“One word I say to Cory and she’s going to do it Big Brother or not Big Brother”

Big Brother Canada Spoilers – Adam using the veto, Este going up Damien is the target.

6:00pm Cory and Anthony
Cory saying she was really missing home this morning. She talked to Kyra about it and Kyra wasn’t very warm to her. She asked Kyra if they ever miss home/ Kyra says they oi especially when they are on the block. Added that they use to talk about it with Sam.
Cory wonders if KLyra said this to remind her she is reasonable for Sam going home.
Anthony says Kyra is talking sh1t about Cory.
Cory – I Was having a moment of vulnerability and she told me .. They told me to go read.. like it was..
Cory – I’ve had so many couch chats with her .. like after competition when they have not done well in I would console them.
Cory – all of that is forgotten.. or didn’t matter
Anthony – mmmmhmmm, they haven’t said anything they asked for 2 random hugs today .. they are on some tear they did so well in the competitions they are working out they’ve worked out every day.
Anthony – that was the comp they (Kyra) needed to boast their confidence
Cory – they copied Adam’s puzzle
Anthony – and finished third
Cory – if someone tells you they are about to cry I would never leave that person in the kitchen and say go read..
Anthony – that’s because they are talking sh1t
Cory – that’s a terrible thing to do to someone just on a human level

Anthony says he caught a weird vibe when Mark said he doesn’t know who is going up
Cory – he was questioning about Kyra .. I got hat this morning from our talk .
Cory mentions asking Mark what he wasn’t to to about Kyra and he said Strategically take them to final 5
Cory – logically that’s what makes sense they don’t have the best track record that’s someone you want in the final 5 but is it someone that deserves to be in the final 5 though and he goes no.
Cory mentions that Dane doesn’t trust Este. HE also told her that he trust her and Anthony .
Cory – I was like you are my boys you are the ones I trust most in this game. I’m trusting you with my entire game.. and he was like YEAH YEAH definitely

6:44pm PB meeting
Mark – I put up Este we take out Damien.. BOOM
Adam – you are going to take out a weak player on your HOH?
Mark – Damien could be a strong player
Adam – Week 8 and he Could be a strong player
Dane agreeing with Adam.
Mark – I thought you were on board with this bro
DAne – the biggest threat isn’t Damien it is Cory
Adam – you want the Jury to look at you taking out a player like Damien
Mark – that’s one way to look at it I have another way to look at it.. Damien could still be a strong player and I have to look after myself here
Adam – ok ..
They start arguing with Adam not using the Veto on Mark on a past week. .. Dane stops it “we’re in the present.. ”
Mark says if Cory wins HOH she’ll only put one of them up.
Adam – ok.. I just wanted to voice what I felt if there was a triple
Mark – I know I can control Cory
Adam – she’s her own women, if she says sf* this I’m going to take out the biggest players and go against Anthony she could easily backstab Anthony
Anthony says she could but based on “my words.. my word play .. MY finesse GAME. that’s not going to happen. Cory feels really safe with my word.
Anthony – One word I say to Cory and she’s going to do it Big Brother or not Big Brother
Anthony says if Cory wins HOH she’ll put up Kyra and Adam or Este.

Mark – our value (PB) outside of the house is worth way more than a hundred thousand dollars.
Adam – Damien that’s the plan
Mark – Damien Damien Damien
Dane – if that’s what the group wants..
Mark says Adam is only in a shitty spot if Este wins HOH. Cory is only putting up one PB.
Mark – if I put up Este let’s all agree it’s Damien that’s going home because theirs no backing out of this. What I will do in the ceremony tomorrow is i’m going to say Este you are the pawn to let the whole house know where I stand if the house wants to re-nag they can do whatever they want.
Anthony – Cory is voting out Damien, Kyra is voting out Damien we’re all voting out Damien.
Dane – I’m not voting Este out ..

Dane says they have to be prepared if Cory goes with them to final 5 they put her up she wins Power of Veto. “One of us is going home”
Mark – what do suggest we do? Backdoor?
Dane – when we are top five everybody plays veto..
Dane – for triple I’m putting up Este, F*er Kyra and F*ing Cory and if someone uses the veto … you’re (Anthony) are probably going on the block because you haven’t touched it and we vote you safe.

6:57pm Kyra and Este
Kyra is saying that Anthony is wanting Cory in final 2.
Kyra – I want Cory out.. I know she’s gunning for the weak players.
Este says Mark wants to take them both.
They laugh that Mark is saying he’s a strong player now and Cory is going to want to take him.
Este – buddy you’ve won one competition.. one.
Kyra – She’s taking Damien (Cory)
Este – his head is on a high right now it’s really annoying
Kyra – everyone acts different when they are HOH
Este – the only person that doesn’t is Dane. He’s very level headed
Kyra – he put me up both times
Este – but he wasn’t acting like a a$$hole
Adam joins them. Kyra asks if Mark knows what he’s doing now.
Adam – maybe I dunno
Some chit chat … Adam leaves to work out..
Kyra talking about how Mark is easily manipulated.
Kyra – Damien is not a threat.. (Damien is the target?)

Feeds were down from 8pm to 9pm

9:40pm Kyra and Mark
Mark says he’s pretty much made his discussion “and i’ll make it clear during the ceremony what my intentions are”
Kyra – I take it you don’t want to take a big shot you want to go with the easy way.
Mark – if that’s your feeling
Mark doesn’t want to tell them who is going up.
Kyra – are you telling other people
Mark – maybe maybe not
Kyra – ok ..

Kyra says she did mention Cory’s name they hope that doesn’t go around, “I think she wants me out.. personally I don’t need to add fuel to the fire”
Kyra – from experience trusting Cory did me bad she, played me, and made a false.. anyways. I realized very early on that she;ll use you when it’s convenient and make you good feel everything is fine. than you hear very other things about her wanting to take just strong players and this and that and calling some of us stupid.
Kyra – I felt very played
Kyra – trust me I’m good with Anthony to I trust Anthony I want him in this game but I feel like you told me last week you want to very badly work with Anthony I feel like your thought to not go against Cory is to keep Anthony on your side. but at the end of the day when I’m looking at people that are strong mentally and physically Cory is very much right behind Adam.

Kyra – I know you wanted to take a shot at Adam and get him out because he’s strong i just hope that you it was because you wanted to get out a strong player
Kyra – I guess we’ll see what you decide if you aren’t afraid to take a big shot know you have the numbers it won’t be a problem.

10:10pm File room. Damien searching through the million boxes..

11:33pm – 12:05pm Kitchen. Adam, Esti, Kyra, Mark and Anthony playing rock, paper, scissors tournament. Esti wins.

1:05am Bathroom. Mark and Dane.
Dane – and we’re going to have to save you and Mark’s going to have to go. You know what, its his own fault for not listening to us and for listening to Anthony. Adam – would you save me though? Dane – yup, 100%! Always! Not even a question! 100%! Adam – because if it happens that you’re up there too over.. Dane – I know! 100%! Not even a question. Dane – and you know what? F**k you (Mark) for not listening to us. You’ve been right about a lot of things in this game. Dane – she f**king told me that she wants me, Anthony and Kyra in the final 5. She told me that. So she puts up Esti, You. Maybe she puts up Kyra and votes for you to stay. Adam – maybe we make up some f**king lie. Dane – no, what? Adam- that she told you that she wanted to go final five with Esti, Kyra, Anthony and you. Dane – Anthony would call it out recAnthony would call it out right away. He would lose his tits And then lose his tits at us. Adam – I know. We did agree.

MONDAY MORNING houseguests start waking up around 9:20am. There is no change to the plan Este going up Damien is the target.

10:00am Mark tells Damien Este is going up as the replacement he’s making it known that she is the pawn.
Damien – This is your big f*ing move man?
Mark – thanks

Damien leaves “f*ing joke.. F*ing weak Mark”

Damien goes to tell Este She’s going up as the Pawn.

Mark going on about how he’s got PB’s support, “As crazy as this sounds Sam’s looking at us both and she’s proud of you”

Mark – I’m putting up Este . I know I have your support
Adam – from this decision it’ll make or break you 100 grand..
Adam – this is your 100 or 20 grand decision ..

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Adam should realize if Mark puts someone other than a PB up that they want him gone.


“Dane pop a squat”!

Guy From Canada

Interesting. I thought that Mark and Cory weren’t that close. I guess he figures Cory is the only shot to take out some PB and she will go after Adam/Dane in the triple? Or see that Anthony manipulates Cory easily and feels safe cause Anthony is PB 100%? if Damien goes, its a waste. Putting up Este and Damien is your strong move to build up Jury votes? That transcript from that conversation is golden why Mark won’t win. Lets say this is Marks one competition to win this season, and makes it to F2. He could only argue social game, which is regarded as a weaker play in the jury historically verses social game……

I’m torn between who I want to root for…. maybe Dane because he is played the best mix of competitions wins and positional social game?

I am rooting against Kyra and I hope for the love of everything holy she wins jack sh!t this season some twist and she will get to the end somehow……

Guy From Canada

Whoops I forgot to refer to Kyra as they/we/I/You, sorry in advance.

another name

telling damien he’s the target? this is an odd voter number weak. why be such a dumbkopf?
So, Kyra, Este, Damien, Dane, Adam all wanted Cory renom? And Mark is setting himself up to get jury votes or remain safe how exactly? He better hope Cory wins every competition from here on out.
Triples: happen traditionally week 8 not week 7. they aren’t going into a triple. They started with 15 not 16 houseguests. A triple isn’t required unless they have a fake eviction week.


Such a big move lol.

another name

Cory tells Damien she’d keep him over Este.
ohhh… when Anthony learns she had an opinion he didn’t give her.


Mark’s an asshat! What a waste of an HOH! le sigh




Adam ,Krya and Corey should vote out Este to throw a wrench in Mark’s plan


Mark’s a coward. Nice move for your resume there!

another name

analysis of Mark’s week:
Justifiably upset that he was a nominee two weeks ago, but jumps the shark.
Thinks he’s getting the Kevin Martin edit this season when he’s had about 20 minutes screen time in seven weeks… and he was a nom and an hoh. i mean… dane got two minutes air time for farting.
goes from i’m going to destroy the prettyboys to wow we’re going to make more money than first prize just off the pb merchandising alone.
(ed. yeah… when even you’re team handsignal is trolling you…) if i was a tinfoil hat i’d be saying the entire infiltrator scheme was d/r monkey craft and the merch concept was reality.
goes from underdog chance at possibly getting the bitter jury vote to win… to creating a consensus bitter jury against him. yeah, hoh gets to decide the noms, but a good social gamer would say dang, 5 out of seven voters this week want the same person not in my alliance on the block.
says he’s showing he won’t bow down to bullies… by targeting two people that weren’t targeting him, and have weaker game than him. by mark logic, the only way to stand up to a bully is to bully those weaker than you. gee, that doesn’t look good for him moving forward.
Wow… did he study the season 6 ryan playbook for this week?
Strategically… the boys are doing a fine job. In terms of being entertaining or even likeable personalities… i don’t think i could grimace more without the top of my head becoming a pez dispenser. That’s what they’re missing. if they think they are going to become the ambassadors of big brother canada: nobody would want to actually hear what they had to say, let alone pay for it, because they’re not likeable enough on feeds, and two of them got no air time for 6 weeks.


This comment is everything I’ve been feeling about this week and more. Thank you! So frustrating..


Dane for the win . Same crap season after season.


ya he the best player, only player
whats Damien doing,he deserves to go by doing nothing…arrggg

another name

odds are 80% adam got the secret assassin power he found the clue flashlight; 15% kyra got the secret assassin power (talked about finding a secret door); 5% one of dane, este or damien; first to find the recorder.
Glad they showed it on feeds. if just for the look on Anthony’s face during the announcement.
Still not a twist fan. Sorry. I’ll never be a twist fan…. but i did enjoy the look on Anthony’s face.
Of course, Mark is convinced it’s the triple… as if the secret assassin power was the mass casualty power.
Of course, Anthony is none too pleased that the minions are revolting against their leader.


Does anyone know why there are three noms?