“Power has been found.. three nominees will face eviction.. the houseguest they have chosen to nominate.. is .. Cory ..

Big Brother Canada Spoilers – Feeds were down for over 5 hours. When they return we find out that an “agent” has turned into an assassin and nominated Cory. There’s three nominees this week.

8:11pm Anthony, Dane and Adam
Dane saying that they got rid of Sam because she was the biggest threat to the group. Cory is the next biggest threat in the group.
Anthony points out that Sam was a threat to everyone Cory isn’t. (Zomg)
Anthony goes on about Damien being a strong player and better than Cory in competitions. They argue..
Anthony tells them the only person Cory would put up out of PB is Adam. If Damien wins HOH he’s putting up Anthony and Mark.

Anthony says they have to be worried about Este. Says she’s been controlling Damien’s mind this entire game.
Dane says Este’s not a threat
Anthony – mentally she is .. she’ll sit down and tickle every guys wrist in this game until she makes sense (LOL)
Anthony – if Damien wins
Dane – Damien won’t win.. you, me and Pike can beat the f* out of Kyra, Este, Damien.. 100% win.. you are not 100% win against Cory./
Anthony – we’re fine

Dane asks him if Damien leaves who is the biggest threat.
Anthony – Cory
Dane – than Este than Kyra.. that’s fine
Anthony – to be honest ti’s a toss up between Este and Kyra. Just because Kyra can’t walk on a balance beam doesn’t mean she can’t do anything else. Kyra made it further than Damien in that puzzle thing

Anthony – are you guys doubting us (PB)
Dane/Adam – no no ..
DAne says they were just chatting they are afraid keeping Cory will bite them in the a$$
Anthony – no it won’t

Anthony mentions how someone is pissing on the toilet seat. “Why are you pissing on the toilet seat you’re a grown man”
Dane and Adam both complaining about it as well
Anthony – you’re on camera bro .. like f* man
Anthony – Everybody has been pissing and shitting in that toilet for 40 f*ing days you should know how the f*ing toilet works bro
Anthony – I know how the toilet’s work in every gas station near my house .. I work on the road I have to

Dane mentions his Birthday is tomorrow

8:53pm Houseguests in the living room

Production – As you have noticed throughout the season the archive room has pilled up with an endless flood of documents and boxes.

Adam – I f*ing knew it ..
Production – what you don’t know is that one of the boxes contained a special power..
Production – this power allows one agent to change the trajectory of the game. This power has been found.

Damien – WHAT!
Production – the agent that has found it has now assumed the roll of secret assassin.
Adam towards Dane – Did you guys find that tape recorder
Production – The assassin earned the right to secretly nominate a third houseguest for eviction.. the houseguest they have chosen to nominate.. is .. Cory ..

Cory – sighs..

the secret assassins work is now complete the three nominees will face eviction and the vote will end one of their games..
Dane mentions finding the tape recorder but there was nothing on it.
Este – I’ve seen the recorder more than 1 time in that room.
(FYI Adam found the power)

9:02pm outside smoking Kyra, Dane, Adam and Este

Adam – so basically 4 people are voting..

Damien comes in ..

Kyra – you’re staying in this house buddy ..
Damien – oh my god..

Este – three of you are controlling what happens this week ..

9:02pm Anthony and Cory
Cory thinks it was Adam says he’s in the archive room every morning
Cory – if this goes like a normal vote.. I still have the numbers
Anthony – YUUUUP
Cory – as long as I have you and Dane mark is the Tiebreaker.. right
Anthony – mmmhmmm.. still that makes me mad
Cory doesn’t think it was Este because she doesn’t really spend a lot of time in the archive room like Adam.
Anthony says all he knew was Dane coming up to him asking about the “recorder” and saying the “recorder is gone… pikes is up to something”
Cory – you and I are in there the same amount.. i’ve never seen it”
Anthony says he was starring at Adam the entire time he’s pretty sure it was Adam.

“Big Move” Mark joins them

Mark – this is F*ed.. does this mean two people are going home or one …
Cory – Kyra remembers them saying 1 person
Mark – that means there’s a tie vote this week.. sh1t
Mark leaves
Cory – ceya Buddy we’ll chat later..

Anthony – Adam is the only one going through boxes.. trying to read things on boxes.. moving them around so other people can’t see, breaking boxes so people can’t count them and putting them under the cabinets he’s the only douchebag that would do something like that. (LOL coming from the douche of the house)
Cory – It’s ok .. (Iron throne)

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another name

If i were a mastermind big brother player like Mark, I might be a little concerned that I nominated three people this week… and all three might very well stay.
but then…. dumbien will most likely think it was Mark after Mark told him he’s the target.
Estupido will likely think her game saavy made it possible for the assassin to choose Cory.
Adumm will likely fall for whatever he’s told by the last person he speaks to before the vote.
Anthony will still believe he controls the vote while also thinking the lion is king of the jungle that needs to root out the snakes to protect the mother bear and her cubs because even batman had to go down in to the batcave sometimes.
Toothless will still be pushing to take Anthony far in the game… because top seven isn’t far enough…
Mastermind Mark will still think the merchandising rewards will be amazing since he was the hoh for the triple (he isn’t).
It’s Monday. Let’s see who screws up the vote by Thursday.


Who is the Secret Assassin ? At any rate , See ya Cory !!! The PB’s want her gone next. Anthony done’t get his way just like Adam wasn’t allowed to get his way with Sam. Wake the F*ck up Anthony.

King Silva

I’m SO happy. Nothing against Cory really but I like Damien more and I really dislike how Anthony thinks he is so smart..


Arrivaderci Cory…
Unless Anthony can convince the toothless wonder to keep her.

another name

As a twist hater, just putting this out there as devil’s advocate in case anyone says cory got her game ruined by a twist:
as far as twists go, Cory could have gotten it far worse than she did. She’s got almost the full campaign time.
aneal got it worse season one: replacement after a canada saves a nom vote, no veto. out the door.
neaha got it worse in season three: noms made five minutes after hoh named. no veto played. instant evicted the next day.
bruno got it worse in season three: tossed on the block at the eviction ceremony.
erica got it worse in season six: particularly slanted episode with a poor ryan edit leads to a canada saves a nom vote. put on the block at the eviction ceremony.
This is the thing: Cory and her puppeteer have nearly the complete campaign time. In past seasons the secret assassin power would have been revealed at the eviction ceremony.
BTW: there are 8 people in the house. Do these yahoos really think nobody will notice or hear a pretty boy meeting starting at goodnight house guests? I mean… Cory and Kyra gotta know that Adam and Anthony aren’t in bed. Este and Damien gotta know that Dane isn’t in bed.
And… big brother is calling out three of their names to go to bed. If they were anything more than seat warmers, the non prettyboys would be knee deep in discussion about them.


I have often said the same thing. even though the PB’s put the work in as far as strategizing, they have deep voices and you should be able to hear them at certain times of the day. Plus they are always hanging around together. Doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure out they have an alliance.

another name

i’ve always gone by the assumption in big brother that there will always be a guy’s alliance. the meat heads will always bond and the superfans that think they’re the next dr. will always try to recreate. Anyone that walks in saying there’s no guys alliance is either in one, or stupid. it’s like saying this year there won’t be a showmance.