James “Vic is collateral damage this week!” Nat “I’m not wasting my HOH on Nicole.”

POV Holder: Paul POV Competition Aug 20th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 22th
HOH Natalie, Meech Next HOH Aug 25th
Original Nomi1nations: Victor AND Paul
After POV Nominations: ? AND ?
Have Nots Victor and James

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Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-20 20-30-22-201

8:10pm HOH room Nat and James – Nat says if we take out Corey who is going to be in control of the house? Paul and Victor. We can’t let them run the house. James says they’re going to try and take out you, Meech.. Nat says we’re taking out Vic .. he was my pawn but we’re going to be f**ked if we.. I was hoping hoping Paul didn’t win today. I can beat Corey, you can beat Corey. I know that Nicole and Corey woudl not put us up. They would put up Paul and Meech. We’re about to save Corey so he saves us his life. James says yeah we saved him twice. Nat says if we don’t take out Victor they are going to run the house. They’re going to take each other to the final two. Honestly this is a big move.. I’m mad at myself for flipping and flopping but I had to do that to come to this decision. Vic needs to go. I was mad at myself and crying but if Paul pulls himself down Corey and Nicole are going to trust us even more. Nat says its better for us to take Corey and Nicole to final 4. Nicole is a nice girl. Vic and Paul are going to run this house. They’re going to beat all of us. James says Vic is collateral damage this week. He has 9 comp wins. Nat says I really don’t want Paul to win. James says if they get past this week .. one of them is making it all the way. Nat says the sucky thing is I trust Vic. Honestly I don’t want Vic to go but Paul is going to run this house and he is going to use Vic to get to the end. Nat says he keeps saying he keeps getting f**ked in the house. I keep getting f**ked. James says this is Big brother, that’s what you signed up for. Nat says I told you I wanted to make big moves. Today I wanted Vic to stay and Paul to go. I came to this without you even having to tell me.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-20 21-44-28-232

8:40pm – 8:50pm In the kitchen – Nicole, Corey, James and Nat. Nicole says there is a 75% chance we win HOH next week. Corey says no 100% motherfreaker! James asks if you win HOH ya’ll are going to put up Paul and ? Corey says Michelle. Nicole says but she is not my target. Nicole says Vic is a beast at mental comps. He is not only a physical beast but a mental beast. James says if Paul wins HOH I can guarantee one of us will be up there. Nicole says I am confident we will win HOH next week. Nicole promises that if she wins she wouldn’t put them (Nat & James) up.

9:10pm Nicole and Corey head to bed to chat about random things.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-20 21-59-28-907

9:10pm – 9:30pm HOH room – Nat says Meech is going to be pissed. Can you just pretend that I didn’t know. James says yeah. Nat says To get Nicole out is not going to be a hard thing to do.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-20 22-00-54-366

9:55pm – 10:30pm Michelle, James and Paul. Michelle asks James are you close with Nicole and Corey? James says not really. We never talk. Meech says they’re not to be underestimated. Paul says they’re not. James asks what they think the care package would be. Paul says its going to be an HOH take over. Think about it.. it went from Never-not, super safety, Co-HOH .. to HOH take over. James doesn’t think it will be that. Paul says Nicole has a lot of fans its not unrealistic to think Corey might get the package. Why not take out that option since NIcole can’t get the package. James says its your HOH if you put up Nicole and you want her out I will vote her out. Meech says Corey is a better competitor though. They talk about jury. Meech says Paulie and Z are probably boning every night. James says he’s probably got a baby. Meech asks do you think anyone would come back? James says no. There’s 28 days left that’s like cheating coming back with 10 days left.

9:50pm – 10:30pm Natalie is doing her makeup in the HOH bed alone. She finishes up and then goes to sleep with the lights on.

10:40pm – 10:55pm Paul tells Meech if I somehow get evicted just don’t let Corey and Nicole win. Meech says she wouldn’t. Paul says I just don’t think they deserve it. Vic joins them. Paul tells Meech to be careful when you talk to Nicole and Corey. Meech says don’t worry about me .. what are they going to say put up James?

10:55pm Nicole and Corey are testing each other on what information the remember about each other.

11:15pm – 12am Safari room – Meech, Vic and Paul are chatting. Paul asks Meech how does if feel to be final 6. Meech says if feels great Paul! Vic says top 5. Paul says I’m taking it a week at a time. Meech says I’m scared someone is going to came back. Paul says if Paulie comes back I’ll be like (he rolls his eye). Meech heads to bed.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-20 23-22-04-749

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-20 23-28-21-500

12:01am Nicole and Corey

Corey – you’re being super rude tonight.. what do you mean I know you
Nicole – You’re the only one that could have saved us not me
Nicole – you did better than 2 people that studied..
They pull the covers over ..
Nicole – the camera the camera.. don’t do anything thats…
Corey – alright
You can hear kissing under the covers and a hand moving around waist height.. ..

Nicole – you want me to cuddle you or do you want to cuddle me
Corey says something about sleep..
Nicole – I just want to give you a big hug..

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-21 00-32-35-532

12:11am Nice and Clean..

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-21 00-41-29-777

12:42am Everyone sleeping

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-21 01-46-02-822

1:08am Victor backyard playing pool
Victor misses a shot – you son of a gun
Misses again “Ahhh you dirty son of a gun
Victor – alright lets go work out.. workout time..
Big-Brother-18 2016-08-21 01-23-15-289
Victor working out.. “Hey live feeders.. Can’t sleep because I’m a have not and those bumper cars.. thinking maybe workout and jump in the hot tub..
Victor – Hopefully I don’t get voted out.. that is my biggest fear.. Corey BAckdoor that’s the plan hopefully everyone stick to the plan.. Fit Vic still in the house..

As he lifts he gives himself encouragement “fit vic”

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-21 02-06-47-697

Victor – whats up live feeders.. Now i’m have not Vic.. it sucks.. can’t sleep.
Victor – first week ever on slop this is night one
Victor says his go to is basic slop with black bean salsa.
Victor- what really worries me is the sleep.
Victor – at least I lost it to Paul.. he’s been my ride or die.. The sitting ducks guys we’re trying to make it to the end.
Victor says it’ll be him or Paul getting the care package if Corey leaves. Victor is nervous someone is coming back.
Victor – I don’t understand the game play Natalie and Michelle.. when we weren’t goign to put them up at all..
Victor – that didn’t resonant well with me and Paul.. I love Natalie and Michelle to death..
Victor never wanted to take a shot at them he wanted to be
Vic – they nominated us and then they cry.. and we were legitimately not going for them. No me and Paul are pissed.. that was too close for comfort.. Get Corey up on the block hopefully James is true to his word.
Vic – I have to talk To Natalie.. just reiterate what Corey said about her and she’ll tell James she wants him out.
VIc says Michele is real cool and awesome, calls her down to earth.
Vic – I really want her to com to final 3 with me and Paul.. now that i’m gettign to know her..
Vic – I feel that I can trust her and she trusts me.. her family look badass too, all her sisters look so alike..

Vic talking about how disgusting the downstairs bathroom is. He’s been up in the HOH for the last 2 weeks and didn’t realize how bad it had gotten.
4:01am all housguests sleeping.

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-21 07-07-27-977
7:07am Corey running the rest sleeping or off camera


9:25am everyone sleeping…. .

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Joe Kerr

Duuuhhhh…look James, I made a decision all by myself! Yaaay!

*eye roll*

What a joke. I was starting to like her….


Hating someone for making a game move you don’t like is stupid.

Natalie Sucks

No but I don’t like Natalie because she has changed her mind five times since HOH. She is not strategic or strong or smart. Telling Vic “you are not my target, you are not going anywhere”, and then letting James run her hoh. Corey was right, she is a d@ck chaser. Plus she is a whiney bratty self absorbed baby.


Her game moved pissed you off and you know it. This stuff is not that hard to figure out.


I am sorry but I disagree. What game move? She even said it herself that she changes her mind all the time and that she wishes that she could make a decision and stick with it. How can you even trust her in your own alliance when she can be so easily influenced. I don’t hate her but she sucks in this game.


Almost every single HOH change their minds at one point or another. They think outloud and they talk strategy. Since it’s a “dumb girl” doing it, she’s an idiot that can’t think for herself? How do you know that playing the “dumb girl” isn’t her strategy? It worked for Jordan…


as long as the least deserving floater this season gets the check for 500k it might as well be meech she certainly qualifies

Tiny trump hands

Everyone loved Natalie when she was the sweet girl that nobody listened to. Now that she’s using her power to make big moves, viewers are turning on her. Seems nothing is more unattractive than a woman with power.

Wrong ....

Have not like Natalie from day one – saw through her fake “I’m so genuine” act from the get go …. She is a mean (see what she’s like behind people’s backs), petty, insecure, cry baby disguised as a cute, genuine, woman. She’s the most dangerous kind of woman – at least Michelle wears her meanest on her sleeve. Natalie is a wolf in sheep clothing.

Just Saying...

Natalie is a cowardly gamer. She wants to make big moves, but wants “Jamesy to act like she didn’t know” …that’s right Nat, put it all on Jamesy so it bites him in the butt…which I hope happens actually.
Too bad Nat, any chance of getting Vic’s attention now will be a big ZERO…we all know its him you fancy. …the names says it all…Nat gnat


taking Vic out is the right move, but this decision was not made by Natalie or any HG’s prior to production instructing her to place Vic and Paul on the block. Nat and Michelle were forced to make their decisions by production. Simon and Dawg have reported it here, and I and other posters here have witnessed it on the live feeds. Natalie is production’s puppet now. her mood, demeanor and behavior with her conversations are so forced and phony. this lost girl all of sudden who knows absolutely squat about BB is gonna get a Dan Gheesley edit when Vic gets evicted on Thursday. she “LITERALLY” cried for Vic yesterday saying she was “CONFUSED” and today she’s telling James “we have to take out Vic”. she shi77ed on Nicole and Corey last night and today she’s telling James that Nicole and Corey are good people. let’s not forget how bad this season’s game play has been by this cast of idiots. the biggest legit game move was executed by Vic’s HOH last week. every season there is situations where we the fans can pin point where production tampers with the game. this season was TAINTED from the start. I had nothing against Frank being a returning vet, but bringing back Day, James and Nicole? those three didn’t bring anything to the table even in their first seasons. look how those three so called vets are solely responsible in how bad this season turned out to be. production should be embarrassed in how they window dressed Nicole, Day and James as so called BB vets this season. production’s has blatantly reset the button too many times and it all points in the direction that they are fixing the game for certain individuals to be crown this year’s BB winner.


the thing that got me the other nite was jamsey saying how his fans will vote him for AFP, he is such a tool,

TX rar

If Victor doesnt make it to F2 he deserves ACP. Im tired of floaters getting a pay day


If production did get involved, then maybe they did it because they want Vic to challenge Paulie in the jury buy back. Vic has a better chance of beating Paulie than Corey.

sunny dee

that is exactly my take on things. If vic isn’t voted out, then we have no chance of anyone other than Paulie returning into the house. Corey won’t fight for it even if he could, the comp is going to be slightly set up for girls to have at least a slim chance of completing it, because there are more girls than guys in the jury back. vic has already done high pressure multi tasking comps to get thru the Battle back, so as a competitor in this, plus BB history (no one ever came back twice i don’t think), this is exactly what production would want to see go down.

why else would nat be told by them to work with nicorey, there is no real benefit to nat to work with either group, and more benefit to work with vic/paul/michelle than two people who don’t do anything, and so can’t actually help keep her safe from eviction. are they going to win the next HOH and not put her and james up? probably not, probably paul/vic will win HOH and get the super power, and no one can stop them.

of course i and production are assuming vic will be the winner of jury back.

In that POV comp, a couple of people did well, paul just got one more than the others. Nat did terrible, and James did worse. and they studied. corey i don’t know, but he didn’t study, so if he did better than james (assuming james didn’t deliberately answer wrong when he knew the right answer),

if paulie does win the battle back, jatalie are toast. no way nicorey will abide by their socalled promises


I’m really worried if Vic is voted out Paulie will win back, and final three will be corey, nicole & paulie, and if paulie is final 2 with either he’ll win cause nic and corey did nothing. Also, if Paulie makes f2 with a girl the guys might all vote for him.


It’s a kraken season


I feel like an idiot, but I have no clue who or what Kraken means. I’ve seen you refer to it a cpl times and I’m sooooooooo confused. Any help????

Backseat Driver

Great post Paulie’s throat…….

Felt the Bern

Look we are used to Production rigging things. Maybe Debbie Wasserman Schultz is really Alison Groder. People are so mad that Big Brother might be rigged, but not that Hillary’s election was rigged?? Helloooo SUPER DELEGATES!!!! SO, no worries here, I have seen a rigged election before!! DEMOCRACY!!! LOVE IT!

Bolt Uprite

If Vic is evicted and comes back in a Jury buyback and then wins the game, how is that fair? Imagine a winner that had been evicted twice. Or even once. What would that say about the game?

judge judy

you must remember, nat was a professional cheerleader. how much depth can there be?


Stereotyping, much? Of course, it’s Judge Judy.


Obviously, you’re a jealous unhappy person. Cheer up, buttercup!


bb bribe makes no sense cant someone just take the cash and do whatever they want anyway?


this ACP should of been an earlier one not the last one.
Geeezz dum@ss production
Do Not Want James To Win ANYTHING!!!
He is starting to remind me of Andy H.


You’re absolutely right….but we can hate ones process and implementation of a game decision.

Nat makes everything personal, where she’s the victim, then makes decisions based on the last person she talked to and her weird, interpretation of stuff that’s not there, wasn’t said. After vilifying Paul, then Corey, she’s now decided Paul’s worse and Vic is scary with him. Fair enough….could have lived without the Nat’s hurt heart nonsense, but it’s a reasonable call in the end.

It’s reasonable because we’re late in the game and there’s 3 people to pick from and Vic is the toughest out of those 3. Him being tied to the sneakiest, bossiest person in the house plus their transparent designs to draw Michelle as their 3rd makes Vic the clear and present danger over the isolated, lazy competitor Corey/Nicole. However, Nat wants to do this sneaky and bossy: James is to blindside Michelle (why not level with her right now to keep her close and have her stage manage Paul to keep him trained on Corey/Nicole, while she makes nice with them so they stay trained on Paul?).

Ultimately, Nat’s no different than Paulie, dictating the game, who’s to do what, and taking personal shots at Paul, Corey, and soon Vic. There’s no way she will be able to help herself and the next few days we’ll hear about how he rejected her, goofed on her pants, and every other slight Vanity Nat perceived…


Yea I don’t understand why they need to bring/have a personal reason to put someone up. Keep it simple and they would respect your game move when and if it came to Jury. Nat could have just said “Hey you 2 are the strongest pair in the game and in order for me to get further I and putting you 2 up.” All that BS about her hurt heart or who lied (they all have lied at some point) just pisses people off. You can have your personal reasons for wanting someone put but if you keep it on a game level they might give you a vote. if you make it personal they will also make it personal and damn sure not give you a vote


James encourages Nat to make it personal so she will not get jury votes. I think James uses her too.

Powder Puff Cat

James is only thinking of his game not Nats. He sure likes her to shut it up and not do any thinking.
Victor is Natalie ally
Corey and Nicole are Jame’s ally

Natalie needs to think for herself. If it came down to James, Nicole, Nat final 3. Nat could win against Nicole not James.


haha to all the fans that cheered every week when someone who actually played hard got evicted congrats this is what you get weak non factor floaters like nat and james might win the game yay!


So why don’t you like her now? Because she didn’t play the game your way? She was never obligated to.

Seems Like

They were clear: Because she said she made a decision without James. No where did they say it was because she made a move they didn’t like. This board is worse than the players in the house. I have to stop reading comments and just the updates.

Maybe just some of them...

… a certain poster always takes Nat’s side no matter how he has to twist it and often to the point of calling other posters names and making fun of them. I suggest you start by just skipping right over his comments. I choose not to read his negativity.


Yea some of the overwhelming Nat love amazes me. She should get AFP 100% if AFP is Another Fake Prima-Donna!

Tiny trump hands

Uh, jealous much?

you're right

it’s the job of the producers


Most people here can’t make a decision by themselves. Most just like and dislike whoever it’s trendy to that week.

Reality Check

You know how boring this week will be if Nat sticks to one target and nothing else happens? Nat’s motive are questionable but the fans here are sure talking about it.

The thing that bugs me the most is the amount of advertising money that CBS makes on Big Brother and yet we are in the screw job position of paying more money to watch big brother 19 on CBS all access. All access my butt. Greed at its finest. And yes CBS, friendship denied.

1st World Problem Check

Sounds like a real first world problem honestly. Not a big deal to pay for for CBS all access. Most people fast forward when watching the programming anyway. I’m sure they are trying to just expand the usage of that area of their programming. Look at Netflix and their original programming..


I hope Frank wins the battle back that would throw a wrench in this game


HUH? Have you been sniffing something? In what universe is Frank eligible to participate in a battle back?

Blame James

I don’t think Frank is eligible…Battle back is for jury members: Da’vonne, Bridgette, Zakiyah, Paulie, and Victor (he will probably be evicted Thursday)


Frank is home watching. Not even in jury!


Except, it’s not just for the live feeds….you used to be able to watch the shows that had aired for free. Now you need the all access pass to even watch shows that had already aired. But then again all of the major stations are starting to do this….they found people were stupid enough to pay to watch a missed episode of their favorite TV show….

Pendulum Swings

Its not worth getting all worked up over the players ..the game is designed so that one person/side doesn’t stay in power too long…and of course Production ensures this.

When the game started I was team 8Pack…because I couldn’t stand Josea’s egotistical rants…but then as 8Pack dissolved..I started liking different players for different reasons….

I’m currently hoping Victor comes back as he will most likely get evicted Thursday..My reasons are he battle backed, he is a fierce competitor, and although has made comments,he isn’t too unbearable socially…and in my opinion he deserves the grand prize..

The Pendulum will swing again..


Yes the game is more fun when power swings from one side to the other. My problem is that Paulie was in control until last week. He goes out and everyone is on board for a Nicole/Corey sweep and then fight it out at final 5. Production for whatever reason decided Nicole and Corey needed to be protected so the told Natalie to work with them. Meech hated Nicole and the minute she had the power to put her up she turns against the guys who had been working with her and keeps her safe?! I could see Natalie turning on them but Meech is alone and has a better chance with Paul and Victor than Nicole and Corey. It’s gone from it seems production is protecting them to production coming right out and saying they are untouchable. No wonder they didn’t bother to study.


I had hope for Natalie. I can’t stand how production got to her and now she’s protecting Nicole. Nicole is so annoying and even more so now that she’s being shielded.

Over it

Canceling the feeds. When it’s obvious production is pushing house guests a certain way, it’s not fun to watch anymore. Don’t care about seeing BB19, either.

TX rar

Sooo disappointed in James & Nat. Getting Victor out bc they are afraid of Paul.


considering paul won veto that doesnt even make sense not to mention getting rid of vic is by far the smartest move they can make


Absolutely the best move. I really like Vic. At the end of the day I think he’s a pretty nice guy. If Corey goes instead it almost guarantees Paulie coming back, and I really think he’s so narcissistic that even though he’s used the excuse his melt down , etc. was all strategic, I believe he actually showed his true colors. Bridgette probably wouldn’t have a chance but after most everyone, especially Z and Day , Nichole and Meech, were so mean to her she deserves to be there! I also don’t think that Nat is either stupid or using James. I think she really is a people person and she generally loves James. She just isn’t the loose goosey as the other two showmance girls are. That’s called genuine friendship and respect, and if they are meant to be together they still will be friends first. I respect her for her loyalty to James ,and I just think she has learned by trial and error so she is willing to make moves. I also can’t help but remember of the mean girls in the house. Bronte and Nat never got on board with belittling Bridgette. That’s truly how the other girls are. I think people are reading Nat wrong or are just jealous that she is cute with a great personality. And actually I can forgive Meech for getting all the BS going bc she realized her behavior was plain wrong, in destroying a girl’s self esteem. Z and Paulie on the other hand are terrible people on any human level. Paul was there too for a min. But he too saw the errors of his ways. Corey and Nichole are useless bottom feeders. My favorites to go to the end bc they learned from watching, and learning from their mistakes would be Vic and Nat. Vic would have to win for battling back, playing a pretty excellent game with a positive attitude, and Nat wins second place.


Getting Vic out is a huge accomplishment. Why the disappointment?


Vic and Paul was going to backdoor Jatalie next week, so it’s a good move on Jatalie part.


yep, I agree, If nat can pull this off then she making a very big move and smart move, from this move making Nat at least deserve to be a winner than nicorey.

Bolt Uprite

Because evicting someone is essentially meaningless, since we have a situation where a player who has been evicted twice has a very real chance of coming back and winning the game, so why bother evicting anybody? Why bother being HOH? Why bother trying to win any competitions? Production will just null and void your decisions with cheap gimmicks.


Even though they don’t know it sending Vic to jury may be the only way to keep Paulie from coming back and working with Nic and Corey to take them out. Unfortunately, if Vic does come back he is going to be pissed and Paul and Vic will no doubt take them out too. So either way they are screwed unless by some miracle Bridgette or Da come back.


yeah. rooting for bridgette, but it’s more than likely going to be an endurance comp (they still haven’t done the slip and slide) which will heavily favor paulie and vic, both of whom are terrible for james and nat’s games. da and z might as well not participate in the buy back we know neither of them are going to win.


I want Vic to stay, but it really good game move. We want the players to make moves.

Big Jim

I hate to see it go down like that but getting rid of Victor is the right move since Paul won POV. Nicole and Corey are easily disposable


Yes, getting Vic out is a big move, which stings personally because I wanted him to win. However, my fear is this going to poke the sleeping beasts, Corey and Nicole, and actually push them into playing the game. With luck and the right kind of competition, one or both of them could wind up F2, and that’s what I find unacceptable.
Depending on who comes back, right now I hope Meech and Paul find a way to put the screws to them. And they’re all going to starve because Vic did most of the cooking!


HAHA I love it. That’s what people get for supporting nutless James and 2 ton make-up wearing fake whiny Natalie. I hope Victor comes back and wins HOH and puts up Natalie and James. They deserve to go even before Nicorey…so disappointed in these 2 idiots. Worst part is CBS edit will make them looking like America’s sweethearts and dumb fake lying broad is gonna win AFP.

She deserves AFP

She’s still the nicest person in there and by no means fake. She just made a game move the hive mind didn’t like so now they have decided she’s a horrible human. Fans are pricks.

Joe Kerr

SHE DIDN’T MAKE A GAME MOVE! Have you not watched at all?! It started with production. She was ready to get Nicole and Corey. She came out of that DR still on board.

Then came James.

What did she really have on Paul? Go ahead, i’ll wait. That’s right, nothing but the same bs she gave Paulie. And who was feeding her the seeds? You got it. Would you, personally, keep two people who laid in bed safe? Would you go along with the plan of a guy who is close to one of the people you want to see go? This is why my comment was what it was. It’s not cause she is getting rid of someone I like. It’s because she can’t think for herself. I mean, my God, she is getting a lot of credit for Paulies eviction when it was Bridgette and Michelle.

But you’re right, she deserves to win, yeah. You’re right, she has her feet planted firmly on the ground.


When did 75% of people turn into paulie?


You are showing either your age or your mentality. It is a game. Personal attacks, that have nothing to do with game play on this board are getting as bad as watching it on the show. Nat and James are playing their best move at this point. If your in that house and you are HOH, you are going to keep Paul and Vic this late in the game? Now that is just brainless play, if you are trying to win, that is. I prefer smart game play to anything else. I would love for Cory or Nicole to leave but I am not going to bash a player because they aren’t getting out my least favorite player. Personally, I wanted Victor for the win. It could still happen.


Paul and Vic would be exactly who you would want to take to the end if these players were allowed to make their own decisions.

Neither of them have any friends in jury. Even Paulie hates them now. They have not been sucking up to the other players and neither would get sympathy votes. They just aren’t that sympathetic.


????cole and Jatalie will shit their pants when they learn Vic has yet another chance to come back into this game and take their heads.

sunny dee

regardless, there is no reason to give corey the 5k bribe. he’ll simply give it to nicole. I’d still rather see Paul with it, i think it will be interesting and fun to see what he would do with this task.

I really can’t stand the fact that so many are voting corey to get it. nicorey will use it as an excuse to do something shadey, like oh corey bribed me i had to do it.


Paul will use for game play. So my vote is for Paul. Most likely Vic wil be evicted. Corey will find an excuse to give it to Nicole. Not sure what game these two are playing. But it’s not BB.

When I was a teenager...

…that game was called Grab A$$.

TX rar

I wouldnt give Coery anything. He has done nothing this game but lay in bed.


hate to say it but unfortunately vic is history this week hes simply too strong so yeah we get to watch some floater win 500k smh

I don't care

There’s more than one way to win BB. The last one standing gets the check. Those are the rules. I’ll still have to go to work the next day so I don’t give a damn.


soooo to be clear you give a damn enough to watch and follow a show thats on 3 days a week then come to obb read all about whats happening in the house then post a judgmental snarky comment.. its just you dont care who actually wins? ok got it 🙂

I don't care

You’re implying a lot of things I didn’t say. When did I say I didn’t enjoy watching the show? I do. And yes I enjoy watching who wins and yes I root for people. But after it’s done I won’t care how whoever wins pulled it off or be angry about it. Comp beast, floater, puppet master. If they get the check then they earned it.


Spot on! Thank you for articulating it so well. People are so hung on up the winner being deserving. They don’t realize that they are being manipulated by CBS…the viewers ARE part of the social experiment that makes this show successful. They have these stuffy IRL values and hang-ups, anger/irritation towards certain types of people that they encounter in life which they then project onto the HGs. That coworker who presumably doesn’t deserve their position (perhaps accurate, perhaps a distortion by the observer) but gets by on their perkiness and good looks…so Nat will fit that mold in their mind..as one example. I’d go even further and say that for the most part, if you win the game, then you deserved to win….and if you were evicted or lost in final two, then you deserved that, too….just based on all the variables involved. For instance, If Derrrick had been cut by Cody in the end, he would have deserved it for trusting him to that degree, as Cody would have outplayed him where it counts…in the final HOH. There are many other examples. Yes, that goes for Andy too. What is this rat business? He did what he had to do to get to the end. He has less charm about him that someone like Dr Will, and looks mousy….it’s all about illusions. But it’s all the same type of back stabbing. In the end, this is just a meaningless game…the results self-validate.


i gotta quit watching, i say it every year and i just gotta quit watching, just like cigarettes, i just gotta stop. it is not worth my time to be moved to such emotion towards something that just doesn’t matter. BB and Survivor where vary rarely the person i feel should win or imo deserves to win does.
So, with this, if victor doesn’t come back I am done completely, i know i will not be missed and probably thumbed down.


Don’t count Vic out. By him leaving this week, he will get to fight Paulie and the others to come back. He might be the only one who can stop Paulie. Vic will be back!


Yeah I won’t support anyone who gets 3 chances to win it all. I don’t care if it’s Jesus.


ROFLMAO! Best social media comment of the month, at the least.

Rosie (Team Victor Too)

Well if he goes I hope he comes back and wins it all! He is the most deserving and cleanest. Cleanliness is next to Godliness and these are some nasty ass people! Go Victor!!

You're right Froot Loop

Voting doesn’t start until Thursday night an hour after eviction. It doesn’t say when voting ends. Best if end of the show includes the battle back and that person (unless it’s Paulie, gag) can be included voted for.

Repeat from previous board...

Not so fast says:
August 20, 2016 at 8:53 pm
So on the CBS website to vote for the next ACP, it shows voting opens 8/25 7pm PST/ 10pm EST and end 8/26. That’s AFTER the next eviction! WTF?


That’s because a juror is coming back into the game.

Southern Charm

They are going to poop themselves when Victor comes back in the jury buyback and takes them out


Glad they aren’t giving in to Paul and Vic’s game. They would have ridden all the way to final 2. This makes it less predictable. If Victor goes home, I honestly have no idea who would win this game (first time in forever), since they all seem to be going against each other hahaha. Loving this season honestly.

nat's game (Using James as her personal working B*tch)

Nat is a beast. She is straight using James to get vic out and told james straight to his face to act like nat does not know anything. Everyone here got to give it up to nat. She found the perfect guy as a shield and to do all of her dirty work. She may have to kiss james 2 more times to get to the end. i can guaranty that james will leave the house before Nat.


weak troll


I don’t think she’s using James on a personal level. But if she uses him as a shield gamewise then good for her. That’s what smart players do.

Chilltown 2.0

Vic is the right move but it is upsetting. Nic and Corey are pathetic but survive another week because James is a puss* boy. I wanted my girl Bridge to win the Battle Back but all that does is strengthen Natalie and her b!tch. Might as well have Vic come back and hope he and Paul win and take out any combo of the 2 showmances.

At this point Paul is the most deserving winner of BB and I like Vic so he would be a worthy winner. Additionally not a fan of Nat but she has made some moves to be a winner (but just such a whiner) and don’t care for Mic. If NiCorey or b!tch boy wins that would make this season a waste.

Ughh Paulie’s eviction made BB18 fun for about a day till Paulie’s sympathy failed and painfully dragged on.


Who cares if someone “deserves” the 500k, this is BB! Not since Evil Dick has someone won who really deserved the win.


Don’t know why you think James evicting Vic is a pu$$ move. Even if no one can stand nicole/Corey it’s the best move for his game.
Personally, James is the most watchable person on here. I am a grandma and watch the feeds and BB every night. I have 6 grandkids from 14, 11, 10, 8 that are here with me all summer and I’ve had them watching BB with me for years.
In past years, they have watched BBAD with me, but NOT THIS YEAR
other than James and Nicole, it’s F this, F that! F F F F F These people have no capabilities to speak a single sentence without F F F. WAtching right now, Paul just said F 11 times in three sentences. What a moron. These guys are nasty. They talk about FTs, a$$, and when Paulie and Z were there it was soft porn after 9:00 BBtime.
Paul and Victor are the worst. Paulie was third, BRIDGETTE had the dirtiest mouth on any woman I’ve ever seen in my life. And, had her mouth not been so ugly, she would have been my favorite. I’m not a prude, but show some damn class people. Kids DO want to watch, and there are plenty of people who don’t watch the feeds or BBAD because it’s just toooooooo much. A cuss word here, or there is one thing, but F in EVERY SINGLE SENTENCE is even hard for me to listen to!


Hi Nana, I have 7 grandkids from 3 to 13 yrs old and two sons in their mid to late thirties. I too have a problem with using the F..word so much. They are adults but kind of shows their limited vocabulary, as well as I’m sure they really don’t have much respect for their parents and grandparents that some often seem to worry about. ” Hey my mom is watching this” And that was in regards to sexual talk. But they can cuss like sailors, lay in a bed playing with each other???? They have all been pigs , no one really cleans much except Vic. Surprised with the girls though. Too busy putting on makeup at 2am then going to bed! Weird. You’ve got to be somewhat vain to go on this show, but to be immature to a fault is just no excuse. I think the best season was last season with Steve winning. He played a great game. Johnny Mac was good too and even tough I like James for being a good guy really Johnny should have won AFP. But Steve pulled out the impossible against Vanessa because she got too paranoid like Paulie did. She was a better player than Paulie. Derick used his cop skills and deserve to win the season. I think Vic has put the most thought in it all once he came back. He knew who targeted him the first time and who would turn on him again. He also has a good attitude about his possible fate and I hope they do send him to jury and beat Paulie once and for all and then take out Paul, and the rest. But Nat and Vicl F2. Vic winning BB18 but the two with heart( except for James) and even with his mouth at times . He’s a guy and unfortunately being around other guys they pop bad. But all the girls,( except for Nat) especially potty mouth Meech I am not at all impressed with. Their families must be so proud. ” Hey watch my kid on BB being a douchebag” except for Paulie’s ever so wonderful father ” Mr Meet and Greet”

I is a kollage gadiate

Would someone please tell that mouth breather Michelle that the word is “eSpecially,” not “eXpecially.”


dammit! we cant all be perfect specimens like you im sure its extremely painful for you to have to deal with idiots like meech in your life.. well not exactly IN your life but we get it you have to watch them on tv thats so effin crazy man how do you deal with it!! i mean seriously what kind of dumbass cant pronounce words correctly!


They are ALL after James!
I know I’m in the minority here, but…. You all who bash James and his game play. Go back and look at the feeds shortly after POV comp.
Paul in safari room telling Vic that everything is going according to plan. Next is James. They will take the three girls to 5 and nat/mich to final4.
At the EXACT SAME TIME, James is in HOH with Natalie telling her he knows Vic/Pauls plan. To take the three girls then the two. The SAME THING Paul just said.
Why would James NOT evict Vic? no matter what, his “odds” are better. Vic stays in, James goes up, he has NO competitor who has his back. It’s Vic, Paul, Michelle, and Nicole (or Corey) gunning him for voting their lover out. Only Natalie, and that’s IF she stays loyal. Corey or paulie come back in jury buy back they’re gunning for him as well for just evicting him. So, if Vic is evicted and comes back, it’s same as if he hadn’t been evicted but James still has an extra number on his side for not evicting Corey or Nicole.
Paulie comes back over Vic, paulie sides with James for keeping Corey and James won’t let him forget it.
James knows what he’s doing. He’s not telling Natalie everything he’s thinking. He’s smart enough to keep her still on an as needed basis on what he tells her. Just what he’s doing tonight.
IMO, playing a great game. LOwkey, babysitting Natalie, making it LOOK like he’s not really into things.
I’m for James. He’s the least annoying person in that house.
Paul is sketch Paulie junior
Victor-read some old posts on here….refresh your memory
Nicole/Corey just disgusting
Natalie- the most self absorbed woman I’ve seen on BB in a long time! ME ME. ME. ME. ME.
Michelle- same as Victor- she’s a liar, bombastic, annoying human being.


“Natalie- the most self absorbed woman I’ve seen on BB in a long time! ME ME. ME. ME. ME.”

I guess that’s why when a girl in the house was crying Nat was usually the one there comforting her.

Tiny trump hands

Uh yea, Nat is putting herself first, just like every BB winner has done. Why are woman always supposed to be a doormat and sacrifice themselves and be “nice” or else be accused of being selfish?


James knows their plans. Of course he does, production told Natalie to work with Corey and Nicole and I’m sure they told James that information so he’ll vote out Vic.

An Apple A Day

Well I can’t stand the thought of any of them winning besides Paul if Victor goes home. I’d even prefer Michelle over Nat, James, Cory or Nicole. Derick WAS strategic and controlled his game start to finish These people are TRUE floaters, never in control, hiding in corners, sleeping the days away, sucking at comps. At least Derrick was smart, and carefully carried out his plan without even his closest ally realizing he was doing it. I can’t stand most these peoples’ game play. Paul deserves to win if Victor goes home. And James is NOT my favorite player. I’m even done wanting Nat or James to get AFP.


You have joined the hive mind. Check back weekly for your new opinions.


Natalie is killing me here. Victor is without a doubt a huge threat that needs removed. BUT! Assuming they don’t know about the jury buy-back (do they?) and they get Vic out this week, that, as far as they know, leaves Corey, Nicole, James, Nat, Paul, and Meech. If Nicole or Corey win HOH then ya, maybe they won’t put James or Nat up. So let’s say they put up Paul and Meech, with Paul as the target. Great! Unless…Paul wins POV. Do you think Nic/Corey are going to use the other as the replacement? Of course not! So up goes James or Natalie, and now the voters are the other half of Nicory, Paul, and James/Nat, whichever is off the block. All Paul has to do is sway Nicory and you’ve lost your partner.

If they try to backdoor Paul it’s an even worse setup for James and Nat because if Paul wins he could pull off Michelle to pull her to his side, as they’d both be ‘singles’, and then James and Nat are against each other, again, one goes home. Of course this discounts the buy-back, (hoping for Vic to jump right back in if they send him out!) and is dependent on Paul winning the POV. But the smarter play still seems obvious (at least to me) to split up Nicory.


You’re never going to know how things will play out. Well, unless you’re Derrick. You can be screwed no matter what. So just make the move you want and cross your fingers. 15 people lose in the end.


umm nats brazilian vics mexican pauls armenian and james is asian what you talkin bout willis

Fun fact

Venezuela is not in Brazil.


Is’t Vic Puerto Rican?

Trump says

It’s all the same.

I don't care

No. Nat is Venezualan and Vic is Puerto Rican.


well excuuuuuse me nat is VENEZUELAN vic is PUERTO RICAN paul is ARMENIAN and james is ASIAN.. the point is still the point and it makes absolutely no sense anyway because simon and dawg removed the racist comment so yeah theres that 🙂


Hypersensitive angry pants.


Huh? What point?


James is American of Asian decent.


thanks for your pearls of wisdom captain obviouso they’re all americans so yeah

Min O'Pause

Last I knew they were all Americans.


Vic is Puerto Rican.

Here's an idea

Why don’t we just get rid of HoH noms. Every week the HoH will get a letter from fans telling them who to put up. That way nobody will have to go online and make personal attacks on people for not reading their minds and doing what they wanted.

Here's another idea...

…if you don’t like it, stop reading!

Big Dawg

James is a nut less pussy, Natalie is dumb as fuck, Meech a wasted America’s package. Nicole will float her way to 500k. Please boo the fuck out of these 3 idiots. Victor should get America’s favorite.


I’ll cheer for and vote for whoever I want.

peer pressure

just vote vic for afp He’s the best and should win bb18, but was voted out by james and “the worst top 5” alliance in bb history.
Vic’s an all-star just like paul.
I blame America for this loss. Voting big meech for co-hoh
Good luck in november morons
#Feel the Bern

Team Vic!

More reason to vote Vic the care package since it obviously is coming into play with whoever reenters, Why Corey is getting the votes is beyond me, i see that poor goat he almost burned with frat bros ev time i look @him! VOTE VIC!

2nd year fan

At this point I may vote for Paul for ACP but who knows. I am a novice BB fan so I don’t really see at this point in the game, with so few HG left, how a BB bribe would be a big help to anyone. Hope someone can explain before the 25th!




I saw that someone said if Victor gets evicted and comes back he should win the game and get all the jury votes because he’d be the first person to come back twice. I’m sorry, but that is one of the least logical things I’ve ever heard. It seems to me that because Victor made one move that America desperately wanted to see, people are becoming a little blind. If Victor fights his way back twice, that means he got EVICTED twice in one season. Basically, the people who say Victor should win if he comes back again are really saying that Victor, the guy who’s social & strategic game are so bad that he got kicked twice, should win. How does that make any sense?! Granted, people have been returning to the BB house since season 3 so returning hgs is just apart of the game, so returning once isn’t enough to deny him the win, but I would draw the line at twice.


Seems !oke you’re saying if vic wasn’t liked enough to get evicted twice why should he win?
One idea is that it wasn’t his fault when he was evicted. He could have been evicted when Frank was and never had a chance. It just so happens the times he was evicted CBS decided to have buy backs. Blame CBS for all these stupid twists, don’t blame vic for winning them and a staying in the game so long after being out so early.


I’m not blaming Vic for coming back, the coming back has nothing to do with my argument, but the fact of the matter is getting evicted twice is concrete evidence of his game not being good. I’m not saying he should lose because he was evicted so that’s it, I’m saying him being evicted (in our hypothetical twice) shows how his game is. Also, being evicted is always the evictees fault because we’ve seen good players dodge what seemed like inevitable eviction. Just last season, I believe, Vanessa was backdoored yet still escaped eviction.


Scratch that, it’s not always the evictees fault. The coup d’état is BS


If Vic gets evicted a second time it is because he is a beast , and not due to playing bad. Paulie saw him as a threat to his game and James and Nat a threat to their game. It’s a no brainier. If Vic goes and comes back of course he deserves to be up there in the end.sorry but your argument contradicts itself. Who do you thinks deserves the grand prize?


My argument does not contradict itself. Him getting evicted for being a comp beast is the same as him getting evicted for having a bad game. Being perceived as so dangerous that he can’t risk losing a comp because then everyone will jump at the chance to get him out is not a good game. Actually, your argument contradicts itself. I don’t know what better evidence of a bad game there is than being evicted TWICE. And right now, Paul deserves it, but I don’t know who will ultimately deserve the win because it isn’t finale night yet.


I can’t even give him credit for taking out Paulie. Paul got him to do that. If he’d gone with his original plan of putting up two girls, it would be a completely different game now. That was a crucial eviction based on Paul’s strategizing. Vic is a comp beast who has really upped his social game, but he is not a strategizer. Viewers are falling for the charm, but there’s no game play substance behind it.

Natalie Sucks

Please Vic win your way back into this house and tear Natalie and James game up!!!!!!


To be fair getting rid of Vic is the right game move given that they are unaware of a jury buyback. If Victor or Paulie wins that buyback, James’ game is more likely over next week. If Day or Bridgette comes back, Jatalie will gain the most. This week is really the worst time to win HOH considering their position last week, not only that they exposed their cards they are sitting ducks for huge uncertainty next week.

Worst part is, Nicorey is just plain annoying. I really hope Day comes back and put them on the block, I want to see Nicorey squirm.


Maybe Vic getting voted out will prompt Meech to actually play the game. She is aware that as it is now she is playing for 5th place. As long as she is not nominated next week she will be one of the votes. She could potentially break up the couples if she used her brain. She probably won’t though.


Michelle is just too much to stomach. A see you next Tuesday all day long!


I think Michelle is only thinking of her stomach lol


Welcome to the wonferful world of a Hillary supporter, where facts are optional and so is reality….Good on ya!


Mods, you are mucking around with the comments in a very unfair manner. Several replies to “Hillary2016” what amounts to racist comments are left for all to see, but Hillary2016’s original comment has disappeared into thin air. Why? Shouldnt you then delete all the replies as well, otherwise they look silly as single posts. Such nonsense.

Give it a REST

I can’t speak for everyone else but *I* come here to discuss BB, not politics. I hear enough of that crap everywhere else. I’m sure you can find other groups that are dedicated to political mudslinging and name calling.


you sir are absolutely correct..

you cant speak for everyone else..


Who's truth

Put down the kool aid and eat a cookie…..


My guess is they delete the original comments and the replies automatically get reassigned to be single posts. Then they’d have to search for each reply individually with the only link being content. It’s a lot of work.


I’ve done a lot of reading here over the years but have never commented until today. I find it extremely ironic that people are calling James all manner of names for doing exactly what he should do (evict Vic) if he is trying to win the game. Even worse the same people are saying how terrible he is playing and yet wanting him to make the worst possible move ever by not evicting Vic. I don’t get it, you can’t have it both ways. I mean come on the only two people in the house that can beat James in comps are Vic and Paul and he will be getting rid of one of them. Seems like pretty dang good move to me.

Skips Mom

The problem I personally have with Natalie is that Vic not only kept Natalie safe and didn’t even put her up as a pawn a few weeks ago (when she begged like a baby to let her win Hoh but he won) and then again this week Vic kept them safe this time and went after Paulie. Natalie made a final four with Paul, James and Vic (meech was 5th) and would have stuck with that alliance had Paul won a Hoh so why did in a matter of a day she cave on her alliance with them? Whencshe needed them it was good for her and they all agreed they would go after Nicole and Corey next, and said you have my “word”, my “word is everything” “people who know me know that when I give my word i don’t ever break it” etc…….. Now that Paul won Veto, she should fight to keep Vic since she claims she would never sacrifice her “morals or integrity for a game”. Or she should stop saying that type of stuff, or Big Brither should edit her as a lying deal breaking player.

I believe the reason America gave meech the ACP was to finish the job by getting Nicole and Corey out.


You forgot the part where Vic an Paul planned on taking out James 5th and having it easy in final 4 against Nat and Munchie

Corey's burned up goat

Everything you said is 100% accurate. If I could give you a million thumbs up I would!


ZOMG, They have all went back on what they said at one point. My common sense would tell me that Vic and Paul didnt go after them because they dont view them as threats! Where as Vic and Paul are huge threats and need to be evicted for 500K. Do you get it? ANYTHING you say in BB is taken with a huge grain of salt.
It could be always worse – James could say its too soon to take them out….

The Roach Coach

Never thought I’d say it, but ready to cheer on the Paul Meech combo!
go Paul


There is no way that victor will come back in production won’t let it happen. It will be someone we least expect.


Oh no…you don’t mean?…ZAKIYAH?????OH THE HORROR!!!!!!

About to upset people

Please Meech, put James up and send him to jury.

Production’s plan was to keep Nic and Corey. She said it yesterday in the storage room.

People stop pretending like Nat is making “game moves”. She is doing what she was told. Time for her and James to go.

Just a game

BB does the same thing every year at about this time. They push forward the Caucasian players and send off any player that could be considered diverse or controversial. At the end of the day CBS wants white Christian people representing their station.

They cast with diversity in mind but white, boring, middle class, straight people will always win. They may give James a pass because he is a vet and speaks with a Southern accent, but Nat is definitely out along with Vic and Paul.

Unfortunately kids watch this show and that is what they see of the world of adults. Bravo CBS for providing such uncontroversial family programming.


Everything appears bigoted to a bigot.

Just a game

If you’re not a part of the solution then you’re part of the problem. The fact is this show is biased. I think they think that they are pandering to their viewers. If their viewers say racism and homophobia and prejudice against alternative lifestyles is what they want the station will give you that. It’s not what I want and I’m not afraid to say so.


Unfortunately, you are spot on with your comment.


Andy won big brother and he was a homosexual, so I honestly do think BB tries to pick of mix of all different religions, races, and sexual orientations.


WOW! Played both decks at once? the race card and the homophobe card? LOL Here we go again the bigot calling others bigots. Too fuc*in’ funny. How does you theory explain CBS and their love affair with that nasty skanky Frankie? No he didn’t win but CBS has been out there milking him like a cow (along with his donut licking sister who hates America) Casting has sucked in their choices of players regardless of race, religion, or political affiliation. As I have said before the true racists are the ones that make everything about race. What has you butt hurt today anyway You are a Vic fan and everyone is targeting him because he is Puerto Rican? Really? I like Vic and at this point either him or Paul deserve the win but for the people in the game playing the game you need to get rid of the strongest competitor if you want to win. The only game I know of where the strongest go the furthest is Roman gladiators. So you should do a bong hit, eat a cookie and watch Ben-Hur.

Just a game

They use Frankie because they have investments in Ariana Grande’s career, it is why they planted him in the show and gave him a great edit. They didn’t let him win though. I thought that season was going to change the prejudice that the decision makers of this show obviously have, but every season it’s the same thing.

I know it didn’t used to be like that. In early seasons you did see diversity in the end, but that hasn’t been the case in a long time.


At this point in the game, if they let Cory and Nicole continue to slip by, then they deserve to win. Everyone talks about getting them out and how much they can’t stand them, but somehow end up taking them further in the game while pissing off jurors….what the heck?!


Both presidential candidates are a disappointment. Never cared.

question Simon

“Nicole and Corey are testing each other on what information the remember about each other”.
What’s the tiimestamp Dawg? B/c just b4 that nic was giving cory a final 6 celebratory handy j


I hate that Nicole and Corey feel so smug and safe, to the point that Corey slept through the veto storm info last night, without a worry. Reassured by Natalie and James, they’re back to the same old thing, lying in bed and looking sad and confused…
The only good thing about Vic being voted out again is that he’ll hopefully beat Paulie out in the jury buy back, to further bruise Paulie’s misogynistic ego.

Manners for Meech

Does Meech ever stop eating? I ‘literally’ can’t hear half the conversations because of her constant smacking & crunching! Someone please teach her some table manners quick!!

Butters Mom

Watching after dark and Michelle is eating a KIWI skin and all… biting into it like an apple. I have never seen anyone eat a kiwi like that… even worse… the sticker was still on it and I doubt she washed it. Just a strange observation for the night.


If Victor does get evicted I hope he comes right back in wins HOH and nominates James and Nat together.


Not a fan of Nicorey, but would love for one of them to win HOH and thow James and Natalie on the block


It’s my party and I’ll sigh if I want to.

does meech get a vote

does meech get to vote




Big Brother is a big joke. The real game players, competition beasts, social strategic players get voted out by productions heavy hand.

The floaters and nobodies win a false game.

This is truly not enjoyable by any means.


Then keep the kids from watching after dark. Its from 3-6am and live so you cant really complain that your grandkids cant watch it lol


Well this happens like never! it’s 12:45am and they are all sleeping!

now what to do with my time…


Victor fan.
I am going to miss Victor.
Production… why put him there in the first place?


Production put him back so that their winners could take out a “competition beast” twice. Duh. Never mind that they told their winners to never actually win anything, making it much easier for Vic to win the competitions.


Yesssss paul! Atta boy! This is what i hoped was gonna happen (so far) either one that goes wins the jury battle back and paul/vic win the next HOH!!! Nat- never cared i was put up. Your friendship sucks, you not my boy! Although it makes sense she put them up, id respect her more without all this flip flopping and saying this game is too hard or you cant handle the heat. What?? You havnt done anything, You just have to sit and look pretty, even got a never have not pass and james to shield you!! STEP UP stop this nonsense. Oh my for real? Corey and nicbore still in the house? What a snooze fest!!! Next?

Over it

I don’t see how Nicole and Corey don’t get tired of each other. They are in bed together through the the day and night. They don’t even try to hide their showmance anymore . It’s been over 60 days and they still seem so into each other They are the most annoying couple in bb history. I remember a few weeks ago Corey was talking to Victor and Paul about Nicole following him around like a puppy dog. A minute later he goes to Nicole and snuggles next to her and tries to wake her up. They should self evict already because they are not even trying to win. I want Victor to win the Jury by back and take control of the game once again. I’m rooting for Victory to win this season because he deserves it.


Very impressed with paul.. I know i said on here he was an insecure wanna be cool kid but i also said for him to be himself he might be surprised people actually like the real him! Looks like he’s doing just that and its making for some great tv!! Lol him calling out nic/corey was awesome!! Ppl cant say he doesn’t deserve to win or there just hating cause he’s putting in WORK!!

Michelle is a moron

Michelle is a 6 year old playing the game.

When James the rat votes out Vic he will tell her 2 hours before eviction and then she will cry and then do what everyone tells her to do again.

She has zero chance of winning because she is a six year old thinking she is playing house with her sisters.

Why do I never see Natalie eating and she looks 25 pounds heavier than night one? Michelle shovels food in 24 7 and seems basically same weight as when she entered. Michelle may binge and purge..Or does Natalie secret snack hiding under beds? She isn’t fat but she clearly is bigger than when she entered. Save your “Who cares about her weight. You are what’s wrong in the world and are cyber bullying Nat Nat”