Anthony “And because I have special mojo.. I dingled my dust around..”

9:22pm Backyard. Mark and Anthony. Mark – you know this is the triple right?! Anthony – yeah. Mark – two people are going home. Anthony – yeah. Come, lets go outside. Mark – I know who it was. Anthony – it was Adam wasn’t it. Mark – yup. There is no way Dane would be that easy going. No way. You know by the way that Cory is f**ked right? Anthony – yup. Mark – I’m the tie breaker, Cory is f**ked! Anthony – yup. Dane, Adam, Kyra. Mark – here’s the deal. There is no way.. this has to be the triple. Put three people up and then ones going home and then play another triple and put three people up again? I don’t buy it. This is the triple and I just accidentally won the triple. How f**king cool is that?! I think we keep Esti. Anthony nods – I still say we keep Cory. Mark – if you could do your magic. Mark – why do you want to keep Cory now though. Anthony – because I know they’ve been plotting and because Cory is a good bet for us to stay safe. They’ve said little things .. I don’t know everything about this game. I haven’t seen every episode from every country. They say but this is big brother.. and I’m like yeah but we still have to be loyal.. IDIOTS! Mark – I still think we’re pretty good both of us. It was either Dane or Adam. Anthony- I think it was Adam. Mark – either way its being used and Cory’s getting it. How close are you with Dane? What do you think Dane and Adam are doing right now? Anthony – I think they have something going on. Mark – Dane messed up a bit with the truth. If anything you’re in a better position than me. Anthony – there have been two people that have never lied to me and never been disloyal.. you and Cory. If you go on the block .. if you go to the final two .. I don’t care, I am voting you. i don’t give a f**k who else is up there. I don’t care if people have won more competitions. I don’t care about that. Mark – easy buddy. It just makes sense if Esti stays. Anthony – you have to think about your game. There are people that are not thinking about your game. Damien wants you out. Not voting for you. Esti wants you out. Not voting for you. Adam, even though we’re PB ..whatever.. he is talking f**king sh*t too. When its just the four of us he is talking sh*t because he was sour about being put on the block. He’s not man enough to know what he did wrong. Mark – I knew there were cracks in the foundation long before anyone else knew it. I knew it day two. The other reason Adam went on the block was to test the waters a little bit. I knew he was coming off.

12:40am HOH room. Dane, Mark and Anthony. Anthony – we sat down and all disgusted that Damien had to go. Now.. I don’t even care who the secret assassin is. Now that Cory is on the block .. now within a few minute you say that you want to choose for Cory to go out because I feel more threatened by Cory .. right? Dane – I’ve said that since before man. I didn’t want to go against the unit. Anthony – fair. But I want to refresh your memory to something… last week I had to fight day and night to keep you here. Dane – exactly, you did.. not Cory. Anthony – Very true. Cory originally wanted you out because Cory found out that you were a main part of the backdoor right?! Dane agrees. Anthony – and because I have special mojo.. I dingled my dust around and I got you not only taken out of I want to get Dane out but I got you in a position where Cory trusts you more than anyone in this game. Dane – I know that man. Anthony – okay so with that said .. still the very next week you think that Damien should go. Dane – it doesn’t matter to me because if feel 100% safe with Damien, Esti .. Anthony – if Cory wins, you’re not touching the block. If Damien wins, you’re not touching the block. If Damien wins, I am going on the block. Dane – if Damien wins, you’re not going on the block. You’re (Mark) going on the block. Esti wants anyone but Dane to go. Dane – but she said she wants to cut me at 4 or 3. Anthony – Esti doesn’t have the resources to cut you.

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It would be really nice if Anthony didn’t get his way this week and Cory goes home! I would love for him to lose a number.

King Silva

I hope the other three house guests voting this week do not give Anthony what he wants..

Cory is by far the biggest threat. If it is a triple (I doubt it) then sure send Damien to the jury house with her since Esti is clueless and really just useless like Kyra..

Guy From Canada

Imagine if it was the triple Damien was saved, won and sent Mark and Anthony to jury.. I think that would really make much season


I’d LOVE that!!!

King Silva

I would LIVE for that!


It’s not a triple just one person goes home. Where is Anthony getting his info from ??? or am I in the wrong?? buh- bye Corey !! I don’t hate her, but I dislike Anthony more.


Love the way “magic dust man”, Anthony is scrambling to save Cory.
Adam, Kyra, and Dane will vote her out

another name

Everyone counting Cory gone already: slow your roll.
It’s Tuesday and Dane is overthinking and oversharing about how to make absolutely everyone happy.


So glad to see Adam win that special power and put up Corey . . not that I don’t like her, because I do . . but just to put a dent in Anthony’s plans ! Like he is the big shot and everyone has to listen to him ! He has done nothing, has won nothing, but sits there telling everyone what to do and who to put up ! And they listen !!!! Are these people that stupid . . .he is best buddies with Corey and she is HIS vote, so ofcourse he wants to keep her around . . . wish those Pretty Guys would open up their eyes. Never understood wasting HOH on getting out floaters. Like Anthony insisting that Damien is a big player !!!!!!!! Hmmmm ok . . . . .in a way I hope they vote out Corey, just to show Anthony he doesn’t run the game !!!


Yeah, Anthony sure isn’t dealing well with being questioned. He shaded Adam constantly about Sam – called him out for campaigning for her to stay and yet he is not only campaigning but employing Mark to help him do it.

Anthony comments are hilarious and I wonder if he believes his own words. When he implies that he/Mark have done all the work it’s laughable. Sure Anthony worked behind the scenes but he was only afforded that freedom based on Adam/Dane continuously winning HOH’s or controlling those in power (Chelsea/Sam).

Anthony is a big hypocrite (my least favorite character trait in the house) the typical ‘do as I say not as I do’ type. He’s been burying everyone (with lies about them) to align his game board. He had both Dane and Mark thinking they were his “main” PB guy depending on what he needed at the time. Adam is someone he can’t control or bully so of course, Adam is at the bottom of his ladder. Prior to his HOHitis (again hilarious b/c it came courtesy of Cory’s HOH) he was keen to go with Cory, Mark, Dane, and Adam to F5. In truth, I think his real game plan was to take Mark/Cory with him to F3 b/c he believed both would take him to F2 and he probably hoped Adam then Dane would be cut so he could go with Kyra to F4. That’s just my hunch.

But—- now that Kyra is telling on him (she told Adam how he’s been trying to turn “them” against both Adam/Dane) he is back peddling on Kyra. The funniest part is when Adam kept asking him Anthony REFUSED to answer yes or no – he just kept repeating “I can’t believe you would question me” READ: okay I did but I won’t lie to your face and say I did. Since the SA announcement, Anthony has since spoken to both Este/Damian to try to pull them back in. Both Este/Damian are saying “I still trust you, still want to work you, still have your back” but they are keenly aware of the fact they ended up on the block b/c Anthony pushed for them to be there over Cory.

As for Dane and the presumption he might change his vote to keep Cory I just don’t see it happening. Like Anthony, Dane has a pecking order and he has put in the most work with Este and Damian of the PBs so he knows they’ll be more loyal to him than any of Adam, Anthony or Mark (which is likely the order of their safety with those Este/Damian too). Dane is playing nice with Kyra but he’ll actually want her out before Este (and likely Damian too).

The most interesting part of the equation will be what happens to the PBs and whether Anthony is capable of winning HOH and if he does whether he’ll stay true to the PBs or seeks revenge to take out one of Adam or Dane.

At least I finally got some drama (which I’ve been calling for all season). I’m already off the Mark island (disappointing to say the least) and am enjoying witnessing Anthony unravel.

I still have no horse in the race. In terms of who has played the best game at this point, it’s hard not to point to Dane since his combination of social, strategic and comp wins beats everyone. Adam is fun b/c without Sam in the house he’s more likable (and cmon him standing up to Anthony is gold). Anthony drops below Adam b/c his game got exposed this week. Cory is simply an extension of Anthony. Like most on here I don’t dislike Cory, I’m just not a fan of the type of manipulative/hypocritical/bully game Anthony plays. In fact, for Cory, it’s kind of a catch 22. Had she not aligned with Ant she prob doesn’t get this far in the game, but by aligning with him it’s the reason she’ll leave now.

Mark, as I said, is a disappointment but the group will need to take him out before they reach the point where date comps factor or he’ll take over the game. Kyra has moments but seldom plays her cards the right way. Este and Damian are both likable but not game players – more like someone you drag to the end to ensure victory.

If we picked favorites based on who is most likable Damian probably wins in a landslide, but he’s shown zero ability in the actual game part of BB so he’s not a deserving winner. So at this stage either Dane or Adam have the resume to win but can they escape the next few weeks w/o their fellow PBs targeting them or the lesser players turning on them?

I guess we’ll see.


So well said. I completely agree. I hope though adam and dane put the pretty boys up before it happens vice versa. Dane should take este to the end and adam should take kyra. Its all a matter of who wins HOH and if dane and adam can stay loyal to final three it will be a great battle between them to see who gets it!!

This is the only time i am actually happy with the secret assassin thing and production stepping in! See ya cory… then mark/anthony! Please.


Gee whiz boys, smarten up !!!! Anthony is playing all of you ! Time someone put him on the block and see how he feels. He thinks he is King of the House, telling everyone what to do !!!! He is cocky and thinks he is running the house. Glad to see Adam put up Cory, taking away Anthony’s person, and the boys NOT listening to him for a change! I hope ESti wins HOH and puts up Anthony and Adam . . . so they have to fight each other and it will rip apart the PB !