Big Brother Canada 4 Week 8 Nominations

POV Holder: ? Next POV April 16th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 18th
HOH Winner: The Brothers Next HOH: April 21st
Original Nominations: Ramsey and Maddy
Current Nominations: ? and ?
Last Evicted Houseguest Paige, Sharry, Christine, Kelsey, Loveita, Dallas, Mitch, Raul
Have Nots Tim, Cassandra, Kelsey

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Maddy and Ramsey Nominated

they survive

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no nane

wtf with these noms bothers are morons why not nome the grossmance like really this is bs i feel bad for rams tho n i do agree that maddy is a sour puss but she has every rite to be mad stupid mean and predictable
bros are a joke and a flop like go home already n take trashandra and kelsey with you


Her nominations were perfect. I feel bad for Ramsey, but Maddy needs to go home. She’s a bitch who is hating on every girl in the house because of insecurities.


Maddy is such a vile, twisted, delusional and foul-mouthed person. She’s totally the mean girl and bully of this season. Glad she’s one on the block. She’s gotta go!!! Someone WILL win the game … it’s just not going to be her.


I completely agree. Maddy is the definition of mean girl. The things that come out of that girls mouth are disgusting, using the C@#% word towards another person that finally to see shot at after all the vial things you have said about Kelsey. So I’m happy that she told her ” not so funny is it”. So kudos to Kelsey. I like kelsey she is a down to earth girl. Not this mean girl people are saying she is. She has proven many times she’ll but others before her self. I’m team Jared/Kelsey


Should have been kelsey and ramsey for wider backdoor options open and can still get kelsey out imo.


Maddy …. one of the least self aware people I’ve ever seen on big brother.


I guess they are the new prom King and Queen….How does it feel Maddy. Not too good eh.

Horrible move

The brother should have stick with putting the Bullies on the block , will end end biting them in the arse once bully Jared and Mean girl princess Kelsey will be backdooring them .


Are we watching the same season? The biggest bully this season is Maddy.


there are ALOT of close seconds. Cant stand any of them anymore, think Ill root for Joel. If Jared isnt gone in a couple wks maybe stop watching altogether. Hand him the check now.

Big Brother is life

All I can say is Brothers pack your bags for next week. And say hellos to the final 5 (Jared, Kelsey, Joel, Cassandra, and Tim)


Big Brother is life….. you named final five but left out Nikki. Are you assuming she will be gone before then?

Big Brother is life

Big Possibility she will go final 6 and she would want to go if she makes it that far. Maybe. But right now there is a possible final 5 blooming because of the Brothers idiotic move.


YAAAAS!!! Dumb move by the brothers but I can’t wait for miserable, misogynistic Maddy to peace the fuck out. Her outbursts & pouting will make my week!!


Maddi just screwed herself over twice. First by putting Loveita on the block and sending her home. This shows that she has no allegiance towards her alliance. Second, by telling everyone “NO ONE IS SAFE” when she won the second HOH. This proves that she will literally put up anyone doesnt even matter if she has alliance with. She is the dumbest person this season. Power tripping, flirting with nick/ramsey to get what she wants, shall i go on?

I hope she gets eliminated and join the fabulous gays in the jury. She is really annoying!

P.S. GO NIKKI… i love it when she goes crazy!!! hahaha


Seriously, Maddy, when she is playing the game is making moves to be deserving of winning the game but when she is put on the block she does not own her actions or recognize she has earned herself big target status.

This season has more truly unlikable personalities than any of the previous seasons.

Sick of Nikki.


The brothers are embiciles. Maddy deserves to be put on the block. Ramsey is a snake and I hope Maddy wins Veto, wins eviction and pow pow bye brothers!


Maddy had been the mean, caddy, jealous girl not Kelsey


All of the girls this season have been very Catty! They all deserve to get the boot. Cass is trying to play Sabrinas game. Phil is trying to play Jon pardys game. Nick is an idiot for allowing the abuse, i bet if they won Phil would take 75% and give Nick 25% if that. Tim is in it to win it, but like Vanessa from bbus the poker player he wont win either. Nikki is just there to make as much as possible another catty person. Joel is such a poser, he trys too hard, is annoying, and has no strategy! Jared thinks he is entitled and has all of these idiots backing him, he deserves to win, they are handing him the free pass to the end. Kelsie is a lost cause, also catty and a slut just like Maddie. Ramsey is a snake and super floater riding Maddies coattail.


How is Kelsey a slut? She has never done anything with Jared in the house.


It’s catty like catty not caddy

winner winner chicken dinner

watching the live feeds with the 4 in the have not room i had to turn it off. I can’t believe people honestly think it is funny the way they talk and make fun of the other house guests. I remember the fall out with Sabrina after season two and we all know the other housemates shunned her about the lies and comments she made about other guests etc. I feel this self entitled lot of immature (so called adults) are much worse. Kelsey and Cassandra, Jared and Tim need to grow the hell up. They make fun of Joel, say rude remarks about Maddie and pretty much talk in a derogatory fashion about all the other house guests. Yes,Maddie has a trucker mouth and has jumped from one male to another but what makes Cassandra and Kelsey think their actions are any better. I first liked Tim, now i just see a rude asshole. girls run , he has all the signs of being a mentally abusive partner. BB can stop the favorable edit of them we live feeders see the truth


Why the hell are people putting thumbs down for this comment? No lies were told – all true.


Maddy has got to be the most clueless houseguest ever. What is she talking about? She thinks she had all those people on her side? After all the stuff she’s said and done to everyone. Why does she keep bringing up Joel? HA! Why would he be on her side, she tried to get him out week before last. She has the worst read on the house I’ve ever seen. Then she says she’s never mean towards Kelsey? haha How delusional can you be.

Still think it was better for them to get Jared, but either one is fine. Looks like Tim is about to get exposed finally. They are really confused about him cause he played them like he’s doing everyone else. Phil had all the signs today he’s playing him, but refused to acknowledge it.


When it comes to Tim
Phil heard it from Loveita week three. no effect.
Phil heard it from Mitch week four/five. Phil heard it from Joel about the same time. little effect beyond i know that.
Phil heard it from Jared earlier today, and it did hit him a little harder.
Phil heard it from Nick and it hit him even harder, he actually acknowledged it.
I think he knows, but isn’t ready for his mancrush on someone with guaranteed airtime to end.


O.k. Here’s my vent/view of each player:
Tim is full of himself acts like Yoda from Star Wars; he has lied and manipulated votes and nominations
Nicky is beyond annoying & childish & is useless on the show
Mitch was a poor loser, very nasty when on the block
Raul was so superficial & dumping his alliance this late in the game was dumb & a betrayal
Cassandra is over the top, vain, fun to watch, caddy
Joel is annoying trying to fit in and be something he’s not
The brothers are innocent and nice but too easily controlled, I think they are smart but just try to please everyone
Jared & Kelsey: Calling them promp King & Queen all the time & the only threat is unfair, personally in high school I never like the popular kids either because they were bullies but these two are not. Jared’s been as truthful as possible and Kelsey had been friendly to everyone. I think Maddy hates her so much because she thinks Kelsey is prettier than her she even said so herself and Maddy is stupid because Jared & Kelsey offered an alliance & Maddy turned it down putting Jared & Kelsey on the block & now it’s woo me. She deserves being on the block. And when she was last in power she held all the houseguests hostage by telling them they all should be afraid because they were all equal when she already knew who she was going to put up


The only reason why I liked maddy a little was because of breaks my heart that he has to be on the far two twists that went wrong. First Kelsey comes back which is so unfair especially when Mitch’s game got blown up. Then the brother got handed to the the hoh. There making the dumbest move ever. I lost respect for there games. Kelsey and jared aren’t going to work with them at all. What’s worst is that now cass tim nikki jelsey and Joel are even stronger wow great job morons


I would’ve liked Ramsey if he had a bit more integrity for the early game. Instead he decided not to hold onto any secrets and it gave him a poor image in the house.

I give him a pass for it though because he, and many others in the house, haven’t seen any big brother episodes before. So they don’t really know better.


Kelsey & Nikki are perfect goats to drag to f2. Neither would win over any of the other hgs at this point. Ramsey/Maddy are a far more competitive pair than Kelsey/Jared and competitions are more important later in the game. Granted, Jared also needs to go asap. But if Maddy ends up going, it’s still a win for the house (maybe not so much for the brothers) because while she is by far the most miserable and most vile person in the house, she does have a nice game resume compared to the others.
I sincerely hope she doesn’t win pov, because it’s enjoyable to see her so unhappy.


I’m lost how Tim, Cass and Kelsey are Have-Nots as I did not find any info here about how they ended up as them? Did I just miss the info being posted here and it just ended up they were the Have-nots?



Last night they had a have not competition. Feeds were down for about two hours after the episode. It involved balance supposedly.
From a brief shot on feeds workers taking down the comp. it looked like it had neon lights on posts at each end of lanes.


Wow speechless

Skips mom

Repulsive watching the bullies but especially Tim make fun of “how Joel’s brain works.” I hope they realize they are making fun of someone with a disability. Not funny at all. Come on big brother, this went too far.


I usually don’t like talk of bullying in BB because it’s a psychological game and ordinary things get labelled as bullying. But in the case of Joel they have been pretty nasty behind his back.

I wouldn’t call it bullying because it’s not to his face but it’s still pretty sick behavior in my view. I think we all know people who are shy and poor communicators and there’s no need to unload on them so hard.

Delilah Jones

I was completely disgusted by Tim’s Joel bashing – joke. He has been doing this for a while, but on a much smaller scale. So much for his wanting to side with the underdogs in the house. He went to the side of power, his second week in the house, and has stuck with Jared ever since. His claim to be a champion for the misfits is total BS.. and he is nothing more than a fraud.


Best revenge Maddy and Mitch ever did to Jared is telling people that Jared will have their votes for the win. They put a target on his back who is not going to want him out knowing 2 votes are going towards him.


With Maddy most likely leaving, Jared will now have 3 votes in jury. Raul, Maddy, and Mitch will have to because he’ll have to respect that Jared always had a target on his back, won comps, and had a decent social game.
The brothers still think there is a middle and therefore don’t see the tides changing. They will be next on the block, and will have to win outright from now on in order to stay. Depending on who wins next week I don’t see a case where they aren’t sitting up there especially if the veto is used. I was really liking them a lot, but I really do think they were credited for some of Mitch’s earlier moves whilst trying to keep big targets in the game over them. That was Mitch who tutored them in this way and now without him, Tim is able to steer them into the jury house without having to do much at all. Sad, I wish they would think to themselves… I wonder why Canada gave us this gift… I guess we just bought them an extra week.


First Maddy and Rams are lone wolfs because Maddy got rid of Loveita, which led to Dallas leaving. ON A SIDE NOTE! Maddy and Ramsey had sex tonight with Phil literally one bed away. Thats so fowl and disrespectful lmao, this is how they react to going on the block they go crazy and now Ramsey is fine with her blowing up his game before she leaves. Hes sacrificing everything for a girl who loves her man back home thats the embarassing part. The two of them are a mess and I’m fine with them leaving tbh


I don’t think you can be too critical of people having sex in the house. When you are stuck in a place for so long it must surely be tempting for any human.

Random Schmo

I’d say a handjob is the limit. I mean BBCAN3 was loaded with showmances and makeout sessions, but I’m pretty sure a handjob was the furthest any of them went.


Ummm…I’m pretty sure that things got a little more heated between Pilar and Kevin than just a hand job


Not at least in the house

I hate maddy

Soooo true. If Maddy never back doored loveita it would have been so different in the house. She started the stupid moves. Then Maddy had a hand in Dallas leaving. Also her fault bc she back doored loveita. She is a dumb player who plays on emotions only and is very immature. She dishes shit out but can’t handle when it happens to her. lol. She is just too much. I can’t believe Ramsey even likes her. Lost respect for him. Dallas was the only other player in the house playing to win besides Loveita and Jared. I cannot wait to see Maddy get evicted !!!! Finally!!! And how she’s complaining that Kelsey said not so funny now or something like that. Oh well who cares. It’s true for one. And Maddy is calling her a F’ing B and a C for that. Unreal. Like I said. I hate Maddy. Good bye and see you never!!


I wasn’t so much expecting a big brother hall of fame worthy moment from the brothers’ nominations.
I wasn’t expecting Maddy to react well to being nominated.
I was expecting Ramsey to cry after being nominated.
I was expecting a little bit of nasty celebration by the new “friendship”.
I wasn’t expecting ‘spread your cheeks, a bit higher’ from Maddy and Ramsey… aren’t Joel and now Phil in the room?
At least the feeds weren’t totally boring today.

Ariana Grande stinks!

Get rid of Ramsey!



Toe Cutter

Only in BBCanada would someone catch a cold haha. Some one get the man some Buckley’s.!


They are picking sides…. the middle is dying!!

Kelsey/Jared/Cassie Poo/Tim- that’s the core atm. Pull in Nikki for 5 and there are the folks going to run the house.
Maddy(no POV)…..Bros…..Ram…..Joel……That’s the order in my mind leaving unless lil Timmy flips on Jared/Kelsey. Who goes after Timmy the real question. Would you rather have Timmy or Cassie F4 with lush Nikki. The whole game is still set for Kelsey to win.

As for the boards tonight it sure looks like the trolls came out from under the bridge. Thumbs at a 10:1 ratio looks like last season. Disgusting having BB Can production high jacking OBB again.


It’s safe to say Tim loves being in the in-crowd. His image as a protector of misfits is gone. It will be such a mean group in the end.


I hope Maddy goes this week. I think she’s holding Ramsey back with her mean girl attitude. Once she leaves Ramsey will be able to get closer to a lot more people. I think if Maddy goes now, he’ll have enough time to reinvent himself by making new alliances and being able to make the moves he want to make. I really think that if Maddy goes this week Ramsey could win.


Ramsey is extremely boring. And he’s an idiot in this game. He’s not winning. I mean come on, he’s interested in Maddy for crying out loud…


There is so much Tim love on the boards, but he is just another jerk…the stuff he said in the have-not room about Joel is brutal and anyone else would have been lambasted for the same thing, but everyone gives Tim a pass, I don’t get it…I hope he is evicted soon…I can’t stand listening to him anymore….


Win the fucccckkkin veto Maddy – what’s wrong with her – she still has a shot.


As much as I dislike Maddy, I hope she wins POV & stays for more drama sake! I want Ramsey to go to jury, he is useless and boring!!


Come on girl….really?
Do you have to say F*$@ in every sentence?? Not good…. Not nice.
Clean up your act a little.


Who won POV


The feeds are still blocked … no results yet.


This just made my night!!!! Lol maddies on the block!! Yaya! This chick has some serious issues.. Power trippin last week, telling everyone they should be worried then shes telling tim ” they wont put me up, the whole house will go after the brothers???” Lmfao. Shes joking right? All she talks about is kelsey this, kelsey that. The girl is such a vindictive, jealous, insecure, delusional bitch! I cant stand her and cant wait to watch how this goes down. 😀