Ashleigh to Pili – if you have half of that and I have half of that we’ll feel it.

POV Holder: Sarah Next POV May 15th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner Ashleigh Next HOH May 13th
Nominations: Sarah & Godfrey
Have Nots Canada gets to vote
POV Players VETO PLAYERS PICKED: ASH, Sarah, Godfrey, Zach, Brittnee, BRUNO

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-08 22-50-35-186

1:48am Bruno, Godfrey and Zach Bro-ing out
Bruno – lets keep the players playing

They agree Sarah doesn’t expect Brittnee is going.
Bruno – this is the best I’ve in 51 days .. people are going to lose their shit
Godfrey – Lose it bro

Ashleigh stumbles in..

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-08 23-22-44-166

1:52am HOH Pili and Brittnee
Pili says either Bruno or her will go up.
Brittnee – she’s nervous of bruno staying eh
Pili – it risks the chance of Godfrey staying
Brittnee doesn’t think so. Pili says Godfrey and bruno are the reasons why she was in the house. Points out that in the pantry Sarah was trying to keep Willow. Brittnee says she never wanted Pili to go.

Brittnee says Sarah, godfrey and Ashleigh voted to keep Pili.
Pili asks her why she never put Willow up first over her.
Brittnee “I really didn’t know I took a risk”
Brittnee says she wanted Pili to stay for her own game, Points out that Sarah and Willow had their own thing.
Pili says she’ not playing the same game as Ashleigh they are supporting each others decisions but they don’t want the same people out.

Pili – why didn’t you put Godfrey up.. you didn’t want three men up
Brittnee – ya… I couldn’t trust him or not
Pili – do you trust him
Brittnee – hmmm ummmm not any more .. what do you think of Godfrey
Pili doesn’t know calls Godfrey a Comp threat

Brittnee points out how dangerous Godfrey is he’s been a target since the beginning.
Pili says Godfrey is going to make it to final two ‘the way this kid’s been going”

2:13am Pili and Brittnee (We’re down to only 2 cams and they are jumping conversations)
pili says she feels like Ginamarie and Nick. Brittnee disagrees tells her those two weren’t anything Kevin was really into Peels.

Brittnee – I don’t know what argument Godfrey could give to stay
Pili – to the house
Britt – ya
Pili – couldn’t tell you
Brittnee highlights how Godfrey sleeps all the time and doesn’t win ‘Comps’ thinks this is the angle Godfrey is going to play, “He’s just playing dumb every time he’s sleeping he’s not sleeping he’s listening”

Brittnee says her GUT told her to put Willow up. She never wanted Pili gone on Wednesday tells her if Ash went up Pili and Ash would have gone home.

2:23am ASh comes in Brittnee “She’s feeling Saucy”


2:05am Zach, Asheligh, Godfrey and bruno Chatting about how awesome Risha was. AShleigh says if she was two years older she could be her mom. Zach thinks she’s a cool person to have drinks with, “She has the look no matter what she walks into she captures the room”
Bruno says she’s the only one he remembers walking down the stairs out of his group.

Godfrey shows them her walk “B**Bs literally covering the nipple bro”

2:27am HOH Pilli and Zach
Pili give him a debrief of what they were talking about.
Pili – I know for a fact she wanted me out.. If you don’t want someone out don’t put them up a pawn is a excuse
Pili – She thinks we all want Godfrey out.. she put me up because I put her up as a pawn
Ash – no she put you up because she wanted to split up couples.
Zach – does she know she going up
Pili note quite
Ash – She doesn’t know until I tell her

Zach says one of those two girls have got to go.
Pili agrees they have to split them up
Zach mentions how Godfrey is going to keep not winning competitions.
Pili – we’re getting rid of B this week and asarah next week
Zach – I think so Sarah is dangerous.. we’ll see.

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-08 23-38-18-564

2:38am Ashleigh and pili decide to skip dinner tomorrow night so they can get tipsy with the remainder of her bottle.

Ashleigh – if you have half of that I have half of that we’ll feel it.
Pili – Lets not eat anything so we can feel it
Ash – Tomorrow lets not have dinner.. I will be super BUZZZZzzzed .. I’m bot drinking anything after this I feel real good right now.


2:44am Brittnee, Bruno and Pili Bedroom
Brittnee tells Bruno she’s going to do what she needs to do to stay in the house. She’ll say things because she wants to stay in the game not because she wants to see Bruno on the block.
Bruno – it’s all good B

Brittnee – If it’s more beneficial to keep godfrey in this game than that’s what it is.
Brittnee storm out into the kitchen to chat with Sarah.

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-08 23-48-33-835

2:48am Sarah and brittnee
talking about focusing on Pili’s and Zach’s vote.
Brittnee – this will be my fifth time on the block

Sarah says if Ash puts Bruno up they’ll lie to “Their” faces and vote bruno up. Sarah mentions how Bruno ‘F***cked” them
Sarah thinks Godfrey is gone this week. Says that Ashleigh and Zach want to take each other they want someone to take Bruno out.

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Even after watching the fight with Bruno. I still dont understand why Sarah voted Willow out. And noe she’s so afraid that Willow might hate her in real life


That clip was only a small bit of the fight….as for the vote God told Sarah the guys were voting for Kevin to stay and Sarah knew God would not keep Willow so she felt the only way to ensure Kevin went home was if she voted for Pili and to hope God did too.


I feel brain cells dying as I am listening to the conversation between Britt and Pilar.
How someone can be so clueless and have such a lack of understanding of what has occurred in the game is beyond me. Did she forget she nominated Britt as a Pawn???


What I am confused about, is Pilar knows that the only reason she is still there is because Sarah and Godfrey voted to keep her. The boys in her alliance knew how close Sarah was with Willow and “gambled” with Pilar’s votes. Sure they told Sarah that they were targeting Willow to throw her off, but it could have backfired on Pilar if Sarah through Willow a sympathy vote like she has done for each of her other alliance members (Neaha/Johnny). If Sarah had voted for Willow to stay….Pilar’s “boys” would have voted her out!!! Why hasn’t anyone pointed this fact out to her!!! I thought she might pick up on it during that conversation in the HOH room last night with her “friends” but no….she didn’t pickup on it. She only remembers that Britt put her up…and her friends???? I see why she might want Britt out, but why Sarah…. This is why I’m confused now. Haha…oh well hopefully Ash will drop this info on her when they are blasted tonight. Poor Pilli…. So easily distracted.

What a Joke

Well now we all know why Sarah won the POV. According to Zach it was a joke POV, just like a Plunko game. I don’t care how many thumbs down I get here, but tell me that Production didn’t have a hand in making it easy for Sarah. Plus she is going to get the Special Veto as well? Totally fixed this year….just write her the frickin cheque and save us watching this travesty. No wonder their ratings are down below the top 30. So obvious, and the only ones that can’t see it are the Sarah lovers!!!


LOL. So production knows that Sarah will suck at the challenges which is why they decided to create a special have not power during the start of the game. Gotta hand it to production team then, they are so well aware of the twists and made things easier for Sarah this week. (read sarcasm)

Reality is, this power is made to ensure that the underdogs after the triple eviction gets an even chance at the game. Had Zach and Kevin left and Sarah wins the HOH and enacted her ‘supposed’ all girls final five plan according to Bruno, people will rally behind him and Godfrey to get the have nots secret power. And besides that everyone in the house is well aware that the fans has a huge hand in what will be happening, Zach himself said in a conversation with Jordan before that Canada will take a shot at the diapers because they are doing well but they just are going to “roll with it”. With Zach showing arrogance this week it would be so hilarious if he rolls with it straight to the jury house.


According to Zack? Like he has never twisted anything to make it sound like he is better than he is…Games of chance are all luck gives everyone an equal chance to win…your just upset cause Sarah won and it’s possible that your boy Zack is headed to jury…and the rating are down because the diapers have made the season sooo boring(aside from Kevin’s last HOH) with their talk of making big moves and then whimping out saying oh it’s to soon to make a big move.


Well she might not get the secret veto since the top two people have to play for it


The two have nots play for it, Sarah could be the holder of both if she is voted in as a have not.


100% agree. I don’t care who wins but this is so rigged to keep Sarah on the show, its insulting to anyone who actually respect game play. It’s like working to win a baseball game, building a lead and having the umps make your team play defense with their backs to the mound. Just let the game play out.


Zach thinks he is staying but will be gone with this hn power its gone be great i think god is in a good position with everyone thinks he sucks at comp and sleeps all the time and bruno clash with sarah in next eviction is great


Listen she did not know that the guys would vote for her to stay, she thought they would keep kevin so she made it more likely for pilar to stay over the others. Had she known who the guys voted for she would have done that but she had to think smart.


What will Godfrey do if he wins the Have-Not power? Zach and Pili? Its hard to get a good read on him.


True. Thats exactly why I want Godfrey to win the special Power…. CHAOS & CRUSHED DREAMS!!


Best case scenario for this week and next week is Sarah and Britnee gains the secret power and then wins the next HOH. Bruno will be pissing in his pants after Pilar and Ashleigh tells them all the things that Bruno has been telling them.


God and B on the block! Adding a racial spice to the Assleigh airheadedness makes her even more disgusting.

Oh these people! #shudder



Pili finally “talking game” is called “expect the unexpected”


When is this have not thing gonna happen?! I really hope it’s this week


They said we’ll see what happens on the 13th.


When is this have not thing actually going to happen?! I’m praying that it’s this week!


at least she has the ability to lie to someone’s (brittnee) face
never knew she had that in her


I can’t wait to see what the have not competition is going to be.

I wonder if Britt will figure out she’s the target when Ash nominates her.

I trust Sarah to put up Zach and Bruno. It would be even better if she made a speech to call Bruno out, setting him up to be the target for the next eviction.

I hope after the secret power has been won that BGS can solidify something to the end.


Whoever wins HOH Bruno will be right there with his “I got you” it’s why I want Sarah to win this HOH so I can watch all the other little Hamsters (Dingo’s great nickname for HG’s) scramble to tell her she wasn’t their target…lol


This is how I see the week going, as sarah won pov she will remove herself from the block and Brit will go up. Then brit and sarach will be the havenots and as one will have the extra power both will be removed from the block and ash will then have to put up Bruno and pili. Theres no way she will put up Zach. Then I feel it will be a 2-2 tie. Zach & god will vote out pili and Sarch&Brit will vote out Bruno as they want him gone. So ash will break the tie by voting out Bruno. I don’t see her voting out pili her good friend in this game. I don’t like this power. Production has interfered way to much this season. They have only left about 2 weeks to play out on its own.

Not really

Ash doesn’t pick replacements. Power holder will. It’s been confirmed by Arisa. Zack has a big chance of going up if God, Brit, or Sarah get the power.


What’s the point watching the feeds for the next 5 days? Zach didn’t ensure his safety by winning POV, so whatever happens, he’ll get evicted on wednesday.
It’ll be Godfrey, Sarah, Bruno or even Brittney getting the diamond power of veto and they all want the same thing. What a joke of a “special power”.


Hey guys check this out i found Bruno and Sarah’s confrontation during the triple eviction here it is:


Yeah Simon found this yesterday and added it to one of the posts… very interesting seeing that fight after the veto was used on Zach.


the fight was after Bruno used the Veto because they were talking about who’s going (Kevin and Willow)


Yeah I meant to say after it was used on Zach


Wow Bruno eh…. Red Flag.
It’s one thing to get into an all out argument/verbal fight with someone but holy crap, Bruno just kept puffing up his chest and attempting to step up into her face. Really Bruno?? Ya wanna have a tough guy physical go at a female?
That was alarming and very disturbing to see.


After watching that fight I have 100x more respect for Sarah. She’s awesome. Bruno is such a fake liar and he cant even admit to his allegiances even when actions already showed. Bruno is a balding FAKE. Hes like a politician who says things and do the opposite and lie to your face.


Isn’t it odd that the have nots haven’t been picked yet and it’s Saturday?


Yes Sarah! Winning her first comp when she needs it most! I hope her, Britt or Godfrey win the special power and put Zach and Bruno up! Finally flip this house around!


Ash and Pills need to save the alcohol for eviction night. Ash, especially, is going to NEED IT.
I wonder if they can keep it that long?