POV Player Pick! Cass “The Brothers have to go this week but next week we get Tim out!”

POV Holder: ? Next POV April 23rd
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 25th
HOH Winner: Cassandra’s Dad Next HOH: April 28th
Original Nominations: ? and ?
Current Nominations: Brothers and Niki
Last Evicted Houseguest Paige, Sharry, Christine, Kelsey, Loveita, Dallas, Mitch, Raul, Maddy
Have Nots Family members decided no have nots

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There will likely be a lot of alliances during the season – keep track, read our alliance help guide.

Big-Brother-Canada-4 2016-04-23 07-43-19-536
10:40am In the bedroom – Jared asks Cass what time they were up to last night? Cass says who cares. Kelsey asks what? Jared says he asked Cass what time they were up till last night and she said who cares. Kelsey says she thinks you’re too controlling. Jared says maybe I am? Kelsey asks are you? Jared says in here, yeah. Big Brother switches the feeds and then switches them back. Kelsey says we could get rid of Nikki. Kelsey says that Tim just knows that I’m on to him. Jared says everyone’s on to him.. but we’ll just continue to play nice until voting. Kelsey asks to keep the brothers? Jared says if we wanted to? Kelsey says it would come down to Joel. I don’t think he would ever get rid of Nikki.

11am Big Brother blocks the live feeds for the Power of Veto Player Pick.

Power Of Veto Players:

Cassandra, Phil, Nikki, Jared, Kelsey, Joel



11:23am The live feeds return – Phil and Nick says best possible roster. They high five. Phil picked Jared to play. Nick comments that Cass didn’t look happy about the pick. Phil starts studying days/comps.

Big-Brother-Canada-4- 2016-04-23 08-27-23-421

11:35am – 12:30pm HOH room – Cassandra tells Kelsey to prep Jared. He needs to win it. Kelsey asks are you really worried? Cass says yes. Kelsey tells her not to worry. Even if they don’t get out this week, we will get them out. Cass says we need to get the brothers out this week. Tim thinks Nikki is his only competition and once she is out there won’t be such a big target on him. Kelsey asks what if the veto is used? Cass says No f**king clue, I can’t put Tim up because he would go. Its only you two (Jared/Kelsey) or Joel. Kelsey says if you put up Joel, Joel wouldn’t go. Cass says that brothers need to go, they’re too wishy washy. Cass says right now the brothers are gone this week. Jared can beat the brothers. Kelsey says she thinks if Tim wins a double he would take me out. Cass says maybe he would take me out. I think he would take Jared or Joel because he knows he has my vote. Kelsey says I think that he (Tim) thinks he can beat you. I think that’s why he has been so close to you this entire game. Kelsey telling Cass that Tim sketches her out. Cass says why don’t we get him out at 6 or 5 then. Kelsey says I want to get him out as soon as possible. He needs to go. The internationals are dangerous. You should have put up Tim and Nikki and then backdoored the Brothers. Cass says Tim would have gone. Kelsey says and that would have been a good thing. Kelsey says Tim would go. Cass says and I’m okay with him going. Kelsey asks if the brothers come off, does Tim go up? Cass says no way, no way. Kelsey asks you would rather Nikki go? Cass says yes, he is still a number for me. The brothers have to go this week but next week we get Tim out. Cassandra says You cant trust the brothers. The brothers have told me so much sh*t about you guys.

Big-Brother-Canada-4 2016-04-23 08-35-58-119

1:15pm Jared, Kelsey, Phil, Nick and Tim are talking about Jeeps and Trucks.

1:35pm In the bedroom – Nikki asks if I win it do I use it? Tim says yes.. you have to take yourself off the block. They can’t come after you for taking yourself off. Its a pretty big move to not use it. Tim says if Phil doesn’t win it, it would be like letting Nick down. It would be the first time they admit it was their fault. It would make me feel for them.

3:30pm The house guests are on an HOH lock down chatting about music, movies and other random things.

3:45pm Big Brother blocks the feeds to end the lock down.

4pm HOH room – Kelsey says I have concerns about Tim. Cass says between you and I.. I have concerns about Jared. Kelsey says you don’t have to have concerns about Jared. Cass says I know you would never put me up. Kelsey says Tim doesn’t know any of the mental stuff and he isn’t even going to try whereas, Joel is rain man. Tim joins them. He says the brothers are going to try and cause chaos. I think if we hear something we just have to double check everything. Tim says it will be interesting if they do win because Cass will have to pick a new target… if it is Nikki … I am submitting to you (Cass). Kelsey says lets just focus on winning first. Tim starts talking about Mitch.

Nikki listens at the door but only while Tim is talking about Mitch.
Big-Brother-Canada-4 2016-04-23 13-29-21-035

4:35pm Big Brother blocks the feeds for the power of veto competition..

7:15pm Still blocked..

8:15pm Still nothing..

9:57pm Still nothing..

Watch the Big Brother Canada 4 Live Feeds anywhere in the world with HideMyAss VPN.


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Watch the Big Brother Canada 4 Live Feeds anywhere in the world with HideMyAss VPN.


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Great Feed Entertainment...

Jared wins POV and uses it on the Bros. Last night he told them if he wins he would take them off the block.
Cass puts up Kelsey.
Tim & Joel vote out Kelsey.
Jared & Bros vote out Nikki.
Cass breaks tie and votes out Kelsey.
Jared wins HOH puts up Tim & Joel.
Joel wins POV and takes himself off the block.
Cass is replacement.
Tim vs. Cass (Who throws the other under the bus the farthest?)
Nikki votes out Cass.
Joel votes out Tim.
DumBros will do whatever Jared wants at this point.
Does Jared want out Cass cause she took out Kelsey or does Jared want out Tim cause he’s been trying to get him on the block for at least a couple of weeks?


I don’t think Jared would take them off the block he just told them that to manipulate them into believing he is on their side. If the brothers win Pov and stay in the house he would have the brothers on his side for numbers.


Look at Cassandra protecting the biggest player in the game, how stupid. People actually started saying she’s a serious player. She got carried this far and is only still there cause she can’t win anything.

She got handed an HOH. She’s probably not going to get another one. You would think she would make a big move so if some how she gets in the finals she can say she took out the biggest player.

Hope Phil wins or, better yet, Jared to use it on him to mess them all up. That might just be the first real move of the season.


It’s pretty simple why Cass is protecting Tim, Numbers… We are down to just 7 players and the last thing you want to do is vote out a player that was a number for you in the game. Cass would be stupid at this point in the game to vote Tim out. There will be a time that voting out Tim will help her game but that time is not now.


numbers don’t matter

An ornery mouse

You just made me spit my drink all over my computer, maddie. How’d you get access to a computer in the jury house?


Numbers for what? She’s not a threat. No one was planning on taking her out. I don’t why she thinks she’s a serious player who has people trying to get her out.

Also you can’t trust Tim. He’s trashed her too. Jared would also be a decent move. Phil/Nick were like third on the list of big players. No need to go after them.

An ornery mouse

Ha, Phil picks Jared to play in the veto…… the one person you want to sit out if you consider Jared more likely to win the comp than Tim.

I like the brothers, but these last two weeks have proven they’re really not very bright. One of the worst ever cases of HOH-itis followed by all the defensive boasting and cockiness once Cass won and they realized they were in trouble. I think that’s how dimmer individuals handle being threatened.

Really has been entertaining to watch first Tim, and now the brothers sweat a little on the block. Hope to see more.


Phil grabbed the chip with Jared’s name on it. He didn’t get “houseguest choice” and selected Jared.

An ornery mouse

Ahhh, thanks. I must’ve misread above.

Ariana Grande stinks!

The Imbecile Brothers should remain on the hot seat and leave the BBCAN Grand next Thursday. Go away cocky idiots! Fly away!


Kelseyville rags on Jared for being controlling but she’s just as bad as him!

We all miss you Maddy

The show has turned into a love fest since Maddy left. When will BBC realize that keeping bland players in the game decreases viewership.

Lets hope Tim Or Nikki can whip some canadian butt and embarrass BBC.

Maddy, you have a big following and I know we will see you in a all star game of BBC


Maddy did it to herself by getting out one of the group she was aligned with thereby reducing her sides numbers and then having the rest of them walk out the door one after the other it left her with no one when the other side finally came for her…I think Cass’s best move is to get Jared or Nikki out…either way she weakens one side of the two she’s working with while still remaining on fairly stable footing with the others and then can use the brothers to help target someone next week


Was Cass serious about getting Tim out next week? Or is she just playing Kelsey?


She knows she and Tim are seen as a duo. She just wants to make sure Tim is the one to be evicted should they be on the block together. She has Joel, Kelsey, and Jared. Only the brothers and Nikki would vote to keep Tim over Cassandra.


i think shes loyal to tim and joel
and next week they want jared out
she cant really tell kelsey that
but this is big brother so who knows ,


Hopefully just playing Kelsey because Tim is still a number for Cass and she will need him at least for the next 3 weeks. If she wants to win the game she cannot take him to the final 3.


I believe she is loyal to Tim & Joel’s F3. IF the brothers go this week, Jared or Kelsey win the DE HOH they “wouldn’t” put up Cass next to Tim or Joel. They will put up the “2 internationals” Tim & Nikki. Even if Tim doesn’t win the Veto Joel and Cass would evict Nikki. If Tim wins Veto, takes himself off, Joel goes up, Cass and Tim save him. She knows Jared and Kelsey will take each other over her.


perfect time see the jackpot now!


only if thewt seperateds the brother this would be perfect setup for double elimination!

Kerri Kry

So many “Haters & Keyboard Warriors” Why watch a show if you have such disgust for others? Or is that why you do ; only to allow the inner dick- bitch out?

Big Brother is addicting and ignites different emotions in everyone. Plus we all have who we like and don’t, but to take it to a whole other level by nasty nicknames is simply bad-taste.

I could tell immediately I didn’t like MADDY , just how she talks–acts and it is exactly what a handful of you do on your comments. Hmmmmmmm

” Remember these people have to step out in the real world after the show , so why label and brand them like this”?

Food for thought and even if you rip at me for this post , I’m not going to sputter fire back…..

So allow yourself to roar , or curb that ruggish tongue of yours, for within the sanctuary and confines of your own home….


i wish the hgs had thought of this. Some of them have been absolutely disgusting with their harsh words behind peoples backs. Personal mean things. They have to live with that. it’s all on live feeds for them and others to see…

Dusty Fan

Only the Brothers coming off the block changes things this week. The most hilarious way for that to happen would be for Tim to win POV and remove them. It would piss off Cass, but put Tim in a better position.


Please get Kelsey out of the fucking house. She’s at summer summer ca mp and is floating her way to final 2 for no reason other than her pink dres


For all of her manipulation prowess, Cass doesn’t see reality clearly. Tim is a number in her corner? So Tim throwing Cass under the bus was a group delusion last week. Voting against her when she was on the block just to test who had more power over Joel: Tim, Loveita, or Mitch was for her best interest in week three? It’s not that he’s a number in her corner, it’s that he has guaranteed airtime, and being close to him gets her more airtime too. She’s been convinced to keep Nikki because Tim says it’s best for their game. Nikki has talked about getting rid of Cass for weeks. Tim is not a vote in her corner next week if they keep Nikki and she ends up on the block against her. At that point all of Cass’ lying and manipulating is the reason Tim votes against her.
It seems strange that neither the broken wheel or the bros is trying to reaffirm their connections to Joel. He’s the required vote to break a tie this week. They don’t bother. I don’t get that at all.
Oh if the production and storyline follow the plan that’s been in action for weeks, the brothers Tim and Nikki are gone by the end of next weeks double leaving the four players with the strongest six degrees of separation connection before the game began. But hey… maybe that’s just conspiracy theory and coincidence. Maybe that’s been changed. Maybe there is an additional clause in the internationals contracts. Perhaps they were only guaranteed to be in house until Jury, which was the first time Tim actually said he could win this thing in d/r. Who knows.


I think Cass has you all fooled if you think she wants Tim out before either Kelsey or Jared. – No way that is going to happen, even if she doesn’t trust him 100%. It’s all about the numbers for her right now. Tim has never once stated he was going to put her on the block to her face, and has always worked with her the entire game. Kelsey and Jared have only been there the last few weeks. I am sure Cass is only telling Kelsey what she needs to hear right now for this HoH. Next week will be a different scenario. Let’s hope the Brothers, Kelsey or Joel win the POV right now so things stay the same or Jared can be sent packing or maybe even Kelsey. Lots can still happen this week. Cass knows she has a chance to really come out on top and make a huge move this week.


Week Two: four aces alliance.
Seems Kelsey and Jared have been with Cassandra a lot longer than the last couple of weeks.
Tim was anti-Cass and Anti-third wheel in week two.
Tim took week three as a chance to test the other players which wasn’t in Cass’ best interest, it was information gathering for Tim.
Tim threw Cass to the sharks the morning of Rual’s eviction, and continued to do so until he was on the block. That wasn’t a move to make them look like less of a duo. That was a paint the bulls eye strategy to make Cass a bigger target than himself because they are playing the same game style. By overseeing her hoh, he continues to steer the game. Any blowback from her hoh next week, and he’ll leave her without so much as a life preserver.

Nikki's Self Tanner

The brothers are one of the main reasons this season has been trash. They saved kelsey week one, they kept cassandra, and they had the most annoying hoh (tho im so happy chucky is gone). I hope they go this week it would be glorious! Lool

Charlie Brown

So the only “Big Move” is to get out Jared or Kelsey, good grief! It is a good move if Cass gets out the Brothers. I do think they need to get out Nikki & Tim and then let the mud slinging begin. I absolutely do not want one of them to be in final 2.
Give the money to a Canadian, I don’t care which one. Nikki has done F*ck all this game and is one of the least deserving people I have ever seen in the house.
At least floaters have a game and that is to float. She’s just there, taking up space.


who cares if a canadian wins it lol


By you just putting “lol” after your comment you know you’re an idiot .

Who cares if a Canadian wins Big Brother Canada? Um probably most Canadians I would think. I know I want it. Would suck for an Aussie to take the title of BBCanada winner.


I’m a Canadian and I don’t give two shits what country anyone of the HGs are from, only whether they are a worthy winner or not. Who has played the best game that’s the only question that should matter.

As a Canadian i’d be embarrassed to call someone like Phil a winner , Nick is tolerable but the other dude is downright delusional, has literally no clue whats truly happening around him, was handed an hoh by luck, his read on the house is pathetic, has made zero moves of significance and the ONE move he tried to make proved to be a colossal failure. When I see him all I can picture is a naive dog chasing Kelsey around the house wagging its tail trying to please his master, hoping she’ll toss him a bone. His entire gameplan was to surround himself with women to feed his ego and get rid of the men due to his insecurities.

His plan this week was so transparent, get rid of Tim, which in his mind would mean he would have nikki and be able to control her lmao and save maddy who he was deluded into thinking would be indebted to him. Step two of his “brilliant” plan would involve getting rid of Jared so he would have Kelsey to himself. Then get rid of Joel or also cass cause she may be uncontrollable so its just him and the girls who in his mind would target each other and he would coast to final 2. No chance of that happening but in his mind it somehow makes sense. His thinking is entirely flawed but what can you expect from a self absorbed moron.

I only see 3 worthy winners from the remaining lot, Tim, Joel and surprisingly Cass, i underestimated her but she has really turned it around and has the best pure social game by far no one has her on their radar except Nikki who can’t do any damage.

Jared has played a decent game but people give him way too much credit he has done nothing of significance beside dodge a few bullets and win a critical veto, his social “nice” guy game is strong but the real power is Kelsey she is literally the only reason Jared has even lasted till now. I don’t see Kelsey as a winner over Tim , Joel or Cass but if she is sitting next to Jared she does deserve it more unfortunately the jury will never see that.


I agree with you Jimmy. Both Nikki and Tim were invited to play and Canada voted for them to enter the house. They are playing a game which at the end there is a winner. They are both entitled to win just as much as anyone else playing the game. Not to mention it will be their house mates voting for the winner at the end. So if one of them win no one can complain.

Canadian Bacon

The reason they were invited and a Canada vote is because we had no choice. This is what they were doing so Canada had no choice whether two were coming in or not, it was just which two out of the 4. It’s just like Canada to do something like this and bow down to someone else to take yet another thing away from us.
They both haven’t done anything more then anyone else (Nikki even less) so why not boot them and have a Canadian there.
You people are cooked man.


I voted for Jase and that Italian chic 😉

wwho cares???

get a life lol its a tv game show….they wont be running our country u idiot. If u aint happy start ur own show with ur own rules.


a obvious couple at this point is dangerous…next week 2 votes determine whether you go or stay….


“Phil and Nick says best possible roster. They high five. Phil picked Jared to play.”



for all their delusions the brothers have been entertaining to watch and are nice people behind the bravado. They use their ‘puff up their chest’ thing and ‘biggin’ up themselves in front of others as a sort of self preservation tactic. They truly are very different from eachother and that has been interesting to watch as well. They are very sensitive behind it all and they have proven that the game has had a huge effect on them. they will no doubt get a harsh reality check once they leave and analyze the footage, game and interact with people on the outside. Game aside i feel for them because it will hit them hard, especially Phil. I do prefer them over mean people though, there are plenty of them this season.


When are these Morons going to find out Cass has a F3 with Tim and Joel and Kelsey and Jared? Don’t these morons talk? Please someone soon get out Cass in double eviction !! If Cass wins this game she deserves it her and Tim best social game players.

Hello...its me

I think the big twist next season should be there are no twists. Everyone would go crazy thinking what’s up.

Fly On The Wall

Phil & Nick won veto. Crazy shaved head! Must have been “How bad do you want it” veto comp!


Wow! Long POV……

Your Dad's Grandpa's Dad

go kys crack corn mofo tryna act like u all dat lmao long paragraph wastin time ass


You my friend, are a mental case.