Big Brother Canada 3 – Part of the Pizza Pizza TASK shown on the live feeds

POV Holder: ? Next POV May 15th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony May 17th
HOH Winner Sarah Next HOH May 20th
Nominations: ? and ?
Have Nots Brittnee and Zach
POV Players ?

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-05-14 15-23-10-407

2:45pm – 6:25pm Big Brother blocks the feeds for the house guests to compete in a task. Shortly before the feeds were blocked there was a live feed leak of the “Pizza Pizza” task setup. Pre-season press releases stated “Pizza Pizza – Returns to sponsor a themed task where they will win a savoury reward if they successfully complete the task.”

6:25pm The live feeds return only showing camera view 1 – with Sarah and Brittnee competing in the Pizza Pizza task!! Sarah and Brittnee are tied together with a large apron. The task is for them to try pizza’s and then pick out the ingredients on those pizzas. Sarah and Britt make their choices and then tell Big Brother they’re locking in their answers. Big Brother tells them to head up to the board and celebrate locking in their answers. Sarah tells Brittnee that she just “tooted” Brittnee says I know I can smell it! You can’t toot in the same t-shirt!! Sarah says that’s what happens when I get excited! Sarah and Britt go up to the front to be filmed locking in their answers. They high five. Big Brother then tells them to head inside and go to the main bedroom. They’re instructed to not communicate any of their answers with the other house guests.
Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-05-14 15-25-32-750

Task Teams:

  • Sarah & Brittnee
  • Asleigh & Godfrey
  • Pili & Zach

6:45pm The live feeds are still only shown on camera view 1. Which is now just of the main bedroom with the house guests (Sarah, Brittnee, Ashleigh and Godfrey) sleeping. Zach and Pili are now competing together in the challenge but it is not shown on the feeds.

6:50pm Big Brother blocks the feeds again ..

7:20pm Still blocked.

9:04pm Still blocked.
10:15pm Still blocked.

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-14 19-53-54-200

10:53pm looks like everyone got a letter from home they are all tearing up. Have nots get to eat pizza.
Zach is reading a letter from his sister.

Brittnee, Sarah, Pili and Zach talking about After dark. They have no idea what it shows they think it’s edited live feeds. Zach mentions that Global is huge. They are thinking the season is a HUGE success this year.
Sarah says it’s been such an amazing season so many twists.
Brittnee and Zach agree.
(No idea where Ash and God are)
They laugh about Ashleigh’s letter where her dad said “I don’t want to hurt Zach anymore”

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-14 20-43-05-509

11:42pm HOH Sarah and Brittnee
Talking about Zach and his sister how close they are. Sarah says she has bug bites (See image) She commented on how Ill she’s feeling from being on slop then eating the greasy pizza.
Brittnee – I wonder why none of Zach’s family mentions Asheligh but her family mentions him.
Sarah says Ashleigh’s letter had her rattled.
Brittnee – she’s probably thinking of the game
Sarah says the biggest moment in the game was the house flip on Jordan.

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-14 20-34-56-321

11:49pm PIli and Zach
Chatting about final 2 and Jury votes

midnight God and Ash out of the DR Pili scares them.. Sounds like some of the house guests received a special gift. Pili and Zach are the next ones called into the DR.

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go sarah and brit go!

Gandalf Nooooo!

poor Frodo…


Yay! I wish they would show all comps and task on the feeds. Then it would be interesting to compare how it actually happens on the feeds with how it is edited on the show. I’d still watch the show because it’s funny to watch how much more dramatized the events look on the show.


exactly! after all of the time/trouble they go to to set those comps up, you’d think they would want them to be seen for longer than the edited few minutes shown on TV.

I’m with you, I’d watch on the feeds, and AGAIN on the show.

It can’t be that they don’t want the winner revealed ahead of showtime, since we know that too, days in advance.

they might as well just keep the feeds open while comps are going on.


They better use some good ole Canadian bacon! Rip John Candy! Now guess my age! Ha!


hellya i agree with that


Why would production need to check their answers? Oh wait…. production has got to make sure there all correct. ROFL This is such B S this season it actually takes away from the enjoyment. Who’d of ever thought production would fix a comp?
It’s just luxury but it’s so this production team. Anyone who cannot pick out what’s on a pizza has to be an idiot. No more that 12 to 16 max ingreadents normally.
Oh by the way I prefer mom and pop’s stores for my pie 😛


oh please just turnof the channel watch another show then or you takeover production!was kevin and bruno were alot win from production 3 hoh wins


who are you to tell me anything you arrogant elitest. I watch BB because I love the show been doing it since season 1 show one. I do not like this heavy handed production B S this season. It my right to say that Frodo the troll. Actually Frodo was a hobbit go figure!. I get it Sarah’s your fav and productions so you troll for her and now production. Not gonna change my mind. Keep watching but do it from a damp dingy spot. I have a thought in mind.
Tell me to not watch… pound a hoop up your…..


it is ridiculous though the way you bitch. BBCAN has always been heavy handed with is a mix between BBUS and BBUK…if you don’t like the heavy twist component then you will never like BBCAN and it does seem odd you would keep watching. Of course it is probably just because you like to bitch and moan. Typical internet troll you are


Internet troll my azz you lying trash bag troll.’ve said lots of great things about sarahs game play you piece of troll garbage. I’m everything a troll is not. I give her credit for good moves and strategy you lying trash bag. You are completely lying piece of garbage you immoral trash. Just so you know I’m picking a fight!! I’ve been fair a trash bag tells be to stop watching F you for being the troll you fing are. Simply put I’ll speak the truth douche you figure out how to deal with not winning troll.


Learn how to form a proper english sentence, you idiot. Make sure you’re literate before commenting. This is by far the most favouritism a houseguest has gotten ever. I would be surprised if they have a bunch of timed comps for the rest of the season just so they can edit it in favour of Sarah

Moronita Pilar

Precisely the opposite. This is not a stale ultra-boring BBUS season. Plenty of twists, unexpected turns of the events… made this season far more enjoyable to watch.

BBUS16 was probably the worst BB season ever. BBUS15 with all the racist content was the most disgusting, BBUS14 was OKish… Instead, BBCAN1 was a breath of fresh air, BBCAN2 was excellent, and BBCAN3 is actually very good. So, enjoy while it lasts! BBCAN will not get better either, but right now it is very enjoyable.

i know right?

This season is so CONTRIVED!! Production has no regard for the integrity of the game! But they are only playing for 100k Canadian which is only 83k USD compared to BB US prize of 500k USD!! That’s a BIG difference!! And it shows!!


100K Can tax free vs 250k US after taxes. The exchange rate is irrelevant, the BBUS winner does not spend their money in Canada and visa versa. Usually an extra 20K to the winner in Brick furniture but don’t know If that is available this year. Not bad, only 1/2 the prize money for 1/10 the market share in revenue from sponsors and commercials.

Habs Rule

B.S. Productions….B.S. stands for britt and sarah….Go figure!!…LOL!!!


Sarah’s BF Scott is part of Production


G i heard Zack Dad is big Brother… U crazy ;)!


Does anyone know if Pili knows that Zack voted for her to be evicted?


I am almost positive that Sarah told her that it was herself, Ash and Godfrey that voted for her to stay. Whether Pili deduced that that meant Zach and Bruno voted against her, I’m not sure. And if she did come to that conclusion, it is possible she doesn’t know that it wasn’t Kevin they voted for instead…but Willow. Unless someone told her outright, I doubt she gleaned this information from conversations on her own.


I just don’t understand why Sarah hasn’t made this clear to her…someone needs to asap


do you want rogers or bell to run this program then and ruin it?


You would think that if production wanted Brittney and Sarah to win as badly as some here think they would have helped them out more earlier on. Watching the show it sure felt like they were focusing a lot on the showmances early on with a lot of adorable Kevin DR clips.

another name

imo production is always looking for a dichotomy to end a season. the fondest wish is to have two sides. From the opening night until week 5 the majority of focus was placed on promoting Zach’s image and making Kevin production’s go to for entertainment and documentation in episodes. add the showmances and the first half of the season was very Z and K heavy. Poking out of that in increasing increments was sarah documentation and the development of the ‘underdogs’ that can’t get a break production storyline. in the way episodes have been edited, sarah and Bruno never had a conversation until the triple eviction. mention of the shortlived hexagons and later the shortlived bru-boys and the sar-girls (that I thought of as the dysfunctional breakfast club) team up had scant to no documentation or presentation in episodes . Once production developed the showmance side, they began to develop the underdog side. In order to have the dichotomy that production seems to see as good tv, I believe that if they are helping s&b, they are also helping Zach. two girls that have said if ur going to kill the snake chop off its head since week four are suddenly going to switch targets? on the day and night that people were being locked into rooms by production to have game talks (sarah and girls in br Zach can’t get in/Zach and girls in hohroom and britt can’t get in/Bruno interrupting a shave to be locked in a room with someone)? all the day after Zach is confirmed to be the target? culminating in the second sarah Bruno convo to be aired in episodes that was edited to make him look like the big bad in order to explain why Zach was no longer the target?
If i’m going to bet on production shenanigans, i’m going to bet that they are aiding the characters they’ve marketed most to get their one side versus the other dynamic. In past seasons when I’ve seen similar things, the gravy train of shenanigans seems to stop at the final 6 in the majority of cases.


Really good observations. BB USA to some extent the same basic direction driven production to suit story line. I like how you described the process as norm. Let story begin see what’s viable then taylor it almost to good versus evil basically.
Would add this I thought 1st 5 was productions doing and stacked the edit from day 1. I think personally all productions idea including the name.
AG and the US group do similar but not to the extend Canada has in our 3 seasons. Also let me remind you that Gary was brought back with 4 left. In theory F4 down has generally been straight forward. There not done tinkering unless Sarah and B are good to get to F4.

I also like the previous persons comments about the integrity of the game not being respected. I feel the same and I think it’s cheapening the season greatly IMHO.

another name

the gary exception is why I said they stop shenanigans by f6 in the majority of cases and not all cases.
in my head i’m a very harsh critic of production as a player in the game and production manipulation. I could go way too far with production conspiracy theory if I didn’t stop myself.
most of my reason for disliking Zach in the first three weeks wasn’t so much Zach (though his personality annoys me), but production ramming him down my throat. it’s why I disliked adel (another person whose personality I didn’t connect with), why I disliked Frankie, why I disliked Donny I could go on but I’ve gone back a year that’s enough to show examples. the more production tries to manipulate me in the beginning of the season, the more I don’t want to support what they’re pushing on me.
Kevin leaving in the triple was to create drama and a sense or dire urgency, less than a day later after a pump up talk in the d/r Zach emerges talking as if it’s time for the big moves (exact quote was pretty vulgar, so i’m not going to rewrite it).
I don’t see production being able to save all three of Zach sarah and Brittnee through a double eviction. one of the three will be evicted imo. for that reason, I don’t think there will be a huge production move. it’s too hard to sell it this week without dropping all pretext of the production is an innocent bystander charade.


They gave Sarah and B a power where if Pilar had won the veto and used it on one of the nominees. Britt’s power would have lead to leaving Zach and Bruno as the only options for nomination. Its unbelievable how bad production is getting with their “TWISTS”. With 2 weeks left in the game theres a secret power with no name! No one even knows what to call it, they just say secret power. On top of that At least the US make it fair and their Coup power allowed the overthrown HOH to play the week of.

another name

imo, the blocking of when instant and double evictions in addition to twists is before filming begins in most seasons. there was always going to be a Canada’s vote, an instant, a returned hg, a double veto, a triple a secret power and a double eviction in those weeks imo. with 16 houseguests, and ten weeks that’s the way it was going to be from inception. the secret power was always going to help someone. at the time the blocking of the season occurred, there was no clue which houseguests the powers would help. As production began to craft the narrative to edit the live feeds into a storyline for episodes, i’m sure they had a good idea who the powers that were already set in place were going to be beneficial for. through editing of their own narrative they were able to steer who the power would benefit, but they didn’t just decide last week that the power should be introduced now. that had been decided during production meetings before filming and sale of advertising space. I would bet that they’ve gone back over the charts of viewer shares in past seasons and attempted to beef up with twists weeks where viewership has declined. because god knows the sponsors have.




i njoyed watching that vid of the task…it is rare to see any behind the scenes stuff on BB considtring the live feeds going.

oje thing i miss on the evition double or instants is BBUS has shown us the scrambling discussion and BBCAN goes to commercial and doesnt air those. i really wish they would


Both BB’s tape that stuff on eviction night thus Canada could show those exciting discussions I 2 enjoy. It’s simply about edit. Background helps give context generally Those discusions are great for that. Nice comment Sunnydee.


There was scrambling and pleading last night . ..maybe they will show soon

Some Name

Bruno outside with fans
comment image

another name

I have a really different definition of sequester apparently.


So remember crazy Samboooooodee and his prediction from couple weeks back that Sarah will get a superpower (technically she did get it but Britt was the puppet), then I predicted that the next HOH comp would be geared towards her (and it was probably rigged). I have never seen so much production influence and interference with BB, they might as well give the money to Sarah and call it a day. It’s absolutely filthy. The only thing that would top this season off would be to have Pilar win. Shitty winner for a REALLY SHITTY season.


Do I remember? No. your predictions are entirely forgettable.


Yup and they probably had little magnets in the balls that they could turn on so the balls could go into the correct letter slots for Sarah to win the HOH…read sarcasm…come on this one was a game of luck…that’s like saying the physical comps are productions way of making sure one of the guys win…in my day all these types of comments would just classify the one making them as a sore loser.


Somebody donated 1 cent?? That’s like the the douche that tips 1% at a restaurant.


It is called “reality tv”
News flash … It’s not reality … it is TV
It is entertainment.
It’s not a chess or poker tournament … its tv
Hell even US football is rigged. When caught rigging games and taken to court the judge ruled that the leagues were not obligated to provide a fair game, but they were only obligated to provide “entertainment”. (read the fine print on your tickets)
Yes sports fans .. your games are rigged too. Way to much $$$ for the outcome to be unknown.


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PS Dawg no need for your thanks, your devotion to this site is more than enough!!!