Liz “Austin or should I say Judas you won the veto fair & square tutu and all”

POV Holder: Austin POV Competition Sept 5th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Sept 7th
HOH STEVE Next HOH Sept 10th
Original Nominations: Austin and liz
After POV Nominations: ? and ?

Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-07 10-38-25-718

10:30am – 10:50am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. Liz heads into the bathroom and tells Julia what she is going to say in her speech today.

“Austin or should I say Judas you won the veto fair and square tutu and all. We’ve come so far in this game together and I care about you so much. I know how much this means to you so I would never ask you to use that veto on me.”

JuJU says perfect that is so poetic. That’s it? Liz says yeah. Liz starts again. JuJu asks is the Judas part a dig at him? Liz says yes its a dig. Juju says you know we made it this far never being on the block. Liz says I know. Juju asks but why Judas. Liz says because its funny and he wanted so bad to be Judas in that veto so I’m going to give it to him.

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10:50am – 11:10am Backyard – Austin joins Liz outside. “A killer fly tries to attack” her so they move inside. JuJu, Liz and Austin continue to get ready for the veto ceremony that will take place this morning. Vanessa joins Liz in the bathroom and asks if they’ve thought about who will go? Liz says her and Austin talked about it last night and he brought up some good points. “Its rotten” Liz heads to the bedroom. JuJU asks should we practice going up there holding hands? (Nomination chairs) Liz says I’ll already be up there.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-07 10-47-29-717

11:20am Big Brother switches the feeds to the live feed highlights for the Veto Ceremony to take place..

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First ????


I need a barf bag

Backstreet Driver

Austin is so pathetic……


Twins sharing that one brain cell & all seem to have forgotten they both been on the block once. I know Austin loves Liz, but Judas might try to fuck Julia in the future.


Hopefully, Liz comes to her senses and fights to stay in the game. I’m rooting for Austin and Liz for the final 2. Or, although I do not like her on a personal level, Vanessa and Liz for the final 2.

JohnTheDudd and SteveTheScarecrow hopefully do not make the final 3.

Mini Me James


Please shock us all and put up Vanessa as the replacement.


They need Liz out this week so that those three can’t control votes next week. Vanessa needs to go next week, then Austin and Julia

Big o'le ant eggs

They all waited to long to even attempt to take out Vanessa or the twins. .. Jmac is only good to throw comps… Steve won’t be able to play next . Vanessa or Austin wins next one takes out Steve. Vanessa wins week after bye bye jmac. Vanessa and austin/ a twin in finale. The cheque is written already .

Chill this Town

there are moments where I start to think “hey, good job Austin, maybe I can start to root for…” and before I finish that thought, he is doing a DR on Judas, or pretty much becoming an accessory attached to liz’s body.

I feel like he knows that she is going to drop him and drop him fast. But the denial gets the best of him. It should be interesting to see a different guy when Liz leaves. I do think its funny that anyone thinks they would vote for him. I can totally see them blaming Austin and voting for the person next to him no matter who it is.

Julia is the new Meg(final 2 here she comes) this next HOH is kind of the game for both sides other than Vanessa, as she will go with whoever wins that HOH, then likely will win that crucial POV. I want to say MAC ATTACK wins an HOH, but at this point I can see him throwing it because he is JMAC and he does those kinds of things. I’d hope not. but…no faith that he won’t.


Spot on


Don’t let the door hit you on the way out, Liz. Or do. Whatever. Actually, do. Do let it.

BB Vet

19 year old kids grab a rifle and head for war every day. BB fans boo hoo for poor little 22 year old Steve who hugs his teddy bear and poops his pants over who he should put on the block. Give me a break. He should have gotten rid of Julia when he had the chance and Vanessa should have been gone … back when Becky was HOH. Now he needs to get rid of Liz, Vanessa, Austin and his Mother’s apron strings. Austin is even more of a chicken sh!t when he asked Steve “did you ask Vanessa”? It is obvious that this year was meant to be dominated by so called “strong women”, but CBS set their cause back by recruiting these psychotic females and weak ass males. Production has overplayed the game just about as much as Vanessa has. It is only a true social experimental game if the playing field is even. I am so sick of hearing how Vanessa is playing such a strong game, when she was cast with such weak competition. Put Vanessa or the AusTwins in an All Star Game, and watch them get steamrolled. Just my 2 cents.


I have played online games with thousands of people and if they are something to go by most western youth have turned into pussy quitters all they can do is talk shit and cry. If America was in a war they would be unable to fight let alone survive for a week. Its sad what is happening its like schools are teaching kids to be victims.


Austin and both twins will be gone before anyone else because if one stays the other two will vote for them.


I grow to like the twins more I think they are good girls at heart but do need to be split up ….I would love to see Vanessa go home but that will leave Johnny and Steve vulnerable to austwins to be fair I hope Julia Goes Home If Liz wins they will split the money…..I would love to see Johnny Mac win it all and could if he starts winning comps or better yet the powerful veto

Min O'Pause

Pass that doobie over here.


God, I luv you!


I don’t think jm plans to throw the next hoh. He gave it to Steve cause he was safe and wanted to play in the next one. He has Vanessa’s number and knows about her realtionships with everyone. I do think Austin is the next target. My gut is telling me Austin will win it!!! Bb gods haven’t been with me this season. He is going to be tough to take out now.


I was just wondering. Did Frankie ever build those schools in Africa?

Better Than Last Year




i dislike him, but will have to give him props for actually doing what he said he did. there is footage and pics of his actually being there and being part of something. It is a bit misleading, ppl see ‘school’ and they assume math and history, but it was actually singing and dancing performance focused. it was started by someone actually well known, i think Broadway type of well known.

Min O'Pause

Just what those people need. They can sing and dance and forget the starvation and genocide and misery that is part of so many lives over there.

Frankie Brought the Sparkle Paint & Hot Pants

You know Frankie took all their clothes, painted their nipples and eyebrows with sparkle paint and made the poor kids wear hot pants. He hasn’t worn a shirt the whole season of America’s Best Dance Crew. Speaking of the poor children, is he allowed around children? He humped everything on BB and constantly talks about raping the dancers on ABC. Maybe that’s why he had to go to Africa where they’re isn’t a sexual offender reporting requirement.


They hate gay people in Africa he’s lucky they didn’t put a tyre around his neck and burn him to death.
They probably burnt the school down after he left.
I know it sounds bad and racist but that’s really what they do over there I not trying to be funny.

Min O'Pause

Yep. They call it necklacing and Winnie Mandela is supposed to have been responsible for having it done to people.


Are you guys surprised that if Vanessa wins HOH she might put up Steve and JohnnyMac?


I am so repulsed by Austink’s constant need for affection!!! rubbing on, or laying beside, or kissing Julia non-stop, ugh!! What a needy leach!! Yuck! Was he constantly coddled as a kid or was he not loved enough? I don’t know which one. He reminds me of a dog.

Min O'Pause

Asstin definitely has some leg hound in him.


Julia??? Isn’t it Liz??


He’s a klingon


I just hope the darn audience is allowed to boo Liz (or anyone else) if they want … I’m tired of the whole thing being orchestrated or consisting of producer “plants”.


I don’t understand why you cant boo on BBUS what’s the deal? On BBUK they can and its a great part of the show seeing the housemate you hates face when they get booed. Seeing them get cheers pisses me off.
Who cares if the housemates get hurt feelings its a game they will live.


It is all starting to make a whole of sense why Austin made up an alter ego named Judas. He is the world’s biggest pu$$y, fair and square. So he needs an alter ego to blame for all his insecurities!!!

Sigmund Freud

You mean Siegfried and Roy! LMBO, yes their mother must be really proud!


That sorta hit Austin over the head looks like a brick. Does he wanna long term with her? His face and eye roll and deep breaths afterwords. Funniest thing I’ve seen all season


LOL! Sooo Funny!! Even Austin/Judas couldn’t hide his disdain/unbelief of how ignorant the twins are!!

Not a leg-humper fan

Austin’s eye rolls were priceless. The only funny thing he’s done on the show. (And he wasnt trying)


You know the twins are trying to “make nice” now that one is leaving. Too little too late as far as I’m concerned. They have belittled every single HG at one time or another, and their mean girl, snobbish, self entitled, most annoying sounding voices are finally getting outed, albeit FAR too late. Being nice this late in the game does not make you likable, watchable, or anything……nice, for that matter… Good riddance, and like Lillystark said, “Let the door hit you in the ass!!!”

Meet the Jury

How sweet it will be when either one of the twins walk in the jury house following Meg and James. If only they get Van after a twin then the remaining 4 would actually have to think for themselves.


I am totally confused by JMac’s game play. Steve tells him they can hear him in the DR because he is yelling, and he goes into the DR and continues to yell, does he think this is funny? I am not really sure JMac wants to win the 500k, he just seems a bit off and hard to read.

I am also confused by JMac still throwing HOH & POV comps, who does this, when you are almost down to the final leg of the show. I like JMAc, but he is really making it hard to root for him to win, when it seems he is still throwing comps, and expects or trusts others to keep him safe.

JMAC needs to get his head in the game, stop playing around and take this serious. Win the next HOH, put Vanessa and Austin up on the block, hopefully get Vanessa out, if not Austin, then hopefully Steve wins the next HOH and he puts up Vanessa (if he has the balls), just tell Vanessa he does not want to talk game or make any deals, put Vanessa and Julia up, vote out Vanessa. Then JMAC and Steve evict Julia, and we have JMAC & Steve for the final 2


I think John’s done throwing comps at this point. He threw the last HoH to Steve because he felt absolutely safe with Steve as HoH. He also feels he will do better in physical comps than Steve so he wanted to maximize the chances of holding HoH next week. If it was anyone else in the last round John would have taken the HoH and hope Steve would win next week.

He doesn’t trust Vanessa or Austin and he’s playing to win now.


I have thought about this and only came up with 2 reasons. 1; He’s a dentist, he doesn’t need the money, also possibly trying to make himself infamous like Dr. Will Kirby to promote himself. And 2; It’s an ego thing, he’s trying to see how far he can make it to jury without winning competitions before he gets booted off by using his charmful and free spirited personality. Bragging rights. We haven’t seen the best of JM yet or the last. I believe he will end up in final 3.

There's a reason

“I am totally confused by JMac’s game play. Steve tells him they can hear him in the DR because he is yelling, and he goes into the DR and continues to yell, does he think this is funny? I am not really sure JMac wants to win the 500k, he just seems a bit off and hard to read.”

This is from all of the “laughing gas” he’s inhaled.


Does anyone remember early in the season, James was in the DR, and was told he was America’s______???? I thought that he could possibly be part of a Team America as Derrick, Donny and Frankie were last year. Did I miss something or did nothing develop?

Also, did anyone else get the impression from Vanessa’s DR sessions on last night’s show… that her plans were to be in final 3 with Steve and JMac?


This is the absolute worst season of Big Brother I’ve ever seen. These are the last final six I would have ever wanted to see. None are deserving.


This has become an orchestrated game Did Vanessa not say the other night that if they asked her to play in an All-Stars she would come back for it ?? Ugh this season isn’t even over yet !!!! Doesn’t this sound rather fishy!!!!


Vanessa saying she would do all stars is fishy why? They don’t just pick season winners to be on all star seasons. Every season the people in the house discuss whether they would like to do a all star season. .

U are really reaching for things to cut on Vanessa for. Pathetic.