Pili – “I have to win (POV) for us to stay..holy sh!t balls.. They’re going to be livid”

POV Holder: ? Next POV May 15th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony May 17th
HOH Winner Sarah Next HOH May 20th
Nominations: ? and ?
Have Nots Brittnee and Zach
POV Players ?

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-14 21-25-13-259

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-14 21-24-49-266
12:08am HOH Everyone but PIli and Zach

Godfrey laughing saying his sister told him to stay away from the loud black girl. She said they always cast a loud black girl but this season the black girls saved Godfrey twice they are probably loving Brittnee right now.
They start talking about the task they had..

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-14 21-52-38-190

12:50am More chatting about the task

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-14 22-01-52-978

1:00am Ash and Pili
Ash – you have to win that POV
Pili – I know holy shit balls
Pili – I can’t do it Zach can’t go
Ash – part of the reason we got this far is because of him we can’t do it.. Zach can’t go .. we have to win that POV
Ash – this is a game but I don’t have that in me as a person (To get Zach out)
Pili – I can’t do it I know he’s loyal.
Ash – I know if we sit next with him in the end.. no way we’ll win.. I cannot think of sending him home.

(Watch 1 minute in)

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-14 22-14-50-701

Zach joins them.. says if he wins the POV Ashleigh goes home, if Ash wins it Zach goes home if Pili wins it they all stay and God goes home.
Pili – I have to win for us to stay
Zach – odds are in our favour don’t worry
Zach says if it’s a comp where he can help Pili he will
Zach smiles says “Sometimes you gotta look up at the Big Brother gods and say a prayer sometimes they answers sometimes they give you the middle finger”
Zach tells them he’s the number one priority on Sarah/Brittnee’s list if he goes out Zach and Kevin will be in the Jury helping them.
Pili – I don’t want to talk for Ash but I don’t think we would be in her if it wasn’t for you guys
Zach – maybe it will be something in your wheel house..
They agree if it’s a individual time competition they have to just go for it but if it’s a elimination competition they will throw it to Pili.
Ashleigh points out that Sarah won’t win with Brittnee in the end.
Zach laughs says if it’s a bucket filling comp he’ll fill his to the very top but wait until Peels fills her up.
Zach says he can’t complain he made it to final 6 and he’s fianlly “Up against the wall” he thought this was going to happen final 10 or 8

Feeds block of awhile when they come back Zach is telling them about Bruno pointing out Zach was always taking baths with the girls being the audience.
Pili wonders why they won’t put Godfrey up even if she doesn’t win the POV. Zach explains Sarah knows as long as 2 of them are off teh block they contorl the votes and will vote out Godfrey. Sarah/Brittnee are out of the DR they join the Diapers in the bathroom.

1:37am Zach in the Tub Girls reading their letters from home (If they read them outloud the feeds get cut.. yes BB is that f***ed this season)

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-14 23-09-31-744

2:08am Bath Tub Zach and Ashleigh
Talking about the the craven music festival (I’ve heard this twice now)

2:25am Brittnee and Zach Have nots
Brittnee brings up his family not mentioning Ashleigh in the letter. Brittnee says she’ll miss Sarah the most then only Zach.
Zach – we got a tight bond.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-05-15 06-29-52-497

9:45am Big Brother blocks the feeds for the nomination ceremony to take place.

10:50am The live feeds are still blocked.

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No Pili Zack is not loyal he voted to evict you wake up girl Kevin was evicted first (it means he got no votes) then it was between you and Willow you know that Ash, God and Sarah voted for you to stay that means Zack voted to evict you…please please please someone in this house lay it out for her so she understands…and Ash pulease (typo intended) you are playing for a hundred grand if you were going to just throw it away then you should have refused the invite to be on the show and let someone who really wanted to play play.


Unfortunately Ash and Pili are not playing to win?
It’s mind boggling … 1 in 5 chance at winning $100,000
You, I, and millions of others would be thrilled to have that opportunity
and to watch someone throw it away and possibly take it from others who have played their a$$es off is difficult to watch. They do not even consider how the money could enhance others lives for the better. Zack seems to be financially set. He doesn’t even need to win.
Let’s just hope Sarah or Brit win the Veto.

uh duh

its because of Zach’s loyalty that he voted for Willow to stay,…duhhhh!
He had been a lot closer to Willow then he was to Pili or Kev…..duhhhh!

River de Nial

Has there ever been a discussion between Pili and Zach that he voted for Willow to stay over Pili in the triple? Why is he not being made responsible?
Plus I hope Ash and Pili are not being serious when they say they want to give Zach the win. After all, Zach actually was dumb enough to want to take Bruno to F2. That alone shows he’s not the master player Peter Brown thinks he is. Zach would have given up $100,000 to have a bromance with Bruno. Aggressive nasty Bruno who loses control easily and intimidates physically weaker people. Did Zachary the quarterback ever call him out on that? I doubt it. So long as the bro back slapped, bear hugged, and kept proclaiming f2 to him, Zach was good bro.


What the hell is wrong with those 2 girls? They know that they cannot win beside Zach, but they cannot see him go home, though they technically will not be evicting him themselves?

Do they realize that they have 12 MORE DAYS of the season, and they are in the FINAL 6? Loyalty will not get you the fucking win at this point. No individual game and no guts whatsoever. They deserve to lose.


It’s like they have Stockholm syndrome. .they know they can’t win against him but protect him.


“Ash – I know if we sit next with him in the end.. no way we’ll win.. I cannot think of sending him home.”

can she be more of a bigger idiot?



Please for the love of the big brother god’s, let zach go home


Bare with me have not seen the feeds today(thank you Simon &Dawg) Sarah puts Zack and Ash up since there is little point backdooring anyone as everyone plays in the veto. Did it seem like Pil might have some doubt Re: that Ash will take Zach over her or is she thinking it might be time to cut him? Evan Ash even said she knows they can’t beat him in final 2…maybe I am reading into this and they are not that rational. Is the plan this week is to leave nominations the same for whoever wins veto and Zack goes hm or do you think if Pilar wins pov she will take Ash off and Godfrey goes home or if Zack wins pov Ashley goes home? I’m so lost!


Sarah n Brits plan on leaving noms the same … Zack out!
Godfrey is considering keeping Zack if he wins veto … Good ol wild card Godfrey
Ash n Pili want to save Zack???
The Kamikazes (hence the name) don’t care that if Zack comes off the block
Sarah will put up Pili … So it will be The Kamikazes on the block … Ash voted out
If Ash pulls herself off Sarah will put Pili up … Zack will most likely go home …
The Godfrey factor?
If Pili wins Veto … Saves Ash … Godfrey has to go up, there’s no one else to put up and Godfrey will be voted out. Bummer!
So basically if Sarah or Brit do not win Veto, Zack will most likely stay and either Godfrey (bummer) or Ash (good riddance) will be gone
It all comes down to who wins the Veto


Anyone have a link to the sideshow?


Ash and Pili’s new alliance name …
“The Kamikazes”


ha watcher! that’s perfect.

another name

does this mean I shouldn’t think of them as the stepford high cheer squad anymore?

another name

looking at this morning’s and this post makes me think to myself ‘no wonder the diapers handled the loss of power so well, they’ve invaded and taken over the hoh room anyway.’
pilar and Ashleigh slept there, they bathe there, they plot their moves around the bubblebath still…
I know. i’m being petty. I mean this half jokingly. but seriously, it’s not going to be long before the diapers ask everyone else to leave so they can talk in their clubhouse by the way things look.


jesus I hope somebody points out how idiotic their mentality regarding zac was during their stay in the bb house ! Their families must be soooo proud NOT ! Uuuugggghhhhh

Jesus & Nem

I hear you Bren… It shall be pointed out.


Ugh! Not only are Ash and Pili a Double Air Mattress…because they are clueless…they are a defunct Double Air Mattress. The kind with a slow leak. When you first lay down on it, you think this isn’t so bad…you might get a decent night’s sleep. Then you wake up in the middle of the night and the center has completely deflated…so that you are still sleeping on cold, hard ground…but the air still accumulated in the edges have you trapped in your suffering. It is then that you realize that all of the effort you put into setting this air mattress up was a complete waste of time because it is absolutely useless…just like Ash and Pili.


Amazingly hilarious (and spot on) analogy! Love it! LMAO


Zack’s new career after the show … “Cult Leader”

Nicholas Cage

Lol I love that Zack is still having his daily tub debriefing


I really hoping pili or ash go home they have done nothing in this game.

Old Brit resurfacing

Brit goes on about these girls being lovestruck puppy love etc etc yet she has been obsessed with Zach all season She has wanted Ash out of the way at the start of the season because of her crush on Zach she let the jealousy go once she realized Zach wasn’t into her and Ash had already staked her claim yet this week with the possibility of sending ash home and having Zach to herself shes done a 180.. don’t believe me watch the live feeds shes in the have not room in the middle of the night stroking Zach hair and back while the dude is sleeping! and just watching him in a lovestruck manner this girl is a joke..creepy as fuck takes me back to the ginamarie days she just hides her inner obsession better.. i’m immensely disappointed in her thought she was better then this guess not.

River de Nial

What???? She’s touching him while he’s sleeping? I thought I watched most of those have not room videos, and I didn’t see that. Where was that? In the videos I saw I never thought she was looking at him like she was love struck. When she turns to look at him, it’s the way most people would look at each other in that lying down position. She looked the same way at Sarah. Besides Zachary and Kevin both trolled all the girls at the beginning to find the most gullible ones for a showmance. After all, two votes are better than one, right? It’s a strategy they both used. I heard Brit talking about it and comparing notes with another girl on the live feeds. If Brit is flirting with him it’s a strategy to get his jury vote and that’s it. She’s nice to Ashleigh as well and always tries to look at her with a balanced viewpoint.


“If it’s a comp that I can help you out Pili, and if we can CHEAT, I’m gonna do it”
Latest quote from Zack


Yeah, CHEATING! Good role model there Zack!

More and more I keep losing respect for him, and it’s all due to his own words and deeds. Mind you, he is not the worst contestant any BB has ever had, he isn’t “Evil”, but……


You aint cheating you aint trying

of course on a GAME show where adults are trying to win a significant amount of money they may do/say some ‘shady’ things. Good thing this shows main demographic isnt 10 year olds.

there are no ‘underdogs’. Zach cries/complains the least, that is he the least annoying of any of the ‘competitors’ left



Oh the girls gotta go after Zack. These are complete troll morons. The girls in Diapers playing together. WTF they get out Zack so the skags get them out you are morons. Ash Pili need numbers to go after Zack late. God no trust, Pili watched Kev go by who? So help B and slam Zack complete stupidity. They need the tank til F4. No idea if he’s a tank frankly. The trolls are idiots you think this forum is filled by morons who think helping douche bag Sarah is the only “smart” move your corpses. Get under the bridge trolls. The real decision was GOD he choose the skanks b/c they in power. He Better hope Pili does not win HOH. If so he’s jury bound. Get Zack out so we can see if GOD has game!

The Truth

I wonder what motivated Ashleigh and Pillar to be on Big Brother because it certainly wasn’t the money. I almost feel they’d be happier on a show like Real World.

another name

if pilar wins veto, one of britt or sarah or godfrey (not all she’ll get intimidated) needs to say:
“pili. would Ashleigh take you to finals? good. would Zach take you to finals? oh?”
“does Ashleigh win a lot of comps? does godfrey win a lot of comps? no? oh. is Zach good at comps? oh yes he is isn’t he.”
“Zach is good at comps. Zach will take Ashleigh, not you to the finals? why keep Zach?”
“kevin wants you to do your best. is keeping Zach the best thing for pilar?”
If it’s sarah or britt add:
“we’re trying to help you and Ashleigh get closer to the finals. we told you we wanted to work with you. if you keep the nominations the same, Ashleigh is safe. pili is safe.”
if it’s godfrey add:
“yo peels man, me and ash and sarah man, we the ones that voted for you to stay, bro. Zach and Bruno voted for willow man, they wanted the chop shop more than they wanted you peels. Yo I got your back and ash has your back yo. you take off ash and I go home peels. then yo I can’t have your back. and Zach yo man peels he’s not going to take you to the end yo.”
saying anything before the veto is won is worthless.


At this point, I want Sarah to win it all, her only weakness was her emotions. Then, maybe Brit or Zach if Sarah goes. Godfrey, who I adore, next. Ash and Pili are at the bottom.


The way I see it, keeping Zach is their best option to get to the final three and then they have the opportunity to take out Zach. I believe they are smart enough to understand that Sarah and Britt will only use them to evict Zach and then turn on them. God might keep them around but it;s a coin flip.


F.Y.I. Bruno on ET Canada: & his post interview:

Strategy: He chose to put meat shields in front of him: first Graig, then Bobby then Zach.

On his eviction: Says they had to get him out on an instant OR HE WOULD HAVE SAVED HIMSELF! (wow, confident much, lol)

Lowest moment in game: he regrets his fight with Sarah. Says emotions run high but the way he described it is funny b/c he said she came into the room charging AT HIM???? Regardless he regrets it, of note when he hugged his wife in audience she asked him if he regretted his fight with Sarah which kind of tipped the hat that he should regret it (& btw why was he allowed to speak to her?)

Who he wants to win: Godfrey


He says she is a really great person and is playing an amazing game (notably he said they played similar games so maybe that’s why he spent the majority of the game targeting her)

River de Nial

Wow, seems like he’s taking a lot of heat about the Sarah incident, as he should. I’m going to have to watch that interview. The interviews I saw I thought he wanted Godfrey to win. Most of the recent jury members speak very highly of Godfrey’s game. Personally, I don’t like his throwing comps and riding the middle. But he’s got both sides of the house (excluding Zachary) fooled.


Sarah did charge at him first. People have selective memories and everything is edited in Sarah’s favor.

Bruno saved Zach because he overheard Sarah trying to get him up as the replacement nom if Zach or Kevin came down in the TE. Brit and Sarah argued for a while re Bruno vs Willow. Thus he was NOT paranoid about Sarah, he was just CORRECT about Sarah.

Bruno was in the middle of the pantry talking with Godfrey about whether they should keep Pili or Willow. Sarah came in and was very worked up about Willow. She was over leaning back against the counter. As soon as she heard them saying Pili, she starting blaming everything on Bruno for keeping Zach, accusing him of being with the Diapers all along. She was waving her arms and ran towards him and Godfrey. That is when Bruno lost it and they both screamed and used aggressive body language towards each other while Godfrey held them both back.

Neither of them should have let their emotions get so out of control, but neither is specifically to blame. Please don’t post some 1950’s moral code about it being fine for women to rage like lunatics but not men because men are “big & scary”. They were in the BB house with Godfrey and production monitoring every move.


Thank you Simon and Dawg for all you do. This season is not my favorite and I really appreciate you sitting through all the feeds to recap for the rest of us. I’m sure you’ve probably seem more blackouts than real feeds but please don’t let that deter you. I donated $15 US this morning. I’m not sure what I would do without this site as you both provide the real story and not some BS production is trying to throw at us.

Thank you.

Looking forward to your recaps of BB17 this summer 🙂


Thank You we appreciate the support 🙂 We’re very excited for BB17 too


it’s true though!
If they get rid of Godfrey, then zach will be the target in the double eviction
I don’t get why people think it’s a bad idea
just because you guys don’t like zach
think about it
in the double eviction, it will be either Sarah and Godfrey vs pili and Ashleigh or Sarah vs pili Ashleigh and zach

another name

keeping Zach because its double eviction week would be a sound theory if they knew for certain it was a double eviction week. they don’t. with all the recent twists and turns, anything at all could happen in the next two weeks in their minds. they’ve speculated what would happen so much, that the hg’s have gone so far as to suggest that maybe three people will sit before jury, and that’s why the jury is so big.
there are pro’s and con’s to keeping him for Ashleigh and pilar. they’ve got to weigh his strength as a competitor to help them get to the end, versus his strength as a competitor to beat them if they get to the end.


Good lord, Pili and Ash are the most UN-ENTERTAINING things I have
ever seen grace my television. Seriously, whoever in casting deserves
to be fired!!!!


I think the key point which, or at least, should influence Ash and Pili’s decision is that Zach isn’t coming after them. He is targeting Sarah and Brittany. So by default that could mean a final four for them, at minimum. After S & B comes God, Final 3.The problem with Sarah’s, and I am no Sarah hater, in fact I think without her in the house this season would have been extremely less entertaining, propositions to others to join her, is that it’s for her benefit only. Forming an all girl alliance to get the boys out looks good on paper, however it substantial benefits Sarah by getting her biggest enemy out (Zach) and would hurt A & P by getting their ally out. After Zach is evicted, it would be Pili and then Ash. Ash thinking they can’t beat Zach is fair, but she can’t beat Britt, Sarah, or God either. This is some benefit to sticking with Zach, he is targeting 3 big players, S & B only 1. There is also some value to jury members in showing loyalty to an alliance you have had for the hole show.


I know it’s weird but I wan Bee and Zack to hook-up! The would make a nice couple…


Good grief!…I think there has already been an oveload of showmancing this season. I also think it would be benificial to the ‘game’ aspect of BB if showmances were punishable (as a game feature) if caught or found out by other houseguest. It would promote discretion and encourage actual game play.


Craven music festival is a 3 day country jamboree held near a town called Craven in Sask. They get some pretty big names playing there. As much as I dislike Zach (and country music), it’s kind of fun to hear them talk about local things like that!


When are nominations happpening?


They’ll likely be happening fairly soon / this morning.


Why is there so much down voting on these posts? Must be Pilar and Ashleigh’s families or something

Sasquatch Proud

Nah, it’s just one single pathetic butt-hurt Zach troll with a workaround on the thumbs trying desperately to salvage some PR for the jerk. You think he has more than one fan left? Inconceivable!

Peels still has some real fans, and Ash…no comment – the poor girl’s gonna suffer enough.



The Truth

@ Dyl. I was wondering the same thing. Seems like more than normal.

Ms Anthrope

Yeah i agree, there are way too many downvotes on these posts all of a sudden. There are Ash Zach and Pili fans but all of a sudden they come out of the woodwork en mass and start downvoting everyone. You would think the popularity poll would reflect all those Diaper fans if that is so. You can only vote once a week (i think) on that one which is a good thing.


I down vote anything that involves:

1) Saying negative things about Bruno unless they are rational and balanced, I am female and I am tired of the unfair labels Sarah/Britt fans paint him with.

2) Praising Sarah & Britt unless it is a simple fact based comment. e.g. Britt has a nice resume, even if it is partly thanks to production.

3) Saying that those of us who can’t stand the self absorbed, sanctimonious, hypocritical snake Sarah are trolls. Some people love Sarah, but more people don’t. Popularity polls are often misinterpreted. Yes, Sarah is in more people’s top 3 favorite HG than anyone left (by a very narrow margin), but even with Bruno gone (who was top 3/4 for weeks) she is still only in the top 3 list of 23% of people voting. That means 77% of the people voting here don’t like her enough to even place her in the top half of the 6 HG left.

The Diaper alliance are the least popular, but as a group, they have as many fans as Sarah does. Remember that popularity is never just about one houseguest in a vacuum. Brit was rated below the seagull until she lucked into winning the TE (Britt 6, Bruno 5 in a Q&A). Obviously her new popularity is based on the nomination of the Diapers and her (by default) becoming close to Sarah again.

I am not a Diaper fan, so I don’t down vote critiques of them unless the comments are extremely rude/immature/include personal attacks of other comments, etc.

[Team Black & Bru here. In deep mourning for Bru (taken out by such a BS power handed to the targets at F7) and still rooting for Black! Other than that, I am all about the Seagull.]


Get Zack out of the HOH ROOM. jeeez what a self entitled spoiled brat.

River de Nial

What, Zachary leave? He’s an institution there! Plus he provides nice eye candy for the girls. I think Sarah wants them there. She had been complaining right after she won that only Brit was visiting her. This way she can keep tabs on them. What if the HOH had to leave the room to go talk to them, which is what she had to do initially.

another name

in considering Ashleigh’s thought that they had to keep Zach: of course she would.
she thinks both pilar and Zach would take her to finals.
upon consideration of her hoh, she should be thinking play up the idea that her hoh was useless and she has no case to plead to the jury. That way she would increase her chances of being taken to final three by more people. If she’s still on the block on eviction night and doesn’t say she’s a perfect candidate to take along because all she can tell the jury is she was a member of an alliance that contributed a vote every week, she’s missing an opportunity.


Have they been told or suspecting a double eviction yet?
Imagine Sarah and Brit…up on the block…for the 2nd eviction? Lol don’t break my thumbs down button.

Yo Bro

Godfather, yo keep your mouth shut man, you just gave it away. Are you trying to get on the block!?

But Ashley sure pulled one over on Sarah, what a slickster! roflmao