeeeeesssss’ over and over.

      2. I was sooooo repulsed by Frankie that, I can’t even watch Americas Best Dance Crew!!! I used to love that show but, I won’t ever watch a single episode because of that disgusting pig! I can’t believe he is still making a living in show biz. I will NEVER FORGET the comments about gang raping Victoria!!! He is VILE!

  3. Vanessa blowing mad smoke up the twins asses. They’re NOT strong mature, ladylike, humble or anything else you call a respectible women. They’re snotty entitled brats who needs a wake up call to grow the fuck up. If Vanessa can stay safe she might just pull this one off.. Id honestly rather her Steve to win, because they did the most out of the HGs left. Julia didn’t do shit but ride coatails and Jman, athough funny as he’ll all he did was throw comps all season. Austin, well he carried the twins on his back all season, but if he won that skank Luz would try to get married so she could spend it all. Lets hope Productions don’t pull out a Pandora’s Box to save ty he twins like they did in season 13 when Rachel & Jordan got saved.

    1. Jmac was playing n keeping himself safe by throwing comps that was part of his strategy I think we can all judge n say what we would do buy we see everything they dont

    2. The twins don’t act any differently than anybody who is young and good looking acts. Pretty people are treated better all through life-admit it, we all like “pretty”. Add that to being a twin and I really don’t think they even have a clue that people may see them as entitled. They will get older and learn the lessons of life. Right now I am forgiving and amused by the way they speak–which totally is against my usual nature. Go figure.

  4. And there goes Vanasty, saying “America loves you girls”…… Too fucking much! Delusions of grandeur, invoked by the most delusional of all.. It’s getting better all the time

  5. Is there any chance Julia goes over Liz ? Liz has won quite a bit but Julia has to be everyone’s choice to take to the finals. Therefore she is just as dangerous as Liz. Only everyone is promising everyone else they will take them. Seems Steve has at least voiced some doubt regarding Vanessa taking him. guess they will take Liz out but I can see advantages to sending Julia to jury also.

    1. The main difference is by taking Liz out you are breaking up 2 power couples. You take out Julia, you are only breaking up the twins and Julia might not even want to work with Austin.

      1. That’s exactly what Vanessa wants. She wants Julia pissed at Austin so Julia will listen to her and her only. That is already pretty much accomplished…

      2. I personally would take out Julia if I was Johnny Mac. Yes Liz and Austin would still be a power couple but that’s okay. Still makes them a target. Tell Austin you’ll keep Liz if Vanessa goes next week. Taking out Liz means the threat of ppl trying to take Julia to final 2. Plus she’ll team with Vanessa and Austin to take out Steve and Johnny Mac because that’s what Vanessa wants.

  6. Steve says he didn’t want to play the game, he did because his mom got rejected. He says he had to hide he’s gay because they only cast a flamboyant one. He says he almost walked out self evicted numerous times and would never do it again. Steve cries, vomits, hugs his teddy bear. Now America hates me. Vanessa says good boy, you got my targets out Jackie Liz and Steve, your job is done you can relax. Barf.

    1. When did he state this? I must have been sleeping. And didn’t I read that James made up the daughter.ccsomeone please help and clarify.

        1. Steve never ceases to creep everyone out, now he’s expounding on sexual perversion with feces and his mother fixation abs aversion to women isn’t Freudian, uh huh, enough with the subliminal confessions, we know, we know, everyone knows.

          Back to mommy Van yelling at him, him sulking refusing to eat, she yells some more, I dont trust you mommy, I’m gonna get you mommy. Ugh. Not Freudian at all. Jeez give them a comp for luxury or something-constant feeding on each other is sick.

      1. To clarify, Steve’s Barf is a homophobic prick. Steve may be gay or not. Who knows? But he’s never said that on camera. That’s between his family and him, as it should be. Go Students of Sound. Take this game.

        1. To clarify you completely misread that comment and how many podcasts, blogs interviews Steve had come out on. He is physically sick by the show, and b has complained on feeds repeatedly how he wish he didn’t come, hates it, wants to leave, only came for his mom, how often she applied and thought he’d only stay a couple weeks. Why slander a poster who writes they can’t stand the way Vanessa calls herself his mommy, knows his secret and simulaneously uses and evicts him next. You damage your cause like Vanessa who slanders people with homophobe card. If I were Steve I’d barf on Vans betrayal and on you too.

        2. I’m a VanessaPhobe who doesn’t like Vanessa who personally evicts all the other LBGT people in the house, Audrey, Jason & now Steve. His orientation is known in upstate New York, as is his mom’s applications to BB and carried by Syracuse and other college newspapers. It’s horrible he’s had to hide it, on this show which is costing him so much psychologically, emotionally. Glad talking to his mom on camera and his Teddy is picking up the slack. Steve had a much better chance of winning before he sick with his gay partner Van who is not worthing in his best interests, she’s bad mouthed him from the beginning, condescended, demeaned, screamed at him, even told him his people pleasing ways are a detriment to him in life. His fake friendship F2 with Van a prime example. Good bye Steve America was rooting for you until you picked Vanessa and now your game is done.

      2. Bios, interviews all talk about Steve us gay, so what? Steve gags & wants to barf because he’s sick doing Vans dirty work like coming on BB for his mom. Don’t you care why he’s sick? Steve barfs on feeds before during after his evictions. Posters barf for the way he has been used, manipulated and bullied, by Jace and Jason, not to mention Van’s plan to evict him next despite his loyalty to her. If you cared whether he was gay, you’d prefer he didn’t have to hide it, make up stories about girls, let it slip can’t stand the sight of women’s breasts or nipples etc. You must be the homophobe if you can watch him be tortured without hurling yourself. Our maybe you believe he deserves getting knifed in the back by his mom Van next week.

        1. Jeeez, you’re crazy if you think he hasn’t come out before letting it slip on BB he told Meg who was Jason’s best friend. Jason was openly gay and Steve got so hurt by Jason’s insult, about Steve’s creeping up on people convos, the cameras give us more privacy than you. He told Vanessa who is openly gay. He gets bubble baths, teddy bears and talks about his fear of women. Check out the NY newspapers. He should have told producers, instead of amping up that awkward supernerd character everyone finds creepy. He said it was all about the casting and why his mom didn’t get picked, she didn’t have a good character type to play. He’s gonna do skype-for-pay after the show, he’ll explain it.

  7. Vanessa: “You will have America in tears. I would be shocked if America wasn’t in love with you.”…..Bwahahahahahahahaha!!

  8. America liked you more now Steve. Thanks for getting one of those idiots out. And btw Liz…you are most definitely NOT Americas favorite. I would vote for Amanda in season 15 over you.

  9. Hallelujah! It’s about time one of those obnoxious twins is voted out. Please, pretty please let it be Liz so we don’t have to deal with the world’s most awful showmance. Steve, you have redeemed yourself.

    1. Doesn’t matter who leaves now. At this point , doesn’t really matter who wins. Johnny throws every comp and everyone else is annoying as hell. Started off a good season and tanked hard in my books.

  10. Vanessa please just shut the hell up, America is not in love with the Twins, nor are we in love with your crazy Ass. I would hope America is waiting to see the Twins and Vanessa evicted.

    I also am so tired of Steve playing the role of this wimpy annoying little kid! If he thinks he is going to be voted America Favorite, he’s in for a rude awakening, I’m so sick of these idiots that come on Big Brother and think this is going to make them a celebrity.

    This is it, once you are off of Big Brother, your TV time is finished, and you are not going to be a celebrity!. Just go away, I hope next season, we get people in the house who will stop voting with the house, stop telling people before the nomination ceremony they are going on the block.

    Let’s hope for a group of people who with kick the show off with strategy, being able to see through people like Vanessa, and get them out of the game very early. I’m sick of this let me get your blessing before I make my nominations for who I want up on the block.

    1. You are so wrong. There is an entire D-List of quasi-celebs and reality trainwrecks who run around doing appearances and getting on other reality shows. They can make a living off this plus get to know all the other reality has beens by appearing together for store openings, charity fundraisers, and who knows what. You’d be amazed at how many are doing this kind of stuff plus there’s all the social media to milk.

        1. It would take an entire production staff of a major network to make Vanessa lovable….to use one of the twins favorite words, it’s fooooouuuuulllllllah the way they portray her on the shows

  11. He just sold her ass out for money and she’s sucking face with him? Dumb bitch. Oh yeah I forgot he’ll probably get taken for most of it by her.

  12. Vanessa and Steve seem to just bullsh*tting with that America stuff. Seems like most of the conversations had when you are really wanting someone out is just smoke and bullsh*t/game play conversation. Liz should go join the other ladies (and James) in the jury house where she belongs. She was actually good at some of the comps but didn’t think for herself. And what’s ironic, is that she called herself using a man to shield her but it was Austin of all people. They guy that didn’t mind doing a Judas on his long term girl knowing she and even her family was liking watching. Things happen sometimes,but that was a choice for him to go after some girl with a tight ass instead of keeping his head on playing the game. Liz and Julia both owe their games to Vanessa and partly Shelly. But at some point in time she should have thought for herself like a real woman and not been so fickle. I don’t personally dislike the twins . They are mostly all bark and not bite. But it’s definitely time for one of them to go. They never should have been in there together in the first place. And I have feeling Liz is going to have a hoarde of social media trolls are on her when she gets out.The same with Austin.

  13. My husband thinks I’m a crazy person for getting so invested in this show. He knows I hate Vanessa and the twins, so he challenged me to say something even remotely nice about them. The best I could come up with for the twins is that they seem to be good at cooking and cleaning. Vanessa stumped me – couldn’t come up with one damn thing. Thank God he didn’t ask to say something nice about Steve or Austin!!! I’m done watching the show as of last week; just come here for updates. Thank you, Dawg and Simon – for your sake, as well as ours, I hope for a good cast next year.

    1. I also gave up on this crappy season last week too! Whatever happened to not announcing who they were nominating? Production is so lame! They get paid big bucks for not stopping any bribe talk, etc…like this game used to be fun to watch, now it’s not only predictable, it’s downright BORING! ! I predict it will be canceled after next season if they don’t make it more interesting…I mean they already have to troll for people because nobody likes it’s direction, and the contestants this year?? YUCK!

  14. Amazing that the twins came on here to get TV time. They are NOT ATTRACTIVE and they have VOICES that can only be compared to finger nails on a chalkboard. I do believe that Audrey was who production WANTED to win this season, but (surprise, surprise) they found out that transgender people are not at all emotionally stable. Once Audrey was gone, they have pushed very, very hard for the twins to get to final two with the help of Vanessa and now that is going to be over. How will Big Brother spin this thing now. Thanks to THESE spoilers, I actually can’t wait to see the show Wednesday night just to see how production portrays these absolutely VILE twins, Austin, and Vanessa. Make America cry. . . . . . . . yeah, tears of pure happiness. <3

    1. Um, Audrey is one person with her own mind and personality. To say her behavior represents all transgender people is incorrect and ignorant. One thing has nothing to do with the other.

  15. Between Tweeky McGee and the deluded Asstain putting thoughts of grandeur into Diz’ head about how America must adore their grossmance…she and The Hand are going to have a reality check come crashing down hard on their heads when this is over. It is going to be glorious!

  16. Liz should have shaved her armpits. Her and Julia on the hammock in last night’s show revealed a hairy looking armpit. You are on television. Clean that shit up!

  17. So a twin leaves finally! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy! Now lets get to finals I don’t see anyone beating vanessa for final 2. Steve vs jmac f2 I think steve has a good chance but jmac pulls out the win. Austin vs steve = Austin winner. jmac vs austin = Not sure but I still think Austin pulls it off cuz twins, vanessa and meg n james will vote Austin. Anyone vs julia f2 wins automatically. You only need 5 votes to win! Thats why I think jmac and steve will get out Austin next cuz they know he gets both twin votes and meg and james vote more than likely. He would only need one more vote and that cld easily be anyone of the jury left. Will jmac go for Hoh or throw it which would be stupid at this point.

    1. I don’t think JMAC will throw the next HOH based on what he said narrating this weeks HOH when he threw it to Steve. It made more sense to let Steve deal with the Austwins then do it himself. That and he knew next week Steve can’t play, so he’d better win HOH or him and Steve are in trouble. Next week HOH: Julia/Liz- Steve + JMAC, Austin- Steve + JMAC/Vanessa (not sure, he’s getting close to JMAC for a reason, maybe to protect himself and attempt for a Julia + Vanessa nom if JMAC wins?), Vanessa- Austin and JMAC, telling both they are pawns and trying to play both sides since in either case she tie breaks??, JMAC- Austin + Julia/Vanessa. Either way you slice it he’s up a high percentage of the time, he’d better win.

  18. The game needs a massive overhaul.

    They desperately need to go back to a time when you could not reveal your nominations or votes to anyone before the ceremonies. No promising votes or who are you voting for. Those topics should be off limits for certain periods and please no more “who are you voting for if you win next week” garbage.

    Mix up the competitions and when/if they do double evictions, jury returns, etc. At the very least try to change the order up so they don’t know what to expect and plan for it. Keep certain favourite competitions like OTEV but please enough with the before/after and true/false lameness or things like that boomerang challenge that require no skill and are all dumb luck.

    Have penalties in each HOH competitions for dropping out. First person out gets worst punishment and they get less extreme for people that hang in longer. This throwing competitions nonsense is embarrassing. Try some twists that are new and give them some actual punishments. A twist where they have to party and dance? Really?

    They really need to make things unpredictable and stop leaving everything to chance. Either let everyone play for POV or don’t allow those that didn’t play to be backdoored. The backdoor play has been overdone and is constantly unfair. While its nice to finally see the twins split up this season has been a total bore.

    1. PAY ATTENTION CBS – and hire Toronto Guy to revamp Big Brother – his ideas are great – so much better than what you do now!

    2. And stop with the “whose your target”. As HOH ,I’ll put up two players i want out , and the rest of you f#@&’s vote whoever of the 2 you want out. Get players with no fear and a brain of their own . it’s become a brothel of alliances.

      1. Also please retire/ban phrases like blood on my hands, good/bad for my game, this isn’t personal its just game. And please stop with the lame rehearsed and phony speeches that are meaningless and a waste of time. We know you love everyone here and are grateful to have played and we know the veto holder should do what is best for their game and we know you will all be friends outside of the house. That rehearsed crap is like nails on a chalkboard.

        One of the best things from the most recent season of BBCanada was Damilola and his speeches which were entertaining and actually spoke some blunt truths to the houseguests where he called people out and even named his targets. I loved when he said flat out THIS IS BIG BROTHER, LETS PLAY.

        1. Oops forgot to add no more of the horribly lame things they do when they are about to vote. No more high fiving or stupid mini skits they do with the next person coming in and please no more ring kissing, ear tugging, saying hi to their families or licking Julie Chen’s taint. Just walk to the room and announce your vote. It is not entertaining, you are grown people and you are not amusing.

          I would like to see a season with some unpredictability, maybe the season of America’s VETO. Every week give the public a list of special powers for that week’s Veto (that option would be no longer available in future weeks) and to keep it fair before a new HOH is crowned have the public vote for what special powers that Veto would possess if used. Allow the holder to remove both nominees, allow the holder to be the one to replace the nominee themselves, choose the replacement by random draw or through America’s choice, perhaps in competitions like the comic book one where nobody knows the results why not have that week’s Veto be a blind one where nobody ever knows who won it and the decision is made without anyone knowing who did it, they just find out the results.

          1. Preach it Toronto Guy! The skits and sh!t they do in the hall between votes is the worst! I would listen to blood on my hands/it’s not personal all day if they would cut that out. My wife and I roll are eyes every time they do that sh!t! I cannot tell you how much it sucks to see the bunny rabbit/air guitar/hi five that they do. Austin is a Ponytail Beard Stank A$$ Douchebag

        2. I like how you’re thinking. Anyone who uses one of the banned phrases becomes a Have Not for a week. Players who talk about nominations or how they’re going to vote can’t play for HOH. Cold showers. No one sleeping the HOH room except the HOH. MAKE THIS DIFFICULT!! It has gotten way too comfortable for the houseguests.

    3. I agree with the suggestions and the main sentiment that they need to get back to the roots of BB.

      One thing you can’t change though is revealing nominations. They tried that in other countries but people just started using code like “I’m not happy with Austin and Liz today” to say they were nominating them.

      I think survivor is suffering this whole predictability issue even more. People now plan for the merge and feel entitled to a certain number of hidden idols. The competitions are the same old shit and they can’t even wander a couple of hundred meters away from camp.

      BB has similar issues where it is becoming predictable by the houseguests. That might be good in that you get higher level play and more meta-game but it doesn’t give us what we really want to see and that is people dealing with strategy in real time rather than planning it all out.

  19. Just do like I did after James left just don’t turn it on – hopefully the ratings will drop and CBS will realize they have to do something different that we are sick of what they are doing.

  20. Do not care for any of these folks. Vanessa and Steve for goodn as sake get over yourselves. Do these people buy any of this shit? THEY were the best of the rest? WTF is wrong with the applicant pool?

  21. good for steve don’t know why them twins are still there have not nothing game changing vanessa is the one ruling over everybody telling them who to put up and who to backdoor can’t understand why they let her get away with it

  22. Has anybody else noticed vanessa wears different hats depending on her mood. When she is sulking, its beanie hats, when she’s on top of the world and things are going her way it’s the baseball cap? I don’t have the feeds so maybe its just me.

    1. For the love of all that is holy please BAN THE HATS NEXT SEASON.

      Vanessa alone has killed the concept of wearing hats this season with the nasty knit caps (do people in warm climates wear such things voluntarily?) and the crooked baseball/trucker hats. What year does she think it is and how does she think it is? James awful camo visor was horrible as well and through the years we have seen many other hatrocities on this show. They all think they’re so cool when they are the exact opposite.

        1. When I first saw that cat hat I thought it was a punishment. What the hell made him want to wear that?
          LOL he’s a tough cowboy man’s man with a bloody cat hat ROFL

  23. At this point Steve is so annoying and obnoxious with his fake personality. It’s all an act. He really thinks he’s the most cleaver and sneaky of the HG. Please! I hope somehow him and Austin get the boot. I can handle Vanessa more than Steve’s antics. Ridiculous.

  24. Liz and Julia; I knew I remembered them from somewhere!!!! The Wilson sisters from white chicks!!! Hahaha, I can’t believe it took me this long to connect the dots. :/

  25. Watching Austin making out with Liz literally makes my skin crawl. He so greasy nasty. I can smell him just by looking at him.

  26. One minute Steve is saying he doesn’t trust Vanessa, the next minute he is doing what ever she says. If she gets put on the block next week and doesn’t win veto she’ll probably talk someone into self evicting themselves cuz that’s the only thing that makes sense. It would be in their best interest to volunteer and America will love them for being so brave. Ugh!

  27. All that needs to happen is that Julie stop announcing how the final votes went down during eviction. Just say who’s voted out. People will then vote how they want twithout fear of reprisal and end these stupid house unanimous decisions.

  28. 5 Alive……
    Scenario 1) Out in order…… 5) Van 4) Julia 3) Austin 1,2) Steve & Johnnie Mac This is my preference at the moment as I have no idea how the jury would vote but my gut tells me 6-3 Steve which sounds crazy. James is AFP and 25K he can use. The issue with AFP is the CBS edit has been very favourable to J Mac. The edit on Steve last night was dreamy if your a Steve fan by the way.

    Scenario 2)Out in order………. 5) Steve 4) J Mac 3) Van 2) Juju 1) Austin Steve is Van’s next target if JM isn’t HOH. 3 versus 1 not great odds. If he wins POV JM. Very important HOH F5 with this house dynamic.

    Van has owned the season but getting F2 she has to win out from 4 down. F5 she sits pretty and only a JM HOH puts her in any potential Jeopardy. I know the skankmance blows but Austin gets the game strategy. He’s gotten little credit but he might be able to make the moves needed to win 500K. I have him 1:1 right now to play 7 questions(finale part 3). He’ll drag twin skank JUJU’s behind all the way to F2 if he can. One of the most under rated games in the history of BB.
    Austin’s played BB slightly different. He’s part of a group and the physical threat usually becomes a target. Instead of dominating the group he used his social game as a follower to blend in. 1st time on the block wins POV. The more I reflect on the season excluding skankmance he really has been pretty decent. I wouldn’t mind seeing him win if it’s Van versus him. The hard part is separating the skankmance from the rest of the game. His edit is getting better on CBS also.

    Steve in the most trouble F5. Van has him as her target plus the old F5 curse. This is how DR. Will got knocked out in All Stars. Person not on the block wins POV takes 1 nom down. Lets say JM is HOH. Van wins POV down comes Austin up goes Steve the 2 vote him out. Then J Mac knows where things lay but he can only hope on winning POV F4 at that point. Back to Steve….The scenario above means Steve isn’t 100% safe even if JM wins HOH.

    Basically the most likely F3 seems to be Van, Austin and Juju. Win to sit by Juju who can cash the 50K cheque now. I cannot come up with any combination of events F5 that don’t keep Juju safe. Frankly she sits about as well F4. There are scenarios based on JM and Steve both get F4 where she could get evicted. But I’m thinking Boy/JM are about 90% to have 1 evicted next.
    PS if you hate the skank twins it’s better Liz stays if you don’t want either winning any money.

    Van versus Austin
    Jackie- ?
    James- Austin
    Shelli- Austin.
    Becky- Austin
    Meg- ?
    Liz- Austin
    Think Austin has 4 votes on the jury right now.

    1. In a brief exit interview Meg was asked the two people she would not voye for in jury. She said Vanessa and Steve so in your scenerio Austin would have her vote but I doubt Becky would vote Austin over Vanessa.. I know alot of commenters dont think there would be a bitter jury because BB players tend to respect the game. Most of the players and jury members this season were scouted and not BB fans so they would be more apt to vote emotionally. IMO

    2. Please, as one human to another, lose the word skank from your vocabulary. I get that you really don’t like these women but name calling and slut shaming are the venue of juveniles and trolls-and I know that’s not you because of your well thought out posts. I don’t know why, but the term hurts me. Maybe cuz I’m old.

  29. Go on ahead JMAC… Do Vanessa’s dirty work. I thought you said the guy was on to vanessa. She is going to cut him out the first moment she can. Her ideal 3 is, herself, Julia and steve.

  30. I agree that Steve redeemed himself somewhat by these nominations. Even though it took me awhile to get over his Jackie/Meg noms – Actually he & James were the only ones who really made any big plays. I hope Liz gets voted out. James wins AFP. And final 2 is Steve & JMac!

    1. Steve didn’t redeem himself with these noms at all. He only had 5 people to choose from. Any move he made would have been a so called “big move”

  31. BB listen up: Next years cast = people looking for their eye on the prize. I want to see schemers and manipulators. I don’t want to see this person as the “nerd” or “showmance”, etc. I want real players (actually players like Vanessa) looking to get to the prize. Now I don’t like Vanessa as a person, but at least she wasn’t here for summer camp. Austin looking for exposure for his wrestling. Steve the superfan never thinking to make it to the end. Liz and Julia looking for exposure for modeling. Meg – don’t know why she was here.
    BB = need some real players.

    1. And stop casting stereotypical characters. It’s getting old. Pick equally intelligent and driven people. Oh and the “secret career” thing is getting old too…

    2. Sounds as though production was trolling Facebook and coffee shops for ” attractive people” and gave them 3-4 years of BB to watch to get them up to speed! I am happy the kitchen stayed clean (Thanks Twins) but I miss the middle aged people with some life experience! I get so excited for this damn game and by September I want to be put out of my misery! ( Austin/Liz playing tonsil hockey is getting really old)

  32. Why can’t Vanessa and Austin get to the end together? Vanessa will win hands down. I wish they would stop working against each other.

  33. When Vanessa wins HOH this week who does she put up and who is her real target? I’m guessing Austin and the remaining twin?

    1. She will probably put one up from each side, telling both of them they are the pawn. Then she’ll wait to see how the veto plays out as to which side she decides to go with. That way she can tell whichever side remains that she was with them all along!!

        1. Possibly, but if she were to pick a side and put both up and one wins veto she would have to put one from the other side up anyway. The vote would then be 1-1 and she would have to make the deciding vote. She wouldn’t want to do that as that would expose her more.

    1. He never has been my AFP, he really isn’t if that’s true…. A lot of people forget how gross he was in the beginning before production told him to tone it down.

    2. Seriously?????!!!!!! what does this have to do with his game play??? How about we dig in your closet??? got anything to hide?

    3. It was for contempt of family court, failure to pay child support is a seperate charge. In oklahoma people usually find themselves charged with contempt for violating the divorce decree (usually property not being transferred or a credit card bill not being paid by the ordered date) or they did something stupid and pissed off the judge while courts in session, but thats rare and judging by the low bond amount id guess the former.

  34. Does anyone know what Liz meant when she told Steve that if he knew Becky’s type of guy, he’d know that JohnnyMac didn’t stand a chance with her?

      1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! That was a great one! Choo-Choo! Couldn’t stand that “train-wreck” of a face. And to all you Vanessa haters… She’s the only one playing this $hitty season, she DESERVES to win.

    1. As the resident expert and evicter of gays, Van keep trying to tell them they’re homosexual Steve says he never had a girlfriend, she says Johns lying about his. Van can’t read JMAC cuz he doesn’t play her crap. Meg hated Becky for getting all Johns attention. I think she’s better off far away from these people, they never backed her up. Or the obvious get rid of Van plan. Casting should be fired. It’s like watching a professional boxer fight hobos, cruel unusual punishment.

    2. Becky kept saying her type is really TALL and athletic! Not exactly JohnnyMac, however as she ages these superficial things will seem much less important…especially trying to live on a shop manager’s salary! The JohnnyMac’s of the world are unappreciated until they meet women in their mid-late thirties who realize the solid,musical funny Dr. Is a keeper over the taller,more popular dude who knows the world is his!

  35. Jmac actually wants to win next HOH so pretty much guarantee the comp will play to his strengths. My feeling is either jmac or Austin wins HOH. I think Austin has played low key as to not be a threat and it worked very well. I think he is going to beast the next comp and knows he has to.

    1. I hope Austin wins HOH and gets rid of Vanessa next week. He’s the only one who can do this. Steve and JMAC are clueless and intimidated by Vanessa. If Austin gets rid of Vanessa, he should be the winner of BB17. If not, then I hope he’s evicted next.

  36. steves best move woulda been getting the winner of bb17 out…vanessa…
    he is still trying to get AF…by saying we hate him
    don’t fall for it America

  37. I still say Shelley and Clay are related in some way.. She was recruited out of nowhere she said, just got a phone call one day??? That’s why Clay fell on the sword for her.. You never saw them really kiss, except when he left and then it was sort of a brother sister kiss, all their cuddling was just her laying on his chest ..

    1. Hmmm. I recall years ago in BB there was a half brother and sister that didn’t know each other until they met on BB. It was a guy with a cowboy hat… Don’t recall their names. Possibly that was BBs intention???

  38. As soon as Liz leaves, he starts jumping on Julia.
    Julia, “Austin, don’t you’re Liz’s!”
    Austin, “Yeah but I’ve fallen in love with you now. I didn’t think it would happen.”

    Julia, “Oh, all right. What size IS your pee pee anyhow?”

  39. Does anyone know if any former hgs from any season, have gone into a complete meltdown when the show ended or when they read how viewers really feel about them?

  40. Wish I could take credit for this but I read this on another site:

    Lizard can visit Auuustiiinnnnnuh in Vegas when he is there with Vanessa after they split the prize money and go gambling with it. Then they can all go see a Sigmund and Freud show on the Strip!


  41. Jmac likes becky but jmac isnt beckys type since I guess she dated a couple of athletes. I think hes too skinny for her in her mind. As far as jury votes I dont think it will be a bitter jury only meg n the twins will be bitter. I think Shellie, Becky, Jackie, James, will all vote strategic n game based and have even mentioned that they would. Also Vanessa, Austin, Steve, and Jmac would as well. Only reason I think Van vs Austin f2 Vanessa wins is cause she was on the block more than Austin and had to strategize way more to stay in the game where Austin was safe with twins n has only touched the block once but I could be wrong since really they both have played similar games taking out same targets but Austin didnt piss off people.

  42. I’ll be glad when they just crown the winner already… I so want it to be jmac , but it’s looking pretty dim.

  43. Vanessa tells the Twins they are like her sisters to her then tells Jmac ” I’m ready to compete against these motherf**kers”. Gotta love how she is able to lie to both sides yet still does not get nominated.

  44. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE vote Liz out so, we don’t have to see the gross making out sessions. I also, can not stand to hear about how bad Austin is at making out AGAIN…..I did not need to know that he doesn’t know what to do with his lips and tongue! The twins are terrible…………..

  45. “Vanessa joins them. She tells Liz that she looks up to her and Julia even though they’re younger. You guys handled it with such poise and class. You will have America in tears. I would be shocked if America wasn’t in love with you.”

    Twins are in for a rude awakening when they get out..m Poise? Class? Vanessa blowin that kush smoke up their asses.

  46. I wa just on Social Media OMG Social Media hates the Austwins and Vanessa… it is almost Amanda but not quite Frankie/ Christina or Arryn levels… but getting worse. This twins are in for a shocker because Liz and Austin are despised…. CBS is going to need a staff Audience for when Liz gets evicted… there may be boo’s.. a lot of boo’s. I know BB had houseguests that were hated but some of the stuff said about Liz… WOW and that is just formal houseguests from past Seasons… the general public is worse.

    You want to hear something hysterical guess who Jace is hanging with…. Beastmode Cowboy and I don’t think Jace and Austin are going to be best buds after the show.

  47. So we know what a Cleveland Steamer is though I can’t imagine what Cleveland has to do with it. Does that make Gizzard a Tramp Steamer?

    1. Google it. EEEWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. Hi Taylor, I’ve wondered the same thing too. Hope we get some info on your question. . .
    I can feel how much you miss your Mum. Just think maybe everytime you laugh your Mum is smiling at you from above. Your message warmed my heart. I just had to let you know I was prayering for

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