POV Players Picked! Maddy “I’m going to f**k up as many peoples games before I leave!”

POV Holder: ? Next POV April 16th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 18th
HOH Winner: The Brothers Next HOH: April 21st
Original Nominations: Ramsey and Maddy
Current Nominations: ? and ?
Last Evicted Houseguest Paige, Sharry, Christine, Kelsey, Loveita, Dallas, Mitch, Raul
Have Nots Tim, Cassandra, Kelsey

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There will likely be a lot of alliances during the season – keep track, read our alliance help guide.

8:40am – 9:40am In the batheroom – Tim, Cassandra, Ramsey, Kelsey, Jared. Tim says I just hope I’m in the veto! I’m going to save Maddy. Kelsey says as if! Tim says after he veto we could have another repeat of yesterday. Tim says I’m running out of things to be thankful for. The conversation turns to Tim telling Ramsey he should shave his head. Maddy says if someone won the veto I would totally shave my head for them to use it on me. Tim says I would. They head to the kitchen. Tim says he wonders what Mitch and Raul are doing in jury. Maddy says probably waiting for me. Tim laughs. Jared gets annoyed with Cassandra and how she gets everyone to do things for her. Jared says If I don’t see you cook some slop this week, I’ll be very… Cassandra says why don’t you shut your mouth for 5 minutes! I’m going to literally make a scene! Jared says I really need you to start pulling your own weight around here! Cassandra says I don’t need you to tell me to do anything. As soon as you tell me to do something.. I won’t do it. I do my own things. You don’t acknowledge anything I do. Jared says you don’t do anything.. that’s the problem. Kelsey says guys don’t fight. Cassandra says don’t clean your dishes. I clean other peoples. I didn’t know this was Jared’s house. Jared says maybe Kelsey doesn’t like cooking for you all the time. Cass says if Kelsey has a problem with me, she can tell me. Not you. Jared says some people are too polite to speak up for themselves. Cass Kelsey can talk for herself.

Big-Brother-canada-4- 2016-04-16 06-39-23-521

10:10am The live feeds return from the feeds being blocked for the power of veto player pick. Jared comments on how this week is totally different with not being on the block and not playing in the veto. Jared tells Kelsey that she’s going to do great in it. Jared comments on how he’s never seen Cassandra cook anything other than toast in this house. That’s pathetic! You’re not her slave.

Power Of Veto Players:

Nick, Maddy, Ramsey, Kelsey, Tim, Nikki

POV Host:

Jared ?

Big-Brother-Canada-4- 2016-04-16 07-18-11-567

Maddy says I can’t want to get on the f**king side show so that I can say I was the only person that didn’t lie … other than you. Maddy says maybe if we don’t threaten Phil but throw ideas in his head. Maddy says I’m going to f**k up as many peoples games before I leave this house! Maddy and Ramsey discuss how them going up was really because of Tim and Nikki. Maddy says I want to interrogate Nikki. Not so she’ll freak out but ask her… News flash Nikki .. I voted for your little gay boyfriend to stay in this house.

10:25am – 10:50am Up in the HOH room – Phil tells Nick it was a really good player pick. Nick starts studying the days/comps. Phil corrects Nick and Nick thinks he’s right. Phil asks “Are you a f**king ret@rd!?” Nick then realizes he messed up and was wrong. Jared joins them to study. Phil, Nick and Jared talk about how Tim is playing all sides. Jared says that Tim said he wanted me to win. Phil says he said the exact same thing to me too. And that I have his vote if he’s in jury. Jared says me too. Jared says you know how he talks about cults .. we’re his cult. Nikki joins them and they go back to studying.

Big-Brother-Canada-4 2016-04-16 07-25-51-453

11am Cassandra apologizes to Nikki for how she’s acted the last few days. I don’t want you to think that I do whatever Tim says. Cass says she had a couple bad days. I hope you can still trust me. Nikki says I just really hope we can just stay friends. Cass says I want Maddy out of this house. Nikki says yeah. Cass says if you see me talking quietly with someone, we’re not talking about you. Cass says she thinks this house is just getting to her a little bit.

Big-Brother-canada-4- 2016-04-16 08-02-04-504

Maddy asks Ramsey if you stay and I go are you still going to work with the brothers? Ramsey says I think I’ll just going to have a blank canvas and reassess everything. Maddy says I wouldn’t have a blank canvas!! Maddy says If you leave and I stay.. f**k all these people. If you stay in this house and become everyone’s best friend I will be so f**king disappointed.

12pm – 12:20pm Jared, Phil and Kelsey are in the high roller room talking about Tim. Jared says I think he (Tim) would put us two up. Phil says then he would destroy all of his credibility. Jared says that Tim didn’t fly across the world to lose this game. I will tell you that much! Kelsey says that Cassandra told me that Tim told her that even Nikki wants to win. Phil says she wont ever win no matter what. Phil leaves the room. Kelsey says to Jared I guess we are just legit telling Phil everything now? Jared says he brought that up to me earlier.

1pm – 2:15pm The live feeds are blocked. When they return Phil and Nick are in the HOH. Phil and Nick talk about who they want to win the game .. Us, Jared and Kelsey.

Maddy and Ramsey bedroom laying in bed not talking. Maddy is sniffling saying she doesn’t care about this game.

Big-Brother-Canada-4 2016-04-16 11-17-05-302

Phil comes in to talk to Ramsey and asks him if he’s alright? (No idea what is wrong. There’s speculation that something happened to a family member) Ramsey says yeah, Its just shocking and weird … just so many things running through my mind. Phil says just know you’ve got out support. We’ve got your back. Ramsey says I know that and I appreciate it so much. Phil says no one here can imagine what you’re going through at this time.. Big Brother blocks the feeds. When then come back Phil says ..with family and home and stuff. We’ve got your back man. Phil leaves.

4pm Big Brother blocks the feeds for the power of veto competition to start..

7pm The live feeds are still blocked..

Watch the Big Brother Canada 4 Live Feeds anywhere in the world with HideMyAss VPN.


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“Cass says if Kelsey has a problem with me, she can tell me. Not you. Jared says some people are too polite to speak up for themselves. Cass Kelsey can talk for herself.”

Soooooo when Kelsey does most of the talking for you, to keep you in the game….you are just being polite. Got it……

Bubba O'Really

Ahhh, but I’ve never seen Jared ask Kelsey to go speak on his behave either. Kelsey sometimes can’t hold her tongue and ends up talking more than she should. She can’t help herself. She’s very stubborn and once she decides to go talk she will do it whether Jared wants her to or not. Then, she doesn’t always know when to shut up. She did that twice with Phil & Nick yesterday.


Kelsey is just a bad gameplayer. She doesn’t know what she is doing. The only female worthy of winning this year, and I can’t even stand her, is Cass. Cass has been the most strategic (besides love).


Cassandra’s , “the most strategic” game player, days are numbered. When she’ll “make it” on the block, she’ll be voted out by all, but , maybe, just maybe , Kelsey (if she will still be in the game by then.)


Totally agree that she talks too much and he doesn’t always ask her to talk for him, but she always seems to be the one that has to give him a plan or motivate him to do anything. When they were considered for going on the block, Jared retreated and whined about the inevitable, while she struggled with ideas or a plan to keep them off the block. Including go talk to the bros…to settle any differences they had between them. Many times she has to tell him how to act or to control himself. Other times he seems perfectly happy to sit back and let her to all the strategizing. I am not a fan of any of them including Cassandra, but don’t sit there and call someone lazy when you are one of the laziest ‘players’ there!

Leave Brittany Alone!

Oh please! Cass thinks she is so entitled to be waited on. Anyone remember her into video on the first episode when she talked about getting her sister and others to cook and clean for her? Tim has called her out on it a number of times (but continues to do it because he can use it to get her to give him a massage) and Jared & Kelsey have both vented about it as well. I don’t blame Jared for calling her out at all. Kelsey was only embarrassed because Cass knows that she has complained about it to Jared. Big woop.


“Little gay boyfriend” eh maddie?
Pack your bags


Jared is probably one of the biggest assholes that’s been on BBCAN! He seems to treat women like sh**. Can’t stand him and I hate that everyone is saying if he makes it to F2 they would vote for him. And don’t get me started on those moronic brothers… GOD they are so far up Jared’s a** it’s not even funny…

Cassandra out!

It doesn’t mean that Jared is disrespectful to women if he dared to call out Cassandra on her laziness. He just said what he needed to say. You mean that if a women is a bitch and you call her out on something inapropriate she does/says, you are disrespectful, but if a woman calls you out on something you do/say (inapropriate or not) is perfectly ok because she is entitled due to the simple fact that she is a waman whereas you’re not, don’t you? Is it about who does it to whom regardless who is right, is it not?
You are the typical example of social engineering (brainwashing) doing its job just “as it should”. And there are many like you around unfortunately


SO over Maddy I’ve been waiting for her to leave for weeks. What a delusional moron, if she stays she’d say “fuck all these people”? No wonder you’re leaving. She’s been a sinking ship for weeks now it was only a matter of time before she was out. She has no social skills and everyone hates her except Ramsey from my understanding. “I can’t wait to get on the side show and say I was the only loyal one”. Sorry to break it to You but Sarah hanlon called you a misogynist weeks ago these people will rip you up when you get evicted.


LMFAO – OH so Tim is working all sides of the house. They finally figured it out. DUH – *** NEWS FLASH *** This is BB at this point in the game everybody is working everybody in the house trying to get to the end. Now we have Jared who is degrading to women and Phil who is degrading to his brother teaming up together. Painful to watch and disgusting at times. I hope Tim wins the POV and takes Maddy off the block and lets it all burn! Stick that in your pipe Phil.

Big Brother is life

Really was cheering for Maddy this week but that commen about Mitch just ruined that. Hopefully Tim is still playing the “wild” game cause if he wins veto he just may take Maddy off if he knows Kelsey/Jared or maybe even Cassandra would go up.


If there was no verb ”to F**K” Maddy couldn’t talk


WHY does Ramsey put up with the way Maddy talks to him?! She’s so obnoxious and rude. I hope once he hits it (that’s the only reason I can think of … that he’s putting in work to get a piece) he’ll run far away. I hope Maddy watches this show and realizes how she comes across. She’s one of the rudest people I’ve ever seen!


Doesn’t anyone think Maddy and Ramsey look like the sun off of Teletubbies and Goofy?

An ornery mouse

Not enough that “Mad Dog” has screwed her own game by generally behaving like a negative shit, now she wants Rammer to do so as well.

Ramsay might actually be in OK shape after he’s neutered this Thursday…… he’s a non-threatening, well-liked guy who’ll be a free agent for the final push. I think the “blank slate” approach he’s speaking of will be his best bet.

Ariana Grande stinks!

And so Tim’s game is going down the drain. Let’s see if he will survive next 11 days or so…

Tim to win

NOOOO! Tim’s game has been figured out. I don’t want him to leave. Basically next week if Cass, Nikki or Tim and maybe Joel don’t win HOH then Tim is screwed. He will likely go home! I just hope Maddy does not win pov or else I feel like Tim might be the backdoor!!!!! No no no I want Tim to go far in this game! Come on Jared is running this house, get him out before it’s too late. These people do whatever they want to keep Jared happy, I mean u r here to win not suck up to Jared. Team Tim for the Win


This season, most of the females have been disappointing, except for maybe Cass and Loveita, they were the only ones really playing the game. No matter how badly it was done…they were playing the game.

I can’t believe how delusional Maddy is. You protected the brothers…bitch you wanted them up for weeks. She thinks she is on the same playing field as Jared….are u out of your mind. And then, you trusted Cass last week…when she is trying to get you out. Maddy you suck at the game strategically and socially…time to go sweetheart.

It’s amazing how long it took for everyone to catch onto Tim’s game though. Mitch caught on early and warned Love and Joel about him. That’s why Tim wanted Mitch gone…so he could be the Master of this house…he sensed how smart Mitch was. It would be great move for anyone to take Tim out at this point…Cass and Nikki would crumble in this game. I would love to watch it.

Another episode of Big Brother Drama continues…..

space mom

I feel like the first two voted out (Paige & Sharry) could of been the girls we liked this season. Because i think we can all agree the girls left are very unlikable.


Omg Maddy is so annoying. I don’t know what Ramsey finds attractive about her. Shes so bitchy to him if he doesn’t agree with her 100%. Last night i was watching after dark and Maddy was picking at her toenails then picked her nose then stuck her finger in the corner of her eye to check for eye goo then stuck her finger in her mouth to bite her nails hahaha so disgusting. Pleaseeeeee send her to jury house this week!!!


Pretty sure Ramsey aka(goofy) options are limited. Even though she’s a delusional, insecure excuse for a girl, she still is a girl. And I have a feeling Ramsey hasn’t had too many of them before. #horny


Are you Sabrina from BBCAN 2 by any chance?


Tim and Nikki trying to win the game? No way, weren’t they here just for fun? OMG, these people are so delusional… what did they think that they would travel to Canada and stay in seclusion for months just for kicks?!

I certainly hope that Maddy uses this week to create havoc within the house, time to shake things up!!!

I am secretly hoping that the brothers will see the light and use the veto as an opportunity to backdoor Jared. They are so clueless… so frustrating. You are playing Big Brother, not let’s make friends with Jared.


Tim directly said to Nikki “wouldn’t it be amazing if we were the final two.”
Why is that delusional?


Is Jared going to be loyal to the brothers or is going to be a Godzilla meets Bambi moment. The brothers are so naive, Tim was so right when he was saying that they are little boys trying to play the alpha male.


You are right. They are boys compared to Tim, and the fact that they got Canada’s HOH over him, is making his arsehole twitch in anger. Love it, and it is showing. He can hardly contain himself this past day. He keeps saying awful things about the reason they might have won it.


Tim is here for Tim. He lies, cheats and tells tales on everyone in the house. He makes fun of absolutely everyone. Look in the mirror you friggin clown. He feels he is smarter than everyone else and has a real nasty side to him as well. Like everyone else here, I find him extremely interesting to listen to, and his stories are really funny. But he is no better than anyone else. I have read above about how Jared and the Brothers are stupid not to have caught on to him earlier. That’s really hard to do when he is telling you how great you are, and then goes to another room, out of your sight and tells someone else the same thing. We see the whole picture of events going on, but the players only see a limited amount. When Tim first came into the house, he seemed to genuinely be there for the other players, and gained trust from everyone, which was his plan. He and Nikki have had a final 2 since day 1 in the house, and he fully intends to drag her along with him. I hope that in the event Maddy wins the POV and takes herself off the block, Tim has volunteered to go up as a pawn. Get him up there, and vote him and his hippy-dippy ass out of the house. Good on you mate!!!


Anyone catch who the POV players are?


Wow Jared as POV host with his nasally voice. Can’t wait.

Its Twoo

I Maddy’s defense. Nikki was nothing more to Mitch than a fag hag. Used, but never loved.


Simon or Dawg:
any information on why Ramsey is leaving the game?
As of about 3pm I’ve read a couple tweets saying he’s leaving tomorrow and not sure if he will return.


Thanks Dawg.
Read that he told Maddy he would be leaving at 7am, and decide after that if he was returning.
Since you are far more knowledgable, has anyone ever been able to leave the house for an extended period and rejoin the game (if you discount Heather’s trip to the emergency room in bbcan2)?


Thanks for the quick reply, and belated happy birthday greetings to both of you!


Does anyone know what is going on with Ramsey? It looks like he might have had a loss in his family. The only information on chat room they say he might be leaving and doesn’t know If he is coming back and the brothers were trying to console him. If he leaves the game and doesn’t come back does Maddy get to stay?


I would love it if someone took the honey and hid it on Cassandra so she knows what it’s like to have slop without the honey!


The Ramsey situation is tricky. Last night he had sex with Maddy, today its announced he has to go to a funeral I believe tomorrow. The timing is suspect but his family and friends will be there leading to a high possibility of information passed along to him in a subtle way.

Forget it, Jake

Hopefully he doesn’t have to chop off his sister’s head or something for restitution.


OMG you ppl !! Tim is going NO where soon. Have any of you watched his season on BBAU 2013?? You should !! He was on block a few times talked his way out that’s why he a Winner !! No one in there have no idea how to play Big Brother but Tim !! If you think about it Tim was in on everyone that has left !!


Tim’s biggest mistake in this game was to help Jared stay off the block. Now that Jared and the brothers are getting closer they compared notes on Tim and probably will try to take Tim out next. If Jared would of been put on the block he would of been angry at the brothers now he is going to have this fake friendship with the brothers and use them to take out Tim.


How long more do we have to put up with Cass,she’s nothing but a show off looking for attention.All those stupid annoying people are going to probably be there till the end,I think after Thurs night BB will be over for me,so disappointed with production,bye BB will wait now till BB USA starts way more interesting.


Hold up!! Maddy and Ramsay had sex??? How???

Shame on Maddy

I’ve just watched Maddy talking to Cassandra and i think she does have to go based on how she bad-mouths some players (i.e. Kelsey , the brothers etc.). She has a petty character that do makes me feel ashamed for being Canadian. Shame on her! Hope i won’t see her again after the show is over and she will languish in the bar she currently works for the rest of her life as the drunk guys pinch her ass every day.