Nomination Ceremony Results! “She’s willing to do whatever to protect his game.”

POV Holder: ? Next POV May 15th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony May 17th
HOH Winner Sarah Next HOH May 20th
Nominations: Zach and Ashleigh
Have Nots Brittnee and Zach
POV Players ?

8:20am Big Brother wakes up the house guests.
UP in the HOH room – Sarah and Brittnee breifly talk about Sarah’s nomination speech. Brittnee says its still the best plan. If this guys the target.. If you think sitting in the final two with him is a win… you’re lost. Sarah says that’s it exactly. That’s exactly what I’m thinking. That’s perfect. Brittnee says I know you’re going to do great! Just Great! It is going to be so cool to see you up there. Sarah says I can’t believe it. Brittnee says I knew it was going to happen. Brittnee heads down stairs to cut up fruit for Sarah and then returns with it. Ashleigh and Pili come to the HOH bathroom to get ready. Sarah and Britt lay in the HOH bed. Sarah says I just want to say the right thing. Brittnee comments I didn’t hear them building anything. Sarah says yeah weird!
9:15am Big Brother tells the house guests to report to the HOH room for a lock down.

9:43am – 11:20am Big Brother blocks the feeds.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-05-15 08-23-47-449

11:20am When the feeds return – Sarah and Brittnee are in the HOH room talking. Brittnee says I think that she would get rid of Zach. Like I hope this week goes okay. I hope that you, me or Godfrey win veto. Sarah says or Ashleigh. Britt says yeah and then Pili would go up. Brittnee says you did a great job I know its not easy. Sarah says it’s not, although she just did it to me. She would do anything to protect Zach even though its not in her best interest. I don’t think they liked the king thing. Brittnee says you told her she was going up. She will be pissed if she goes home before he does. Sarah says she shouldn’t have made that deal with him. Brittnee says she is willing to do whatever to protect his game. Sarah asks this is the most logical decision right. Because Pili leaving wouldn’t be the best move. One of them (Zach or Ash) is going home. I think I should have convinced Kevin to nominate Zach. Brittnee disagrees and thinks Kevin would have told Zach.

11:35am In the bedroom – Pili tells Ash that I want them to think I will not use it on you. Whatever happens with the veto, we’ll see.. Fricking Fricking Frick! I need to win the veto to make sure one of you don’t go home. Ash says she lies .. final 4 with the girls. It was a lie. Pili asks does she really want to go to the final 2 with Brittnee? Ash says she didn’t want us to think she would pick B over us. Everything she says is for the game. Pili says if I go up against Zach .. he would go home. If I go up against you .. you would go home. Ash says either way you wont go home. Ash says I want to stay loyal to the people I have been working with and to go to the end and duke it out. He deserves to be here. Pili “I want to dig into her [Sarah] head … like into her brain” Pili says I’ve never wanted to win something (the veto) so bad. Ash says Big Brother please make it a veto where Zach and I can help Pili win. Pili says please give me a secret veto. I promise I would make a big move and use it..

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-05-15 08-32-23-992

11:40am – 12:05pm Zach joins Sarah and Britt in the HOH room. He tells Sarah that she did great. It’s not easy standing up there. Zach says he thinks the Veto comp will be tonight. They comment on how they hope they get a guest host for it. Zach says that he is so glad his mom and sister are coming to the finale. They talk about how there was so much good stuff in their letters. Zach checks the living room tv and tells Sarah and Britt is says “POV Competition Today!” Zach says it sounds like nothing was built out there. ..We walk out there.. oh guess what Canada has voted!

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-05-15 08-44-04-587

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-05-15 09-17-00-268
12:10pm – 12:40pm In the bathroom – Zach tells Pili if Ash wins we can maybe sell the story for her to put up Godfrey instead of you. He tells her that she and Ash have to celebrate the being in the final 4 with Sarah & Britt and how Zach gone is the best for both of you.
Zach heads to the bedroom and fills Ash in on the plan. Zach tells Ash if you win the veto .. you and Pili go up to Sarah and Britt and celebrate the final 4. Then sell the story that you can’t beat me. I have to go. Sell the sh*t out of the final 4 with them. Zach says for them to prove their loyalty to the final 4 they need to put up Godfrey. Pili will sell to them that Zach gone is best for me and Ash. I will sell the fact that I’m done. I’m gone. Then we send Godfrey home and surprise the sh*t of them.

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This is going to be a great week 🙂


Looking good so far.


The evil part of me kinda hope Ash wins veto so she then has to choose between evicting her best-friend or her boyfriend.


That would actually be AWESOME!!!!


She would probably use it on Zachula instead of herself. Every decision she has made in this game has been for his benefit over her own. Her dumb ass would sacrifice her safety to secure his without a second thought.


I wonder if Ash finally realizing the she and Zack won’t have a future would impact that vote. 😉


I have no idea how this week is going to turn out. If Pili really does win POV (which she doesn’t even know what it stands for) and she takes Zach off the block it’s going to be nuts.

Why don’t these girls realize he is winning the game if they leave him in…smh.

God better be lying to Zach when he tells him he would use the Veto on him. If he does he is dead to me.

Obviously I hope Brit or Sarah win it and leave it the same anything else will suck. Ashleigh going home is still good but not good enough, it needs to be ZACH.


If Godfrey wins veto and uses it on Zach, he would go down in history as the best BB Canada player ever!


Why do people continue to say the girls are dumb for taking Zach far in the game? Throughout the entire season they have worked as a coherent alliance and yet Sarah & B (and many of the commentators) complain it is a bad move?

When you are in an alliance you should vote with the alliance, otherwise it’s not an alliance! When it gets down to 5 or 6 people I understand the need to turn on each other. But this kind of talk has been going on for weeks. It feels like people are just repeating Sarah & B’s propaganda.

The Truth

Up until this point it has been smart for Pili and Ashleigh to stay with Zach . However this week would be a prime time to get rid of him without feeling like they betrayed him. If Zach were to go next it isn’t out of the realm of possibility that Sarah and Britt would be willing to evict Godfrey in favor of an all girl finale. (Not that I want Godfrey to go) But it would definitely increase their odds collectively of making F2 without him.


LOL, Adel saving Jon [and Neda] during his HOH gave him fifth place. Is saving the guy who is obviously the most popular among the jury and is obviously the most physical threat the best move for him during that time? His fifth place finish can answer that question.



Godfrey is just covering all his bases, in case Zach wins the veto and stays in the game. Godfrey will not make the same mistake that Bruno made. If Godfrey sticks with Brittnee and Sarah, he could make it to the final 3. Brittnee & Sarah know that Ashleigh has too many votes on that jury. Ashleigh has not played a great game, but there are a few members of the chop shop who are likely to overlook that out of some bizarre loyalty to her.


How would all of you that were pro Sarah and Britnee last week feel if Pilar gets handed a secret veto now? Ain’t gonna happen but it would be the same unfairness!
Geezus that would be funny!


Firstly…if it was to happen again it prolyi would be a vote so Pili and Ash would never get it..
but..if they somehow did get one…I am intelligent enough to realize that this is BBCAN which always has a million twists…I would be sad to see one of my favs go but I wouldn’t bitch and moan that it was unfair becuase this is how the game is
Diaper fans don’t know how to do anything but bitch and moan though and watch their lil girls play their mans game like lil dummies


I get playing a loyal game, but Ash has been told (as has Pils by Kevin no less) that Zach has to go. She’s been warned he had other alliances and doesn’t care.

And for the FIRST TIME IN 58 DAYS she is actually having to play the game. The fact she can’t see that Britt/Sarah have had it really hard and been playing for weeks while all she did was paint her nails do her make-up and laugh at S/B or get annoyed they had the gall to play BB just proves how self centered she is.

The initial group who took her in only did because she was in the right place at the right time, had a pretty face and mostly because she was so malleable. Furthermore is she not aware she was Zach’s fourth choice? He hit on 3 people prior to settling on her?

I think Ash and Pils could be in for some real heart ache when they leave. Ash will throw Pils under the bus to save Zach which makes it so hard to watch Pils throwing away her game for both her BFF (who has lied to her & would give her up for Zach) and her BFF’s fake boyfriend.

Ash is going to deal with being labeled a complete ditz once she leaves the house. Whether she is or not, the fact remains Zach has told multiple people he’s only 50% into her (big surprise), and when she learns the Purple Cobra’s were real, he had a F2 with JP and Bruno and a F3 with JP & Kevin. What will hurt her the most is seeing Zach’s DR’s where he basically told Canada how he was just playing her to do what he wanted. Or when he was on the couch laughing with JP over the fact Ash gave him a hand job. (real classy guy)

I’m hoping it’s all a moot point and that Godfrey wins POV since he knows he needs to ensure Zach’s exit. It will be interesting to see what happens, but this is one comp I doubt he’ll throw.

Barring that hopefully Sarah, Britt or Ash win (in that order). I just don’t want Pils to win it. In fact it might be good if Ash won and Britt/God didn’t tell Ash who they were voting to keep so Ash’s vote would show Pils she would have taken Zach to F2. That might (MAYBE) get her to see Ash wasn’t really going to take her to F2!

I can’t speak for others, but in my opinion it’s why so few people like Zach. He’s had a TERRIBLE read of the house and what people would do. In fact, one could argue he’s as malleable as Ash since he’s believed people who were lying to his face. I keep hearing how Zach has played a good game but he’s the ONLY HOH who put up his closest ally and left him on the block when he had a chance to take him down!

Please get him out followed immediately by one of these inane goblins.


I totally agree! That is why I practically gave myself a black eye yesterday…when I face-palmed at Ash convincing Pili that they wouldn’t have made it this far without Zachula and therefore, should stay loyal to him. How exactly has Zachula saved them this whole game? The one time he gets an HOH, his closest ally goes home. He has made deals with everyone and hasn’t really proved any loyalty to them at all. In fact, Ash and Pili are the ones who have saved HIS ass time and time again. And if they weren’t aligned with him, they wouldn’t have been on anyone’s radar.

If Sarah isn’t seeing through Pili’s bad lying and really believes…that after all of this time of them giving her and Britt the run-around, never committing to a 4-girl alliance, Ash never authentically talking game with them, Ash going back on her word to Britt by putting her up and trying to get them both out just the week before…now that Sarah finally has the power, NOW they want to work with her and commit to a 4-girl alliance? I sure hope Sarah is just humoring Pili. She HAS to know that anything those two say BEFORE Zachula gets evicted is bullshit. And if she allows them to pull the “prove to us that you are loyal to the 4-girl alliance by putting up Godfrey instead of Pili if one of the noms comes down” crap, then I will be forced to give up completely.

First of all, the ONLY reason Godfrey should go up as a replacement is if Pili wins veto and takes Ash off (worst case scenario). If either nominee comes down and Pili doesn’t have veto, Sarah HAS to put her up. She doesn’t have to prove anything to those twats. They certainly didn’t prove anything to her and Britt the week before. I would hope that Sarah HAS to know that breaking up Count Zachula and his Undead Handie-Maiden is more important than getting rid of a guy. It doesn’t matter if they lose a girl in the process, one half of that couple HAS TO GO!

Sarah has to see that Ash and Pili wanting to work her and Britt now…conveniently when Sarah is making decisions about who will go on the block…is just as fake and manipulating as when Jon and Neda suddenly wanted to work with Allison, right before she had the power to save Arlie. That was one of the dumbest moves I have ever seen on this program (aside from Marcellas not using his veto on himself). And we all know how that turned out. (I still wonder how the game would have been different if Arlie’s Angels had been able to happen.)

Anyway, I am worried that Sarah’s want for this all-girl final four…is going to cloud her judgement about Ash and Pili’s sincerity. If Pili wins the veto and takes Ash off, then at least that is something Sarah can’t control and will be forced to put up Godfrey…who will then get voted out. She will know that Ash and Pili were lying…but at the cost of Godfrey’s game. If she puts up Godfrey for ANY other reason than that, it will be her own stupid mistake that sends Godfrey home and keeps the Diapers in the game…gunning after her and Britt…which will most likely send Sarah right out the door after him in the double eviction (very similar to Allison’s mistake and eviction immediately after).

This is why I hope that Godfrey wins this veto. If there was ever a time in this game to stop throwing comps and start destroying them…it is now! Not only does he have to win it to protect himself from going up, but it doesn’t matter what he decides to do with it. A diaper will go home no matter what. Even if he does pull a Brono and save Zachula with it, Sarah will have no choice but to put up Pili…and the Undead Handie-Maiden will finally get a stake in the heart.

Yo bro, Godfrey better make this veto comp his bitch, yo!

(Sorry for long post…had to get rant out of my system)
TL;DR: Pili can’t win veto or Godfrey goes. Godfrey has to win to ensure his safety and that a Diaper goes home…preferably Zach or Ash.


Britt and Sarah have made a few questionable moves this week. And again they mistrust Godfrey. First they tell him to align with the girls then they question his loyalty.
I am losing faith in S/B in the extreme.


If Pili won POV I wonder if Godfrey would tell her and Pili that Zach wanted Godfrey to use the POV on Zach. And if used they would just vote out Ash. Letting them know that both were dispensable, esp Ash, might make Pili hesitate using it. Then again Zach could talk his way out of it with this pair.


i have no idea why pili is worried about zach leaving when zach did not even vote for her OR kevin to stay last week… two members of their “diaper” alliance were on the block and zach voted to keep willow! wake up! zach is not loyal! ashleigh and pili are soooo dumb if they try to save zach this week. especially pili, zach has no plans on taking her to final 2 and he’d definitely beat them both in the end. i have no idea what they are thinking.

River de Nial

I hope at least Pilar is pretending to go along with Ashleigh and by extension saying she trusts Zach. Weren’t ash and P told about the Chop shop? Did they know that Willow was part of that alliance? In return for the veto maybe Bruno made Zach vote to keep Willow. I hope Pilar at least figured that out but is not letting on that she knows as she wants to keep Ash’s support.


Listening to Britt and Sarah as opposed to Ash and Pilar one sees the difference in maturity between both sets of girls.


i can’t comment? i donated 2 cents


You actually did donate 2 cents… Thanks


This is why fans don’t like players like Pilar and Ash. They can’t think for themselves. It’s one thing to play a Collobortor game, but at the end of the game you have to think about how best to position yourself at the end.

This is exactly what happened to Cody last season, and he was left wondering why the jury didn’t think he did much (granted Derrick himself had a easy season filled with bad players). You can’t be a partner to someone who’s done more than you have or is perceived to have done more. Then you just look like a puppet to the jury.

Hopefully anyone but Zach or Pilar wins Veto. I hope Godfrey wouldn’t be stupid and keep Zach.

It would be funny if Ash won and had to show her true loyalties.


And of course by “think for themselves” you mean to play the other side’s game for them. The side that has been openly gunning for them since the start of the game?


No, I’m not saying they should play into the hands of the other side of the house, I’m saying they should play for themselves.

If they were smart gamers (which we’ve known all along they aren’t) they would cut Zach this week in round 1, and then target Britt in round 2. Then the two people in the house with the greatest chances of winning would be in the jury.

A skilled player would see this, however the goblins are anything but.


Why would Godfrey save Zack? Was this a conversation. The difficult part of watching Godfrey, and it has been his game. No matter who he is having a conversation with it sounds like he is with them. He is in the middle and in a great spot. He played an awesome game not talking game and going on about weeks to come. He just waits to see who have the power and goes with it. Whereas the rest make it sort of obvious of what they are doing. He also doesn’t seem to spend a whole lot of time with anyone … so everyone believes he has no close alliances. GREAT GAME. If the diapers win he may go home … hoping he will try to the veto and keep the noms the same know he won’t have to compete with Zack moving forward.


That’s why he has been #1 target for 4 or 5 weeks. It’s a good game strategy unless people see it, which they have. The only reason he is still here is because there were larger, outspoken targets like Cindy, Greg, Neha, Sarah etc..


The reason Godfrey could save Zach is because of Zach goes home it would be 4 girls and God. If he gets scared of the girls like Bruno did he might save Zach


Neither Brit or Sara deserve to be in the end unless they give credit to production assisting them. Like shouldn’t this game be somewhat fair? Brits super power was a bit much effectively rendering Ashley and her earned HOH worthless. This late in the game a power such as this ruins the integrity of the game. The winner this season will have an asterisk next to their name


I feel pillar wins the veto somehow most likely by Ash helping or throwing it to her, BB always seems to end up that way whoever needs to win will win. as long as Zach goes home i care less who wins pov besides Zach of course. The Godfather for the win Baby – in my best Godfrey voice


watching Pilar trying to strategize is just the worst. “what do we do next?” “What do I say to them?” “Who do we want to go home?” “Im so lost”….that about sums up her strategy.


hellya ashleigh and zach are go sarah!


I’m just shocked that someone would fight their way to get to be on Big Brother and choose to sacrifice themselves for someone elses game. Ash wants Zach to win no matter what (“he deserves this.”) It just absolutely amazes me.


If you took the quote “he deserves it” from the above summary, it actually says “He deserves to be here.” (I cut it from above) which is totally different.

Moronita Pilar

Sarah and B still believe that Assleigh and Moronita (#TeamAirheads) are capable to follow a common sense, logic, while Assleigh and Moronita are constantly repeating that they should do whatever it takes to save Zach and therefore to have a shot at fighting for the 2nd place…

It’s truly frustrating. The two airheads are just a huge casting mistake! Booo Robyn Kass — very bad job!


hen ash and pili were taking alone i got the impression that they thought mostly that now is a chance to get zach out witout having to be the ones doing it to him? it was on AD before noms and zach’s misting

pili gets dissed a lot but she is pretty aware of the game and i think she has tried a few time to talk sense into ash at least….ehether that trnslates into not using the veto if she wins it remains to be seen

in othe words dont assume her ESL is an IQ or BB playing IQ failure so much as a mistranslatin….


although i did like the outcome of this twist and power, i do not like how BB is just having a twist every week or every other week, i am a fan of the good old days of HOH, POV, and eviction with the random HG getting voted back in the house as the only “twist” all these secret vetos and powers and other twist makes the game less enjoyable to me. its like BB trys to force the game to be played and they open themselves to criticism and scrutiny about fans saying BB is fixed or production is helping a certain HG (which they do not do). Stop the Twists BB.


I agree to a point. While I don’t mind having the twists, this will be the third week in a row and the 6th house guest evicted with some thing going on (Triple Eviction, Secret Superpower, now Double Eviction). I feel like these should have been spaced out every couple weeks from the start (the triple eviction and the instant eviction should have traded places timing wise IMO) instead of all crammed in at the end.

I also think the way the super power was granted was stupid (even though I’m glad Britt got it and switched things up). It should have been available through the whole game for someone to find (like an immunity idol on Survivor), and had an expiry (like they could have it for 4 weeks… it could still have the rule that it must be used but they have the option of which of the 4 weeks to use it, which could screw over the power holder if they waited until the 4th week… I like that that would have a possibility of holding it backfiring).


Brit and sarah had to fight since week one. They déserve to win. B ‘s power last week, she earned it also. She made herself liked by Canada and fough to win it agaisnt sarah. We can have opinions on a power so late in the game, but one cant say that those 2 girls havent had it hard and had to play the game for weeks in order to be where they are now with or without special power. In fact, B and sarah are the most deserving of a win at the moment followed by God.


For those who complain about the powers would you rather have a season like last year and the year before on BBUS. So predictable and some of the HG were bad. I think Canada has it right … put another aspect the game having to play to Canada too. So glad it wasn’t a season of the diapers making week after week to the end. Made the game much more amazing.

another name

the ‘tell them they have to nominate godfrey to prove loyalty’ scheme is, in my mind, the most asinine thing I’ve ever heard. they can easily say okay, and double cross once the pov is used.


Zach has put a serious mist on Ash and Pili it’s sad really. There families must be shaking their heads and screaming at the computer listening to these two girls. Zero game, zero strategy just let someone else dictate their fate in the game. RIDICULOUS!!!


as ashleigh always talked like this? she talks like shes trying to sound like out of it or something, thats not the voice i remember on episode 1 in her intro. she is so damn bland, too bland for tv.

I know her.

I know ash personally from high school. All I have to say is, she is exactly the same person that you see on TV. She was never the sharpest tool in the tool box. As much as I want ash to win, I’d rather see Brit win for Calgary!


Well, we’ve seen Ash’s acting skills…so I think we know.