POV Competition Results! “Lets un-f**k this situation. Now its the perfect back**r!”

POV Holder: Paul POV Competition Aug 20th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 22th
HOH Natalie, Meech Next HOH Aug 25th
Original Nomi1nations: Victor AND Paul
After POV Nominations: ? AND ?
Have Nots Victor and James

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Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-20 19-07-31-499

Power of Veto Winner: Paul

7:05pm When the feeds come back – Paul is wearing the veto. James and Natalie head up to the HOH room. James says damn. Nat tells James you didn’t do that bad. Paul and Vic join them. Paul says lets un-f**k this situation. Nat says I’m sorry guys. Paul says thank you guys for staying up and studying. Now its the perfect back door. Now we fix the mistake and get rid of Corey and next week we get rid of Nicole.

Vic asks I wonder what Corey is thinking. Nat asks why. Vic says because he must know he’s going up. Vic tells James he is the deciding vote. Nicole is voting for Corey. Paul would vote for Vic. They’re (Nicole & Corey) are going to try and talk to you (James). Nat says I’m hiding out. Meech makes the decision on who goes up. Vic leaves. James says oh sh*t. Nat says it is what it is. James says our odds just shot up .. look what he just scored. Paul scored a 21. Paul is better at mental comps than Vic. Paul joins them and says thank you. Nat says you did it, I scored a 10. James says he scored 14. Paul says we did it, we un-f**ked ourselves. And that care package must be something like an HOH. We’re flawless till the final 5. Paul says if there is something that really bothers you about us ..come talk to us. If they cause any doubt just cross reference it. Nat says she is going to pass out. Paul agrees they’re all messed up from the cold, screaming plus the black box.
Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-20 19-11-07-358

7:25pm HOH room – Meech says to be honest I want Nicole out. James says its your decision. Meech asks would you guys vote her out? James says whatever you want. Paul says the thing is the care package that Corey might get. James tells Paul Damn you beasted that comp .. perfect score. Paul says I guessed on 2 – 3 of them. Paul says it would be best to get Corey out. James says well I think Meech wants Nicole out. I wouldn’t push her. Paul says yeah if she’s open to talk about it then I will. Nat says she’s worried about Nicole winning HOH and coming after her because me and Meech can’t play. Paul says its me, James and Vic competing against her. We’ll win hands down over her (Nicole).

7:30pm – 7:40pm In the kitchen – Corey comments on how its so nice to not have to wear the unitard any more. They comment on how Meech scored a 20 and how good that was. Nicole says Corey did pretty dang good for sleeping through 4 of them.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-20 19-40-30-563

7:45pm – 8pm HOH room – James and Nat. Nat says Meech needs to know she can trust us. It’s her HOH. If Nicole leaves that means Corey is trying to work with us. If He wins he’s going to come to us because we’re his last hope. I don’t want to take out Nicole though. James says she (Meech) wants to take out Nicole personally. Nat congratulates Paul on his win. James says all we need to do now is execute plan B. Paul says I’m not going to push Meech to do anything but to me its a no brainer to get rid of Corey. Paul says its up to you guys too. What do you want? Nat says I don’t care any more. Paul says you should care. We should be strategic so we don’t get f**ked. James asks what does strategic mean? Being safe? Paul says yeah making good decisions so we don’t get f**ked. Again I’m tired of getting boned, I’ll be damned if they try to bone me again. Paul leaves. Nat says he (Paul) is trying to have control of the house. I trust him 0%, Vic I trust. Here is what’s going to happen we’re going to take out Corey. Vic and Paul will win the game. James says he used that word Strategic. .. I know what that means I was in the military.. I was just testing him.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-20 19-43-15-435

Kitchen – Nicole and Corey. Niceol says I feel alright about it too. James says if Vic is sitting up there at the end of the week its going to be hard for me to not vote him out. Nicole says and then you would have a 50% chance of getting the care package. If I go you would have a 33% chance.

7:50pm – 8:15pm Safari room – Meech says I am not going to put up James on Natalies HOH. Vic says you can talk to them (Nicole & Corey). Meech says and ask does anyone want to go home more? I was so close, I really wanted to win that. I was so close. I wanted to pull you off. It sucks being a havenot. Vic says its okay you just have to stay close to Nat and I’ll stay close to James. Vic says I’m scared of being on the block.. ahhg.. f**k me. Meech says I tried. Vic says its okay. Meech says we said in the DR we’re the worst HOH. Vic says Hopefully nothing crazy happens between now and Thursday. Paul joins them. He tells Meech he isn’t going to push her. Meech asks do you guys care if I ask Nicole if I don’t put you up this week will you not put me up next week. Vic says its up to you. But at this point she can say whatever she wants. Paul says its the obvious choice (to take out Corey). Paul says if you’re the one that gets rid of Nicole and he (Corey) gets that package we are boned. Vic says and if Corey is here we aren’t guaranteed a care package so we can’t use it to protect you. Paul asks what was the reason for putting me up. Meech says that you were lying, eavesdropping and Nat was scared you would put up James. Paul says I’m worried they still feel that way. Meech says they haven’t said anything to me about it. Paul says but maybe they wouldn’t you’re not voting.

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WEEK 5 – August 21 to August 26th
The winner gets $5,000 to bribe one house guest. Bribes my influence voting, competitions, vetos or nominations. The bribe can only be given to one house guest, for one action, within the week leading up to the next eviction.

Usernames will have to be a bit more PG please. At the least censor them with @*(#^%_

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214 thoughts on “POV Competition Results! “Lets un-f**k this situation. Now its the perfect back**r!”

  1. Sleeping with the enemy.
    Natalie is, to quote her favorite word, “literally” dumber than a bag of hammers. James told her, and I quote, “me and Nicole are close, me and her dad really like each other-we tweet and text each other all the time.” So, what does she do with this info? She listens to James “manipulate her” into sending out Paul, after all of those dramatics last night, in order to save Nicole. James basically told her who he is in bed with figuratively; Nicole. She has the nerve to call Paul manipulative when she is sitting there being mind fuc*&d by this, self proclaimed “emotionless” player.
    To paraphrase Dean Wormer in Animal House: “Put Heuling on it, he’s a sneaky little shit just like you.” These incestuous secret family, friend and follower connections should not be allowed. Unreal.

    1. I am so happy that the veto will be used, and if all goes well, Corey will go up and out the door Eviction night.
      I really have lost respect for James..he is playing cowardly, and is so distracted with his showmance, and outside friendship with Nicole ( and apparently her entire family), he is letting that influence his game.

      I am anxious to see how this jury buyback will play out.. but unfortunately, if Paulie does come back (depending on who goes out this week, this is likely)..hopefully he will target James..

        1. Vic will be gone, but production has already influenced Nat, Michelle and James in the direction they feel is best to protect certain HG’s like Nicole and James. the reason why Vic and Paul are on the block was already confirmed by Nat & Michelle that production want them to work with Nicorey. it’s obvious that Nat is being coached by production, and the live feeds are brutal now with her fraud game talks like she knows exactly what she’s talking about. production wants Vic VS Paulie for jury battle back.

            1. It’s called show business!
              Production has a show to promote
              it happens on every show on tv
              Stop with the rigged crap and production interference it’s their j-o-b to make it interesting as possible!!!

          1. It’s sad that production always has to get involved. So annoying. However, I truly believe(as a Natalie fan) sending Vic home is really what’s best for her game. Nicorey’s not the best in comps. Natalie and James stand a chance against them. A chance they do not have against Vic/Paul. On top of that Vic/Paul will choose Meech over James/Natalie everytime. So as a Natalie fan I want Vic gone. It will also give Paulie a run for his money in the jury buy back:) I’d like Bridgette to win that, but I’m not sure she has it in her. On a side note, I hate that it’s Vic that’s leaving and not Paul. Bc I wanted Vic to win if Natalie can’t.

        2. I think Nicole is getting on Corey’s nerves. His teasing is getting more aggressive as this game goes on and I believe he is setting her up that there will be no pairing up after the show ends. She is so insecure in their showmance that it is embarrassing. Also, its as if Corey can’t have an opinion of his own without her belittling him for doing so. Oh, she wants all his info, but that is all she wants from him as a game player, other than that she rules his & her game. Then, she whines how he is too good for her!!! REALLY??? Who would get on national tv and say that repeatedly about themselves. When he ditches her when this is all over, she will see that she was correct in her thinking, that in his opinion he is too good for her. Words of advice Nic, Corey is getting tired of you shutting him down when he opens his mouth…CONTROL FREAK!

        3. So Vic will go out and then win the Jury buyback and then there are still people that think a comp beast evicted twice still deserves to win the game. All these cheap gimmicks are crap. Once you are evicted you should be gone. Ultimately someone who has been chilling in the Jury house for a month could conceivably come back in and win it all. How is that fair?

      1. How is he playing cowardly because he doesn’t want Corey or Nicole out? Who has won more competitions? Corey or Victor?

        Because he’s getting out the guy you all like, who is the strongest when it comes to competitions, instead of someone who isn’t a fan favourite, who doesn’t win anything, he’s a coward. Interesting…

        1. Totally agree. The smart choice is to take out Vic. These people need to decide if they are playing to win or playing to help Vic win.

        2. Anybody that wants 500,00$$
          Voting Vic and Paul out IS the right decision .. So aparently he knows exactly what’s next for his game.

          1. Soo if what you all are saying is true…and production is leaning towards Nicole/Corey/James as final three…that would be horrible.

            Nicole did nothing but whine and drool over Corey.

            Corey was as interesting as a wall clock…and drooled over the guys in the house (I agree with Josea about Corey)

            James was the ultimate flipflopper and drooled over Natalie.

        3. James has been playing cowardly..he stayed up Paulies ass for half the season…bragged about throwing comps, and now he is hiding behing Natalies HOH..nothing wrong with taking out a threat (Vic) if thats ur strategy…but this wasnt strategy, this was productions strategy. And James doesnt care about this season at all, he just wants Nat as a girlfiriend and maintain his connections with Nicole/her family and Paulie/family outside the house…

          Then on top of everything James throws in “Texas Code”…gimme a break…production controlling houseguests decisions is bad enough, but these ppl who come on and pretend to be playing with honor is ridiculous….thats why I agree James is a coward!

      2. Everyone has their favorites and that leads to differing opinions. I respect yours, mine is just different.

        When the house flipped to take out Zakiyah if you recall James asked Bridg/Meech/Nat to wait so he could speak to Corey. They charged ahead and told Paul before he could do that. Paul was never someone James trusted and he knew he was high on Paul’s target list. Victor unfortunately is the cost to weaken Paul this week.

        And for those who think Paul was going to stay true to the 5 that was never his plan and it’s why he’s pushing so hard for Corey to go on the block. He/James were always going to take out James immediately after Corey so they would have just 3 girls to beat. Further, James affinity is more so to Corey than Nicole. What Victor doesn’t understand is Paul will cut him to take 2 girls to F3.

        At this stage remembering the hamsters don’t know there is a jury buy-back have to make the best decision for “THEIR” game which means taking out big targets, keeping people you think you can beat and keeping the people you trust the most. For each hamster that choice is different. Here is what each hamster desires listed as F2, 3 and 4

        Victor : Paul, Meech, Nat
        Meech: Nat, Nicole, Victor (is who she wants but Victor could win out against those 3)
        Corey: Nicole, James, Nat
        Nicole: Corey, James, Nat
        Nat: James, Meech, Nicole
        James: Nat, Corey, Nicole

        If you see the common trend NONE of them desire Paul in their F4 other than Victor while only Meech wants Vic in hers. And there is a very god reason for this… they can’t beat either of them. Given Paul/Vic would target James next had Corey left this week IMO James getting Nat to target the ducks was the smartest move for both James/Nat’s games. They were just hoping Paul would be the one to leave, but they still have to take the shot at Victor, they might not get another chance.

    2. I just about died when I heard James tell Natalie he wants to work with Nicole because Nicole’s mom likes him and is a fan of his. What???? James is the deciding vote and I hope he doesn’t screw Victor when they gave him their word. I hope if Victor leaves, he wins to come back in and all bets off and gets Nicole, Natalie and James out. Side note, Whiney Natalie screaming ” ow ow ow” and meech days what’s wrong and she says “I have shampoo in my eyes”…… Ugghhhhhhhh her whining is so exhausting.

      1. It is ridiculous isn’t it. I hope Vic comes back and James and Natalie are out the door. James thinks his plan is flawless but I have a feeling he’s in for a rude awakening with the jury buy back. And it will be well deserved.

      2. I hope Vic goes. He will come back in and then that dumb a$$ James is gone. Not only is he worried about a showmance that has no chance outside the house he’s worried about Nicole cause her family likes him. Not a fan of Da but at least she didn’t let stupid sh!t like boys or others family affect her game. James and Nicole are the worse! Also Derek was and is the man! Never on the block and 500G in the bank!

        1. The point is James and Nicole had arranged to work together before going into sequester. And both James and Paulie had been coached by Derrick. This season was rigged before anyone went into sequester.

          1. So why is Paulie currently chilling in jury? That kinda throws a big wrinkle into the whole conspiracy theory. There’s no way Paulie wouldn’t be in the mix. James would not have flipped.

            1. I would probably bank on the whole Nicole, James, Paulie having deals before entering the house…Didnt the veterans say they were receiving more money if they managed to stay in the game?…thats why it makes sense for Nicole & James to work together.

              But what we didnt expect was for James to have an active role in evicting Zakiyah…which pissed Paulie off..so if Paulie does re-enter the house (really hope it doesnt happen), he will target James and Paul

          2. What is this “coached by Derrick” crap..true enough Derrick won his season, but its not he has superpowers…lol and if Paulie’s gameplay and behavior was as a result of Derrick’s “coaching,” then he should stick to law enforcement..

            Paulie fu@ked his own game up…

            1. Even Derrick admitted giving both James and especially Paulie tips before entering the house. And Cody agreed. So there isn’t any question about it. And Derrick’s superpowers are only in his, Cody, Paulie’s and James’ mind. But having an alliance before entering the house seems unfair.

    3. Bridgette’s jacket has to go.
      Cute face, nice hips and meaty thighs.
      Wish she could have stayed longer because James and Natalie are sketch they flip Big Meech to easily.

    4. Completely agree, James is in cahoots with Nicobra and production. James has been pushing nicorey on nat nat for a long time. James has been killing the fun and almost ruined the Zakiyah eviction.
      I cannot wait for him to go.

      1. You caught him!!!! James you are the bad ass this country needs! Strategic! Paul let the cat out of the bag. He didn’t know you knew a big secret word like that! Call me when Vic comes back in the game and boots you out.

    5. Voting Vic out over Nicole is a way better game move. I don’t like her either but I mean seriously, you have to take a shot at that guy if you can.

      There’s just no pleasing some people. People beg for big moves but cry foul if a big move is made against someone they like. Just appreciate the game.

    6. It’s not dumb. You just don’t like it, I have my favorites too but if voting them out is a smart move for someone I’m not going to pretend it isn’t.

      You have to get in the mindset that people are playing a game and enjoy it for what it is. If you can only enjoy it if your favorite wins then you’ll be disappointed most of the time.

    7. I don’t see how it’s dumb. James is going to pick Nat over everyone so for her it doesn’t really matter so much who else is there. If you’re thinking James is close enough to Nicole to choose her over Nat you are dreaming. That guy wants in Nat’s pants bad.

    8. Yes, picked up on that too. I thk lame James and nic have a pre game agreement for final two meaning they will eventually clip their “showmance” and i use that loosely for each other only to reveal it at the last minute to try and say that was their alliance the whole time no one knew blah blah. Would explain the one sided showmance they went along with. I’d go as far to say maybe they’re plants to do productions bidding in exchange for help to final 2 hence production telling nat to work with nic and Cory. Very suspicious.

    1. well playing the middle is definitely going to leave james in position to be bit in the behind by someone. He will side with nicorey and vote vic out. Vic has the #1 chance out of the other 4 evictees to battle himself back into the house. and be able to play the HOH unlike nat and meech, and he doesn’t have a problem with meech coming back in. since this is not a set up with both still left on the block and james just having to pick one, he’s going to be there in the house looking at paul while he votes vic out.

      and in the meantime, the whispering cuddlers will be snuggled in bed and say, oh cool no one is putting us up still. michelle should put up nicole, there is no way i want her at the end of this game without being nominated at least once, and let’s face it, corey aint winning no comps

    1. corey/nic are only 2 votes even if James went to that side that is not enough to counter Paul/Meech/Nat/victor. James will shift to the side with more votes bc he always does.

      1. Yes Corey and Nicole are only 2 votes. However Meech, Nat, Vic will not vote this week. There will only be 3 people voting this week. So James, Paul and either Nic/Corey. James will decide who goes home this week. Vic/Nat/Meech and whomever else goes on the block don’t matter.

      2. The votes fall on James, Nicole and Paul this week. Vic and Corey are on the block, Meech and Nat are HOH.
        I think James will bounce another check.
        On another note, I strongly dislike Natalie.

      3. only 3 people voting………HOH’s and those on the block don’t get to vote. Unfortunately that means that James is the deciding vote.

        1. James sucks. He is terrible. I wish I could be there when and he gets on the internet and sees how many fans he has lost. Can’t believe I used to like him.

        2. As much as I can’t stand Corey and especially Nicole the smart choice is to get rid of Vic. Vic is my favorite player so hate to see him leave. I would be over the moon if Vicbor Bridgette come back in. If that happens James is toast.

  2. Ohhh what you gonna do know Nat, I mean james hoh… james is bad for her game hes only wants to keep corey/nic for his game and hes still getting screwed over by them… plus if paulie comes back, whoops james your out and up on block going to jury!!!

    1. James can’t play. He want to vote Vic out. And he thinks Paul will work with them. I don’t think so. Paul will have a bitter taste in his mouth for Nat and James. James will for sure be on the block if Paul or nicorey win.

  3. eventually all reality shows suffer the same fate and bb is no exception.. sorry bb youve finally jumped the shark.. once a show lasts this long all solid strategy has been seen and done and quite frankly the “worthy” players dont stand a chance anymore as the weaker players simply band together float by and coast to the end.. bb tries to prevent this with physical comps and twists etc but still in the end the same weak players seem to make it which is exactly where we are now.. soon vic and paul will be gone then we get to watch a bunch of weak boring floaters fight it out and painfully watch one of them win 500k for basically doing nothing other than lay low stay calm and be nice.. which is fine but certainly makes for a boring end to what was once a great show with strong manipulating characters like evel dick dr will dan etc giving fans a truly worthy winner of such a tough game and huge prize.. of these final 7 only victor and maybe paul has shown solid strategy and strength worthy of winning.. can anyone honestly say meech nicole nat corey or james has actually done anything worthy of still standing at this point? a worthy intriguing final 7 would be frank paulie da tiff victor paul and bronte certainly no true bb fan would argue that..

    1. I don’t understand why you think bronte and Tiffany would be better in the final 7?!?!? They didn’t do anything in game, especially bronte!

      I actually think that Natalie has earned her way into the final 7, she’s used a showmance to her benefit, James is a great shield as a veteran and a competitor. And she also decided when the numbers weren’t in her favor to target Pauline’s showmance and gained allies doing so! And if she can pull out some more competition wins, then she could win the season

      1. i dont agree completely with TeamFrank but seriously nats a joke and has zero strategy and i for one would love to see bronte still there bridge as well i do agree none of these players left deserve to win except victor

      2. “bronte’s a good player”, said no one ever, what the frank **** is trying to say and i agree.
        Bulls*h*t players like michelle, nic, cory, james, and nat cannot do what paul and vic have done to earn their spot for 7th place.
        Paul and Vic are champion to me.
        To see someone like michelle, nic,cory, james,and nat finish first is disappointing to me. I would have loved to have seen tif, day, and especially frank, make it to top 7, not this group. Michelle really? She would have been gone week 2 if she had not been on franks team (let’s get that straight). I don’t have the time to go over their names and obviously boring and bored game play, so, let’s just call them the “worst top five majority ever”.
        I don’t want to see them win. Look what vic and paul have done to be where they are today, both of them on the block, pull out veto, and have james be the deciding vote with his bulls*iT “worst top 5 majority ever”, alliance backing him up and taking out vic. That is not how I want this to play out, but, sadly this is how the greats (IMO) like Frank, Vannessa, Dan, Jannel, Rachel, Will etc, get knocked off. I would have rather seen day, tiff, Frank play than be “clipped” by the “worst top 5 majority ever” alliance.For me I want paul and vic top 2. I wanna hear their final speeches not nic, cory, nat, james, or Big Meech.
        Paul and Vic deserve (IMO) top 2 if not all-stars

        1. Please explain what you hink Paul has done, cause he has flip flopped his way through the game. First he hooks up with Jozae and Vic, and they are like the mean kids talking personal shit about everyone till Jozae ges eviced. Then he becomes mr niceguy when he realizes they are targeting him and Vic. Then he realizes he is gonna be the next to go after Vic so he goes to where the power is and tells everything he knows about everyone and turns into the same guy he wasthe first two weeks and starts making personal attacks against everyone behind their backs, till he realizes the house is gonna turn on Paulie. And if you have been following the pattern you know what he does next, thats right, he flips to where he knows the power is again, and becomes mr niceguy again. Paul has no game, he simply flip flops to where the power is and changes his personality to match the side in power. When he hooks up with the sweet girls he is sweet and nice, when he hooks up with the arrogant guys like Paulie and Corey he is a slimeball that makes person attacks. Thats his whole game in a nutshell. He said it best last night when he argued with Nicole, he said he was gonna go next after Vic so he went with the side that was in power and acted the same way hey did to stay safe, and he has did tha the whole season. Flip flopping and changing the way you act is not even remoely a good game plan. They all seen right through his act and thas why he go put on the block, so explain how tha is good game.

    2. Tiff was a tenth of everything her sister was except for the crybaby part. She lost to Vic in a physical/brain competition. She copied the top of Vic’s puzzle and to quote Paul she “boned” herself getting back in the game. Stop this Tiff would be great stuff.

      Bronte had the potential. Unfortunately the game outplayed her. Then during the battle back she lost to Vic in a mental comp. I’m sorry she should have stomped him pretty handedly. We can stop with her as well.

      The rest only have themselves to blame for taking each other out. This was the perfect season to be a floater and skate by. Strong personalities that you already knew the game they would play. Paul and Vic played a strong hard first 2 weeks. Then Paul toned it down a floated for a couple. Vic came back laid low and now both are back to their strong game plays. Being in the house not knowing the 2nd buy back (although it should be obvious with no round trip ticket being used) it would be a perfect time to take 1 out. Plan was set and they manipulated their way back into good graces. 1 of them should and probably will win. If those 2 don’t make it to the end, whoever takes them out moves up in the deserving to win standings in my opinion.

    1. Is James and Natalie getting on anyone else nerves?
      I officially cant stand them individually, and they are so annoying together..at least Paul winning means someone else will go up (Corey)…

      With James, Paul and Nicole voting, unfortunately Victor may still be gone…smh

      1. Someone else will be in power next week and then you can like James and Nat again. Happens nearly every week.

        2 weeks back Vic was the biggest asshole ever because of his nom speech. Now everyone is loving him.

        1. So on the CBS website to vote for the next ACP, it shows voting opens 8/25 7pm PST/ 10pm EST and end 8/26. That’s AFTER the next eviction! WTF?

  4. I hope nobody gets second thoughts and votes Victor out over Corey. they only need two votes and I’m worried about James, he might want to ride with the couple’s and the history with Natalie.

  5. Would have liked Victor to win but I’ll take Paul to the alternatives now let’s see if natalie will be convinced by James to mess this up too

  6. So relieved. I really do want Paul or Victor to win big brother at this point. I do still love Nat though – her for AFP

  7. Is it bad I’m actually very happy Paul won? He’s the best of the worst and I’m rooting for him and victor. I wanna like. Natalie but her constant need for attention and ego boosting is so annoying. James doesn’t even want to win it seems like. Michelle is an emotionally insecure mean girl. And nicorey are just useless.

    1. Just to be clear, it is not a real backdoor if the person not originally nominated does not get picked to play in the veto. Not sure everyone knows this about this show – even the contestants.

  8. Sorry paul you did it but now victors going home cuz james and whoevers not on block nic/corey are voting your boy vic out which sucks… I want vic to win it all… Thanks production for interfering yet once again!!! Sucks

  9. Corey getting backdoored is what he deserves. I would’ve been studying my butt off just in case. Too comfortable is never smart in big brother.

    1. It’s not technically a backdoor because he played in the POV comp. Nicole would be a backdoor. But I agree, he deserves to get nominated.

  10. I know for sure James wanted to evict Paul. Sadly that went the drain.

    James and Paulie were tight during this whole game and I’m guessing if Corey and Paulie are BFF, he is going to protect him.

    James’ strategy, he thinks he can beat Nicole and Corey in the final 2. James knows he cannot beat Victor or Paul. He could still stir the pot up as there is only three people voting (Paul, Nicole and James).

    I still have a hunch James is going to evict Vic.

    The other thing that this week is interesting, James tells nothing. He always keep everything to himself unless Nat rats him out.

  11. James’ comment about him going on the block and Corey and Nicole voting out Vic was a huge slip up. Paul just realized what his fate would have been had he lost. He just got clued in.

  12. Scenario 1. Backdoor Corey. He’s useless in this game. Don’t know why he and his bimbette are still in the house. These two didn’t even make an effort to study for the veto!!!!!!!!!!! Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh!!!!!!!!
    Never cared …friendship.

    Scenario 2. Evict Vic and he wins the buyback and prevents Paulie from re-entering the game.

  13. James is on my s*** list. He is telling Nat to get Victor out. It will be poetic justice if Paulie or Victor come back and toss him out first thing. The closeness he describes with Nicole’s and Cody’s fathers should have kept him out of this season. My favorite summer show has become a major disappointment more and more each year.

  14. Happy for Paul.
    Sad for victor.
    Please send boring Corey to jury let him fight it out with Paulie.
    And James please don’t f%&k this one up too.

  15. James will vote out Vic because he is a pussy and also because his obsession Natalie keeps saying “vic is the nicest guy ever” and she is really happy Vic never asked Nicole out because Natalie still wants Vic and James knows it. Vic doesn’t want Nat of course but that doesn’t change little jealous turd James butthurtness.

    When Vic comes back in I can’t wait to see him send out the useless little chubby twat James.

    Seeing James and Nicole go in the next couple weeks will be the 2 most enjoyable evictions of the summer.

    1. Face it, Victor came back into the house being more of himself. In doing so, he showed the many attractive sides to him. I think Natalie is smitten by Victor and if she decides to actually send him home, she will loose all chances of a romance outside the house. There’s no way James fits into her real world and the first time he would put crackers into her mother’s bed, he would be toast!!!

  16. I’m glad Paul won… now more than every Paul & Vic need that care package so they can buy Shady James’ vote with the $5000…I notice the voting this week doesn’t start until Thursday night.

  17. James pretends to let Natalie make her own choices, but ends up throwing his game play in there too which makes her even more confused because she’s playing with her emotions and not strategically. If Vic is voted out, she’s going to be very upset with James because i think she still have a bit of a crush on him. James will use some type of cover up putting the blame on either her or the game and she just might forgive him or target him. I hope Cory will be getting backdoored because im so tired of seeing the blanket play and laying around doing much of nothing, him and Nicole talking like their crap don’t stink!

  18. Yes! Put up Nicole! DO IT Michelle!

    James will shit his pants trying to figure out how to save Nicole and vote out Vic without anyone finding out he a little turd rat boy.

    Put up SnakeCole! It ends James and SnakeCole game!

    1. Making fun of someone’s appearance is uncalled for. Nicole has acne who freakin cares. Let’s stick to the game not their looks. You can talk about their character. Yes she is a terrible player. Yes she is a waste of a returnee. Yes she’s obsessed with Corey. Yes she’s annoying. Yes Corey and Nicole have a grossmance. The list goes on.

  19. “Seeing James and Nicole go in the next couple weeks will be the 2 most enjoyable evictions of the summer.”
    This times 1000!

    Plus another dumb comment from Nat “says she’s worried about Nicole winning HOH and coming after her because me and Meech can’t play.”
    Um… if Corey is evicted this week, what army is Nicole coming after you with? Plus… worried about the person who hasn’t won anything all season? Maybe you should be more worried that if you vote out Vic, Paul will blow up your game with Meech & Nicole and Corey and you and your little Jamesy will be on the block together.Because if you screw Paul (and he’s more likely to win HOH than James, Nicole or Corey), that’s exactly what’s going to happen.

    Honestly, she’s making me miss Paulie.. she’s so freaking dumb. Then again, it’s not like that weasel James is going to give her any good advice. He’s still playing the middle. He should be in top form this week having all the power in his one little vote.

  20. Girls like Natalie are so high maintenance. Run James while you can. You will never be able to make an insecure and unsure girl like her happy and will spend hours on end reassuring her vain ego all the time. And the endless whining like a baby? Run run run

    1. Especially when James agrees everything that Nat Nat says. James is so scared that if he went against Nat, he might lose her. I bet Nat comments of Vic being a nice guy is making James really mad.

    2. I absolutely agree! Run, James, run like a thief in the night after a major heist. She will suck the life out of you.

    3. I read somewhere on here that Nat’s boyfriend is on the production team for this show.

      Their showmance most likely is just a friendship. Nat was told to hang with James so her real life bf wouldn’t get jealous and she would get the constant male attention she can’t live without.

      James gets a story line out of it and to be able to look like he is the kind of guy who could be with a hot cheerleader.

      When Nat says that James taught her how to trust a man she means just that. They trust each other to keep secrets.

    4. So far Victor, Paulie and Paul and Corey “hurt her feelings” and “didn’t make her feel good about herself” and so I’m curious whose reputation she is willing to slam or comments blown out of porportion for attention. Plus the guy who she hasn’t even met yet who James knows who throws money into the crowd at Vegas parties to random people. Yep she said that hurt her feelings too. Can’t make this stuff up people. She will require a lot of tiresome work and she is not that pretty or worth it.

        1. My comments for weeks reflect my dislike for Natalie because she acts like an entitled brat. Remember when she begged Victor to let her win HOH? Her grating talking like a baby came out for hours. Or when she got mad at James and gave him the silent treatment storming in and out of the room because Corey asked him to party with him after the show? Theclistvgoes on and on. She complains about everything all the time. She constantly puts herself down only to fish for compliments. She is actually very negative, glass half empty and very sensitive and insecure.

    1. He’s an annoying pita is what he is. Grow up already soldier boy. Luv’d Vic confronting him about the cracker pranks in bed. Left ole Jamesie speechless…clown

  21. I honestly think Michelle is jealous of Nicole and Corey together. I think she wants Corey. She’s always flirting with him. It’s just like the Bridgette and Frank thing. Corey Nicole and Michelle had a deal together and blindsided Michelle about Day being eliminated. Nicole at least explained herself and Corey didn’t. Nicole wasn’t responsible for nominating Michelle or Zakiyah. The 5 guys alliance is responsible for there nominations and Nicole wasn’t even aware of the alliance. Corey is the one who was gunning to evict Michelle. Nicole felt bad about evicting Michelle and Corey said he could care less.

  22. I just wish that there were no pre or post jury buy-backs or any other ways to get back in the game once you are voted out. Once your out, your out!

  23. I would like to see Natalie play without James, he is seriously tanking her game especially after she just suggested to put up Nicole and James disagreed with it, i just wish James would just get evicted this week and good riddance.

  24. Natalie has turned out to be a massive disappointment. The girl can’t make a decision to save her life. I also think that James is getting pretty fed up with her me me me attitude, and his disclosure about the outside the house relationships with Nicole and the Califiores is a turn off as well. I would prefer not to ever see Nicole’s face or hear her voice again.
    At this point, I’d rather see Michelle win the $500,000 if Victor can’t. He’s truly the only one who played the game hard and deserves it.
    Simon and Dawg, I think CBS should hire you guys to replace Grodner and Kass. That would be amazing!

    1. Yeah and Paulie was the bad guy, right? She’s an obvious headcase. More so than even Michelle. James thinks he’s going to get some cheerleader pussy. Ain’t going to happen Jimmy. She is playing you and only needs someone to hear her cry and not judge her.

      1. That Nat is playing him? It seems pretty genuine and mutual to me. But if you have some proof of your claims I’ll wait and listen. I’m patient.

    2. But it wasn’t the one most wanted so they complained about it and turned on her. People say they want the HGs to play their own game, but most don’t mean it.

  25. If you’re sleeping through an important veto comp while your game is on the line you obviously don’t deserve to be in that house.

    Unfortunately there has been a pattern with James all season and I don’t see it ending this week, he’ll ruin everything as usual.

  26. Will there be a buy back this year… since there was the battle back twist I was thinking it replaced the buy back.

    1. Did you not finish reading the post!
      James told nat that he knew what it meant he was just teasing Paul !!
      He is voting out victor too smart move game wise

      1. He said he was “testing” him, not teasing. As if non-military don’t know the word strategic. It’s a pretty ordinary, everyday word.

  27. I knew it!!!!! Vic & Paul now plotting to get James out next week!

    I said in an earlier post that the only reason Paul was upset at being nominated was because James & Nat were taking the shot at them that Vic & Paul were planning for James & Nat. I knew it!!!!!!!!

    Way to go Nat for putting them up together!! Now follow through & get Vic out! OK maybe he comes back in the Buy Back but I’m still pulling for Bridgette!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. What a waste of HOH if Michelle puts up Nicole. Seriously, at this point of the game go big or home! I saw a glimmer of hope when she went through with putting up big a big target. That glimmer is getting very dim now!

    1. Oh she will put up Nicole because she’s a catty, jealous, insecure female. Females basically hate other females. Everyone knows this.

  29. Sat 8:23 PM BBT Mich says it doesn’t feel like BB. It feels like some “knock-off version”.

  30. Natalie to James: “Nicole made a promise. She wants to work with us.”

    That’s cute how Natalie thinks a promise means shit in the BB house. Seems like Nat broke a few promises in the last 24 hours. I guess it was technically just one promise but she broke it several times.

  31. I can’t, I cant!… these people.
    Paul and vic deserve final 2 at this point, there’s no argument. If I could enter the house and evict James myself I would. “I know what strategic means, I’m military ” ok forest.
    Sorry James fans he sucks.

  32. Victor and Paul plan on getting James out next week, and therefore it’s a case of get them before they get you. James just said that they will take him out next if Corey is evicted. So I guess he isn,t as stupid as everyone thinks. He said that Vic and Paul will want to take the girls not him, and that is exactly what they said.

  33. Interesting showmances this season ,James likes Nat , who likes Vic, who likes Corey , who likes paulie , who likes himself .

  34. Is it evil of me for wanting victor to be voted out just so he will have to battle Paulie. Seeing Paulie’s face thinking he would have it in the bag against anyone else but Victor.

  35. Please don’t evict Vic!

    On the brightside, if James does evict Victor, and Nicorey win hoh next week and evict Natalie, James will self-evict for sure!
    …no chance that weasel would take his eye of Natalie for 2 secs in that jury house with Victor!

  36. James and Nicole were probably guaranteed spots in the finale before the show even started. It would explain why they have been so smug and pompous all season long. Not to mention the fact that they played the exact same game, so viewers will see it as being “fair”.

  37. Getting Victor out is the smart move. A lot of people may like him now but it’s clearly best for others if he’s gone. I’d do it.


  39. James told Nicole, Cory and Natalie that he’s going to fake it with Paul all week. So far i think they’re voting out Vic. James is already setting Paul up by telling him to talk to him if he has questions about Natalie because he wants to play dumb for her in order to protect her. That’s why he sat in silence when Paul got heated for getting put on the block. Paul and Vic was going to go after James anyway once one of the two gets hoh. Natalie is lost without James because he makes her feel like he’s helping her when he really isn’t.

  40. I’m starting to feel that James wants Victor out for personal reasons. Maybe because Natalie liked him in the beginning of the season and James could be jealous. Natalie has been stating that she doesn’t want victor to go and that she wants America to know that he is a good guy.

    1. Speaking as a guy if a girl was always cuddled up to me and hugging on me I’d lose jealousy really quick. Especially if I had previously been hitting on every girl in the house myself.

  41. So the yellow door with the lyon head knocker (in the London room ?) is another twist i think. There is a lot of stuff the HGs have in front of it. I think they showed a clip of it on last episode. It was a room with hanging black hats. Has anyone heard about this?

  42. I had to comment again on this whole ‘promise’ issue. James just commented several times that Nicole made them (him and Nat) a promise. Nicole made Fatal 5 a promise, she made DaVonne a promise, she made Zakiyah a promise, she made Michelle a promise, oh…and don’t forget Frank, she made him a promise too. As many promises as Nicole has made, it still doesn’t equal the amount of times she has said, “I don’t trust Jaaamesss. He’s so skeeeetchhh.”

  43. James keeps saying to Paul I don’t want to be a Frank and run Nats HOH….How is James somehow playing a cleaner game than Frank?….I CAN’T STAND CHICKENS#IT JAMSEY!

  44. So Vic and Paul do have their eyes on getting James out. I know they have mentioned that before but I didn’t know if it was still in play. I’m not sure if Nicole knew that or it was BS when she said that to Nat, but regardless putting those guys up might have been the right move after all.

    Thumbs up Nat. Play the game. Don’t play for popularity,

  45. I don’t care who win this game anymore. The only joy I have left in this game is the finally night, when I see James facial expression when doesn’t win AFP!

  46. Silly people. They vote Nicole out and they deserve for Paulie to come back and go after them first since they led the charge on turning on him.

  47. If Vic goes and Bridgette wins jury buy back then Nat and Meech will have won this HoH big time. 20% chance I know, but we’ll see.

  48. “Friendship”, “pissed”, “your boy” is still as annoying as it ever was.

    Plus those punching women in the face jokes.

  49. James isn’t thinking at all. While it might be a better choice taking out Vic. Why have 3 people against you in the HOH? Nicole, Paul and Corey will be gunning for HOH to take out James and Natlie. I hope Paul s HOH and pulls the trigger 1st..

    1. Your making an enormous assumption that Paul and NiCorey will team up. You have no idea that it will happen like that. This game changes all the time. Vote out the comp beast when you can and worry about next week when it comes.

  50. I called it about 4 or 5 posts back that Production was setting this up for Victor to be in the battle back with Paulie and I think to also win the whole game. Natalie will probably be 2nd. This is my prediction for the season. Production is probably not setting up the win for James and Nicole… they are using them as chess pieces to guide the game in an interesting plot to create more drama for entertainment. Victor will leave and Victor will most likely battle back in the house for AGAIN… a NEVER SEEN BEFORE EVENT IN BIG BROTHER! lol

  51. These showmance are ruining the show! So boring! Nicole and Corey just lay in bed all day and night. Natalie is a narcissistic air head and James is no fun this season at all.

  52. Natalie feels guilty because victor had 2 chances to put her or James on the block and didn’t. She made a deal with Paul and victor and didn’t stick to it. Her word and integrity doesn’t mean a thing. As for James he’s the guy that sucks all the fun and interesting out of the game. He’s busy kissing Nicole’s butt, And making sure Nicole wins the game. Lastly,
    I liked Bridgette but I’m no longer invested in her. If victor leaves (NO) I hope he comes right back in. Nothing against Bridgette.

  53. I’ve been waiting for what seems like forever for Corey and Nicole to feel the heat. Especially Nicole. It sucks that James and Nicole came in with back up. Unfair advantage. And BS for the newbies.

  54. People say all the time that houseguests should play the game smart and not play to get AFP. People were crapping on James for that. But you have a case this week where Nat made what might be a good game move but since it wasn’t popular people are bashing her now. She’s been loved for weeks until now. She’s still the same person she was then so it confuses me. It just comes across as really contradictory to me. Why say you don’t want people to play to be popular if you do in fact turn on them if they don’t do what you want? Do some people honestly not realize that they do this? I’m seriously asking because it just seems odd and I’d take other people’s take on it.

    1. Paulie was just plain disgusting and a neurotic. Vic and Paul have played the best game really. In the long run they actually remained ” friendship” so far. Nat and James are pretty cute , nothing like Z hanging all over Paulie, pathetic. But James and Nichole won’t win. But let’s not forget how Meech due to her jealousy turned almost the entire house against Bridgette. She had the choice early on to put a stop to the awful things done to her! Z especially should be ashamed of herself. For some reason I can’t forgive her but I can Paul and Vic. Probably be Vic is a nice guy and Paul is hilarious. Final three Paul, Vic and Bridgette. Final two Vic and Bridgette. Winner ? Both can get the votes

    2. This is my take on it: Natalie was the golden girl who everyone felt protective of, because she was sweet and nice and bubbly, who for some reason Paulie decided to target with dickhead comments. However, over the last 2 weeks she has evolved, to a certain degree, into an attention seeking, demanding, indecisive mess. No disrespect, but it’s not pretty. She wakes James up because she’s bored. She makes him rub her neck, despite his own exhaustion. She wins HOH (yay), then proceeds to crumble from the pressure. Then, out of nowhere, at least from my perspective, she all of a sudden gets a bug up her backside about Paul. And promptly does not follow her own directive of “if you have a problem with me, come talk to me” deciding instead to get her ass in an uproar over Vic and Paul. So I don’t know if this has cleared up anything for you, but it just illustrates my disillusionment with her.

  55. I sure hope Big Brother production assholes read the blogs just so they can see how the fans feel about all their damn meddling. I’m sick sick sick of stupid James and his dumb ass brainaic ideas to stop being loyal to Vic / Paul and starting to align with the dreaded boring as HELL couple Gay Corey and Rat-cole. Like seriously, – what in the world is wrong with people? Natalie – I was loving you for a long while until you showed today that you have no brain and are wothless. Did you forget that Nicole basically IGNORED you all season, talked about you HORRIBLY behind your back and Corey made very crude remarks about your non showmance with James? No – of course you forgot because you are dumb. You are now trusting them more than PAUL?? Seriously?? You dont’ want Vic out but you will seal his fate by listneing to America’s NOT FAvorite Player – dumb ass ‘play the middle’ James. I’m out.. I’m sick and tired of watching either floaters OR nerds win this friggin game. i’m done. So boring. Vic & Paul are probably the two BEST people to play this game in a LONG WHILE. They are so good and its been an exciting summer watching them navigate through the house all these weeks. They have played an amazing game. I would take my chances riding with them to the end – worthy competitiors then trying to take the easy way out and ride to the end with NICOREY. ewww. They are gross!

  56. Ugh, everyone has been saying that the ACP5 is pointless but if it were given to Paul I think some of these people …namely James… would sell a vote, veto or nomination for the cash it things work out that way. No flip flop or no pay-off. If it isn’t used it isn’t used, but don’t let Corey get it. Going to throw votes at Paul since Vic might not be in the house (yet).

  57. I am elated Paul won Veto. Never thought I would go from rooting for Frank to Bridgette to this little megalomaniac!

  58. Ok I would like to see Corey go and for the jury buy back they do a comp right? So I would like to see Bridgette pull this one out. All of them Meech, Paul, Victor, and Nichole , Paulie and Corey were terrible to her; right along with Da and especially Z. Once Frank was gone and Bridgette showed she was cool they all started to trust her. She was dingy at first trying to fit in, but she actually showed that she’s pretty smart, and that’s why she became Paulie’s target. And from there the rest have to play the game. Nic can,’t skate by, and will probably go next then evey man for themselves. Paul is actually playing the game, as it’s meant to be played. Vic good in comps. Nat and James I still love but won’t win. Meech is maybe a Superman but she is as dingy b as she appears I think. I vote for Paul, Vic and Bridgette for final three and may the best man, or woman win. But Paulie can not return or Da or Corey. Z is a lost cause!

  59. So everyone here, including myself wants Corey gone and Victor to stay. However 500k is not up for grabs for us. So yeah it’s pretty smart of James to keep Corey who’s not as strong as comp beast Vic. Also if James were to go to the end with Corey or Nicole he’d win. But he wouldn’t with Vic whose in a very strong duo with Paul. Prob stronger than Nicorey. Quit all your whining and think a little what is the best move for James who for once is actually possibly making a better strategic move.

  60. I know I’m in the minority here, but…. You all who bash James and his game play. Go back and look at the feeds shortly after POV comp.
    Paul in safari room telling Vic that everything is going according to plan. Next is James. They will take the three girls to 5 and nat/mich to final4.
    At the EXACT SAME TIME, James is in HOH with Natalie telling her he knows Vic/Pauls plan. To take the three girls then the two. The SAME THING Paul just said.
    Why would James NOT evict Vic? no matter what, his “odds” are better. Vic stays in, James goes up, he has NO competitor who has his back. It’s Vic, Paul, Michelle, and Nicole (or Corey) gunning him for voting their lover out. Only Natalie, and that’s IF she stays loyal. Corey or paulie come back in jury buy back they’re gunning for him as well for just evicting him. So, if Vic is evicted and comes back, it’s same as if he hadn’t been evicted but James still has an extra number on his side for not evicting Corey or Nicole.
    Paulie comes back over Vic, paulie sides with James for keeping Corey and James won’t let him forget it.
    James knows what he’s doing. He’s not telling Natalie everything he’s thinking. He’s smart enough to keep her still on an as needed basis on what he tells her. Just what he’s doing tonight.
    IMO, playing a great game. LOwkey, babysitting Natalie, making it LOOK like he’s not really into things.
    I’m for James. He’s the least annoying person in that house.
    Paul is sketch Paulie junior
    Victor-read some old posts on here….refresh your memory
    Nicole/Corey just disgusting
    Natalie- the most self absorbed woman I’ve seen on BB in a long time! ME ME. ME. ME. ME.
    Michelle- same as Victor- she’s a liar, bombastic, annoying human being.

  61. I have never been into Natalie or her game. Which has been annoying for most if not all of the game.
    Never been a fan of James either.
    Especially after last night when he said he was a for sure going to win AFP because of all the fans he has. He may have played it off as kidding but he wasn’t.
    It will really suck too if and when that egocentric, asswipe Paulie comes back.
    Production won’t let victor come back either because from now ’til Thursday victor haters will say that there was a conspiracy to let him win and come back in. Blah blah blah.
    I said from the beginning that victor never had a chance and I was right.
    It sucks because he’s been working and playing his ass off in this game. All the while nicorey get to phone it in.
    Lazy ,LAX and lame gameplay.

  62. I’m sorry to be so catty but does Meech ever stop eating?!? I “literally” can’t hear half the conversations because of her constant smacking & crunching! Someone please teach her some manners fast!!!!

  63. James only thinks he can beat Corey. Corey wins when he wants to. He just didn’t want a target on his back. Just like James, he has been throwing comps. Remember not winning the pitching comp? Then, you have the Paulie factor. If he comes back, he will be gunning for James. Except, he has set the stage for no one but Nat to have his back. I know he doesn’t know about the jury buy back, but he should. Meech suspects one, and I’ll bet Nic does too and who out of the current jury do you think they feel will come back? Plus, James is doing what he thinks is best for his game, not Nat. I think Vic would have taken her to final 2. Since James promised Nicole he would not vote for her and they have a sure friendship, I would be surprised if he actually would take Nat. I could be wrong, but Nat has told him she thinks the distance is a deal breaker for a real relationship. James and Nic had a good plan. Get a showmance for a shield and work together under the radar.

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