“I don’t think it matters which twin goes.. I don’t think anyone is after me next week”

POV Holder: Austin POV Competition Sept 5th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony Sept 7th
HOH STEVE Next HOH Sept 10th
Original Nominations: Austin and Liz
After POV Nominations: Liz and Julia

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-07 15-44-15-402

3:42pm Kitchen. twins, Steve and Jmac random chit chat
Julia talking about how fine Beast mode cowboy is, “Beast mode cowboy break me off a piece of that”

Chit chat about partying in D.C
Steve – I never went to bars
Jmac – they lose their luster

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-07 16-06-35-129

4:20pm Liz sleeping Austin and Vanessa still playing chess.

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-07 16-27-23-128

4:25pm Vanessa and Jmac
Vanessa tells him he’s looking bigger
Jmac asks her if she’s into dude now
Vanessa says he hasn’t flipped her yet but she still appreciates hard work and results
Vanessa goes on about how good Austin has gotten at chess.
Jamc says when he plays Austin it’s a log of moving pieces around but he hasn’t played Austin for over a week
Vanessa recommends he plays Austin right now.
Vanessa says she’s going to take the handicap away the next time she plays Austin.

Vanessa says she know what Prison is like now.
Jmac- they get TV
Vanessa – but not as much space
Jmac – dentist chairs are worse than prison bed
Vanessa- they get TV, Phone calls and letter we don’t.. this is pretty close to prison.. pretty prison like.

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-07 16-52-05-662

5:00pm Snuggling

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-07 17-43-20-367

5:31pm Jmac on the hammock
Jmac – I don’t think it matter which twin goes home.. I don’t think anyone is after me next week.. they will put Steve or Vanessa out.. do I try and win it..

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-07 18-04-02-847

6:04pm Julia and Vanessa
Julia is saying Austin has been super Sneaky he’s been talking to Johhnymac a lot
Julia – If i stay it’s be and you
Vanessa – I have your back 100%

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-07 18-35-14-038

6:18pm Austin and Jmac working out.. Austin plays drums they start talking about double Bass drumming.
Jmac says his brother got really good at playing drums in rockband. One day they saw in teh paper some guy selling a Pearl drum set for $750 “Some guy was getting a divorce had to get rid of everything”
Autin says it was the same with his brother he started playing rockband and figured out how to play drums from it.
Jmac – Playing everlong on expert

[envira-gallery id=”132626″]

6:38pm They continue to work out…

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-07 18-39-59-039

6:40pm They get Alcohol

A bottle of wine and 6 beers.. the twins go nuts..

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-07 18-42-34-989
Wine perfectly divided up

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-07 18-42-36-991
Boy watches from his HOH the twins call him from the kitchen “Wheres BOY? BOY BOY BOY”

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My mom literally watched her first episode of big brother Wednesday night and she already hates the twins and Austin

Like...I'm Jackie

It’s funny cause my husband has probably only seen 3-4 episodes and every time he has said that Vanessa is a crazy bitch. That’s without any input from me…his observation only.


So I am confused. I was watching the feeds at 515 to like 6 while I was eating but I don’t remember Jmac saying anything to the cameras. Did he really say that or did you guys just think he was thinking that or did I miss something?

Ian's lament

Maybe you burnt yourself with the hot pocket and were distracted.

Your Mom

If your mom hates these three just from watching one episode she would DESPISE them watching the feeds. I think production has really done them a favor by editing out a lot of their bad behaviors for the shows.


I don’t know why production has done that people want to see the bad juicy stuff more.

the coreys

Vanessa asked austin if anyone famous has played big brother pre big brother… this clowns response was

“Frankie and possibly myself”

This dude. Lol. As someone who watches a lot of wrestling (watching raw right now) I have never ever heard of his guy. Ever.

Not being humble in front of millions of people is embarassing, especially when you’re wrong

come again

I use to be neighbors with Randy Orton about 2 and a half years ago in Mo. He was actually a super nice guy very humble in person and great with fans. Austin is a ego maniac and no one wants to work with someone like that. I also find him not appealing on Tv not even in a bad guy way if that makes since. Plus Randy is actually bigger and better looking in real life and Austin is just really unattractive. I thought this even before I knew what a tool he was.


Randy Orton is gonna give Austin the RKO!!!


I get they do not really see how we see them but he is completely delusional he told the twins that one of them will get American’s favourite they are not even in the running

Amanda queefs slop

I just turned on BB after dark, and could only stand to listen to those little beotches for 30 seconds before I had to turn it off. Simon and Dawg I don’t know how you do it! You guys are saints!


I agree! Was watching BBAD the other night and had to turn it off because I can’t stand the way Liz eats. She holds her fork like a 3 year old and the way she chews her food nauseates me.


Liz better go because I can not watch her and Austin. Watching them right now I really cant stand Austin. He is so annoying I would love to see JuJu without Austins influence. Liz is always around Austin so that’s why JuJu is around him maybe it would be better for her development as a person to be alone. STFU Austin Fu@@

And the Set Up Begins

Van hasn’t wasted anytime dogging Steve to everyone in prep for his eviction this week. He was Day’s mole, he snuck around house, spied on convos and reported back to Goblins, he liked Audrey, he targeted the Twins, because he’s got F2 with JMac. And she yells at him about how piggish he is around the house not doing his share of cleaning…Steve back on defensive apologizing constantly…was he even HOH? Van had him running scared the whole time. She didn’t like it when he threatened her renom, before he put up Julia today. Now it’s safe to target him out in the open.


It 100% matters which twin you evict. Evict Liz. It makes the most sense. I cannot believe J-Mac is seriously thinking about whether he should try to win HOH. Of course you should! What is up with these HGs? It’s driving me crazy.


Another reason why James should be America’s Favorite and NOT Johnny Mac


Not a fan of JMac, but I want him to win BB so that James can get America’s Favorite Player

Double D

Because if he wins this one he can’t play in the next HOH which guarantees final 3. And he is right, he’s not a target this week.

Wordz Of Wizdom

100% he goes on the block next week either as a pawn or the eventual target, he’s been voted once already……..win HOH guarantee final 4 where at that point the veto guarantee’s final 3…….WHO THROWS COMPS AT FINAL 5??!!!


I thought that when it got down to the finial four all played for HOH. So why would he not try to win next week, because that HOH gets to play in the next.


Steve winning veto with Austin or Julia winning HOH, he goes home. Those two will not evict Vanessa, she has been working with them for the longest time and I don’t think he will be able to convince them that keeping him over Vanessa is better for their game. Also JMac is blinded by Vanessa’s mist which is why he is thinking that no one is going after him. He is thinking he is in a safe spot but reality is Vanessa is the only who has the luxury of throwing the next HOH.

Wordz Of Wizdom

Final 3 all play for HOH


Of course it matters which twin goes to jury this week you idiot, JMac. If he’s this fucking stupid he deserves to go home next and I already thought that he doesn’t deserve AFP but this dumb ass just confirmed it.
I wish now wish that anybody else in the jury (4) would’ve been better to win their way back into the house; for both gameplay and entertainment. For a split second I thought that JMac may have actually had some game when he returned, it turns out he only he only has bad gameplay. Ffs go back to screaming in the dr (even though Steve warned you about it and you still continue to yell) or better yet, go back to sleeping 23 hrs a day. Idiot.


Jmac is the biggest idiot of the season! What is he even there for?? He’s not even trying. I was rooting for him because he is one of the last people in the house who actually NEEDS the money. Now, I feel like he should just skip the jury house and go home. He got lucky and won a few competitions and that’s all I can say about this guy. People say he’s funny but he’s not funny to me at all. All he does is yell.


Is he serious? He thinks no one is coming after him and is actually wondering if he should try to win HOH? How does this guy continue to be so out touch? The one guy you kind of pull for and he does stuff like this.

Timing is Everything

People are so fickle, everyone says Vanessa can’t be evicted, it’s too soon, no one is gonna vote for either Twin to win, their both equally offensive and stupid. Vanessa says she’s letting them decide that’s the party line in front of them and Austin. He is not gonna rock the boat at this point, he’s the odd man out when the 4 of them are in finals. The point is winning POV and being HOH closest to the end. He doesn’t have a big mouth, isn’t a drama queen, doesn’t throw shade and knows better than to take a side because when he did he got voted out. Steve has been outed as next to go, he doesn’t want that HOH I’d he’s gonna get Jury Votes. Steve decided not to put up Van at renom, they’re was nothing he could do to change his mind since Steve backed James & Meg ouster. He’s dodging crossfire while they take out real threats Austin & Vanessa.

Operation bye bye

Jmac dont throw Hoh!!! Yes steve n vanessa are likely targets but it could change.


No, Vanessa isn’t currently a target for anyone. Bow down to lady maverick.


JMAC DONT BE DUMB!!!!!! He can play in the remaining HOHs and he is sitting pretty (kinda) but if he wins HOH and takes out either Austin or Vanessa he will be the new favorite to win BB!!!!

Come on JMAC just win for F4. Then you and Steve will have the comp advantage over whoever else is left and Steve will take you F2 and you will win !!!!

Johns Blood Oath to Win HOH

Why is everyone b going crazy about JMAC throwing a comp, if you watch BBAD or feeds Van pushed JMAC into a blood oath Van to win on mental comps JMAC to win physical & memory, they go F2. He hasn’t said he’s throwing unless Van told him to, he lies. He also tells Twins & Austin they can pick who goes, same party line Steve Van pull to keep AusTwits calm. Liz is going but kept quiet so F2’s aren’t discovered. Apparently swearing on her mother, Bible, God, her port wine, is not enough. Now it’s a blood oath. Liz and Steve’s blood. Hysterical Austin pushing Liz makes him a duo target and she’s gonna get AFP money anyway. Pffffffttt. OMG how do they keep a straight face. Vanessa cock blocking talk between Twits they are seeing Van’s plots.

Steve under the Twits complaining on the hammock in his fake awkward autistic virgin character. Vanessa says she’s gonna grudge nominate Steve. He’s days he’s going crazy. But he actually cant believe he got casted after all the preparation he did she says reading the books, he says no he did a bunch of stuff online, that he can’t tell her and that Production made mistakes on approving his application. They didn’t even dig. Then Production cuts the feeds. Then back to Vanessa complaining her face isn’t clearing up after taking antibiotics, while chowing an entire bag of oily potato chips. Vanessa looking funny at Steve knowing he’s figured out she’s putting him up and they’re not F2. She’s got to get rid of him quick.


Jmac drives me crazy throwing comps its so lame. How many comps has he thrown now? it must be a record.

What happened to Big Brother the one who’s always watching this year he hasn’t done or said much of anything? Its his job to mess with the houseguests and keep them in place.

Chill this Town

Dr Will threw more comps. the only times he actually tried to win, he almost always got hurt.

he tried hard in a late challenge(I think it was final 5 in S7) and hurt his thumb, then threw out his back celebrating with boogie(who opened up his foot in the same celebration)

what frustrates me is MAC is capable. Will threw a lot of physical comps he stood no chance in, yeah he could have won the mental comps but didn’t need to because of his control over the game.

MAC better TRY to win the next HOH, or he deserves to lose it all.

Evil Dr

Did you watch season 2 and season 7. Will threw every comp there was.


Thanks for letting me know I never saw 2 or 7 🙂

Big o'le ant eggs

Is johnny contemplating throwing the next HOH? No surprise there. Seems that’s all he is good for.

Win it Jmac!

He has to win HOH. I think he is the smallest target right now, but he could potentially be the one to get Vanessa out. He needs that for jury votes.

Min O'Pause

Julia thinks Beast Mode Cowplop is hot? Damn she’s as stupid as her sister. She hooks up with him then both twits will have clingy stalkers to shake loose. Dumbasses!


Caleb is a very good looking guy. A bit too stalkery and obsessive for my taste. His ego and mouth tend to get in the way also.

Pinocchio Obama

Vanessa is in tight with everyone. They are all idiots.

is it just me

just the tip


I swear that’s all


Any chance that Production got wind of a mass firing and housecleaning after the end of this season which has led to lackluster games and dropping of the promised weekly “twists”?


Wouldn’t they try harder if they did? I think they feel too safe and are slacking. I think they have had the job too long and have run out of ideas and just do the same thing every year. I have seen it happen before.


Production has phoned this season in, and we all know it. Big promises but no follow through. If someone doesn’t step in and update the show, next season will be the last. The biggest complaint that I have is that Vanessa has brided the other players and gotten away with it. She says they “slapped her wrist” wink, wink.


They already cleaned house, before this season. The newbies are just doin what they can, hands are sort of tied. Rumor has it next season will be way diff…..Friend of a friend says, so who knows, that’s just what she heard


Hands are tied?
If they are all new they should all be fired because they suck.


Here is a suggestion.. add people who really need the money..and will play to win .. not summer camp

Min O'Pause

Damn! Vannasty is eyeing those wineglasses like Vampira eyeing a carotid artery.

Min O'Pause

Hey its not like I’m sayin’ she needs an intervention or anything. That’s her thing then whatever. She’s just almost drooling that’s all.


Van is eyeing the wine like she eyes the twins’ boobs


Someone should bump the table and spill them all 🙂

Pinocchio Obama

“Vanessa – I have your back 100%”

You mean like I have the knife for your back?


Johnny Mac you are an idiot if you don’t go for the win. Why in the world did you come on BB??
When I saw you throw the comp last night, it made me wonder how many others you threw a way???
BB needs to explain the game to you………the object of the game is to be the last 2 in the house………not see how many times you can get voted out.


He has thrown almost every comp this season.


Surprised to see so many negative jmac comments…
Keep in mind that when you ‘throw’ a comp it does not translate into a ‘win’ for him if he had tried.
I think jmac talks in circles – almost jibberish – which has been working for him. The comments he made on the hammock (to himself) were subtle, you could hardly hear him. My opinion is that he took a few seconds to boast that he is in a good place since coming back into the house.

He seems pretty savvy with getting information while at same time not promising too much. I think jmac would turn on any of remaining HG’s without hesitation. Perhaps he and Vanessa have more in common that we thought. .


Even if its better for his game I still cant stand it. I must have a fighting spirit it makes me sick to see people quit. I could never do it even if it cost me the win.
I would never want to be known as someone who threw games and got good people evicted. He has dragged others down with his crap Da for one.


Thank Goodness for OBB and its family of commenters because I just can’t with this season any longer.
I stopped watching the live feeds when the last goblin walked out the door. Not that I am going to stop watching when my favorite leaves but what is the point?
At this point, there are no independent thinkers left as evidenced by Austin asking Steve what Vanessa thought about Austin going on the block and possibly evicted.
What the hell kind of question is that to ask when being told you are being put on the block?
JohnnyMac will find a reason to throw the next HOH; Steve is too busy subjecting the other houseguests to his sexual fetishes and thinking that FINALLY evicting a twin is a huge move. Two evictions ago, it would have been; at this point, it is just the luck of the draw and Vanessa’s manipulations.
Sunday’s episode was a Greek tragedy with lame jokes and Wednesday will be Liz’s tantrum. Thursday will be Liz martyring herself for her twin because it’s her “time to shine”.
Austin will be the next to go because no way can Liz have fun without him; Steve will follow him and then JohnnyMac.
Not sure how an alliance turning on itself can be so boring and uninteresting, but these folks make it possible.
Hell, it was more interesting to see/debate who Derrick would carry to Final 2.

He will 'cause he can

JMac’s best strategy for next week is to throw Hoh and win veto. At worse he will be put up as pawn. There are bigger targets. He’d be smart to lay low and not get blood on his hands.


His best plan would be to win HOH and veto but I wouldn’t be surprised if he throws them both and gets evicted.


I can see his logic. If he’s not a target this week and doesn’t win HoH, he can still win Veto and be safe. He’ll then be able to play in the last 2 HoH’s and make a run for it. If he wins HoH this week, he can’t play next week and he may be a target then.


The last post there were comments about Steve’s secret and that he is gay?? Also someone said that his mom was trying out for big brother but was rejected and he was selected instead? He apparently ‘lied’ on his application so he would not be classified under the ‘gay’ category? Is this true or some stupid poster trying to make waves? While it doesn’t matter what orientation Steve is; I just did not get that vibe from him. I would say he has more of anxiety and/or asperger’s that I thought he was going to share with Vanessa. But I remember on the live feeds a few weeks ago, Steve was saying that he needed to talk to MEG, and that she would understand his ‘secret’. This made me believe that he as actually gay. Someone posted the transcript of his talk with Vanessa and it also alluded to the fact that he was not able to be honest in his testing or he would not have been cast. Is any of this true?


He isn’t who he says he is that for sure. he’s worked with Deke Sharon who did pitch perfect 1,2. so he has some famous friends.
He’s not a baby nerd its a act.
He did have contact with other BB players to get tips on playing before going into the house its still on his twitter.
He’s a known flamboyant gay on the outside of the house.
He’s also said he had a crush on Audrey.


How do you know he is a flamboyant gay outside the house? I asked his mom on this other blog site about this and she commented that he had a crush on a girl that was also cast in the process who wore a ‘bow’ in her hair. She never confirmed/denied the gay statements but I he does not act ‘gay’ in my book. Maybe ‘socially awkward’ but certainly not gay. He has a known crush on Julia.


Also that means he lied to production in his application form to get in house I’m not sure if that is going to matter or not.

Backseat Driver

Who cares if he’s GAY……..?!


No one cares if he’s gay I was just pointing out he lied about it to production.
You asked his mom rofl.
He’s putting on a act with that socially awkward crap he has youtube videos with stars helping him.
I’m just saying what I found out about him its not a attack on gays or Steve.


Didn’t he say that he had “never been camping” when they had that talk a while back? He does live in a very small town. Maybe age and some different experiences will let him be more of who he is, regardless of what that is.


Big Brother disqualifies Steve for being gay…. just not a headline they would be willing to risk, IMHO.


But it would be for lying on the application form not for being gay. Someone said Liz has dirt on him to get kicked out so I checked out some stuff about him.
I don’t think it matters myself but then I don’t know about BBs contracts.


I am getting curious what is it that could Dq Steve that someone supposedly has on him


My guess is that he has contacted former BB contestants. He has already admitted that he contacted Christine (BB16) during the application process and that they exchanged Twitter handles but were careful because he knows that it is against the rules.
I forget who he was talking to but they told him that it is a big rule and breaking it is grounds for being thrown out of the game.

Do you really think that if he lied about being gay or having Aspergers that CBS would expel/remove him from the game? C’mon, CBS is stupid but not that stupid. The public went crazy when CBS were refusing to acknowledge the racist ,homophobic and pedophile remarks (not to mention all of the things that filthy piece of shot Amanda said and did) they finally put up a disclaimer, used Aryan as the scapegoat (she wasn’t the only racist, vile piece of trash) and had her come out to an audience of boo’s.


John, please try and win it! WTF!

GeekSquad McGee

Considering the only person John can beat at this point is Julia, I would say that it matters which twin goes home.


Why cant he beat the others?

Arya Stark Badass

How is Johnny Mac so white when he lays out all the time? Simon your picture looks like Vanessa drained him of all his blood.


He’s a rare albino Dentist


From Jokers, this is priceless, “JMac tells Van ESPN shows a lot of poker. Vanessa: “I don’t watch much TV.” Julia: “They always wear sunglasses, it’s so funny!”

Chill this Town

still a big JMAC fan…but am beyond annoyed at this point. you aren’t Dr Will, and this game is very obvious as this point. you need to go win that HOH. I totally appreciate what MAC has done since returning to the house, he has removed the target and played dead…if he throws this HOH he is throwing both his and Steve’s game.

is it possible Steve goes instead of him next week? sure. I just think he is crazy stupid if he throws this HOH. the numbers with where they are…stop being so scared of the “blood”.heck, make it to F2, and you will have made zero moves to speak of. I just don’t get why he wouldn’t want to take the shot now.


JMac is the houseguest left I can stand and he’s thinking of throwing another HOH. I cannot stand Van but she’s the only one left who deserves to win. Don’t like her style but at least she has PLAYED the entire time. Austin is a Ponytail Beard Stank A$$ Douchebag!!!


You gotta evict Liz… c’mon, JMac you ain’t dumb.

Chill this Town


from his POV, for HIS game…Julia leaving would be beyond ideal

he then becomes the obvious “take to final 2” candidate. also why he targeted Meg…

not saying its how I’d go about it, I prefer to force Austin/Julia into a bad situation, Liz is gone, and the austwins are dead. of course this forces Julia right into Vanessa’s arms, which is where MAC needs to be.

so really…I agree with MAC in regards to Julia, or moreso that it doesn’t so much matter. there are positives and negatives for him that don’t exist for others in the house.


i cant for the life of me follow Jmac’s logic. throwing something that he has never won at this point in the BB game is unfathomable. he made it to final 5, only way to ensure final 4 is by winning HOH or POV.

why is this guy everyone’s favorite? is it because the other house guests are so vile and unlikable? id assume that has to be it, because this guy is really special.


Just curious as to where production has been this season. As far as twists and expect the unexpected they flat out suck. Nothing has happened! No Pandora’s Box, Reset Button, Luxury Competitions, Have/Havenot Comps, America’s Player, Team America, they’re not even letting us vote for the other food choice to go with the slop. There hasn’t been any how bad do you want it veto comps, where there’s real punishments like, shaving your head, stinky fish gut baths, being a havenot for the rest of the summer, none of that this year. It’s been very boring in that aspect. Even the comps they did have were boring. They went from having a twist every week at the beginning of the season to ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!!!!! I really only watched BB for the twists and comps. So I pray this is only for this season and it goes back to normal next year. We need Pandora’s Box, Diamond Power Of Vetoes, people chained to people they hate, stupid costumes, etc. Plz BB Production snap out of it or change your tagline to expect the boring! Anybody else feel this way? We haven’t even voted for anything this year. Yeah the live feeders have voted for Fun Dip and irrelevant sh¡t like that but there’s been no America’s vote.

Production's Been Asleep Since Casting

They went to the bar to recruit and chopped all the comps out to pay for the new set and Van’s meds.

twin hater

I’m asking all you BB PEEPS out there to vote for James to get fan favorite. Only one in the house made it worth watching rather see him and his daughter get it. So please vote for James twins will be pissed if he gets it.

jmac attack

I’m starting to think Jmac is as dumb as a box of rocks….There’s only gonna be 5 players left, Austin will put him up, same goes for Julia. and Vanessa…You have to start winning HOH”S or U will go to the Jury!!!


Austin is so dirty he went to the toilet came out started rubbing his hands all over his hair and beard. Big Brother told him to wash his hands and he turned the tap on and put 1 finger under the water for 1 second and turned it off no soap or anything then started crying about production. WTF. punish his dumb stinky ass BB
He also he was having sex again with Liz I think she is going to get pregnant to him for the money.

Min O'Pause

Pass the barf bag please. And could you poke out my eardrums? The whining is over the limit tonight.


LMAO, seriously? BB told him to wash his hands? That’s hilarious. I’d love to have seen that. And are they really doing the dirty? Or just messing around? Just wondering. Either way, it’s pretty gross to be doing that on national TV. With your girlfriend and family watching;)


Does Steve have Aspergers it really seems like it


That photo of Vanessa eyeing the Glasses to make certain all the girls get the same amount of wine just makes me gag….The lies she tells both sides of the house to help her game alone and yet both sides have not crossed the X’s and Y’s to call her out is just amazing to watch.. Julia now thinks Vanessa is with her 100% and she will once again be shocked when voted out…


Now that James is gone I really could care less who wins the game as long as it’s not Vanessa. I do hope James wins the Favorite House Guest as that 25K will definitely help him and his daughter…

twin hater

that’s what I’m saying to we gotta get everyone on here to vote for James I feel the same way


Can anyone expound on what I saw posted earlier where someone said Liz has something on Steve that was illegal? The poster said it would blow up his game somehow, maybe a DQ??? I didn’t pay much heed to it and thought it was a joke, it probably was, but just checkin…Anyone???

Lying to Production

About his sexual orientation. He falsified his application to get chosen. He was actually worrying out loud on feeds. That’s the word on other blogs. Building characters, diversity, vetting etc. big in casting that’s why he went the supernerd mommy loving teddybear carrying storyline. Or so the podcasts report. You can lie to the houseguests all you want, but not to production apparently on their employment applications. But what does Liz know, she hated him for nomination, she could be blowing smoke.

He Also Emailed Past Players

He’s also been caught communicating with past players via email even when Production told him to stop. His excuse for infractions in the application process is he didn’t think he would get chosen, and he didn’t think he would last more than a couple weeks so the breaking rules/ lies in his application wouldn’t matter. He got caught bragging about all the prior players he’s talked to on feeds. He said he’s gonna do skype calls with fans for cash after the show.


I wonder what some people’s HOH and POV wins would actually be if JohnyMac actually played to win. Just like how he technically bet out Steve this week but threw it.
To say no one is coming after him is foolish whether they are or aren’t today. He knows that once someone wins HOH things change and Vanessa could win and put his ass straight up on the block. I get that floating and throwing comps has got him this far by default of people being considered as threats. And because they just had to let someone come back in the game with another ridiculous style comp because techinially he was already evicted. But to throw the comp this week seems risky.But whatever works for him, I don’t care if he stay or goes. It just would be amusing to see someone like Vanessa play so hard to have someone like JohnyMac make it passed her. That’s one thing that’s interesting about this last leg of the game. And who knows the men may even all team up against Vanessa to get her out once another female leaves in Liz or Julia.Still some game play left.


what men ?

Vanessa's a troll...

Sorry, I just had to get that out of my system…

Min O'Pause

Do ya think Asstin gags Gizzard when they do the nasty? Cause I think she would whine the whole time “gaawwwd that hurts.” “I could throw uuuuuup.” “You’re not rocking it riiiiiiiiiiightuh.”

King gordy

She will be in trouble when he turns into Judas HAHAHAH


Anybody that goes to the F2 with Johnny will win. Because of that dumb ass, lazy game play that he has. This is a big joke to him while there were people in that house that wanted to play and needed the money. People in Jury will never vote for him to win unless he’s up there with Julia. Not sure even then if he’ll win. As soon as he opens that retard sounding trap of his, he’ll lose. He talks crap, loudly in the DR and does absolutely nothing. How sad it would be if fake, no class,Julia and idiotic John end up in F2? And if Julia and Liz always had a nanny and were always well off as they claim, why the hell did they go to school in the ghetto? Fake ass broads.


Austin is delusional he just told the twins that either Liz or Julia is going to get american’s favourite is he crazy i don’t even think they are in the running it is probably going to be either Johnny or James

Whatever He Did

can’t be worse than everything Vanessa did and she’s not disqualified.


That’s for sure


Austin and the twins are so delusional and the unhumble its pathetic how can they even think Any of them would get Americas favorite they are in for a huge awakening when they get out and find out how annoying most of America thought they were and Liz and Austin should be emerrassed at their finger play under the covers so disgusting


I know I’ll get a lot of down votes for this, and that’s cool, but I’m not going to read the comment section of this site anymore. You all are more vile and annoying than anyone in the house.

twin hater

Hallie I almost fell off my couch when Austin said that to about Americas favorite player Vannessa omg she pisses me off more then the twins with that hat and her looking in the mirror all the time with that funny upper lip

I oncelovedstoopidpeoplenowitsover, almost

Watching BBAD..Isn’t it hilarious how the twins are now saying “We have a big decision to make”, talking to Vanasty…They think they get to make the choice on who goes home this week! I don’t have the feeds but, are they serious!?!? maybe I still do love stooped people…yeah, I do..lol

Back off !

Look people not winning HOH is jmac’s strategy !! He’s playing a dr will game we all know dr will is one of the greatest in BB history ! Dr will won the game and never won HOH ! Now enough of that I love jmac


You’re forgetting one major difference between Dr Will and JMac ; Dr Will had charisma, JMac is a dead fish.
Houseguests actually liked Dr Will, he was social, entertaining and kind of sexy, plus he had Boogie there to win the comps.

Please don’t insult Dr Will by comparing him the the useless, comp throwing JMac who sleeps 22hrs a day. JMac is so stupid that Steve warned him that everyone can hear him scream in the dr and it’s making people suspicious of him. What does he do with that information? Nothing, he just goes to the dr and screams more and louder. Fucking moron.

d marie

That 5-5:30pm cuddle session turned into a WHOLE LOT more than cuddling…..